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January 2013 Club Business International (CBI)

January 2013 Club Business International (CBI)

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CBI, the world's leading magazine for the health and fitness industry, is published by IHRSA and read by nearly 24,000 health club owners, managers and professionals in 74 countries around the world.

CBI, the world's leading magazine for the health and fitness industry, is published by IHRSA and read by nearly 24,000 health club owners, managers and professionals in 74 countries around the world.

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Published by: IHRSA on Dec 20, 2012
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> JANUARY 2013

34 IHRSA ’13 Preview 40 13 Thoughts on 2013 54 Social Media Savvy 64 Consumer Research 68 Flooring Facelifts

The Maestro of “Men-Only”


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| Editor’s Welcome |
January 1, 2013: This is the time of year when it seems most appropriate, nearly requisite, to reflect upon things past, present, and future. But let’s open things up a bit. Let’s start with the Pleistocene Era, which ended 11,700 years ago.
Nicholas Christakis, M.D., the subject of this month’s “CBI Interview,” knows something about the Pleistocene. The head of Harvard University’s Human Nature Lab, which examines the effect of biology and behavior on social interaction, he’s been involved in studies of the Hadza, a tribe of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania “who live like people did … during the Pleistocene.” One of things he’s discovered is that their social networks function very much like those of a college student, or a Boston banker, or a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. In short: Some things just don’t change. One of the significant ramifications is that such networks, be they personal or digital, play a pivotal role in decision-making, whether the subject under consideration is nutrition, exercise, or voting. Social networks can drive wise choices … or, conversely, foolish ones—which is why it’s important to understand how they work and how to make use of them. Christakis, one of the keynote speakers at IHRSA’s 32nd Annual International Convention and Trade Show, shares some valuable ideas in our interview, but, for the full story, you’ll have to attend his presentation in Las Vegas. He’ll be speaking on “The Surprising Power of Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives.” As for the present: This month, the Cambridge Club, in Toronto, Canada, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. That alone makes it noteworthy, but what makes it even more intriguing is the fact that it’s a men-only operation, one of the few that we’re aware of. Clive Caldwell, the head of the four-unit Cambridge Group, admits that this particular club, for which he has a special fondness, is “a pretty weird animal,” but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Contributing Editor John Halbrooks, who visited (and partied with) Caldwell, describes him as “the industry’s white-haired version of George Clooney.” And what about the future? As it’s done for the past few years, CBI has once again turned to some of the most insightful, knowledgeable, and prescient individuals we know—from both inside and outside of the industry—and asked them to share their thoughts about the year to come, and, hopefully, shed a little light on it. The contributors in “13 on 2013” are impressive and quite insightful. The fact that first lady Michelle Obama is among them—well, that should give you the idea. We think this issue of CBI is the perfect way to say, “Happy New Year!” —|
– Craig R. Waters, c.waters@fit-etc.com

The mission of IHRSA is to grow, protect, and promote the industry, and to provide its members with benefits that will help them be more successful. PUBLISHING Editor-In-Chief: Craig R. Waters Publisher: Jay M. Ablondi Managing Editor: Rebecca K. Maverick Associate Publisher: Kristen A. Walsh Executive Editor: Patricia Amend Contributing Editors: Liane Cassavoy, Jon Feld, Patricia Glynn, John Halbrooks, Sue Hildreth, Julie M. King, Lesley Mahoney, Jennifer H. McInerney, Melissa Rodriguez, Jean Suffin, Stephen Wallenfels ADVERTISING: ihrsa.org/cbi E-mail: ads@ihrsa.org Vice President of Advertising & Membership Sales: Michele Eynon Senior Account Manager: Jessica Gutstein Senior Account Executive: Donna Garrity Business Development Publications: Will Finn Advertising Sales Executive: Mireille Rivara Associate Service Manager: Meghan Burnham Art Direction, Design, Production: Holland-Mark, Boston, MA INTERNATIONAL HEALTH, RACQUET & SPORTSCLUB ASSOCIATION President & CEO: Joe Moore Chief Operating Officer: Anita Lawlor Executive Vice President of Public Policy: Helen Durkin Executive Vice President of Global Products: Jay Ablondi CLUB BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL EDITORIAL & ADVERTISING OFFICES: c/o IHRSA Seaport Center 70 Fargo Street, Boston, MA 02210 USA 800-228-4772 USA & Canada 617-951-0055 | 617-951-0056 FAX E-mail: cbi@ihrsa.org ihrsa.org To order reprints of articles, call 800-228-4772 ext. 117 or visit ihrsa.org/cbi

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“Social networker” Nicholas Christakis, M.D. The Cambridge Group triumphs in Toronto

34 IHRSA ’13 Preview
Keynote: Nicholas Christakis, M.D.

50 The Maestro of “Men-Only”
Clive Caldwell, the president of the Cambridge Group, and his pride-and-joy, the Cambridge Club, have much in common. Both are unique, colorful class acts that, this month, celebrate their 40th anniversary of serving the residents of Toronto—well, actually, make that the men of Canada’s largest city. The Cambridge Club is unique in that it’s one of the few men-only facilities of its sort anywhere. “It’s a pretty weird animal,” Caldwell acknowledges.
Club Business International

40 13 Thoughts on 2013
CBI’s experts on 13 industry issues

54 Social Media Savvy
GoodLife Fitness’s learning curve

64 Consumer Research
A study of new growth opportunities

68 Flooring Facelifts
An easy way to make a club look new




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Scosche Industries inspires RHYTHM


UFC Gym enters the East Coast ring



TRX Suspension Trainer gains traction

News & Know How
17 News
Eye on the Economy; far-flung clubs; Australian industry update; obesity “astronomical” by 2030; Palin pens tome on fitness; A-Rod opens 4th club; Latin American News; members behaving badly; IHRSA introduces app The industry’s Renaissance man, Bryan O’Rourke, shares some insights Midtown to the rescue; ACAC aids Boys & Girls; UFC Gym takes on the East Coast; Anytime Fitness in Spain and India; tennis legend Nick Bollettieri visits MAC; X-Fit Group debuts franchise; Personnel Moves

IHRSA Report
103 First Set
Chairperson Bill McBride says prospects’ joining decisions are Predictably Irrational Karen Jashinsky on Website development, and Tex McIver on handling an overweight employee If your club’s pools don’t comply with ADA requirements, you could well be in over your head Bedriye Hölya, Matthew Cofrancesco, and Tanya Piotrowski identify the most cost-effective advertising TRX’s unique Value Proposition, plus updates from the USTA, Star Trac, Fitness Edge, Vicore, JumpSport, MINDBODY, and many more

104 Ask an Industry Leader

29 First Person 31 On the Move

107 In Brief

4 Editor’s Welcome 12 Ihrsa.org 14 Letters 118 Marketplace 119 Ad Index 120 Last Rep
IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore has been on the road— Boston, Las Vegas, and Italy—and suggests that you “get out” as well

108 Ask the Entrepreneurs

77 What’s New
What’s up at ACE, Precor, Life Fitness, Tuff Stuff, Quest Nutrition, ABC Financial, Muscle and Motion, and Scosche Industries Club management software is evolving to address increasing mobile and social demands

110 Member News

81 FIT Extra

116 Calendar


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This innovation in cardio training will keep them energized.THE FUTURE Introducing Discover. CHOOSE YOUR OWN GO. TOUCH Touch the future at WWW. New technology that allows users to change up their routine at the swipe of a finger. Move from laps to emails to movies in seconds. PM-064-12 (10. All rights reserved. a division of Brunswick Corporation.LIFEFITNESS. Life Fitness is a trademark of Brunswick Corporation.COM/FUTURE 866.9301 ©2012 Life Fitness.638. motivated and up-to-date with their life online.12) .

ihrsa. wading pools.. While the original deadline was March 15.ORG January 31 Is ADA Pool-Compliance Deadline > ihrsa. —| A safe pool provides satisfaction Log on to ihrsa. Department of Justice (DOJ) extended it until this month after IHRSA and other organizations submitted comments pointing out that more time was needed for facilities to meet the ADA requirements. 2012. the deadline to comply with new federal rules mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is Thursday.org.S.org A PREVIEW OF WHAT’S NEW THIS MONTH ON IHRSA. For answers to your questions.org/webinars Would you like to learn how to use service excellence to create member loyalty at your club? If so. the association’s 32nd Annual International Convention and Trade Show. Melkerson-Granryd She’s also an adjunct instructor for Austin Community College. please contact IHRSA’s Public Policy Department at gr@ihrsa. so log on to ihrsa.org/webinars for details and to register. social activities. The requirements apply to “readily achievable” barrier removal (e. on March 19–22.Ed. January 31.org/ada For U. resort-style facility located at one end of the Las Vegas strip. on January 10. • Engaging your members with programming that creates results and retention.org . and even a beach. keeping the overall customer experience in mind. Texas.g. a beautiful. • Exploring customer service that “wows” the nonmember.m. This unique venue will conveniently encompass everything beneath one roof—the general sessions. trade show. lodging and restaurants. —| Visit ihrsa. This is the one event “where the global health and fitness industry comes together!” The meeting will be held for the first time at Mandalay Bay.org/convention for details and to register now! 12 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. the cost is $39 for IHRSA members and $79 for nonmembers. clubs. IHRSA ’13 sails into Mandalay Bay Don’t Miss the January 25 Convention Price Break > ihrsa. the U. M. then be sure to register for the IHRSA Webinar on that topic.. Racquet & Sportsclub Association (THRSA). • Reviewing policies and procedures that support excellence in customer service and member retention.org/ada (IHRSA member login required) for details.org/convention Be sure to join your colleagues for IHRSA 2013. which will be presented by Michele Melkerson-Granryd. in Austin. and spas.S. 2–3:30 p. —| Rates go up after January 25. • Learning how to hire and train. Points to be covered will include: • Discovering how to develop a culture of loyalty within your club (retention is just part of the picture). All you need to participate in this or any IHRSA Webinar is a computer with Internet access and a phone line. EST. You can also access archives of past IHRSA Webinars.. educational offerings. as well as the executive director of the Texas Health. Melkerson-Granryd is the general manager of the BodyBusiness Health Club & Spa at Davenport Village. installing a pool lift) for pools. Webinar: Create Member Loyalty with Service Excellence > ihrsa.

8404 .We discovered that people weren’t afraid of strength training. oversized pivots and 8-gauge steel press arms with diverging and converging movements. Whether your exercisers are new to strength or old hands.786. Attractive designs. QR codes linking to how-to videos. The Plate Loaded Line boasts up to 800 pounds of storage. the look and performance of this equipment is pure Precor. But don’t let the pretty face fool you—Discovery Series performs. The Precor Discovery™ Series makes everyone comfortable with strength. Meet the first serious strength line designed to be more inviting than intimidating. a welded 4” x 2” frame. low starting weights and automotive-grade seats with gas-assisted adjustments invite exercisers to add strength training to their fitness routines. they were afraid of the machines. See it in action © 2013 Precor Incorporated precor.com/discovery 800.

I ordered his book immediately. have saved by using CPR and an AED. Once we realize that delighting customers is the key to our success. TN Mr. I’m new to the industry. yet. Soon. our parent company. Listening to many of the other presenters. and visiting local health clubs reinforced the reality that we. our public relations firm. rather than on sincere customer satisfaction. —| Brent Darden | Owner/General Manager | TELOS Fitness Center | Dallas. Attendees were sincere in their desire to improve their clubs and deliver a fitness experience that encourages more people to reap the benefits of exercise. and I was dropping off my daughter for a swim lesson. he did. a global one. TX The “Power of 3” > This was my first IHRSA Webinar. underlying bond forged by the fact that we’re all involved in helping individuals look better.| Letters | 38 PT Powerhouse 42 Eye on Latin America 48 Tennis for 40 Years 52 Enhancing Services 58 Design Dynamics ® CLUB BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL > NOVEMBER 2012 Reichheld Is Right! I just finished reading CBI’s interview with Fred Reichheld. and have over 20. in the November issue. move better. today. “The employees who administered CPR saved this man’s life. Some 35 countries were represented. a worldwide issue.000 members.org . there was a common. networking with the participants. in this industry. Reichheld affirmed what I believe about our industry—that there’s too much emphasis on customer acquisition. —| Michael Heim | Youth Fitness Manager | Elmwood Fitness Center | New Orleans. this individual is alive and recovering nicely. feel better. I had no problem coming up with my “Power of 3” topics and look forward to applying what I’ve learned today. I hope this story inspires other facilities to obtain this lifesaving equipment. ME 14 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. and affirmed that customer service is valued across all cultures. We’ve been serving our community for 24 years. LA Kudos for Congress! > What a privilege it was to be part of IHRSA’s 12th Annual European Congress in Vienna in November. and asked the consultant if he needed a break. We then shocked the male victim twice with an automated external defibrillator (AED). —| Steve Saxton | President | The RUSH Fitness Complexes | Knoxville. when I heard that someone had collapsed on court No. One of the most meaningful and lasting impressions I gained was simply that our “fitness community” is. —| Jeanne Martin | Service Desk Manager | Saco Sport & Fitness | Saco. and sales force. and I started giving compressions. our members become. and be healthy. and found that the information was very useful and presented in an easy-to-understand manner. the EMTs arrived to take the patient to Ochsner Health Systems. now we have two. To the best of my knowledge. the author of The Ultimate Question 2. Elmwood was the first fitness facility in the state to have an AED on site.” I’m happy to say that. The problem of inactivity is. And. indeed. The warm reception and genuine interest in my presentation on hospitality was personally rewarding. he was rushed into the operating room for open-heart surgery. in effect. where a manager on duty and a fitness consultant were administering CPR. as an organization. advertising agency. This is the third person that we. I rushed to the scene. Elmwood was hosting a racquetball tournament for both members and nonmembers. undeniably. a 165.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a CustomerDriven World. I’d like to share a life-saving story that three employees and I were involved in last August. Having the opportunity to share ideas and learn about the trends in fitness across the globe was an awesome experience. The emergency room doctors told us. share similar passions and challenges. where. The good news is that we have peers around the world who are working to make a positive difference in the lives of others. within 30 minutes. 4.000-square-foot family fitness facility offering programming for everyone from six-week-old children to adult seniors. Customer Loyalty FRED REICHHELD CAN MEASURE WHETHER CLUBS ARE “DELIGHTING” THEIR MEMBERS AED Saves Life > I’m a manager at the Elmwood Fitness Center in New Orleans.


com/zumba twitter. zumba.com/gold facebook. Zumba Fitness® and the Zumba Fitness logos are trademarks of Zumba Fitness. LLC. LLC.WHAT’S SHAKIN’ IN YOUR CLUB AT 1 PM? pAcK yOUr cLUb With A bOOMing cOMMUnity DUring Off-hOUrS Active older adults want excitement. Zumba®. It also creates bonds and friendships that keep members coming back. camaraderie and healthy activities as part of their weekly schedule. And it’s a great way for clubs to fill up classes during slower late morning and early afternoon hours. Add Zumba Gold classes to your schedule and turn active older adults into a growing (and groovin’) community in your club.com/zumba bring the ZUMbA gOLD® prOgrAM tO yOUr fAciLity: gr grAM y yOUr fAciLity: f Copyright © 2012 Zumba Fitness. . The Zumba Gold® program gives them just that with exciting world rhythms and easy-to-follow moves at just the right pace.

) —| ihrsa. a TRX employee. Randy Hetrick. pg. The two CEOs competed in a CEO Challenge to raise funds for a military charity..’” December CBI. (See “TRX and 24 Hour Fitness: ‘Semper Fi. from l. 24 Hour Fitness USA. and Carl Liebert.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 17 .News & Know How News 17 | First Person 29 | On the Move 31 Semper Fi Guys. 21. the CEO of TRX. president and CEO. Ed Sortino.

the executive director of the New England Health.” “My recollection of Jan is twofold. Racquet & Sportsclub Association (NEHRSA).” and “highly skilled networker” also come to mind. and. eventually. Past and future A major reason for her success was that Woodman came to NEHRSA with a solid understanding of the nature and mission of associations. front-desk operations. Others have tried to emulate the success and passion that NEHRSA exudes to both its members and associates. Massachusetts. effective December Jan Woodman 31. the newly formed national trade association. sums up her achievement: “Jan enjoys the respect and admiration of everyone she’s worked with and of everyone she’s worked for. In looking for ways to describe her.” she recalls. There are so many caring and dedicated people in this industry who are willing to unselfishly share their knowledge and expertise. and her warm. Vermont.” NEHRSA was founded in 1978 as NERITA. our associate members. … To keep a regional association fresh and flourishing for over 20 years is no small task.org . senior director of North American Sales for TRX. decided to return to New England to be near family. the IHRSA staff. in October. but Jan has done it so well that she’s made it look easy.” Over those two decades. membership sales. They’ll also be happy to hear that.| News & Know How | News NEHRSA’s Jan Woodman Retires The industry bids farewell to a good and important friend J an Woodman. “First. the phrases “caring and dedicated professional. concurs. Woodman is enjoying more time with her husband and family. Those are her trademarks. and produced a total of more than 45 conferences and scores of other events. Rhode Island— the board instituted a new trophy for the NEHRSA Golf Tournament. Woodman signed on in 1990. a bimonthly electronic newsletter on industry developments. as her colleagues at NEHRSA and IHRSA. Woodman has also produced NEHRSA E-News. she had association experience. and throughout the health and fitness club industry. three annual owner roundtables. “I was the president of the association when we hired her.” Mark Urlage. infectious laugh. The association’s only full-time staff member. In 1981.amend@fit-etc. it’s clear that the most telling and bids adieu lasting impression she’s made is that of “a good friend.” McCarthy. consider the fact that she’s recently retired. NEHRSA offers a wide range of programs and services for its more than 300 member club companies and 60 associate members. She quickly made our search committee look brilliant—like Rhodes Scholars—as she whipped NEHRSA into shape. Since then. second. With the help of NEHRSA’s board of directors and three part-time employees. “I received one response—from John McCarthy. —| – Patricia Amend. with John McCarthy serving as its executive director. crafted. at Woodman’s final event—the NEHRSA Annual Fall Conference and Fitness Expo. it was reorganized as a pilot regional association for IHRSA. then an indoor tennis trade association. “That includes the NEHRSA board members and staff. but. in Englewood. and optimistic outlook. Today. “It’s hard to believe that Jan has been with NEHRSA for more than 20 years.” says McCarthy. Jan has created a winning formula for success!” “I’m so fortunate to have been able to work with so many wonderful people for 22 years. NEHRSA is the best regional association in the country. I miss you all!” Her friends and associates are pleased to know that. to serve Connecticut. the Jan Woodman Cup. New Hampshire. the president and CEO of Fitcorp. Woodman demonstrated that she’s a master at assembling excellent teams. now IHRSA’s executive director emeritus. she had complete confidence that she could do this job extremely well. based in Boston. the challenges they face. based in Boston. and the work involved. under her leadership. She’d enjoyed serving as a meeting planner for the American Sheep Industry Association. and Maine. in Providence. now. is known for her broad smile. However. an Annual Fitness Expo. “Hands down. but no other association has come close. “I wrote to 67 associations looking for jobs. and group exercise programming. Colorado. p. and that she’s planning to work on her golf game in Florida this winter. Her organizational and communication skills were just what we needed.com 18 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. Rhode Island. our member clubs.” says Gary Klencheski.” “dynamic and determined facilitator. friendly personality made her an instant success. NEHRSA has held two two-day conferences each year.” Woodman reflects. and a series of workshops and networking events on subjects such as fitness. she conceived. and all of the amazing experts who’ve served as speakers for us over the years.

“To give just one example. Moos opened his first tennis facility in Hoofddorp 26 years ago. Rene Moos a noted customer-experience expert. creating new networks. • Johnson Health Tech.7% growth in its global sales for the third quarter of 2012. Virginia–based manufacturer of Nautilus commercial products. making it the largest chain in Europe. & Trends. A former national tennis champion in the Netherlands. a very inspiring conference. later. Inc. In 2004. the company’s commercial brand. The 13th IHRSA European Congress will be held in Madrid on October 17–20. year-to-date. while its retail business increased 12. and the founder of and partner in smith + co. Elixia Nordic. once again. Inc. of Optimal Business & Lifestyle. he recently conducted a round of interviews with all of his managers to understand not only the numbers. Moos lent his expertise to a Technogym-sponsored panel discussion of “Insights on the European Market: Key Drivers. IHRSA Europe Director. “We had an amazing time in Vienna—meeting old and making new friends. the company’s vice president of global marketing. “It was. the CEO of Fresh Fitness and a member of the IHRSA Europe Council. experienced 12. “Bold—How to Be Brave in Business and Win. The European Club Leadership Award recognizes the European club leader who has done the most to advance both their own company and the industry. It was the third consecutive quarter in which the company has posted quarter-to-quarter revenue increases. “I learned a lot. which now offers two brands. when compared with the same quarter in 2011. based in Cottage Grove. 32. —| ihrsa. and tours of many of the city’s leading health clubs. Ståle Angel. introduced fitness amenities. and.” reports Johan Vanhoutte. and industry M ore than 450 attendees representing clubs in 35 countries. The exciting and inspiring four-day event boasted a host of presentations. HealthCity and Basic-Fit. networking opportunities. reported an 8. CEO. Belgium. in the Netherlands.” Other participants included moderator Hans Muench. and Gabriel Saez. individuals. “Our Matrix brand continues to experience strong momentum in the commercial market across all of our global subsidiaries. In North America.” observes Rasmus Ingerslev. including the fact that we still have a long way to go. but also the people that define his business. Belonging to IHRSA and attending the congress confirms the fact that we’re standing on strong shoulders as we expand on the great story we’re telling in Belgium. the Independence. as well as representatives of industry federations throughout Europe. in Norway. —| | JANUARY 2013 Club Business International 19 .) During the congress. Matrix Fitness. has grown to encompass 265 facilities in seven countries. compared with the same period in 2011. Med-Fit’s CEO.” (See “CBI Interview. “Rene cares. as well as its sixth consecutive profitable quarter.” August CBI. Statistics. and an enhanced domestic presence. recorded a 34% sales jump for the third quarter of 2012.” The keynote address. gathered in Vienna in early November for the 12th annual IHRSA European Congress.org | Associate Members Make Headway Med-Fit and Johnson Health Tech post sales increases > Despite an economy that remains sluggish.9%. workshops. new export channels being established. the CEO of HealthCity. based in Oostduinkerke. Wisconsin. 2013.. he and partners Dennis Aarts and Eric Wilborts merged their 11 multipurpose clubs.| News & Know How | News 12th European Congress a Triumph Event celebrates education.” was presented by Shaun Smith.” notes Mark Zabel.. worldwide. pg. of Wave Health & Fitness. several IHRSA associate-member equipment companies managed to increase their sales volume during the third quarter of 2012: • Med-Fit Systems.” reflects Mark de Wit. Matrix’s commercial sales have increased 20%. “Our steady growth is a function of the acceptance of our new EVO strength line. and he shares. The resulting company. a Sponsor Showcase. Another highlight of the congress was the presentation of the 2012 IHRSA European Club Leadership Award to Rene Moos.7% growth year-to-date. the president of Ingesport in Spain.” explains Dean Sbragia. and contributing to the industry that we’re so passionate about. a London-based consultancy. learning from leaders in our business.


in August.39%. they also may not be as price sensitive as they’ve been in recent years.org/research.16% higher in September. they peaked with a 3. innovative programs to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. the rise in dues is consistent with increases in real disposable income during the second quarter. consumers placed a high value on club programs and nondues services. and even discounted training sessions can all help keep members on track during the warm-weather months. same month previous year) 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 4/11 5/11 6/11 7/11 8/11 9/11 10/11 11/11 12/11 1/12 2/12 3/12 4/12 5/12 6/12 7/12 8/12 9/12 Club Dues (NSA*) Fees for Lessons (NSA) All Consumer Items (NSA) Note: NSA: Not Seasonally Adjusted ihrsa. and 2. clubs should implement engaging. rather than offering summer membership discounts as they have in the past. last year. The bottom line: Clubs may be able to keep dues prices and initiation fees steady throughout the year. they were up 3. the increases in club dues and fees for lessons suggests that. they rose 3. These results may represent the start of a positive trend: Consumers may be beginning to evidence a consistent demand for clubs throughout the year. although not as quickly as dues. —| For more information.56% in July. access to the facility and its basic programs and services. as the chart below indicates. and with expected real gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the quarter ending September 30. and. To encourage current clients to use the club and sign up new members throughout the summer. health club usage declines during the summer.99% increase over September 2011. appealing amenities or. In July. 2012.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 21 .51% higher in August. may be willing to spend more on membership dues—whether a club offers extra. please log on to ihrsa. In September. simply. regard their health as being of primary importance. The fact that dues and fees for lessons headed upward over the late summer months attests to the fact that consumers. Fees for lessons also rose in August and September. Beyond that. At the same time. after having posted a marginal drop of 0. nutrition workshops devoted to summer activities. and as a result. Outdoor exercise programs. They were 0. particularly toward the end of the summer. with club dues rising for all three months of the third quarter of the year.| News & Know How | News | CBI’s Eye on the Economy | Club Dues Rise Again in Q3 2012 > The upward trend in pricing that began in early 2012 has continued. Historically. increasingly. However.37% month-to-month. Consumer Prices and National Economic Trends (% change vs. when compared with the same month in 2011.

every state in the U. And.| News & Know How | News Obesity Rates May Be Astronomical by 2030 New reports predict dire physical and financial impact Introducing the IHRSA App! > IHRSA has introduced a new app that can be utilized on iPhones. North Carolina. this one produced by Duke University. estimates that the percentage of obese American adults will climb from 36% to 42% by 2030. in Durham. and Android devices. —| A mericans had better do something fast about the state of their health. will allow attendees to: • Find sponsor information and exhibitor contact details. focusing on where we get our energy and balance as we still eat our beloved homemade comfort foods!” she told the magazine.org . • View venue maps. —| Scribe Sarah Palin 22 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. —| Sarah Palin Takes Aim at Fitness and Nutrition G iven all of the brouhaha over the presidential election in November. Alaskan seafood. who recently has sported a much thinner look. relevant links and downloads. if current trends continue. important information. The implications are endless. may be planning to produce a book about fitness. can help club operators make the most of the association’s 32nd Annual International Convention and Trade Show. among other things. which included fresh fruit. • Browse schedules. The Duke study also predicts that such a development would add $550 billion to the nation’s annual healthcare costs. which. and we grew up doing family runs. she said that she and her kin maintained a healthy diet. speaking to Runner’s World. Another study. the Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008.” It wasn’t known whether Palin had obtained a publisher for the proposed book or established a publication date. The app. she addressed her fitness legacy: “I grew up in a running family. in Las Vegas. a research and development organization. March 19–22. and specific event locations. What is Palin doing now? Well. • Mark favorite attractions so they don’t miss them.org/app to learn more and to access the free app. the former governor of Alaska. moose. Tempering the disturbing news: Economist Justin Trogdon. which is also available in Web and desktop computer versions. it’s natural to wonder about Sarah Palin. For instance. and sessions. according to People magazine. In a 2008 interview with The Wall Street Journal. in 2009. Additional features will be coming soon! Log on to ihrsa. • Find useful. “Our family is writing a book on fitness and self-discipline. and locate companies on the trade show floor. and there’s some evidence that obesity rates may be leveling off. will have an obesity rate greater than 44% by 2030. iPads. • Contact other IHRSA attendees and easily schedule meetings with them. A report issued recently by Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation predicts that. and reference them after the event. and published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. And The Wall Street Journal reports that some hospitals are now unable to find MRI equipment to accommodate their obese patients. speakers. and caribou. which burn more fuel and emit more CO2. says the model used to forecast future obesity rates may be in error since it assumes that current trends will continue. I’ve been running now easy for 35 years. • Read the digital edition of CBI. people with a larger body size buy larger cars.S. My parents caught the running craze in the mid 70s. of RTI International.

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from April 2010 to March 2011. and healthy harbor for members? How best to handle such characters is an “evergreen” topic that needs to be revisited periodically so managers can devise sound strategies. Phil Sanchez. often. Comana says that. and displaying the club’s rules of conduct prominently. Utilizing this information. physicians and clinicians would then be better able to evaluate. counsel.” says Karen Coleman. “Eventually. who ramp up the stress level and disrupt what should be a calm. then politely asked the couple to stop arguing and step outside the room.” —| Management Members Behaving Badly By Marion Webb E gocentric executives. and has witnessed his share of misbehaving members.. when a member disrupts a class. a series of facts about physical activity—in their records. Ph. California. preferably with the testimony of staff witnesses. which revealed that one-third of them were meeting the national guidelines for physical activity. the general manager got involved and cancelled her membership. or when one accuses another of inappropriate behavior. was created with the assistance of the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Eventually. the director of mentorships and internships at Fitness Quest 10.| News & Know How | News Kaiser Permanente Creates “Exercise Vital Sign” System facilitates better monitoring of patients’ lifestyles by physicians > It’s one of the things that club operators have dreamt about: A major healthcare provider steps up and becomes the first to develop a sophisticated “exercise vital sign. Sanchez observed the situation through the studio’s back door. The study examined the health records of about 1. —| “A number of meetings led up to the cancellation. the director of continuing education for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). try Plan B: a little psychology. they have a unique opportunity to encourage physical activity among their patients through an assessment and brief counseling. agrees. with the guilty parties.e. is critical to avoid making a bad situation even worse.” When that doesn’t work. He suggests two courses of action to deter trouble: creating a welcoming environment by fostering relationships. ages 18 and older. He also recalls a case having to do with a high-maintenance member who was overly demanding. Remaining calm. “We had so many witnesses that we had no doubt about what was going on. He recalls an incident when a member alerted him to the fact that a divorced couple was arguing at the beginning of an indoor cycling class. before discussing the matter. “If you foster a tribe-like ambience and show that you care. Kaiser Permanente. Arizona–based organization that awards certifications and advanced credentials to health and fitness professionals.” an electronic process that would systematically record a patient’s physical activity in their electronic health records. which serves some 9 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia..” In more serious situations—e. cursing control freaks. safe. will begin to respect the club community and be less inclined to be selfish or behave badly. is a former club manager. The effort. such as harassment—managers have to be more careful. simply making a member aware that a certain type of behavior is inappropriate or disruptive is enough to make them rethink their actions. a component of the Exercise Is Medicine program. He says they were apparently completely oblivious to the fact that their behavior was disturbing the instructor and the other members.. Fabio Comana. even when the member doesn’t.” —| ihrsa.g. “Given that healthcare providers have contact with the majority of Americans. and treat patients with respect to their lifestyle behaviors. says Comana. wrote scathing e-mails to the club manager without cause. “They’ve been in classes ever since. Fabio Comana Ryan Rogers. I realized that I needed to be something of a detective—to get into their minds and figure out what was pushing their buttons—if I wanted to effect a change. in San Diego. the director of fitness operations at the Pacific Sports Resort San Diego. the study’s lead author. and picky prima donnas—what harried club manager hasn’t encountered these personality types. He also recommends that the club document whatever has occurred. based in San Diego. and two-thirds were not.” Sanchez points out. says he used to become frustrated when personal training clients were bossy and told him which exercises they wanted to do.8 million Kaiser Permante insureds in Southern California.org 24 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | .” he reports. and repeatedly yelled obscenities at the staff. “Future studies will examine if adding a physical activity assessment during clinic visits actually leads to higher rates of physician counseling and eventually increases the rates of physical activity in our patients. in turn. has produced a new electronic Exercise Vital Sign initiative. members. in private. or cancelled sessions at the last minute.D. It found that 86% had an exercise vital sign—i. a Chandler.

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Recent additions include: • Jakarta. Other amenities include a medical component. treadmills. That’s helped make the Australian fitness industry a healthy one. and a variety of other programs. contra-current walks. black tile. a health food restaurant.| News & Know How | News Clubs Find Fans in Far-Flung Places The industry firms up its presence in Indonesia. “That’s why these gyms are taking off. yoga. says Darren Ellis. and cardiovascular equipment by Milon Industries. it plans to have seven more by the end of 2012. —| ihrsa. and • Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. circuit training.” he explains.000 exercise professionals. explains Elaine Jobson. Standard offerings include exercise bikes. Pilates. which is believed to be the most exclusive wellness spa in North Africa. nearly daily it seems. and New Zealand N ew fitness facilities. rowing machines.4 billion to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Among the report’s other findings: Royal setting: Club Elyspa news shows. • Sidi Bou Said. and contributed some $1. designed to meet the needs of local markets.500-square-foot club. now has approximately 45 CrossFit “boxes” (gyms). is located in the upscale Pacific Place mall in the center of Jakarta. steppers.2 billion in revenues. has grown in popularity because people want something different. a vast market in Malaysia. The décor features soft blue walls. • Women make up more than half of the 30. Malaysia: At the opposite end of the spectrum is a new “affordable” brand with clubs in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. and other items.000 square feet. shipping ropes. it generated more than $1. It has a wide range of cardio equipment with televisions that display movies. • Club users typically range in age from 25 to 34. Jatomi Fitness is designed to appeal to people who are new to exercise. Tunisia. Jatomi has developed three programs. a hamman (bathhouse). and a sauna area. the latest country to embrace CrossFit. a 21. The exercise concept. according to the Australian Fitness Industry Report 2012.000-square-foot facility offers strength training. and visit their clubs twice a week. To reach this target audience. which range in size from 17. offering local executives a calming oasis where they can exercise during their lunchtime or after work. the company’s CEO for Asia. are being introduced. sports. and a member lounge and juice bar. In 2012. • New Zealand: This. sand bags. It’s estimated that nearly 4 million of its 22. and EatFit (a 10-week nutrition program monitored by coaches). CBI_Caption_White • Going to a health club is the second-most-popular fitness activity for Australians. and brown wood. Jatomi Fitness currently has three locations. “They all say the same thing—that they’re bored with the commercial gym model. relaxation areas.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 25 . and TRX. The 15. and studios for cycling. MoveFit (group personal training). a cycling studio for Les Mills RPM classes. who opened his CrossFit gym in Aukland five years ago.000 to 27. in locales worldwide. which relies less on traditional fitness equipment and more on truck tires. Tunisia: Tunisia’s royal family has invested an estimated $16 million to open Club Elyspa. They are MindFit (which helps members set goals).6 million citizens take part regularly in a variety of fitness pursuits. crosstrainers. and 20 more in Southeast Asia by the end of this year. where the penetration rate is just 2%.” —| The Australian Industry Is Thriving New report paints a detailed portrait of club users Down Under > Australians have a reputation for being quite active. including trainers and group fitness instructors. published by Fitness Australia. Malaysia. • The industry is characterized by a wide range of different business models. hydro bikes. Indonesia: Fitness First Platinum. and a hydrotherapy pool with massage jets.

I plan to partner with local businessmen. seamlessly integrated with its environment. thereafter. is now in discussions with GGI to acquire the master franchise for Argentina. The 4. In 2011. designed by architect Patricia Totaro. —| The company is growing its franchising operation via two different business models: standard clubs. The project. with monthly dues of just $35. which will professionalize it and drive its growth. its first low-cost club.” —| Editor’s note: All of the news items on this page were provided by Mercado Fitness. MercadoFitnessTV is a point where fitness and business meet—a gathering spot for owners. Unique intends to open its third traditional club in the ParkShopping complex in Brasilia in March. natural light.000 to $1. It now plans to install three new franchises.” —| Gold’s Gym Is Growing in Peru and Argentina > Gold’s Gym International. which are 1. dance. The investment required for these new facilities ranges from $800. an online service. and 900-squarefoot express clubs. “Our mission is to present the most important news and to help improve club management. the Unique Group.5 million.com. to open one new club per year. intends to double its number of sites in the country. mercadofitness. Unique Parque and large studios for yoga. which feature 30-minute training circuits. the director of Mercado Fitness. investors and suppliers. Texas–based fitness franchise. entrepreneurs. Inc.| News & Know How | Latin American News MercadoFitnessTV Now Broadcasting in Argentina I n September. over the next five years. includes a swimming pool.” reports Vélez. named Unique Parque. “We’ve been on the air for five months now.” observes Guillermo Vélez. was built at a cost of $5. opened its second club in the Asa Sul neighborhood of Brasilia. product and training-program launches. The company opened its first location in the southwest region of Brazil three years ago. management tips. the Irving. “To start. a Latin American business consultant. the CEO of Gold’s Gym Peru. can cater to the needs of up to 3. Distrito Federal. a nursery.” Hosted by Julián Rud. stretching. based in Brazil. The brand.000 members. and have had a very positive response from our audience. focusing exclusively on the health and fitness club industry. and is updated weekly. fitness professionals. Mercado Internet industry interaction Fitness launched MercadoFitnessTV.” he explains. and currently employs 140 people. The coverage encompasses news and industry trends. and. and group cycling.500 square feet in size and offer a comprehensive suite of services. All of the educational material is provided by internationally recognized experts. Each of the programs offers unique content. business opportunities. “This tool will keep the local club community connected and well informed. the group introduced Easy Fit.800-square-foot facility.org . (GGI). and natural ventilation. GGI ‘s growing presence The Unique Group Opens Second Site in Brasilia L ast fall. is marked by lush foliage. in Brazil. which made its debut in Peru in 1998. continues to expand in Latin America. “The project will involve the opening of a model club and subsequent growth through subfranchises. 26 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. The building.2 million. and interviews with some of the Latin American industry’s most accomplished individuals. and. has 12 sites there. in Guará City.000 members. “We’ve created a good product that will be especially valuable for the Latin American industry. operators. which serve some 30. Also: Fabrizio Balli.

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The companies that understand this are searching for ways to straddle the digital divide by utilizing the Internet. particularly “the consumer hourglass. and changing consumer behavior are all reshaping the industry. “ First: Economics. Rethink marketing and service delivery with respect to mobile trends. and the president of the Fitness Industry Technology Council.” Fitness is prevention. Really understand your business model. and business executive. Walgreens has launched a wellness program with a Website and free pedometers for its customers. Rising operating costs and increased competition will drive the development of fitness offerings that were unthinkable just a few years ago. that’s changing fast.” Success will still come from executing the fundamentals in each club. healthcare. you’d have laughed that person off the stage. Ltd. As customers gravitate toward the higher and lower ends of the market. ” ihrsa. individuals are connected to the world whenever. technological advances. and your competition. technologist. The adoption of mobile. and however they want to be. Third: The way that healthcare is delivered is shifting dramatically. At the budget end. If you were a music industry executive at a convention 10 years ago. those that ignore them will fall by the wayside. but they’re at the greatest risk.. log on to bryankorourke. Keep your eye on the future because. Fourth: Digital technologies are reinventing how services are delivered. At the high end. I’ll use Apple as an analogy. Look at Apple now! In our industry. If our industry doesn’t realize that Walgreens and other providers are potential threats—it’s in trouble. and act locally.” introduce both challenges and opportunities. My advice. India. Internet-connected devices continues to grow. financier. spa and resort facilities are flourishing. As for challenges: While wellness poses a huge upside for clubs. Identify the five best comparable companies you can find and align your club’s approaches with theirs. middlemarket players will come under pressure. a regional distributor for Les Mills International. Companies that adopt these technologies will flourish. He is the cofounder and CEO of Integerus. what are the industry’s biggest opportunities and challenges? What about the industry most excites you? Most concerns you? What macro trends are likely to shape the industry during the coming decade? Bryan O’Rourke is a consultant. because delivering wellness requires working both inside and outside of a club’s four walls. To describe an issue that concerns me. —| . This has changed business in fundamental ways. so we must “think globally.com. Globalism will demand that we do things in new and different ways.com To read more of Bryan O’Rourke’s thoughts. the chief service officer (CSO) for Fitmarc. and a speaker predicted that Apple would be the largest distributor of music within a decade. your current and potential members.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 29 . Integrate a digital component into everything you do. today. Many clubs in the middle are trying to be everything to everyone. and wellness represents a huge market opportunity. along with experiential niche models. Fortunately. Second point: Consumer tastes and expectations are shifting. Consumer trends. speaker. primarily as a result of the new technology and changing demographics. wherever. The last significant trend I see emerging is the development of the global marketplace. operations with business models like that of Planet Fitness are expanding.| News & Know How | First Person CBI Spends 10 Minutes on the Line with Bryan O’Rourke Q What three or four developments do you foresee that could dramatically affect the health and fitness club industry? Right now. While the fitness industries in Africa. the industry is well positioned to capitalize on the idea that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. and China barely register today. such as cycling and mind/body studios. overall: Know your markets well. the paradigm shift isn’t going to be simple or easy for traditional clubs. while their cost declines. Today. success requires that you constantly evaluate both how and why you do things.

Its unique design is easy on the body.com .jacobsladderexercise. they control the speed. or two for your facility. longer! Jacobs Ladder is a patented commercial cardio machine specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts. You keep them coming through the door. Ultimate Fitness Experience phone: 1-866-697-4100 | web: www. they benefit from a workout that is as impactful as they desire.Offer more to your members! • Easier on the Body • Better Cardio Experience • Faster Workout • Unique Experience And keep them happier. athletes and professionals. BSLADDER Call today to order ™ one. yet delivers a maximum workout to your client! They set the pace.

Anita Gupta.m. a suburb of Chicago.” noted Rossi. the club brand created by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) and New Evolution Ventures (NeV).. Rossi at a ceremony held at the club. and a variety of UFC Gym signature classes. “The Boys & Girls Club of Central Virginia does exceptional work … for those most in need. the staff and members of the Midtown Athletic Club. an Arm Bar Café.. 58. it vacated some of the space it had leased from the MVP Sports Clubs’ RDV Sportsplex in Orlando.| News & Know How | On The Move Making News Public Service Midtown Team Comes to the Rescue Last fall. and members/physicians John Wolf. made use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).000 to a variety of charities. —| MVP Sports Repurposes Parking Lot When the NBA’s Orlando franchise opened its new Amway Arena in 2011. the club’s management came up with a rewarding solution. a four-facility chain based in Charlottesville. a Brazilian jiu-jitsu studio. and. After considering several options. has announced that it intends to open a club in New Hyde Park. ACAC owner Phil Wendel was able to present a check for $23.m. the president of UFC. such as obesity. a UFC Kids Gym. we’re now bringing the newest innovation of fitness and training UFC Gym muscles in to East to the East Coast. is about to make its East Coast debut. his rescuers were honored by the DeerfieldFrom l. and they accomplish so much with limited resources. and brought him back to life. In November. the Lafayette. —| Club Openings UFC Gym Establishes an East Coast Presence UFC Gym. It decided to rent spots on the lot Parking lot largesse to lunch trucks every Friday. in Bannockburn. —| | ihrsa. New York. the ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers. Since the program was instituted. when Greenberg collapsed. “Just as the UFC has revolutionized the world of combat sports. on Long Island. Greenberg was alert and talking. The chain. this coming spring. I focused on the task at hand and did what I was trained to do. California–based private equity firm. Virginia. to cater to the businesses in the Maitland Center.” —| Boys & Girls Club Gets $23. working together. the club has donated more than $35. from 10 a. “My only thought that morning was to do whatever I could to get him back awake.org JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 31 .” An ACAC fitness professional also works with kids ages 6 to 9 twice a week to foster healthy lifestyles and forego medical problems. Bannockburn Fire Department Greenberg. Owner Phil Wendel. worked quickly and efficiently to save the life of Gary Greenberg. he wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse. r. but. When they reached Greenberg.” says Dana White. a bag room. to 2 p. with that mindset. including 20. member Rich Franklin. and to donate the rental proceeds to some of Central Florida’s most in-need charities.950 to the organization during a ceremony at its Cherry Avenue club in Charlottesville. in early October.000 square feet that had been the parking lot for Orlando Magic players. battling ropes. full-service locker rooms. “We couldn’t be prouder to support such a worthy organization. they provided CPR. By the time the DeerfieldBannockburn Fire Protection paramedics arrived. a member who had experienced a heart attack during his daily cardio workout. agility ladders. As a result. and Michael Sommerfeld. a capable rescue team was nearby—trainer Rich Rossi. which already has four facilities in California and one in Hawaii. The new facility will feature a 2. “I knew his life mattered to someone.950 Check from ACAC In September. Franklin.” observes Wendel.500-square-foot fitness studio. Fortunately. offered a $25-for-25-Days membership … and earmarked all of the proceeds for the five Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia. He subsequently underwent a successful triple bypass surgery. a 32-foot Octagon training ring.

Minnesota–based franchise company. “Nick is a prime example of the virtues and rewards of Nick Bollettieri. (GGI). who joined Gold’s Gym International. group drills. —| Personnel Moves Tennis Legendary Coach Counsels MAC Players Nick Bollettieri. has opened its first club in Spain. including Andre Agassi and Maria Sharapova. he most recently owned private training studios there.” says Rod Hill. Its FitStudio Franchise will allow existing clubs to come together beneath the umbrella of a single brand. the director of tennis at MAC. “I’m very excited about the launch of Anytime Fitness in Spain. because of the present economic situation in Spain. —| Shane Armstrong Named Director for Gold’s Gym International > Shane Armstrong.| News & Know How | On The Move Franchises Anytime Fitness Expands in Spain Anytime Fitness. and will work to enhance its tools and systems. and to MAC Tennis Academy junior players and their parents. has been named the company’s new director of franchise operations and support. discipline. has joined the staff of the Michigan Athletic Club. Bollettieri’s biography. and motivational speeches to adult players. He provides invaluable lessons for our program and for the next generation of tennis players. In his new role. Massachusetts. It Ain’t Easy. which will average approximately 2. a village located near Barcelona. Also. for more than 10 years. The endlessly active octogenarian gave private lessons.” MAC is one of only 24 USTA regional training centers in the country. “The Anytime Fitness model is ideal for this market. Inc.” —| The X-Fit Group Invents the FitStudio Franchise The X-Fit Group. 3rd from r. Franchisees will receive special training. won’t pay a royalty or franchise fee. recently paid his 10th annual visit to the Manchester Athletic Club (MAC). Texas. who now heads up Anytime Fitness’ Spanish activities.250 square feet in size. The unit is the first of three corporate-owned facilities that the firm expects to have operating in the country within the near future. in Manchester-by-the-Sea. A top trainer in Indianapolis. the legendary tennis coach who’s worked with 10 number-one. he will oversee the day-to-day operations management and support of GGI’s domestic and international franchise business. Among the juniors profiting from Bollettieri’s expertise was Meghan Kelley. and hard work. it also intends to begin selling franchise territories in Spain this year. and will serve as the manager of its fitness and personal training department. —| JANUARY 2013 | 32 Club Business International | ihrsa. written by David Legge. an experienced trainer. is scheduled to be published shortly. has launched a unique franchising initiative. a 20-year veteran of the European fitness industry. making it one of the country’s three largest club companies. “He’s spoken all over the world about how to become and stay number one. Indiana. world-ranked players. The small budget clubs. —| Russ Zalkin Named Manager at Michigan Athletic Club > Russ Zalkin. in East Lansing. as more and more people are looking for a convenient and comRod Hill fortable gym that’s tailored to their busy daily lives. ongoing support. which owns and operates 34 fitness facilities in Russia and abroad.” observes Todd Carpenter. and discounts on new equipment. They’ll also profit from extensive national advertising and the recognition and customer loyalty engendered by being part of a national brand. but will enjoy a number of benefits by partnering with FitStudio. and worked at a hospital-based club in Chicago. who recently earned a Gold Ball after winning a national Girls 16s doubles at the USTA National Clay Court Championships. advice on improving their operations. many gym users are no longer willing to pay for club services that they don’t have the money or time to use. in Sant Cugat del Vallès. the South Hastings. in 2008. based in Irving. commitment.org .

Group Fitness. Unlimited. Pay Later! No payment for 90 days when ordered by 1/31/13. fitnessondemand247. 877-474-0505 Buy Now. The most affordable group fitness solution in the industry today.com .

Nicholas Christakis. M. .D.

Four years later. has a long and impressive list of credentials. He served as an assistant professor at the University of Chicago.000 Hadza who are left on the planet. After collecting this data. became a professor of medical sociology at Harvard Medical School. or athletes.| CBI Interview | Nicholas Christakis. sleeping under the stars. visually and mathematically—whether you’re studying networks of ordinary individuals. Nicholas Christakis. we study a variety of topics. Our goal is to understand both the biology and the social aspects of the phenomena. including Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives. in 2001. Christakis is also the author or coauthor of several books. how and why they cooperate. CBI: Could you give me an example of one of the things that you’ve discovered? NC: Human social networks. this is a very interesting finding. they move from place to place. whenever and wherever they’ve been mapped. use online data to study people’s interactions. But. Apicella made a kind of Facebook for them. And they don’t have any material possessions to speak of. To me. we decided to map the social networks of the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania. The head of Harvard’s Human Nature Lab will explore the role and powerful implications of social networks during IHRSA 2013 By Jon Feld CBI: The title of your IHRSA ’13 presentation. pg. “The Surprising Power of Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives. To begin with. And that’s true whether you’re looking at online networks or real face-to-face ones. she printed their faces on big posters. basically following the approximately 1. a photographic census.” October 2012. have always looked the same. could you please describe the work you do at the Human Nature Lab at Harvard Medical School? NICHOLAS CHRISTAKIS: Who we are as people and how we act depend both on our biology and our social environment. we analyzed it using some of our mathematical techniques. The question we were asking was. and then asked every Hadza she could find to identify their friends among the images.org JANUARY 2013 Highlights » Social network basics » The roles networks play » Real vs. a post-doctoral student in my lab who’d worked with these people previously.H. who live like people did 10.S. CBI: CBI has written about one study that used the Hadza to learn new things about metabolism (see “Is Exercise Overrated?.P. in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. he was named a professor of sociology at Harvard University.D. spent a summer driving through thousands of square miles in Tanzania. their networks look just like ours. that guides the kind of networks we make? To find out. was appointed a professor of medicine at the medical school. “Were human networks always this way?” Is there something very deep and fundamental. in 2009. including a B. 50. buy our food in supermarkets. an expert in social networks.” is certainly an intriguing one. We do experiments in the lab. from the Harvard School of Public Health. and look at behaviors in natural settings to try to better understand the deep origins of human behavior. something in our evolutionary past. in biology from Yale University. and how and why they act in healthy fashions. such as how and why people interact with others. and a Ph. they hunt and gather their food. virtual links » Positive applications Dr. and have the Internet—there’s still something very fundamental and primitive about the kind of networks that we make. In our lab.D.000 years ago. M. They don’t construct dwellings. which studies the effect of biology and behavior on social interaction. That’s how we were able to show > ihrsa. How did you work with the tribe? NC: Coren Apicella. and. —| | | Club Business International 35 . an M. sure enough. an M. and.D. He now heads the university’s Human Nature Lab. from the Harvard Medical School. or scientists. Even though we live in cities. during the Pleistocene Era. 16). They don’t have agriculture.

but even by those you don’t know. Given the characteristics of social networks. or your friends’ friends.. the scale is grand—you can interact with hundreds of people as opposed to one. business practices. cooperation. it increases the probability that you’ll become obese within the same interval by 57%. CBI: Turning from the conceptual to the practical. what we’ve discovered is that phenomena that aren’t necessarily obvious or intuitive—such as your body size. of course. of whatever we put into these networks. you can pretend to be a woman. that you join a running club. they see their friends wearing something or listening to a particular type of music. It turns out we humans create social networks that are astonishingly optimized—that seem to offer more advantages than disadvantages. One of the things that we’re exploring is the balance between the good and the bad in these networks. we published a paper. fascism. smoking behavior. and healthy behaviors. The fact that we’re interconnected increases the prevalence. The next morning. thoughts. It turns out that’s not the case. and you think. We estimated that if your friends become obese within a given time period. as in offline. the alarm goes off at 5:30. they’d sign up with friends they already have. for instance. on a local basis. it’s much easier to adopt a different persona. but also different. Obviously. that—like exercise. We’ve shown that these things are influenced not only by the people you know. or they can affect you.org . they can increase the frequency of bad things. I’ll be discussing that in my presentation as well. including exercise. with two different people. or even germs. you’re really only affected by the people that you care about. if you have a lot of online friends.” Now. and. in online interactions—and this is very important—people think that. or voting behavior—can also be affected by the people around you. we come to the conclusion that online and offline networks are “the same. or your friends’ friends’ friends gain weight. Beyond that. exercise or eating habits. For instance. And. that’s not easy to do face-to-face. There are also a number of ways in which they’re the same. clubs are small ones. fascism. But they can also increase the frequency of good things. if you’re a man. cooperation. “I don’t want to go running at six o’clock in the morning. such as violence. or even germs. CBI: Some of the work that you’ve done links social networks and weight gain. as I just mentioned—will ripple through the network and affect you. If your friends’ friends’ friends start exercising.” and we reported that if your friends. 36 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. or two. Can you relate some of what you’ve learned to these specific networks? eventually. Online. that can ripple through the network and. CBI: Are there differences between the impact and value of virtual and real-life social networks? NC: In my book. or a handful. Connected. Tom and Dick. there are ways in which online interactions are different than face-to-face ones. Also. in an ideal world. and it affects them.m. you’re less likely to go if Tom and Dick aren’t acquainted. And. you can affect all of them. Our desire for interaction and the extent to which we influence one another is very similar—online and offline. like ideas.” Of course. But they can also increase the frequency of good things. is a worldwide social network of sorts. What was the principal conclusion that you reached? NC: In 2007. affect the probability that you’ll exercise. CBI: IHRSA.. including exercise.” You’re reconsidering whether to go. and healthy behaviors. the frequency of occurrence.. CBI: All of this begs the question: What can we in the fitness industry do to spread healthier behaviors to greater numbers of people? NC: Well. and actions of their members? NC: One deep and fundamental observation about human social networks—and I’ll reference this in my presentation at IHRSA in Las Vegas— is that they function as sort of a social magnifying glass. Let’s say. but more likely to climb out of bed if they do know “Human social networks . and agree to go running tomorrow morning at 6 a. such as violence. what sort of influence do social networks have on the emotions. one thing that can be done is to offer incentives to people to sign up with their friends—that can reinforce positive behavior. or vice versa. online. NC: Most people have the sense that trends and fashion spread in a network. who don’t know one another. can increase the frequency of bad things. like ideas. called “The Spread of Obesity in Social Networks.| CBI Interview | that the Hadza networks look just like ours.

So you might say. 8.org/go2013.” … So the three of you sign up at the same time. Other IHRSA ’13 sessions on social networking include: March 19: “Friends with ‘Revenue’ Benefits: How to Use Facebook.com NETWORK IN PERSON! Dr.gantner. It did have a major impact on society. but it didn’t alter us as a species. In the fitness industry. —| Boost your profit and streamline your organization with Smart Card Technology. Dick’s a friend with you.” March 20: “Don’t Let a Tweet Make You a Twit: Reduce Risks Associated with Your Social Media Strategy” and “’Like’ Us—Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Initiatives. if people are connected. as the Hadza have shown us. “Come in with your friends. You see what I mean? Some of the things that clubs already do—encouraging referrals.com ihrsa. for example. They may affect how we communicate with and influence one another to some extent. the group is better able to enforce a norm. Access Control Cashless Payment Check In/Out Wardrobe Locker System Check us out on youtube Gantner Electronic GmbH Montafonerstr. log on to ihrsa. selling corporate memberships— work to create networks. Austria/Europe info@gantner.” And it would be even better if you said. and you’re locked in tight—you’re a friend with Tom. 6780 Schruns. on Wednesday. The challenge is to use what we’ve learned about social networks to promote positive change.” When people are deeply or substantially involved in a network. during IHRSA’s 32nd Annual International Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas. March 20. The reason is that. I’d argue that the same is true with respect to social networks. Twitter & Social Media to Generate Top Line Revenue. —| – Jon Feld. our essential nature and how we relate to one another—those aren’t likely to change. promoting group exercise. Did its invention suddenly transform humanity? Not exactly. His presentation is generously sponsored by Technogym. Nicholas Christakis will speak on the topic of “The Surprising Power of Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives. it would be great to sign up people in groups. then they’re able to communicate and say things such as. Tom’s a friend with Dick.” March 21: “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Which Social Media Platforms Are Best?” To register for the convention.com.| CBI Interview | one another. jfeld@inc. www.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 37 . CBI: Finally. I don’t think that social networks affect basic human behavior any more than the invention of the telephone did. However. sponsoring social activities. “Come in with two of your friends who know one another. is there anything about social networks you’d like club operators to know before they hear all that you have to say in Las Vegas? NC: We need to be sure that we don’t confuse the medium with the message.m. “Where the hell is Harry?” This is known as “transitivity.” 8:30–9:30 a. and you’ll all get a discount.

. . . . Build a Foundation for Success . .IHRSA’S 32ND ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION & TRADE SHOW Where the Health and Fitness Industry Comes to.

International Health.” ~ Christina Vegners. Manager Health Mates Fitness Centre. Australia Register by January 25 and SAVE UP TO $100 off the onsite rates! Visit ihrsa. These events provide a wonderful opportunity for fitness industry professionals all over the world to simply become better at what we do. Racquet & Sportsclub Association .org/convention for more information or call 800-228-4772 (US/Canada) or +1 617-951-0055 (International).“IHRSA for years has provided our industry with the credible research needed for us to grow.

THIRTEEN ON By Jennifer H.org . McInerney 40 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa.

are among the hottest experiential workouts. Whether people are into the electrifying joy they feel in a Zumba class or the sense of doing “battle” when participating in a Tough Mudder race.CBI’s experts offer their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that the coming year may hold Programming with Feeling B y all accounts.000 locations in 150 countries. to remain “relevant” in the eyes of consumers. Zumba classes are more popular than ever because people have realized that they can get something more than just a fit body—there are emotional benefits as well. which offers exhilarating programming. CrossFit. And. as private equity firms grow even more confident about the investment upside of health clubs. » ALBERTO PERLMAN. > ihrsa. the new year is shaping up to be a period marked by economic resilience. If you’re going to spend three to six hours in a gym every week. they want a meaningful experience. Club operators eager to reduce overhead costs may begin to replace some of their live instructors with digital avatars to lead group classes. as well as the very upscale Soul Cycle phenomenon. To spot some of the developments looming on the horizon. Not surprisingly. most were convinced that technology will be one of the most dynamic drivers in 2013. Similarly. FLORIDA I think that 2013 will be about experiential fitness. No matter how you look at it—and our sources view it from 13 different perspectives—2013 promises to shape up as a very interesting year. TRX. and accelerating industry consolidation. FOUNDER ZUMBA FITNESS HALLANDALE.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 41 . Among the other key characteristics of 2013 that our experts espied were a growing interest in “experiential” fitness. ranging from the cardio-favorite Zumba to endurancebuilding CrossFit. and ongoing innovation for the health and fitness club industry. CBI checked in with 13 distinguished authorities about some of the sector’s most pressing issues and promising trends. and Spinning. particularly with respect to fitness equipment. fresh approaches. they’ll rely even more heavily on technological advances. Zumba makes people happy and creates friendships. Social media will play an ever-larger role in club operations as members turn to it to communicate and obtain information. why not do something that makes you happy while you’re there? We currently have 14 million people taking Zumba classes in 140.

which has better access to capital and/or stronger management teams.Thirteen on 2013 Industry Consolidation Trends Online Services/ Social Media » ART CURTIS. its personality. joining. Club companies with strong management teams. A club’s social media strategy should include these key components: • A strong Website designed around the most desirable responses. • A consistent “personality” throughout all media. INC. trying. PRESIDENT. MASSACHUSETTS EX-OFFICIO CHAIRPERSON. it’s very resilient. COO CLUB ONE. links. and systems. • Size does matter: The club business has become more sophisticated in many ways. • Ways for prospects to join online. The economic challenges of the last several years seem to have had the effect of increasing consolidation. • Websites and e-mails that can link back to each other. well-run club companies produce sound operating margins and strong cash flows. especially in the largest and most competitive markets. • SEO (search engine optimization). with initiatives to involve members. PRESIDENT CURTIS CLUB ADVISORS BROOKLINE. In addition.g. IHRSA In my opinion. • A content-rich YouTube station (the filming can be done inexpensively). IHRSA What used to be information has now turned into a conversation.. and with a scalable concept have proven to be sound investments for several private equity firms. e. and share information about your club. or component … and. • A comprehensive Facebook page with photography. and relevant content. and inform it. with quality locations.org . Your online presence isn’t something separate from your club and brand—it’s as much a part of your club. guide it. Because of the recurring revenue streams generated by monthly dues. SAN FRANCISCO. while the industry isn’t immune to a down economy. engaging. 42 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. the industry as a whole doesn’t exhibit the volatility of many other businesses. in many cases—even more so. consolidation will continue in the industry during 2013. and its offering as any other attribute. » BILL MCBRIDE. I base this opinion on two significant factors: • Availability of funds: Many private equity firms are sitting on a large amount of capital that needs to be deployed effectively. Economic conditions will certainly influence the size and number of transactions. They may find it more advantageous to become part of a franchise or to merge with another regional or national club group. • And a mobile application with features that make it easier to access your club. testimonials. quality. you’re part of the conversation and can set the tone. in good markets. There will be some standalone clubs and smaller local and regional club groups that will find it increasingly difficult to continue on their own. CALIFORNIA CHAIRPERSON. The Great Recession has demonstrated that. infrastructure. a timeline. If you have a comprehensive social media strategy. tips. refer friends.

7%. movies. worldwide. and Mexico have typically been the leading markets. rapid growth is anticipated in India and China. or the equipment itself. people expect to be plugged in wherever they go—whether at home. suggest that there’s additional growth potential for the Brazilian industry.Equipment Eye-Opener Global Fast-Growth Markets CHRIS CLAWSON. now. and social media. e-mail. There’s also a complementary cloud-solution that allows facilities and exercisers to customize their cardio products online. fitness facilities have to be more competitive in terms of value and product. PRESIDENT LIFE FITNESS SCHILLER PARK. from mobile devices. Mexico and Argentina offer fitness and nutrition programs to help promote health and wellness. We anticipate that some of the fastest growth will occur in select markets in Latin America and Asia. In Latin America. combined with a growing economy. > ihrsa. at 5. Today. That should be an eye-opener for us all. The IHRSA Latin American Report provides additional data on the outlook for these markets. our new Elevation Series with Discover Tablet Consoles is an open platform that allows third-party app developers to create endless programs that work with our equipment. MASSACHUSETTS Several international markets are poised to expand in 2013 and beyond. Brazil has more than 23. Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness have each expanded their franchise network overseas to encompass India. computers. Argentina’s market penetration rate. Brazil. as they have been in the past.7%. As the second-largest global economic power. Having spotted the technology evolution on the horizon. This year. Argentina. For example. or. Our global 2012 Fitness and Technology survey found that 96% of exercisers want better access to their personal content. the Chinese market is ripe for development. In the Asia-Pacific arena. at the gym.000 clubs—second.S. but now they’re also going to have to provide content to their members in order to remain relevant. two of the world’s largest economies. Given increased awareness about the benefits of sound nutrition and regular exercise. Life Fitness just introduced a cardio system to support advanced features. only to the U. the office. including music. Our survey found that one-third of respondents would be willing to switch to a different gym to obtain better access to technology that supports their workouts. we discovered a strong correlation between exercisers who use technology during their workout and increased success in achieving fitness goals. is the highest in Latin America.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 43 . In addition. A low membership penetration rate of 3. Chinese consumers will begin to invest in their health and join health clubs. ILLINOIS » Technology is playing a critical role in shaping 2013. » MELISSA RODRIGUEZ SENIOR RESEARCH MANAGER IHRSA BOSTON.

LET’S MOVE! INITIATIVE WASHINGTON. this approach will also be effective in attracting non-health-club users. In September. We’re already starting to see this with some of the budget operators whose business models can’t afford live instructors. » MICHELLE OBAMA. in a few years. in this format. and greater ability to learn. the President’s Council on Fitness. Physical activity is critical to our children’s health and well-being.Thirteen on 2013 Digital Competition Exercise as a Lifelong Habit » TONY DE LEEDE. adopting a 100% digital platform. They can dedicate around 1. possibly. to provide virtual classes at a significantly lower cost than if they were using live instructors. This is important because we want physical activity to become a lifelong habit. as well as of traditional one-hour classes. we’ve witnessed the strong emergence of companies that are now developing and delivering group exercise classes through virtual platforms. to providing better information to families about health and nutrition and improving access in local communities to healthy. and Nutrition announced the phasing out of the Youth Fitness Test. Sports. Since the launch of Let’s Move! in February 2010. AUSTRALIA Over the past few years.000 square feet. FOUNDER FIT N FAST POTTSPOINT. from providing children with healthier food and greater opportunities for physical activity. and will accelerate as the quality of the content and TV/projector delivery systems improves. I expect we’ll also see the rapid emergence of 30. affordable food.org . FIRST LADY FOUNDER. The comprehensive school-based program employs the latest science and promotes health and physical activity for America’s youth. There is a growing body of research that suggests a link between physical activity and improved school attendance rates. replacing it with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.and 45-minute classes. Instead of recognizing athletic performance. I think that. I think we’ll see more clubs migrating into either a blended approach or. a great deal has been accomplished. D. which dates back to 1966. higher self-esteem. in a smaller group exercise environment. This voluntary program represents a significant change in how schools and parents approach kids’ physical fitness. the new program assesses students’ health-related fitness and helps them progress over time.C. 44 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. I believe this trend will continue to gain strength. by reducing the intimidation factor.

The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine is successfully training large numbers of physicians and health professionals in the science of exercise and the art of coaching patients to adopt and sustain more active lifestyles. clubs can become valuable allies. today’s club members are demanding exercise experiences that let them do what they do every day. > ihrsa. This category encompasses motivation. health clubs have an unprecedented opportunity to reach out to the medical community by providing safe.. It offers iPod connectivity. including those with some medical risks (e. how they want. leading a sedentary lifestyle). MASSACHUSETTS The message that Exercise Is Medicine conveys to physicians—that they should assess physical activity as a vital sign and prescribe exercise—is spreading broadly and rapidly. such as Virtual Active by Matrix. heart disease. embedded personal viewing screens. obesity. physicians and hospitals will have even more reasons to improve the health behaviors of their patients. The scientific breakthroughs of the past year continue to highlight the dangers of physical inactivity and the importance of moving. when they want. and fully immersive experiences. rather than sitting.New Equipment Categories Exercise as Medicine » KENT STEVENS EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT MATRIX FITNESS COTTAGE GROVE. The rise in the use of smartphones and apps for nearly everything makes it possible for people to do what they want. and affordable programs for the broad population of patients. » DR. No matter what specific type of cardio equipment they prefer. Our Matrix 7xi console will allow for information and entertainment options that evolve with today’s mobile applications.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 45 . diabetes. This has created a society in which customized entertainment and access to content all of the time is regarded as the norm. Web-based workout-tracking options. Therefore. entertainment and monitoring. high-quality. education and coaching. WISCONSIN Matrix believes that “console technology” will be one of the most significant growth categories in 2013. and equipment maintenance.g. helping to extend the medical continuum to include exercise. throughout the day. In 2013. effective. In this way. as the provisions of the Affordable Care Act go into effect. EDWARD PHILLIPS THE INSTITUTE OF LIFESTYLE MEDICINE BRIGHTON.

and incomes will grow more rapidly. CO-OWNER GYM IT AND HEALTHWORKS BROOKLINE. not to mention ambience. However. and inventories of unsold homes are low. cleanliness. Construction activity is starting to pick up. Consumer confidence is up.Thirteen on 2013 Budget Business Models Economic Outlook and Developments MATTHEW HARRINGTON. you can’t simply cut your price and expect the increased volume to make your business a success. COOPER EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT & CHIEF ECONOMIST. ONTARIO The U. and that’s true in the fitness industry as well. and banks are more willing to make loans now that they’ve raised $300 billion in fresh capital.org . fiscal policy will tighten necessarily. Home sales are rising. Interest rates will remain very low. to make it work. » DR. housing is more affordable now than at any time in the past 40 years. ECONOMIC RESEARCH BMO FINANCIAL GROUP TORONTO. Consumers expect a lot. and the Federal Reserve will continue its open-ended quantitative easing. After 30-plus years of operating high-priced facilities. SHERRY S. are essential to prevail over the competition. is on the rebound. I by no means think that the rise of low-cost gyms spells the end of higher-priced facilities. job growth will accelerate. Everything needs to be rethought and reimagined—from the design of the club to how you handle member complaints. low-cost operators.S. the most important thing that we’ve learned from opening a low-cost gym is that. The best equipment and technology. Due to the plunge in house prices and the lowest mortgage rates in a generation. and pent-up demand for housing and related goods is huge. thanks to the one missing link in the tepid recovery—housing. as the financial crisis and ensuing rise in unemployment crushed discretionary spending. and business confidence will improve once the dust settles on the fiscal cliff issue. and growth could well accelerate to the 3% range by 2014. Household formation is returning to normal. Retail sales are accelerating as household net worth is rising relative to income. However. MASSACHUSETTS » I definitely think that low-cost gyms are here to stay. and services. The latter can provide many services that a sustainable low-cost model simply cannot. There’s certainly a need for high-quality. hopefully. » 46 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. at a gradual pace—and it will be more than offset by a rise in household net worth and confidence. The rise in consumer confidence will be good for the health club industry. but.

including the fitness industry. There’s a lot of creating going on in all areas. but it can be much more than that. up. This new approach gives consumers the ability to try things immediately. and it’s already evident in the club business. then great! They’ll become a part of it.” Here’s a good example of that: A consumer who’s interested in trying one of the newest indoor cycling workouts can pull up an app.) —| ihrsa. If they enjoy the workout and it meets their expectations. O’ROURKE. Most people think of it as being limited to pushups and pull-ups. This isn’t to say that bodyweight training hasn’t been used in the past. On the contrary. For example. 29. as well as the emergence of some new ones. It’s something I call “Tryism. Another emerging phenomenon is called “Status Streaming. and schedule a session right then. Appearing for the first time in the survey is bodyweight training. THOMPSON AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPORTS MEDICINE (ACSM) REGENTS’ PROFESSOR OF EXERCISE SCIENCE GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY ACSM’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2013 identified the ongoing influence of many familiar trends.” pg.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 47 .A Fitness Trend to Watch What’s New? Newism! » WALTER R.” What’s new is fresh and something to be excited about.” » BRYAN K. Packaging bodyweight training as an exercise program has now made it the new hot thing in all kinds of fitness venues. CEO/PRESIDENT FITNESS INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL WAKEFIELD. without committing themselves to a long-term or even a month-to-month contract. Bodyweight training often uses little in the way of equipment. “Look at what I just did!” (See “First Person. qualifying as a trend in gyms around the world. up. People want to try it simply so they can add it to their social graph—so they can tell their friends. see what’s available at Soul Cycle. MASSACHUSETTS An important trend for 2013 is something called “Newism. It’s the nature of what’s happening. the whole membership model is being supplemented and enhanced by all of the different social media platforms and applications that are becoming available. on the spot. Bodyweight training is a trend to watch as more people get “back to the basics. Bodyweight training didn’t appear as an option in previous surveys because it’s only recently become popular. in part. people have been using their own body weight for centuries as a form of resistance training. which makes it an inexpensive way to exercise effectively.” which involves experiences that are new and unusual that people want to do. and it’s a good thing because consumer expectations are going up. because it reflects on their social status and lifestyle. and it’s resulting in a lot of innovation. It’s really revolutionary.

Your competitors will be there.org. YOU need to be there! SECURE YOUR EXHIBIT SPACE TODAY! Don’t miss out on your best sales opportunity of the year. 152. teh@ihrsa. Racquet & Sportsclub Association .ATTENTION INDUSTRY SUPPLIERS! 32ND ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION & TRADE SHOW Your customers will be there. Contact Tom Hunt. +1 617-951-0055. International Health. ext.

Wyman’s of Maine Xercise Lab YogaFit. Brewer’s Ledge. Woodway USA. Inc. FUEL-Powered by Island Oasis GOJO Industries. Inc. Ltd.Functional Dynamics.P. Inc. Inc.S. Les Mills International Life Fitness Lincoln Equipment. Technogym® Therawheel ThermaSol TKO Sports Group. Ltd. Octane Fitness Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative OJMAR S. USA Limited TMI Salt Pure Corp. Inc. Inc. Troy Barbell & Fitness TRUE Fitness TRX TuffStuff Fitness Equipment Twin Oaks Software U. Inc. Ready Care Industries RecoveryPump. Lebert Fitness. Vectra Fitness VersaClimber Vicore Fitness Visual Fitness Planner WaterRower. Fitness Audio. Inc.Below is a list of committed exhibitors as of November 30. Waters Fitness LLC WNQ (Shanghai) Body-Building Equipment Co. LLC CFM Chobani Club Insider Club Insurance Club Resource Group Concept2. Inred Fitness Equipment Co. Inc. LLC Pyung Hwa Industrial Co.net Software Signature Sports Flooring Smart Fitness SpeedFit LLC Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation SportsArt Fitness SPRI® Sproing Fitness LLC StairMaster Steamist The Stick / A Division of RPI of Atlanta Stronghold Fitness. California University of Pennsylvania Carver Fitness North America Centaur Floor Systems. Inc. Inc. Inc.. Inc. FreeMotion Fitness Freestyler . Inc. Fiserv Solutions. CRS Products International. Inc. Inc. Inc. Power Music Power Systems. Ltd Healthcare International Healthline Hedstrom Fitness Helix Company HEX Tanning HOIST Fitness Systems. Inc. Inc. Inc. DINOFLEX Group LP DM Transportation Management Edge Systems Corporation EnVie Fitness Everlast Sports Surfacing EZFacility. Firestone Financial Corp. dba Digilock Shape. OPTP Optum Health Otomix Athletic Wear Paddlelite Paramount Acceptance Paramount Fitness Corporation Pavigym America PFP . Kangoo Jumps Keiser Corporation Kettleworx KORR Medical Technologies Landice. Black Iron Strength BlenderBottle Body-Solid. Broadcastvision Entertainment C+P Furniture Systems. CSI Software CSM Fitness Equipment Cybex International. Youth Fitness Solutions. Marpo Kinetics Matrix Fitness McArthur Towel & Sports Member Solutions Merrithew Health & Fitness MET-Rx MiGym Milnor Laundry Systems MINDBODY. Scosche Industries. Qingdao Grand Fitness QUEENAX RB Rubber Products. Gopher Performance GP Industries. Mondo MotionSoft. Inc. Inc. Ultimate Fitness Group. CORE INDUSTRIES.. Inc.Lockers. PowerVibe Precor Incorporated PRx7 PumpOne. 2012: 2XL Corporation 3D Art . Ltd. Inc. Hollman Honey Stinger HYDRO-FIT Hydromassage Hydrorider Hyperwear. Inc. Intek Strength IntelaMetrix InterWest Insurance Services Iron Grip Barbell Company Jacobs Ladder JK North America Jointec K & K Insurance Group.A. Inc. Inc. Inc. Ltd. Health-One Co.com Savvier L. Muscle Up Marketing MYE Club TV Systems National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) National Fitness National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) Nautilus Commercial Fitness Netsertive Nicros Climbing Walls North West Rubber Mats Ltd. LLC Stroops Supreme Audio Tanita Corporation Tarkett Sports Technique Software. LLC Fitness Equipment Depot Fitness Flooring FitnessEMS fitRewards FORE Supply Co. Inc. Greatmats Grizzly Fitness Harbinger Health Profile Institute. Inc. Security People. Inc. Inc. Inc. Rubber Recycling. LLC Umax Strength Under Armour United Leasing. Inc. LLC The Relaxation Station Relay Fitness Group Retention Management Royal Mat Inc Salsbury Industries . Total Gym Trigger Point Performance Trixter North America.Dynaforce A-1 Textiles Ab Coaster Abbott Nutrition ABC Financial Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFFA) Aeromat Fitness Products / EcoWise Fitness Products Affiliated Acceptance Corporation Airex AG Alpha Strong LLC Am-Finn Sauna & Steam American College of Sports Medicine American Specialty Health Art4Fitness ASF International Aspen Information Systems Athletic Business Athletix Products by Contec AV Now Fitness Sound Avanti Fitness AVID Fitness Products Balanced Body Beachbody. Zumba Fitness . LLC Big Ass Fans BILT by Agassi & Reyes Biospace. dba Star Trac Core Stix LLC Creative Health Products CrossCore. Inc.Personal Fitness Professional Philadelphia Insurance Companies PILOXING. i-Lipo / Chromogenex iGo Figure Software Inflight Fitness Infotrade Media Co. LLC Pivotal 5 PLAE Playtime LLC Polar Electro. Inc. M-Core FTS M-F Athletic Company – Perform Better Mad Dogg Athletics.

and yoga. and group-cycling studios. It’s a concept that seems to have fallen victim to changing tastes and a growing concern with cultural correctness. How has Caldwell managed to defy the passage of time and the fickleness of fads so successfully? If you were to meet him. and. the very notion seems somewhat antiquated. CrossFit “boxes” for functional training. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Clive Caldwell. it’s still in its prime. Even the legendary. 80-year-old Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta. finally abandoned its men-only rule last August. But what about “men-only” clubs? When was the last time you even heard someone make mention of one? Today. and the World Doubles Championship in 1981—he’s now 61 years old. the home of the Masters Tournament. the Cambridge Group JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. Canada. And all indications are. budget facilities. like faded black-andwhite photos of men with handlebar mustaches in saloons festooned with cigar smoke and spittoons. is fit and trim. This month. Georgia. Pilates. president. Many of the entrepreneurs and club companies that have pursued these approaches have done quite well. and still plays squash several times a week. one of the trends that’s characterized the fitness industry has been that of specialization—the creation of new niche business models. slightly dusty.org . the one men-only bastion in his four-club group.S. in Toronto. will celebrate its 40th anniversary. oft-criticized. most recently. A former squash professional— he won the World Hard Ball Singles Championship in 1980 and 1982. standing 6' 2". We’ve witnessed the proliferation of women-only clubs. and. you’d know why immediately. But if you think that the day of the men-only club has passed—please don’t mention it to Clive Caldwell. admitting banking magnate Darla Scott and former U. the Cambridge Club.“A Pretty Weird Animal” By John Halbrooks The Cambridge Club in Toronto has been successfully serving “men only” for 40 years! S 50 Club Business International | ince the mid-1990s.

To broaden its membership. hospitality. In 1991.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 51 . Caldwell dropped the club’s $3. most clearly reflects his persona. and. but it’s one that “delights” his members—and one that any club operator anywhere might do well to reconsider. and those under 30 pay 60%). “but my partner. “You don’t hear it said often. he introduced age-based pricing (monthly dues are $189 for members aged 35 to 65. which. together. the view from the expansive windows of its restaurant takes in City Hall and the breathtaking Toronto skyline.” It may be a simple formula. > ihrsa. and where bonds are forged. the Cambridge Club.000 initiation fee shortly after he purchased it. The Cambridge Club may be particularly ‘clubby. of all his facilities. and I consider ourselves to be in the hospitality industry. To attract a younger clientele. popularity. passions. equipment. programs. We run clubs where people come to meet friends.Runner’s high: the Cambridge Club’s rooftop track He styles himself as a bit of a charming rogue.” Caldwell remarks. and priorities. and longevity.500—a few years later. his flagship.000 members and generate $31 million in annual revenues. The man and the business seem inseparable. those 30 to 35 pay 80% of full price. and now serves as president of the Cambridge Group. We don’t run gyms or facilities. His conviction that clubs exist to provide members with excellence—in terms of setting. The Cambridge Club occupies the penthouse on the 11th floor of Sheraton Centre. Caldwell bought the club with the help of the late Jack Lawrence. serve more than 11. The Cambridge Club The Cambridge Club is one of the four facilities that compose the Cambridge Group of Clubs. Caldwell functions as something of a roving ambassador at each club. creating relationships that persist beyond these walls. but reinstated one—it now stands at $1. Dean Brown. entertainment. and customer service—is the bedrock that ensures the club’s appeal.’ but I’m convinced that this ‘sense of belonging’ is the most valuable benefit we provide. who subsequently became Caldwell’s mentor. Caldwell was hired as the first squash professional shortly after the club was founded in 1973 by Jim Bentley. but his headquarters—and his heart—reside here. a legendary Canadian financier.

or to enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool.’ Women argued that business had long been conducted in these clubs. and. and the evening crew.org .“A Pretty Weird Animal” Locker room and openconcept squash courts A distinctly “masculine” dining room and bar This exclusive enclave provides the well. and everyone who’s ever won the Bentley Cup will be awarded a complimentary club lifetime membership. “There are hard athletes. enjoys off-color humor. hard drinkers. a comfortable haven of male camaraderie to which men can retire to vicariously indulge in the blood sports of politics.” Caldwell acknowledges. performed for the crowd. there are very few men-only clubs anywhere. The walls are adorned with paintings. Last year. the fitness guys and the squash guys. the afternoon crew. and squash. hard partiers—a great membership. socializing. someone who. including a speaker series. and Alexander Graham Bell. Its busy social calendar culminates. … We’re famous for our social events: we’re having a Glenlivet Scotch tasting this week. and gambling. business. and Caldwell is often there to greet them in person when they make use of its restaurant or attend special functions. Throughout the year. followed by a relaxing session in the sauna. for the most part. dining. “That makes ours rather unique. Caldwell’s wife. while refined. and. steam room.” says Steve Kaszas. and that their exclusion limited their access to networking opportunities. and because of Caldwell’s sensitivity to the feelings of his clients’ wives. New York Rangers Captain Pat Flatley. and dramatic images of Canadian icons. Caldwell has decorated the Cambridge Club with the pieces he’s assembled over 40 years. “I joined the Cambridge Club in 1983. wine and single malt tastings. photographs. the runners and the guys who lift. in November. they disappeared because of concerns about ‘power. with a black-tie extravaganza that features a weekend of squash. Members are welcome to bring women to the club. the club hosts a variety of events. Lorna. next week. or whirlpool. and the Bentley Cup (named for founder Jim Bentley) attracted internationally ranked players to Toronto to compete in doubles squash. a brokerage firm. folk singer Gordon Lightfoot. and backgammon tournaments. sisters.or relatively-well-heeled male executive with a place to let off some steam with an intense workout or a competitive game of squash. the new young guys and the old guys. ranging from Niagara Falls and the Canadian Rockies to Gordon Lightfoot. making it more difficult for them to move up the corporate ladder—that’s quite a fair argument. the managing director of BMO Nesbitt Burns. a 30-year member of the club. An avid art collector. The club will mark its 40th anniversary with a series of festivities this spring. Most of the grand old clubs were originally university clubs. Some just hang around the bar. indulges in friendly locker room horseplay. author Pierre Berton. the Toronto Athletic Club. as sort of the industry’s white-haired version of George Clooney. mothers. someone who’s as comfortable in a tuxedo as in workout wear. if you will. and daughters. golf. while disciplined. golf 52 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. and whatever else they might choose.” The Cambridge Club has never faced such complaints or opposition both because of its members’ deep and enduring satisfaction with the product. athletics. or with a massage therapist. is the manager of another one of his clubs. “There’s the morning crew. “Today. and posters of famous athletes. the French Open’s Roland Garros posters. and someone who.” he explains. The Cambridge Club man Think of Caldwell. It’s the final word when it comes to the “man cave”—a secluded drawing room. “It’s very much a men’s club—just guys being guys. tennis.

operated a chain of clubs which His wife runs the Toronto Athletic included the Cambridge Club. a member of the club since the mid-1970s. not-for-profit club. might be considered the hippest of the four. He’s a gentleman.” Caldwell acknowledges that the business model could be duplicated elsewhere. his third Toronto club. among other things. Caldwell is the General Manager of the Cambridge Club (still men only.net CLUB SCENE Mr Enthusiasm Caldwell in the Cambridge Club bar Canada’s Cambridge Group comprises four clubs with 450 employees and 12. but everyone knows it’s a fake. indoor soccer. including the 1931 Grey Cup. and four Stanley Cups (1893. basketball. squash. Club Sportif MAA. Today. but all reflect the attention to detail and commitment to excellent member and guest service that Group President Clive Caldwell expects. “If he needs another trainer working in the weight room. Jack Lawrence and Al Scott. 1902. The Adelaide Club. Everyone is on first name terms with him and it is obvious as you go through his clubs that the staff like working for him. a bistro. There are four Caldwell had his squash courts.verizon. 1894. Americans generally did not have the fitness for the softball game. affecting this roguish attitude. The club also offers a spa. It’s been promoting fitness. its elegant restaurant.25 and landing. swimming pool. Caldwell. Each is distinctive and serves a different market. and a number of pieces of original artwork. presented by the Canadian Football League. difficulties – it was in Even while on fact on the edge of the treadmills bankruptcy. Enthusiasm” THE CAMBRIDGE GROUP: FOUR CLUB IDENTITIES The Cambridge Club is one of the four clubs that compose the Cambridge Group.” recalls (Caldwell still owns the Adelaide Club) Caldwell. and sculptures by legendary American artist and sculptor Frank Stella. it continues to serve its original mission with fitness and group exercise programs. sports. Martin Bronstein talks to the man behind the enterprise approachable. Clive Caldwell would fit the bill perfectly. and is renowned for Stratus. and he jokes with the members in the same way he jokes with his staff.” The experience Kaszas describes is the Cambridge Club’s raison d’être.halbrooks.” he continues. and. “The real art at the Toronto Athletic Club exists outside the windows. (One year the ‘Calcutta auction’ kitty for their annual doubles tournament reached $250. Having started as a squash player in the early ’70s. situated below street level in First Canadian Place. Canada.” he says.” Kaszas points out. referring to its stunning views of the lake and the city. simply because Caldwell provides his members with what they want—exactly what they want. in its early years. The truly on his way. interior design is superb and the quality After two years I bought out my two irreproachable. now 58. he had to decide whether or not to rip out our hard-ball court and put in two soft-ball squash courts: he did it. and the softballers – with the exception of Geoff Hunt and Jahangir Khan – could not get a handle on the hardball game. He is bright and articulate but without pomposity. planes taking off supplying the $1. it was a membersowned. piles of extremely successful. When we changed from the hard ball to the soft ball. Until 1999. one of Caldwell’s close friends. a young executive’s membership for individuals under 30. and the Club Sportif MAA. j. in Montreal. The TAC’s Stratus partners. It’s always about the members. volleyball. in Toronto. a building that was designed by legendary architect Mies van der Rohe. who ihrsa.” —| – John Halbrooks. the Club (TAC). Bentley and some other businessmen then took advantage of the ’70s squash boom and formed a company that 26 Caldwell is “Mr. to his old boss. garnered more than its share of awards. which boasted Toronto’s leading businessmen as its members.” notes Caldwell’s wife. freshly laundered Clive Caldwell is towels in the vast extremely likeable. and said he look out over a would be interested in vast panorama buying and. As well as being saunas. Caldwell took it with both hands: it was the start of his climb to success and riches. and boxing. the oldest club in the country. Clive went and bikes. positive. badminton. “I sold my position in the have the air of a five-star hotel: their Cambridge and moved to the Adelaide. the Adelaide features. from the 36th floor of one of Toronto’s “But then the main partners fell out many glass skyscrapers. In 1973 Caldwell was hired as the squash pro by the exclusive. is ideally situated in the financial district of Montreal. and a wide range of sports medicine services. The Pequod Meets the Rosebud by Frank Stella The Toronto Athletic Club occupies the penthouse on the 36th floor of the TD Waterhouse Tower.p26-27SP_6ClubSceneLI: NEW Master Pages2 15/12/09 11:53 Page 2 journalist Lorne Rubenstein is giving a talk on Murray Irwin ‘Moe’ Norman.) He was so popular with the members that owner Jim Bentley offered him 5% of the club. and we appreciate it.org manages the club. but concedes. “We’ve painstakingly chosen top chefs in the city to run our restaurants. he gets one. A coed club. the tallest building in the country. men-only Cambridge Club. “He glides through the club patting guys on the back as though they’re fellow players on the team. “It fills a gap that can’t be filled anywhere else. and has begun work on a bar overlooking Lake Ontario. Restaurant has full-length windows By 1984 I owned the club 100 per overlooking Lake Ontario and the cent. Lorna. and well-being in Canada since 1881.600 members enjoy superb views (this writer’s first ever squash club). These three players were unique in that they could switch from the hardball game to the softball game without pausing even to think about it. it caters to the financial district crowd.000 members.” Pat Brigham. Now in the midst of a $2-million renovation. describes Caldwell’s formula for success succinctly: “There’s a vibrancy about this place—something magical about it.” Toronto Island Airport – one of the best Caldwell was well and restaurant views in the city. Today. straighttalking man that I knew then. He never utters an unkind word about anyone. a second club. 1903). with his old and watch the partner Jack Lawrence. “Clive and the Cambridge Club are one and the same. among other things. “because beautiful food is important to both of us. “Clive doesn’t cut corners. The other three are the Adelaide Club and the Toronto Athletic Club. million purchase price. even as the world around it changed. I locker rooms and met him 30 years attendants to ago and he is still ensure the place is the same pristine. aquatics.000. massage. paintings. and a multisport menu that includes. Quebec. Seven food is The view from the Toronto years later he heard a marvellous – Athletic Club’s 36th-floor rumour that the and costs restaurant Cambridge Club was around half running into financial London prices. —| Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | 53 . Jim members can Bentley. THE SQUASH PLAYER I f you were looking for a Mr Canadian Squash. He tries to be outlandish. wasn’t just a squash player: he was part of the ‘Toronto Trinity’ – with Gordon Anderson and Sharif Khan – which dominated North American squash in the ’70s. played in a narrower court. The business has prospered for four decades. a women-only exercise area. who Jack Nicklaus called the best pure ball striker he’d ever seen. Caldwell now owns four clubs in Toronto and Montreal with a turnover of around £15 million. £500 to join and £100 a month fees) and President of the Cambridge Group of Clubs. The club has recently hired a veteran of the Four Seasons Hotel group to take Stratus another step higher. “It’s a pretty weird animal.” she adds. where Adelaide Club and the Squash Academy the 3. All the clubs and the company fell apart.

org .GoodLife Fitness is exploring and exploiting an exciting new online world 54 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa.

and more than 8. “We now regard social media as an incredibly important way to retain members. Like thousands of other businesses. Today. step by step. GoodLife employees were barred from logging on to Facebook. and better serve existing members.” explains Cipparone. at the time. It offers an amazing opportunity to obtain input and address issues. and a system to deliver a host of perks that would make their lives easier and connect them more firmly to their club. They’re essential tools. he was thrilled.” Still. it’s probably the best feedback mechanism you could hope for. a longtime IHRSA member and former chairperson of its board of directors. GoodLife is the largest club company in Canada and the fifth largest in the world. and slight missteps. With headquarters in London. > JANUARY 2013 Club Business International ihrsa. however. he serves as GoodLife’s marketing manager for social media. that it describes are the essential learning experiences that any company must go through if it wants to accomplish the results that GoodLife has achieved. GoodLife eventually began to develop. Management suspected it would distract them from their duties. In a little over two-and-a-half years.” The steps. Cipparone can not only access Facebook—it’s a large part of his job. People will tell you both what’s great about your business. that. the company has developed more than 20 official Facebook pages. Ontario. Just a year before. My. arriving at this realization hasn’t been a smooth process. a strategy to provide members with a forum for their concerns. so you can keep your members happy. attract new customers. Cipparone was surprised to discover. The following is something of a timeline of the chain’s social media “learning curve. it has 280 facilities across the country.000 associates who serve some 750. as well as what they don’t like. several Twitter feeds. how things have changed! Now. After initially underestimating the value of social media.By Liane Cassavoy The Social Media Learning Curve W Justin Cipparone hen Justin Cipparone was hired as a Web developer by GoodLife Fitness in 2010. “But more than that.000 members. and a host of online services. Founded in 1979 by David Patchell-Evans. the company had won the “10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures in Canada” award. a YouTube channel.org | | 55 . They have to be leveraged if clubs are to remain competitive. GoodLife has come to understand that Facebook and other social networking services are no longer just an entertaining way for employees to waste time.

” says Cipparone. Going for engagement In the process of growing its Facebook community. banning users from requiring “Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration or entry mechanism. “We posted links to our TV commercials.000 by the summer of 2011. Supporting other media Next. Still. “Our goal was to get 5% to 10% of them to ‘like us. and.” Translation: You can no longer require someone to “like” your page in order to enter a contest. “We had about 700. for the first time. the chain began to view social media as a means to attract and communicate with a younger audience. growth was very slow. Building momentum The next logical step.’ on YouTube. While Facebook permitted this form of promotion at the time. and followed up with a contest to attract even more “likes. “Initially. those in its marketing department—to log on to the service. in retrospect. “We also included links to a blog that we’d launched to share healthy lifestyle content. permitted its employees—specifically. Cipparone says that he and the rest of the GoodLife marketing team learned another lesson.” That first foray into Facebook attracted a small. it’s clear that we could have done more to increase the size of our following.” It offered a prize to anyone who filled out an online form and “liked” its Facebook page. GoodLife’s promotion was successful. “Early on.000 members across all of our clubs. we should have been concentrating 56 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. which were focused on the idea of ‘the good life made easy.” says Cipparone. the social network revised its rules. so we launched a Twitter account to raise awareness of the program.’” he explains. we focused our attention on how many people ‘liked’ us—it was the main metric at the time—but we soon realized that there’s no dollar value associated with a ‘like. the whole idea of enjoying life by being active. it’s since disallowed it. he recalls. we launched a teen fitness initiative that offered free summer memberships.” GoodLife corrected that situation by contacting its current members via e-mail. “Instead. but tightly knit group of GoodLife members to its dedicated page. then. “In the summer of 2010. the company soon realized that this approach wasn’t ideal. and we knew that a significant percentage of them were on Facebook. was for the company to embark on a concerted effort to increase the number of its followers. and its Facebook following jumped from 5. offering information and tips on nutrition and outside events— basically. many people still didn’t know that we had one.’ To achieve that.” he recounts.000 members to more than 25. In mid-2011. We knew a lot of kids in this age group were on social media. Cipparone helped to create an overall Facebook page.” While using Twitter did attract some attention.The Social Media Learning Curve CBI “likes” GoodLife’s Facebook page Twitter is part of GoodLife’s social network Starting with youth Shortly after Cipparone settled into his new position. “Starting on Twitter was a little too focused. and.” he concedes. the company began to develop a Facebook campaign that was intended to complement a series of television ads that the chain was running.org . Recognizing that it wasn’t able to reach a wide audience by relying on the micro-blogging service. we had to raise awareness of our Facebook page—at that point. GoodLife set its sights on Facebook.

” That process also led GoodLife to discover that it needed to standardize and refine its brand identity— both online and off-line. they’ll also be able to update their membership information and book appointments with personal trainers. now. is not just to have a lot of followers. “The look of our Website and social media didn’t match what we were sending out via direct mail. which already allows users to customize it with respect to their favorite GoodLife location. for example. “It’s about allowing people to become our brand advocates. … And now.” Cipparone points out.” Internet outreach attracts people to clubs on how many people were talking to us. “If you exercise at a club in Toronto. whether they have something positive or negative to say.“Social media is another way for us to engage with our members. we use the regional page for the Toronto clubs to share news about interesting events and offers in that area.” Cipparone acknowledges.” stresses Cipparone. One of its current priorities is the further development of the member portion of its Website. sharing us with their friends and family. GoodLife has one basic rule that we adhere to religiously: To treat people the way we’d want to be treated—with superior customer service. “We realized that we couldn’t take a blanket approach: one size wasn’t going to fit all of our members. It’s about allowing people to become our brand advocates.” observes Cipparone. becoming more sophisticated and productive. added topical Facebook pages.” —| – Liane Cassavoy. It also has made a concerted effort to get its customerservice team connected with the public via social media. “We used to be all over the place with it. including one for its corporate wellness team. and another that offers health and fitness tips). or what you saw when you came into one of our clubs. and book appointments with certain specialists. too.” More member perks The world of social media will undoubtedly continue to change rapidly. That’s the attitude and the approach that we all employ—whether it’s in-person or online. we’ve aligned it all—we have branding guidelines for everything. with each of the components increasing both appeal and functionality. creating additional corporate Twitter accounts (it now has one general corporate account. “One of the things that surprised me the most was how passionate people are about the company. It did so by creating regional Facebook pages.org | Adding customer service The company’s social media efforts have continued to evolve. and expanded its Twitter effort. and now has more than 20. will GoodLife’s innovative responses. Now. sharing us with their friends and family. sharing it with their friends and family. and so. Our goal. we want people who are engaging with our content. They can view the daily schedule of club activities. “Social media is another way for us to engage with our members.com ihrsa. “We quickly realized how important it was to JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 57 .” bring our customer-service staff on board in order to address all of that feedback. liane. whether it’s face-to-face or on Facebook. The chain has brought many of its departments online. there are pieces of information that are going to be more relevant to you than they would be to someone who’s working out in Vancouver.” The company found that one of the best ways to involve its members who wanted to connect on the local level was to target its Facebook offerings. Soon. such as massage therapists. obtain information about various services.cassavoy@gmail. Now.

technology. Preva for Operators provides ongoing software updates for equipment via the Internet. equipment and maintenance issues. Contact: 800-324-9800. Credit card and EFT processing. Whether club operators make use of the online version or locally installed software. paramountacceptance. in turn. As a result. and corporate memberships. sports. fitness. Preva is Precor’s answer to networked fitness. gymaround. and more. thus increasing productivity and satisfaction. as well as to evaluate the club’s performance. Please see our ad on page 99. —| PRECOR. The software’s powerful reporting system can be used to run payroll. GymAround serves as an effective loyalty instrument for club members. —| IGO FIGURE iGo Figure Member Management software can save health clubs both time and money. Using its Member Self Service feature. Contact: twitter@gymaround. personal training sessions.com. Contact: 866-532-9588. employees can manage their schedules and their clients. Preva Net delivers carefully selected Internet content to members. all of its members can make use of the worldwide GymAround network to visit the best clubs and enjoy discounts. or other club services. group-ex classes.COM When a club links to GymAround. and free software demonstrations can be arranged by contacting the company. In today’s ultracompetitive fitness industry. Prospects can join remotely via Join Online. Please see our ad on page 74. health clubs need to be accessible to their members and employees—on their time and on their terms. pay online. Please see our ad on page 13. There are no strings attached. —| FISERV SOLUTIONS. recurring payments. and inventory. front-desk transactions. or update their Facebook status. personal training services. INC. They’re also able to read e-mail. iClub Manage also boasts human resource and employee management tools. and there’s no annual fee. GymAround is one of the world’s fastest-growing business-fitness communities. A low monthly user fee includes unlimited training. business. preva. —| 58 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. and upgrades. employee compensation. Please see our ad on page 85. it’s easy for them to manage member data. Contact: 800-786-8404.com. or cardio equipment. social media has Feature Headline goeshave a social media or Internet become so pervasivesort—including management software. INC. and can send messages to members to promote group exercise classes. Contact: 800-316-4444. PARAMOUNT ACCEPTANCE iClub Manage. Club operators can keep their business and their members connected with Compete Club Management Software.a few short years. Here are some exemplary examples. igofigure. view Websites. Please see our ad on page 9. and door access can also be managed with iGo Figure. customers can view their statements.com. Participating facilities.com. scheduling. is a full software suite with a total of 18 applications. Product videos are available at the Paramount Acceptance Website. and can generate virtually any kind of report imaginable. And with Employee Self Service.—| GYMAROUND. support. even from outside the club. online sales. Club operators can also monitor the status of their cardio equipment from any Internetconnected computer. and edit their schedules or billing information—at any time. collections. instructor PRODUCT In aamatter ofbasis here No Continued of some that most products and services that clubs use on regular component SHOWCASE training.com/juggling.org . including general news and stories about health. fiserv. point of sales (POS). the writing of new memberships. the scheduling of amenities. and the playroom. It manages leads. by Paramount Acceptance. and delivers numerous benefits for its network partners. receive more paying visitors who want to remain fit while traveling.

which is being launched this month. In addition. exercisers can book appointments with their trainers and also manage all of their fitness activities. six-month trial for fitness professionals. or turnstile. improve retention. and increase revenue. allowing staff to oversee every facet of a club’s daily operations.com. analyzes it with statistically valid techniques. which can also be used for cashless payments and modern locker-locking systems. and are particularly suitable for fitness clubs. INC. log on to ihrsa. csisoftwareusa. gantner. Contact: 877-623-6170. gymsurveys.For more information. and bookings straight to members’ fingertips—wherever they are. CSI Software’s Online Services program captures sales opportunities and publishes vital data around the clock. producing an immediate and substantial return on investment. Contact: 866-498-3279. the service is free to their clients. Scheduling. collects the survey data from club members. —| EZFACILITY. and engaging members at their convenience.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 59 . keeping pace with Web innovation. for their part. enrollments. Please see our ad on page 100. from any place.56 MHz chips are available. by Triology Software.com.com. and Online Services pushes payments. —| GANTNER ELECTRONIC GMBH Intelligent and waterproof. Today’s business climate requires a fast. The GymSurveys team develops and programs the survey questionnaire. EZFacility also offers MemberMe. 13. —| TRIOLOGY SOFTWARE MyTime. Check out MyTime at the IHRSA 2013 trade show in Las Vegas. —| CSI SOFTWARE To hold on to their members and remain competitive. contracts. Please see our ad on page 37. EZFacility is a Web-based software solution that streamlines the daily operation and management of health clubs and other fitness facilities. ezfacility. Please see our ad on page 60. Please see our ad on page 20. club operators need to align their operations with today’s technology. triologysoftware. Trainers. SHOWCASE PRODUCT GYMSURVEYS GymSurveys provides full-service survey solutions to gyms and fitness centers throughout the country. By analyzing member satisfaction through its surveys.org/products. Contact: 843-284-3018. GymSurveys provides actionable insights that help its clients enhance member satisfaction. billing. Using this app on their smartphones. and creates an easy-toread report on the survey results. a mobile app that allows members to schedule sessions and communicate with their clubs when they’re on the go. or to contact any of these companies. Thanks to the contactless technology used in both the chip card and the RFID reader. flexible approach to customer service. —| ihrsa. can use it to book appointments and obtain access to their work calendars at any time. reception area. flat design of the system can be easily integrated into a wall. cost-effective mobile and Web-based application that connects clients and their personal trainers. Contact: 800-247-3431. both have a long service life. is a new. The attractive.com. Contact: (43) 555-673-7840. the new Gantner RFID check-in reader enables members to check in and check out easily and quickly. and member-management are made simple with the program’s easy-touse interface.com. Please see our ad on page 83. MyTime offers a free.


over 4. online tracking tools. a personal training facility. and its biweekly Webinar series.org. and drafting any day of the month. This exciting and cost-effective system allows club operators to offer more class options than their competitors— in a compelling way. SHOWCASE PRODUCT FITNESS ON DEMAND Fitness On Demand is one of the newest methods clubs can use to deliver cutting-edge.000 health clubs throughout the U. Contact: 312-870-4800. Motionsoft’s software and services redefine club management. measure. and monetize members’ workouts—whether they train inside or outside of a club. generate greater profits. myzone. abcfinancial. Please see our ad on pages 6–7. which can boost retention. INC..net. enabling fitness operators to acquire. Contact: 877-474-0505. The Business of Our Business. hospitals. facility management.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 61 . and keep their members more effectively with forwardthinking member management. Fitness On Demand makes use of a thrilling. By simply wearing a MYZONE Physical Activity Belt. Now. Contact: 800-227-3859. INC. which is second to none.S. —| MYZONE MYZONE is a new way to accurately track. from prospecting and sales to attendance tracking and appointment scheduling. In addition. health clubs. Contact: 800-551-9733. or on-demand reporting and online member payment solutions. its advanced and up-to-date club management software. Launched in 1981. or a classbased studio. ABC Financial is a leading software provider for the health and fitness industry with more than 30 years of experience. and Canada choose ABC Financial for its comprehensive billing services. such as personal training. Contact: 800-829-4321. spas. and competitions all play a key role in getting new members onboard and engaged. Please see our ad on page 2–3. members can view their calorie burn and effort in real time and track their progress online. asfinternational. goal-setting. log on to ihrsa. ASF services can help them retain more members. the company has revolutionized software and payment processing for the industry with its DataTrak software. and its customer service. including contract billing for add-ons.com. fitnessondemand247. Motionsoft is helping gyms. —| ABC FINANCIAL SERVICES. both of which highlight solutions for fitness industry challenges. its customized marketing programs. and payment management technologies. They also provide ongoing motivation to existing members. and universities to move forward in 2013. Whether operators are running a traditional club.org/products. The company also provides club management software that will easily organize and track all aspects of operations. motionsoft. and grow their businesses. feedback. —| MOTIONSOFT. Puerto Rico.For more information. innovative group fitness. Please see our ad on page 33. Fitness On Demand may be considered a must-have product for any facility desiring a “best-in-class” group fitness program. or to contact any of these companies. get to know. high-definition video system to feature popular titles and first-class instructors any time members want them. —| ASF INTERNATIONAL ASF offers some of the most flexible payment processing and follow-up options in the industry. Please see our ad on page 23. —| ihrsa. Customers can make use of the company’s weekly blog. helping clubs to easily supplement their live programming.com. The Circuit.com. Please see our ad on page 5. all through wireless data transfer. Whether it’s through Facebook integration and mobile services.

Contact: 866-278-6750. tabata.T. affiliated. tosd.T.I. or to Feature Headlineany of thesehere No Continued PRODUCT For moregoes companies.I. users can browse through over 50 popular classes created by one of the industry’s top fitness producers. Pilates. Please see our ad on the inside back cover. which are updated every quarter. FitnessOnRequest. and integrated yoga. and profitable.org . an HD projector. highly trained staff. and a dedicated. has been certifying and training fitness professionals for over 35 years. Its new club management software simplifies managing members. Subjects include personal training. least expensive. —| TWIN OAKS SOFTWARE Twin Oaks Software offers an all-inclusive health club software package that can help improve a club’s bottom line. core boot camp. H. and a powered screen to provide a one-of-a-kind workout experience that’s fun. With cutting-edge software. Contact: 800-497-3908. NETA. NETA offers over 100 home-study and online courses. entering contracts. Contact: 800-237-6242.com. NETAFIT.I. strength training and conditioning. Please see our ad on page 67.” Contact: 800-233-8483. Please see our ad on page 28. flexible processes. which helps keep members more satisfied. Using a touchscreen kiosk. In addition. and billing company. while delivering seamless billing and collections services.org/products. NETA offers personal trainer and group exercise certifications accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). and most effective ways to recover EFT dues that decline or return. generating reports. customer service. Twin Oaks’ gym membership software is one of the simplest. The company is able to customize its software based on a club’s specific needs. AAC ensures that no member will ever feel “like just a number. contact SHOWCASE NETA log on to ihrsa. group exercise.org. The company understands the challenges that owners and staff face when running a fitness facility. all while saving money. kettlebell. Twin Oaks’ products are backed up by an excellent returns-management team and a 98% customer-retention rate. The system also includes speakers.I.org.information. Please see our ad on page 93. yoga. convenient. —| FITNESS ON REQUEST.com. for indoor cycling. NETA is a CEC provider for most other certifications. The system allows facilities to increase the number of classes they can offer and simplify the management process. —| AFFILIATED ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION Affiliated Acceptance (ACC) is a full-service software. and processing sales. The National Exercise Trainers Association. —| 62 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. LLC Fitness On Request is a comprehensive group fitness solution that combines prerecorded classes with live class management software. ACC serves its clients with one goal in mind— making daily operations more efficient. and specialty training. New continuing education course (CEC) workshops for 2013 include H. In addition to certification and training.

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but has grown significantly. which should reassure investors.org . provide a multiyear perspective on the country’s fitness trends and club-going habits. “This industry doesn’t react in a volatile fashion. compiled in the Consumer Report. but by 2010.5 visits per person the same year. Club usage also was up.9 million Americans were members of clubs.2 million. in Wellesley. In 2000. U. and kept abreast of the latest fitness trends. This publication is based on an annual consumer study conducted by the Physical Activity Council (PAC). creating new categories of club members and reaching more consumers than ever before. The biggest news: the number of Americans who belong to clubs reached an all-time high of 59 million people at the end of 2011. “Together. They’ve also leveraged market insights gleaned from research reports. Although the industry wasn’t immune to the recent recession.S. “the two reports constitute an authoritative toolkit that club operators are using to identify trends in programming. health clubs have weathered the economic turbulence of the past few years remarkably well. memberships had risen to 50. “We’ve been more stable than other industries. and ex-officio chairperson of IHRSA’s board of directors.172 Americans in early 2012.7% for the U. population between 2000 and 2010. notes that club operators have regularly updated their programs and equipment. the industry has not only survived. 37.” ll in all.” observes Art Curtis.” she explains. probably because of our membership model.4 million. targeted new consumer markets.INDUSTRY RESEARCH The IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report A new study spies growth opportunities surfacing in 2013 and beyond A By Sue Hildreth combined with data from other surveys conducted over the prior three years. with an average of 102. Those findings were then 64 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. the IHRSA Trend Report.S. consumer demographics. The results. IHRSA’s senior research manager. which researches health and physical activity among American consumers. Massachusetts. That’s one of the major conclusions of the IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report. In fact. the business has bounced back quickly. LLC.” How can you explain such resilience and persistent growth? Melissa Rodriguez. such as the IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report and its predecessor. or a growth rate of nearly 40%—a rather astonishing performance given a growth rate of just 9. by early 2011. which is based on monthly dues and a recurring revenue stream. The council conducted interviews with 38. That’s a gain of roughly 14 million over the past 10 years. the president of Curtis Club Advisors. and club utilization. examining the behavioral and demographic changes taking place among the buyers of club services. to 51. and.

According to the IHRSA Trend Report. but a club’s current clients shouldn’t be underestimated. While this isn’t a “new” market per se. it’s a growth sector that’s expanded by 18% since 2008.1 million between 2008 and 2011. developers. as well as where we need to take a step back. a growing number of moderateincome earners were “sold” on the benefits of exercise. “This report analyzes the characteristics of club consumers and provides credible data that club owners. many aging boomers are interested in weight management programs.” he says. the vice president of the Merritt Athletic Clubs. This core group of loyal club-goers remains the stable foundation. The number of club members earning between $50. of the industry. agrees that IHRSA’s research reports are valuable management tools. “We benchmark the reports’ findings against those at some of our clubs. Maryland. but. if any. which lets us see where we’re strong. amenities. but few. Trends to watch • The 35-to-54 age cohort has expanded: This group consists of the youngest baby boomers and the Generation X adults who came of age in the 1980s. In some cases. and to spot emerging opportunities that clubs can explore. It encompasses mid-career adults at the height of their earning potential and. at the same time.” he indicates. which was released last February. generally. and ask if we need to do something differently. with a high level of awareness about the need to be fit. • Middle-income households are increasing: The recession pushed many families into a lower income category.Jay Ablondi. this growth was sustained by affluent members who. traded down to lower-cost memberships.000 and $74. an increase of 25. concurs. • Long-term membership is stable: It’s been said that marketing to existing members doesn’t help expand the industry.999 rose to 10. noting that such research allows club executives and investors to more accurately assess fitness trends. Mark Miller. although they may have moved into a lower income bracket.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 65 . > ihrsa. These developments have helped fuel a demand for lowcost clubs that offer all of the basics. IHRSA’s executive vice president of global products. and industry suppliers can use to grow their customer base. the bread-and-butter. a nine-facility chain based in Baltimore. while the X-ers frequently are looking for sport-specific training.7%.

They take part in club events. e. such as ones for families. a 137-page publication. log on to ihrsa. reposition a program with declining attendance. strength training and combat exercise. Both tai chi and Pilates declined in popularity in 2011.. Yoga and the use of ellipticals are definitely up. Nearly 16 million members used elliptical trainers in 2010 and 2011. is a vital part of the club experience. conversely. Miller says his clubs have worked hard to hold on to as many of these clients as possible during the downturn by negotiating with them on temporary price breaks. AND INDUSTRY SUPPLIERS CAN USE TO GROW THEIR CUSTOMER BASE. The Consumer Report found that veteran individuals—those who’ve been members for six years or more—increased their average number of visits to 137–140 days in 2011.95.) or 1-831-372-6077 (non-U.” • Hispanic/Latino groups are growing: According to the 2012 U. Eric Schmitz. “Everyone is disconnected to some degree. or a workshop on the benefits of the discipline.g. The report suggests that hiring a diverse and representative staff.The IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report President Art Curtis President Eric Schmitz VP Mark Miller Faithful users are engaged. those in which they’re losing interest. or dance and flexibility work. more than half of the increase in the country’s total population between 2000 and 2010 was due to the growth of the Latino population. Trends and Analysis.Hildreth@comcast. census. by 17% between 2009 and 2011.” he observes. and engage this target market. and there’s been a proliferation of group exercise classes with a twist.org/consumer-report or call 888-229-5745 (U. which. Pilates could become Pilates for beginners. A few highlights: Yoga continues to be one of the most popular activities. a basic tai chi class could become a senior’s tai chi class.. To order. Second. obviously. These programs provide a social connection..S. 66 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. DEVELOPERS. and others for cancer patients. PROVIDES CREDIBLE DATA THAT CLUB OWNERS. which combine elements of different activities. Usage.org . Sue. with in-club participation growing “THIS REPORT . attract. and making use of bilingual membership agreement forms and social media can help clubs reach. Club operators with a substantial Latino presence in their marketplace might want to make sure that they’re serving this cohort well. and they’re less likely to cancel memberships during hard economic times.S.S. they’re willing to provide helpful feedback. introduce “fusion” programs. a chain of four multipurpose facilities based in Santa Barbara. to spend some time with friends. is available to IHRSA members at a cost of just $79. “They need a place to connect with the community.). or Pilates for athletes. For instance. says the report’s observations are reflected by developments in his own business. while knowing that their kids are safe.net PURCHASE IT NOW! The IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report: 2012 Health Club Activity. or who are afraid that their programming is growing stale. Music-based exercise grew by 15.5% during the same period. the report has two suggestions: First. For club operators who are eager to attract a new type of customer. the president of the California Athletic Clubs.95. Programs to watch The report also identifies the fitness classes that consumers are most excited about and.” —| – Sue Hildreth. and to nonmembers for $199. Similarly.

A f f i l ia te d A cce p t a n ce C or p or a t i on HEALTH CLUB MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE & FINANCIAL SERVICES (800) 233-8483 www.Summit Fitness in Sierra Vista.” Mike Strange . Arizona Cultivate. Revolutionize.org 2013 Resolution: SIMPLICITY Be better.affiliated. Do better. • Easier check-in & POS • Painless payment options • Exceptional customer care • Stress-free membership management • Next-level staff engagement • Billing & collections at its best “I’ve been an AAC client for 18 years. They take a burden off my shoulders so I can spend my time doing what I’m good at. Inspire. .

org .Simply replacing what’s underfoot lets a club hold its head high 68 A Flooring FACELIFT Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa.

On the other hand.” Exposing clients to slippery-when-wet floors is not only dangerous. It was a slipping hazard. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made—everything looks so new. New Jersey. which boasts an expansive fitness center.” he observes. “The company replaced the dingy gray carpet with something that looks like real maple. a flooring manufacturer based in Colton. the president and CEO of U. but I couldn’t keep it safe during the winter. What would Fiorini think if he were to visit your club? Would your floors impress him. I actually had to pull up a marble floor. quite frankly. “There are certain construction codes that club owners need to be aware of. new materials can create an up-to-date look— perhaps better than that of the new club down the street—something that your members are sure to notice and appreciate. flooring may pose a hazard to members. spa. “My club had a flood.” says a member of one Boston-area club.” Rick Snyder. It was painful because I knew how expensive it was. Reasons to renovate What are the potential dangers that flooring can pose? One example involves wet areas. well. “If your flooring doesn’t have the proper coefficient of friction—which means that it provides some slip resistance—and. he’s sometimes bewildered by what’s underfoot. I feel as though I’m getting something for my money. I guarantee you it’s a problem waiting to happen. In fact. someone falls. and I’d begun to wonder if my membership was worth it anymore. full-service facility in Cincinnati. or would he be shaking his head in dismay? There are many reasons to renovate your flooring. a 100. and.” he reports. “is a higher rate of retention because members see that the club’s owners are reinvesting in the business. Changing them offers an easy and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up your facility. your lawsuit just got a lot more complicated. I’m occasionally shocked at the condition of their flooring.” observes Rudy Fabiano. even unsanitary.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 69 . or some other material. feel.S The Cincinnati Sports Club’s path to progresss By Patricia Glynn ometimes. “The most important and immediate payoff of a flooring renovation. a full-service architecture and interior design firm based in Montclair. can make it easier and less costly to maintain. Depending on the type of material and where it’s located in your club. As the general manager of the Cincinnati Sports Club (CSC). Inc.” > ihrsa. walk around your club and take a hard look to see if you need to replace your floors. During tours.. in addition. be they tile. I’d begun shopping for another club. Now. it also is prohibited by law in certain states.” cautions Fiorini. though. Old. and visitors. “At our facility. Each year.S. then. the CEO and design director of Fabiano Designs. when he glances down. Ohio. worn-out floor covering can also give your premises an outdated. Recycling. California. couldn’t agree more. staff. Fiorini frequently visits leading clubs across the country to get an idea of what others are doing.” If you haven’t done so in a while. the club has raised my dues. “I shop some very nice clubs and. “If I see granite or marble. deli. Tom Fiorini can’t believe what he sees.000-square-foot. and physical therapy clinic. carpet.

” recalls Muir.” diligence.” he says. “It’s terrible several group exercise studios.000-square-foot facility. since A 90. you image can help it attract more clients and go want clients to feel a certain way when they walk in.a ’ — . the general manager of the City Club of Fort Worth. Muir recently old and showing its age. and it shows. If you approach it systematically and improve on things regularly.” he offers. They do a great job. you a long way toward making it more profitable have to be able to accurately describe your vision for the facility. “Maybe there’s a story behind for the cUstomer nd the clUb s improved your club. “we The numerous benefits that a flooring update provides decided that we wanted everything to look fresh and are seductive. including a well-equipped fitness center. and he came right out and fixed everything.” laments Muir. “We’d installed new carpet. it takes a smaller bite out of your Functional solution by PLAE Performance Sports Flooring budget. CCFW offers a host of much of CCFW’s flooring had been there since the buildamenities. she explains. you need to consider the “message” that your floors convey: old. We’d been careful about hiring someone reputable. which has produced a more sanitary environment.” Fabiano shares the sentiment.” Peggy Muir. Now. “We got a recommendation from a consultant. it started curling up. To achieve your goal. for Next.org . eco-friendly. that we waited so long.A Flooring Facelift supervised a club-wide. “U . That new look represented a complete change.” “In our case. commercial ventures. a number of dining areas. “Everything was and a grand ballroom for special functions. “Or. I’d suggest that any club with tired. and.” says Muir. holding off for 10 years or more—you can really sense it. she points out. “Some facilities do keep things up.” she says. perhaps. dilapidated. we have a brighter and cleaner looking facility. acknowledges the importance of working with knowledgeable people and When and how to proceed reputable firms. Fiorini isn’t surprised by how long it took CCFW to get its footing.” Maintenance is a lot easier. an architect and the owner of Essenza Architecture. I suspect that most clubs aren’t doing enough. old flooring seriously think about doing what we eventually did—upgrading one’s flooring is a great investment.” Beautiful. Colorado–based firm that specializes in modern. and uncared for … or new and well maintained? Christa Plaza. Texas (CCFW). “You could. flooring renovation project. too. but Fiorini warns clubs to “do your due very modern. and recalls how attention to details saved the day. well-done projects. “But a lot of clubs resist renovation. a Boulder. are an unambiguous value-added. and create a positive and lasting impression on prospects and members. insists that “flooring and paint are the two things that have the biggest impact on design. conducting the requisite research before hiring Plaza. “Essenza was a pleasure to work with and made the entire process—which could have been overwhelming—really easy. unexpectedly. We contacted our installer. “Flooring takes a lot of abuse.” Plaza suggests that club operators should be as clear as possible about pdating flooring creates a better experience the end result they’re hoping to achieve. ing was constructed nearly 30 years ago.” 70 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. and it paid off—absolutely!” Muir was equally careful about choosing an architect.

But it does show every mark. In hindsight.” Fabiano concurs. you’ll have to fork over $250. “And. for one. she would have done differently. and I had to replace the whole floor—that cost us more than an entire new roof.” he says. … At CSC.” > ihrsa.” Snyder offers another suggestion with respect to color. We had water damage. and steal ideas. invest $50. there’s one thing that.” he says. It’s a constant process for us.” CSC maintains its flooring meticulously. Fiorini has discovered that “life gets simpler” when you have new flooring. is unhesitating when it comes to sharing. they’re always doing something to make the club better for us. in five years—believe me. “That’s a lesson I learned the hard way. we replaced some carpet tiles. It’s carefully and completely inspected by a knowledgeable professional at least six times a year.” Fiorini identifies another step he thinks others ought to avoid. different color combos. “IHRSA is a great resource. “It’s amazing how much easier some of the innovative new products are to clean. In fact.” he attests. and other industrial organizations. “We put down a lot of beige to lighten things up. if you don’t. I think I’d use more of the darker products.Flooring finesse: the City Club in Fort Worth. Don’t hesitate to look around. “Shop other clubs and environments. your members are going to say ‘Hey.000 per year in upgrades and repairs … or. the one he regards as the most useful is.” she says. for instance. restaurants.” And. “we used a product designed for kitchens out on our main fitness floor.” Muir. “Just two weeks ago. requiring us to be very conscientious about cleaning. Fiorini notes with pride.’” promises Fabiano.” he advises. Be innovative and aggressive with your color selections.” “If you strive to keep things in pristine condition.000 for a total replacement. “You don’t want your members to think that you’ve just polished or cleaned up your old floor.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 71 .” Of all the tips he has to offer. “and so are trade publications. we’ve used ideas from hospitals. yes. She notes. things are bright now. that while the renovation went very smoothly thanks to Essenza. What’s the best product for your club? Fiorini insists that it’s important to conduct some research to find out. “My best advise is to switch things up with new. Texas example. think outside the box. like Muir. “Don’t install a wood floor if your facility doesn’t have a fantastic roof. “There are some amazing products out there that you might not even have heard about. I’d tell other clubs to think carefully about choosing the same path we did. in retrospect.

“Communication is key. “I’d say the No. Please see our ad on page 87. —| PLAE PERFORMANCE SPORTS FLOORING PLAE. or unsatisfactory. Before the company creates a design.’ But.000.” advises Waits. not working.com. it does its homework. operators look at a product and think.A Flooring Facelift Mistakes and problems to avoid A critical factor that also warrants careful consideration is budgeting. PLAE’s mission is to find out what’s missing. as it creates PRODUCT Never underestimate worn. INC. the president of PLAE Performance Sports Flooring. and learn. plaeusa. Zenterra uses bamboo because it’s a much more rapidly renewable product than the maple used in typical floors. and the area they always use is going to be closed off.the flooringoutdated. “It’s important to hire trained. I’d recommend figuring out a way to fund the project upfront because the results are definitely worth it. and in Continued a well-kept. fitnessfloors. FITNESS FLOORING. The Zenterra line carries a five-year warranty. installation is always somewhat disruptive. long term. “I believe in investing in a high-quality product. cheaper flooring usually won’t last as long. or sparkling new anddistinctive look your memberspositive message time they here No your facility. ‘We could get this for $5 per square foot versus $10. a flooring renovation is something that all of the parties involved should anticipate with enthusiasm. based in Atlanta. Contact: 866-599-8274. and change it. While you may spend $10. if we know someone’s a regular. As a result. —| 72 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. They ignore the fact that lessexpensive flooring is going to be less resilient. Zenterra provides a unique aesthetic not found in most traditional sports floors. Essentially.” he concludes. In some cases.000 on it now.” she continues.com. It can also send a will notice every to your visit—whether it’s SHOWCASE community—that your club is a good corporate citizen that’s concerned about the environment. in five years you’ll be replacing it for $30. Pilates. points out Plaza. “clubs think more about cost than the actual product or its application. 1 mistake clubs make involves value engineering.” Another area where operators may be tempted to trim costs—an inclination they’d be well advised to resist—is that of installation. is a manufacturer who wholeheartedly embraces this line of thinking. “And the club’s improved image can help it attract more clients—and go a long way toward making it more profitable.glynn@fit-etc. but there are ways to minimize the inconvenience. and other group exercise athletes.” he observes.” —| – Patricia Glynn. Available in both a dark and light shade. the makers of performance sports flooring. “We do everything possible to keep members in the loop. Contact: 800-428-5306. Fitness Flooring’s Zenterra line is the first bamboo sports floor designed specifically for the needs of yoga. but it’ll probably last twice as long.” attests Fiorini. you may not be covered under the warranty. Please see our ad on page 85.” As far as Waits is concerned. but also because doing so goes a long way towards ensuring overall longevity. listen. Its associates visit with coaches in their training facilities to look.” Nearly by definition. “Far too often. they talk with athletes in training to hear about their wish lists. “Sure.” Brett Waits. “Updating flooring creates a better experience for the customer. we’ll personally phone them to give them a heads-up. it might cost more initially. “If the flooring is installed improperly. specialized pros not only for this reason. they accompany managers on club walk-throughs and invite honest comments about their flooring status quo. takes a methodical approach to product development. p.com Feature Headline goesold.org . no matter what activities they participate in on the floor. it can provide its customers with innovative products that are custom-made for a specific purpose. The company also utilizes a proprietary floating technology that ensures the safety and ultimate performance of users.


70 Fargo Street.T’S FREE! I DOWNLOAD • Access IHRSA events. Boston MA 02210 • ihrsa. including the latest IhRSA 2013 information • Browse the IHRSA Buyer’s Guide • Read CBI Digital • Keep current with the latest fitness industry news • Network with other members via Facebook and Twitter the IhRSA App Now you can access the latest IhRSA information on your smartphone or RSA tablet at all times! the IhRSA App allows you to: DOWNLOAD tODAy! ihrsa.org/app International Health. Racquet & Sportsclub Association Seaport Center.org • +1 617 951-0055 .

o rg | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 75 .Innovations What’s New 77 | FIT Extra 81 Twin Oaks Software —| Photo sponsored by Twin Oaks Software i h rs a .

All-In-One Cloud Based Management Solution Software  Payment Processing  Full Service Billing Marketing  Scheduling  Member Portal  POS Personal Training and Membership Management » .

K.H. —| Muscle and Motion » Muscle and Motion has developed new software entitled “All About Strength Training” that allows exercisers to see exactly which muscles are engaged by any strength exercise. and sends an e-mail to them if space opens up.. but.” notes Cedric Bryant. Among them are Accelerated Services. Trainers. Using ABC’s MYiCLUBonline iPhone App. “The ACE Health Coach certification reflects what we believe to be the true measure of health. which connect to special instructional videos. For more information.com. easy-to-use line also boasts uniform weight-stack-tower heights. and Wait List. —| i h rs a . combines commercial robustness and reliability with new design elements to enhance both the user’s and health club operator’s experience. can utilize the system to help them address a member’s questions. For more information. two-tone upholstery for maximum comfort. individuals can view the primary and synergist muscles that are worked during virtually any movement.D. —| ABC Financial’s proliferating possibilities » ABC Financial » ABC Financial has unveiled several new software enhancements. premium. and the science underlying true behavior modification..com. M. and to share important visuals and tips that are difficult to convey verbally. Exercisers profit from learning how their body responds to training. and instructional placards incorporating unique QR codes. —| Precor » Precor’s new Discovery Series Selectorized Line.com. precor. Mantell. contact the company at 800-786-8404. For more information. which allows members to purchase a block of sessions/classes. Ph. at the same time. Among its features are a new add-on weight system. ACE’s chief science officer. and split the cost over a period of time. and check into the club. For more information.P. an NCCA-approved credential that emphasizes fitness. This intuitive. abcfinancial. contact the company at +972-528701188. and Lifestyle Change includes content by personal trainer Jonathan Ross. acefitness. o rg | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 77 . allow users to see the weights moving. contact the company at 800-825-3636. By making use of the 3D videos. The ACE Health Coach Manual: The Ultimate Guide to Fitness. new translucent shrouds provide privacy. introduced recently at Leisure Industry Week 2012 in the U. behavioral psychologist Michael R. Employee Portal. Wellness.D. nutrition.org. which allows staff to view and manage their schedule remotely. members can book and cancel appointments. the American Council on Exercise (ACE) has launched the ACE Health Coach certification.| Innovations | What’s New American Council on Exercise (ACE) » To help address the nation’s growing obesity problem. muscleandmotion. which automatically creates a list of members interested in joining a class. view personal training appointments and class schedules. make an initial down payment. M.. contact the company at 800-551-9733. and registered dietitian Natalie Digate Muth. for their part.

For more information. known as LFopen. For more information. the president of Life Fitness. Its flagship product is the Quest Bar. contact the company at 800-735-3867. contact the company at 909-629-1600. contact the company at 888-212-0601. tuffstufffitness. low-carb bar. providing an accurate measurement of calories burned. pace.” says Mike Ryser. —| » 78 Scosche Industries. such as health clubs. and still tastes delicious. LFopen provides developers with access to future Life Fitness software technology. or make any nutritional compromises. and no maltitol or other sugar alcohols. and users can use the RHYTHM Dashboard to obtain an enhanced view of their exercise regimen. which enables third parties. The resulting data is stored in the cloud. as well as a strategic alliance with CrossCore. and sports performance movements for both oneon-one and group training. —| Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a .” says Tom Bilyeu. zero added sugar. Inc.” observes Chris Clawson. and more. » Scosche Industries has introduced RHYTHM. Each bar contains 20 grams of whey protein. real-time monitoring. doesn’t use any junk. and facility managers can utilize open-platform products to devise new solutions and offer current content and entertainment for workouts. » TuffStuff Fitness Equipment has announced the launch of its new CT8 Fitness Training System. “The Life Fitness open platform will enable developers and our customers to create fitness solutions specific to their exercisers and will allow for endless possibilities. allowing them to develop apps that incorporate workout presets and results. speed. RHYTHM makes use of two alternating LEDs with a photo sensor to accurately measure the user’s pulse. and distance. Inc. it became clear that a training/education program for the CT8 was needed. Inc.com. New tracking tools and aggregated data can be monitored and adjusted remotely or on mobile devices. the COO of Quest Nutrition. —| Scosche Industries has got RHYTHM TuffStuff Fitness Equipment. For more information. a pulse monitor and app for Android smartphones and tablets. o rg . “We were excited by the challenge of pushing the boundaries of food science and creating a perfect protein bar—one that’s made exclusively of the highest-quality ingredients. questnutrition. lifefitness.com.com. only 2–6 grams of active carbs.com. A built-in accelerometer allows it to adjust for movement during exercise. scosche. month-over-month growth. and discovered that they were the perfect partner to develop that program. —| Life Fitness » Life Fitness has released an open application programming interface (API). This comfortable arm strap monitor gives exercisers a simple way to manage and track their workouts. high-fiber. functional. “We reached out to our friends at CrossCore. to create new applications that work with the company’s equipment. contact the company at 800-363-4490. The CT8’s unique design incorporates a fully modular and customizable trainer platform that combines traditional. national sales manager. When TuffStuff invited commercial distribution partners to the factory to gather feedback on its concept during the R&D phase. For more information. route. a high-protein.| Innovations | What’s New Quest Nutrition » Quest Nutrition is pleased to report that it has experienced more than 18 months of exponential.

industry trends.” ONE CERTIFICATION HAS ACHIEVEMENT WRITTEN ALL OVER IT. but we’ll help you achieve your goal by providing selfstudy materials and hands-on workshops throughout the world. fitness and clinical certifications.org for everything you need to know about ACSM’s health. too. finding a job. Getting certified will challenge you.org to get your free “5 x 5” special report full of great tips on training.“With ACSM-certified staff. Meet your new business partner: The Exercise is Medicine® Credential . ACSM certification means you’re uniquely qualified to work with a variety of people. ACHIEVE MORE WITH OUR FREE SPECIAL REPORT Go to certification. and it’s good for business. Go to certification.acsm. and building and marketing your business. That’s good for our members.acsm. including those with health risks. my club can provide higher quality service.


| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications Computing in the Cloud Club management software evolves to meet rising mobile and social demands The growing presence of mobile technology is having a profound influence on how health club operators are using management software to run their businesses. o rg | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 81 . the CEO of Paramount Acceptance. “Some clubs are demanding these technologies without first developing a strategy that describes how they’re going to deploy them. “We really need to stop thinking about software as a simple club management tool and call it what it ultimately will be—a valuable memberrelationship management machine. and then devise a plan to fully integrate mobile and social media communications. and access to. “We’re constantly integrating and developing software that interfaces with mobile devices. and retention. “A true SaaS solution is seamless across all of these. Observing and responding to this development. “Smartphones and tablets are touching every point of the industry. Windows 7. and dashboards. or how their customers are going to use them. including short. Billing. data warehouses. real-time reports. With over 30 years’ experience. club operators consider their objectives carefully. price lists for several club areas. Its DataTrak health club management software reflects the company’s dedication to cutting-edge technology in its speed. and former members. ABC FINANCIAL SERVICES. electronic locker systems. “Having a data warehouse that provides custom interface and reporting. and magnetic strips. warehouse. which allow them to better analyze usage and trends. check-in and check-out. i h rs a . CRM. and capitalize on individual. cash-free technology. innovation. ABC Financial is committed to unparalleled customer service. integrated SMS. employee time-tracking. which many clubs are now harnessing to become more competitive with respect to sales. software providers recommend that. optimizing their effectiveness. clubs also are requesting easy-to-use data mining. the founder and executive vice president of Motionsoft. identify marketing and programming opportunities. a club parking module. targeted outreach efforts. Inc. or their iPad at home.or long-term contracts. KPI support. which are constantly being enhanced to help health clubs thrive. New technology has quickly changed the ways in which clubs interact with their prospective. It operates on Microsoft Windows XP. “The impact of social media has yet to be fully realized. and On-site Support ABC Financial strives to maximize its clients’ revenue with its software and payment processing solutions. first.” —| COMPUTER APPLICATIONS A&A COMPANY A&A Club The comprehensive A&A Club software supports a variety of functions. booking systems. if used properly. their smartphone at the coffee shop. and security.” points out Andy Wigderson. and the ability to overlay. it can be a great lead-generation and sales tool.” says Bendixen. smartcards. and payroll. and Windows 8.” The rapid expansion of mobility has helped drive a storm of social media.” observes Glen Bendixen. INC.700 North American health clubs. “We get calls all the time from people who want to connect with their software from their PC in the office. It also includes advanced security systems capabilities. the vice president of sales and marketing at CSI Software. and currently works with more than 3. To enhance their competitiveness today. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 23 ABC Financial—Software. current. retention-management. barcodes.” This shift is accompanied by increasing adoption and utilization of cloud-based services—or SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions— which move programs from a traditional desktop package to an online platform that can be accessed and used from anywhere.” explains Hossein Noshirvani. but. referrals. comprehensiveness.” posits Noshirvani. member database. third-party data is a big differentiator. and several reporting options.

client training. systemizes business efficiencies. project growth. customizable member and facility reporting. track key performance indicators. dashboard and customized reporting. Multitraining Live is a browser-based system that requires no special software to download or install. electronic agreement entry. point-of-sale and inventory management. gift cards. 24/7 technical assistance. one-on-one coaching. collaborate. customer correspondence. The system streamlines daily club operations. making it simple to pull up a variety of data instantaneously. and a 24-hour-access door interface. fingerprintrecognition technology. generating reports. Features include member check-in and attendance tracking. and verify and update their account information. Franchisors can oversee sales and daily operations by specific clubs or region. card on file. and provides current members with access to their account information. MYiCLUBonline appears seamlessly from a club’s own Website or from a dedicated site customized to the club’s brand. software training. With MYiCLUBonline. electronicagreement entry. time clock and commission-tracking. networking events. secure. club management software that makes use of advanced. The Dashboard resides in the Reports section of the DataTrak menu. multiple deposit and transfer dates. entering contracts. member contract implementation. PT session tracking with customizable security. credit card charge-back/ dispute resolution. highly customizable software can be utilized by a single fitness facility or a group of clubs. on-account charging. prospects can join the club. AEROBICS & FITNESS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 15 Full-Service Billing and Support Flexible billing and support services are designed to give clients more control over their business expenses with basic recurring billing. Multitraining Live is a convenient and secure way to conduct group-study sessions. and support franchisees with on-site configuration. a full-service solution that includes customer service and collections. NEW MYiCLUBonline The MYiCLUBonline self-service member portal is a Web-based application that allows clubs to enroll new members online. and much more. on-account charging. Clients can customize their operations with check-in. DataTrak includes check-in. inventory control. The intuitive interface allows for reduced training and increased productivity. Multitraining Live AFAA’s Multitraining Live online videoconferencing system is a convenient and cost-effective way to meet. review their check-ins and purchases. 82 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . class scheduling. The intuitive. product demonstrations. single-screen member management and contract entry. o rg . Internet-based technology to provide immediate access to member data. provider CEU programs. and detailed reporting. and educate. which offers drag-and-drop reporting on the fly. and is flexible enough for personalized one-on-one training sessions. session tracking and scheduling. identify and manage franchise trends. DataTrak Franchise Edition The DataTrak Franchise Edition combines club management software with a customizable corporate platform and franchise-specific software branding. These reloadable gift cards can be used over and over and do not require the purchaser to be a member of the club. as well as for demonstrations for hundreds of participants. and much more. Other features include returned payment processing. current members can manage their classes. prospect and member management. AAC also offers highly trained customerservice specialists. A new feature of ABC’s DataTrak is the ABC Data Warehouse. or anything in between. employee time clock management. Web-based. and live.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications Gift Cards ABC Financial’s Gift Cards are fully integrated with DataTrak. creditcard processing. POS credit-card processing. AFFILIATED ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 67 Dashboard and Data Warehouse DataTrak Dashboard is a business monitoring tool that displays items being measured and monitored quickly and conveniently. inventory control. fingerprint. and maximizes billing and collections. Club Management Software This club management software simplifies managing members. and processing sales. DataTrak Club Management Software ABC’s DataTrak is an easy-to-use. book appointments. and integrated billing services. third-party-authenticated exams. Clubs’ corporate-branded gift cards can be used company-wide.and pincode-recognition technology. point-of-sale.

results. through an integrated package that includes comprehensive member management. and chains. It offers instant access to critical business information. multi-mode check-in. tracking of member performance. check availability. 24/7. track. Gym Satisfaction Survey How It Works • • • • Your gym members complete the online survey We collect the survey data We analyze the data We create an easy-to-read report of the results The Payoff Your gym uses the survey results to: • Improve member satisfaction • Improve member retention • Increase revenue Enroll in SurveyGMS©today! Contact us to learn more: info@gymsurveys. AptusSoft’s Health and Performance Tracker is designed to help increase retention quickly. securely share personal details with their instructors and physicians. communicate with the facility. be encouraged to maintain exercise adherence. and access and plan daily and weekly nutritional intake. such as tennis. review results. franchises. review and accept contracts. o rg | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 83 . as well as franchises and chains. in-house and online scheduling. end-user designable reports. and profiling.com or 843-284-3018 i h rs a . 24/7. this software is securely accessible to users from anywhere. franchises. and analyze their workouts. members may log. setup rewards for members. chart.4 is priced and packaged to suit small to large multilocation facilities with single and/or multiple activities. and schedule classes in real time online. it can also transform a club’s Website into a retail environment where members can view merchandise and make purchases. Using this module. and is securely accessible from anywhere. view. Available 365 days. 24/7. or chains.4 AptusSoft CMS2. AptusSoft CMS2. touchPOS. AptusSoft’s Enterprise Online Activity Management Module is available to health club members 365 days. communications. update and manage a buddy list. and is suitable for all facilities. It seamlessly manages multiple programs and services. and low-cost AR/member services. and purchase pro-shop or retail items online. basketball. The Premier CMS-Online Member Access AptusSoft’s CMS-Online is a memberretention and revenue-generation tool that allows club members to review and modify their profiles online. both in-house and online. This innovative module is securely accessible 365 days. and childcare. The AptusSoft program is designed to boost retention and drive additional profits for all facilities. and can help increase revenues for all facilities.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications APTUSSOFT Health and Performance Tracker Enterprise Online Activity Management Module CMS2.4 focuses on improving retention and profits at every step.

video imaging. 84 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . fitness assessments. and more. ASF offers a complete solution to manage all aspects of personal and group training programs. inventory. even the smallest details are addressed with its billing and software solutions. including point-of-sale. INC. o rg . From financing packages to calculating commissions. ASPEN INFORMATION SYSTEMS. exercise prescriptions. A modular approach allows managers to choose from a variety of powerful. member retention. easy-to-use. and thereby be less dependent on a steady stream of prospective members and new sales. DecisionMate. touch-screen POS. new profit centers & much more! Offered in formats to fit your needs: Books. paperless contracts. member and childcare attendance. and is suitable for single and multi-club operations. credit book. fingerprint ID. acquiring new members. It can be integrated with 24/7 SUCCESS b y A S S O C I AT I O N ® ihrsa.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications ASF INTERNATIONAL SEE OUR AD ON PAGES 6 & 7 key-card access systems for controlled entry. and streamline club operations. club rewards. a prospect database. and unique software tools.org/store Your resource center • Presented by Healthy Learning TM Expert advice on sales. activity logging. tracking and managing session usage and expiration of packages sold. It simplifies numerous tasks. personal training sales and appointment scheduling. DVDs. These modules focus on three vital points of a club’s business success: managing cash. financial reporting. check-in. marketing. EFT. scheduling. ClubPRO—Cloud-Based Management Software ASF’s cloud-based management software helps clubs manage their member accounts and receivables. based on account status. driver’s license dataentry. and receivables management. Visual Clubmate NEW Personal Training Billing and Scheduler A well-managed training program helps health clubs maximize revenue per member. This all-inclusive package is available to ASF clients. MP3s. Visual Clubmate offers member management. and retaining existing members. paperless contracts. Webinars & Publications.


H1N1 and HIV ■ Lowest Cost. ClubLead’s integrated functions include a financial system. Manage trainers. The result of advanced technology and decades of experience. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 60 Defeat CA-MRSA.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications BIO-LOGIC. reporting. INC. Most Effective ■ Made with 100% EZFacility Scheduling and Club Management Software EZFacility provides Web-based scheduling. improved customer retention. retention management (CRM).000 club members in seven countries.00 SpectrumNG CSI Software is a leading provider of club management software and services. and payroll. debt collection. prospecting. W NE EZFACILITY. CSI Software’s latest product. and password-protect sensitive data. and optimizing club revenue. membership. create mailings. become a 24-hour access club. sell a variety of membership plans. member-management. and give members Web-based self-service access to purchase new packages and schedule sessions. point of sale. and credit cards. Manufacturer’s list price: $495. and corporate-agreement management. serves as a powerful catalyst for managing operations. class booking. staff scheduling. and print labels. gaining greater insight into customer behavior. SpectrumNG. membership management. and financial reports. recurring payments. send e-mails. packages. and protection against fraud and profit leakage.com 86 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . print billing.2xlcorp. instructors. club memberships. eXerp is among Europe’s leading providers of enterprise information systems for the leisure industry. CSI SOFTWARE SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 20 EXERP Gym Assistant Gym Assistant’s intuitive interface provides the tools and critical information that health clubs need to successfully operate and manage their business. INC. ClubLead Chains that make use of eXerp’s ClubLead software benefit from reduced administrative costs. process EFT. serving more than 500. billing. o rg . funds transfer. and reporting software for health clubs of all sizes. renewable resources ■ Approved by leading equipment manufacturers RESIDUE FREE A! FORMUL Let the Revolution Begin! (888) 977-3726 ■ www. point-ofsale transactions. enjoy detailed financial reporting. With no monthly fees. This simple yet highly effective club management tool streamlines operations and is available starting at only $149 per club per month. this software enables customers to check-in and register members.

00 i h rs a . o rg | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 87 . club charges. review accounts. or billing systems. postage. images. and increase employee productivity with Employee Self Service. New contracts. and prospect management. and staff management. MemberMe is available to EZFacility clients. and can also operate as a stand-alone application. or Android mobile devices. and on multiuser local or Web-accessed platforms. clubs automatically collect membership dues in full. outsourced member billing services. They can even share club information with friends on Facebook. grow membership with Join Online. for direct deposit into their accounts. events. enabling them to easily find and book classes or training sessions and view club and staff information. and marketing module software helps maximize member relations and boost profit centers and programming. Club Solutions from Fiserv also offers EFT and POS processing. Among its features: fully intuitive scheduling. sales. PT sales. collections. additional services. Managed Billing Services Fiserv offers outsourced billing. and member call-center services with a dedicated and professional staff that manages customers’ data under the club’s direction. In addition. overall billing costs are reduced and reconciliation is quick and easy. POS. This system runs parallel to existing front desk financial.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications FISERV SOLUTIONS. bookings. and late payments. With fully integrated software and electronic funds transfer (EFT) processing. on the due date. visits. Compete can improve member satisfaction with its Member Self Service. and video galleries. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 9 EFT— Payment-Processing Services Reduce billing costs and get paid faster by using payment-processing services from Fiserv. credit cards can be processed using the credit card gateway from Fiserv. and data management. Manufacturer’s list price: $295. Compete club management software from Fiserv allows clubs to seamlessly connect with their customers and employees. or make changes to any schedule—all from their iPhone. and member changes hit the system immediately without requiring club staff FACE2FACE RETENTION SYSTEMS Face2Face Retention This comprehensive retention. Users can conveniently join online. Compete MemberMe— EZFacility’s Mobile App The MemberMe mobile app from EZFacility provides members with access to the health club directly from their smartphone. automated e-mail and SMS systems. sales. news. Because EFT reduces invoicing costs. and client management. INC. iPad. attrition-risk client alerts.

Find exactly what you need – fast and at the right price. Because FitnessBooker is Web-based. The Fiserv team is an economical alternative to hiring back-office staff. FitnessEMS plus CRM equals total club management.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications to update them. As members complete incentivized behaviors.com—Equipment Management System FitnessEMS works with any CRM software. reduce equipment downtime. eCommerce. Manufacturer’s list price: $99. and social media. employee management. the software is accessible from any computer. By doing so.000+ businesses in 66 countries.indd 1 10/2/12 7:03 AM | 88 Club Business International JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . or Facility Upgrades? Cut Through the Clutter! Visit IHRSABUYERSGUIDE. improve referral lead generation. FitnessBooker is a product of GramercyOne. Manufacturer’s list price: $125. Using incentives. BG ad-1112CBI. massage therapy. it provides the missing piece in the puzzle of profit and club management. ceiling fans. they earn points that are redeemable online for a huge selection of quality brand-name merchandise. FitnessBooker’s features include online booking. recognized. membership. and rewarded. or tablet. and increase membership and profits. Pricing includes a one-time setup cost and a monthly fee. making it possible for operators to manage their club’s fitness equipment and other facility assets. FITNESSBOOKER FITREWARDS FITNESS EMS FitnessBooker FitnessBooker enables health clubs to manage services. Fiserv also performs due-diligence billing research. and kids’ clubs. Software. and boost profit center revenue. CRM. This cloud-based system can save staff time.00 fitRewards fitRewards is a loyalty program that can be customized to each health club’s mission. personal training.00 FitnessEMS. whose platform is used by 6. marketing. fitRewards helps keep members motivated. and everything in between. and club services. The company aims to ensure that members are motivated. point-of-sale. saunas. including classes.COM – your one-stop shop for quality sports flooring. No inventory is required. class waitlists. Frustrated Shopping for Equipment. mobile device. o rg . providing notification of important data trends or issues. club embroidered products.

which can help simplify operations and increase profits for a club. The Gantner Biometric Access Control System is part of the Gantner Smart Card Solution. which can help simplify operations and increase profits for a club. The Online Locking System is part of the Gantner Smart Card Solution. i h rs a . Gantner Online Locking System The Gantner Online Locking System represents an ideal solution for the convenient and secure electronic locking of a club’s lockers. o rg | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 89 . and easy retrofitting are the highlight of this electronic locker lock. Members simply close the door on any free locker and hold their RFID Smart Card to the scan field. night opening functions. clear status display. Gantner Biometric Access Control is a secure access-control terminal that protects operators against the misuse of personal membership cards. and alarm protection are the highlights of this electronic locker lock. Various operating modes. Members simply press the button on any free locker with their RFID Smart Card to lock it. offering the best protection against the sharing of membership cards.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications GANTNER ELECTRONIC GMBH SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 37 Gantner Biometric Access Control System Gantner Battery Locking System The Gantner Battery Locking System represents an ideal solution for the convenient electronic locking of a club’s lockers. The Battery Locking System is part of the Gantner Smart Card Solution. Various operating modes. which can help simplify operations and increase profits for a club. The members’ fingerprints are saved on their RFID Smart Card and will be verified during the check-in process.

The company’s innovative technologies are enriching and enlivening everyday life experiences. YOUR CLUB. Available in various shapes. changing the way people connect. and inventory management are also managed through the iGo Figure Software. Delivering solutions for intelligent systems. The new integrated collections feature helps clients maintain revenue. Intel puts the intelligence in embedded. the Gantner Smart Card can help boost profits and simplify operations. and hundreds of reports can be generated to provide details to help run the business. with easy payment processing using integrated credit-card processing and EFT with low processing fees. OUR FULL SUPPORT. designs. to the world around them. electronic wardrobe locker locks. iGo Figure’s membership and business management software is simple to use. IGO FIGURE. INC. and cashless payment applications. INTEL CORPORATION Proactive Health Intelligent systems based on Intel technology enable people to live connected—to each other. and seamless solutions. Through secure.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications NEW Gantner Smart Card The Gantner Smart Card is suitable for check-in/out. manageable. employee compensation. Intel is unleashing a world of opportunity—from the smallest devices to the all-encompassing cloud. Balanced Body® and Pilates can bring healthy change to all your members—and your business. access control. One Smart Card can serve all applications—including parking access and a juice bar. YOUR MEMBERS. to the Internet. and work. be more. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 80 iGo Figure Membership and Business Management Software Designed to save health clubs time and money. Learn more at pilates. live. and empowering them to do more. communicate. o rg . and achieve more. and brandings. POS sales.com/fitness_mgmt 1-800-PILATES (745-2837) 90 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . Scheduling.

Inc. • Great for sore muscles after a hard workout • Simple way to add $10-$20 to memberships • Including “Free Massage” in ads drives new guest traffic Discounts Available Now Call today for more information Clubs with the best adoption rates set-up HydroMassage Zones™.1930 www.786. engage. Iron Grip eWeight Planner Iron Grip’s online eWeight Planner is a fast and simple way to calculate the appropriate number of free weights for a fitness facility. real-time reporting. and club management. search engine services. which include two or more beds in a semi-private room with relaxing spa-like décor. It also suggests quantities of dumbbells and Olympic bars. and no merchant account is necessary.800. and built-in e-mail and social media functions eliminate paperwork and help boost registrations and revenue. and recommends racks when necessary. MEMBER SOLUTIONS Puts more “health” into your health club More than ever. reservations. members are now looking for total health and wellness solutions. o rg CBI-Hydromassage-Oct2012.800. social networking. One year of unlimited access costs only $195.com/health 1. 1.1930 HydroMassage. The eWeight Planner includes equipment from 13 of the top strength-equipment providers.indd 1 | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 91 9/26/2012 3:00:57 PM . Customers can instantly accept payments online. Customizable online registration forms. MembersFirst. depending on the type and amount of plate-loaded strength and free-weight equipment selected. HydroMassage gives your members an affordable. e-mail marketing. and retain a vibrant and actively involved membership. marketing. mobile marketing. 10-minute heated massage everyday.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications IRON GRIP BARBELL COMPANY MEMBERSFIRST MembersFirst Web-based solutions and services help hundreds of organizations attract. and data collection into one simple-to-use tool.com/health i h rs a . We deliver the industry’s premier end-to-end technology solution by combining expert Website design and development with a complete set of tools to power content management. The Planner generates suggested weight-plate breakdowns.786. NEW Event Manager Event Manager is an online management solution that combines event registration. payment processing.HydroMassage.

eCommerce solutions. MOTIONSOFT. fitness facilities have used MicroFit to elevate their business image and increase revenue. MINDBODY simplifies fitness with online scheduling and payments. they benefit from expert knowledge on fitness and wellness. attracting and retaining members.. and know members more successfully. Massachusetts 02210 USA 92 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . or large club franchise. o rg . Club Management Software Motionsoft’s integrated software for Member Relationship Management and billing helps health clubs get. 70 Fargo Street. Racquet & Sportsclub Association | Seaport Center. generating payroll. INC.org/passport. tracking inventory. INC. Boston. and selling products and services online are simple with software that’s scalable to the needs of a single trainer. Motionsoft serves nearly 2. The Suite includes MoSo. Canada. staff and customer management. This typically turns an average member into a loyal member: one who signs up for personal training services and staysad-0112CBI_Layout 1 11/29/11 11:46 AM Page 1 with the club for a long time.com listing to confirm that your club is on board! Learn more or enroll your club at ihrsa. and eClub Member Management Software. MoSoPay. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 5 MINDBODY. MicroFit Fitness Assessment System MINDBODY’s health club software is designed to consolidate management online. and Europe. Since 1986. single or multiple location studio. Inc. Mexico. the Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence. Look for an airplane next to your healthclubs. keep. one-on-one fitness assessment. passport Manufacturer’s list price: $70. magazine’s annual 500/5000 report as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. and mobile apps that cut administrative overhead and improve customer retention. and a range of back-office services. Managing trainers’ schedules. Recently recognized in Inc. When new members experience this high-quality. International Health.S.800 clients in the U. myClub online member portal. CX.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications MICROFIT MINDBODY.00 Discounted Guest Privileges Worldwide for your Members Who Travel Participation in the Passport Program is FREE for IHRSA clubs. and the staff’s dedication to helping them achieve their personal goals.

NETAfit.org/store. you will never know it all! IHRSA's Webinars prove this every time. International Health. Racquet & Sportsclub Association | Seaport Center. REGISTER TODAY: 3 Easy Ways! • Visit ihrsa.org/webinars • Email membership@ihrsa. 2013 For details. General Manager. visit ihrsa.5pg ad-0712CBI 11/27/12 12:34 PM Page 1 No matter how much you think you know.org • Call 800-228-4772 (US/Canada) Missed a Webinar? Don’t worry! You may download past webinars at ihrsa. M. Boston. 70 Fargo Street. MA 02210 USA . Simply click on "webinars" to see a complete listing of topics and presenters.. 2013 Presented by Michele Melkerson-Granryd.org/webinars.Ed. ~ John Youngblood.org or 800-237-6242 webinars ad-0113CBI_webinars .making great trainers for over 35 years Certifications Personal Trainer Group Exercise Specialty Certifications Indoor Cycling | Kettlebell | Pilates | Yoga CEC Provider for Most Certifications ® www. Santa Barbara Athletic Club Sponsored by JOIN US FOR: Creating Member Loyalty with Service Excellence January 10. BodyBusiness Health Club & Spa IHRSA 2013 Speaker Preview — FREE FOR IHRSA MEMBERS! January 24.

purchase personal-training services. pay balances.00 MYTRAK HEALTH SYSTEM NEW Success Coach The MYTRAK Success Coach technology can be mounted to any weight stack equipment. tracks range of motion. members have access to detailed. MoSoPay (EFT).| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications Financial Services Motionsoft’s MoSoPay offers three managed billing and collections programs—full service. Keep Them. MUSCLE AND MOTION Online Member Portal—myClub myClub is the online member services piece of Motionsoft’s “Get Them. and establishes proper tempo. Personal trainers can take advantage of this visual system to answer their clients’ questions. o rg . and lets members securely access their accounts to update info. From the club’s kiosk or their own computer. or MoSo software from Motionsoft to its existing Website. It determines ideal lifting weight. Manufacturer’s list price: $199. Through the 3D videos. All three seamlessly interface with the company’s awardwinning CX and eClubLogic clubmanagement software and the new MoSo cloud solution. the results are transmitted to both the club computer and the MYTRAK online Community. while showing them important tips that can be difficult to convey verbally. and Managed (EFT). Know Them” strategy for member management. Manufacturer’s list price: $995. connecting members to the club whenever they want. individuals can see which primary and synergist muscles are being worked. After the exercise session is completed. corporate. members can refer their friends using social networking. personalized trend reports offering suggestions for improvement. MYTRAK system software for club automation is required.00 94 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . eClubLogic. The MoSoPay line includes secure and PCI-compliant credit-card and EFT processing. and third-party billing. myClub enables prospects to join online. and freeing up resources and staff to service people onsite. NEW Muscle and Motion Muscle and Motion has released new software entitled “All About Strength Training” that enables exercisers to see exactly which muscles are active in any strength exercise. With Facebook and Twitter integration. transforming them into automated and intelligent strengthtraining machines. and more. to help health clubs operate with financial confidence. allowing operators to focus on serving club members. and customized monthly statements for family. myClub links a health club’s CX.

The comprehensive software includes sales and prospect management. point of sale. they all work in harmony so everyone on staff always has complete. Nov free software training. including personal training management. personal training management. ECS is easy to use and seamlessly integrated into club operations. Club Management Software Runs in: Jan. from Paramount Acceptance. financial reports. sales. an online scheduler. controlling tanning. prospect. membership management. a digital contract writer. videos (instructional exercises). check-in. selling online. EFT. fitness assessments. o rg 1/3 Page Square | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 95 . check-in (fingerprint and key tag). gift cards. member and trainer log-in access. i h rs a . handling corporate membership sales. including writing new memberships. managing the playroom. memberships. and profitability. and May. and employees. Shape. Its full-service approach creates a strong club-to-member connection. automating membership payments. Retention Management is solely dedicated to helping health clubs increase retention and improve their bottom line.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications NATIONAL FITNESS FINANCIAL RETENTION MANAGEMENT SHAPE.Club Intern Salsbury Ind PARAMOUNT ACCEPTANCE SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 85 NEW iClub Manage iClub Manage. scheduler. collections. point of sale. Shape.Net also offers July. managing personal training. and the company manages comprehensive retention improvement programs so that clubs can focus on operations and make a positive impact on member attrition. managing leads. and an employee time clock. expense tracking. scheduling amenities. and social media. All of these tools are featured within one software suite. marketing e-mail. Retention Management offers a variety of professional services for automated e-mail. IHRSA .NET SOFTWARE SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 76 Retention Management Fitness Software National Fitness Financial’s e-Club Success (ECS) Software helps manage health clubs and their finances. helps with entire club management. digital contracts. Mar.Net has been providing Webbased management technology to the health and fitness industry since 2002. One system can effectively manage the entire business. updated information. and generating a variety of reports.and retention-management. Sept. ECS reports are specifically designed to increase profits by efficiently managing the club. Broad in scope and powerful in delivery.

and can communicate with them via e-mail or text messages. Web-based eco-system centered around the fitness facility. and offers innovative ways to increase revenue. including cardiovascular machines. and those requiring assistance. o rg . Members receive more personalization through a tailored. A wireless Smartkey hosts the user’s program and connects with Wellness System components. Challenge. easy-to-use applications software. Asset. and feedback stations. members. Among its capabilities: identifying members who have recently joined. attendance. The Wellness System is a customerrelationship-management (CRM) platform that combines Technogym equipment with training management. Comprising seven applications (Self. Profile. technology-supported wellness experience. Prescribe. or VISIOWEB display. which the facility can prioritize and personalize via a colorcoded alert system. and Communicator). The software also provides extensive information about each member. Information is accessed in real time through a computer. Contact Manager also suggests tasks based on membership types. iPad. smartphone. The Wellness System provides customized and/or pre-programmed workouts that use accountability and feedback to maintain motivation. strength equipment. mywellness cloud allows operators to learn relevant information about members and to effectively manage facility assets. operators. Coach. and Technogym equipment.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications TECHNOGYM SEE OUR AD ON THE BACK COVER Wellness System mywellness cloud Mywellness cloud platform delivers an engaging. Wellness System Contact Manager The Wellness System Contact Manager application helps fitness facilities keep in close touch with their members. Personal trainers can monitor member compliance. those due to renew. and interests to increase utilization and retention. and facility staff. 96 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . cutting-edge electronics.

INC. Save. Visit ihrsa. 70 Fargo Street. and Kiosk Self-Serve membership sales. o rg | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 97 . and management reports. Other modules of VFP Sales Fusion include Catalyst (Facebook) referral program.” – Benjamin Franklin Are you spending too much on janitorial and maintenance supplies? What about energy and lighting? Not sure? Check out IHRSA’s Group Purchasing program and see if you can get a better deal on these and other products and services. Missed an Issue? Did you know you can access the full text of CBI articles from as early as 2001 on IHRSA's Website? You can also download entire past issues. paperless contracts. Tablet Tour mobile membership sales.5p-0312CBI_webinars . touch-screen pointof-sale with personal training and gift certificate tracking. 1/20/12 9:48 AM Page 1 “Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves. MA 02210 USA • 800-228-4772 (US/Canada) +1 617-951-0055 (international) i h rs a . visit ihrsa. known as TouchPoint. Upgrades. reciprocal club check-in with dataGP ad .” creates a beforeand-after 3D avatar of their body.org/grouppurchasing for more information.org/cbi.5pg ad-0611CBI NEW Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) Sales Fusion The Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) Sales Fusion program has a powerful lead-tracking CRM system. including PCI-DSS-compliant EFT billing and receivables management. VISUAL FITNESS PLANNER Integrated Billing and Club Management Software Twin Oaks’ club management software provides comprehensive tools for managing health clubs. booking and scheduling.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications TWIN OAKS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. It also offers full-featured. Racquet & Sportsclub Association • Seaport Center. Catalyst Mobile (phone-to-phone) referral program. easy-to-use software with integrated member e-mail communication. Enhanced Internet-enabled features integrate with either the Web or desktop software and provide clubmanagement functionality. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 28 sharing capabilities. all accessible from the Internet. VFP calculates a person’s “Health Risks” for diseases. International Health. Compare. Shop. Boston. and technical support are included. predicts their “Health Age. and purchase reprints! To learn more. and calculates how long it will take to achieve their goals. training.

Xpiron BookNow helps clubs increase non-dues revenue and boost utilization by providing self-booking access to club members.5p-0113CBI_hc. INC. personal trainer or sales rep? Find them quickly and inexpensively at healthclubs. Boston. and events to members during the booking process.5p ad-0911CBI 11/28/12 8:11 AM Page 1 FIND YOUR NEXT STAR Looking for a great manager. easy-to-use solution.com/jobs. and increase retention for personal training or massage services. XpironMedia delivers marketing campaigns within BookNow. which enables club owners and operators to cross-promote products. along with a versatile billing platform that allows health clubs to create their own membership plans. you need the right people.). Post your club’s openings and search the site’s extensive resume bank of active fitness industry job candidates. o rg . NEW Phone On-Hold Service Surveys show that 60 percent of callers hang up when placed on hold with silence or a bad message. International Health. Customers can boost membership by up to 12 percent with VoiceScapes’ “virtual tour” of the club. Massachusetts 02210 USA 98 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . 117. Questions? Contact jobs@healthclubs. facilities can maximize each member’s club usage. etc. resume purchase. Finding stars doesn’t get any easier than this! In order to be profitable.00 hc. services. Code expires 2/1/13. and on-hold messages can keep callers connected to the club by promoting the club’s Website and social media presence. Racquet & Sportsclub Association • Seaport Center. Manufacturer’s list price: $49.com or call +1 617-951-0055 ext.| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications VOICESCAPES PHONE ON-HOLD MESSAGES. By combining BookNow and XpironMedia.com/jobs . Automated reminders to staff and clients reduce errors. SPECIAL OFFER: Use the coupon code NEWYEAR at checkout to SAVE 20% ON ANY PURCHASE sitewide (job postings. Online scheduling and a member store provide customers with greater access to services and classes. BookNow Xpiron provides online booking and communication services to more than 200 health clubs in North America. Make memberships easy with online contracts.com-jobs . INC. On-hold marketing from VoiceScapes can focus on a health club’s signature amenities. VOLO INNOVATIONS XPIRON. 70 Fargo Street. NEW Volo Innovations MyVolo software integrates all aspects of business into one. thereby helping convert prospects and retain current members. In addition.

    Visit our website and join online or mail us for additional information (info@gymaround. Hydration What You Need to Know About PLUS American Dreaming The Olympic Star’s Quest for Golden Glory ALLYSON FELIX Best Shoes for Summer Moves COMF Y SLIP INTO SOMETHING TRAINING TIPS FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART Look HOT at Any Age Choose the Best Diet for You A Guide to Eating Plans That Work INTERNATIONAL HEALTH.Every traveler is a good sport GymAround is a free network of premier health clubs worldwide. Learn more.org/get-active-magazine. RACQUET & SPORTSCLUB ASSOCIATION get active ad-1112CBI.com) Gain and Retain Club Members with Get Active! Get Active! is a cost-effective marketing tool that will help you gain. Order the standard edition or the Anytime Fitness edition. read a sample issue and order online at ihrsa. motivate and retain health club members. There are no strings attached and the  number  of  linked   clubs  is  growing  fast.indd 1 9/24/12 10:32 AM .org. Questions? Call +1 617-316-6811 or e-mail store@ihrsa. or customize an upcoming issue of the magazine with your club’s logo and contact information.


IHRSA Report First Set 103 | Ask an Industry Leader 104 | In Brief 107 | Ask the Entrepreneurs 108 Member News 110 | Calendar 116 | Coming Soon 116 Some 2. —| ihrsa.” observes lead researcher Matthew Pontifex. and a new study confirms that exercise can help them perform better academically.5 million school-aged American children deal with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). of Michigan State University. “Exercise might be a tool in our nonpharmaceutical treatment of ADHD.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 101 .

org/retention . open ended responses provide real feedback Participate in this IHRSA/TRP benchmarking project and take an important step to improving your member retention.org/retention or call +1 877-872-6607 ihrsa.retentionpeople Customer Experience Solutions from the Retention Experts the How loyal are your health club members? Find out for FREE as IHRSA and The Retention People team up to conduct the first ever North American member loyalty survey for the Fitness Industry using the powerful Net Promoter Score® One Simple Question: • Shows how loyal your members are • Anonymously measures your performance against other clubs and leading brands Places are limited – Sign up today! • Plus. To sign up. visit our website at ihrsa.

e.com ihrsa.org healthclubs. Racquet & Sportsclub Association is a not-for-profit trade association open to investor-owned and member-owned fitness.com E-mail: info@ihrsa. and other factors they can utilize to compare one product (A) to another (B). and nonalignable differences (ones where there’s no simple matchup of major details. • Encourage them to appraise clubs on a personal. in the process.McBride@ClubOne. and athletic facilities.. e. different— to pinpoint the things that make it the “right” choice. gas mileage. and are critical to their exercise success. rather than relying on an evaluation based solely on comparisons.g. Here are a few ways to do so: • Describe the common features shared by your club and the competition in a way that emphasizes your enhanced offerings. a pickup. —| – Bill McBride. I’ve been trying to “reconnect” to the basics of this business in a more insightful and instructive way. Similar properties are relatively easy to compare. transforming nonalignable into alignable differences. 800-228-4772 USA & Canada 617-951-0055 International 617-951-0056 FAX ihrsa. come in two distinct forms.org | IHRSA Board of Directors Bill McBride: Chairperson Club One 415-477-3000 Kay Yuspeh: Elite Sports Clubs 262-786-0880 Richard Bilton: Companhia Athletica +55 11-5188-2000 Carol Nalevanko: DMB Sports Clubs 480-609-6979 Brent Darden: TELOS Fitness Center 972-458-2582 Scott Gillespie: Saco Sport & Fitness 207-284-5953 Christian Pierar: De Fitness Organisatie +32 9-232-5036 Jasmin Kirstein: My Sportlady Fitness +49 89-201-4248 Robert Brewster: The Alaska Clubs 907-337-9550 Molly Kemmer: MediFit 303-525-5392 Mark Stevens: Houstonian Hotel. a professor of behavioral economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).. The process is informed both Bill McBride by facts (“Car A gets 24 mpg. moreover. better positioning your brand. Knowing more about how people make use of comparables can help you to make better decisions. individual level. by Dan Ariely. Associate memberships are available to manufacturers or suppliers of products and services of use to IHRSA members. a large multipurpose club vs. racquet. Products have alignable differences (ones that can be easily compared.org Are You Selling … or Compelling? Recently. wants.” on the HBR (Harvard Business Review) Blog Network. and by an article. • Help prospects identify the elements that are shared by your club and other facilities. and desires. a CrossFit “box”). a professor of psychology and marketing at the University of Texas. Club and Spa 713-685-6888 Ervin Zubic: Lifestyle Family Fitness 727-456-3100 Art Curtis: Ex-officio Curtis Club Advisors 203-314-9264 JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 103 . The core question: What’s happening at the consumer level when individuals are deciding whether or not to join a club? My inquiry was aided by the book Predictably Irrational. written by Art Markman. which is why there’s so much “me-too” marketing and advertising in our industry.| IHRSA Report | First Set ® The International Health. • Explain how your club’s unique features address the prospect’s needs. qualities. “Getting Customers to Choose You. What I found interesting is that people generally make buying decisions on the basis of “comparables”—attributes. car B gets 32”) and personal IHRSA Chairperson preferences and beliefs (“Car A looks like Granddad’s. the price of a club membership). Bill.g. and. Comparables. • Educate them about any new features or programs you’ve introduced. data. Car B looks ‘cool’”). The challenge for any given club is to demonstrate the ways in which it’s special. a Smart Car vs.

” which One of the most frequently visited sections of of IHRSA’s Website. FOUNDER & CEO O2 MAX FITNESS SANTA MONICA. There are many talented independent contractors who can put up a simple Website quickly and for little money. LLP ATLANTA. or to make them feel that they’re being coerced into doing so. and share them with a little blurb. is “Ask Industry Leader. To deal with the issue. —| 104 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . On that point. it’s better to have different types of content on different platforms. Beginning this month. Title VII. in any way. we’ll highlight some of them in this newto find answers to more than 100 questions to read responses to morequestion.” which features answers from industry experts to a widethought-provoking questions.. But be sure that your message doesn’t come across too harshly or create the perception that the company is unhappy about the employee’s lack of participation. While. Images can serve as content updates and help with marketing. is “Ask an an Industry Leader. ihrsa. if you need more help with these things. We’d also point out the rewards or incentives available for participating in wellness programs. o rg . Consult a labor and employment attorney if you have any questions. enjoying increased self-confidence. SENIOR PARTNER FISHER & PHILLIPS. However. However. In this column. The key is to inform them about the initiative’s long-term benefits and encourage their involvement. employers should make sure that they’re sensitive to that person’s situation. ihrsa. employers should also make sure that their wellness programs are in compliance with federal laws such as the ADA. equipment. Visit ihrsa. • Consider outsourcing for your Website needs.org/industryleader like these. GINA. • Pictures tell a thousand words. the cheaper and faster the process. we highlight two of them. ESQ. • Take advantage of social media and apps that allow you to share content across multiple platforms. • When posting content on your Website or on your social media channels. as well as within companies. such as living longer.org/industryleader CBI column. When dealing with an overweight individual.org. Do you have any suggestions about how to do so on a budget? Or advice on other alternatives that would enhance our Web presence?” Here are s ome af f or dab le options: • Consider setting up your Website as a blog. and HIPAA. that they’re being discriminated or retaliated against. or to submit a than 100 questions such as these or to submit a question of your own to be answered. Be clear about what you want. and workouts. —| ihrsa. ideally.org. the more details you can provide. CA TEX MCIVER. There are blog templates that are customizable and easy to manage. this ensures fresh updates. you don’t want to imply. —| “How should we handle an overweight employee who may be undercutting the message we try to convey to members and the public about health and wellness?” Obesit y is a big problem in our society. you should be prepared to spend a little more money. —| KAREN JASHINSKY.| IHRSA Report | Ask an Industry Leader “We want to redevelop our club’s Website. firms should be careful not to require people to participate. You don’t need to have a big budget to have an attractive Website if you have a clear idea about its purpose and the message and content you want it to provide. Take photos of people. so choose them carefully. Visit some range of thought-provoking questions. and being less susceptible to adverse health effects. GA Editor’s Note: One of the most frequently consulted sectionsIHRSA’s Website. use a number of keywords that reflect what your target customer is searching for. employers are introducing wellness programs to encourage healthier lifestyles and improve employee morale. Our advice is to remind the employee about the benefits that a healthier lifestyle provides.

California. .S.IT DOESN’T GET MUCH TOUGHER THAN THIS. San Francisco.Ultra-durable commercial-grade rubber handles . Pont de Nemours Company.Easily adjustable barrel locks Get yours at TRXtraining. .com/commercial or call toll free (888) 878. LLC in the U. DUPONT and KEVLAR are trademarks or registered trademarks of E. The NEW TRX® Commercial Suspension Trainer Our most durable product to date.Dupont® Kevlar® equalizer loops to avoid fraying .I. TRX. the TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer is the ideal solution for commercial gyms that want to boost member retention and non-dues based revenue with TRX group classes.5348 ©2011-2012 Fitness Anywhere. and other countries.Locking carabiner to keep your investment safe . All rights reserved. and SUSPENSION TRAINING are registered trademarks of Fitness Anywhere. LLC.

org/industry-defense and ihrsa. DC 4 Working to grow the number of people exercising by promoting Physical Activity across the globe. International Health. Massachusetts 02210 USA . Boston.IHRSA ADVOCACY Promoting and Protecting Your Business & Bottom Line What Legislation Impacts Health Clubs? The following is a break down of the issues IHRSA fights each year: IHRSA fights for your rights to do business every day: 4 Protecting clubs from harmful legislation and promoting positive legislation in all 50 states and Washington. visit ihrsa. Racquet & Sportsclub Association | Seaport Center. TO SUPPORT IHRSA’S ADVOCACY EFFORTS to Protect and Promote Health Clubs or to learn more.org/pledge. 70 Fargo Street. Your leadership can make a difference.org/advocacy. join the Public Policy Council today at ihrsa.

ihrsa. To assist companies in complying with the ADA. IHRSA. even by providing a non-fixed lift. With respect to clubs that purchased a portable lift prior to March 15. If installing a fixed pool lift is not readily achievable at the present time. You also can e-mail gr@ihrsa. petitioned the DOJ—the federal body in charge of enforcement—for an extension of the law’s implementation date.org or call 800-228-4772. up to $10.org Find all ADA-related news and information at ihrsa. 2012.| IHRSA Report | In Brief ADA Alert: Is Your Pool Shipshape? I HRSA has been working with its member clubs and the U. This credit can cover 50% of the eligible access expenditures. The ADA requires newly constructed and/or altered pools and spas to be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities. and the DOJ has since provided more complete information about the requirements having to do with portable versus fixed lifts. providing a maximum credit of $5. requiring them to achieve full compliance over time. 2013. or if they had to have fixed lifts. the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers a tax credit for small businesses. i. you’re required to install a fixed pool lift when installation is readily achievable. “When selecting equipment. large print. Now. 2. This credit can be used to offset the cost of conducting barrier removal and alterations to improve accessibility. which takes effect at the end of this month. the DOJ indicates that.e. 3. “as a matter of prosecutorial discretion. the public accommodation should factor in the staff and financial resources needed to keep the pool equipment available and in working condition at poolside. The new. but was delayed after pool and spa operators representing several industries expressed concern about the clarity of the language describing the “lift” requirement.250. and clubs are encouraged to develop a plan to do so. revised law was formerly scheduled to take effect on March 15 of last year.” Health clubs and fitness facilities should note that the “readily achievable” barrier-removal obligation is an ongoing one. The request was granted. those that made less than $1 million during the previous tax year or that have fewer than 30 employees. and purchasing certain adaptive equipment. Department of Justice (DOJ) to ensure that clubs are in compliance with the revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with respect to pools and spas. 2012. [it] will not enforce the fixed elements of the 2010 Standards against those owners or operators of existing pools who purchased portable lifts prior to March 15. so long as those lifts otherwise comply with the requirements of the 2010 Standards. 4.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 107 .000.S. —| . companies are required to remove accessibility barriers in the host facilities when doing so is readily achievable. “Readily achievable” means easily accomplishable and able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense. with January 31.. along with several advocates from other industries. They wanted to know if a “portable lift”—one that isn’t permanently affixed to the pool or spa—was sufficient for compliance. 5. and audiotape. the DOJ will allow a business to temporarily provide a non-fixed lift until providing a fixed lift becomes readily achievable. If providing access to an existing pool is not readily achievable. If your pool or spa existed prior to March 15.org/ada. the business doesn’t need to do so until greater compliance is readily achievable. making available a sign language interpreter or reader for customers or employees. IHRSA offers a quick recap of what pool and spa operators need to know to ensure that they fulfill all of the law’s requirements. fast approaching. and who keep the portable lifts in position for use at the pool and operational during all times that the pool is open to guests. providing accessible formats such as Braille. Its guidelines are as follows: 1. In the case of existing pools and spas. 2012.” advises the DOJ. in a given year.

and some of them wind up joining. at kwalsh@ihrsa. Each event attracts a few nonmembers who haven’t been to the club before. focusing on the fact that we no longer have joining fees. Even if we get only one or two new members. Brooklyn. is to renew and update our message. activities. as a club for women that also happens to offer exercise programming. We give discounts to our members for the paid programs. Our advertisements in the local paper tend to be big. o rg . administrative fees. CEO B-Fit. though. Australia u We advertise heavily in our local newspaper. Although some might regard this as an oldfashioned form of advertising. and colorful. When we introduce these options. NY u We’ve found event-based marketing to be productive. please contact Kristen Walsh. Executive Director Brooklyn Sports Club. It’s much more likely that they’ll talk about the “social club” that they visit every day. We provide members with interesting stories to tell about us. friends.org. Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. so it’s easy for them to spread the word about our club. women’s self-defense classes. Owner Re-Creation Health Club. Some of the things that we’ve had success with are indoor triathlons. and offer them to the general public for a slightly higher fee. and colleagues—something more than just comments about where they work out. and aquathon and Zumbathon fundraisers. or processing fees. we offer special programs and activities that are open to the public. but. Throughout the year. We’ve never positioned ourselves as a fitness facility. Turkey u Word-of-mouth marketing is very effective. bright.| IHRSA Report | Ask the Entrepreneurs Ad Efficiency! Different ways to make a sale What form of advertising is most cost-effective in selling memberships and programs? BEDRIYE HÖLYA. 108 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . Carnegie. we consciously try to give people something interesting to chat about with their family. We’ve found that these are barriers to joining. What we have done. and different services. that generally pays for the entire event. Victoria. —| Editor’s note: If you’d like to be profiled in this column. —| TANYA PIOTROWSKI. IHRSA’s associate publisher. it still works well for us. rather. communicating to the public that it’s never been easier to join a health club. than about a place where all they do is exercise. —| MATTHEW COFRANCESCO. We offer a variety of seminars.

NV For more information: (858) 277-8206 and augiesquest.org Presented by March 21. 2013 .Save the Date! Featuring Emcee Suzanne Malveaux CNN News Anchor Eighth Annual BASH for Augie’s Quest Mandalay Bay • Las Vegas.

” R andy Hetrick’s life experience—both military and academic—led him to create TRX. Hetrick. run successful boot camps. the company plans to build on its unit he had in stock. given is more than a job. has revolutionized the concept and practice of functional training worldwide. “It’s nologies’ in the hisfor graduates who. front of the functional and leverage the TRX brand to attract new members. ThaT’S iRonic. shoulder raises. It’s their passion and their career. graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles with a degree in history in 1987.” —| its simple design. California. want to move better. When he returned to civilian life and an MBA program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. An exclusive program. Hetrick received his MBA in 2003. A collegiate rower. pullovers. Hetrick spent the second year of his MBA program fine-tuning the device’s aesthetics and functionality. So where did the idea for his firm’s core product. now 47.| IHRSA Report | Member News Value Proposition TRX Randy Hetrick has transformed an old jiu-jitsu belt and some surplus parachute webbing into a worldwide fitness phenomenon Finding it difficult to stay fit while on assignment. popular group training programming. he explains.” explains Hetrick. He sold every TRX. “We were first to market “I knew then that we with a turnkey. Navy SEAL. and drafting a business plan. in Stanford. group-focused Suspension Training solution for were onto something clubs when we launched TRX TEAM in 2010.” says founder Randy great. etc. and spent the next 14 years leading SEAL operations. o rg . “Now. it allowed him to do pull-ups. “For them. pension Trainer has We intend to introduce concepts that will help them sustain moved to the forefee-based. comprehensive. Among other things. a year later. Hetrick patched together an old jiu-jitsu belt and some surplus parachute webbing to fashion a prototype of what would eventually become the TRX. continuing education and become one of the option to the graduates of its various courses. industry. curls. in 2004. and. in just a few short years. TRX also will offer a new. TRX founder Randy Hetrick » “The TRX SuSpenSion TRaineR haS moved To The foRefRonT of The funcTional TRaining movemenT. of necessity being the mother of invention. small-group training. fitness enthusiasts. the TRX Suspension Trainer. eventually becoming a squadron commander of the branch’s elite special missions unit. a unique company that.” he recalls. triceps extensions. train better. and a host of other exercises.” he observes. given iTS Simple deSign. some of the university’s faculty and coaching staff who’d seen Hetrick’s “gizmo” encouraged him to introduce it to a broader audience—athletes.” 110 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | i h rs a . club members. instead of spending their days punching the tory of the fitness clock and recycling routines. the TRX Suslicensed offerings that will produce distinct benefits for clubs. presses. unveiled TRX at the More Tricks from TRX IDEA World Fitness The coming year promises to be a busy and productive one for Convention in San Diego. and become one of The moRe ‘diSRupTive TechnologieS’ in The hiSToRy of The fiTneSS induSTRy. more ‘disruptive techit’s designed to create a community of elite TRX instructors. come from? What entrepreneurial epiphany inspired and fed Hetrick’s vision? It was a case.S. and be better—all the time. He subsequently became a U. Hung from a door. “Since Hetrick. training “That’s ironic. developing the TRX Suspension Training methodology. we’re going to supplement this program with new then.” training movement.

” he says with SEAL-like certainty. and continues to be one of its most valuable assets. Shortly thereafter. it. making it possible for him to put TRX into the hands of hundreds of trainers. however. fitness facilities would simply purchase equipment directly from TRX and then send their instructors to one of its training courses. The company protects and promotes that commodity by focusing intently on instructor education. notes Hetrick. “Then we launched a pilot program with Suzanne Pata. now offer TRX Suspension Training. themselves. The following year. We worked with Suzanne and Donna to develop the f irst customized TRX group class. too. military leaders. The current curriculum consists of 10 TRX Professional Education Courses that have been designed specifically for fitness trainers. “The classes took off immediately and became quite popular with the studio’s members. TRX piloted a group exercise version of the Suspension Training system at the Krav Maga studio. where st udents pract ice t he sel fdefense and hand-to-hand combat system utilized by Israel’s defense forces. For exa mple. education. initially. and healthcare practitioners. small-group training. more than 50% of the clubs in the U.” The company’s game plan is paying off handsomely. Now. the legendary head of Crunch’s national group fitness program. group exercise. jfeld@inc.S. helped accelerate the growth of his business. in San Francisco.” notes Hetrick. caught on qu ickly. It now delivers TRX Professional Education classes in more than 50 countries. we were fortunate to make it on to the radar screen of Donna Cyrus.com TRX Pro Forma Year founded: 2004 Headquarters: San Francisco Number of employees: approximately 130 2011 revenues: $38 million Projected 2012 revenues: approximately $50 million i h rs a . “The majority of our club sales include equipment. complementing their martial arts training. According to Hetrick. and programming resources. “And we’re only beginning to hit our stride. Today. and sports medicine and rehabilitation. Making it in the club market T he 20 04 IDE A c onvent ion w a s Hetrick’s introduction to greatness. who. ow n and which are available only to their staff.| IHRSA Report | Member News Today. TRX equipment can be found in every major club chain and at t housands of i ndependent facilities throughout the world. an amazing group fitness instructor with Crunch Fitness. in turn. TRX Body Web by Crunch.” which they.” says Hetrick. —| – Jon Feld. clubs are buying “exclusive courses. o rg | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 111 . the company is targeting its offerings even more precisely to better meet clu bs’ needs. “We’ve created Suspension Training and Rip Training education solutions for personal training. TRX Suspension Training has taken off! Educating the trainer-promoters The enthusiasm and positive word-ofmouth generated by trainers has played a large role in the success of TRX. in 2005. strength and conditioning coaches.

—| u MINDBODY MINDBODY. Inc.com. and related clubaffiliated businesses. at six of its clubs.| IHRSA Report | Member News ASSOCIATE PROFILES Conner Analytics ASSOCIATE NEWS JumpSport. rock-wall-climbing spaces. For more information. Other ancillary coverage also may be available for children’s summer camps. teacher. the chief information officer (CIO) for TSI..com. motionsoft.com. contact the company at 800-829-4321. (TSI). —| u Motionsoft. accessories.com. California. Conner Analytics provides valuable insights that fitness centers can utilize to drive membership. held in Toronto. Abbie Appel. For more information. For more information. Inc. and the Data Warehouse advanced reporting tool. a JumpSport fitness trampoline master instructor. and music presented by event sponsors. contact the company at 843-284-3018. a cloud-based.com. Canada. An internationally recognized fitness professional with more than 20 years of experience. During the rollout. For more information.” says Paul Barron. For more information. increase member retention. and networking events provided additional opportunities for participants to learn and interact. restaurants. contact the company at 877-755-4279. customer service. TSI will be integrating MoSo MRM for member relationship and facility management. the executive vice president of JumpSport. gymsurveys. More than 200 attendees participated in 60 business education sessions focusing on such topics as sales. was named the 2012 New Presenter of the Year during the CanFitPro International Fitness Conference. a division of Conner Analytics. and works at various health clubs in South Florida. Town Sports International Holdings. and ropes courses. and retention. With its survey research expertise and customized reporting capabilities. such as aquatic areas. a new business conference for fitness and wellness professionals. a provider of online business management software. mindbodyonline. exciting tools to explore and reserve all of the products and services available to them. the myClub online member portal and scheduling service. and trainer. and boost profits. swimming pools.com. Inc. and plans to extend its use to its remaining clubs later this year. Inc. —| u GymSurveys. She also serves as a presenter. The first edition of the event was held last September in Marina del Rey. facility-management suite produced by Motionsoft. fitnessedgeinsurance. A variety of fitness classes. “Abbie brings passion and professionalism to Abbie Appel her work. The conference’s expo hall featured fitness equipment. has introduced MoSo. has partnered with Mad Dogg Athletics. marketing. clothing. —| u 112 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. to create the first annual MINDBODY FitPro. Appel stars in several workout videos for the JumpSport fitness trampoline. lecturer. is a survey research firm that provides solutions for health clubs. continuing education courses. allowing them to quantify their members’ satisfaction. contact the company at 248-204-8029.” notes Steve Moulton.org . “Adopting the MoSo platform enhances our member experience with easy-to-use. jumpsport. —| u Courtesy of MINDBODY Meadowbrook Insurance Group/ FitnessEdge Insurance FitnessEdge insurance is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the health and fitness industry. offering a variety of competitively priced coverage options that create a custom solution. bounce houses. contact the company at 408-213-2551. In addition to health clubs and studios. the company also provides coverage of industry-related segments. The company’s data-driven approach to measuring the customer experience thus makes it possible for operators to improve member satisfaction and increase club revenue.

With 14 years of experience in the retail and manufacturing sector. The council. contact the company at 801-878-7702. president of Balle de Match. uspta. and club management. and is led by Tom Dawson.com. —| u MembersFirst MembersFirst offers Web-based solutions and services that help hundreds of organizations attract. is composed of 10 industry leaders. Most recently. and vice president and general manager of the Racquet Sports Division CEO John Embree of the Wilson Sporting Goods Co. including dealer programs and incentives. in Salt Lake City. contact the company at 800-529-4378. For more information.com. who recently retired. helping endemic brands. military-grade. long-range business planning. Embree has held a wide variety of industry roles for more than 30 years. He replaces Tim Heckler. vicorefitness. e-mail marketing. contact the company at 888-687-5794. contact the company at 508-653-3399. including the Paradigm Pro Series (steel competition kettlebells) and the Metrixx Series (e-coated. The company produces an end-toend technology package by combining its Website design and development expertise with a complete set of tools to power content management. chip-resistant kettlebells). membersfirst. —| u United States Professional Tennis Association The board of directors and search committee of the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) has hired tennis industry veteran John Embree to serve as its new CEO and executive director. which held its first meeting last July. —| u Vicore Fitness Vicore Fitness has hired Daina Carter to serve as its new public relations and event coordinator. and a number of other countries. startrac. For more information.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 113 . social networking. mobile marketing. he conducted a tennis consulting practice. For more information. provide feedback. Star Trac’s U. contact the company at 800-877-8248. —| u ihrsa. Europe.S. and supplies health clubs in the U. she was the director of marketing and customer relations at Big Rock Clothing. and retain a vibrant and actively involved membership. Salt Lake City. The firm has distribution centers in Los Angeles and Dallas.S. the vice president of Vicore. kettlebellsusa. For more information. The council will allow dealers to voice their opinions. engage. For more information. and new corporate entities maximize their impact in tennis. search engine services. associations.com. “As we expand. Daina’s skill set and talent are a welcome addition to Vicore. The company’s product line also includes the Classic Cast Iron Series (hammertone kettlebells) and the V-Tech Series (premium-coated kettlebells designed to reduce noise and protect wood floors). including those of president of Prince Sports. Prior to that. Carter was most recently an executive assistant at Jerad Productions. product development. the Americas.S. commercial dealers. commercial dealer manager. and trade show presentations. she will be responsible for media relations.” notes John Wilson. LLC.. and best-practice ideas. —| u ASSOCIATE NEWS Star Trac Star Trac has created its first Dealer Advisory Council to improve communication between the company and its U. and help steer the company’s direction with respect to a wide range of issues. reservations. event planning.com.com. Utah.| IHRSA Report | Member News ASSOCIATE PROFILES KettlebellsUSA KettlebellsUSA manufactures professionalgrade kettlebells.

A Columbus-Mansfield. 201 Richlands Plaza Business Centre 32 Old Progress Road Richlands. Chelsea. IN 46077 317-733-3388 Mr. Al Tassel IHRSA Membership Eligibility Standards Members of the association must comply with IHRSA’s baseline health. South Australia 5112 (61) 088-252-0213 Mr. of Iron St. John Fitzgerald Utah SNAP FITNESS 1479 E. South Haven. Arthur Yee SNAP FITNESS 122 N. Northern Territory 810 Mr. Duncan Campbell ANYTIME FITNESS Ste. Griff Davies Nevada PERFORMANCE ATHLETIC CLUB 3250 Sagecrest Drive Elko. Jarrad Boffo SNAP FITNESS 23B Bradshaw Terrace Casuarina. UT 84403 Ms. Paul Taunton ANYTIME FITNESS 64 Macquarie St. MI 49090 269-639-2949 Mr. Milwaukie Ave. Dennis Maldonado 142 Marrickville Road Marrickville. Schroder New Jersey SNAP FITNESS 23202 Columbus Road Ste. Victoria 3196 (61) 039-772-2225 Ms. Ontario N1L 1G6 519-827-9025 114 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. Toronto. CT 06776 Mr. Joy Frome GOODLIFE FITNESS CLUB 101 Clair Road E Guelph. Anna Patniotis ANYTIME FITNESS 426 Napean Hwy. Schroder New Mexico SNAP FITNESS 1400 Main St. Lake Road Myaree.org . Mitchell J. NJ 08022 Mr. Sturbridge. New South Wales 2170 (61) 029-601-3862 Mr. NW Los Lunas. Mitchell J.E. Stephen Frazier 655 Marshall Road Unit 1 Cnr. MA 02135 617-987-8400 Mr. Janet Pescio SNAP FITNESS 113-115 Anzac Pde Kensington. Manitoba R2V 3E1 204-694-2455 NB FITNESS CLUB 25 Guest St. Lindy Turner Connecticut PHYS-ED HEALTH & PERFORMANCE 10 Still River Drive New Milford. IL 62684 Mr. IN 46032 317-818-1432 Mr. 5600 S Hinckley Commons South Ogden. British Columbia V1Y 3H4 250-868-3788 Oregon SNAP FITNESS 7110 S. Brighton. Western Australia 6154 Mr. Bill Bagga ANYTIME FITNESS BETTER BODIES 7031 Mayflower Park Drive Zionsville. New South Wales 2204 (61) 041-640-3277 Mr. Gavin Hazard-Johnson GOODLIFE FITNESS 119-1835 Gordon Drive Kelowna. Morgan Endicott-Davies Massachusetts EVERYBODYS FITNESS CENTER 184 Main St. Bryan Heisler ANYTIME FITNESS Shop 3 2 James St. Eric Corson ANYTIME FITNESS 1 Philip Hwy. Queensland 4230 Mr. visit ihrsa. Portland. Amal Easton PUMPS REAL FITNESS FOR WOMEN 60 Audubon Road Wakefield. New South Wales 2128 (61) 047-902-1292 Mr. Jason Armstrong ANYTIME FITNESS Indiana BETTER BODIES 12775 Horseferry Road Carmel. Kristjian Aceski SNAP FITNESS RSC 24 Robina Super Centre Robina Town Drive Robina.| IHRSA Report | Member News NEW MEMBERS Colorado EASTON TRAINING CENTER 2871 Loma Place Boulder. New South Wales 2283 (61) 024-950-5332 Ms. CO 80301 303-623-1715 Mr. Dean Musumeci Canada GOODLIFE FITNESS 41 Peakview Way Halifax.org/standards or contact IHRSA at 617-951-0055. Elizabeth. Queensland 4077 (61) 073-372-1022 Mr. Australia Michigan SHORELINE WELLNESS CENTER * 955 S. Winnipeg. safety. Nova Scotia B3M 0G2 902-835-4424 ANYTIME FITNESS 2 Slough Ave. MA 01566 508-347-3100 Mr. Unit 44 Newington. To learn more. NM 87031 505-565-7711 Mr. Western Australia 6090 (61) 089-249-6555 Mr. Jake Henley Illinois SNAP FITNESS 131 Illini Drive Sherman. MA 01880 781-245-0677 Mr. Bailey Ave. NV 89801 775-738-5090 Ms. New South Wales 2033 Mr. Adam Clark GOODLIFE FITNESS 310-2305 McPhillips Ave. and ethical standards. OR 97202 Mr. & Marshall Road Malaga. Liverpool.

go to ihrsa. 214830 (971) 4-398-1448 Mr. 888-706-1115 hangtraining. Karnataka 560066 Mr. 19. Espen Arntzen GOODLIFE FITNESS CLUB 20 Davis St. Road F Block Above Axis Bank Sahakarnagar Bangalore.com U.com Triology LLC 877-623-6170 triologysoftware. Racquet & Sportsclub Association suppliers ad-0113CBI. Indira Singh SYKKYLVEN TRIM & TRENINGSSENTER AS TREN SYKKYLVEN Vikoyra Brygge Sykkylven. For information on up-to-date products and services in the health club industry.com Inred Fitness Equipment Co. Unit 118 Delta. N-1606 (47) 9-060-9931 Mr.com Optum Health 763-428-4543 optum. Ltd 86-400-607-1677 china-inred. Specialty Labs 858-436-0483 usspecialtylabs. Sudhakar Balakrishnan Norway MOMENTUM BY AFPT Tordenskioldsgate 12 Fredrikstad. 2nd Fl. Samuel Bissu Cohen United Arab Emirates FITNESS ZONE Al Hana Centre Mankhool Road Jaffilya Dubai. Toronto.indd 1 ihrsa.com The Sports Facilities Advisory 727-474-3845 sportadvisory. These leading companies offer the products and services your business needs to succeed in the rapidly competitive club market.com Hangtime Fitness Inc. Diamond Arcade 60 Ft. Ontario M4P 1E4 416-483-1234 Mexico SNAP FITNESS Blvd.org/products. Ontario N2E 4K9 519-576-4440 France CAP TONIC VAL D’EUROPE Centre commercial Val d’Europe 14 cours du Danube Serris 77700 (33) 016-463-2369 Mr. 6230 (47) 9-248-5877 Ms. International Health. Whitefield Main Road Opposite Forum Value Mall Bangalore.| IHRSA Report | Member News GOODLIFE FITNESS CLUB 315 Max Beckner Drive Kitchener. Gerry Bellerive Welcome New IHRSA Associate Members. Inc 855-GET-ILIPO ilipo. Alan Druce —| * Indicates participation in IHRSA Passport program SNAP FITNESS 4857 Elliott St.S.com IHRSA welcomes this month’s new Associate Members.com Waters Fitness LLC 888-850-9973 watersfitness.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 11/29/12 6:48 AM 115 . Toronto.com Wyman’s of Maine 978-887-7472 wymans.com Second Chance Lifestyle 855-521-5210 secondchancelifestyle. MX 52970 Mr. Ontario L3Y 2M7 905-953-9248 SNAP FITNESS SMK Chambers No. Ontario M6G 1A8 416-927-8774 India SNAP FITNESS No. Newmarket. Karnataka 560064 Mr. British Columbia V4K 2X7 Mr. 2nd Fl. Time to get Down to Business! Chromogenex US. Linn Eva Indergard GOODLIFE FITNESS CLUB 2300 Yonge St. 6.com SpeedFit 866-577-3331 speedfit. Adolfo Lopez Mateos 100 Loc J-1 Colonia Las Alamedas Atizapan de Zaragoza. 1st Fl. Above Reliance Fresh Yelahanka New Town Bangalore. Gilles Moulet SNAP FITNESS No. Karnataka Ms. 183. Naveen Varadarajan GOODLIFE FITNESS CLUB 533 College St.

com. Italy forumclub.org/attend-ameeting/future-meetings Body Talk: The newest trend in strength training makes excellent use of the oldest exercise tool in existence: the human body u FEBRUARY 21–23 ForumClub—Expo and International Congress Bologna.org . visit ihrsa.org/meetings. Indiana acsm. Ontario. Canada canfitpro.com MAY 29–JUNE 1 American College of Sports Medicine’s 60th Annual Meeting Indianapolis.com/la.org/summit CLUB BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL Trip on Fl!p: Author. and IHRSA ’13 keynoter Peter Sheahan on how to change challenges into opportunities u COMING SOON IN JANUARY 10 Creating Member Loyalty with Service Excellence ihrsa.| IHRSA Report | Calendar Save the date | 2013 IHRSA Events MONTHLY IHRSA Online Education Monthly Webinar Series For details and topics. South Carolina healthpromotion conference. or to register for.asp MARCH 18–22 American Journal of Health Promotion’s 23rd Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Hilton Head Island. | JANUARY 2013 ihrsa. thought-leader. Taiwan TaiSPO. CA thefitexpo. all IHRSA events.au . Germany fibo. Canada canfitpro.com APRIL 11–14 FIBO 2013 Cologne.it MARCH 19–22 TaiSPO—Taipei International Sporting Goods Show Taipei. Italy forumpiscine.org/fitness-brasil MARCH 19–22 IHRSA 2013 32nd Annual International Convention & Trade Show Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. DC ihrsa.com.com/toronto The Gathering: FIT Extra catalogs the group exercise options that are bringing club members together for fun and progress u FEBRUARY 21–23 ForumPiscine— Pool & Spa Expo and International Congress Bologna.com/ consumershow FEBRUARY 28– MARCH 3 The Arnold Sports Festival Columbus.org/convention Safety.org/webinars MAY 14–15 11th Annual IHRSA Summit for a Healthier America Washington.org 116 Club Business International | To obtain complete details about.it AUGUST 14–18 canfitpro International Fitness and Club Business Conference and Trade Show Toronto. Ontario. NV ihrsa. Australia fitnessexpo. log on to ihrsa. Part II: Contributing Editor Jennifer McInerney describes the proactive approach that leading clubs take to accident-prevention u Show Time! CBI provides a preview of the “firsts” you’ll find at IHRSA’s 32nd Annual International Convention and Trade Show u 2013 Industry Events JANUARY 19–20 Los Angeles Fitness Expo Los Angeles.de APRIL 19-21 Australian Fitness & Health Expo Sydney.tw Out of Shape by Stan Tran AUGUST 17 canfitpro Consumer Fitness + Wellness Show Toronto. Ohio arnoldsportsfestival. Brazil ihrsa.org/webinars SEPTEMBER 5–7 14th Annual IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show São Paulo.


streams. relocation assistance. &sales director Drive sales. 5-10 years of health club sales & management experience. We start with only excellent working condition machines. foster member relationships and want to make $$$! Products & Services • FREE LOGO SET-UP • FREE DIGITAL SAMPLE Let us put YOUR LOGO on: Daily Workout Journals Premium Supplements  Weight-Management Prgms  Embroidered Apparel  Laminated Fitness Posters  Complete Business Kits  Post Cards | Guest Passes   &area director drive & direct multi-club revenue &general manager Lead & drive club activities. great benefits package.com/careers SAVE 20% COUPON COUPON CODE: IHRSA1012 Call TOLL-FREE 800-340-7011 Join our team! At Wellbridge. and backed with the industry’s longest warranty. Colorado. financial management is a must. 7-12 years of health club sales & management experience. To reflect our staff’s dedications and contributions.com 118 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. &long term career opportunities. 401(k) plan. aggressive bonus & commission plans.737. implement and improve business tactics.8071 RedefiningFitnessProducts.S.org . &fitness director Train & develop personal training teams. &benefits Competitive salaries. Create a fitness culture that continues to define Sport&Health. build & train sales teams. Remanufactured Cardio / CPO Cardio Redefining Fitness Products only offers brands and models that are proven to be the most reliable from the top cardio manufacturers. &bonus Ask about our signing bonus! Apply today at sportandhealth. To learn more about our company. multi-club operations is a must. 3-5 years of industry sales & management experience. we have a passion for inspiring active lifestyles. Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are passionate about improving the lives of others. 3-5 years of personal training & industry management experience. Wellbridge owns and manages 18 upscale athletic and tennis clubs and spas in 7 states across the U. and to search and apply for current career openings.com. ongoing training. drive sales. we offer competitive compensation and benefits packages that are designed to attract and retain the industry’s most talented professionals. and who put our Members First by providing them with a consistently superb experience. meticulously rebuilt by experienced factory-trained techs. visit Wellbridge. Based in Denver.  Nutrition Packages  Corporate Wellness   Implement marketing plans.| Marketplace | Employment We want DYNAMIC individuals who will build and develop teams. Find Your Next Star at Hiring? Phone: 866. Increase SALES & NET PROFITS in YOUR: Pro Shop Value-Memberships  Training Packages  Fitness Challenges  Weight-Mgmt.

org | 800-237-6242 » Paramount Acceptance paramountacceptance.com | 707-766-6000 » EZFacility.com | 877-968-7263 » Affiliated Acceptance Corporation affiliated.net | 909-629-1600 x223 » Twin Oaks Software tosd. helixco.com | 800-316-4444 » PLAE plaeusa.com | 800-351-1819 » ABC Financial Services.com | 877-474-0505 Page 73 91 80 30 11 Advertiser » Helix Co.com | 866-278-6750 » Zumba Fitness.com | 800-247-3431 » CYBEX International.org | JANUARY 2013 | Club Business International 119 .Net shapenetsoftware. precor. LLC zumba.| Ad Index | Page 94 23 15 67 79 6–7 90 20 Tab 27 60 9 85 33 Advertiser » A-1 Textiles a1athletictowels.com | 866-697-4100 » Life Fitness lifefitness. cybexintl.com | 800-428-5306 » Fitness On Demand FitnessOnDemand247.com.com | 800-551-9733 » Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) afaa.com | 800-634-8637 Inside Front » Matrix Fitness Cover & 1 matrixfitness.com | 508-533-4300 » Celare by Digilock celare.com/clubs | 954-925-3755 Inside Back » Fitness On Request Cover FitnessOnRequest.net | 800-829-4321 » MYZONE myzone. Inc. Inc.com | 800-786-8404 » Salsbury Industries lockers.com | 800-562-5377 » Shape.org | 800-486-5643 » ASF International asfinternational.com | +43 (0)5556 73784-0 » GymAround.com | 800-324-9800 » Fitness Flooring fitnessfloors.com | 866-498-3279 » Fiserv Solutions.com | 800-381-2082 » Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) taispo. Inc. fiserv. Inc.org | 312-870-4802 » National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) netafit. Inc.com | 888-229-5745 ihrsa. motionsoft.com | 415-655-4740 » TuffStuff Fitness Equipment.com | 727-536-5566 » iGo Figure igofigure.com | 866-532-9588 » Jacobs Ladder.com | twitter: @gymaround » GymSurveys gymsurveys.com | 866-693-4863 5 2–3 93 85 87 13 95 76 117 Back Cover 100 105 89 28 16 » Motionsoft.com | 888-520-7501 37 99 83 86 63 84 » GANTNER Electronic GmbH gantner. x2865 » TECHNOGYM technogymusa. Inc. LLC jacobsladderexercise.com | 866-599-8274 » Precor. tuffstuff.org | 800-233-8483 » American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) acsm.com | 843-284-3018 » Gym Wipes—2XL Corporation 2xlcorp.com | 800-745-2837 » CSI Software csisoftwareusa.com | 303-875-0306 » MyTime from Triology Software myti. ezfacility. Inc.com | 888-977-3726 » Hampton Fitness hamptonfit.com | 805-339-9733 » Healthy Learning healthylearning.tw | 886-2-2725-5200.com gymaround.com | 800-227-3859 » Balanced Body Pilates pilates.com | 888-435-4926 » HydroMassage hydromassage.me | 877-623-6170 » TRX Training TRXtraining. abcfinancial.

a gym.” September 2012 CBI. a research center. a factory. and a member of the IHRSA board. pg.org/convention. Whenever possible. 32). the owner and general manager of the TELOS Fitness Center. The hotel rooms are spacious and lavish. If you haven’t already done so. gave presentations to packed rooms and rave reviews. had won the European Club Leadership Award. And. Now complete. I urge you to register now by logging on to ihrsa. Joe Moore including Nerio. is around. at his headquarters in Cesena. A Tracy Powell few years ago. Mandalay Bay is probably the best venue we’ve ever had for the convention. and described in vivid detail his dream of creating the Technogym Village. the founder and president of Technogym. Hurricane Sandy briefly delayed my flight to Vienna for the 12th Annual European Congress in November. She also shared some wonderful closing remarks on the last day of the educational sessions.” August 2012 CBI. and Brent Darden. we hosted people from 35 countries. which featured a host of impressive presenters. it’s just one of many wonders that I’ve witnessed in my recent travels.000-square-foot complex. and will be filled with the latest and greatest products and services. the president of Curtis Club Advisors and ex-officio chairperson of IHRSA’s board of directors. the CEO of Fresh Fitness (see “CBI Interview. A few days later. Jasmin Kirstein. the manager of the Technogym Wellness Institute. is an architectural marvel. In total. announced that Rene Moos. I absolutely guarantee it! —| – Joe Moore. I encourage you to get out of the office to profit from some of the remarkable things that are constantly going on in the industry. I traveled to Las Vegas to meet with the members of IHRSA’s board of directors and. jmoore@ihrsa. the president of De Fitness Organisatie (DFO) in Belgium. Giorgio IHRSA President and CEO Napolitano. the president of Italy. You’ll return to your business refreshed and inspired. the CEO of HealthCity. The 645.org 120 Club Business International | JANUARY 2013 | ihrsa. seminars. pg. and I arrived in the nick of time. Rasmus Ingerslev. As is always the case during the congress. Art Curtis. with them. I’ve never asked Christian how many languages he speaks— let’s just call him a helpful polyglot. Italy. the site of IHRSA’s 32nd Annual International Convention and Trade Show. which includes offices.) Nerio and the Technogym team hosted hundreds of people at the grand opening on October 29th. (See “It Takes a Village. of course.org . and none other than former President Bill Clinton. a warehouse. was the highlight of the reception. when I visited Nerio Alessandri. Back in Boston. and everything—including the general sessions. if you can. a restaurant and. which will take place March 19–22. Such exchanges also seem to be clearer when Christian Pierar. The program schedule called for me to give the opening address and introduce Luca Ceccaroni. dancing the Viennese Waltz in traditional costume. the trade show area is huge. At the conclusion of the first panel discussion. do get out and into the industry. he showed me a piece of land. toured the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Technogym generously sponsored the general session. the cultural diversity made for active networking and lively conversations.| Last Rep | IHRSA: On the Road Participating in the many events sponsored by IHRSA and its club and associate members is one of the real joys of this job. 38. the owner and CEO of My Sportlady. and workshops— will be situated beneath a single roof.

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