Town of Riverhead

Planning Board
December 20, 2012
I. PUBLIC COMMENT UPON ANY AND ALL BUSINESS BEING CONSIDERED DISCUSSIONS: (a) Taco Bell – Easements, façade and site modifications, Old Country Road, Riverhead, SCTM # 0600-102-3-1.1 (b) Genrac Associations, LLC - Concordia Senior Community Change of Zone Petition- Referral by the Town Board – Mill Road, Riverhead, SCTM No.0600-101-2-4.1. Statement of Facts & Findings (RH) RESOLUTIONS: (a) Bella Vista Farms, Building Area Alteration, 1510 Edwards Avenue, Calverton, SCTM No. 0600-60-2-13 (TABLED ON 12/6/2012) (b) Northville Commerce Park - Commercial development, four buildings for medical and non medical use, Old Country Road, Riverhead, SCTM No. 0600-84-04-28 (c) Eastport Property Development LLC – Transfer Development Rights (4 acres), SCTM No. 0600-065-5-2.1 (d) Saber-Riverhead, LLC, Amended Resolution, Old Country Road, Riverhead, SCTM Nos. 0600-119-01-7 &119-1 23.1 (e) East End Eye Associates – Amended Resolution, East Main Street, Riverhead, SCTM No. 0600-131-1-3 (f) Riverhead Charter School - Classifies Action, Claims Lead Agency and Determines SEQR Significance on site plan, SCTM 0600-99-2-9.1 (g) Minor Subdivision of Finn’s Landing (Shoreline Development – Two lot subdivision, Sound Avenue and Hulse Landing Road, Wading River, SCTM No. 0600-58-213.1, 58-2-14 & 76-2-9.

3:00 p.m.
WORK SESSION Town Hall Meeting Room


III. Chairman Richard M. O’Dea Vice Chairman Joseph Baier Members Lou Boschetti Lyle Wells Edward Densieski

Last update 12/17/2012

IV. CORRESPONDENCE: (a) Eng. Memo – Northville Commerce Park – 12/10/2012 (b) Ltr from Saber Real Estate – 12/7/2012 (c) Planning Memo – East End Veterinary - 12/11/2012 (d) Ltr from PB to TB re: Concordia – 12/11/2012 (e) SCHD C & R’s re: Village Green of B.H.

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