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Chapter I


The success of companies today is defined by numbers. The product, the brand, and
the market are entities which drive the business to its goal but in the end, only the
gross sales and revenues are accounted for. That is how important sales are for a
business and this is where computers come in.

Selling is a science which can be mastered and perfected. By using computers,
companies use a proven method to enhance their sales force and guarantee
revenues. Enormous numbers of computers ranging from small, inexpensive micro-
sized units to super computers are now being used in banks, financial institutions,
and in almost all private companies around the world.

In many businesses, especially corporate ones, the use of computers is a must. It
increases productivity, speed and accuracy. It continues to push innovation among
all industries. It guarantees a secure storage of vital information where the data can
be used over and over again in many years to come.

Background of the Study

The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company, has been the premier
life insurance organization in the Philippines for over five decades now.

Leading the nation's life industry with 30% share of total premiums, Philamlife
insures over a million policyholders. It has the most extensive network of more than
200 offices throughout the Philippines, over 8,000 sales agents and 1,000
employees. It offers the most comprehensive range of insurance products and

Philamlife was founded in 1947 by Cornelius V. Starr and Earl Carroll, two visionary
men who set out to help revive the post-war Philippine economy utilizing Filipino
resources and self-reliance. Through a nationwide campaign named "House of
Savings", the Company effectively tapped the resources of individual families and
built up a reservoir of capital that was channeled into various industries and sectors,
thus, helping spur the growth of the economy.

Through the years, Philamlife has effectively fulfilled its dual role of providing
financial protection to its policyholders, and helping in capital formation by
converting insurance premiums into investments.

Objectives of the Study

The main objective of the proponents' research is to design an online system that
will maximize the sales potential of a life-insurance agency and efficiently track all
the sales activities of each agent.

Specific Objectives:

1. To develop an online system to walk agents through the stages of the sales
process thus making sure agents follow a scientific approach in closing a sale.

2. To provide easy accessibility for the managers and staffs when tracking all the
sales activities of agents, but maintaining a level of security for private information.

3. To develop a simple tool for agents to track all their daily schedules, clients,
prospects and future appointments.

4. To provide a secure storage for all information and sales activities of an agency.

Hypothesis of the Study

The proposed system will greatly improve the productivity and the sales
performance of the agency and its agents. Primarily, this study has the following

The demographic profiles of the respondents are the age, gender, civil status,
occupation and length of service. The respondents encountered numerous problems
with the implementation of the existing manual system, such as difficulties in
tracking prospects, clients, appointments and closing a sale. The proposed online
system will definitely be a big improvement over the manual system. Not only will
this system provide a more productive sales force among the agency, but it will also
provide better tracking and management for managers.

Statement of the Problem

The researchers' interest to conduct an investigation has led them to understand
the company's present problems:

1. What are the demographic profiles of the respondents in terms of:

a. Age

b. Gender

c. Civil Status

d. Position

e. Length of Service

2. What are the common problems encountered during the implementation of the
existing system?

a. No clear sales process to guide the agents in every sale.

b. Prospect and client lists are done manually by agents.

c. Difficult and time consuming in keeping track of all schedules and appointments.

d. Inability of managers to keep track of the agents’ sales activities.

e. Storage of files is susceptible to be damaged as well as lost of files.

3. What is the difference of the existing system and the proposed system in terms

a. Accuracy

b. Reliability

c. Efficiency

d. Speed

e. User-Friendliness


Based on the statements of the problem, the proponents have made a plan to
create an online sales management system that will guide all the agents through
the stages of a sales process thus maximizing the sales potential of the agency. The
following assumptions are as follows:

1. The common problems encountered during the implementations of the existing
system will be eliminated.

2. The stages of the sales process will guide the agents in closing more sales and
maximizing the sales potential of the agency.

3. Prospect and client databases will be computerized and easily updated.

4. Managers will be able to easily track all of the agents’ activities thus increasing
overall management and productivity of the agency.

5. Storage of files is now safe, not susceptible to damage or breakage and can be
easily accessed.

Scope and Limitation

After several interviews and observations, the researchers have come to identify
how to maximize the sales potential of the agency. The aim of the research is to
provide a specific agency of PhilamLife an online sales force management system.
The proposed system will track all sales activities of the agents and guide the
agents through all the stages of the sales process.

The limitations of this study are as follows:

- This study is limited to the sales process of the agency and will not account
for the billing and accounting of the clients since PhilamLife has its own
accounting department.
- A calendar will be provided in the system only to track the agent’s
appointments and activities.
- The database of the proposed system will only store information of agents
and clients that belong in the respective agency the system was made for.

- The products that will be attached to clients will only serve as tracking for
amount of premium, mode of payment and future payments and will not
calculate the billing information of the client.
- To provide agents the stages of the sales process that includes listing of
prospects, fact finding, setting of appointments, making the sales
presentation and closing the sale.
- For management and security purposes, the agency manager will be able to
track all the activities of the whole agency. The unit manager on the other
hand will only be able to track the activities of agents within his group, while
agents will be limited to track his own respective activity.

Significance of the Study

The proposed system would be very helpful to the following sectors:

Economical Significance. If implemented and used, the proposed software can be
considered to be economical because it can help the company strengthen their
sales revenues while decreasing company costs in paperwork.

Educational Significance. The outcome of the this study will be helpful to the
company beginning with the improvement of the system and for the future
researchers by providing an idea of this study that will somehow be of help in
modifying or improving the outcome of the research.

Social Significance. The manager or the authorized personnel as well as the
agents who would want to know the information of the data can get the records
faster and easier by accessing it online.

Technological Significance. The proponents had this study because it is
beneficial to the company’s managers and agents to have a computerized database
of clients and to have a safe storage of sales activities which can easily be accessed
Direct Beneficiaries:

Proponents. Conducting this study is significant to the proponents because it can
add knowledge in their filed as in information technology student. It also develops
the communication, writing and grammar skills of the proponents. And most
importantly the proponents’ skill of making the proposed study enable them to
research more about the programming languages that best suits to the proposed
system, and adds significant knowledge and experience to the proponents
capabilities of making a system.

Company. This study is significant to the company because it will improve the
productivity of its work place and increase the overall performance of its agencies in

terms of sales. It will also reduce the overall cost of the company since data are
stored online.

Managers. This study will make monitoring easier for the managers since all the
agents’ sales activities are easily accessible online.

Employees. This study will make the employees’ work faster and more efficient.
The employees will be able to focus on more productive work since a lot of paper
work has been reduced.

Agents. This study will maximize the earning potential of agents and help the
agents in organizing prospect lists, clienteles and future appointments. The agents
will also be able to easily track all their sales history online.