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Published by: Amitabha Chaterji on Dec 20, 2012
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Scorpio lagna Venus.

Secret sorrows, troubles, limitation, fond of occults and new methods of study, disablement requiring hospitalization. Danger of imprisonment. Many love affairs, partnership and gain from opposite sex, public enemies, unions, connection with the process of law. In middle of his life may face troubles due to a woman. Licentious, disrespected and extravagant.

Moon. Gain of money through foreigners, sea, science, learnings, publications, travel, invention or banking. Little gain from ancestral property. Gain through efforts. A glutton, talkative. Diseases of watery nature, eyes, cough or gout are indicated.

Sun. Much worried for his brothers and may remain upset and worried on this account. Many journeys. Danger from ruler and Govt., respected amongst kindred and neighbours, gain in honour and advancement through wife’s relatives. Honour through short journeys, writings, business trips, Govt; commission and fulfilment or hopes.

Mars. Sickness of some relatives and brothers and journeys on this account. Interest in studies and methods of healing and in industrial economy. Devoid from comforts of brothers. Gain through legacies. Comforts in middle age. Mental development, when afflicted break or afflicted education, troublesome relations, journeys and writings.

Mercury. Friendship amongst relations and neighbours, friends through writings and journeys. Strained relations with brother, unfortunate brothers and death of same. Psychic and mysterious experiences. Many brothers. Devoid from comforts of children. Well versed with arts and trained in hard work.

Ketu. Loss or confusion with land and buildings, waste of patrimony, not so much respected, turmoils in the lives of ancestors and family discord. Jupiter. Pleasure in foreign land, dutiful children who travel and give pleasure and learning to the native. Children may become scientists or explorers. A religious preceptor, founder of educational institutions. Many professions, gain by books, trading at sea, long journey, philosophy, religion and science. A native of good conduct. Less comforts from wealth. Well versed in many trades and jobs.

Saturn. Journey by sea, disreputed, harsh temperament, low profession. Inclined to adulterous and licentious deeds. Mental anguish through brothers, professionals and honourable journeys and gain through them. Honours and renown, through writings. Gain through trade, public or Govt; work or by fruits of the earth. Rahu. The native achieves honour, credit and high position by merit of industrious work and ability.

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