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REPUBLIC OF THK PuALIPF xs MUNICIPAL TRIAL COUT VAGuIO city ’ GULF BANK ( Rural Bank of Lingayea, Inc. ), Plaine, + versus = CIVIL CASK Ni FOR: SUMO DAMAGES. MERCEDES ASPURIA, Det COMPLAINT Plaintiff, by Counsel and urto this Honorable Court respectfully stales ; That pluintitT ix x corporation d:ty organized and exiting under the Laws of the {itippines, having it principal office wt # 03 Avenida Rizal Fat, Lingayen, Panguinan and ¢ ‘brinch office al $SS Building, H:srison Road, Baguio City, i, tat defondaut Mercedes Aepuria is of legal age, Filipia citizen aad a yesident of FA 152 Dalili Kom 5, La Trinidad, Benguet where sho may be served with summons aad other Court 4That defendant was able to amount and despite t obligation thereby enti aeanoneee A mum by way of interest aud 30 % per annum by way of penal, photocopy of Stalement of Account is hereto attached as Annex"*B” and mad an intogal part heres 5-That said loan wow long overdue despite of repeated demands and she failed snd ‘efised and continue to fail and refwe to pay the same as evidenced by the Bomand Latics cont by Ale Bank's Legal Counsel, photocopy of which is horeto allached as Annex" Cal mde oa iutegral part hereof, That repeated demands were made for the defendant to pay her obligations but she filed to pay, + Page 2- WHEREFORE, Plaintiff respectiully prays for judgmout in its fivor through « Decisior directing the defendant: a To pay Plaintiff the sum of Forty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P47,500.00 with interest at 30% and 30% as penalty from May 24, 2001 uatil the full amount i paid, b, Attomey’s Fees of 19% of the principal amount, c. The cost of this suit, Other just and equitable relief are also prayed for. Lingayan, Pangasinan for Baguio City, 2.2 SEP 2005 200s, ATTY. JO9K L. LOPRZIR. Counsel for the Plain . ‘Toutoa, Lingayea} Pangasinan PTR No. 0138434) Issued on Nov. 13, 2004 Issued al : Pangasinan IBP No. 597035 Issued on : Dec. 02, 2005 Issued at : Dagupan City ROLL No, 36684 ry i) a VERIFICATION / CERTIFICATION ‘That L, MYRNA C. LOPRZ, aitor having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby depose and say A.That I su the President / CEO / Chairperson of the GULP BANK ( Rural Bank of Linguyen, Ine. ) with its principal oilico address. ut # 03 Aveniela Rizal East, Lingayon, Pangasinan: 2.That I caused tho propa ulion and filing of the foregoing Complaint ; 3.That all the allegations therein stated are true and correct to the best of my knowledge aud information; 4.That I did not commence any other action or proceeding involving the samo issuos ix the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals or the diiférent Divisions thereof, or any other tribuna oF ageney 5 S.That shall 1 learn thereafter that w similar action or proceeding has been filed or i pending before the Supreme Cout, the Court of Appeals or any other tribunal or agency, ‘undertake te roport that Fact within fivo (5) days to this Court, Lingayeo, Pangasinan, 22 SEP 1005, 2005. MYRNA C\LOPEL CTC No. 04227954 Issued om : 01.03.05 Issued at : Lingayen,Pangasinan SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this __dayof 27. SEP 2005 __ 200 at Lingayen, Pangasinan ' DOC, No. _ aes ATTY. SE L. LOPEZ J _ wigary “euBLiC BOOK No. ne UNTIL GECEMBER 31, 2006 Pre whe omease. © ROVER 13,2008 « tian ee: puneesinee Series of 2