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Kim Ashall Director of Service Transformation & IT

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

CCIO in Acute Care

One year down the line

One year down the line

Background remains the same clearly! Team structure remains the same
Service Improvement IT Both EPRs

Accountable to the CEO Gone live with Meditech v6.0 in June Closer integration with Information

June would have been better if..

Better clinical engagement Had a history of using IT We hadnt been first Could have tested everything more It hadnt rained so much!!
However 5 months down the line, life so much better

Engagement with the organisation

Clarity about the vision
One Electronic Patient Record supported by a (small) number of IT applications

Establishing a governance and assurance structure Seeking user feedback Working with suppliers Developing a Clinical Innovation Hub

Governance Structure for IT and EPR

Business Intelligence Sub -Group Information Governance Sub- Group

Corporate Management Board Corporate Informatics Committee

IT Sub-Group
Chair: Director of ST & IT Vice Chair: Members: 1x member of CUG, 1 x member of NUG, 1 x member of AUG, representative from Information, representative from Clinical Audit, 2 x representatives from the CITSF who are not from the same discipline/dept as other reps

Clinical Records Sub-Group

Clinical Innovation Hub

Meets once every two months

Clinical IT Systems Forum Lead: Head of IT Members: 1 from each: Meditech S1 Radiology Pathology Infoflex Nomad Symphony TOMCAT JAC NORGEN

Clinical User Group

Admin User Group

Nurse & AHP User Group

S1 User Group

Future Plans
Engagement, Engagement, Engagement CMO,CNO leading the user groups Roadmap to lead to one EPR with a range of IT applications to support Strategy with Business Intelligence Spot checks and reports Continue to thoroughly enjoy every minute of every day this is a very privileged position