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Bethesda Police Officers Receive Commendations

Posted by brendan | 15 Dec 2012 The Montgomery County Police Department recently recognized five officers assigned to the Bethesda police station for their bravery during 2012. In January Officer Kenneth Hahn and Corporal David Brown were dispatched to the 6800 block of Fairfax Road and when he arrived he was confronted with a man holding a loaded .45 caliber revolver. The man was threatening to kill a neighbor. Brown Hahn successfully disarmed the man without incident and no one was injured. In April Officers Seth Carlson and Ronald Murray received a call for a man holding a large knife at a residence in the 6400 block of Windermere Circle. When they arrived the found that a disturbed man was holding the large knife over his head. There were two other people in the house and the officers were concerned that the man was about to injure them. After repeated commands to put down the knife the officers used a Taser device and the man fell to the ground but with the knife underneath him. After a struggle the officers gained possession of the knife and the man was taken into custody. Officer Maria Garnes was given the Life Saving Award for her actions at a traffic collision at Massachusetts Avenue and Goldsboro Road. She arrived before the fire department and found that the driver of one of the cars was unresponsive. Officer Garnes got into the car by the passenger door and found that the driver was unconscious and without a pulse. Garnes stabilized the drivers head which allowed her to breathe until the fire department arrived on the scene. It was determined that the driver would not have survived had it not been for the swift action of Officer Garnes. Captain David Fallcenelli, the commander of the Bethesda station, told, These officers are well-trained and come to work every day expecting to make a difference. I am very pleased that they were in the positions to take these heroic and lifesaving actions, and am very proud of their efforts.

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