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Your image is our business.

Wireless Freedom.
speed. Performance.
The team that created the standard of digital
imaging in equine practice now offers you the
rst wIreless, portable console 0F system.
SImple to use, lIghtnIng fast, exceptIonally relIable,
yet wIreless. The |ark eSerIes 1210cw" frees you to
achIeve dIagnostIc excellence wIth mInImum effort.
Your image is our business.
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simple to use, lightning fast,

exceptionally reliable, yet wireless!
sensor Panel
|odel Fayence 1210wca
Type amorphous Silicon TFT
XFay Converter: Csl. T
acquisition 5 seconds
magIng Area 10" x 12", actual sIze
25.4 cm X J0.48 cm, actual sIze
PIxel PItch 127 |Icron
PIxel Array 2080 x 2560 pIxels
Crayscale 16 bIt
WeIght 6.28 lbs
2.85 kg
0ImensIons 15.55" w x 1J.26" h x 0.70" d
J9.5 cm w x JJ.7 cm h x 1.8 cm d
WeIght J9 lbs.
17.69 kg
Processor 2.5J CHz ntel Core 2 0uo Processor
|emory 8 C8 FA|, 240C8 SS0
DS WIndows 7
0Isplay 17" Touchscreen
The Mark eSeries 1210cw with Field
Feplaceable ElectronIcs 8ox removed.
The Mark eSeries 1210cw completely
wireless sensor panel makes image
acquIsItIon easIer than ever before.