As a kid you used to watch your mother shucking peas over the kitchen sink and see the skill her fingers and thumb had of clearing out the peas into a bowl with a single move and you asked her for one of the shucks to chew and she said shucks? you want a shuck? yes please you said and she gave you one from her hand and you chewed the juices out and let it move around your mouth like that old tobacco the cowboys had

in the black and white films your father had taken you to see and then you swallowed and asked for more and your mother obliged with a raised brow and a continued moving out of peas from the shuck with nimble thumb and fingers’ grip as another green shuck sat upon your lip cowboy style and your mother with a shake of head smiled and carried on her work of pushing out peas from the pod as you walked off into the cowboy sunset thinking of the Wild West with no thought of Boothill or God.

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