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Prepared by: PREM ANANDH.J

B.E/B.TECH DEGREE EXAMINATIONS, NOV/DEC-2011 REGULATIONS 2008 SIXTH SEMESTER IT63 - WEB TECHNOLOGY COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING (Common to Information Technology) PART-A (10X2=20 marks) 1. What is web server? Notes on Tomcat Web Server? 2. What is relative URLs? Give syntax of relative URLs ? 3. Write a script to display the position of mouse click. 4. List down the way of including style information in a document. 5. What are the DOM methods? 6. What do you meant by server side programming? 7. Define JavaBeans. 8. What are tag libraries in JSP? 9. What is SOAP? Define SOAP structures. 10. What are the types of web services and its uses? PART-B (5X16=80 marks) 11. (a)(i) Explain about basic XHTML syntax and semantics (12) (ii)Explain difference between HTML and XHTML (4) [OR] (b)(i) Explain World Wide Web (8) (ii)Explain various protocol used in technologies (8) 12. (a)(i) Write a java script program to randomly display image from image pool. (8) (ii)Design your own personal web page using forms and get the value, use all the form elements and validating the same using the script. (8) [OR] (b)Write notes on (i) CSS border style properties (6) (ii) CSS Text properties (6) (iii)CSS Box model (4) 13. (a)Explain about Document object model. (16) [OR] (b)Write short notes on (i) Java servlet (8) (ii)Cookies and session (8) 14. (a)(i) Describe the features of JSP with example (8) (ii)What does JSP scripting component includes? Explain with program. (8) [OR] (b)(i) Explain XSLT with example (8) (ii)Explain XPath with example (8) 15. (a)(i) Write short notes on JAX. (8) (ii)Write XML Schema with an example. (8) [OR] (b)(i) Explain the structure of WSDL? (8) (ii)Develop the web pages for railway reservation system using Web services. (8) Powered by: Page 1 of 1