Dictionary of Metis Biography

Volume T
Edited and Compiled By Lawrence J. Barkwell
Tait, Caroline. Ph.D. Caroline is Metis from MacDowall, Saskatchewan. She received her Ph.D. from the Departments of Anthropology and Social Studies of Medicine at McGill niversity in !""#. Caroline has a $achelor of Arts degree from McGill niversity in anthropology and a Master%s of Arts degree in medical anthropology from the niversity of California at $erkeley. During &''()&''* academic year, Caroline was a +ul,right Scholar and -isiting +ellow at .arvard niversity in the Departments of Anthropology and Social Medicine. Caroline is the past coordinator of the /ational /etwork for A,original Mental .ealth 0esearch funded ,y the 1nstitute for A,original Peoples .ealth 0esearch and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Division of Social and 2ranscultural Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, McGill niversity in May !""3. She is past -ice)chair of the A,original 4omen5s .ealth and .ealing 0esearch Group, a national group of A,original women who are funded ,y the 4omen5s .ealth $ureau, .ealth Canada. 1n May !""3 she 6oined the 1ndigenous Peoples% .ealth 0esearch Centre, +irst /ations niversity of Canada and the Department of 4omen5s and Gender Studies, niversity of Saskatchewan as an Assistant Professor. 1n !""7, Caroline 6oined the Department of /ative Studies. Caroline5s research spans across /orth America, contrasting the Canadian and American pu,lic health responses to su,stance a,use ,y pregnant women. .er doctoral dissertation is entitled, “2he tip of the ice,erg8 2he 9making: of +etal Alcohol Syndrome in Canada.: Caroline is also the author of “A Study of the Service /eeds of Pregnant Addicted 4omen in Manito,a,: and “+etal Alcohol Syndrome among Canadian A,original Peoples8 0eview and Analysis of the 1ntergenerational Links to Residential Schools,” commissioned ,y the A,original .ealing +oundation. Some of her pu,lications are listed ,elow8 • 2ait, Caroline ;. <!""'=. 91s Canada +ailing Metis Children> An ?@amination of the Challenges and $arriers to 1mproved .ealth.: 1n, Canadian /1C?+ Committee, The State of the World’s Children 2009: Aboriginal Children’s Health. 2oronto8 !""'8 #")#*. 2ait, Caroline ;. <!""A=. 9A postcolonial paradigm for mental health and addiction programming in A,original communities.: Pimatisiwin, Bune !""A.. &

Cirmayer, ;aurence BD 2ait, Caroline ;D Simpson, Cori. <!""7=. 92he Mental .ealth of Canadian A,original Peoples8 2ransformation of 1dentity and Community.: ?dited ,y ;aurence B. Cirmayer and Gail -alaskakis. -ancouver8 niversity of $ritish Colum,ia Press, forthcoming. 2ait, C. ;. <!""7= 9Disruptions in /ature, Disruptions in Society8 1ndigenous Peoples of Canada and the 9Making: of +etal Alcohol Syndrome.: The ental Health of Canadian Aboriginal Peo!les: Transformations of "dentit# and Comm$nit#. ?dited ,y ;aurence Cirmayer and Gail -alaskakis. -ancouver8 niversity of $ritish Colum,ia Press, forthcoming. 2ait, Caroline ;. <!""7=. 9Simmering Eutrage During an 9?pidemic: of +etal Alcohol Syndrome.: Canadian Women St$dies%les Cahiers de la &emme’s . !* <3= <4inter !""7F!""A=.. 2ait, Caroline ;. <!""7=. 9Canadian A,original 4omen and .ealth.: 'o$rnal of Aboriginal Health. -olume 3 1ssue &.

Tait, David. <&A#7)&A7#= David was the .alf)$reed son of 4illiam 2ait <,. &A7!= and Mary $ear <,. &A&(=. 4illiam lived on ;ots 7#)73 at Poplar Point. David 2ait married Bane ?liGa,eth Cnight, also a .alf)$reed. Bane and David lived at ;ot 7' in Poplar Point, David was the postmaster for that town and he also farmed. .e was involved in the &A*' 0esistance, an ally of Bane%s cousins, the .allets, who were opponents of 0iel. David was imprisoned ,y 0iel. Tait, Cuthbert. <,. &A*#= Cuth,ert 2ait was ,orn in &A*# in Souris 0iver District, he was the son of Boseph 2ait Sr. and Marguerite Des6arlais. 2he 2ate%s ,ecame ,and mem,ers of the MuscoweHuan $and. .e signed a petition for a Metis reserve in Montana, sent ,y ;ouis 0iel to General /elson A. Miles, August *, &AA". Cuth,ert died Ecto,er &A'* in Prince Al,ert district while crossing the /orth Saskatchewan 0iver. .e married Madeleine ;emire < ,8 /ovem,er !", &A7" at the ;ittle +orks= she was ,aptiGed on /ovem,er #"th &A7" in the ;e,ret Mission, Iu%Appelle -alley. 2hey were married on Ecto,er &!, &AA* in the ;e,ret Mission, Iu5Appelle -alley. She was the daughter of +rancois ;emire and +rancoise $irston. 2ate, Cuth,ertD address8 Maple CreekD ,orn8 &A*# at Souris 0iverD father8 Boseph 2ate <MJtis=D mother8 Marguerite Des6arlais <MJtis=D scrip for K!3"D claim no. 3#. Tait, John. Eld Bohn 2ait, accompanied his son)in)law, Ale@ander $irston and his daughter Beanette, in the Bames Sinclair)led group of 0ed 0iver .alf)$reed and Metis emigrants for the Colum,ia. 2he &7"")mile trip took them from 4hite .orse Plains to +ort -ancouver and finally +ort /isHually. Bemmy Bock $ird acted as their guide for the part of the 6ourney that crossed $lackfoot territory. En Ecto,er &!, &A3&, after a &#")day 6ourney, the group reached +ort -ancouver on the Colum,ia 0iver. Tait (Tate , Jose!h Jr. !

Boseph 2ait, the son of Bames 2ait and Sarah <Saulteau@= was married to Marguerite Des6arlais <,. &A##=, the daughter of Bean $aptiste 9/isheca,o: Des6arlais and Charlotte Cardinal. Scrip claim related to this family8 Garriepy, BulieD address8 Maple CreekD claim no. &"''D ,orn8 &A7( at Iu5AppelleD father8 Boseph 2ait <MJtis=D mother8 Marguerite Des6arlais <MJtis=D scrip cert.8 form C, no. *7A. 2ait, Marguerite, for her deceased children8 Catherine, ,orn8 &A7# at Iu5AppelleD died8 &A73 at Iu5AppelleD Michel, ,orn8 at 0egina in &A7&D died8 &A7' at Cypress .illsD address8 Maple CreekD father8 Boseph 2ait <deceased MJtis=D mother8 Marguerite Des6arlais <MJtis=D claim no. &&&&. Boseph 2ate married Marguerite Des6arlais and lived on the MuscoweHuan 0eserve. Boseph 2ate <$and L7= is shown as leaving treaty on May !", &AA*. Tait (Tate , Jose!h Sr. (b. "#$% Boseph 2ait, the son of Bames 2ait and Sarah <Saulteau@=. .e ,ecame an 1ndian in the MuscoweHuan $and under 2reaty +our in &A7* <$and mem,er L7=. 1n his Scrip application in &AA(, Boseph states that he was ,orn at +ort ;acorne in Bune &A!*. .e then lived after &A#& at St. Peter%s Mission for twenty years. 1n &A(& he left to go to +ort ?llice and afterward to the Iu%Appelle -alley and then 2ouchwood .ills and Maple Creek. 1n &A7" he was living at +ort ?llice. .e signed a petition for a Metis reserve in Montana, sent ,y ;ouis 0iel to General /elson A. Miles, August *, &AA". At the time of Scrip application he had ,een at Maple Creek for four years <i.e. from &AA&=. 1n &A33 at St. Peter%s he married Marguerite Asham. 1n &A(3 at St. +rancois Mavier Boseph was married to Marguerite Des6arlais <,. &A##=, the daughter of Bean $aptiste 9/isheca,o: Des6arlais and Charlotte Cardinal. Boseph 2ate <$and L7= is shown as leaving treaty on May !", &AA*. Scrip claims related to this family8 Garriepy, BulieD address8 Maple CreekD claim no. &"''D ,orn8 &A7( at Iu5AppelleD father8 Boseph 2ait <MJtis=D mother8 Marguerite Des6arlais <MJtis=D scrip cert.8 form C, no. *7A. 2ait, Marguerite, for her deceased children8 Catherine, ,orn8 &A7# at Iu5AppelleD died8 &A73 at Iu5AppelleD Michel, ,orn8 at 0egina in &A7&D died8 &A7' at Cypress .illsD address8 Maple CreekD father8 Boseph 2ait <deceased MJtis=D mother8 Marguerite Des6arlais <MJtis=D claim no. &&&&. 2ate, CatherineD address8 Maple CreekD ,orn8 Summer, &A7" at +ort ?lliceD father8 Boseph 2ate <MJtis=D mother8 Marguerite Des6arlais <MJtis=D scrip for K!3"D claim no. 3".


Tait, Robert. <&A#")&'&!= 0o,ert was the third son of 4illiam 2ait and Mary Auld. .e was married to Bane 1nkster the daughter of Bohn 1nkster. 2hey had five children. After some years in Minnesota they returned to 0ed 0iver in &A(" and 0o,ert ,ecame one of the leading .alf) $reeds of the area. .e farmed at St. Bames parish and represented that parish in the conventions of &A*' and &A7". .e was noted for introducing the first reaping and threshing machines to 0ed 0iver. 1n &A*', he ,uilt the first steam gristmill in St. Bames. $y &A7A, he owned and operated a steam ferry ,etween 4innipeg and St. $oniface. Tait, Tho&as 2homas was the son of Boseph 2ait Sr. and Marguerite Des6arlais. 2he 2ate%s ,ecame ,and mem,ers of the MuscoweHuan $and. .e signed a petition for a Metis reserve in Montana, sent ,y ;ouis 0iel to General /elson A. Miles, August *, &AA". Tait, 'illia& (uld. <&A!*)&'""= 4illiam 2ait was ,orn in .eadingley on Decem,er *, &A!*, the eldest son of 4illiam 2ait <,. &7'(, Erkney%s= and Mary Auld <Metis, the daughter of .$C Governor 4illiam Auld =. .e attended St. Bohn%s school. 1n &A(& he married Boanna Gunn, daughter of Bohn and Anne Gunn. 2he couple had thirteen children. After the flood of &A(7, he moved from St. Bohn%s to .eadingley a,out &A*" and was engaged in farming until his death. .e also operated a ferry service across the Assini,oine 0iver from his property at ;ot L&3. En && March &A*#, he was appointed one of the petty magistrates for the 4hite .orse Plain district. 1n &A*' he was chosen as a representative from .eadingley to attend the Convention of the 92wenty)+our: called ,y ;ouis 0iel. 2ait was a delegate from .eadingley to the convention of !3 in /ovem,er of &A*'. 2his Scottish farmer was then elected to the ;egislative Assem,ly of Assini,oia on +e,ruary !!, &A7". ;ater he served as a mem,er of the <2emporary= Council of the /orth 4est 2erritories until it was dissolved in &A7*. .is ,rother 0o,ert 2ait was elected as a representative to the Convention of +orty. 2ait died on # +e,ruary &'"", and was ,uried at .oly 2rinity Cemetery, .eadingley. Tanner, John “The )a&bler.” <&A3!)&'&*= 3

Gam,ler 2anner <(dit)ta)ga#)win)nin, Ata*awinin or (tahaoman=. Gam,ler 2anner was the eldest son of Chief Picheito 2anner. .e was pro,a,ly ,orn in the 0ed ;ake area of Minnesota since the 0ed ;ake $and moved freely ,ack and forth across the international ,order. Gam,ler was the grandson of Bohn 9+alcon: 2anner <2he 4hite 1ndian= and his Saulteau@ wife, 0ed Sky of the Morning. ;ike his cousin <also Bohn 2anner=, Gam,ler had served in the American Army during the Civil 4ar. +ollowing the war he ,ecame a trader in the Iu%Appelle ;akes region. .e rarely traded at +ort ?llice, preferring to do ,usiness further north at +ort Pelly. 1n earlier years Gam,ler, along with his father Picheito, had ,een deeply involved in the freighting ,usiness ,etween St. Paul, Minnesota and 4innipeg. Gam,ler was one of the Plains)E6i,way%s most noted warriors against the Siou@ at Portage la Prairie during the &A*"s. during the &A7"s he lead a ,and of at least #" families including his si,lings, Boseph <+asesawa#, $right Star=, 2homas Bohn <Cheton=, ?dward <Ah,i,$*oon-e=, $aGel, and Ale@ander. ;ittle more is known of him until he appeared as spokesman for the Saulteau@ at the 2reaty +our negotiations. 1n the &A7"s he was one of the most vigorous opponents of the .udson%s $ay Company land holdings and had a great influence in the making of 2reaty +our. 2his antipathy for the .$C was likely inherited from his <step= great)grandmother /etnokwa <an Edawa= who was affiliated with the /orth 4est Company. .e represented the Iu%Appelle ;akes Saulteau@ in this negotiation. Gam,ler was originally slated to live on the 4aywayseecappo reserve at ;iGard Point, however, in &AA&, a dispute arose ,etween Chief 4aywayseecappo and his headman, Gam,ler. $y way of settlement, a portion of the ;iGard Point 0eserve <#" sHuare miles= was allocated for Gam,ler and his followers. 2hey were given this appropriation at Silver Creek, situated appro@imately five and one half miles southwest of the present day $inscarth Manito,a. Clerk of the Privy Council, B.D. Cote approved this allocation ,y Chief 4aywayseecappo on April !7, &AA&. 2his was recorded on Buly !7, &AA& and confirmation of Gam,ler5s reserve ,ecame effective on May &7, &AA', eight years later. 2wo years previous to this confirmation, ;ongclaws, Gam,ler and their followers decided to return to ;iGard Point, claiming that there was insufficient wood and water availa,le at Silver Creek. 1n &AA7, Gam,ler and his followers returned to ;iGard Point, giving as a reason, the shortage of hay land at Silver Creek. 2here was also some indication the land survey at Silver Creek did not place the reserve e@actly where Gam,ler had originally reHuested it. 2he resultant location e@cluded the wood and hay areas across the river. 2his was not a pro,lem in the early &AA"s, as there were few other people in the region and the group continued to make use of this land and its resources in spite of its location off) reserve. .owever, as settlement and immigration increased Gam,ler recogniGed that these practices could not continue. .e made several efforts in &AA( and &AA* to make a land e@change for land with ,etter hay and wood resources ,ut was re,uffed or ignored ,y officials. An additional reason to move was that the ;iGard Point 0eserve was much closer to their traditional hunting and trapping areas. $etween &AA" and &A'" some of Gam,lers followers 6oined the 1ndians who lived at -alley 0iver, leaving only mem,ers of the 2anner family living at Silver Creek. 2he census of &'"& shows that ,y that year, only &3 people remained at Gam,ler 0eserve8 Bohn 2anner <age 3"=, wife Marie <#(=, ( sons and ! daughtersD Ah)pa)tis5 widow <age *'=D (

er of Pellow Iuill5s . .ut in &A'3 they took Metis scrip and were discharged from 2reaty status. <&A"()&A7"= Manito. !'. .etween .ler.: According to the recollection of others he moved to -alley 0iver and then to Pine Creek.e was . Gam.e died Ban.e owned fine horses. .our purchased a mower and a rake together to further their farming activities. 4ith his wife +a#te!a#tonoo* and his family. widow of the 0everend Bames 2anner. $aGil 2anner later transferred to the Cowessess $and.and. Sometimes considered the first Pres. Gam. A campaign homicide.a%s first election was lively and violent.ler withdrew from the $irtle Agency on Bune !'.rothers. &'"A8 '"= 92he Gam. $ecause of legal difficulties. was that of 0ev. .: Bohn +alcon 2anner.e likely lived at 4hite ?arth reserve in Minnesota. . Bames 2anner of the Portage la Prairie region. only Bohn 2anner and his son Boseph 2anner and their families remained at Gam. Boseph 2anner <Cakashaway.$*oon-e=.: . he lived in a converted granary which. Paul)Pem.roken and had a large sta. age !&=D Mrs.is daughters took Metis scrip one year after his death <&A'3=. Boseph <+asesawa# or $right Star= and ?dward <or Ah. +rom &A73 until &A'# Gam.attled the Siou@ long into the 0ed 0iver Settlement era. &'!!O= stayed at Silver Creek.and. . 9 partitioned. according to the 1ndian agent.ler provided a home for his aunt Poopie. he was known to have as many as !"" 0ed 0iver carts on the road at one time.e had fifty acres . 1n his later years living on the Silver Creek 0eserve.ler lives at Shoal . . .ake .ake 0eserve. ?ventually. +or pets he had a moose calf and later a young adult moose. Ah.uildings.ecame a mem. $right Star= died at 4aywayseecappo in &A'#. Ale@ander 2anner <Pawanaway)askung=. whitewashed.i. 2ommy 2anner <Cakeewaycomo= and Bohn Cheton 2anner Nd. &'&*=.a. having moved there in the &A7"s.rother to one of Manito. near Camperville Manito. Picheito had . &A'A. !!.ler5s .e married Chief Pellow Iuill5s sister and was a mem. Manito.a%s greatest war Chiefs8 Picheito 2anner. Gam.Bohn Cook <Pa)pa)mas. age !3= and his wife.e died in &A'7 at the Crooked .$*oon-e <?dward= never lived on Gam.uried on 1ndian land at Clear .le and other .e spent the last years of his life at $ig Stone in the 0iding Mountain.yterian minister west of 4innipeg. geese and pigs.e and a neigh.is * . Swan <age 3"=D and /aGakeeass <Bim 2anner.roise +isher also took scrip as Metis.rothers. /ote that of Gam. was. this Metis son of the famous 94hite 1ndian. still unsolved. cattle. where he .is widow then lived at various locations in the /orth 4est 2erritories.ler had two other . .ake <Manito.ler moved to 4aywayseecappo%s 0eserve in &AA7 and then moved on to Pine Creek in &A'7.ina)4innipeg route.a +ree Press. Reverend *d+in Ja&es. &'&* at ?lphinstone while living with his daughter at Ceeseekowenin. ?dmund Morris records in his diary <August #".a. was half). . $y &'"(. Tanner. &'#7O.le dwelling. Ban. and his wife May Nd.er of that .ler%s reserve.i. Ether relatives such as Am. Gam. . in &'"" Am. She left his care in &'&" to live with her son Bohn and his wife at Cinosota.iGard Point and Minnedosa. +asesawa# <+issowa#= was a trader and freighter on the St.ler was Chief at Silver Creek.roise was granted A" acres. . a good comforta. Ale@ander later fled to /orth Dakota.

and .yterian missionary among the Saulteau@ people on the plains around Pem.rigade for over one week. the son of Bohn +alcon 2anner and his second wife.ecome involved in the su. who would terroriGe entire villages when under the influence of rum.ecame a Pres. 1 think the . Bames and his wife were converted to Methodism and . west . /orth Dakota. MarieF0ainy 0iver area who later took the name 2heresa <she died in Makinak in &A("=. a Saulteau@ woman from the Sault Ste. Bames attended the $aptist Mission school of 0ev.igoshish near $imid6i. +or at least a decade. Manito. Ene Pem.ouise 1nstkwekamegoka.e did however .efore circling .seHuently.ina. 2anner got the support of the American $aptist Society to . During this time Bames received a fairly good education at the 0ev.e and his sons played a ma6or part in the fur trade freighting . She was the well)known 9Granny: 2anner who spent her later years from &A7" to &AA* at 2anners Crossing.orate log house stood in what is now the heart of Portage la Prairie.e also helped Cittson cut the 4oods 2rail from St. Su. on various occasions.ake region of Minnesota. At age !#.usiness to St. Paul with +ort Garry. Bames is reported to have assisted 0ev. During the &A*')7" resistance Bames 2anner played a moderating role since he tended to side with the ?nglish Metis.uild a mission in the Metis community of St. Bohn $lack%s Eld Cildonan congregation and to the congregation at 0ev.ecame missionaries. the tragic year of his father%s death. Bames worked diligently through &A(! to esta. Cochran%s St.ook he readsQ.e then traveled to ?ngland where his family had an audience with Iueen -ictoria. out of the conflict. Marie in &A!A.owever. Col.ela.y the +ond du . +ranRois Mavier=.yterian mission colleague and his mission%s school teaching assistant were killed in separate Siou@ 1ndian raids. at Pem.udson%s $ay Company Governor ?den Colville turned a deaf ear <likely . After the family moved to Sault Ste. he 6oined a ("")cart . in &A3*.aptiGed Bames at . Paul. Bames was . Bames would preach to 0ev. A.ina. Picheito. During Buly &A(". Peter%s Mission.rother%s .ake 4inni.ecause there was already a 0oman Catholic mission at St. 4ith 0ev.owever. +rom &A&!)&A!A Bohn 2anner was employed . During this time Bames is descri. .ac area. he was instrumental in keeping his fiery . During his many trips to Manito.alf)$reed freighter working for the well)known trader.le into the Saulteau@ language. Bames went on a &.ack to the 4innipeg)Portage la Prairie region of Manito.rother.ina. . +ailing this.lish a Pres. after the wife of his Pres. Bames 2anner .: .a <after Bames was killed=.ac department of the American +ur Company and as an interpreter for S 1ndian agent. 2anner went on a lecture tour to $oston and several other American cities. +ort Gary and Portage la Prairie.ina resident commented on this amaGing conversion 9he is a changed man. Paul to Pem. 4isconsin and Bames then married . 4illiam 2erry School.ut . Chief Picheito 2anner of Portage la Prairie <also a trader and freighter=. .i. Bohn $lack%s help. +or two years they la.: After preaching .rigade. 0oman Catholic $ishop $araga .orn in the +ond du .seHuently.a he came to know well his famous half).uffalo hunting Metis . his superiors closed down the mission.e wrote to Bames 0oss in 4innipeg trying to persuade him 7 .le is the only .a Pointe. ?dwin Bames in translating the $i. After a reckless life as a .el $ingham. Su.yterian mission to his .a. /orman Cittson. Boseph. . pon his return to Canada he took up freighting again for a short period. 0ev. .rother.ed as 9a notorious character.riefly to a 7"" cart . Bames 2anner worked for /orman Cittson%s famous line connecting St.seHuent first provincial election campaign. . George $oyd. a giant in strength.oured at .ack from the 0ed .""")mile mission trip across the 4est on horse.

4hile he originally lived in Minnesota.lished a ferry. 1 take him to my people who do not kill their Medicine Men.ert.rother)in)law 0ev.ehalf of . . Bohn $lack of Cildonan drove his team furiously from 4innipeg to claim his friend%s . At the time his father%s half . Peter .ynch= in the MarHuette riding. and with his wife Catherine.eferen-e /eufeld. author%s copy.ald. Tanner. no date. +ace hard and scornful.ieutenant Governor Archi. post office. .ac du +lam. who were hiding at the corner .uted from the editor%s notes and correspondence with Dr. &A#' at 2orch .ody for Christian . George +lett. the son of 0everend Bames 2anner. $lack.ecame more densely populated with agriculturists from the ?ast. Minnesota.efore taking an honourary discharge at +ort Snelling near St. David McCenGie testified he had .a town of Minnedosa.a 1ndian Chiefs and Missionaries8 $rothers and Cousins.e fought for three years . 4hen this area .y hurling o.ake tri. white agriculturists from Entario were populating the area around 2anner%s Crossing. Bohn was . Peter . Bohn had 6ust started farmng in 2earns county near his home at St. Bohn 2anner again A . following an election meeting at Portage la Prairie. .6ects at the horses.e located in the Portage)Delta)4hite . During the early &AA"s.rother.y two persons unknown to this 6ury. John <&A#')&'#!= Bohn 2anner. 1n August of &A*! he went to St. cloud to enlist as a private in the nion Army%s /inth 0egiment of the Minnesota -oluntary 1nfantry. At the inHuest. he was killed in a fall from a wagon when two men stampeded the team.erately stampeded . the 2anner family left Manito. claimed that the team was deli..ecome the Manito. was already there.eginning of what was to .rother preached your Gospel.y two men on foot. where 0ev.urial.een a passenger in the wagon and that driver Bohn 2ait and Bames 2anner were thrown from it during the runaway.eau=.= . 2wo weeks after writing to 0oss. 2he 6ury concluded that death was due to the fall caused . 2hus Bohn came to Manito.oth testified that the stampede was deli.orn on August &7.e and Boseph Pritchin who was riding .: 2hus ended Picheito%s &( year period of Christianity and to this day Bames 2anner%s final resting)place is unknown.etween the 2aylor and Gunn farms.ittle Saskatchewan 0iver. Chief Picheito 2anner. Pou <4hites= killed him.order and were living near Portage la Prairie. following the war he found that his family had moved across the .a around the time of his father%s death. along with his . 9Manito. Poopie. and his mother.a in &AA& to settle further west at Prince Al. . 4hen 0ev. near the +ort ?llice 2rail. Paul.loods who were not comforta.le with this. and store at 2anners Crossing. were moderate Metis who had served in 0iel%s Provisional Government.y Colonel 4olseley%s soldiers who were whooping and firing shots into the air. he told $lack8 9Alive my .lished.erately caused . 2he two had suddenly appeared and spooked the team . 2hey lived there until &'&!.y the runaway caused 9willfully and maliciously . . 4isconsin.orse Plains area. .to run against the Canadian Party <led . a close friend of 2anner%s although living over (" miles away.: <Contri. was a veteran of the American Civil 4ar. Boseph when the Civil 4ar started.y Dr.ike other mi@ed).ehind.orenG /eufeld. 2his was the .ake <. Bames 0oss. Picheito 2anner was an important chief of the 0ed .: 4innipeg8 npu.rother. he found that 2anner%s . took up residence along the . 2anner had spoken on .ere he esta.

Mary%s and the widow of .ler5s 1ndian name is (dit)ta)ga#)win)nin.ler 2anner.edou@ at 2urtle Mountain near what is now $elcourt. &A73 at Duck .orn in the 0ed .ack and forth across the international . .ler= were living there as permanent residents <Garrioch. the 0ed .ake area of Minnesota since the 0ed .ler 2anner.&3 also known as.e Croup de Pheasant and /ahawananan..rother of Chief Gam. Marie%s mother was 4ehwashk.rother of Chief Gam. says that the correct spelling of Gam.orn in the 0ed . Portage la Prairie Delta area.ake 0eserve in what is now Saskatchewan. .orn in &A3' at Portage la Prairie. Tanner.rother 0ev. .a. . who was . 0ed Sky of the Morning. Boseph 2anner then married Chief Pellow Iuill5s sister and was a mem.oine 0iver valley. &A!"= 2homas 2anner was the son of Chief Picheito 2anner and the younger .ake $and moved freely . Marie married Bean /olin of St. Picheito was a leader of his mother%s people.oth Picheito <1mage= and Atakawinin <Gam. Paul)Pem.a. such as glass 4&3 Archdeacon Cochran states that when he arrived in Portage la Prairie in the early &A("s . &A7!= Picheito 2anner was the eldest son of Bohn 9+alcon: 2anner <2he 4hite 1ndian= and his Saulteau@ wife.+a. Pheasant 2ail or 0ump. daughter of Boseph 2rottier of S.orn &A(3. .ina)4innipeg route. leaving no direct descendants.ake area of Minnesota since the 0ed .order.e was pro. <. . She married Boseph Descheneau@ in &A*' at St.ack to Manito. <d. Picheito was known at various times as . 2hey had one daughter. &'!#8 '3=. 2he historical record indicates that Chief Picheito 2anner moved west into the Assini. 1n &A*'. 0ed Sky of the Morning.ittle Pheasant. who lived in the 4hite . Marie .e had many souvenirs in his home. former Chief at 4aywayseecappo. this time . Boseph was the grandson of Bohn 9+alcon: 2anner and his Saulteau@ wife. near the main road leading into the settlement <presently the corner of Crescent Ave. .ert D and Marie.is oldest son was Gam. /orth Dakota. he married Catherine 2rottier. and $roadway=. Tanner. She married Bean $elhumeur dit Monet on May !7.$C +actor Bohn Sinclair.ly .” <. 1n &A#*. 2heir children were8 Bean $aptiste who married -ictoire $oyer <.order. &A!!= Boseph 2anner was another son of Chief Picheito 2anner and younger .orn &A(" at Carlton.ler 2anner. . he married Marie AngeliHue . Al. Bames 2anner was killed in &A7". Tho&as DeCorb. .e lived there until his death in &'#!.ake. +asheshawa# <+issowa#= was a trader and freighter on the St.. Bulie.sha. Picheito lived in the largest house in Portage la Prairie.er of Pellow Iuill5s . Tanner. he was known to have as many as !"" 0ed 0iver carts on the road at one time.a. Jose!h “-e. She married Bohn 4ells of St.and.ut nothing is known of them. +rancois Mavier.ercrom.ly . Picheito.ake $and moved freely . from Portage . .orn &A(! at Grand Coteau= in &A7( at 4innipegD AngeliHue.orse Plains.ie in &A*#.she.moved. to the Metis community of Cinosota.ugh McCay.ack and forth across the international .e was pro. 2here were two daughters as well. -ital. Boseph died in &A'7 at the Crooked .. Bohn had sustained a serious rupture and as a result of complicationshe could not father children.a Prairie very soon after his half).ake Saulteau@. Boseph first married AngJliHue Clermont and they had a daughter. Ata*awinin or (tahaoman or possi.orn in &A3! at +ort ?llice.ly Bames. 4hile scouting near +ort A. ' ..

. Andrew%s.ater.ler 0eserve from Maple Creek a.eadingley and represented that area in the convention of &A7". which he .way who remained on 0ocky $oy5s reserve=. . .erta. the Metis Scouts of the &A7#)73 $oundary Commission. Bohn%s.is chieftanship there.e trained to teach on the 1ndian settlements.iston on Bune !#. &A#(=. . During the &A7"s.ills to the Iu5Appelle -alley .ake Al. *d+ard. 2hey followed the . David. &A#*= and ?dward 2aylor <.lor.e trade west to the vicinity of $uffalo . . then he was part of the armed party from Portage la Prairie that was imprisoned .uffalo ro.lor. A num.lor.e had three children with Mary and && with Sarah. 2hree other families also moved to Gam. 2he 2anners are reported to have moved from there to Silver Creek to 6oin their .y S troops <e@cept for the Plains)E6i.candlesticks and mechanical toys.e was a Poplar Point farmer who opposed 0iel and was captured along with the Portage Gang on +e.ecause the American government was pressuring Canadian authorities not to settle them along the S . & on August # rd &A7&. (le/ander. 0. <. Bohn was an ?nglish)speaking delegate to the &A7" Convention of +ourty. he took his .ert 2aylor <. <.y $ishop David Anderson to . Bandrew. . ?dward Prince 2aylor was . Sometime after this. &A7& at St.ack from his many trips to the nited States.e trade.ert 2aylor. Ta. . .ell. /ahawananan.uffalo ro. A num. Picheito%s other sons attached themselves to a group of their Metis relatives who were making a last attempt at the .aptiGed on +e.er of these hunters then congregated at the Cypress . &A7".alance of the Plains) E6i..ler 2anner. &A3&= 0o.e was known as a man with a taste for elegance and comfort.ills near +ort 4alsh.. Ta.oia in &A7&.A from Assini. &A3& at St.alf)$reed married to /ancy $ird <. &A#7= David was a 0ed 0iver . &A33= Ale@ander was a 0ed 0iver . then south into Montana. Andrew%s and later married Sarah Stevens on Bune &(.. Cowessess and the ..ers of the 3' th 0angers.er of 2anners appear on the 2reaty Annuity Paylists at Maple Creek Saskatchewan..y 0iel.(. &.ruary &7.a legislature as M.e was the son of Bames 2aylor and Mary 1nkster.e was Minister of Agriculture during &A7A)7'.way where eventually persuaded to move from Cypress .e was the first schoolteacher at .orn at Middlechurch..ruary &7.rother Gam.order.oth mem. . Cakaneeshik and MaHua <$lack $ear=. &A7". .lor.L.and to the +ort Iu%Appelle region and died there around &A7!.orn . .y passed to his son Gam. 2hey were eventually forced out of Montana . who signed 2reaty /o.orn .rother to 0o. Ta.e too was a Poplar Point farmer who opposed 0iel and was captured along with the Portage Gang on +e.rought .alf)$reed married to Mary McDonald <also Metis=. &" . Ta.alf)$reed was . <&A#3)&'!(= 2his Scottish .een the Chief.e married +lora Camp. educated at St.. &A3&= were .e married Mary Sa.e is thought to have .out the same time8 namely. &A*! at St. John.ler in the early &AA"s. the son of George 2aylor 11 and Bane $ruce or Prince and younger . <. Paul%s School and was chosen . . he was a magistrate and was elected to the Manito.

e later settled near .efore accompanying the Palliser ?@pedition across the 4est in &A(7. Dr Bames . 0o. the plains south of the /orth Saskatchewan 0iver and the southern passes through the 0ockies and find . . was a sloop master and surveyor for the . 2homas 4. Al.y way of the . <&A(7)*"=. George was a sailor for the . Andrews.lem of the future of the . && .oth mem.udson%s $ay Company . 2he $ritish Commission employed 4illiam . 2he Palliser ?@pedition.etween Canada and the nited States .Ta.ake of the 4oods to the 0ed 0iver over the winter of &A7!)7#.ert and ?dward 2aylor.server.erta.t.D his service record is shown .er of the Palliser ?@pedition.otanical collector and Bohn 4. 2he Commission surveyed from the /orthwest Angle of the . ?ugene $ourgear .udson $ay to 6oin them on the prairies. )eorge..udson5s $ay Company territories. .ector was appointed geologist and naturalist. &A!7.ert 2aylor <.!#(FaF'= 2aylor records arriving at the site of Eld $randon . George 2aylor was . 2he society e@panded the pro6ect into a scientific e@pedition and applied for a grant of S(""" from the imperial government..udson%s $ay Co.rought his delicate instruments .y Bohn Palliser. who su. George married 1sa. the son of George 2aylor 11 and Bane $ruce or Prince. the formal survey of the .lor.allett and #" armed Metis guides and scouts. &A3&= were . Sullivan secretary and astronomical o.. the daughter of Charles Cooper and Catherine 2homas in &A(" at St. was initiated . .orn on Ecto. 0o. the Metis Scouts of the &A7#)73 $oundary Commission.rothers. which was then facing the pro.oundary.out them. 1n &A7!.ower +ort Garry and in &A7' moved west to Prince Al.er.er of Metis <&!= and other 0ed 0iver men to assist his scientific party. 1n &A!7 the .mitted to the 0oyal Geographical Society a plan to travel from the 0ed 0iver Colony to and through the 0ocky Mountains along the unsurveyed American . 2hey used Metis guides and Chippewa men to assist them with this task.ert to homestead. Palliser arranged to employ a num.server .egan.ella Cooper.er &. &A!' at Pork +actory. <&A!')&'&'= George 2aylor was a mem.adly needed information a. where he met Cuth.ake Superior.e died in ?dgerton.elow. George 2aylor <&7'A)&A33=. Magnetical o.ers of the 3'th 0angers. $lakiston . &A#*= and ?dward 2aylor <.ert Grant5s people.$C sent his father George 2aylor 11 on a 6ourney to ascertain the American $oundary . father of George Br.udson5s $ay Archives $.ouse on #rd /ovem.ine and in his 6ournal of &A!7)!A <. 2hey were to e@plore the old /orth 4est Company canoe route west from .is .order .

&'&'. &A3&= were . &A#*. . Margaret then married a +rench Canadien voyageur.. George returned to ?ngland in &A&( leaving Bane and the children . After .e died March !*.lor. she was a. 0argaret.oth mem. &A#*= and ?dward 2aylor <.: Canadian 0iterat$re.y canoe to the Pacific Ecean in &A!A. 0o. She was the daughter of Bane.ert married ?liGa -oller the daughter of Bames -oller and /ancy $irston.rother)in)law of ?dward McCay another mem. &''&8 &()!3. the Metis Scouts of the &A7#)73 $oundary Commission.le . 0o. <&A#*)&'&'= 0o. She accompanied him on his historic voyage . the son of George 2aylor 11 and Bane $ruce or Prince. .e is the .er of the 3'th 0angers.ecame the Metisse 9Country wife: of Sir George Simpson. Ama. 9-oices of Eur Grandmothers8 0eclaiming MJtis .lor. &#&.orn in &A#* at +ort of the 0ockies and .ert Ale@ander 2aylor was .eferen-e 4elsh. Christine. Margaret 2aylor .ers of the 3'th 0angers.een among Simpson%s elite voyageur crew.y Simpson when he married his ?nglish cousin.ogue was given a river lot on the Assini.ehind. . .oine 0iver west of the +orks. Robert. Bohn%s on March '.ert 2aylor <. At age !&.orn on .. Ta.andoned . an 1ndian woman and George 2aylor the .and. .er parents had at least eight children.Ta.udson%s $ay in &A"(.ogue had .eritage.$C%s sloopmaster. <&A"()&AA(= Margaret 2aylor was . -ol. .ogue. the Governor of 0upert%s .earing him two sons.aptiGed at St. 1n return for his Company service. &! .

est availa. commercial harvesting. She has . and later taught at Moose .a. As a legal consultant to the Metis /ational Council.original Bustice 1nitiatives.inet minister under prime minister . Ta. . 2homas entered . artist.original Bustice Award from the /ative .e said without contradiction that the multi)talented Bean 2eillet is the most respected practicing Metis lawyer in Canada. she left that profession to attend law school and pursue a career in A. $C.ecome the /ational Aboriginal oot at the niversity of 2oronto +aculty of . She was vice)president and secretary)treasurer of the 1ndigenous $ar Association of Canada.efore transfer to 0egina as assistant to Commissioner Graham.ouis 0iel and the niece of 0oger 2eillet who was a .een called to the .lor. LL2. the niversity of 4indsor +aculty of . is the .e then .ouse and at +ort Pelly.orn at .a .ecome 1ndian Agent at Camsack.le on the Pape Salter 2eillet we. Bean 2eillet was awarded the first ever .$C Chief +actor. academic.ar in Entario. Teillet.site at www. 1n &A'!. '.lor.ower +ort Garry and was educated at ?mmanuel College at Prince Al. &# .$C and was post manager at Manito. Bean 2eillet is the great grand)niece of . 2eillet has . She is a partner of the law firm of Pape Salter 2eillet. Jean 2a!tiste.een involved in the ongoing Metis legal . . harvesting rights. he was appointed schoolteacher at 2he Pas Day School.ester Pearson.ake. <. $ill was a pioneer schoolteacher of the north and an 1ndian Agent for many years.ake.a at $ig ?ddy and Cedar .i. the etis 0aw S$mmar#. Jean.1. 1n !""7. professional dancer and actor. <&A(#)&'&*= See entry under La3ond. . 2his award recogniGed her outstanding contri. She is a founding mem.ert. /42 and Manito.er of the MJtis /ation of Entario and what has now . choreographer.original 0ights law. “2ill”.y the . and self) government.ouse . updated regularly since &'''.e then left to .aw created the Bean 2eillet Access to Bustice Scholarship.aw Society of pper Canada.e was . lawyer. A former modern dancer. 1n !""(.utions and commitment to the legal profession and to community service. 23(. &'(#= Bean 2eillet.le resource on the law with respect to Metis people.lication.ca .aw.incoln Ale@ander Award in !""! . LL0. the daughter of Captain Cennedy.Ta.pstlaw. 1t can . 2homas was the maternal grandson of a . which recogniGes her outstanding contri. Tho&as Jr.aw Students of the niversity of Al.$C service in &A37 as an apprentice clerk and was promoted to Chief 2rader in &A*". Tchehasaso. and volunteer. is a Metis patriot of the highest order. 1t is availa. 1n his later years he returned to teaching school in Manito.utions to A.egan working for the ..erta. 2he Pas and /orway . $ill was the son of 2homas 2aylor and Caroline Cennedy.eral MP and ca. .er pu. she received the A.attles with the government of Canada concerning Metis land rights.

erFEcto. 1n a long career as a visual artist she has had several shows and her work is in private collections in the nited States and Canada.e respected and valued as contri. when the Supreme Court handed down their decision to deny the Crown%s appeal on Septem. writer.er scholarly pu.original people will .uscom. 2he interested reader can read her paper in the Sas*at-hewan 0aw .a. She also produced records.e at 2oronto 4orkshop Productions.ondon. 2heatre . puppet shows.ooks. !""#. . &3 .: Bean%s pro . Studio Seven. Septem. $C. She was successful in this decade long .ouis 0iel8 Mercy. Ene of her pieces 92he 2wo 0ow 4ampum $elt: hangs in the . Bustice. teacher. She also produced musicals.original people within Canadian SocietyTa space where A.attle to reaffirm Metis rights under Section #( of the Constit$tion A-t of &'A!.e1iew.y e@panding the law for MJtis.+or !( years she worked in professional theatre as a dancer. 2oyota.er &'.all. with 2oronto Dance 2heatre. 2 !"2 #. stadiums.er !""& U a case study of Powle# and how it developed A. 2eillet was a producer of live staged events for corporate and theatrical sponsors such as Ma6or .original rights law in Canada .ouis 0iel in 9?@oneration for . Danny Grossman Dance Company. dance and even a circus. including several productions for George . She has . plays. 2oronto 4orkshop Productions. Bean was the lead lawyer on the 0 vs Powley Metis hunting rights case. She got her start as a teenager in 4innipeg writing and taping daily editorials at C0CC radio. which she argued .uting citiGens of Canada.een to assist in the development of a healthy space for A.een e@tensive. Bean is a partner in the firm of Pape Salter 2eillet. !""#. Australia. Christi Belcourt’s painting “Portrait of Jean Teillet” Part of the “Great Metis of My Time” series.eague $ase. -olume *7.ave $een: in the trial of . Bean has written a. Entario Place.out the notion of a pardon or other e@oneration for .arvesting 0ights in Canada:. . Cellogg%s and Ewl 2-. schools and outdoor amusement parks. choreographer and director. Powley8 MJtis . actor. /42 and Manito.efore the Supreme Court of Canada on March &7. 2tis 3o#age$r. or Political ?@pediency>: She takes the view that e@oneration would likely have little to do with the Metis people or the cause for which 0iel died. "ndigeno$s 0aw 4$lletin8 Ecto.een called to the $ar in Entario. and several other performance organiGations. auditoriums. !""38 #(')#'!. /e@t she worked as a professional dancer and actress in 4innipeg and 2oronto and choreographed for theatre.lications include8 • • 94hat Might .aw School of the niversity of 2oronto. v. musical scores and merchandise in support of these productions. 2he venues included theatres.ouis 0iel. $arristers and Solicitors.er !""! U an article on 90. 1n her words8 92he primary focus of my work as a lawyer has . CC0C 0adio.ono legal work and community involvement has .

1t tracks all MJtis cases as they move through the courts. 1t is the foundation that is necessary . The . Continuing &( . at the /ative Studies Department in the niversity of ?dmonton. and Governance <ed8 +rederica 4ilson W Melanie Mallet= pu.een engaged in very recent events. niversity of 2oronto. was co) authored with Dr.e1iew <!d=8 !'&)#!#.aw Society of Manito.y the Pitblado 0e-t$re Series .unals.lished .lished .original people.earneds Society. te . the Canadian $ar Association.ole of the .arvesting 0ights: in Aboriginal 0aw Sin-e 5elgam$$*w <?d Maria Morellato. IC= pu. at pstlaw. -ol.aurier Press.le on the Pape Salter 2eillet we.y the . *7<&=.efore rights can . 1n Canada.ack to the mid &A""s. Burisdiction.a. +rank 2ough. 2tis 0aw S$mmar# U this is an annually updated <since &'''= summary of the law with respect to MJtis.ligations to the Metis: in Metis)Crown 0elations8 0ights. 2he 0S is also used in courses in the /ative Studies Department at the niversity of ?dmonton and . <?ds. 2aku and .aw.site at8 www. 94inds of Change8 MJtis 0ights after Powley.lished .lished on the 1nHuiry%s we.aw in !""A. 2he paper was pu. !""78 (()7A.aw Society of pper Canada. at a conference of the Entario /ative Bustices of the Peace.caFresources .rief analysis of A.unal. pu. social theory and the political rights dialogues that have evolved surrounding the MJtis in Canada.ischke and David 2. in PD+ format. !""!= U recognition is a key concept for all A.y the niversity of 2oronto +aculty of .caFpolicyVpartFinde@. 2he paper e@amines the language issues.y 1rwin . 9Eld and Difficult Grievances8 ?@amining the 0elationship . 2he 0S also provides a . 2he 0S includes a new section on consultation and administrative tri.aw Society of Manito.eg$lator# .a. 1dentity. 2he 0S traces MJtis cases .aw $ooks. !""3 at #('. at the . 2he 2tis 0aw S$mmar# is availa. 9A 2ale of 2wo Agreements8 1mplementing Section (!<&= 0emedies for the -iolation of Metis .etween the MJtis and the Crown: 9 <!""3= !3 S$!reme Co$rt 0aw .e affirmed or accommodated. 2he paper looks at the historical role of the regulatory regime as well as how it has .site. Bustice or Political ?@pediency78 Sas*at-hewan 0aw .ouis 0iel8 Mercy. 6?@oneration for .original rights law as it applies to MJtis. • • • • • • • • Bean 2eillet has given numerous lectures in Canada and the nited States. !""'= 92he Metis of the /orthwest: ) Masters 2hesis.y Canada .• 9MJtis in Search of 0ecognition: pu. Mc/a.y !""A.ipperwashinHuiry. 1t includes scrip cases from the early &'""s and harvesting decisions of the Al. 9+ederal and Provincial Crown E. Part of this paper. for the .ights 5is!$tes in (ntario <!""(= U this paper was prepared for the 1pperwash 1nHuiry.aida: U in The 0ong 'o$rne# of a &orgotten Peo!le: etis "dentities : &amil# Histories.html. with respect to the &'th Century history of the harvesting regulatory regime in Entario.= 4aterloo8 4ilfred .erta MJtis Settlements 2ri.e1iew. at the .lished .egime in Aboriginal .

Seventy)three of these men were recaptured and the Germans shot fifty of those.ecoming a mem.eral M. .ack and forth across Germany and many perished on the 9death marches.om. Poland at the Bagiellonian niversityD in /agoya Bapan at ?@po !""(D in 1srael at the 0uppin Academic CenterD and in the nited States at the Canadian American 0esearch 1nstitute conference in /PC and at a MJtis conference in Montana.original rights.ehind German lines at 0ecy. .ester $. . &'("= Metis scientist Philippe 2eillet is the son of 0oger 2eillet noted . the niversity of Ettawa and the niversity of -ictoria.ouis 0iel%s younger . 0eference8 0esume of Bean 2eillet at www.: Teillet.: for 9A .ration 0ecord for .e then ran in the provincial election and served as a .y /atural 0esources Canada.e apprenticed at the $anHue /ationale then 6oined the 0oyal Canadian Air +orce &7 days . . 2eillet was awarded 9$est Symposium Paper. and the role of an a.(. +rom the niversity of 2oronto Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics.efore Canada entered 4orld 4ar 11.egal ?ducation of $C. MJtis rights. 4hen the 0ussians entered Germany in Banuary &'3(.caFresourcesFBeanV2eillet)0esume.L. P.: for airmen saved . from the niversity of Ettawa and MSc.ecause of the Depression.y parachute on land.er of the 9Caterpillar Clu.e is employed as a research scientist .etween A. the niversity of Manito. later immortaliGed in movies.original lawyer. <&'&!)!""!= 0ed 0iver Metis 0oger 2eillet was the grandson of .etween environmental law and A. across the road from the present 0iel . . pon returning to 4innipeg. Su. Bean has also lectured at various law schools across Canada including the faculties of law at the niversity of 4indsor. Pearson made him minister of -eterans Affairs in April of &* . Germany=.e holds as $Sc. Roger.andsat 2hematic Mapper..e was .e was imprisoned at Stalag 111 <Sagan. 0oger opened an insurance agency and settled down with his wife Beanne. 2hese lectures include issues such as8 working pro . Boseph.ono.erated 0oger and his group on May *. the MJtis /ation Pouth Advisory Commission and several times for the 1ndigenous $ar AssociationD in Cracow. -ital. the relationship . 0.elow.e attended College Saint)$oniface . Seventy)si@ men got out .i... . <.e then ran federally and was elected as an MP in &'*!..er &#* on the escape list.pstlaw.erated.orn on August &!. the prisoners were herded .: At the !# rd Canadian 0emote Sensing Symposium Dr.original people and the governments of Canada. and PhD. niversity of Ettawa.C. . .e evaded capture for &( days . Prime Minister .ifeime 0adiometric Cali. he always wore his $ird in a Cage pin.ell. 0oger was num. Phili!!e 0artin. . &'3(.: 2he $ritish li. &'&! in St.doc Teillet.is &'77 dissertation was entitled 9Differential 0otation and Meridional Circulation in Stellar Atmospheres. the sym. Pork niversity.ing raid <August !#.seHuently. +rance thus .e parachuted .ol of imprisoned flyers. .A under Premier Douglas Camp. access to 6ustice.a. Philippe is an ad6unct professor in the Department of Geography.efore their escape tunnel was discovered.original rights. 0oger weighed only &!7 pounds when li. a. 2hese lectures usually revolve around MJtis and A. During the Great ?scape from this camp. &'3!=. .efore he was taken prisoner. the niversity of ?dmonton. the niversity of 2oronto. the niversity of Saskatchewan.ouse historical site.e served as a navigator in the #( SHuadron and was shot down while on his !(th night .rother.original rights and the relationship .P. 0. .ut was forced to leave after two years .

e went on to win the following election .seHuently named 2eillet as head of the Canadian Pension Commission and gave him a mandate to reform veterans% pensions. Boseph 0iel married ?lJonor Poitras on April #". 2he league scouted in Canada and si@ Manito.er of the All)American Girls $ase. <Contri.ove. &AA3 and was su.all of fame . <&'!A)!""*= . 2eillet lost the .all. Manito. <&A37)&'(7= $y Audreen .rother of . 1n &'*A. the /ational $ase. Polande%s father.eague from &'3( to &'37.ase.er grandfather was Boseph 0iel the younger . At the time she was scouted Polande was playing for the St. -ital 2igerettes. was .erta after the death of . .all of +ame in Cooperstown.i. .e always said that this was his proudest accomplishment.% nion /ationale MJtisse Saint)Boseph du Manito. . .ourie Adelaide Morin. Tho&. 4olande (Schick . Teillet. May &!.arry Desmeules in &''!.uted . -ital and farmed.all of +ame in Bune of &'AA. 9A Manito.etween the northern and southern nited States. A catcher.a women were selected. Polande played for the +ort 4ayne <1llinois= Daisies. . . /ew Pork honoured the AAG$. Also in &'AA.= 0eference8 2eillet.eral nomination to Boe Guay .all . -ital.a $ase. Cathleen. (delaide 0orin. 1n &'3( her team finished second <*!)37 record= to the league champion 0ockford Peaches. 0oger 2eillet whose .all used in the the All)American Girls $ase. although not Metis was a very active mem.eague was somewhat larger than a regulation hard. with a permanent display and listed the names of each player. 0oger retired from the commission in &'A" and they continued to live in Ettawa. at a time when the Civil 4ar was still raging .ecame .: Winni!eg &ree Press.all player Polande 2eillet is the daughter of Camille 2eillet and Sarah 0iel. )erald. Similarly. Polande notes that they converted from soft. .y Pork $oat. the daughter of Metis parents Genevieve 0oui@ <0oy= and Pierre Morin.e . the Manito.all used . Polande was a Canadian mem.y Cathleen 2eillet. 2he family moved to $rochet and there Adelaide met dashing George <Geordie= 2homas.e was always active in 0ed 0iver Metis associations.seHuently married to Amanda Perrault in &A'3. !""!8 A3.all . Polande 2eillet from St. Tho&as.y the men%s professional leagues.all players to hard.&'*#.a.ecame interim president of the Metis /ation U Al. Camille.iography appears a.a was inducted into the Canadian $ase.er of . Gerald 2hom .all .orn at 1le X la Crosse in &A37. after Pierre 2rudeau%s election call.ut cut his term short due to illness in &''#.is wife Beanne predeceased him in !""". .ouis 0iel. She is the sister of Manito.orn to a Metis family at $rochet in &A3". 4ith the e@ception of a few trips to Selkirk . 2rudeau su. Adelaide spent &7 .y &"" votes.er of Parliament.a Mem.a native son is laid to rest. 2hey were married at $rochet in &A*3.all of fame inducted Polande in &'AA.all . 2he .all .e remained at the family home in St.udson5s $ay +actor at Moose +actory.

inklater)2homas <Daniel= at 2raverse $ay. 2he fleshing tools of the two Metis women were part of the .: Geordie 2homas died in &'!7. then pounded it into a paste with a mi@ture of fat.uried at St.out &'(!.ake and Portage la . 2here she snared ra.orn in Decem. .e married ?liGa St. the son of Bohn 2homas Br. Adelaide often shared her recipe for Pemmican. 2he coats were designed with fringes and intricate .= &A .orn on +e. &'"3 and is .oche.it ro.its and trapped muskrats to sell for provisions. maple syrup was a vital part of her e@istenceD a few Huarts to her diet during the year. Close at hand was a grove of Maple trees that Adelaide tapped and . As she did almost one hundred years ago.is grandfather.$C to train for the position of postmaster during the &A3"s and &A("s.most of her life in the hard north. 92he taste of PemmicanD the life of the northD: Adelaide would sayD 9is still fresh in my mouthQ: 1le a la Crosse was a depot for Pemmican storage and Adelaide . Adelaide lived with her daughter Bosephine Ervis at 2raverse $ay. 1n her later years.a Museum of Man and /ature in 4innipeg. Manito.lankets= which she sold to the . and in winter drilled holes in the ice for her catch. 2he two women shared a lifestyle and made long leather Metis coats. ntil a. the history of the 0.ills. /ow almost a forgotten art in Manito. .ittle Mary:=.any. Montana. <.ruary (.M. Bohn 2homas Sr.. She would dry the lean parts of the meat in the sun.lood of the north. She netted fish when the water was open.e was married to /ancy $ouvier and they had ast least three sons who also worked for the . she died in &'"" at Glasgow..= Tho&as. A mi@ture of cornmeal and kerosene was used to clean the leather coats.uried at the Eld Stone Church at .ourie of Stony Point.e &&" years old. Sophia also made ra.erries such as saskatoons.y Doreen . Pemmican was truly the life. and his Cree wife Meenish <9.ecame an e@pert at making the 9condensed: food that was often the only rations for northern e@plorers and trappers.ittle $ritain. &A('= $ernard was .a.rations to the tune of the 0ed 0iver Big and over a century of memories. Denis in &A7'. &A&3 at +ort Al..ood N?yolfsonO.$C.e died in &'!7 at the Crow Agency.eadwork. Adelaide lived to . Charles died on April !7. <Contri. of St. at the age of A7 years old and is .er &A(' at Iu%Appelle. . 2he work record of Charles 2homas shows that he served as a postmaster from &A(& to &A7# at Deer . . Charles.y Great Granddaughter Audreen . 2he result was a flavored with acid)type . Manito.irthday cele. at Cypress . and memories of the women in the family. south of . She is . Adelaide died at &&" years of agein in &'(7. Adelaide continued to live off the land. 2ernard. 0etiring early at family .uted . Clements.a.elen . Tho&as. Charles 2homas was selected along with a group of !" sons of officers of the . the son of Boaseph 2homas and Marie 4akitipik.uried in the St..ourie of Grand Marais from her recollections. Adelaide lived alone in a tiny home at 2raverse $ay. .uke5s Anglican cemetery at $alsam $ay.ower +ort Garry.udson%s $ay Company along with the Metis coats. was Chief +actor at Moose +actory.udson5s $ay Company Collections and are now in the museum collections at the Manito. those of .es <.a. <&A&3)&'"3= Charles 2homas was . Adelaide lived near her sister)in)law Sophia . <Contri.oiled down the sap.uted . 9She made history U then outlived it. Margaret5s 0oman Catholic Church cemetery at 2raverse $ay.

its> . She was .ot forty)eight in $atoche. At age !&. the daughter of . 2his appointment.aines led . first in 4innipeg. she formed the 2raverse $ay Metis Association. when Children%s . . . she was employed at a clothing factory. +rancois Mavier sometime . also called Challius& <ChYlins=.ecause he was nearly froGen due to .y the $oard of Directors. & ! . # 0udy 4ie. was the son of Boseph 2homas dit 0oussain <.elene lived ne@t to +ranRois)Mavier .ruary &'7&.ut they had all retreated . +rom time to time Charles operated +rancois)Mavier%s post at +ort X la Corne.y acclamation for two further terms in &'7! and &'7# <a two)year term=.y then. ZDoes he say that we%re going to win>% NEuellette repliesO Z?h[ 4hat are you talking a. &A37=. <&'#*)!""!= Connie was the daughter of a commercial fisherman. Constance (*.y ?douard Dumont%s arrival. . She was then elected as Secretary)2reasurer of the Association. Charles and . 2hey had nine children.sence.ome closed this camp. &A&*=! and Marie Adele 4akitipik Michel. $oniface on Bune &#. +rom &'(3 on. 1n Bune of the same year elected as -ice)President of the South)4est 0egion of the MM+. &A7". was ratified at the following Annual General Assem.e was wounded in the arm at the .allett at St. Charles was a mem. she married Gerald ?yolfson and they su. one of the &' di. En the last day of .td. then at Children%s . <&A3()&'!(= Charles.elene . in response to the poor housing conditions of the Metis at 2raverse $ay.Tho&as.illside $each.odge.a in &'#*.ol5son . At si@teen she left school to earn a living as a housekeeper.ebellion. then at Pine +alls. &' . Manito.etendrJ on the south half of . ?douard gave him a coat .etendrJ=. $eal <?ditors=.egan working at the hospital.ome of 4innipeg at their summer camp at .e was married to .seHuently had nine children. Boseph <Bosie= 2homas and ?liGa.y Ga.attle Moise Euellette gives this account of the retreat toward Champagne%s house8 Charles 2homas arrives with his gun and his rosary. War in the West: 3oi-es of the <==> .out> ..rother)in)law <. During &'*7)7". 4hen first married they moved to Pine +alls where she .er of the 2raverse $ay <fisherman%s= Co)op. to serve as a non)profit housing corporation. &'A(8 &!7. Connie was always a community activist.e and $o. initially made .etendre <. Connie .etendrJ <.riel Cote of Saskatchewan.ater. She was re)elected . Charles then headed up the hill after the soldiers .attle of 2ourond%s Coulee.ow the Cree say Charles.rother of Chief Ga.riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance.er of Captain 4illiam $oyer%s company..ot 3A <23#)&)#= in the St. . 2hey lived on the south half of . 2oronto8 McClelland and Stewart ..aven%t you noticed that we%re running away like ra. Charles was rescued at 2ourond%s Coulee .. She was also a founding mem. 1n +e.ly of MM+. Charles.ow do you e@pect us to win># Tho&as. Boseph married Marie Adele at St.eing pinned down in the water of the creek. she served for three years with the 0oyal Canadian Air +orce as an aircraft)refinishing technician.ought it to serve as the site for Strong ?arth 4oman%s . Boseph 2homas was the .eth Maud <Bennings=.aurent Settlement southeast of his .efore &A3". to serve during the time that Angus Spence was granted a leave of a.. &A"&= and Marie .orn at 2raverse $ay.ouis . Connie was appointed as Acting Provincial President of the MM+ in May of &'7#. Z4hat is 0iel saying>% he asks.

. . She was involved as a volunteer for many other community groups.ntil her retirement.udson%s $ay Company.orn March #.aD the ?@ecutive Committee of the Pregnancy Distress ServiceD the +isherman%s .is wife. John Jr. was .%s Cree wife was Meenish <9. &A3"= George <Geordie= 2homas was . <.etween the northern and southern nited States. was the son of Bohn 2homas Sr. .orn at 1le X la Crosse in &A37.. <Contri.e married Sophie .udson5s $ay +actor at Moose +actory. &A(*. on . at a time when the Civil 4ar was still raging . Tho&as. She served on the $oard of Directors of the +amily Planning Association of Manito. )eorge (“)eordie” .ake 4innipeg. Jose!h.y Audreen . Adelaide Morin. <.y Doreen . the daughter of Metis parents Genevieve 0oui@ <0oy= and Pierre Morin. &A&* at Moose +actory. <&7'7)&A&*= Bohn 2homas Br. the son of Charles 2homas and Marie /ancy $ouvier. &'3"=. Bohn Br.ouse in &A'#.udson%s $ay Company. Jose!h Daniel 0arshall. the daughter of Peter . a Chief +actor at Moose +actory. April (.icense Appeal $oardD and the 0emote .erland .. . <&A(#)&'3!= Daniel was . as a guide fisherman and .ittle Mary:=. Bohn died on Bune #. 2hey were married at $rochet in &A*3.. !" .inklater. &A!A= was a guide and steersman for the . Charles <.ood N?yolfsonO. &A3"= 2homas was the son of Boaseph 2homas and Marie 4akitipik.ecame .uted .owsman. Connie was a long)term employee of the Canada Secretary of State department.orn to a Metis family at $rochet in &A3". Tho&as.e rose to the rank of Postmaster in &A(&.= Tho&as. <Contri.e .e retired at Cum.inklater and Marie Morin <d. 2he family then moved to $alsam $ay.uted .ousing Committee..ourie.orn on March &!. Daniel also worked for the . Daniel%s father. . . 2he family moved to $rochet and there Adelaide met the dashing Geordie.= Tho&as.ac du $rochet. &A(# at .

• Sarah. • Marie ?liGa.ake. &A7* at Pelican /arrows. • Marie. .. • ?tienne.Sophie . &AA( at . &A7' at . . ..ac du $rochet... &A'& at 0eindeer . • ?dward Daniel. &A'( at $alsam $ay.inklater 2homas <&'#'= Children8 • 2homas. &A'# at .ac du $rochet.ac du $rochet. • Peter. . .erland . . . • Catherine Marie. • Sophia .eth. .ouse.enry.. . . .... • -irginie. &A73. &AA& at Cum. &'"# at $alsam $ay.. &AA3 at . &AA' at Pelican /arrows. !& . ..ac du $rochet • Marguerite /ancy. . • Peter 4illiam. ..ac du $rochet • Boseph . &A'" at ... &'"" at $alsam $ay.ac du $rochet.ake.. • 4illiam Charles • Marie ?liGa. &AA7 at 0eindeer .

$C record for his father8 !! ..

e also sold cordwood to the Missouri river .erta with the refugee Plains Cree. 4hile cutting cord wood at a sawmill near +ort Custer.y Ma6or Sanno. <.earer.ouis was .S. Louis Jr.eing deported from Montana along with the Canadian Plains Cree deportations of &A'* carried out . was . and that he and his family have permission to return to the nited States. &A'* 2he .ina. Calvary. .ouis% grandmother was a Chippewa)Cree and his mother was a . he was apprehended .e had a ranch at the mouth of the Mussel Shell 0iver on the north .oats. .alf)$reed.ouis 2homas. . was well known to everyone from 2urtle Mountain to +ort $enton.e presented the following certificate upon arrival .is parents lived !# . Ma6or Sanno had charge of the Cree transportation.ank of the Missouri 0iver.ouis 2homas had the misfortune of .orn in the nited States at Pem. . was the son of . 4ood !nd . .y train at Coutts 8 Bune !3..ater his father was living south of 2urtle Mountain in /orth Dakota. . 4.Tho&as.ouis 2homas Br. . Al. . Canada with a .y the nited States Army and shipped to Coutts. 1 am authoriGed .een taken across the line.and of Cree 1ndians.ouis 9le Petit: 2homas and Marguerite +rederic. .S.y mistake transported to Coutts.ouis 2homas Br.is paternal grandparents were 2homas 2homas and Margueite Daunais. . &"th . &A3(= . .y Ma6or Sanno.ina when his father was employed as a herder of cattle and horses at +ort Pem. nited States army to state that he should not have .ieutenant.

commemorating the ("th Anniversary of . At that time 0ossville mission was in the charge of the 0everend Bames ?vans. 2he ceremony. in spite of rather fragile health. 2he Metis /ational Council was provided with !" Golden Bu.ilee Medal. 4hen Dr 2homas died in &A!A he left each of his si@ daughters S&.er Ma6esty%s reign. Sophia had the . +our years later the Masons sailed to ?ngland to superintend the printing of the /ew 2estament in Cree sylla. Paul 2homas served from &'3& to &'3* in 4411 with the 0oyal Canadian Army Service Corps of the (th Armored Division. helped out at the 1ndian day school. 6oined the Church of ?ngland. their fallen comrades and their fellow Metis -eterans across Canada.ilee Medals .""" in # per cent consolidated $ank of ?ngland annuities. Tho&as.ecame their home for && years. held in ?dmonton.eroy. /orth Dakota in the &A3"s and moved to the $elcourt area in the &AA"s. 2hey then moved to Pork +actory. Paul. Sophia. 1taly. married Angeline .orn /ovem. Tho&as. Sophia Mason%s a. the 0everend 4illiam Mason.$C chief factor and governor of the /orthern Department. She continued her work on he last of the Eld 2estament .ility to speak Cree was of great assistance to her hus.olland and Germany.een placed . .y her father. .enefit of a good up. at /orway . She declined in order to marry. -ol. 9Sophia 2homas. and.ehalf of themselves. +or this he was awarded si@ service medals.irth to her ninth child. /orth Dakota. 2his . and she continued to have pulmonary afflictions. $elgium. in whose trust she had . 1n the summer of &A3( ?vans left with his family .&A!! at 0ed 0iver.ic system of writing the Cree language. their community and to Canada.eroy. recogniGed the outstanding contri. 2oronto8 niversity of 2oronto Press. the youngest daughter of Dr 2homas 2homas and and his Cree wife.ouse in &A3#. En Septem. they remained to see the Eld 2estament through the press. Shortly after her arrival in ?ngland in &A(A Sophia suffered a severe attack of pleurisy. .: 1n 5i-tionar# of Canadian 4iogra!h#. as well as attending to the needs of their large family. !""! the Metis /ational Council awarded him the Golden Bu.ringing. !3 . made visits to the 1ndian homes. 1n &A3#. an offer made to her to .e served in ?ngland. first in the home of the 0everend David 2homas Bones.er &(.ouis Br.y the Governor General of Canada. . after Bones% death.er !7. She received her education at the 0ed 0iver Academy.at .and. 1n Buly&A*& she gave . &'7*. in the home of the 0everend 4illiam Cockran. 1t thus fell to 4illiam Mason to propagate the Gospel among the 1ndians .a0ocHue at .utions of Metis -eterans to their fellow citiGens.ooks and three months later was dead 0eference $ruce Peel. 1n &A(3 Mason left the Methodist Church. .er father was a .e a governess in the ladies% section of the academy.ecause of ill health.er translating was freHuently interrupted . 2hey chose to award these medals to !" Metis -eterans who accepted them on . So!hia (0ason . the inventor of the sylla.y means of the printed word.y seiGures of pain.icsD when this was completed in &A('. <&A!!)&A*&= Sophie 2homas was . a 4esleyan Methodist missionary 2he couple were first posted at the 0ossville mission. 1M <&A*&) &A7"=.

who had rheumatism.y Ga. moved to the Crow reservation in southeastern Montana in &'"! for the drier climate and to 6oin his .lish his own studio.ecame the first Metis in /orth America to . ?nglish and Scottish= descent. Sarah is .L. showed local 1ndians.right.is Metis grandparents.lished his own photography studio.e held this position until &'&&.elieved !( . 0.arry as an office clerk with the 1ndian Service.uHuerHue8 niversity of /ew Me@ico Press. . &A!#.e declared his candidacy only one month after gaining the vote himself after Congress granted citiGenship and voting rights to all non) citiGen /orth American 1ndians .orn at St. En +e.er of 0iel%s &* man Council <?@ovedate= at $atoche. a mem. Banet <2ait= and Ale@ander $irston along with his mother.in was . 4ashington and was of Manito.e in a campaign against tu.6ects were shown as defiant people who adapted they . Peggy. <&A(')&'#"= 4illiam was . Throssel. Cree.egislature.aines led . 1n &'"'. 0ichard was elected as Pellowstone County%s representative to the nineteenth session of the Montana State .e was a mem.y the Crow /ation in &'"(.e was given the name ?sh @$on 5$!ahs. in $illings. on May &. &AA& he married Bulie 0oss at St.ater. $oniface the son of David 2horn and Madeleine Auger.egislature. were part of the Metis emigrant party that travelled to the Colum. 1n &'!3.est they could.ruary !!. 2he 9-anishing: 1ndian motif never enthralled himD instead his su.riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance.e .(. .erculosis. he and his .G.ecame their tri.e employed as a professional photographer when he was appointed as a field photographer in the 1ndian Service.%s company.orn in the nited States.er Montana State .oth adopted .er of Captain $aptiste -andal Sr. 0ichard 2hrossel . was a mem. 2hrossel%s Metis roots were in 0ed 0iver. 'illia&.al photographer. the 2hrossel Photocraft Company.ia 0iver in Eregon 2erritory in &A3& in a &7"" mile e@pedition lead . 2hrossel.rother were . . an 1rish immigrant and Sarah Auto. .ees. . <&AA!)&'##= 0ichard 2hrossel was .orn in St. Al. +rancois Mavier.rother . while retaining aspects of their traditional culture. -alentine appointed 2hrossel to . Montana to esta.in.orn in Marengo. when he moved to $illings. the 2hrossel Photocraft Company. .a Metis <+rench. 1n &'"'. Crow "ndian Photogra!her: The Wor* of . . Richard (lbert. Shortly afterwards he esta.ouis. Mary $irston.e was elected to a second term in &'!* . . /ational Guardsman and local /ational 0ifle Association mem.ut was defeated in his third attempt in &'!A.y Bames Sinclair. Missouri. Montana. 2horssel%s photography.i-hard Throssel. or 9Cills 1nside the Camp. adapted to changing circumstances.Thorn.e field photographer for the Crow reservation and assigned him to take documentary pictures of the tri. Tho&as Tate6 Scout <&A!#)&'"3= 2homas 2ate 2o. when he did not advance past the primary. the son of $artholomew 9$artlett: 2o. &''7. Commissioner for 1ndian Affairs 0. Tobin.eferen-e Al. one of the first Metis to hold elected office in Montana at the state level.is father)in)law.er. . . Donald 0oss. one of the &' di. .

een a Delaware who had . Al.orn August 3. A year later. Charles Auto. . &A(( at St. Mrs. who married Cit Carson5s eldest son.een widowed . 1t is located on the stretch of the $attle 0iver . where his children were . a noted scout and 1ndian fighter of the early days of Colorado. Donald 2odd was .orn !# Ecto.orn &A!# at Pork +actory= and Sarah Bane Bohnstone.in of San . 1n &A7(.ituary8 2homas 2o.ees <later Auto.eavenworth for General S. Todd. married 4illiam Carson the son of legendary Cit Carson. Donald. 2hey are Mrs. into the marriage.ecame known as 2odd%s Crossing. who has .efore marrying 2o. . Mrs. !* .orn to the couple.ee=..etween the modern day cities of 4etaskiwin and Camrose. he married SuGanne Durand dit Dumont at $ear%s .erta. 2homas then married Maria 0osa Iuintana. &A3*. 2om 2ate 2o. the son of 4illiam 2odd <. /ewton of Alamosa. <.er &A*# in Costilla. Cearny.in ) 4ray 0attler ) May !7.een . $reen of Silverton.to have . died at +ort Garland.e spent the declining years of his life on his farm four miles from +ort Garland. 4illiam Carson of +ort Garland. &'"3 ) 2homas 2o.uis -alley.rought a son.lind for some time. a daughter Catherine was . and Bohn 2o. E.lished residence on the $attle 0iver at what .in first married Maria Pascuala $ernal circa.in and . &A((= 1n the early &A7"s. Clements.orn.e was employed delivering dispatches to +ort . a few days ago at the age of eighty)seven. 2heir daughter Maria Pascuala 2o.ill.in .in. Donald 2odd esta.

oretta is the daughter of George and Budy 2odd. . Ms. and as a trapper. 2odd left home at the age of &!. and Madeline Ducharme.oretta was the fourth of George and Budy5s children. /orth $attleford8 2urner)4arwick Pu.akery employee to construction worker. She has worked within /ative communities producing and directing educational and television productions and writing dramatic scripts. drawing horses on the walls for illustration. .elle .erta.s.rothers and sisters= who would dance and share stories. 2odd is MetisFCree. com.er father would sometimes come home and tell her stories. Hands of Histor# <&''(= provides a .: She is a commanding presence known for her powerful.iographic approach to the story of the actor Chief Dan George.ers the 4orld 4ar 11 soldiers who risked their lives overseas only to return to find their land confiscated. and she has participated at the Sundance 4riters .a. Metis. 2odd was soon supporting herself and an infant daughter. Although her family struggled with poverty and George5s alcoholism. .risk. . 2odd5s first full)length documentary. . atmospheric re) enactments.erta. aiding /ative youth in coping with drug and alcohol addiction.erta and travelled from 6o.s. John..eing filled with storytelling and art. working on oil rigs. $y &A she Hualified for community college. and +aina#ssini "manistaisiwa: The Peo!le Ao (n <!""#= e@plores the repatriation of /ative artifacts... writer and producer who has . and helped develop and implement . where she discovered a gift for writing. &oot!rints in the 5$st.ines first) person testimonials of Canadian residential)school survivors with ghostly. originally from /orthern Al. . a CreeFMJtis. while other girls her age were learning to navigate high school. Todd.etween 4innipeg and ?dmonton. The 0earning Path <&''&=.ousHuet. +amily gatherings were filled with aunts and uncles <George had &* . . to 6o.olding down a series of 6o. 1roHuois and Scottish ancestry. Loretta. She is the recipient of a prestigious 0ockerfeller +ellowship. 2odd supervised intervention programs.ers her childhood as . Camala. . from waitress to .een recogniGed with lifetime achievement awards at the 1magine/A21-? and 2aos 2alking Picture festivals.3 Todd. and &orgotten Warriors <&''*=. which was nominated for a Genie award. a 2reaty 1ndian from $attleford. she had gained significant videomaking skills. <.usiness pro6ects on various reserves. +or many years Bohn was the mail carrier .oretta was . $y the time she finished school.orn at 0ed 0iver. after finishing seventh grade. She then found employment with the federal government and various /ative organiGations. remem.s as well.e and Budy raised their eight children in ?dmonton and northern Al. !7 .e was married to 1sa. At times.oretta 2odd is of Cree.een called 9one of Canada5s smartest... the son of Bohn 2odd Sr.er father.orn in ?dmonton. 'illia& Jr. left his community in northern Al. Al. she grew up Huickly. .oretta 2odd is an award)winning director.Todd. &'A78 !7!. 2odd5s work has . playful portrait of four women artists. . &'*#= .lications 1nc. in road construction. <&A!#)&A7&= 3 Douglas 4. Toda# is a Aood 5a# <&'''= takes a more standard . the highest production standards and professional demeanor.erta.ight. 2odd remem. Pregnant while still in her early teens. She also oversaw pre)employment programs helping /ative women to find 6o. young directors. <&A(()&'3#= Bohn 2odd was . she used video as a tool in these 6o. visual storytelling.

4illiam 2odd ( and his Metis wife 1sa. Bames died Ect.oise . while living at +ort Pitt.y Bohn 4est. 4illiam married Marie Dufresne. .ert Catholic Cemetery ne@t to the Church Mission. After the death of Sarah he married +annie Anne . .ourie and Bessie Dennett circa &A7". were taken prisoner along with her parents and si.orn &A((. . Clements in Mapleton /ov. 6oined the . Samuel. in 0ossdale ( * Dr. !7 &A7" and died &A77. 'illia& Ja&es 777. . &A"* in Iue.efore he retired near the town of Deville on .orn &A*(.udson $ay Company as Apprentice Postmaster in Swan 0iver District and worked as Clerk and Postmaster in the Colum. <&A(#)&A'!= 4illiam 2odd was .udson $ay Company as Apprentice Postmaster in Swan 0iver District and worked as Clerk and Postmaster in the Colum.out the countryside during April to Bune of &AA(.4illiam 2odd Br.orn &A3*.orn &A(". Todd.. 1sa. . .ella Dennet.orn &A(7.* <. !#. was .ia district until &A*( when he . 2heir daughter. 7. . . &A!'=.e married Caroline . Al. .uried in the old St.aptiGed Sept. Clements. 1n &A'& 4illiam was working as a school teacher at +ort Pitt. !A . Bohn5s Cathedral . 2hey farmed on a homestead near near St.orn &A7".orn at Pork +actory. was . Saskatchewan and the following spring during the &AA( 0esistance. 1n &A3& 4illiam Br.erta.orn May #. Andrew5s Anglican. Saskatchewan.ecame a +ree)trader and returned to 0ed 0iver. +anny%s mother was Bessie Banet Bane Dennet the sister of 4illiam%s mother. Donald.efore &'"#. 4illiam 2odd and 1sa. !!. the daughter of 4illiam Dennett and Sophia $allendine.orn on Banuary &(. &A!# at St. &A!#= and Sarah Bane Bohnstone <.orn &A(#. 1sa. the son of 4illiam 2odd Br. 4illiam ?rnest 2odd. 4illiam was initially employed as a freighter.e was married on Aug.. Children • Bames 2odd. 4illiam.ec= and Margueite Mondion <Moignon= . &A3!=. . .orn &A(!.e was the son of Dr. 4illiam 2odd died in &A'! and is . 4illiam died on Buly &A. the daughter of Bohn . 0ed 0iver Settlement to Sarah Bane Bohnstone.ia district until &A*( when he .ourie a farmer.enry . &'*7. Al.elle Dennett. . Paul.elle Dennett <the daughter of 4illiam Dennett and Sophia $allendine=. Mary Bane. . &A(& at his homestead in St. and .aptiGed at St. &A3' at St.. 1n &AA3 Marie and 4illiam were living in $resaylor.orn &7A7 in 1reland and died on Dec. 1n &A3& 4illiam 6oined the . 2hey had si@ children8 • • • • • • Al.ecame a +ree)trader and returned to 0ed 0iver.afram. -ermillion 0iver and the lastly . &A(# at St.ake Al. &A7".ert.astings . . +anny.er father was Bohn .orn &A&* at +ort Carlton.ourie <.ake near South Cooking .is paternal grandparents were Dr.lings into the camp of $ig $ear were moved under force a. Bames.&*.elle.. . the daughter of ?douard +rancois Dufresne <.erta. &AA!F# at +ort Pitt.

SaskD died8 Spring. &'*A for K3". She was registered in the &'"& federal census as &3 years old.oucane in &'&& and their farm was /? 3)(7)&")3.owse. no. no. living at Saddle . PaulD . ."".ia ) +ather. 4illiam Pierre 2odd. She was && years old during the &'"& Al. scrip cert.elle 2odd.&'((=. Al. . scrip cert.elle <$elle= 2odd. died &A'" at Enion . $elle married Bules . Saskatchewan and died in the Spring &AA* at +ort Pitt.orn8 &AA3 at $resaylor. !"(&D address8 .orn8 # May.orn &AA* at +ort Pitt. <deceased MJtis= ) Mother. no.erta. &'** for K3".. scrip cert. scrip cert. 1sa. &A*7 at 4hite +ish .8 form D.afond.ouse. -ictoria ) $orn. near . scrip cert. no. &'*3 for K3". !"3'. &AA" d. &'"' was at /? !)(A)&")3 near St.8 formD.erta.orn in &AA3 at $resaylor. ?llen 2odD claim no.ower St. . &#3*D claim no.ake with her mother Marie and her step)father Bames . no. A$.erta Census and living at Saddle . &'*! for K3". She married 4illiam Bohn .ake with her mother Marie and her step)father Bames .ouse.8 form D.orn &AA' in Manito.a. &'7"D for K3".8 form D. Cree 1ndian ) Married. $elleF$ella was killed . $ella ) Concerning her claim as a head of family ) Address.""D Marguerite Marie .y lightening. MaryD for her deceased daughter.8 form ?.ake.ake to 4illiam Sinclair and &A7* at -ictoria to George Spence ) Scrip for K&*" ) Claim &!&A . 2odd. 4illiam 2odd. !' .a. 2heir homestead registered March !#.""D /orman .ake.orn &A'".""D Mary 2odd. no.8 form D. &AA! at +ort PittD father8 4illiam 2odd <MJtis=D mother8 Marie Dufresne <MJtis=D scrip cert.oucane <. &AA* at +ort PittD father8 4illiam 2odd <MJtis=D mother8 Marie Dufresne <MJtis W deponent=D heirs8 Mary . &A(! in $ritish Colum.8 form D. &'7! for K3". no.aptiGed at Enion .ouse. PaulD . scrip cert.""D 1sa. BamesD address8 St.• • • • ?llen 2odd . Paul Al.owse. +amily Scrip8 2odd.ouse.""D Bames 2odd.a and . Mary 2odd.

. 2olmie acted as medical officer and trader.ia district. was the Metis daughter of Bohn 4ork <&7'!)&A*&= and Bosette .ia. #" . $imon %as a veterinarian' farmer' politician' an( the !&st Premier of the Province of $ritish Colum.udson5s $ay Company7 and a mem. Si&on 3raser.4illiam 2odd 111 Trois Pouce.er of . the authorities would not let 2olmie and &* others acHuire land so he relocated to -ictoria.$C5s farming su.ly of Colony of -ancouver 1sland and the . . At /isHually.is mother.egace 7 . 4illiam +raser 2olmie <&A&!)&AA*=. the .egislative Assem. After a . Bane 4ork <&A!7)&AA"=. 2olmie returned to +ort /isHually sometime shortly after May &A3#. Simon was the son of Dr.sidiary. En !* /ovem.rought in large herds of cattle and sheep. a prominent figure in the . 2olmie .ecame chief +actor at +ort /isHaully.ly of $ritish Colum.oth the colonial assem. 1n &A3# he had settled in the 4illamette -alley <now in 4ashington State=. See entry under 0o8se Carri9re. 1n &A3*.ia. Tol&ie.rief visit home in &A3&)3!.e .$C &A#! to &A7" in the Colum. and as manager of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company. <&A*7)&'#7= $imon Tolmie %as the first Metis Premier of British Colum&ia.er &A((.

he e@plains his father%s #& . and those grouped around 4illiam Bohn $owser. 2hose supporting 2olmie. . 2olmie%s 2ories% commitment to applying \. worked as a cut line worker on the telegraph line near Duck .e was returned in the su.usiness of government.ert $orden and Arthur Meighen from &'&'U&'!&. 2olmie thus .y)election. . To&kins.ly.ut continued to sit as a Mem.ia Conservative Party in &'!* . and in &'!*. 2olmie spent his early life on his family5s vast farm called . <&A'')&'7"= Peter 2omkins Br.anners picked up 6ust five seats. was raised on various reserves and spoke Cree fluently since his father was an 1ndian Department farm instructor at reserves such as Saddle .er of the former colony5s assem.udson%s $ay Company Chief +actor.orn on Banuary &.A for Saanich. &A'' at Poundmaker%s 0eserve.erals captured 3!] of the vote and #3 of the 37 seats. . 2olmie lost his own seat. issued in &'#!. and the Conservatives who had run under various . 2olmie was elected leader of the $ritish Colum. 2he Cidd 0eport. was .e graduated from the Entario -eterinary College in &A'& and later . 2he strained situation took its toll on the provincial party which had so much internal discord that the e@ecutive decided to run no candidates in the &'## election. the Metis took him as a prisoner of war at $atoche. each local riding association acted on its own.ecoming nionist MP for -ictoria City. ran as /on)Partisans. taking #! of the legislature5s 3A seats. unemployment reached !A] ) the highest in Canada ) and 2olmie was finally forced to act. and mem. 0ather.e died in -ictoria a little over a year later. in which he ran and was elected M. 2he Conservatives were victorious that year. Palmer.ourhood=.ecame Premier of the province. Pete 2omkins Br.y government officials.ake. Some candidates ran as independents.is father had a great influence on his life and told him stories a.ounded to their disadvantage in the Great Depression. Pete Sr. 1n an &'*' interview with Pete Br.e married ?dith Mary Palmer <&A*#)&'""=.ike their federal counterparts. . ran as nionists. .e was the son of Peter 2omkins and Marie ?ssawakapiw from Poundmaker%s 0eserve.\ re. also serving as Minister of 0ailways. was sympathetic towards 0iel and felt the Metis were not treated 6ustly . $y &'#&.ians were enraged. 2olmie acceded to the reHuest from the . 2olmie returned to politics three years later. recommended such sharp cuts to social services that mainstream $ritish Colum. Sweetgrass and Ene Arrow. 2olmie entered federal politics in the election of &'&7. .usiness community that a royal commission . providing physical infrastructure and encouraging private enterprise.ake. Metis=. who returned to power in &'#". some as 1ndependent Conservatives.lished to propose solutions to the province%s dire financial situation.i.out the &AA( 0esistance at $atoche.ecame the Dominion 1nspector of . 2he result was easily foreseen.seHuent four elections as a Conservative <the riding changed its name to -ictoria in &'!3=.usiness principles to the . . a former premier. including every seat in -ancouver and -ictoria. Peter Jr. . 4ork was a . setting up remote relief camps.e esta. 2hey had come to e@pect more from their provincial government than its traditional functions of maintaining law and order. the new social democratic Co)operative Commonwealth +ederation . 2he . 2olmie served as Minister of Agriculture in the governments of Sir 0o.er of Parliament until the &'!A provincial election.ecame the official opposition. the daughter of 0ichard 4. returning to his old federal seat of -ictoria in a &'#* . During this government contract. Pete 2omkins Sr.ivestock.illside <now a -ictoria neigh. $orn in -ictoria.<&A&!)&A'*.

out the health concerns of the MJtis. . 2he leaders all . 2omkins wanted government studies a.ecause he spoke no ?nglish. they%ll . often met with Pete 2omkins Br.alf)$reed Pro.uild a monument... 2omkins drifted away from Metis politics especially since all five of his sons entered into the Canadian Army. was a very community minded person and he . diplomat and negotiator and played a key role in the esta. 2omkins was a good organiGer.e never did anything worse than a good nion man would do to his group and some day they%ll . 9. People always came to the 2omkins family for assistance and advice.uilt the first hospital in Grouard. 1n &'(". 2omkins.y the Metis people themselves.11.oth enlisted in the military during 4. 9Pete. followed closely in his father%s footstepsD he was always good at lo.eth MJtis Settlement. +ur Marketing. Pete Br.. Pete went through a challenging educational process and later moved .lem.ying and got doctors to come to the community of Grouard. Malcolm /orris and Bim $rady. nfortunately. .ack to Grouard and opened a . resources and healthcare. Pete Br. which studied the 9Al.: Pete Sr.ealth for Al.owever. education. a teacher. 1n the &'#"s. 2omkins was one of the only ones left in Al. .reak the e@ploitation of the . in &'#(.perspective on 0iel. After the recommendations of the ?wing Commission were presented to the Al. Pete 2omkins Br.tain 6ustice for A. received a formal education in 4innipeg and lived with his father%s sister.: 2he main focus of 2omkins during the commission hearings was to liaise with Dr. Al.elieved the MJtis had inherent rights to land. .oth he and his . to discuss the conditions of the MJtis people of Al. $rady. not a right.erta. .lacksmith shop. 1n order to o. some day these scissor). Ef the original MJtis Association leaders in the &'#"s. 1n 4innipeg he e@perienced discrimination .udson%s $ay Company monopoly. and /orris were the main negotiators with the Province of Al.11 and traveled to the MJtis settlements to ask where they wanted the settlements located and made sure the Metis chose the settlements themselves.4. the provincial government viewed the assistance to the MJtis as a welfare scheme. his role in Settlement administration was cut short and a new non) Metis supervisor was hired to replace him.erta. Bim $rady and Malcolm #! . and Cooperative Movements in /orthern Al.4. 2omkins was made supervisor of the Metis settlements . which had a significant impact on the family.lishment of the early Al.erta and Saskatchewan.he used to say.erta .efore 4. After the war it was very difficult to get Metis people organiGed especially since government was then overseeing the management and daily affairs of the Metis settlements with very little input .ills that they%ve got who put 0iel to hang him. Boe Dion. only Cree. At that time he formed what was to . 2hey should never have hanged 0iel. 2omkins had high e@pectations for the settlements and .erta. And look what they%ve done. Cross the Minister of .ecome a long lasting friendship with activists.e took action on health care issues and helped many people in the community.erta legislature.e married 1sa.erta during the ?wing Commission. was selected to assist in drafting the MJtis $etterment Act..original people he felt it was necessary to . After his great disappointment with the Metis settlements and the stagnation of the MJtis Association.ella Andrews a MJtis originally from the Grouard area.e gone and another outfit will spring up and they%ll see the mistake that these guys made. he turned his socialist efforts into organiGing the +resh +ish Marketing. which was passed in &'#A.erta MJtis political organiGation.ecause of his diplomacy.erta as Bim $rady and Malcolm /orris .rother signed over their lands to the ?liGa.

ered for his organiGing a. . Tourond. and Bosephte PaulD his first wife was Marguerite 0oss.erland . . Pete 2omkins was part of a close knit family and they remem.e then married Bosephte Gervais in &AA! at $atoche. Cali/te. .e was a mem.e married Marguerite $reland in &AA! at St.e remem.eah Dorion./orris arranged for 2omkins to come to Saskatchewan as a special field officer for the Cooperative Commonwealth +ederation <CC+= government.er him as a great man.oth 1ndian and Metis people. Tourond. *l:ear.etter conditions amongst my poor MJtis people.e later returned to $atoche and died there on Septem.out 2omkins and other Metis leaders.orn at +ish Creek.y .e died at $atoche at age !& on Buly &'. . Charles 0enard. 4e have made numerous friends. <Contri. Tourond.ouse.= Tourond. .e was a mem.een a pillar of strengthD his untiring efforts on . . 1n the minutes of the MJtis Association meeting in &'3". .e suffered three strokes and passed away in &'7".orne fruit and will ever . .er of Captain ?douard Dumont%s company. +rancois Mavier.is work involved setting up cooperatives and government stores in northern communities such as . . Boe Dion comments a.orn at $aie St. the last day of . on the last day of .riel Dumont.y Ga. . a fitting tri. May &!.uted . a revolutionary without a revolution. <&A*#)&AA(= Charles was the seventh son of Boseph 2ourond Sr.e fought at $atoche in &AA( along with Ga.e died at age !(. one of the &' di. <&A(&)&A'"= David was the oldest son of Boseph 2ourond Sr. all . &A'".riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance.ilities and his dedication to improving the Huality of life for .rother MJtis have . . .lic. <&A(#)&AA(= Cali@te was . /orth Dakota. 4hile in the province he also worked with the C$C providing Cree radio programs in /orthern Saskatchewan.ered. .ute for the part they have played in helping to . 2hey had two children.attle.er of 0iel%s &* man Council <?@ovedate= at $atoche during the &AA( 0esistance. and Bosephte Paul. &AA(. and 1 hope that some day when a complete history of the MJtis struggle is finally written and introduced to the pu. Cali@te fought and died on May &3. Paul.e is remem. . the second son of Boseph 2ourond Sr.attle in the &AA( 0esistance at $atoche. Ene of the ma6or misfortunes is that Pete 2omkins never took residency on the MJtis Settlements in which he worked so hard to form.er &&.a0onge and Cum. 2hey had three children. and Bosephte Paul. the names of these men will live through the ages to come.e married -irginie +isher and they settled near +ish Creek in &AA#. has . Dion states that8 Pete as we like to call him. &AA( ## .ehalf of his . and Bosephte Paul. David.aines led .e then took up residence at 2urtle Mountain.e was not tried for his 0esistance activities having escaped to Montana. <&A(A)&AA(= ?lGear 2ourond was the fifth son of Boseph 2ourond Sr.

. En Ecto.rothers. in her simple faith of his divine mission. <. . <. and in mercy send them home to console the desolate heart of their mother. nor. lie in hurried graves on the . he cried.ert and had &! children. and two.roken widow now almost childlessD deal mercifully with these poor deluded young men.riety is swept away like snow .y industry and so.oly visions. shot on the field of .. with what terri. 2hey were well off. -ol. spirit of mercy enter the heart of their 6udge in pity and compassion.efore the windD the proud young sons. had a fine farm.anks of the Saskatchewan. 2hese . and with his devilish cunning played on her superstition and credulity. &A*&= +rancois was the si@th son of Boseph 2ourond and Bosephte Paul. &#.orn Bune &.ourhoodD they were so Huiet and hard workingD their farm was the nicest kept in the settlement. Bosephte%s sister Catherine was married to Cali@te%s . Bosephte was left with two small children to care for and was ) Marguerite%s father was a mem. then served on 0iel%s 0ed 0iver Council in &A7". She married . a.rightness crowning him with glory.ois. .y seven glorious stars of e@traordinary . prayed of her fine young sons to go forth and .roken heart at the sudden shock of the terri.oys to 6oin him.attle under the .er of 0iel%s Council <?@ovedate= at $atoche. <CSP. where are they> 2hree of them.er &&. Tourond.ove named prisoners awaiting sentence at the hands of outraged ma6esty of the law of their country. for the poor heart. 1n his testimony of August &#. the two. Jean 2a!tiste.. the wealth produced . 2hey are unmarried.e married AngJliHue Delorme in &A*&. another died of a .le death of his . plenty of cattle and horses. their mothers pride and strength. &A*'.rothers. $aptiste was part of 0iel%s group who stopped Colonel Dennis and crew from surveying on Metis land. how he saw himself surrounded . and were worth a good deal of money. the son of Boseph 2ourond and 0osalie .eopold McGillis in &A7!.ut without success. Marguerite 0oss A had died in &AA".&AA( at the 0egina trial +ather Ale@is Andre says8 9+rancois and Patrice 2ourond are . Eh.e told her of his . and five uncles were all active in the 0esistance. &A&*=.ert at the convention of /ovem. &A#A= $aptiste was .attle. 2hey were seven sons and a widowed mother. <. &A#A at St. 2hey lived at St. 2he crafty 0iel tried every means to induce the .le results[ 2hat once happy home is now desolate. #A*= Tourond.rother Pierre 2ourond and sister Marie was later married to Patrice 2ourond. $oniface. 1 have known them for a long time. his first wife.. 2hese young men were the admiration of the neigh.alf)$reed /ation.right stars.er father.le families of the /orthwest.rother. .aderoute <. and the poor woman.anner of heaven.er (. 0iel went day after day to the poor widow. are your seven glorious sons. &AA*. 2hey are among the most respecta. Jose!hte )ervais. Alas.er &A*'. Cali@te was killed on the last day of fighting during the &AA( 0esistance. &AA! at $atoche.. 2hey were opposed to 0iel in all his movements. who are to achieve the glory of the . 3ran.e served a prison sentence . . then married Cali@te 2ourond on /ovem. . /or. #3 . &A(&= Bosephte was the daughter of Ale@is Gervais and Madeleine +agnant. $aptiste represented St. She was his second wife.Tourond. another wounded and crippled for life.ecause of his participation in the &AA( 0esistance.

attle.riel Dumont during the &AA3 /orthwest 0esistance. After the .odyguard and protector for . Patrice and Boseph Delorme served as principal lieutenants to Ga.seHuently . Charles . one of the &' di. /orth Dakota.ret in &A'".pregnant with their third child.er !#. &AA(= Tourond.ouis 0iel during the final day of . -irginie gave .riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance.ain.ooty collected .y Ga.orn Ecto.orn at Iu%Appelle.elongs to her contains what she needs.attle. Pierre. Tourond. &AA3 and Marguerite su.er &&.y Ga.ecause of his participation in the &AA( 0esistance. on the night of April #" or the morning of May &. . 2ourond recogniGed one of her suitcases which contained the very clothes she needed. .a. She e@plained to him that she had 6ust had a .y the enemy.e was not tried for his 0esistance activities having escaped to Montana. <irginie (3isher . Pierre was a mem.owever. Such were the tragic circumstances surrounding the child%s . 2hey would hide . &AA#. 2hey then took up residence at 2urtle Mountain. -irginie su.er !". she argued with them and answered them sharply. he severely punished the soldiers who had . +rom &AA7)&AAA. the women would change places constantly so as to avoid the fire of the enemy. -irginie was .rutally shoved her . Patrice was living at AlvJna and was secretary for the 2ache School District in Saskatchewan Tourond.e.ack.er of 0iel%s Council <?@ovedate= at $atoche during the &AA( 0esistance.riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance. Pierre.er of Captain $aptiste -andal Sr. they finally decided that some lighting was necessary. <Bean $aptiste . <&A(7)&A'A= Patrice was the fourth son of Boseph 2ourond and Bosephte Paul. Patrice. 2hey settled near 2ourond%s Coulee in &AA#.seHuently married /apoleon . <&A(()&AA7= Pierre was the third son of Boseph 2ourond and Bosephte Paul. while walking around the . She married David 2ourond.orn on Ecto.irth.. .e was a mem. 2he family later returned to $atoche and David died there on Septem. or rather. Some soldiers . &A'".irth to a child.%s company. During the .ehind trees or in damp holes. it. and Bosephte Paul at St. &AA( in a tent situated on a slope near $atoche%s Crossing.yD that she does not have any clothes to change intoD and that this suitcase which . . several days later. .er of Captain Bames Short%s company.aines led . . 2he officer immediately gives it to her and apparently. An officer arrives who asks what is going on. r.een rude to her.attle. Mrs. So frightened were they that they did not dare have some light which could have attracted the enemy%s attention. David was a mem.er 7.e was married to Marie Gervais. #( . one of the &' di. +rancois Mavier in &A7(. <. the daughter of George +isher and ?melie $oyer.e too served a prison sentence .orn Septem. Patrice acted as a . Tourond.amelin at . $ut since she spoke ?nglish very well. &A('=. She was along with her mother)in)law. She tried to gra.e married Catherine Gervais and they lived at +ish Creek. the oldest son of Boseph 2ourond Sr.aines led .

Ad1ent$res of the &irst Settlers on the (regon or Col$mbia .er (. She slaughtered the horses and smoked the meat. Marie was at a Pacific +ur Company Post when she received word that a .ia 0iver. 2he couple had a daughter. Bean $aptiste. 1daho=. Marie remarried to . +ortunately they were near a camp of friendly 4alla 4allas encamped on the Colum. She was . 2hey had two children.eClerc on one horse and with her sons on the other.uried 9under the steeple: of the St. diplomatic relations and trade with the 1owa 1ndians. She .ouis area.ut the child did not survive.liGGard for three days. $y the time she reached the $lue Mountains in northeastern Eregon. 2hus Madame Marie Dorion is known as the 9Madonna of the Eregon 2rail.voise . Marie lived out the rest of her life at +rench Prairie near present day Salem. Ale@ander.ut was caught in a . 4eing the /arrati1e of the ?B!edition fitted b# 'ohn 'a-ob Astor to ?stablish the Pa-ifi&$r Com!an#Q. . .: 1n Banuary &A&3. one of her horses had given out. After &( days. . <&7A*)&A(#= Marie 2oway. married.ouis to the mouth of the Colum. She decided to wait out the winter there.ack.y the Dorion family in the St.ouis Boseph -anier.i1er.e was wounded and indicated that his companions had . &A(". ' S.e. pp.order. .eah Dorion.and%s camp with murderous intentions.ondon8 Smith)?lder. #* .y the fact that she was always addressed . Some called her 9Madame 1owa: after her mother%s tri. a man named .irth on the trail .ert. headed .ecoming an accepted marriage practice . Marie married for the third time in &A!3 to Bean $aptiste 2oupin. 1n March she continued on with her children . She collected some food and headed out to what is now Eregon. Pierre Dorion Br.uilt a shelter out of the horse hides and cedar and grass and waited out the remaining two months of winter. Marie and Pierre Br. 1n &A&A.y the honorific. (L=(. 2he trip took three days on horse. . according to the custom of the country. 2he practice of MJtissage was .uted .e wanted to turn himself in at Prince Al. a Metis who was an interpreter for the .ack to the post <near what is now Caldwell.y .ia 0iver. had three children together. During &A&&)&! Marie accompanied her hus. En returning to the post she found that the trappers there had .een left loose. 0arie (Dorion . Margeurite. 2he family moved to the 4illamette -alley in the &A3"s. Madame.M.y some authors as . .e met +ather Andre who was returning from Prince Al. Marie was acknowledged . &''(=. She walked most of the way while pregnant and with two young children. hoisted .ouis Catholic Church.undled up her young sons <Bean $aptiste and Paul= and set out to warn the men.' To+a. A!)A#.$C at +ort /eG Perce.eClerc died that night from loss of . Marie captured two horses that had .eferen-e 0oss. . She gave . Margaret and Paul. As she approached the camp.and of $annock 1ndians was heading for her hus. Shortly thereafter a Pacific +ur Company search party found them. +rancis and Marie Anne.ut their food was gone. Marie%s prominent role in Eregon history is reflected .lood.eing of half 1owa 1ndian and half +rench) Canadian <Shirley. As was the local custom this marriage secured peace.een murdered as well. she died on Septem.David 2ourond had not surrendered right away. .= . .een killed. <Contri. 1ndians also killed -anier. &A3'.ert and who told him8 9Don%t turn yourself inD go to the other side of the .eClerc appeared.and on the Astoria e@pedition overland from St. they reached the plains .

e was a speaker of . +rom the Coltman 0eport8 Andr2 Trottier. Senator /icholas Si. -ancouver8 2illacum . and the Metis Association of the /orthwest 2erritories.er of Captain $aptiste $oucher%s company. one of the &' di. who had with him Sera!him 0amar and 4ostonais Pangman.aines led . .. &'A*. a hunter. Al.i. . .is nephew.y Ga. $etween stints in the . Michif.ush man. and Boseph 2rottier.ealth. .eferen-e Morriset. AleBander a-5onnell. 6What #7 .e married Marguerite St.eston. <&'"")&'A&= 2ed%s Scottish)Metis father. came from the . 6Half)4reed.aird 0iver area of the /orthwest 2erritories. . 2ed%s mother. the son of AndrJ 2rottier and .: .iGette <Cree= in &A&& at 0ed 0iver.riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance. Ted Trindell: /orth. Trottier.ert was on the 2reaty Pay list of Muskeg . oil companies and the courts.e trapped in the .oat pilot and a translator for the C$C.ills wrote a petition asking for a special Metis reserve of land. Ted. Trindell.e was also a river . and Charles age &". one of the &' di. a hunter. the son of Boseph 2rottier and 2herese -allee dit . Chipewyan. the daughter of AndrJ PaHuette and . ?sdras was a mem.orn at +ort ?llice in &A*".oth +rench and ?nglish. 1n the late &'*"s 2ed was involved in organiGing the Metis local at +ort Simpson.e married 1sa. Andre and his . (ndr>.ert was the nephew of Charles 2rottier listed . Al.ush 2ed worked for the /orthern Canada Power Commission. Peter. .riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance.ert was .ake 0eserve in &AA3.elle Cayen dit $oudreau at Duck .esser Slave . (lbert. Al. Denis dit PaHuette.elow and the .: 2ed said that he had a degree from the niversity of +ort ProvidenceTa Grade ! education. ?nglish and +rench fluently. <&A*"= Al.e spoke Slavey.e was a mem.ina Census of &A(" as +amily L A3.8 stated the following to Commissioner William Coltman as des!otion Csi-D into the in1estigation of the f$r trade war: That on his arri1al near the en-am!ment he was met b# r. Bean and 0ose)Marie Pelletier <?ditors=.er of Captain Philippe GariJpy%s company.ed himself as a 9full)swing . *sdras.uffalo hunters at Cypress . was a Slavey)Dene from +ort Simpson.e descri.ake area. 2hey list Andre age **. .ert Grant%s party. and as*ed him.ake. Marguerite age (". 1n &A7A.ert and other Metis . 2his family was enumerated in the Pem. 1n &AA* he married 1sa. Boseph age !!.aplante.es 2ed as the 9Shakespeare of the Slavey. descri. Michel age &'.rother of Charles Br. . 2rindell was a recogniGed e@pert on Dene mythology and 1ndian medicine. /42 .orn in &7A3 in the /42. Annie.rother Boseph were participants in the $attle of Seven Eaks as part of Cuth. /42.Tre&bla. . Antoine age &3. <&7A3)&A73= AndrJ 2rottier was .elle Cayan dit $oudreau.y Ga. a hunter.ouise <Chippewa=.aines led . 2tis Witness to the Trottier..rary.

istorical Society of /orth Dakota.8 4ostonais Pangman was F$oted as sa#ing that 4ato-he was his -o$sin and he m$st be re1enged.el +alcon..orn &A*"..ake and Pem. #A . led .orn &A#!= appear on &A*#)*3 0ed .orn August &!.ina Chippewa 2reaty as num. (ndr> <. <. on Buly &( to &*. Andre was the son of Andre 2rottier Sr.e was the son of Andre 2rottier <. south of SaskatoonD he had wintered there since the mid)&A("s.alf). &A73 at . &A&*= Andre 2rottier was a participant in the $attle of the Grand Coteau. Dakota. he answered.e.el8 • • 4illiam Bohn DuHuette <Adopted=. && and Marguerite St. (#3 Andre 2rottier Sr.ecame the leader of the Metis from Prairie)0onde.is .uffalo hunting party from St. .y Bean $aptiste +alcon and the Cut .y Chief Medicine <Sacred= $ear.e.orn &A#'= and Michel 2rottier <.<0 AndrJ 2rottier died on April !3. Denis dit PaHuette. and a half)breed of the name 4ato-he.news78 to whi-h he answered. p. Denis dit PaHuette.ert Grant%s party in &A&*. Children of Andre Br. 6we fo$ght #esterda#8E and being f$rther F$estioned. Ale@andre 2rottier. &A#'= later . <. Charles 2rottier <. the daughter of Pierre +alcon and Marie Grant. his brother G'ose!h TrottierH was wo$nded. *illed. . &A#3. +ranRois Mavier. Andre married 1sa.attle took place on the Grand Coteau.ina &" && State . led .end of the Souris 0iver.. 6ust south of the . Trottier.ret age &7. &A#3= Antoine was .ake . (ntoine. .rother Boseph were participants in the $attle of Seven Eaks as part of Cuth.ig ..aksa= Panktonai <1hanktonwanna=.ret in the Iu%Appelle -alley. &7A3= and his . died &AA& at . that on their side. -ol. and 1sa.orn &A*#. 6that there were 22 of the ?nglish *illed. 2his . &A(&. &A73= and Marguerite St. Andre and his family were enumerated in the Pem.rother Charles 2rottier <. . Trottier. 3.reed Scrip in &A7(. .etween a Metis .ead <Pa..ers 333 and 3(7 when they were given 0ed .

ills wrote a petition asking for a special Metis reserve of land.ockey .e is one of the greatest hockey players to ever come out of Saskatchewan.e married Marguerite St. 2his strip was to .ridge for the &'73)7( season to finish his 6unior hockey career.e fifty miles from south to north.orn in &7A3 in the /42. using his playmaking skills to collect A7 assists and his a.ruary &(th each year and the granting of Metis 9reserve: landTA strip of land &(" miles long along the American . was . +rom &'7! to &'73 $ryan played for the Swift Current $roncos.le.ina 0iver crosses the . Antoine 2rottier.order. 2hey list Andre age **.afram. .ockey .eague career. Trottier. at age &'.orn Decem.census of &A(" as family L A3D he is listed as a hunter. 1n &''A. Trottier.. including four consecutive titles with the /ew Pork 1slanders in the early &'A"s. a Metis. Andre and his family were *2 AndrJ 2rottier was .afram. 1n &A7A.3!( total career points.eague.ouise <Chippewa=. and other Metis . and moved with the $roncos to ..rother Charles.y the /ew Pork 1slanders in &'73. 1n &'7A and led the /.ina Census of &A(" as +amily L A3.original Achievement Award for Sports. all time players list with &.uffalo hunt . <. the daughter of AndrJ PaHuette and . .e was the league5s top scorer and won the ..uffalo hunters at Cypress . Ever an &A)year /ational . Montana in &'"!. 1n &'7(.e scored three goals and had five points at the 1slanders home opener that year. he made the 6ump to the /ational .orn in -al Marie. &A#' at St.order .eth.avre. with 77 assists. leading all playoff scorers with !' points and earning the Conn Smythe 2rophy as the most outstanding post)season performer.art 2rophy as the most valua. &A#'= Charles 2rottier was .!7' games played. . 2hey reHuested a re)opening of the . Antoine and AngeliHue had eight children .iGette <Cree= in &A&& at 0ed 0iver. Denis dit PaHuette.oise was married to her hus.er &3th and +e. 2r.e was drafted . #' .er sister rsule . . 2hat same year he was voted Most -alua. the son of Andre 2rottier&! <. .oise.. . 2his family was enumerated in the Pem. &A73= and Marguerite St.an. Antoine died at .eague%s . +rancois Mavier.all of +ame in &''7.ility around the net to record 37 goals.e is seventh on the /.etween /ovem. &'(*= $ryan 2rottier.le Player in the 4estern hockey . 2he ne@t year he was unstoppa.e was inducted into the /ational . and Prairie 0onde.and%s . 1n &'A" the 1slanders won the Stanley Cup and 2rottier was the star. . .e went on to lead the /ew Pork 1slanders to four Stanley Cups and played on two Pitts.eginning where the Pem.ockey . .er 3.le player.urgh Penguin Stanley Cup winners.oldt. Denis dit PaHuette. he received an A.orn at St. the son of AndrJ 2rottier and .um. <. .. he led his teams to the Stanley Cup si@ times. (!3 goals.ockey .e married AngeliHue . Charles “'ah!ass” (Rabbit . '"& assists and &. +rancois Mavier.eague. . Saskatchewan.

rother. to live with the Panktonai Siou@ who had moved into the north eastern part of Montana to hunt .es. Assini.oine. the daughter of Bean $aptiste . Cypress .oine\ in Cree= also known as the 1ron Confederacy.oise and other Metis .ogue reports8 ntil the fall of &AA&Q a Metis man . the daughter of Pierre +alcon and Marie Grant.enumerated in the Pem.er &3th and +e. *illed.ert Grant%s party. . +rom the Coltman 0eport8 Andr2 Trottier.ruary &(th each year and the granting of Metis 9reserve: landTA strip of land &(" miles long along the American .eginning where the Pem. 2his strip was to . Michel .ills and St.afram.order .oise and SuGanne $eaudry on august !*. &( 2he Metis allied with the Cree.le to get along with anyone other than their newly found friends.etween /ovem. the +ort Peck agency was esta. +rancois Mavier. 6Half)4reed. to the +ront 0ange of the 0ockies in the west.ers in the pper Assini.orderlands of what . 6What news78 to whi-h he answered.wa as part of the /ehiyaw Pwat Confederacy </ehiyaw Pwat means \Cree Assini.uffalo hunt . and it is possi.le that. Andre and his .&( 2roche was a petty trader.ina 0iver crosses the . Prairie 0onde.oine avoided the pper Assini. +rancois Mavier. . 6that there were 22 of the ?nglish *illed. as such.y demonstrating that the Assini.oine and Gros -entre chiefs had permitted him to remain on the reservation N+ort PeckO.oinesQ had longstanding ties to the 0ed 0iver Metis and a history of sharing territory with them. <.e fifty miles from south to north. smallpo@ greatly reduced the num. 3" . Augustin . Charles and his group could .ret.es has remains in effect to this day. &# $oth active at the $attle of the Grand Coteau in &A(& although not yet married.e. Michel age &'.orn at St. Montana with the /akota during the hunting and trading seasons. 0ed Stone.8 4ostonais Pangman was F$oted as sa#ing that 4ato-he was his -o$sin and he m$st be re1enged. Boseph age !!. 2he alliance .oine .ower Assini.ecame the nited States and Canada.ert a hunter. and as*ed him. his brother G'ose!h TrottierH was wo$nded.uffalo.&# 1n &A7A. 1n the fall of &AA&. it appears that he was less successful.e had successfully avoided e@pulsion Nfrom MontanaO in &A7' . a hunter.oine.is older . 2hey had eleven children. 1sa.afram. *4 $y &A*'. and a half)breed of the name 4ato-he. that on their side. a hunter. . and Charles age &".and.oine chief 0ed Stone%s&3 permission to live and hunt on the reservation.e found at 4olf Point. AleBander a-5onnell.y the name of Charles 2rochJ had relied on Assini.ower Assini.etween these two tri.attle. the . he was also useful to the local tri. &A*" at St. Su. Charles married rsule .elle%s . and E6i.order. 2o avoid the same fate.lished for the Siou@ who were una. he answered.ills wrote a petition asking for a special Metis reserve of land. 2hey reHuested a re)opening of the . &A&*= was married 1sa.ina census of &A(" as family L A3D he is listed as a hunter. 6we fo$ght #esterda#8E and being f$rther F$estioned. and straddled the .el +alcon. Charles 2rottier. Antoine age &3.oise. . Marguerite age (".afram.ower Assini. 1n &A7&.ieutenant 0o. Peter%s Mission in Montana.oine and followed their chief.8 stated the following to Commissioner William Coltman as des!otion Csi-D into the in1estigation of the f$r trade war: That on his arri1al near the en-am!ment he was met b# r. . who had with him Sera!him 0amar and 4ostonais Pangman. though.seHuent to the petition of &A7A.rother Boseph were participants in the $attle of Seven Eaks as part of Cuth.uffalo hunters at Cypress .. 2he /ehiyaw Pwat Confederacy homeland stretched from the 0ed 0iver on the east.e told . the .rother Bean $aptiste +alcon was the leader of the Metis during this . Andre 2rottier Br. Chief 0ed Stone and the .

ake 0eserve and was a Captain of one of the &' companies led . 2hey lived with the group that was sustaining themselves .is hunting .orn &A#'= and Michel 2rottier <. Charles 2rottier <. .orn &A#!= appear on &A*#)*3 0ed .orn &A3! at .riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance.oise <. .y the Metis councils.e driven off.: 4isconsin8 Ph.er parents were at the $attle of the Grand Coteau in &A(& and she was likely with them.avre.y Ga. Montana=. 1sidore and Bean $aptiste. rsula was the daughter of Bean $aptiste . !""'8 !(')!*".original languages and was often sent as a messenger .is first marriage was to Marie)Anne Parenteau. thesis. Charles was a trader in the /orth 4est 2erritories.ers 333 and 3(7 when they were given 0ed .ogue. having hunted with his nephew /or. Augustin was living on the Muskeg .and often 6oined with that of 1sidore 9?capow: Dumont when on the plains.is son ?douard also served in his Company.ina Chippewa 2reaty as num.afram. 2his family escaped to Montana after &AA(. south of SaskatoonD he had wintered there since the mid)&A("s. . 3& .ake and Pem.reed Scrip in &A7(.riel Dumont and .rought his men along with the Dakota 1ndians of 4hitecap%s $and to fight at $atoche in April of &AA( <a. 9$etween 0ace and /ation8 2he Plains Metis and the Canada) nited States $order. niversity of 4isconsin)Madison.y cutting wood for +ort Shaw.&7 rsula%s .$ates that he did 9not like to .:&* Charles was the leader of the Metis from Prairie)0onde.D.oise <. 2hey were accompanied . .alf).ake .y their sons. 0emi.afram. Charles spoke e@cellent ?nglish and +rench as well as over ten A.ert 4elsh for many years.ut that he would return to his camp and move north of the line at once.. &7 . &A"*= and SuGanne $eaudry.out *" &* Michel . his second to rsula . 2rottier was a close friend and relative of Ga.rother.

etween the 0ound Prairie *) David . Clarence <. . he lived at .&A Trottier.owever. Ekimassis was a 4illow Cree Chief in the Duck . /or. Charles Jr. &A*(= Charles was . Among this group were three of his sons and two of his nephews.y Ga.ers of 0iel%s ?@ovedate <Provisional Government=. .orn at St.is mother Bustine. 1t is said that 4hitecap and forty of his men had 6oined the 0esistance under duress.y Clarence% father. 2ourond%s Coulee and $atoche. 1nterestingly.e was a mem. it was not until the &'*"s when they once again . En Bune &!.ake. at Duck . the son of Boseph 2rottier and 2herese -allJe dit . Peter%s grandparents were Michel 2rottier and AngeliHue Des6arlais.els of &AA(. to document those that were .ove. Charles was the nephew of Charles Sr. #.aplante. there was an effort . . &'!(= Clarence 2rottier was president of Metis .ake and were . Charles married Madeleine Ekimassis.afram. 3! .ert 4elsh contradicts this account.afram.ecame politically active under the leadership of Clarence 2rotchie..ater. Peter 2rotchie. Clarence was the son of Bustine . was the daughter of Moise ..oise.er of Captain Philippe GariJpy%s company.ocal && <Saskatoon= of the Saskatchewan Metis Society.oise. &A*(. . the daughter of Mavier Ekemassis <Metis= and Marie 2herese Gladu <Metis=. &'A'8 &&. Peter was the son of Ale@andre 2rottier and Catherine . Charles 2rottier Sr.andry and Peter 2rottier.e was active in the fighting at Duck . 92he Metis Militant 0e. .oon .and. Trottier.ake area. Charles and his wife lived on the $eardy 0eserve near Duck . <.uried at 0ound Prairie in recognition of the connection .riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance. MM1. . +ranRois Mavier on April !3. a great nephew of Charles 2rottier and rsule .e and 4hitecap were mem.andry and Philomene . Cheryl 2roupe reports8 +or the Saskatoon MJtis.afram.men in all=.St$dies.aines led .oise.oth on the 2reaty Pay list of that . in the early si@ties. one of the &' di. &AA7.ake.ake.ee.: Canadian ?thni. noted a.

&' 2he Saskatoon MJtis community . 2he memory of the cemetery was sketched in his mind. 4e had no address. great nephew of Charles 2rottier. Ever time. .rother Ale@ was in a little *+ Cheryl Troupe' “M. and all these places where we originated from. .afram. 2he cemetery was fenced.oise. Clarence 2rotchie. for his great aunt. at the age of &* years.ocal &&. Charles had earlier donated the land for the cemetery. 2rotchie was only&* in &'"* when he had dug the grave for his great aunt. ***"**2. $as3atoon.MJtis community and the growing Saskatoon ur. and $ertha Euellette. My .out all the Metis that lived in the Montana area there as far as.een the one to dig the first grave in &'"*.afram.an MJtis community. Charles% wife.1. Charles 2rottier%s wife.ers were already involved in the new Saskatoon 1ndian and MJtis +riendship Centre that had opened in &'*7. in late &'*A)*'.afram. . 3# . &&3. 1n interview Clarence recalls8 My mother grew up in . Cay MaGer.er his relatives .e also sought the help of his wife Phyllis. where they lived along a . crosses were . rsula <. Thesis' 2 +.ig river and there was lots of game and they always had lots of food and lots of good fresh water. !" Cheryl 2roupe p.tis -omen. 2hey talked a. Pete 2rottier%s son. Bust after the 4ar years. picked up where his father left off. .oise.y the women in the community. 4hen organiGing . Marge . 2rotchie came to rely on the efforts of the women in his family in cluding his sister 1rene Dimick as well as his half sisters. his niece /ora Cummings <then /ora 2hi.uilt and a memorial cairn and plaHue were dedicated. .egan to reorganiGe itself as a Saskatchewan MJtis Society local. the community once again relied on past traditions of having male leadership that was supported .elena.odeau=. 2hen in the &'7"%s. 1n his efforts to organiGe the community.ocal &&. for he had .is great uncle Charles had donated the land from his holdings. !" ?arly in the &'*"%s. rsule . Great +alls.oise= 2rottier. $ocial $tructure' /r&ani0ation an( Political 1cti2ism' *)! "*+) . when 1 came . 2rotchie and other community mem. under the leadership of Clarence 2rotchie. and other MJtis women who worked tirelessly alongside 2rotchie and other male leaders to help organiGe MJtis .uried at 0ound Prairie. Montana. My mother and 1 were living in a little shack on the road allowance this side of Saskatoon here. Dorothy Askwith.ocal &&. Pete 2rottier. and in &'7# 0ound Prairie Cemetery was restored as a historic site unearthing at least part of the story of 0ound Prairie. and President of MJtis Society. According to 0ita Schilling. /ni2ersity of $as3atche%an M. $y this time.ack from overseas 1 didn5t even know where 1 lived.avre.egan a movement among his people to remem. 2rotchie sought the assistance of women in the community to encourage active community participation in social events and political meetings.

rother 1rvin )) he come .orn in +ort $elknap. At !#.aniGation and Political Activism. 33 . Mary5s ?lementary and in &'*!.and Huickly 6oined her in doing the la.and used her savings to . -aughn . my .ale seven feet high.ouise $riere <$ruyere=. Clara married -aughn Anderson a farmer from Shelley.uilt a home in 0o.ack the year .uy a semi)truck to haul hay to Montana until each of them filed for a homestead of &*" acres.ut instead went . She immediately went to work for $lue Cross $lue Shield .awaii .ut decided she could earn more money working with the family out in the hay fields in 2ownsend.y in 1daho the two moved .oats. &'3! to George 2rotchie <2rottier= and Mary . +e.phpF"&"!#.ouise 2rottier interview with Clarence 2rottier.ut when a flood wiped out the small town of 0ig. her hus. !""'. &A(")&'A".efore me )) and he was living in a shack. Saskatoon8 niversity of Saskatchewan M. 2hesis. 2hey later sold land and moved to work in 4ashington and Alaska . Trotchie. Clara put several of the male employees to shame .ucking .ids and office work.erts.caFmediaFdocument. Soon she had developed a multi)million dollar operation and her hus. And 1 think a lot of the Metis people in Saskatoon.elena in the &'("s where she attended St. $oth were eHuipment operators and they raised her daughter and son on the eHuipment too and now that she is retired.usinesses.usiness called Arrowhead Construction <her daughter owns ?agle +eather Construction=.rother Boseph aka Chic gave her since he couldn%t pronounce her name. <.ought some calves and started working for other farmers while Clara started a .metismuseum. Montana . She never did use her . $eing a farmer. moved to . &'3!= $y Backie 2rochie <2rottier= Clarice 0ose 2rotchie was . As a girl.ecause she could throw a *()7" pound .irth name .shack on the road allowance. she graduated from .ut the night .. Montana on Bune *th. here. 9MJtis 4omen8 Social Structure. r. 1daho where she worked all winter running a snow plow to raise enough money to take her sister to . 2he family of 2rotchie%s.igh. 0eference8 http8FFwww.pdf Caren . a nickname her .een named after her Aunt Clara /aples therefore she assumed her name was Clara. &'A3.efore they were to leave. the children have their own . they were all living in little shacks 6ust south of Saskatoon on the road allowances.ruary !!.A. Clarice Rose.elena Senior .or while she did the .ack and . 1daho.y the namesD Clara and .aha.ales onto stone . she was told she had . Cheryl 2roupe.

3( .

. <. )eorge *d+ard. the son of Charles 2rottier 2 ! 3* .. &A7#=.Trottier dit Trotchie. &'"(= $y Backie 2rotchie <2rottier= Georges father was Andre 2rottier dit 2rotchie <.

avre. &A(3=.elieved George would always .orn to Andrew 2rottier and Susie Pauline 4allace.ills which reHuested a re)opening of the .etween .ake in &A7'. !. was active in the $attle of the Grand Coteau on Buly &! to &(. &'"( George 2rottier aka 2rotchie was . Beremie <. the daughter of Andre Allary and Bosephte McGillis.. <. Maple Creek. Charles was the son of Andre 2rottier <.rother Michel and his sons. !! Gregoire was the son of Bean $aptiste $ruyere <. &A#'= and rsule . or 0ound Prairie.. Bean was the son of Bean $aptiste $ruyere Sr. his . After returning to Montana.e completed the third grade ..oth active with Cuth.is son.er &3th and +e.ina 0iver crosses the . the daughter of +rank 4allace and Madeleine Savoy. George . all signed the &A7A petition of the Metis hunting .order they were on nor which prairie and that5s how George ended up with two .oise. ..<. &'&& at 4hitewater. George ended up marrying Gregory5s daughter Mary .ault.orn at Duck .a and thence west.ruary &(th each year and the granting of a Metis 9reserve.afram. Marie . . Charles 2rottier.e often said he had to walk five miles to get there and he was right. Montana. and Cleophas <. 1n( later she marrie( my gran(father %ho %as Gregoire Bruyere.irth certificates8 one in the S and one in Canada. his grandfather Charles 2rottier of the 0iel 0esistance is listed as 92rouchia: suggesting the census takers couldn5t pronounce or spell +rench names.: 2hey reHuested a &(")mile strip of land along the American . Saskatchewan and around Dec.elieved the post master changed it in the S census for Choteau County.etween /ovem... where years later he met his future father)in)law Gregoire $ruyere aka Gregory $riere who taught him to herd.order in Manito. 2his strip was to . however.. also Andre 2rottier <.ouise $ruyere%s grandfather Bean $aptiste $ryuere <. 24 5er first mate %as John 6aMere %ho %as the one that taught my (a( to shear' tag' etc.efore moving on to Chinook.ison hunt ..rothers . &A33= and ..ouise in &'!' at the urging of her mother Mary Alphonsine Allery who ... /o one knew for certain what side of the . &A*3= were all 0esistance fighters in the &AA( /orthwest Metis 0esistance. &A#3= and Andre <. &A*#= and Bean $aptiste <. Susan was .and at Cypress . &7'"= were .&A33= and Marie Allary the daughter of Michel Allary and Marie PaHuin. &A&*=.rothers Antoine <..eginning where the Pem. 37 .ouise $riere.ecame proficient at despite a crippled hand and shear the siGe of an electric raGor. &7A3= and his .e a good provider 2* Andre 2rottier <. Georges mother was Susan Pauline 4allace. Somewhere . &7A3= !& and Marguerite PaHuette. &A(*= all signed the &A7A petition of the Metis hunting . . Montana.and at Cypress .rother Boseph <. Georges grandfather.ert Grant in the $attle of Seven Eaks. Montana.. George married Mary .ouison <... Andrew and George moved into the old homestead 6ust north of +ort $enton where George went to school. the daughter of Gregoire $ruyere <. &A&*=. &A(&.e fifty miles wide from north to south. shear and tag sheep which he . &A*!= !! and Marie Alphonsine Allary!#. on April &". &A3!=. Charles 2rottier and his .ills which reHuested a Metis reserve. /either does anyone know how 2rottier was changed to 2rotchie. &A&&= and AngeliHue Guil..order . 1sidore <.

afram.ut one of their nine children were .y their families .bish.)0 Sitting in the far . Boe . +rancois Mavier. . All of George5s core crew passed away . Standing8 Boe ?mily. &A*# at St.ecause of his generosity.efore him . Trottier. and . Custom Contractor George was a custom contractor who was always 9rustling: up work for his family and crew.orn. After the defeat he fled south to Montana.ack is Artie Morris <sheep man=. Jean “John.ut in the summer. 1air .oth +ish Creek and $atoche.reakD north of .aMere.g+an” ()re.aMere. ?d .: Trottier. hunt. <. After the defeat he fled south to Montana.oy Al. George was known to gather up all the 9culls: in the spud fields.tee.aMere.” 'ar. &A*#= Bohny was .rothers during the $atoche 0esistance.ert passed the family moved to .oise.ohman.ered .ouie 2rotchie were his core crew who worked on most of the 6o. fish and .afram. shearing.e fought at +ish Creek and $atoche along side his 3A . ... 2heir honeymoon home was an old sheep wagon . &A*3= Bean $aptiste was the son of Charles 2rottier and rsule . &'!A8 . Bohnny Caplette. .e fought at . tagging and trapping .ut later the couple moved to Chinook where all .uy veggies from the .e was active with his father and . Ale@ Allery. the son of Antoine 2rottier and AngeliHue .afram.oise.ouis Parsion and his two sons. Men like Boe $riere.rothers during the $atoche 0esistance. 4hen the eldest .oise. .. his family put up the hay until they grew up and moved on. Montana. $ill Saddler and George 2rotchie <Captain=. <. &A*#= 1sidore was the son of Charles 2rottier and rsule .ut he was remem.utterites then load his pick)up and say to his wife8 9Gotta go feed the elders. <. 1sidore was active with his father and .and he was. Trottier.elena where they remained until their children were grown. 7sidore.orn on Banuary &(.s George found picking spuds. Sheepshearers taking a . Seated8 Martin +isher. Bohn . Jean 2a!tiste..

Montana. Jose!h Jr.er L (& and Boseph 2rottier Br.ove . is $and Mem.rother Bean $aptiste +alcon was the leader of the Metis hunting group. !3 Boseph was . 9A narrative of transactions in the 0ed 0iver country8 +rom the commencement of the operations of the ?arl of Selkirk.ina 2he son of Andre 2rottier and Marguerite St. the daughter of Andre Allary and Bosephte McGillis dit .ove= was also in the . Jose!h Sr.ouise <Chippewa=D his . the son of Boseph Sr. Trottier. 2hey list Boseph as age *".er of the same . a Metis Scout for CroGier%s troops. a hunter. <&A!A)&AA(= Boseph was . Denis dit PaHuette was Andre Br. +rancois Mavier.orn &A!A= who was a mem. . .rother AndrJ reported to Ale@andre Greenfield Macdonell that he was going from the forks to get his parents from the Souris 0iver to come and care for his . Ale@ander Greenfield.efore &A!3 . Annuity Paylists.a Grosse <Grossiterre= at Duck . McCay shot Aseeweyin when he refused to turn . Trottier.ills wrote a petition asking for a special Metis reserve of land. or (ssi.ake.a Grosse. * and 7. !( Boseph fought and died in the &AA( 0esistance at $atoche.= Trotchie. &AA(= Assiyiwin <Ah)si)we)in= was a . and Catherine age !". !( 0G &".ake store when Boe McCay.uncle Charles 2rottier Sr.. and cousins 1sidore and 0emi 2rottier. +ranRois Mavier. $aptiste age !*. Boseph was Charles% older .rother.riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance.uried at Pem.6 <. Boseph died in Banuary of &A(! and was . 2reaties 3.er father was .e married Marie <Saulteau@= .amelin. confronted him. and 2herese -allee. Boseph was on the 2reaty Pay list of $eardy%s 0eserve in &AA3. McCay then killed 1sidore Dumont. Boseph and other Metis . Marie also age *".y Ga.elle +alcon <her .lind. .rother. <See 0ita Schilling.roken leg during the $attle of Seven Eaks.ack. 1n &A7'.orn at 4hitewater.e was a mem.ere . the daughter of Gregoire $ruyere and Alphonsine Mary Allary. After the defeat he fled south to Montana. he married Bulie .attle.e was also called Boseph 2rottier after his Godfather <listed a. . 3' . is shown as $and Mem. the son of AndrJ 2rottier and . (2ru. . . <&'&&)&'A!=8 $y Backie 2rotchie <2rottier= Metis fiddler Mary $ruyere <$riere= was .orn in Bune &A77 at 4ild . 0ar.aines led .riel%s older . till the summer of the year &A&*.is adoptive parents were Charles and rsula 2rottier of Prairie 0onde. &AA#)&AA7.ondon8 $. 2he family was enumerated in the &A(" Pem. Aabriel’s Children.orn at St.and and married to Bulie .is .er of Captain Daniel GariJpy%s company. one of the &' di. Boseph Sr. 1n &A7A. 3A. &7'"= Boseph 2rottier was wounded with a .rother AndrJ <a. a hunter.: .e fought at the $attle of the Grand Coteau in &A(& as did his wife 1sa. Jose!h. Marguerite age !!.y custom marriage and they were formally married on Bune &3. Mary married George !3 Macdonell.rother. <d. &A!"8 7A.orn in &A7! at St.i+in.uffalo hunters at Cypress . McMillan. &A3& at St. Ga.ina Census as +amily L !".orn circa &7'". p. . Assiyiwin was returning from the Duck .ake.orse . was . Trottier.er L (& on the &AA3 paylst. +rancois Mavier and her mother Alphonsine.eadman for $eardy%s $and and was partially .

eginning where the Pem. 2his family had two children . Trottier. Alec and Sam Allery. &AA( in the last .ake Agency. 2heir daughter -irginie 2rottier was .er &3 th and +e. 1n &A7A /or.attle of the &AA( 0esistance at $atoche.e. Michel and other Metis .e then married Marguerite .um.ison hunt .elow.all of +ame in 4eiser.e fifty miles wide from north to south. &AA( at .er &&. Trottier.y her father and uncles.awaiian Show where she was featured as a dancer and as the 9 kulele Iueen. . 1daho. &A*& at . Daughter 0osalie 2rottier was .e fought and died on May &!. ?liGa +isher was .ake and his wife was on the 2reaty Pay list at the Duck .a and thence west.afrom.ant.: Mary .?dward 2rotchie the son of Andre 2rottier and Susie 4allaceD he was a descendant of Charles 2rottier who led the Metis fighters from Prairie 0onde in the &AA( Metis 0esistance at $atoche. 4omen%s Division=. 0ichel. .ret. $ecause her hands were too small to get around the neck of the fiddle she taped small sticks on the end of each finger and thus she could play.ills which reHuested a re)opening of the .oldt. Mary .egan playing the fiddle at the age of four. &A7( at .andry on the radio.e.oise. 4ith this later win she was elected to the +iddler%s .afram. She toured as a performer with the Cecil /ichols% .ruary &(th each year and the granting of a Metis 9reserve. ?orbert. Mary showed an interest in fiddling from a young age and was taught .ert 2rottier was . &AA* at . <&A#!)&AA(= Michel was the son of AndrJ 2rottier and Marguerite St. Andy Des6arlis and /ed .ret. <.ills wrote a petition asking for a special Metis reserve of land.eth $ra. such as the /orthwest 0egional +iddle Championship in &'*' <first place.iography appears .e married ?liGa +isher. (" . She also listened to Canadian Metis fiddlers.orn at Crooked .e.orn in &A(A near +ort Iu%Appelle.orn August 3.oise 2rottier whose . 4omen%s Division=. 2his strip was to . the son of Antoine 2rottier and AngeliHue .etween /ovem.ert 2rottier signed the petition of the Metis hunting .ina 0iver crosses the .andry in &A7*.. &AA'. She then married /or. Denis dit PaHuette.order . the daughter of Bohn +isher and ?liGa. .order in Manito. &A*&= /or.orn on Ecto. She was first married to Bean $aptiste Desmarais on May !(.uffalo hunters at Cypress . the /ational +iddle Contest in &'*' <first place.e was also a descendant of rsule .egan competing in fiddle contests in the &'("s and took many honours over the ne@t thirty years. 1n &A7A.and at Cypress .: 2hey reHuested a &(")mile strip of land along the American .orn on March *. Michel married Marie AngJliHue Des6arlais.retD they had four children.ert 2rottier on August !*. .

<deceased= ) Children living. AngeliHue . -olume &#!7 . Antoine 2rottier. . -olume &##! .orn at .e fought at . $etsy $ra. <MJtis= ) Married. 0eel C)&3'#A . @rsule La5ra&boise.. after &A7" to $aptiste Desmarais. 2he grandchildren pictured are David and ?dwardD . Andre 2rottier are on the right.afram. * March. 1n &A'!. <MJtis= ) Mother. Access code8 '" Trottier.oise. Trottier. <MJtis= ) Mother.rothers during the $atoche 0esistance. . 1ndian .ucy and Annie./or.afram.. Re&i.um. 0G&( . .oldt ) +ather.avre. rsule was . ?orbert ) Concerning his claim as a child ) Address. Bohn +isher.oise and SuGanne $eaudry dit Gaudry. She married Charles 2rottier. Access code8 '" 3isher. <. &A*&= 0emi was the son of Charles 2rottier and rsule . 1nterior . &A(A near +ort Iu5Appelle ) +ather. Series D)11)A). &A3!=. 1ndian .oise. After the defeat he fled south to Montana.oise. 0emi was active with his father and .afram. <MJtis= ) Claim &!A. 1nterior . Montana the daughter of Bean $aptiste . Photo courtesy of Mark Calette Scrip Applications8 0G&( . <. &A*" at . four <names on declaration= ) Claim A( Trottier.oth +ish Creek and $atoche.afram. 2heir daughter 0osalie and son in law. *li:a ) Concerning her claim as a child ) Address.ert 2rottier and his wife ?lise <?liGa= +isher <seated=.ead ) $orn. at Maple Creek he married Marie Magdeleine . Series D)11)A). 0eel C)&3'3! .ant. the son of Andre 2rottier and (& .ead ) $orn.

on August !&.Marguerite St.ased curriculum and research pro6ects. $arkwell.A.l. . 2his family escaped to Montana after &AA(.aines led . <. 2hey were accompanied . (! .er chapter on 9Metis Decorative Arts: adds to the work she pu.ake with Dumont and was killed there . +or this.y CroGier%s troops on March !*. B.order .onours= degree in /ative Studies in !""& at the niversity of Saskatchewan.y ..ealth 0egion and the 1nstitut +ranRais.umanitites 0esearch Council Masters Scholarship <!""(=.riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance.er hus..riel Dumont 1nstitute.lished in Expressing Our Heritage. &A*" at St. one of the &' di.y cutting wood for +ort Shaw. Expressing Our Heritage: Metis Artistic Designs won two Saskatchewan $ook Awards in the +irst Peoples ?ducation and +irst Peoples Pu.uffalo hunt . &A(")&'A". r.aniGation and Political Activism.rother. 4innipeg8 Pemmican Pu. .A. /oel was a mem. She continues to work within the Metis community on various community development pro6ects. +rancois Mavier.M. 2he /ational A.y Ga.er thesis completed in !""' was entitled 9Metis 4omen8 Social Structure. .original . Charles 2rottier. in /ative Studies at the nivesity of Saskatchewan where she e@amined the ur.riel Dumont 1nstitute5s Pu.riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance. She has completed an M. !""7=. Ga.utor to the . .lishing categories.etween /ovem. 0emi. 3ol$me Two: i-hif C$lt$re.afontaine%s company. one of her works. .e fifty miles from south to north.ook was short)listed for the argaret -Williams Award for writing in history.afram.and was a mem.oward and Marge Adams Award <!""# and !""3=.oise and other Metis .y grassroots Metis leaders.ourie <?ds. 2his . <.ina 0iver crosses the .is son ?douard also served in his Company.ake 0eserve and was a Captain of one of the &' companies led . Cher.y their sons. Augustin was living on the Muskeg .ealth ErganiGation Metis +ellowship <!""3= and a Social Sciences and . 2hey lived with the group that was sustaining themselves .er &3th and +e. where she received the Arts and Science Convocation Award for the Most Distinguished Graduate of /ative Studies for !""&. &'7!= Cheryl 2roupe completed a $.. most recently with the 0egina Iu5Appelle .lishing Department where she worked as a writer and researcher on various community). . Denis.y Ga.ook etis 0ega-#. Dorion and A.uffalo hunters at Cypress . 2hey reHuested a re)opening of the .er of 0iel%s ?@ovedate. pon completing her studies.e was involved in the &AA( 0esistance at Duck . 1n !""#. Heritage and &ol*wa#s. 2his strip was to . Cheryl was a contri.= <Saskatoon. Trou!e.er of Captain Antoine . rsula%s .: Turcotte. .egan work with Ga.eginning where the Pem. she . she received the .ills wrote a petition asking for a special Metis reserve of land.lications.order. 1n &A7A.ruary &(th each year and the granting of Metis 9reserve: landTA strip of land &(" miles long along the American . ?oel.aniGation of the Metis community in Saskatoon and the development of Metis social and political institutions . . Augustin . &AA(. 1sidore and Bean $aptiste.

. .is wife apparently remarried into a local Cree .ouis $oyer and Madeleine 2rottier. T+att.orn August !. ca.ourer for the . /o. &7A(= Mansack 2watt was the son of a Metis Cree woman and Magnus 2watt <. &''78 &'#)!&!.y 2anner and Marie /eshotokoway /eukatek .e signed a petition for a Metis reserve in Montana. . 0ight up to &A3" Mansack appears in 6ournal entries as 9Chief from the /ipawins. &7A")&A3"8 Amerindian. !. ca.: Mansack and 4illock were .e married Bosephte . &A(3 at St.Turcotte.ouse Post after Peter +idler left. /or.er of Captain Cor. 1n &77&. &A"& while enroute to the Carrot 0iver area.et +lamant%s company. She died south of 4ood Mountain in &AA&.y &7'&. &7(&=.ouis 0iel to General /elson A. 0ansack.oth highly respected .ut returned to Pork factory the following year.and headed . <. &A(#. 92he 2watt +amily. 2his .ouse.ouse Bournals as part of a .erland .y Ga. <. !!.edou@ of the Iu%Appelle -alley. &AA". 2homas 1s. he was placed in charge of Cum. . ?thnic Category.erland . <.erland . (# .: Prairie &or$m.ert was the son of vital 2urcotte and Madeleine Caplette.ister noted that the 2watts were regarded as the . he was an inland canoeman and at Cum. one of the &' di. +rancois Mavior was the daughter of .ove on 4illock%s older .rother David $oyer is also listed here as one of the petitioners. Magnus 2watt%s sons Mansack and 4illock appear in the Cum. $y &7A(.riel Dumont during the &AA( Metis 0esistance.orn on August !".y .owever. Bean 2urner <Pee)chee)too= was married to -ictoire $oyer <MJtis=. &A(#= Bean Apitchito 2anner was . Mansack. $y &A&'. Miles. August *. &A((= /or. ?orbert. . -ictoria%s .est trappers trading at Cum. <. Peter died on Ecto. Turner (Tanner .rother.y Mansack.and within a year of his death.$C and was stationed at Pork +actory.. -ictoria $oyer.y the traders at Cum.erland .er !#.alf)$reed hunting .ert was a mem. . -ol. T+att. sent . Jean 2a!tiste.aines led .and would range from the Sturgeon 0iver area down to the .ouse and were usually given preferential treatment in trading and in the advances they were allowed on account..ouse . they eventually took up semi)permanent residence in the /ipawin area.$C. they also lived in the Iu%Appelle -alley. $y &7'*.eferen-e 2histle. 'illock. &7A*= See the entry a. 1n &7A# he was transferred to Severn 0iver ... an Erkneyman in the employ of the . or ?thnic Group 1dentity.epine.ower Saskatchewan 0iver.erland . Magnus had . . the son of 2homas DeCor. Paul C.een taken on as a la.

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