Minsden Chapel

A Psycho-Doc Production Josh Anglim & Connor Harvey

Josh and Connor are in the car on the way to the chapel the scene has a very calm and relaxed feel, however the silence and desolateness builds an aura of tension and suspense, along with a bad premonition.

Josh: Connor, where are we going today? Connor: we’re going to visit an abandoned chapel that’s said to be haunted Josh: Where are we? Connor: We’re somewhere on the outskirts of Stevenage, I haven’t got a clue at the moment Josh: God knows, put the radio on, I’m quite nervous (smooth laugh) Connor leans over and turns on the radio


The pair pull up to the end of the road and have to continue on foot, they both laugh and joke with each other to lighten the mood and it temporarily feels like a weight has lifted, they both gain confidence and become very cocky before continuing on the the ruins Josh: How much further is it, we’ve been walking for ages? Connor: I don’t know I’ve never been here before either! Josh: We’ve been walking for ages Connor: I know, hopefully we’re getting close The pair walk in silence for a couple of seconds Josh: I need a rest man Connor: Alright let’s stop for a couple of minutes The pair sit down on a comfortable area


This time Connor is holding the camera and josh is in the scene. The pair are walking but there is no conversation. Connor decides to shoot some more of

the scenery and turns his camera to an open area of forest/field and a black hooded figure can be seen in the corner of the shot in the distance, Connor doesn’t notice at first but then does a double take Connor: Woah, Woah josh Josh: Yeah? Connor: Do you see that? Josh: See what man? Connor: There’s a man standing there in the distance?! Josh: What is that? Connor: I don’t know, it’s weird though man Josh: Do you think he’s watching us? Connor: I don’t know Josh: Let’s just keep walking


FADE IN Trees rustling in the wind, an eerie silence linger through the forest, both characters are breathing heavily and a tense feeling lingers in the atmosphere, there is a long moment of silence as the pair pass through the ruins and a sense of inevitability sweeps across the pair


The pair spread out around the chapel, placing different pieces of ghost detecting equipment around the perimeter such as EMF detectors and a voice recorder that captures EVP’s

Josh and Connor decide to take some EVP’s while taking a rest and sit down on a nearby piece of debris and call out to the spirits


Connor: No response, hmm...

FADE OUT FADE IN Connor and Josh are walking about the church; they both decide that they should go upstairs as this may

lead to the ghost revealing himself. When they get to the top of the stairs they decide that they should do another EVP. Josh: CAN YOU HEAR ME Josh shouts out! Connor: don’t make him angry! Haha Josh: did you hear that? Silence... Josh and Connor listen back to the EVP EVP: I see you... Connor and josh get spooked and then run out Josh: did you hear that Connor: yeah! Connor: I can feel something behind me Josh: RUN! Even though josh and Connor run they appear in front of the church, Connor becomes increasingly scared about the situation and decides to run off! Josh: Connor come back Connor: no I can’t take this anymore Josh is left on his own, feeling scared he hinds behind one of the graves. Josh: Connor has just left me, im going to try and see if I can see him... The camera shows the ghost!

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