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Prepared by: PREM ANANDH.J

B.E DEGREE EXAMINATION, APRIL/MAY 2008 CS432 WEB TECHNOLOGY Part A 1. Distinguish between internet and www. 2. Define protocol. What protocols are used to retrieve data from internet? 3. Distinguish between a HTML hyperlink and anchor. 4. What are the merits and demerits of using CGI? 5. What are multicast sockets? 6. What is remote method invocation? 7. How is the cascaded style sheet linked to the HTML PAGE? 8. Distinguish between DHTML and XML. 9. How can you monitor user events? 10. What are the uses of plugins.? Part B 11. a) i. With an example, explain the client server model indicating all the interactions that take place between the client and the server. ii. What is FTP? What are its salient features? Or b) Design a web calculator that works like a real physical calculator. The calculator must perform atleast 8 different mathematical functions. 12. A) With a suitable example explain the form tag and all the related form elements. Or b) Give suitable examples and explain CGI client side and server side applets. 13. A) What a program that displays whatever is entered on the server system into the client system. Or b) Write a RMI application to access the remote method which computes the sum of squareds of all the nondiagonal elements of a square matrix. 14. a) i. what is DTD. What are its uses, write the DTD for a given schema. ii. Explain any one of the objects in JSP. Or b) i. How does HTML differ from DHTML? Give suitable examples to justify your statements. ii. Given the employ code write a java serve let to retrieve the name and designation of an employee from the database. 15). a) With a suitable example, explain the steps involved in establishing a JDBC connectivity. Or b). With a suitable example explain the system and software requirements for an online application .

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