Theoretically, Universities are not allowed to blacklist anyone for their alleged " Radical Christian Views " or any other

religious belief ,to the end that such blacklisting triggers an unfair and an unjust ".. mark down .." from a "Second Class Honours " or higher to "Third Class Honours " so that such a student with alleged " Radical Christian Views " would not be an embarrassment to The University and Their board Members that have embraced the so called " Modern Secular Philosophy " that embraces so called " Progressive Views of civilisation ". The unfair and unjust marking down of any student for one reason or another has a negative impact on such student's ability to obtain a decent job after graduation. It would appear that cases of so called " Third Class Honours " may be a direct result a " Board decision of The University ". For example , if you question the unfair and unjust " marking system of the University " and request your Exam Papers in question to be marked by an Independent Body , you may not get any fair and proper co-operation. Are some Christians University Student and other University Students victims of so called " University Education Corruption " ? Your guess is as good as mine. To be gainfully employed one needs a good Honours Law Degree i.e. either First or Second Class Honours. " Radical Christian Views" appear to be too radical for any prospective Employer which would appear to indicate that like all other Christians, any Bible Believing Christian may be a victim of persecution on the grounds of their faith in The Holy Bible as being the The Word of GOD from Genesis to Revelation....

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