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Dr William Lumb GP & CCIO Cumbria interim CCG

CCIO in Clinical Commissioning/ Clinical leadership in health ICT

Some of my responsibilities
500,000 patients end of the line Total NHS spend 860m Two acute trusts 5 sites, 4 acute

Variable level of ePR Clinical & Financial Issues One combined Community/Mental Health Trust 13 Cottage Hospitals- 220 beds No Mental Health ePR 80 GP practices 900-17,000 patients

The justification

Cumbria 65+ Population: selected health projections (numbers people)



Unable to manage at least one mobility activity

75+ registerd blind or partially sighted


Number of people


LTLI caused by heart attack

Falls (A&E attendance)

Severe depression (lowest estimate level)

LTLI caused by stroke

Falls (hospital admission)

0 2008 2010 2015 Year 2020 2025

Short term urgent Home Care

Care Homes

Liaison Nurse

Short Term Intervention Service (nursing/therapy/SW)


Single point of access Community Step-up DGH Urgent Care Step-down beds Hub

GP/other clinician referral

Walk In

Community respiratory team

Primary Care Assessment Service

999 Ambulance

All Cat C, others diverted after discussion with PCAS Liaison Nurse


Community IV antibiotic service

Impossible without ICT- the business case

Its all about health outcomes

Obama Care?

Modern Healthcare needs..


COIN (FTTC), Wireless for all, Flat Networks Virtualisation Hardware Software Interoperable ePR Electronic postal service Air Traffic Control for patients/clients

Whole system approach (inc. Social Care) dynamic interoperability


IM&T Commissioning Intentions

Providers must have interoperable ePR

Use CCG interoperability standards Expect standards of data extraction and reporting Focus on patient care Development of outcome based metrics Require common networks Require electronic messaging Meaningful patient access to ePR Engage in Cross Organisational Care Planning

Thank You