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“Where Am | Today?” My Financial Statement Name: Date: Cash Flow Patterns ‘A.Earned Income Job & Self Employmnet B. Passive Income Of the Real Estate (NET) 8 Business (NET) 8 B. Passive Income Total 8 C. Portfolio Income Interest Dividends Royalties 8 C. Portfolio Income Total 8 D. TOTAL INCOME 8 (Salary + Passive + Portfolio) ard Payments . What story do your numbers tell? Home Mortgage 8 Car Payments s Other Payments 8. E, TOTAL EXPENSES 8 Bank Accounts 8 Personal Stock 8 Credit Cards Bonds 8 Car Loans Receivables 8 School Loans Real Estate 8 Home Mortgage Loan (Fair Market Value - Less Mortgage) Sonnets Business Value (NET) 8 ee $ Limited Partnerships 8 J. TOTAL LIABILITIES A F, ASSETS SUB-TOTAL 8 G. DOODADS Home 8 Carts) Other G. DOODADS TOTAL, H. TOTAL ASSETS (Banker Version) K. NET-WORTH per Banker s Assets Sub-Total + Doodads Hess) L TOTAL ASSETS (ich Dad vorsion) S 1. NET-WORTH per Rich Dad ‘Asolo rom game ear om CASHFLON?, the patenod board gare covered by Patent Number 8626 678 and oer paar ponding, Reprod wih parmasion of CASHFLOW? teomologls. ne