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Guidelines for Journal Critique

Guidelines for Journal Critique

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Published by: Rosanyanti Mokhtar on Dec 20, 2012
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The assignment will acquaint you with the way in which adult researchers conduct research and communicate their results to each other. You will learn how research results are presented in educational journals by reading and critiquing a journal article. The article that you read will be chosen from one of the following journals posted iFolio.

The objective of this assignment is to write a 4-6 page critical analysis of a journal scientific paper. The journal articles critiques are short exercises designed to help you evaluate the primary literature in andragogy. The format for the critique that you will write is given below. You will also be required to submit a photocopy of the article that you critique.

Use a standard 12-point font such as Times New Roman. On the top of the first page type write your name, course number, journal name, title of the article, and author(s) with matric numbers. This part must be single-spaced. The summary and evaluation must be 1.5 spaced. You may refer to the author(s) in your summary, but do not repeat the name of the journal or the title of the article. If you use a quotation, include only the page number in parentheses.

How to Do the Critique/Guidelines
First of all, for any type of journal article your critique should include some basic information: 1. Name(s) of the author(s) 2. Title of article 3. Title of journal, volume number, date, month and page numbers 4. Statement of the problem or issue discussed 5. The author’s purpose, approach or methods, hypothesis, and major conclusions.

Your paper must be no more than 4 . Points to be Discussed Consider the following questions in your analysis clearly.6 pages of text (12 point font. Then read it again. Thus. Be sure to support your statements with thorough explanations and cited references. Goodluck!! PM Dato’ Dr. you need to read the article you are to critique once to get an overview. References and figures will not be counted within the page limit. 1. should consist of your qualified opinion of the article.The bulk of your critique. critically. and in your own words. and why or why not? How might you improve on the study? What questions would you address in this topic in Malaysia What answers would you expect and why? What would these results mean in a Malaysian context? How would these research contribute to the field of andragogy in Malaysia Papers are due on 27 December 2012.5 line spacing.          Why was this study undertaken? What was the question being addressed? How was it addressed (the methodology). succinctly. however. and what were the results? Are the results sufficient for the author(s)’ stated conclusions. 1 inch margins). Norzaini Azman .

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