Janice Wolk Grenadier 15 West Spring Street Alexandria, Virginia, 22301 202-368-7178 December 15, 2012 Senator

Thomas Norment namiva@comcast.net Delegate Dave Albo DelDAlbo@house.state.va.us Chairs of the Courts of Justice Committee Virginia State Capitol 1000 Bank Street Richmond, VA 23219 Dear Senator Norment and Delegate Albo: I have learned of the wonderful news that there are 2 citizens opening for the JIRC committee starting July 1, 2013. I learned there were no other applicants. I am delighted to be of service to the State of Virginia and accept one of the positions. Please let me know who I should contact in order to proceed with this appointment. To be a part of this committee is such an honor as the right to a Fair Trial – Due Process is the basic Constitution right that has been the source of the light of freedom that our Country has given the World. This basic Liberty is what our flag stand for and here is where the standard of Liberty is set for the rest of the World. I thoroughly am looking forward to working with the Courts of Justice through the position with the JIRC. I really look forward to joining you and your colleges. Sincerely,

Janice Wolk Grenadier

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