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1.1 Introduction 2

1.2 JS Bank Management 3

1.3 Site Map 5

1.4 Vision Statement 6

1.5 Mission Statement 6

2.1 Retail Banking 7

2.2 Treasury 18

2.3 Corporate Bankin g 20

2.4 Investment Banking 25

3.1 Conclusion 31

3.2 Suggestions 32
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1.1 Introduction

JS Bank Limited has been formed after the merger and amalgamation of Jahangir Siddiqui
Investment Bank Limited and commercial banking operations of American Express Bank Ltd
Pakistan. JS Bank Limited commenced operations in Pakistan as a fully scheduled bank on
December 30, 2006. JS Bank Limited also has a Primary Dealer license for government
securities from the State Bank of Pakistan. JS Bank’s focus is to provide a quality and
innovative range of banking services and products. The Bank’s key activities can be
categorized into three Business Units:

• Retail and Consumer Banking

• Treasury

• Corporate & Commercial Banking

• Investment Banking

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1.2 JS Bank Management

Management Committee
Department Contact Person
President & CEO Naveed Qazi
Treasury, Investment Banking & FIG Basir Shamsie
Retail Banking Group Majid Hamid
Risk Management Akbar Hasan Khan
Operations Khalil-ur-Rehman
Financial Control Muhammad Yousuf Amanullah
Compliance Muhammad Irqam Athar Siddiqui
Human Resources Syed Muhammad Shoaib Omair
Corporate & Commercial Banking Zoya Tazeen Jafarey

Regional Heads - Retail Banking
Department Contact Person
Regional Head South Zulfiqar Ali Abedi
Regional Head North Kamran Jafar
Regional Head Central Atif Salim Malik

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Department Contact Person Extension
Operations Irfan Aziz 211
Operations Rafiq Ghulam Hussain 295
Operations (Central) Maqbool Ausaf Muneeb
Operations (North) Mohammad Shoaib Khalid
Information Technology Lawrence Mathew Pereira 273
Information Technology Kashif Aleem Khan 252
Human Resources Raja Abdullah 416
Human Resources Adnan Zikaria 361
Compliance Haider Ali Talpur 326
Compliance Shakeel Abbasi 377
Marketing & Corporate
Tariq Ziad Khan 215
Corporate Communications Nabeela Darugar 330
Financial Control Kamil Yaqoob 283
Financial Control Jamal Rehmat Ali 321
Corporate Affairs Ashraf Shahzad 286
Administration Junaid Ahmed Ansari 274
Corporate & Commercial Banking Sameen Ghani 285
Corporate & Commercial Banking Abid Memon 301
Corporate & Commercial Banking
Uzair Naseem
Service Quality Faryal Ali 229
Service Quality Fatima Syed 380
Service Quality Problem Resolution
Yusuf Khan 474 & 475
Service Quality (North & Central) Asif Nazir 042-5792243

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1.4 Vision Statement

To provide quality and innovative range of banking services and products to our customers
by a highly motivated team of professionals whilst maintaining high ethical and regulatory
standards thereby, generating sustainable returns to our shareholders.

1.5 Mission Statement

To be a preferred partner of our customers by providing complete financial solutions
exceeding service expectations, though a single relationship via conventional and non –
conventional, conveniently accessible distribution channels.

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2.1 Retail Banking

Retail Banking at JS Bank offers a variety of products and services for both depositors and
borrowers at competitive rates. Please call or visit our Retail Banking team to discuss your
financial needs. You may take a snapshot of the Products & Services in the menu on the left
hand side of the screen. To get further details, please click on to the specific Product or
Service. Please note that Zakat, w/tax, or any other tax/ conditions are applicable as per

Kamiyab Business Account

Perfect for the busy businessman. A specially tailored account for the business community.
Offering following benefits upon maintaining monthly average balance of Rs 200,000/=. No
minimum balance is required to open an account.

• Free issuance of Pay orders and Demand drafts.
• Countrywide banking.
• Unlimited transactions.
• ATM/ Debit card facility.
• Pick and Drop facility for Pay orders and Demand drafts.
• Tele-banking

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Rupee Plus Account

A high yielding savings account, where profit is calculated on daily basis and payable
monthly. Six different tiers of deposits are offered at highly attractive profit rates. Equally
useful for companies and individual with idle funds who wish to generate additional income.
Account can be opened with Rs 5,000/=

• 6 tiers with attractive profit rates.
• Countrywide banking facility.
• ATM/ Debit card facility.

Rupee Current Account

A non-profit bearing account primarily for individuals and companies having large turnover
of cheques. No minimum balance is required to open an account.

• Unlimited transaction account with checking facility.
• ATM/ Debit card facility.
• Countrywide banking facility

PLS Rupee Savings Account
Account for small businesses and individuals wishing to generate additional income on their
funds. Account can be opened with Rs 5,000/= with following features.

• Unlimited transactions account with checking facility
• Profit accrued on monthly minimum balance and disbursed into the account six-monthly.
• ATM/Debit card facility.
• Country wide banking facility.

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Rupee Basic Banking Account

Rupee account that can be opened with Rs 1,000/= as minimum balance requirement. Ideal
for salaried persons and individuals with low transaction turnover need.

• No transactional charges up to 2 deposit transactions & 2 checking withdrawals.
• No minimum balance requirements.
• No charges to maintain the account.
• Country wide banking facility.

Rupee Fixed Charges
Avail Fixed deposits products with different tenors and competitive rates. You can place your
idle deposits available in Current, Savings, Kamiyab or Rupee Plus account and reap the
benefit of optimum return.

• Various tenors
• Disbursement of profit based upon your choice.

Foreign Currency Account

Current & Savings accounts in USD, Pound Stg, and Euro are available.

Loans & Running Finance
We offer Running finance & Loan facilities against Deposits and Govt. of Pakistan securities
to be used as collateral. A dedicated Relationship officer will look after all your credit needs.

• Quick processing
• Competitive rates

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Western Union Home Remittance

Fast and reliable way for receiving money transfer from across 190 countries & territories

• No bank account needed.
• Regular money transfer are usually available within minutes for pick up by the recipient
• Receive inward remittance from anywhere in the world.

Sale & Encashmentof Govt. Of Pakistan Securities

We are authorized agents to sell and encash Govt. of Pakistan securities (Defence saving
certificates & Special savings certificates.) Our account holders can avail this facility from
our any of the branches.

Countrywide Account Operation

You can operate your account from any of the branches of JS Bank Limited. We have
aggressive plans to expand our branch network giving our customers a wider branch network.
(subject to approval from Regulatory authorities.)

• Deposit & withdraw cash
• Issuance of Pay orders & Demand draft.
• Statement of account printout


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Accessible via pin code a 24/7 phone banking facility for balance inquiry from anywhere in
Pakistan or overseas.

• Obtain balances and details of the last five transactions.
• Offers account statements via fax.

SWIFT transfer

State of the art foreign currency account funds transfer system. From Pakistan to overseas
and vice versa. Local regulations apply.

• State of the art SWIFT mode of payment, ensuring funds transfer in shortest time.
• Secure and efficient delivery system for inward and outward payments

Utility Bills payment

Public can conveniently deposit Electricity, Sui gas & PTCL bills at any of our bank's

• Hassle free
• Comfortable environment
• No need to maintain bank account

9 to 5 Non-stop banking

We offer 9 to 5 non-stop banking services at our cash counters (for Pak Rupee transactions

• 9:00 A.M to 5 P.M (Monday to Thursday)
• 9:00 A.M to 12:30 P.M & 3:00 P.M to 5:00 P.M (Friday)
• 9:00 A.M to 12:30 P.M (Saturday)
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JS Auto Financing

JS Bank CarAamad is an installment based loan which will be extended to individuals as
well as businesses for purchase of new/used/imported vehicles.

Product Benefits & Features

• Quickest & Hassle-free processing
• Personalize services
• Low down payment {as low as 10% }
• Flexible Tenure 1 - 5 years
• First Year Insurance Financing/ up front
• Early Settlement option { Nominal Charges apply }
• Co-Borrower Facility
• No -hidden Charges
• Step-up & Step-down facility
• Free Tracker Device– No monitoring charges
• Replacement of Financed Vehicle
• Financing 150,000 to 3,500,000
• No down payment & processing fee before approval
• Cash your car at 75% finance
• Balloon Payment facility

We believe in sharing the joy of our customers by giving them benefits, which are
aimed at making customer's car buying experience an exciting event.

• Pakistani National
• Salaried OR Self-employed

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• Minimum 20 & Maximum 65 Years Old (for business/self-employed individuals)
• Minimum 21 & Maximum 60 Years Old (for salaried persons)
• Minimum net salary 12,000
• 1 month – 1 year employment (conditions apply) or 1 year business

Power Speed Loan

Fastest approval in town, within 120 mins (conditions apply).


1. No Down Payment Before Approval
JS Bank is the quick and hassle free route to the car of your choice. Offering no down
payment and processing charges till your application is approved.

2. PAYS (Pay As You Desire)
JS Bank offers you flexible installment plans (Balloon Payments).

You can plan your own repayment plan with installment increasing every year, starting with low
installments to suit your cash flows.

Step down allows you to pay higher at the beginning with your installment reducing in
subsequent years. Payment during the duration of the loan remains affordable.

3. Processing Charges
A processing charge of Rs.4000/- will apply after approval.

4. Repayment Options
JS Bank offers you more then one repayment options.

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• PDCs: You can repay your loan via PDCs (Post Dated Cheques).
• AADI: “Auto Account Debit Instruction“ where you can repay your loan in a personal
account opened for your Auto Loan Facility.

5. Early Settlement Option
We offer you an early settlement option with a nominal 5% charge of the remaining principle.

Insurance & Tracker

JS offers you the following insurance options:

• Comprehensive insurance
• Insurance financing for the first year/ up front insurance

Enjoy security and complete peace-of-mind as JS auto loan becomes the product which offers
you a free Tracker device installed in your car.

Markup Rates

JS Bank offers the car financing facility at the markup rates starting from as low as 15% per

Documents Required

• CNIC (copy)
• Current Salary slip
• Bank statement for last 6 months.
• Last utility Bill
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• NTN (National Tax Number only for businesses)
• Proof of business/Registration (self-employed)
• Passport size photographs incase of CNIC with thumb impression

Coming Soon

• Personal Loan
• Mortgages

Service Standards
We have developed following standards for the delivery of our products to our customers.

Account will be opened same day subject to
fulfillment of our “KYC” requirements and receipt
Opening of Account.
of account opening form along with documents
before 4:00 PM.
For Kamiyab Business account next day provided
Cheque book issuance. request received by 4:00PM. For other account’s
two working days.
Same day, upon receipt of customer’s request
Closing of account. provided clearance is received from all the
Processed in two working days, subject to receipt of
ATM/Debit Card.
request by 3:00PM.
Delivery of Account We dispatch the Account Monthly
Statement statement as per the following Monthly

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Type of Accounts:
Kamiyab Business Account
Current Account
Rupee Plus Account Monthly
FCY Current Monthly
FCY Savings Half Yearly
Savings Account Half Yearly
Stop payment requests. Executed instantly upon receipt of written request.
Issuance of balance Balance certificate is issued within thirty minutes.
certificate to customers Audit Report for Corporate customers within seven
and/or to Audit Firm. days.( Irrespective when received?)
Fix Deposit Setup. Same Day Execution.
Fix Deposit Cancellation. Same Day Execution.
Within Five minutes after the instrument is
Payment of Cash Cheques presented at the counter and depending upon the
denomination and amount,
Within Five minutes after the cash is presented at
Cash Receipt the counter and depending upon the denomination
and amount.
Handling of Check
Within Five minutes of receipt of the cheque at the
Deposited for clearing /
teller counter.
Issuance of Pay order/Draft
The request of customer is executed within fifteen
by Debit to Customer
minutes of receipt of request at counter.
Cancellation of Pay order
Within fifteen minutes of request at our counter.
We credit the proceeds same day provided purpose
of remittance is provided by beneficiary. In case it
Inward Remittance. pertains to the other bank client, payment is
executed on the day when purpose of remittance is
Outward remittance. Same day execution.
Marking of Lien on
Government Securities
Bank’s request is executed same day.
issued by us and pledged to
other banks.
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Issuance of E-Form Same day
Processing of Advance Same day subject to receipt of advance payment
Payment slip.
Processing of Export Bills
Same day on receipt of documents.
sent on collection.
Same day on receipt in Nostro Statement or within
Realization of export
three days if held in Special Exporters Account on
collection document.
the request of exporter as allowed by the SBP.
Issuance of Guarantee. Same day subject to completion of all formalities.
Issuance of amendment in
Same day subject to completion of all formalities.
Marking of Lien on
Request of marking of lien is sent to the issuing
Government Securities
bank next day.
pledged to us.
Subject to receipt of completed executed documents
Implementation of Limits. & marking of Lien by issuing office, Limits are
implemented by next day.
Subject to receipt of Customer request & settlement
Release of Security. of all the outstanding, release of security is executed
same day.

2.2 JS Bank Treasury

In an exceedingly volatile & dynamic economic environment, JS Bank’s Treasury has
evolved as an active player in the Financial Market. The Bank's client-centric treasury

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endeavors to partner its customers in ensuring they use the financial markets to optimize their
risk profile and enhance value to their stakeholders. The Treasury seeks to do this by
becoming the risk solutions provider of choice, offering quality treasury products, and being
the leader in product innovation. JS Bank Ltd is a “One Stop Solution” to all your financial
needs, whether it pertains to Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income (GoP, Corporate Debt), Mutual
Funds & Money Market (Deposit or Loan) transactions

Foreign Exchange

JS Bank Ltd is an active player in the interbank market and provides competitive prices in all
major currencies. It is an institution of choice amongst importers and exporters, by providing
superior treasury products to its clients and assisting them in covering their currency
exposures & risks. Our dynamic corporate and institutional sales and trading teams provide
up-to-date market intelligence, advice and timely execution of deals to our customers
throughout the trading day.Whether the transaction is Local Currency (USD/PKR) based or
Global Currency

FX Spot – We provide best in class pricing for all trade (import & export), remittances &
travelers cheque transactions, whether it is USD/PKR or other Global currencies.

FX Forward – Being an active player in the market, the customer can hedge all their FX
exposures at aggressive pricing in domestic & international currencies.

Fixed Income - Corporate Debt Market

JS Bank’s Treasury provides access to best deals coming to market, given the fact that JS
Bank’s Investment Banking team is a leader in the Corporate debt origination.

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JS Bank maintains an active trading desk in the secondary corporate debt market thus is able
to provide competitive bid / offer quotes in all liquid corporate de

Primary Dealership

JS Bank is a State Bank nominated Primary Dealer (PD) and has played an active role in the
development of the Primary & the Secondary GoP Debt Market. Under the Primary
Dealership System, only PDs can participate in the primary auctions of Treasury Bills (T-
Bills) & Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs) conducted by State Bank of Pakistan.

Being a PD, JS Bank Ltd is playing an instrumental role in developing the GoP debt market.
Our dynamic trading team is a market maker and provides competitive pricing in the
Secondary Market, which includes trading with other PDs, Non-PD Banks & NBFIs.

We provide Interest rate views and analysis to our entire client base on a regular basis to
enable them make informed & calculated investment decisions.

To facilitate small investors in entering the GoP debt market, we assist them in participating
through the Non-Competitive Bidding process through JS Bank Ltd in the PIB auctions

With our vast fixed income client base and our aggressive sales team, we are one of the
leading institutions in GoP debt distribution.

2.3 Corporate Banking

Through its Corporate Banking Division, JS Bank delivers the right financial solutions and
corporate credit facilities tailored to meet the needs of every type of business and industry. As
a specialist service provider, we understand the expectations of our corporate customers, and
provide tailor made products and services to meet their exact needs. The bank's operational

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strategy is to see things from the customer's perspective and deliver the highest quality of
services and quick response to its clients.

Our client-relationship teams have a thorough understanding of our clients' business
objectives and challenges. We've always set out to help our corporate customers succeed by
forging strong working relationships with them from the outset

We assign a relationship team to each corporate customer. A dedicated relationship manager
who will have experience of sophisticated corporate transactions and innovative financing
structures relevant to the corporate customer - someone with expertise, ability to deliver and
set high service standards.

Through this dedicated relationship team, customers can also access all areas of the JS
Group, enabling them to benefit from a comprehensive package of banking/investment
solutions. Areas of expertise include Treasury, Asset Management, Corporate Finance,
Brokerage Services as well as Islamic Banking for shariah-compliant banking services.

If there's a way to satisfy our customers, we'll find it. If there's not, we'll do our best to invent


Term Loans

As a traditional activity, JS Bank provides term loans to meet capital expenditure for
acquisition of Fixed Assets/expansion of existing activity/swapping existing high cost debt.

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Working Capital Loans

JS Bank offers corporations Working Capital Finance to meet their operating expenses,
purchasing inventory, receivables financing, either by direct funding or by issuing letter of

Bridge Loans

JS Bank provides bridge finance to its corporate clients against expected equity flows/issues.
Bank can also extend bridge loans against the expected proceeds of External Commercial
Borrowings, Global Depository Receipts and/or funds in the nature of Foreign Direct
Investments, provided the borrowing company has already made firm arrangements for
raising the aforesaid resources/funds. This facility would be available for a period not
exceeding 12 months.

Advances against Shares

In view of the performance of the stock markets of the countries and the demand of financing
from the brokers, JS Bank offers short term facilities to brokers and individuals against
shares, subject to minimum margin stipulation from time to time.

Debt Syndications

In many cases, for the large corporation, loan syndication is required because of the shear
size of the financing package: major capital expenditure, projects, joint venture or
acquisitions requiring the need for significant capital. Because of JS Bank’s relationship with
major banks, we can arrange and place a syndicate loan. This provides your company the
convenience of working with one financial institution during the life of the loan.
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Trade Finance

JS Bank offers comprehensive range of Trade services. As a valued client of JS Bank, you
will be partnering with a trusted banking institution that is highly respected in the world of
international finance and cross border transactions. We offer a wide range of export and
import services designed to assist you in building on your strengths, so that your company
can seize new business opportunities around the world. Through our expertise and
experience, we can structure and customize solutions suited to your specific business

Export Services

Export Financing

We provide pre-shipment finance in the form of SBP export refinance scheme (ERF)
and from own sources to assist your cash flows when you are manufacturing or
packing your goods for export from Pakistan. We provide ERF both in rupees as well
as in foreign currencies. At JS Bank, your export finance requirements are carefully
taken care of around your actual trading cycle allowing you to enjoy competitive
interest rates and timely credit. Our relationship managers will be happy to provide
more information to you.

Export Bill Collection Services

Concentrating your Documentary Collection activities with JS Bank, you can eliminate many
of your exporting hassles. Not only will your international banking become much more
uniform, you can experience fewer delays in receiving payment, effortlessly access collection
information details, gain increased control over export receivables and efficient cash flow
management. To help speed up your cash flows, JS Bank can purchase/discount your export
receivables tied to your export bill collections subject to availability of credit limits.

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Export Bill Purchase & Discounting

Do not worry when your exports are not covered under Letter of credit. Against sanctioned
credit limits, we can pay you the discounted value of your invoice, immediately on shipment.
The proceeds will be credited to your account if the export documents are presented before
cut off time at your JS Bank.

Bank Guarantees

We issue Bank Guarantees on behalf of our exporters for approved purposes subject to
availability of credit limits or against 100% cash margin.

Export LC Advising, Confirmation & Negotiation

With a correspondent banking relationship across the world, you can always insist that your
Letter of credit be advised through JS Bank. Please be assured that your export LC will
always reach you on time. This will help you in better logistics management and enhanced
accuracy in the preparation of documents. With our expertise, we can explain complex LC
terms to you and your staff. This will help you to prepare your documents easily and error

When you are not comfortable with the credit standing of an LC opening bank or if you are
worried about the political climate or credit risk of the buyer's country, we are there to assist
you with our LC confirmation services. Once we add our confirmation to the LC, you are
assured of payment, subject to non-discrepant documents, irrespective of non-payment by LC
opening bank. With JS Bank's confirmation services, you can eliminate the foreign bank and
country risks from your export collections.

We negotiate your export bills drawn under Letter of credit, if the documents are found to be
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strictly in terms with LC conditions. All these facilities come to you at competitive rates and
world class service standards.

Import Services

Import Letters of Credit

We issue Import Letters of Credit on your behalf that give you the advantage with your
suppliers. Our experts can advise you in drafting the LC terms and conditions so as to protect
your interests.

Arranging for Buyer’s & Supplier’s Credit

To take care of your working capital requirements, JS Bank offers foreign currency loans (FE
25) and Rupee loans to finance your imports.

Bank Guarantees

We issue Bank Guarantees on behalf of Importers for all approved purposes, subject to
availability of credit limits or against 100% cash margin.

2.4 Investment Banking

JS Bank’s investment banking group has been the pioneer of numerous landmark transactions
brought to the domestic capital markets. The group’s legacy dates back to the 90’s through a
closely held partnership with the then eminent Bear Stearns. More recently, the investment
banking group has been an advisor and arranger to

• Pakistan’s first ever local currency Islamic Sukuk
• First ever subordinated TFC issue in Pakistan
• First 10 year corporate bond
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• First TFC issue with a conversion option
• First perpetual bond
• First commercial paper
• First floating rate TFC issue

With a precedence of both volume and innovation in transactions, for some of the largest
corporations in the country, the group continues to offer market-leading investment banking
and ancillary services as an integral part of JS Bank. We have an impeccable track record of
successfully executing a wide array of large capital transactions, often under challenging
economic and time considerations.

Products and Services

Under the investment banking umbrella, our range of activities include corporate debt origination and syndication,

underwriting, coordinating as bankers to the issue, and facilitating trusteeship and agency

Corporate Finance Advisory
The Investment Banking Group provides a comprehensive range of Corporate Finance
Advisory services in the Debt Capital Markets, including Mergers and Acquisitions and
Project Finance Advisory. We provide independent capital markets recommendations and
financial valuation and due diligence advice, or as an integral part of managing a
comprehensive Advisory and Arrangement transaction.

Arrangement and Placement of Securities
The Investment Banking Group’s distribution team is one of the market’s leading corporate
debt arrangers through a variety of structured and vanilla Term Finance Certificates as well
as Shariah-compliant product offerings. Our solutions-oriented approach, excellent pricing,
and unmatched distribution capabilities continue to make us one of the leading TFC arrangers
in the local market, both by volume and value.

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Trust and Security Services
A dedicated team manages and monitors various aspects of trust and security services,
including acting in the capacity of a trustee or/and an agent to various corporate debt
offerings and playing an active role in structuring and maintaining special purpose accounts.

We have substantial underwriting appetite for handling large capital market issues, both at
Private Placement (“Pre-IPO”) and Initial Public Offer (“IPO”) stages. Till date, we have
underwritten majority of the issues brought to the local markets of Pakistan.

Bankers to the issue
We act as Bankers to the Issue for IPO transactions, in both equity as well as debt capital
markets. Despite a limited, albeit a rapidly growing, network of branches, this is a substantial
business for JS Bank through a pro-active initiative in actively marketing Public Offers .

Closed Transaction Archive

Our transaction archive can be accessed to view a selection of successfully closed deals.

Y Amoun
Client Type of Financing Role
ear t
2008 Pak American Fertilizer Privately Placed Term Finance 1 billion Joint Advisor &
Limited Certificates III and Syndication Arranger
2008 Pakistan Mobile Listed Unsecured Term Finance 4.256 billion Joint Advisor &
Communications Limited Certificates Arranger
2008 OBS Pakistan Private Limited Acquisition Finance and 570 million Joint Advisor &
Syndication Arranger
2008 Pak American Fertilizer Privately Placed Term Finance 6.9 billion Joint Lead
Limited Certificates II and Syndication Arranger
2007 Karachi Shipyard and Government Guaranteed Sukuk 4.2 billion Joint Advisor &
Engineering Works Limited Arranger
2007 Pakistan Mobile Short Term Privately Placed Term 2.5 billion Joint Advisor &
Communications Limited Finance Certificates Arranger

Research Monograph Report

2007 Azgard9 Limited Privately Placed Term Finance 2.5 billion Joint Lead
Certificates Arranger
2007 Al Abbas Sugar Mills Limited Privately Placed Term Finance 750 million Joint Lead
Certificates Arranger
2007 Sitara Chemicals Industries Diminishing Musharaka Sukuk 1.1 billion Joint Advisor &
Limited Arranger
2007 Pak American Fertilizer Privately Placed Term Finance 1.5 billion Joint Lead
Limited Certificates Arranger
2007 First Dawood Investment Privately Placed Term Finance 345 million Exclusive Advisor
Bank Limited Certificates & Arranger
2007 Engro Chemical Pakistan Listed Term Finance Certificates 4 billion Joint Advisor &
Limited Arranger
2007 Optimus (Hertz) Privately Placed Term Finance 500 million Exclusive Advisor
Certificates & Arranger
2007 KASB Securities Privately Placed Term Finance 500 million Exclusive Advisor
Certificates & Arranger
2007 Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. Ltd. Privately Placed Term Finance 1.25 billion Exclusive Advisor
Certificates & Arranger
2006 Allied Bank Limited Listed Term Finance Certificates 2.5 billion Joint Lead
Advisor &
2006 Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. Ltd. Listed Term Finance Certificates 1.1 billion Exclusive Advisor
& Arranger
2006 United Bank Limited Listed Term Finance Certificates 2 billion Joint Lead
Advisor &
2006 Azgard9 Limited Acquisition Financing Privately 11.906 billion Advisor &
Placed Term Finance Certificates Arranger
2006 Worldcall Telecom Limited Listed Term Finance Certificates 350 million Exclusive Advisor
& Arranger
2006 Pakistan Mobile Listed Term Finance Certificates 3.261 billion Joint Advisor &
Communications Limited Arranger
2006 Water and Power Government Guaranteed Sukuk 8 billion Joint Arranger
Development Authority
2005 Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. Ltd. Listed Term Finance Certificates 500 million Exclusive Advisor
& Arranger

2005 Azgard9 Limited Convertible Listed Term Finance 2.4 billion Lead Advisor &
Certificates Arranger

2005 United Bank Limited Listed Term Finance Certificates 2 billion Joint Lead
Advisor &
2004 The Resource Group Privately Placed Term Finance 1.35 billion Advisor &
Certificates I and II Arranger

2003 Pakistan Mobile Privately Placed Term Finance 2.5 billion Joint Advisor &
Communications Limited Certificates Arranger

Research Monograph Report


2003 Al Abbas Sugar Mills Limited Privately Placed Term Finance 350 million Exclusive Advisor
Certificates & Arranger

2002 Muslim Commercial Bank Listed Term Finance Certificates 1.6 billion Joint Advisor &
Limited Arranger

2002 Sui Southern Gas Company Listed Term Finance Certificates 1.25 billion Joint Advisor &

2002 Worldcall Telecom Limited Listed Term Finance Certificates 350 million Exclusive Advisor
& Arranger

2001 Nishat Group Listed Term Finance Certificates 600 million Joint Advisor &

2001 Dawood Leasing Company Listed Term Finance Certificates 250 million Exclusive Advisor
Limited & Arranger

2001 Gulistan Textile Mills Limited Listed Term Finance Certificates 300 million Joint Advisor &

2001 ICI - Pakistan PTA Limited Listed Term Finance Certificates 1.6 billion Joint Advisor &

2001 Pakistan Industrial Leasing Listed Term Finance Certificates 325 million Exclusive Advisor
Corporation (PILCORP) II & Arranger

2000 Water and Power Government Guaranteed Sukuk 8 billion Joint Arranger
Development Authority

1999 Pakistan Industrial Leasing Listed Term Finance Certificates I 325 million Exclusive Advisor
Corporation (PILCORP) & Arranger

1994 Government of Pakistan Sovereign Eurobond Offer USD 150 Joint Arranger

Research Monograph Report

Research Monograph Report

3.1 Conclusion

JS Bank Limited is concentrated on achieving its financial targets, JS Bank did not loose
sight of the future and its challenges. It continue to invest in its man power training and up-
gradation of I.T. infrastructure. Although in the short run this will result in an increase in Its
administrative and capital expenditure but in the long run will increase Its efficiency in terms
of real cost reduction and increased product offering. In future It will invest heavily into I.T.
to bring further improvement in its service standards and also to reduce our transaction costs.

JS Bank future envisions expansion in terms of geography, clientele and products. JS Bank’s
management is setting our eyes towards excelling amongst banks of the South Asian Region
and would like to improve even further on its rankings both domestically and regionally. Its
investment in technology and human resource will continue to prepare them for the future
challenges. Customer will be the centre of its focus to become the ‘Bank of choice’ for
customers. JS Bank will continue to redesign,

Research Monograph Report


I may like to suggest some points regarding improvement, development and competitive
environment for any good and required need of customers business.

• Aggressive training and development programs should be launched in order to teach
employees basic skills and to increase them subsequently through mobile training
programs conducted at Regional level.
• Capacity building of officers should be increased to improve efficiency levels.
• Through processing and sanctioning Procedure’s have been streamlined in line with
modern lines but there is still lot to be done in this direction.
• Promotion policies should be based on academic and Professional qualification
performance rather than seniority.
• Intermediation and administrative cost should be reduced to minimum level.
• Proper teams should be constituted which should be made responsible for recovery of
overdue and watch and ward duties of pledged stock and surprise inspections of
Hypothecated stocks and constant liaison with borrowers.