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Q1. How will the following be treated in the estimation to National Income.

Give reason 1) Pocket money 2) Donation to temple 3) Help given to flood victim 4) Food given to beggar 5) Purchases of clothes to help the earthquake victim 6) Expenditure on feeding the beggar 7) Water taken from river 8) Wood purchased from shop 9) Wealth tax 10) Custom duty. 11) Death duty 12) Exp. Made by foreign tourist in India 13) Consultancy fees charge by Indian doctor from foreigner 14) Lunch taken by Russian in Restaurant situated in Delhi 15) Wind fall gain 16) Prize won in a lottery 17) Increase in the value of stock lying with the trader’s 18) Purchases of new shares from company 19) Increase the price of shares and bonds 20) Brokerage paid to the dealer on purchase of shares 21) Dividend paid on debentures 22) Purchases of land 23) Rent and royalty 24) Increase in the price of land 25) Commission paid to the dealer on sale and purchase of land 26) Construction of new rooms in the old building 27) Scholarship to students by Govt. 28) Interest paid by consumer households 29) Interest received on Govt. loan 30) Interest paid by Mr. Ramesh on his marriage loan 31) Interest received by commercial bank from household 32) Interest received by household from commercial bank 33) Interest on national debt. 34) Interest paid on educational loan 35) Interest paid by household on that loan which was taken for the construction of his house. 36) Old age pension 37) Pension received at the time of retirement 38) Taxes on capital gain 39) Prize won is any TV reality show 40) Purchases of 2nd hand machine from domestic firm. 41) Farm produce for self consumption 42) Purchases of new car 43) School fees paid by students 44) House rent allowance paid to teacher by school management

on purchase of an old house( Hots) Gift received from abroad Services of a house wife Dividend received on debentures Government expenditure on street lighting Money received from a worker working abroad by his family Government expenditure on defense Profits earned by a branch of an Indian bank in London Wages received by the Indian employees working in Pakistan High Commission Expenditure incurred by government on the construction of a new bridge Commodities used in scientific research Allowance of a Member of Parliament Income from gambling Services of free government dispensary Purchase of vegetables by a restaurant. Expenses on electricity by a factory Expenditure on improvement of a fixed capital asset Direct purchases of goods by government from a foreign country Bus fare paid by a passenger Profit earned by foreign banks in India Durable-use goods purchased by a household Raw material purchased by an enterprise Truck purchased by a factory Food items purchased for office canteen Readymade clothes purchased by an individual Book purchased by a student A refrigerator installed in an office A sofa-set purchased by a household Electricity consumption in a school Water urcfhased for irrigating farms Tractor purchased by a farmer Telephone call charges paid by an individual . Payment of bonus to school employees Income from smugglings Income in the form of royalty Medical expanses of employees borne by employers Services of a dealer in second hand car Services rendered by family members to each other Teacher teaches his son Leisure time activity Vegetable grown in kitchen garden Sale of an old house Services of owner occupied house Free meals given to employees Exp.45) 46) 47) 48) 49) 50) 51) 52) 53) 54) 55) 56) 57) 58) 59) 60) 61) 62) 63) 64) 65) 66) 67) 68) 69) 70) 71) 72) 73) 74) 75) 76) 77) 78) 79) 80) 81) 82) 83) 84) 85) 86) 87) 88) 89) Examination fees paid by students.

90) 91) 92) 93) 94) 95) 96) 97) 98) 99) 100) 101) 102) 103) 104) 105) 106) Postage items purchased by a firm Stationery items purchased by a government office Expenditure on research by a firm Arms and armaments purchased by the defense department Computer purchased by a self employed chartered accountant Fertilizers purchased for kitchen garden Seed purchased by a farmer Services of an electrician purchased by a bank House purchased by a family Salaries paid to non resident Indians working in Indian embassy in America Furniture purchased by households Payment of fees to a lawyer engaged by a firm Rent free house to an employee by an employer Wheat grown by a farmer but used entirely for family’s consumption Earnings of share holders from the sale of shares Expenditure by government on providing free education Payment of income tax by a production unit .