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1. 2. INTRODUCTION RESEARCH WORK PUBLISHED 3. Dictionaries Books Series Khoj Patrika - Department's Bi-annual Research Journal

BIO-DATA'S AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF TEACHING STAFF 4. Dr. Amritpal Kaur Dr. Gurnaib Singh Dr. Rajinder Lehri Dr. Harjodh Singh Dr. Bhim Inder Singh Dr. Parmeet Kaur FUTURE PLAN OF THE DEPARTMENT



The Punjabi University Patiala was established on April 30, 1962 for the development of Punjabi language, literature, art and culture. The Department of Punjabi Literary Studies was established on 13.04.1967 under the Chairmanship of Professor of Eminence Dr. Attar Singh. It is the only department of its own kind in the whole of the country exclusively devoted to the research on Punjabi language and literature. The main aim and function of Punjabi Literary Studies Department is to promote Punjabi literature and language by providing a scholastic vision of Punjabi literature through its prestigious research work. The prime concern of this Department is to produce reference books, such as Dictionaries of various languages, professions and art of living, in providing books on History of Punjabi literature, Punjabi literary criticism, translations, monographs of eminent scholars and writers and bringing out a bi-annual research journal under the title Khoj Patrika. The Punjabi Literary Studies Department has made its mark in research on all fields of Punjabi literary genres like Poetry, Plays, Stories, Novels, Biographies, Pensketches, Travelogues and in editing of great scholarly works. This Department has played a major role in providing source material for future studies on Punjabi literature. There are six teachers in the Department (1 Professor, 2 Readers, 3 Lecturers(one on adhoc basis)). All of them have Ph.D. degrees, three out of the six having M.Phil. degree as well. Five out of the six have qualified NET/SLET examination. Two teachers were awarded JRF by the U.G.C. All teachers are involved in research. The Department has also organised three national level seminars & a five day workshop on Punjabi Sahit Vishav Kosh in the previous five years. The Department has organised various programmes of interaction with the eminent punjabi writers and also organised various book exhibitions of departmental publications on special occasions.


340 titles had been published under various series by the Department including 11 dictionaries & 59 issues of bi-annual research journal 'Khoj Patrika'. The sale of its published work through the University Publication Bureau reflects that it is successfully achieving its desired goal in increasing the number of Punjabi readers which also determines its scope in future. Mewa Singh Sidhu and Dr. Dr. 2. The progressive nature of Punjabi Literary Studies department can be seen in the voluminous published work it has produced till now by bringing out 338 Titles. 125 research projects are in progress. Pakistani 4 . (amount Rs. Dr. Dr. 3. 14. We are also focussing our attention on starting new projects under various series such as Anthology of Punjabi Poetry of Twentieth Century.G. Vishav Parsiddh Sahitkar Ate Sahit Alochak. Patiala under the dynamic headship of Dr. Attar Singh. Abnash Kaur. Sri Guru Granth Sahib De Sandhrabh Vich Tatkaleen Dharman Da Tulnatmak Adhian-Samantavaan Te Sikh Dharam Di Vilakhanta and Punjabi Ghazal Da Kaav Shastar funded by the U. In future. A Departmental publication. `The Department is also carrying out 2 (two) other major research projects. Rajguru has been awarded the Sahitya Academy Award for being the best translation work.600). Dr. Amritpal Kaur. translation of famous classical work of Bharat Muni's Natya Shashtra by Dr. Overall contribution of the Department 1. Dr.23. In this way this department provides a platform for the established as well as for the budding scholars for becoming writers and critics and hence in expansion of Punjabi vision and love for the mother tongue. Dr. first priority will be given to the on going projects for their early completion.This department inspires scholars and writers of Punjabi literature to deive deep into the ocean of Punjabi literature available till date and bring out precious jewels out of it. Ajmer Singh. Rajinder Singh Lamba. Jeet Singh Seetal. Rattan Singh Jaggi. It opens door for the fresh creative work among Punjabi scholars by inculcating interest in them by asking them to send their scholarly works to the department for publication.C. It has given maximum published work to the Punjabi University.

The Department is committed to work intensively for the development of Punjabi literary studies. Sanskrit Natak Ate Rang Manch. Parvasi Punjabi Sahit Te Lekhak. Dr. Gurnaib Singh Head 5 . we also intend to plan various seminars and workshops concerning the above mentioned projects. Adhunik Bharati Natak Te Rang Manch and Sahit Alochana De Naven Jhuka etc. And.Punjabi Sahit Te Lekhak.



ENGLISH - PUNJABI DICTIONARY Need for English - Punjabi Dictionary was felt after Punjabi was made official language in 1962. Punjabi University, Patiala was assigned the task of fulfilling this need of the Punjabi. Punjabi Literary Studies Department wholeheartedly discharged this responsibility by bringing English-Punjabi Dictionary in 1968. This Department has published four editions of this dictionary so far. PUNJABI SAHIT KOSH Punjabi University has embarked upon several schemes for the promotio of Punjabi literature and language which include inter alia 'Punjabi Sahit Kosh' as well. The responsibility of preparing this kosh was entrusted to Punjabi Literary Studies department. The first part of this deals with definitional vocabulary. In other words the technical vocabulary of Sanskrit, Persian and English language as well as that of ancient Indian poetics, Western Poetics, current movements, religion, philosophy, science, politics and folk literature has also been included. Every definitional term has been properly explained. So far two editions of the Sahit Kosh have been published by the Department. BHAI VEER SINGH SAHIT KOSH With a view to study and understand the complete works of Bhai Veer Singh, (the father of Punjabi Literature) and highlight the rich heritage of Punjabi Literature, Punjabi Literary Studies Department launched a project of preparing Bhai Veer Singh Kosh. The editing of this Kosh was entrusted to Dr. Jeet Singh Seetal. Later it was completed by Dr. Rattan Singh Jaggi with the close cooperation and coordination of different scholars. PUNJABI SUFI-SAHIT SANDARBH GRANTH (SUFI REFERENCE-DICTIONA Sufi poetry is a very prominent branch of Punjabi poetry. For a proper study and understanding of Sufi poetry, it is essential to know the specific vocabulary used by the Sufi poets. Without understanding these words. it is well-nigh impossible to grasp the inherent mysticism of the Sufi poetry. For comprehensive study of this movement of Punjabi poetry, Punjabi Literary Studies department allotted the Punjabi Sufi Literature Reference Kosh to Dr. Gurdev Singh Professor and Head, Department of Punjabi. Its first edition came out in 1989. This reference book primarily aims at familarising the reader with the Punjabi Sufi tradition, Sufi-vocabulary, concepts, definitional words, sentences, phrases, research oriented work, criticism, poems and poets etc. PUNJABI SAFARNAMA KOSH The genre of travellogues in Punjabi Literature developed in the initial years of the 20th Century. Till date there aree about more than one hundred travellogues in Punjabi Literature. These travellogues provide the reader a peep into the personality and the literary talent of the writers. Keeping in view the Punjabi reader's love for this genre, a project to prepare Punjabi Safarnama Kosh (Reference-book on travellogues) was


started by the Literary Studies Department and completed by Dr. Abnash Kaur, its first edition was brought out in 1988.

Punjabi is an ancient, powerful and perfect language. It is culturally related to Persian language and Literature and has enjoyed royal patronage during the regime of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Therefore, Punjabi language has imbibed a lot from Persian and prolific literature has been written in persian script. For a versatile study of Punjabi literature and in particular the literature published in post-partition Pakistan, the Persian Punjabi Dictionary had become an utmost necessity for the fulfilment of this dream Persian-Punjabi Dictionary prepared by Prof. Gulwant Singh. was published by the department.

Knowledge of Persian Language is essential for reading the literary works in Urdu language. For the readers and students of Punjabi literature, it became all the more necessary after partition as many basic sources of Punjabi literature are available only in Persian language. The study of Punjabi Literature is incomplete without studying them. For reading Punjabi literature written in post-partition Pakistan in Persian script and offering Punjabi literature written in Gurmukhi script to the Pakistani Punjabi reader, the knowledge in Gurmukhi script to the Pakistani Punjabi reader, the knowledge of both Punjabi and Persian languages becomes a pre-requisite. Therefore, Punjabi literary studies department got Punjabi-Persian Dictionary published for catering to the literary appetite of Punjabi readers of both the Punjabis. Now, the department has discharged its responsibility of preparing basic language material for the literary studies. SRI GURU PARTAP SURAJ GRANTH DI ANUKRAMNIKA (MAHANKAVI SANTOKH SINGH RACHIT) For studying the basic sources of Punjabi literature and grasping their language and usage of polysemous words, Anukramnika Kosh series had become a necessity. Under this series, besides classics, other basic literary factors have been encompassed. Mahakavi Santokh Singh was a great poet who composed Sikh History in poetic form. His Gurpartap Suraj Granth is a source-book have an indepth study of the history of Sikhism. To facilitate a comprehensive study of this Granth, Punjabi Literary Studies Department published the Anukramnika of Gurpartap Suraj Granth in 1998. KITTA SHABD KOSH (OCCUPATIONAL - GLOSSARY) In order to apprise the new generation of Punjab with the vocabulary of occupations pursued 30-40 years back and to highlight this aspect of the otherwise extinct Punjabi culture, Punjabi Literary Studies Department started a project viz. It included the illustrated vocabulary of different occupation. Dr. Harkirat Singh, Dr. Mewa Singh Sidhu and Mr. Kirpal Kazak accomplished this task with great diligence and perseverence. First edition of this kosh was published in 1999. 9

SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB ; A DESCRIPTIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PUNJABI MANUSCRIPTS This descriptive bibliography aims to complie a bibliography of Punjabi manuscripts of Guru Granth Sahib and various anthologies from the holy book and attempts to inform scholars and researchers, who are not well conversant with Punjabi language, the rich store of literature available in the form of manuscripts in Gurmukhi script. LEHINDI KOSH Lehindi is a dialect of Punjabi Language. It comprises of the group of various dialects spoken in Western Punjab. Eastern Punjabi is the language of the Indian Punjab and Lehindi is accepted as the language of the Pakistani Punjab. Lehindi dialect covers a vast area and has its own heary tradition of classical literature. The above said kosh is an important work which explain the meanings of the words of Lehindi dialect. It also provides the various forms and patterens of the words and their usage in the idioms and proverbs. Also the grammatical aspects of the words have been classified.



1996 1983 1983 1983 1983 1984 1984 1984 1984 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 12 . Bhagat Singh Shah Husain : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 14. Gurcharan Singh Mehta Bhai Manohar Das Meharban : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Thus these books serve as an important stepping stone towards further research for the researchers Punjabi Literary Studies Department has publish about 100 books so far under this series and about 33 more are under preparation. 6. Dharam Pal Singal Hafiz Barkhurdar: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Satinder Singh Shiv Kumar Batalvi: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Jeet Singh Seetal Bhagwan Singh Dr. Kirpal Singh Lala Kirpa Sagar Prof. Uttam Singh Bhatia Bawa Budh Singh: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. as an authentic source. 28.1996 1982 1982. Kirpal Singh Kasel Professor Teja Singh S. Jeet Singh Seetal Bawa Balwant : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Abnash Kaur Gurbakhsh Singh Preet Lari: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 23. 8. 3. Gurmohan Singh Ahluwalia Navtej Singh : Jiwan Te Rachna Ishar Singh Ataari Baba Prem Singh Hoti: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 21. 24. 19. 31. Piar Singh Prof. Usha Khanna Gorakh Nath : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Balbir Singh : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr.S. 18.PUNJABI LEKHAK LARI (SERIES OF PUNJBI WRITERS-MONOGRAPHS) Initiated on the pattern of English Men of Letters Series. 16. 17. 2002 1970 1971 1973. 29. Jeet Singh Seetal Quadarzar : Jiwan Te Rachna Prof. Bhagat Singh Ali Haider : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. These books are of great use for general readers on one hand as they can find a lot of material on a writer from here. 34. 32. Gurdeep Singh Bhandari Bhai Jodh Singh: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Amol Giani Gian Singh Dr. 26. 22. 10. Kala Singh Bedi Bhai Sehaj Ram : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 7. 12. 33. Harcharan Singh Lala Dhani Ram Chatrik Dr. 11. Gurcharan Singh Baba Marhu Dass: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Pritam Saini Dr.S. These books can play a vital role at the time of writing history of Punjabi Literature. 4. 1983 1969 1970. their personality traits and a study of their writings. Kulbir Singh Kaang Giani Hira Singh Dard: Jiwan Te Rachna Mewa Singh Sidhu Bhai Mani Singh: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Gurmukh Singh Syed Fazal Shah : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 30. Abnash Kaur Pandat Maan Singh Kalidas: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Gurdev Singh Ishwar Chander Nanda Dr. 13. Puran Singh Kirpal Singh Kasel Bhai Mohan Singh Vaid S. Gulwant Singh Bhai Veer Singh : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 27. 2. 15. 9. Ram Singh Saini 1969. Ujjagar Singh Sehgal Lal Singh Kamla Akali: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Sahib Singh: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Rattan Singh Jaggi Dr.1995(III) 1980 1982. 20. 25. Taaran Singh: Ik Prichye (Jiwan Te Rachna) Dr.2000(IV) 1982. 5.1990 1974 1975 1977 1978 1978. Manmohan Kesar Sodhi Har Ji : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Books Published : 1. this weries presents the biographical details of Punjabi writers. On the other hand they are very important for research-scholars as this series endeavours to supply with by them and their publishers as well. Amol Buleh Shah : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr.

Kishan Singh Gupta Dr. Kapur Singh : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Dharampal Singal 13 . 41. 70.S. Abnash Kaur Giani Gurmukh Singh Musafir: Jiwan Te Rachna Mewa Singh Sidhu Vidhata Singh Teer : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 1987 1988 1988 1988 1988 1988 1988 1988 1988 1988. Jodh Singh Sadhu Sada Ram: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 59. 38. 62. Parminder Singh Giani Dit Singh : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Uttam Singh Bhatia 1985 1985 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1987 1987 1987 1987 1987 1987 1987 1987 1987 51.L. 77. Surinder Singh Shergill Shardha Ram Phillauri: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Ajmer Singh Baba Farid: Jiwan Te Rachna S. 40. 68. Bhupinder Singh Grover Adhyaman: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Jaswant Singh Jas Maghi Singh Kavishar: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Narang Gurbachan Singh Talib : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Gurcharan Singh Arshi Pandat Tara Singh Narotam: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Kawaljit Grover Ishwar Singh Bhaia :Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Narinder Singh Kapoor Kishan Singh Arif: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. T. 60. 42. Krishan Lal Sharma "Soodan" Babu Rajab Ali: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Amar Komal Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Harbhajan Singh Bhatia Kapur Singh Ghuman : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 65. 76. 66. 44. 56. 61. 46. 58. Bishan Singh Upashak: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Karnail Singh Thind & Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Charan Singh: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Himmat Singh Sodhi Maula Bakhsh Kushta : Dr. Surain Singh Wilkhu Professor Gurmukh Singh : Jiwan Te RachnaDr. Jai Bhagwan Goyal Ishwar Chittarkar : Jiwan Te Rachna Harbhajan Singh Batalvi Hazara Singh Mushtaq: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 73. Gurbachan Kaur Bhai Addan Shah : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Surjeet Singh Vishvanath Tiwari : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 75. 53. 79. Sawinder Singh Uppal Avtar Singh Azad : Jiwan Te Rachna Swaran Singh Snehi Mahankavi Santokh Singh: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 37. 57. 45. 69. Manjit Singh S. 47. Gurdev Singh Sidhu Darshan Singh Awara: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Jeet Singh Seetal : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Devinder Singh Vidyarthi Pandit Kishore Chand: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 52. Mohan Singh Diwana: Jiwan Te RachnaDr.Surinder Singh Shergill Karam Singh Historian Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Bikram Singh Ghuman Giani Lal Singh Sangrur: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Vinod Dr. 72. 48. Abnash Kaur Dr.35. 56. 67. 49. Kulwant Singh Sant Sampuran Singh : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 50. Parshotam Dass Gupta Sohan Singh Josh: Jiwan Te Rachna Himmat Singh Sodhi Balraj Sahni: Jiwan Te Rachna Rajinder Singh Bhasin Kulwant Singh Virk : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 43. 36. C. Kulbir Singh Kaang Suba Singh : Jiwan Te Rachna Bhagwant Singh Naurang Singh : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr.R. 63. Amol Babu Firozdin Sharaf: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. 64. 71.1996 1988 1988 1989 1989 1989 1989 1990 1990 1990 1990 1991 1992 1992 1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 1994 Maulvi Gulam Rasul: Jiwan Te Rachna Harinder Singh Roop: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Ajmer Singh Teja Singh Sabar: Jiwan Te Rachna Prof. 74. 39. Brahamjagdish Singh Munsha Singh Dukhi: Jiwan Te Rachna Swaran Singh Sanehi Dr. Kuldip Singh Dhir Charan Singh Shaheed: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Gurdip Singh Bhandari Gulam Farid: Jiwan Te Rachna Prof. 78. 54.

80. Bhim Inder Singh Harbhjan Singh Batalvi Dr. Gurdev Singh Sidhu Gulzar Singh Kang Dr. 100. 102. Gurandita Khanna : Jiwan Te Rachna S. Tejwant Singh Gill Dr. Kuldip Singh Dhir Dr. Ajmer Singh Dr. Jasbir Singh Saabar Dr. 105. 82. Dharam Chand Vatish Dr. Amrit Lal Pal Dr. 99. Amritpal Kaur Dr. 89. Gurdev Singh Sidhu Dr. 87.1999 1994 1994 1995 1995 1995 1995 1996 1996 1996 1996 1998 1999(III) 2000(III) 2001 2002 2002 2002 2003 2004 2006 2006 2006 2006 14 . 98. Sahib Singh Arshi Dr. 96. 85. 93. Rajinder Lehri Dr. Navrattan Kapoor Dr. 92. 88. 103. 81. Pritam Saini Harbhajan Singh Komal Gurdit Singh Premi Dr. Zameerpal Kaur Dr. Rattan Singh Jaggi Dr. 104. Jeet Singh Joshi 1994 1994 1994. Amol : Jiwan Te Rachna Sadhu Gulab Dass : Jiwan Te Rachna Kissakar Rann Singh: Jiwan Te Rachna Bhai Randhir Singh : Jiwan Te Rachna Raghbir Dhand : Jiwan Te Rachna Shah Mohammad : Jiwan Te Rachna Sadhu Singh Hamdard: Jiwan Te Rachna Peer Mohammad : Jiwan Te Rachna Chand Singh Marajh: Jiwan Te Rachna Dr. Giani Kartar Singh Kalaaswalia: Jiwan Te Rachna Meeran Shah Jalandhari: Jiwan Te Rachna Paash : Jiwan Te Rachna Jaswant Singh Wanta : Jiwan Te Rachna Diwan Singh Kalepani: Jiwan Te Rachna Shamsher Singh Ashok : Jiwan Te Rachna Qissakar Daulat Ram : Jiwan Te Rachna Veer Singh Bal : Jiwan Te Rachna Syed Hasham Shah : Jiwan Te Rachna Principal Niranjan Singh: Jiwan Te Rachna Muhammad Buta Gujrati: Jiwan Te Rachna Kartar Singh Sumer : Jiwan Te Rachna Damodar Sohan Singh Meesha: Jiwan Te Rachna Sultan Bahu Bhai Gurdas : Jiwan Te Rachna Sh. 97.S. Gulzar Singh Kang Dr. 84. 83. 101. Harnam Singh Shan Dr. Gurdev Singh Gill Dr. 94 95. 91. 86. Ujagar Singh Dr. Kulbir Singh Kaang Dr. 90.

3. If Punjabi Lekhak Lari (Series of Punjabi writers) deals with the study of a particular writer.Surinder Singh Kohli 1980 1986.SERIES) Jeewan Te Pratibha series only forms an important part of the Punjabi Lekhak Series.1995 1988. Kuldip Singh Dhir Dr. Variegateed reactions of the readers and writers about the same book bring out the complexity of meanings in literary writings as also hint at the expressibility of writers and the extent of comprehensibility of the readers.PARMUKH SAHITKAR LARI (PROMINENT LITTERATEURS-SERIES) This series highlights the importance of the creative works of most eminent Punjabi writers who are held in high esteem in the domain of Punjabi literature. Rattan Singh Jaggi. 11. 6. Instead of judging how different readers and critics view the writings of a writer. The series aiming at bringing out various personality aspects of their writers from a scientific perspective is no doubt of great significance 1.S. Books published : 1. Himat Singh Sodhi Dr. Guru Amardass Guru Ramdass : Jiwan Te Rachna Guru Arjan Dev : Jiwan Te Rachna Guru Hargobind Sahib :Jiwan Te Pratibha Guru Gobind Singh : Jiwan Te Rachna Dr Dalip Singh Deep Prof. This series is confined to the literary writings of great personages. 7. Rattan Singh Jaggi. Gursharan Kaur Jaggi Dr. 5. 12. 9. 4. 3. And here the selector is the writer himself. 2. 8. 1987 Panjab De Parsidh Sahitkaar (Urdu-Hindi-English) Edited by Dr. 15.1996 1995 1996 MERI PRATINIDH RACHNA LARI Meri Pratinidh Rachna is a series of books under which the prominent Punjabi Literature put forth their own viewpoint regarding their writings. Kartar Singh Duggal Gurdial Singh Phull Justice Pritam Singh Safeer Dr. this series has been kept from the Punjabi Lekhak Lari under a different title. Punjab De Parmukh Sahitkaar Edited by Dr. Meri Pratinidh Rachna Series dwells on the textual reading of selected writings of the writers. 2. this series aims at giving expression to the feelings of the writers themselves on their literary works. 4. With reverence to the Gurus and saint-poets. 14. 13. Books Published: 1. 1989 JEEWAN TE PRATIBHA LARI (LIFE AND TALENT . 2. 10. Wanzara Bedi Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia 1987 1988 1989 1989 1991 1992 1995 1995 1995 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1997 15 . Harcharan Singh Santokh Singh Dhir Gurdial Singh Jaswant Singh Kanwal Dalip Kaur Tiwana Surjit Singh Sethi Sawinder Singh Uppal Gurmukh Singh Jeet Narinderpaal Singh Jawant Singh Virdi S. 5.

Jaswant Singh Neki Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Swaran Chandan Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Gurdial Singh Phul Dr. 7 8. Mohinder Singh Sarna Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Ajaib Chitarkar Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Prabhjot Kaur Sahitik Swe Jiwni. published 29 autobiographies of eminent writers: Books Published 1. 6. Balbir Singh Dil 1985 1987 1987 1988. Prof. 4. 16. 24. 26. Dr.SERIES) Under this series the litterateurs are motivateed to pen down their respective literary journeys in detail as to how they undewent the creative process and how their personality is reflected in their writings. 22. Punjabi Literary Studies Department has. 3. 28. 13. Dharam Pal Singal Dr. 15. Sujaan Singh Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni.Sohan Singh Seetal Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni Dr. 7. Gurdev Singh Maan Sahitik Swe Jiwni. 23. In their autobiographies the writers also tend to elaborate theinterconnexions between their practical life and what they write. 5. Ram Sarup Ankhi Sahitik Swe Jiwni. 29. Gurdial Singh Phul Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Ajmer Aulakh 1985 1986 1987 1987 1988 1988 1988 1989 1990 1990 1990 1992 1993 1993 1994 1995 1995 1995 1995 1995 1995 1996 2005 2005 2006 2006 2006 2006 2007 2007 SARUP SIDHANT TE VIKAS LARI (FORM AND THEORY. 25. Sidhant Te Vikas Punjabi Natak : Sarup Sidhant Te Vikas Punjabi Rekha Chittar : Sarup Te Saar Bhagti Sidhant De Adhar Sarot Punjabi Nibandh : Sarup. Kartar Singh Duggal Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Harchan Singh Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. 18. 20.SAHITIK SWE-JEEVANI LARI (LITERARY AUTOBIOGRAPHIES . 5. 2. Gurcharan Singh Jassuja Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Brij Lal Shastri Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. 21. Punjabi Nat-Kav : Sarup Ate Vikas Punjabi Ekangi : Sarup Sidhant Te Vikas Punjabi Jeewni : Sarup. Pritam Singh Safeer Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. SERIES) With a view to define the existential importance of different literary genres.(Meri Naat Yatra)Ajmer Singh Aulakh Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Abnash Kaur Dr. 27. Surjit Singh Sethi Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Surinder Singh Narula Sahitik Swe Jiwni. so far. 11. Charan Dass Sidhu Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Gulzar Singh Sandhu Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Piara Singh Sehrai Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. 6. 17. Gurdial Singh Phul Dr. Roshan Lal Ahuja Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni . 12. 30 Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Punjabi Literary Studies Department has brought out ten books under this series. Kirpal Singh Kasel Sahitik Swe Jiwni. Manmohan Singh Dr. 14. Ajit Saini Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni.1998 1990 1991 1991 16 . 4. Sidhant Ate Vikas Hukam Chand Rajpal Dr. books are made to be written under this series. Mohinder Singh Joshi Sahitik Swe Jiwni. They also specifically mention those incidents which have a bearing on their writings. Harbhjan Singh Hundal Shitik Swai-Jeewni. What can be more authentic than a writer's own statements on their writings. Kailash Puri Sahitik Swe Jiwni. 1. 9. Surinder Singh Kohli Main Te Punjabi Sahit. 2. 3. Autobiographies of writers are of great use for the researchers to understand the creative process experienced by the writer. 19. 10. Narinderpaal Singh Meri Sahitik Swe Jiwni.

17 . Professor Mohan Singh : Ik Pariche Prof. 3. Sarup. 11. Tariq Kifayat Ulah Punjabi Natak Te Rangmanch Dr.) Tulnatmak Sahit Shastar Dr. Rattan Singh Jaggi 1981.SERIES) Critical Punjabi Literature pertaining to various fields of Punjabi literature includes the evaluation of a prethora of writings in poetry. These books based on study and analysis by the eminent Punjabi critics are a special foucs of attraction for the readers and researchers. 19. 14. 16.8. Kuldip Singh Dhir Madh Kaleen Bhagti Kav Di Bhumika Dr.1999 Perspectives on Guru Amardas (Third Sikh Master) Fauja Singh. 10. 1. Joginder Singh Kairon. Kala Singh Bedi Malve Di Kaveeshri Prampara Dr. Sidhant Te Sethiti Dr. Sawinder Sing Uppal Dr. Kav Shardhanjali (Guru Gobind Singh Sahib) Ji Tiji Janam Shatabdi De Shub Avsar Te Parrian Gyian Kavitava Da Sangrah) 1967 Jangnama Singha Te Frangian Krit Shah Mohammad Dr. Under this scheme 47 books dealing with different aspects of Punjabi Literature have been brought out in book form. Rattan Singh Jaggi Dr.1997 Moian Di Jaag (Anuvadac Prof. 9. the Punjabi Literary Studies Department has published is critical books. Sidhant Te Vikas Punjabi Kahani Sarup. and Rattan Singh Jaggi 1982. Amritpal Kaur Malerkotle Di Urdu Sahit Nu Den Dr. Rattan Singh Jaggi 1982. 1. 13. Sidhant Te Vikas Punjabi Safarnama : Sarup. drama etc. Amritsar Sifti Da Ghar Dr. fiction prose. Ajmer Singh (ed. 15. 11. 18. Kamlesh Uppal Veehveen Sadi Di Punjabi Kavita Dr. 7. Rachhpal Kaur Dr. 8. Rajinderpal Singh 1995 1995 1995 1997 2007 ALOCHNATMIK PUNJABI SAHIT LARI (CRITICAL PUNJABI LITERATURE . 22. Abnash Kaur Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ate Punjabi Sahit Dr. 9. 20. Puran Singh) Prof. Ajmer Singh Punjabi Lok Vaarta Dr. Ajmer Singh Nanak Singh : Ik Pariche Dr. Gurdev Singh Dr. Jeet Singh Sittal. Puratan Punjabi Vartak : Sarup. Amritpal Kaur(Editor) 1977. 2. 10. Omkar Kaul and Dr. 17. Dharampal Singal Waris Shah : Ik Parichya Principal Gurdit Singh Premi Punjabi Kavita Vich Rashtri Ekta Di Bhavna Narinder Singh Kapoor Viharak Samikhiya : Kavita Ate Vartak Dr. Satinder Singh Kashmiri Sahit Da Itihas Dr. 4. Sidhant Ate Vikas Jangnama : Sarup.1996 Part Second and Third) Rajinder Singh. Azad Hind Fauj Da Itihas Ajit Saini Rachna Parkirya Pritam Singh Safir Dasam Guru Bani Sanchar Dr.1996(III) 1981 1982 1982 1983. 5. 12. Narinder Dulai Buleh Shah : Alochnatmak Adhyan Dr. 4. Surinder Singh Narula Bhai Mohan Singh Vaid Ate Punjabi Sabhyachar Dr. 12. Under this series. 2. Surinder Singh Kohli Dr. Sidhant Te Vikas Punjabi Steji Kav. 3. 6. Unpublished manuscripts first compiled and then prepared for an authentic reading. 21.2000(II) 1984(II) 1985 1986 1987 1987 1988 1990 1990 1990 1991 1991 1994 1995 1999 2003 2004 2005 SAMPADANA LARI (EDITING SERIES) This series includes the presentation of complete works of prominent literatures by collecting them. Bhagat Singh Vedi Sikligar Kabile Da Sabhyachar Kirpal Kazak Kali Chhand : Nikas Te Vikas Dr.

Davinder Singh Usahan Kalaam Ali Haider Dr. 1986. 25. Ram Singh Saini Harinder Singh Roop : Varan Ate Kavita Dr. Indira Gandhi De Pattar -Yuvkan De Nan Thus Spake Guru Amar Das: A Selection from his Baani in English rendring Guru Amardas Rachnavali(Hindi Anuvad) Auchitya Vichar Charcha Dr. 14.. Gurbachan Kaur Singh Saagar Krit Bhai Veer Singh Bal Dr. 1. Under this series world famous books pertaining to poetics are translated in to Punjabi. Jeet Singh Seetal 1976 Dr. 18. 19.2000 1988 1988. 10. Rajinder Singh Lamba S. 11.1998 1986. Gurdev Singh Gur Bilas Patshahi -6 Krit Bhagat Singh Dr. 22. Gurdev Singh Sidhu Farad Faqeer Da Kalaam Dr. Pritam Saini Dr. Puran Singh) Prof.1995 1988 1988 1988 1989 1989 1989 1989 1991 1991 1991 1991. Ajmer Singh Yusuf Zulaikha :(Krit Sadeeq Lali) Dr. Jagtar Singh Parchi Bhai Addan Shah Ki Krit Bhai Sehaj Ram Dr. Kulwant Singh Gur-Bilas Baba Sahib Singh Bedi Krit Bhai Sobha Ram Dr. 29. Rattan Singh Jaggi Parchiyan Sufi Faqeeran Dian Dr.1999 1992 1993 1994 1995 1997 1997 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2003 2005(II) 2006 2007 ANUVAD LARI (TRANSLATION SERIES) This is a very important series introduced by this department. Gulzar Singh Kang Kalam Buleh Shah Dr. 6. Rattan Singh Jaggi 1982 Acharya Kashemender 1983 18 . 15. 34.1995 1985. Surjit Singh Makkey Madine Di Gosht Dr. Abnash Kaur Kissakar Karam Singh Rachnavali Dr. Tarlok Singh Anand Punjabi Kav Prampra Dr.1992 1985 1985 1986 1986. Gurdev Singh Nanakayan Prof. Mohan Singh Chauvan Sufi Kalaam : Meeran Shah Jallandhari Dr.1988. Mohan Singh Kavitawali Dr. Jasbir Singh Sabaar Saar Ramayan Krit Kavi Baba Ram Dass Uttam Singh Bhatia Wali Ram Rachnavali Dr. 47. Charan Singh 'Shaheed' Rachnavali Dr. Rattan Singh Jaggi Part First Rajinder Singh Kissa Heer Ranjha( Krit Muqbal) Dr. 21. 45. 28. 41. 35. Achhar Singh Kahlon Saurth Bija Ashok Dr. 4. Gurmukh Singh Shiharfian Sadhu Vajeer Singh Ji Kian Shamsher Singh Ashok Sahit Adhiyan Vidhian Dr. 3. Gursharan Kaur Jaggi Sohni (Fazal Shah) Dr. Gurdev Singh Sidhu Punjabi Lok Vaarta Dr. 7. Devinder Singh Usahan Bani Baba Ram Dass Dr. 43. 9. 12. Jagjit Singh Khanpuri Heer Ran Singh Dr. Gurbachan Singh Nayar Janam Sakhi Sri Guru Nanak Sah Ki Krit Sant Dass Chhibbar Dr. Joginder Singh Gur Ratan Mal : Sau Sakhi Dr. Gurbachan Singh Talib 1979. 17. 44. 27.1994 1986 1987 1987 1987 1987. 32. 2. 39. 20. Gurdev Singh Pattal Kav Dr. 26. 36. Gurdev Singh Sidhu Dhanna Singh Gulshan Di Chonvin Kavita Mewa Singh Sidhu Gurkirat Parkash Krit Kavi Veer Singh Bal Dr. Joginder Singh Kairon Pran Sangli Dr. Gurmukh Singh Sikhan Di Bhagatmala Dr. 30. 16. 46.5.2000 Editor Dr. Rajinder Singh Lamba Sri Gur-Pad Prem Prakash(Krit Baba Sumer Singh) Dr. 38. Rattan Singh Jaggi Prem Ambodh Dr. Piar Singh Varan Bhai Gurdas Dr. Krishna Kumari Bansal Guru Nanak Bans Parkash(Krit Sukhbasi Ram Bedi)Dr. 31. Joginder Singh Heer Damodar Dr. 24. 42. 23. 33. 13.S. Moian Di Jaag (Anuvadak Prof. The department has so far published some books on poetics in Punjabi. Gurmukh Singh Puran Singh Di Chonvin Rachna (Kavita Bhag) (Gurmukhi Ton Shah Mukhi Lipi Vich) Dr. 8.2000 1985. Ajmer Singh Punjabi Jangname (Part-I) Dr. Tarlochan Singh Bedi Bhai Jodh Singh Gad Saurabh Dr. Pritam Saini 1983 1984. We also envisage to get some books on Western Poetics translated in to Punjabi and then publish them in future. 37. 40.

N. G.2001 1981 1982 1985. Natya-Shastra (Krit Bharat Muni ) Dr. 14. Puran Singh Dr. 17. 1. 2. As many as ten books aiming at the fulfilment of the above mission. Om Parkash Bhardwaj Hamid Shah Abbasi Dr. 3. have been published so far by the department. Prof. 5. Jaggi Dr. Gobind Nath Rajguru Ras Gangadhar Krit Panditraj Jagan Nath Dr. Rajguru Chandra lok (Krit Acharya Jaidev) Dr. Guray Anuvadac Dr. Gurdev Singh Jaap Sahib : Phonetic Transcription and TranslationDr. Anwar Chiragh) 1985 1985 1987 1988 1989 1989 1992 1995 1996 1997 1999 2005 2005 BHAVANATMAK LARI (SENSITIVITY SERIES) This is unique series of its own kind. 2.S.(Dr. 4. N. Amrit Kaur Raina 2001(II) 2003(II) 2005 2005 2007 19 . 8. 9. 10. Kartar Singh Duggal Prof. 3. 15. Prakasina : A Buddhist Princess Prof. 8. Nagender) Dr. Sade Rasam Rivaj Bharat Vich Jaati Te Nasal Lok-Khedan Te Punjabi Sabhyachar Gaddi Lohar Kabilian Da Sabhyachar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Samoohik Sikhya Sanchar Da Sadhan Jagdish Singh G. R.(Lipi Antaran. Kirpal Kazak Dr. 7. 12. 6. Puran Singh Spirit of the Sikh Part-II Punjabi Krishan Kavya Ate Surdas The Holi Granth (Sri Raag To Majh) : Translated by Prof. 5. 6. Hukam Chand Rajpal Dr. Rabinder Powar Fakhar Jamaan Hyati Te Fan Sh. Amjad Ali Bhatti (Lipi Antran Dr. Charan Dass Shastri Mantikutair Krit Faridudin Ataar Principal Gurdit Singh Premi Artha Shastra Krit Kautlya Dr. Under this series writings published by the department familiarise the Punjabi readers not only with Punjabi Literature but also link them with the literature of other languages also. Ravinder Kaur Masnavi Bhakha (Anuvadac Bhai Mangu Ji) Editor Dr. Navrattan Kapoor Kashful Mahjoob Krit Hazrat Shiekh Makhdoom Ali Hujveeree Dr. 13. Gurmukh Singh Ras Sidhant . 16. Teja Singh Sri Krishan Sahit Sindhu Krit Sant Amir Dass Mahatma Surdas Sahir Khaabaan Da Shahzada Krit Kishan Adeeb Madh-Kalin Bhagati Kav Di Bhumika Gosoami Tulsidass Yaddan Ganji Baar Dian Malak Mohammad Jiasee Ed. S.2001 1986 1988 1988 1990 1993 1995 2007 General Books 1.5. 9. Gursharan Kaur Jaggi (Translated & Edited) Ed. 10. Ishar Singh Taangh Dr. Ujjagar Singh Sehgal Dhavanyalok. Bhagat Singh Bedi Anuvad Ajaib Chittarkar Dr. Krit Anandvardhan Dr. 11. 11. Hukam Chand Rajpal 1980. Viaakhia Ate Sampadan) Dr. Bhagat Singh Bedi Dr. 4. Harkirat Singh Dr. Sodhi Kirpal Kazak Prof. Kala Singh Bedi Gorakhbani . 7.S.


opihs f.fsnkoh nXhB gq'i?eN 141 + 02=143 (PROJECTS IN PROGRESS) : e'.toB Swaran Singh Snehi 12H fJzdo f.aB 8H gzikph pkb .zx . Amritpal Kaur) (vkH nzfwqsgkb (vkH 4H gq/w-gqXkB feZf.zx) (Dr.s{ e'.kpo) Mehma Parkash Granth Di Anukarmnika (Dr.a okfizdo f.a f.h Inderjeet Singh Tulsi Dr.a e"o) Punjabi Natakkar Kosh (Dr.kfjs b/ye e'.kfjs ft. Rajinder Lehri) 7H wfjwk gqek.-aGkr d{ik gq'i?eN) Punjabi Sahit Vishav Kosh-Part-II (ftGkrh .zx bKpk) Prem Pardhan Kissian Da Katha-Vastu Kosh(Dr.apdktbh e'. Sarabjeet Singh 14H .pho (vkH do.zx s[b.nK dk eEk-t.a (DICTIONARIES) : 09 1H gzikph .zx e'.zx yhtk Kartar Singh Ballagan Labh Singh Khiva bkG .a Sufi Sukti Kosh (vkH r[od/t f.a Anuvad Kosh (ftGkrh .a rzqE dh nB[eqwfDek f. Gurdev Singh) gzikph b/ye bVh 10H p{Nk f. Gurnaib Singh) 6H BkN .zx pbZrD f. Pal Kaur vkHgkb e"o vkH Dr.zx (In Press) 11H eosko f.a Naat Shabdawali Kosh (vkH okfizdo bfjoh) (Dr.zx . Rajinder Singh Lamba) 5H gzikph nkb'uBk e'. Darshan Singh Aasht) 9H . Harbans Singh Dhiman f.{ch F[esh e'.zx XhwkB Butta Singh (Punjabi Writers Monograph Series) : 41 jopz. Jasbir Singh Sabar) (vkH i.a Punjabi Alochna Kosh (vkH r[oBkfJp f.zx uZeotosh f.[oihs okwg[oh .aN) Punjabi Baal Sahit Lekhak Kosh (Dr.zx) (Dr.zx Surjit Rampuri 21 .w{je (Teaching Faculty Collective work) 2H nB[tkd e'.w{je gq'i?eN) (Teaching Faculty Collective work) 3H gzikph BkNeeko e'.B/jh Inderjeet Singh Tulsi 13 fJzdoihs f.

Gopal Singh Dardi 17H r[ofdZs f.HBH .hp Dr.zx Dr. Baldev Singh Cheema 30H Bikps fwjopkB pNkbth 22 vkH .15H vkH nso f.zx Dr. Harjinder Singh Walia 20H oxpho f.zx uhwk G. Gurnaib Singh 16H vkH r'gkb f.No skok f. e"o frZb Gurdit Singh Kundan vkH Dr.akB Raghbir Singh Bir vkH joBkw Dr.zx e[zdB jopz. Maninder Singh Bhai Jawahar Singh 29H ihHphH f.sBkw f.Zb Bihari Lal Puri vkH Dr.zx dodh r[oBkfJp f. Harnam Singh Shan 21H jfoBkw Sh. Satnam Singh Jasal 19H wk.zx f.zx .N.zx jouzd f.zx tkbhnk Master Tara Singh vkH jofizdo Dr. Gurnaib Singh vkH vkH Dr.zx jo.hgb rzrk f.zx .zx y'.bk . Attar Singh Dr.zx pbd/t f.kpo Giani Jodh Singh vkH i. Jasbir Singh Sabar 27H w[jzwd pya./te Gurdial Singh Khosla 23H f.zx i.zx p/dh Principal Ganga Singh vkH Dr.a okfizdo f. Gurbachan .zx pho f.zx f.zx w[jzwd B{o Principal Takhat Singh B{o Noor Muhmmad Noor 25H fgqz. Harchand Singh Bedi 26H frnkBh i'X f. Sewek Harinam 22H r[ofdnkb f.zx bKpk Muhammad Bakhsh vkH Dr. Nasib Singh Harsaran Singh 24H fgqz.zx r[oBkfJp f.zx vkH wfBzdo Dr.pho Dr.oB f.zx vkH B.B.zx GkJh itkjo f. Singh vkH Dr.hgb sys f. S.qh r[opuB vkH Dr. Rajinder Singh Lamba 28H f. Harbans Kaur Gill 18H fpjkoh bkb g[oh .

gkfDBh fgqz. Kuldeep Singh Dhir 38H .a Dr. Satish Verma Balwant Gargi 41H d/ftzdo . . Haribhajan Singh vkH .fjokJh wfBzdo f. r[oBkw f. Meharban Batalvi 31H e"o 32H f./mh e[bdhg f. Harcharan Singh (Submitted) 45.os .hsb pbeko f. Narvinder Singh Kaushal 36H .a Immam Bakhash vkH r[biko f.zx Dr.zx sho Gurnam Singh Teer (Submitted) vkH jouoB f. Balkar Singh vkH vkH Dr.zx .zx . Gurdish Kaur Vanjara Bedi vkH i. Bhim Inder Singh 37H .a Dr.zs f.zx fJzdo f. Maninder Singh Kang 34H joBkw dk.zx Devinder Satiarthi Dr. Joga Singh 42H Panini 43.hgb . Satnam Singh Jassal 39H f.zx Sohan Singh Seetal Dr. Jagjit Singh Dr.zx ozXktk ozXktk 46.zx Principal Sher Singh vkH fjzws f. Jaswinder Singh Sant Singh Sekhon 33H .zx j.zx e".zx pbtzs rkorh gq'H irihs Prof.zx i.zx Xho Surjit Singh Sethi gq'H Prof. Bhupinder Singh Kheira (In press) 23 . Jhwkw py. Gulzar Singh Kang ezr vkH wfjzdo f.zx (In press) Dr.ftzdo Dr.zx tDikok p/dh . Dr.zx Dr.zx . Himmat Singh 44.[ikB f.zx Sujan Singh vkH Ghw Dr.[oihs f.zx 40H towk vkH jfoGiB f.Zb Sukhpalveer Singh Hasrat vkH Dr./y'I vkH r[odh.ab Navtej Puadhi vkH Dr.'jB f.zx Dr.zx (Submitted) eKr Harnam Das Sehrai 35H Bts/i g[nkXh Boftzdo f.Njabat Dr. Gurmeet Singh vkH vkH i'rk f.[ygkbtho f.a/o f. Mohinder Singh Randhawa vkH G{fgzdo f.fsnkoEh r[owhs f.sBkw f.

zx B{o Gosw[Bh Bharatmuni Dr. 53.zx ikue Dr./ dh .' Dr. Harjodh Singh Dr. Bikram Singh Ghuman Dr. Jit Singh Joshi rzrk f.qh r[o{ BkBe d/t Sh. Iqbal vkH joGiB f. Guru Arjan Dev vkH do.Nirakari Fzeo vkH nkoHvhH fBokekoh . Manjitindra vkH . Guru Nanak Dev vkH s/itzs f. ghb{ Peelu vkH joi'X f. Sutinder Singh Noor .qhwsh oftzdo e"o Shankar nBzdtoXB Anandvardan e[zse Kuntak Smt.fjd/t nfGBtr[gs Abhinavgupt Prof.z.ak.zx fuzse (Gkosh) L 11 51. 61. Sharan Kaur vkH . 50. 56.ah vkH wBihsfJzdok (Submitted) (In press) 49. Gurpal Sandhu vkH 64H gzikph feZ. Ravinder Kaur Dr. Harbhajan Singh nkb'uBksfwe gzikph .qh jo.[wB gqhs e"o Dr. Tejwant Singh Gill .zX{ Pacchami Kaav-Shashtar Dr. 60.47.kfjs dk fJfsjk.qh r[o{ noiB d/t Sh.aB f. Abhimaniueu Malik 63H HgZSwh ekft-.aoB e"o vkH dbihs 66H T[gGk. Sudarshan Gason (Submitted) ft. Darshan Singh ofpzdo BkE N?r'o Rabinder Nath Tagore vkH jogkb nfGwzfBT{ wfbe Bharti Kaav-Shashtar vkH Dr.k-ekft s/ fto. 55. Manjula Sehdev .zGkb vkH fpeow f.a wfjsk Sh.D. 52. 59.zx frZb Dr. 57.feqs . Harsh Mehta GoEohjoh Bharthiari vkH .zx Dr. Harpal Singh Pannu w[jzwd fJepkb Mohd. Suman Preet Kaur Dr. Bzd bkb B{og{oh Nand Lal Noorpuri Hari Singh Jachak joh f. R. Bkrknoi[B Nagaarjun vkH . 58.zx gzB{ Dr.[fszdo f. Sanskrit Sahit Da Itihaas Punjabi Kissa-kaav Te Virse Di Sambhal Dr.zx x[zwD 65H .so r[ogkb .aB rk. 54.ak ftfrnkfBe nfXn?B e"o 24 .zx i'. Jamirpal Kaur vkH }whogkb e"o gq'H wzi[bk .zx Dr.ak g[nkXh L Gk.[do.. 48.ak.zx G{zdV Ganga Singh Bhundar vkH ihs f.kfjs bVh LITERARY CRITICISM SERIES): 10 (PUNJABI 62H Gkosh ekft-.

qh r[o{ jfo okfJ . Harminder Singh Bedi nB[tkd bVh (TRANSLATION SERIES): 3 77H f. (nzro/iah Gk.fGnkuko [yd/t f. 71.aso Punjabi Geet Shaster vkH ewbihs f.aB f.aB r[opuB f. O.zx Sri Guru Hari(i) Krishan 75. gqf.zx (nzro/iah nB[tkd) Sikligar Kabillian Da Sabhiachar (English Translation) 78.zrfms fJfsjk. Gulzar Singh Kang ihtB s/ gqfsGk bVh SERIEAS): 04 (LIFE AND PERSONALITY 72H r[o{ BkBe vkH do. Bhardwaj (In Press) . r[o{ nzrd d/t Guru Angad Dev vkH gowhs e"o (Submitted) GktBksfwe bVh (POETICAL WORKS SERIES): 1 76H fjzdh ethnK dh gzikph ouBk dk .ak ftZu) f.ak. Darshan Singh Guru Nanak 73H .qh joGiB f.ak. Parmeet Kaur 74H .zx Sri Guru Hari(i) Rai Sahib Dr. Daljit Kaur Gkosh .ekfos gzikph b/ye Bharti Sahit Academy Purskarit Punjabi Lekhak vkH r[biako f.zx j[zdb Dr.zx ezr Gkodtki Bharti Saundraya Shastar vkH UHghH Dr. gzikph rhs . teq'eshihts (e[zse) Vakrokati Jivat (Kuntak) vkH okftzdo e"o Dr. gq'H s/itzs Prof. Kamaljit Singh Sh.zx frZb Punjabi Sahit Da Itihas (English) Bharti Ate Pakistani Sahit De Sanghthhit Itihass 69.kfjfse .zx Dr.kfjp irihtB f. Jagjeewan Singh vkH vkH Dr. Harbhajan Singh Hundal ft."Ido: .qh r[o{ jfo feq.zx . 70.zx p/dh Hindi Kavian Di Punjabi Rachna Da Sanklan Prof. Sukhdev Singh vkH . Tejwant Singh Gill 68H Gkosh ns/ gkfe. Dr.skBh . Ravinder Kaur (Submitted) Gkosh .P.ZX eth Vishav Parsid Kavi Gkosh . Gurbachan Singh Dr.Upp-bhasha Puadhi : Bhasha Vigianik Adhiyan 67 Dr.ebhro ephfbnK dk .kfjs nekdwh g[o.zebB gq'H jofwzdo f.kfjs d/ .P?-ihtBh bVh AUTOBIOGRAPHIES): 33 (SERIES OF LITERARY 25 .kfjs dk fJfsjk.

akB (Harnam Singh Shan) eosko f. Amrik Singh) vkH r[ouoB f. 105. 108. Prem Parkash) i.Bhw Uw gqek.[oihs gkso ( Dr. Jagtar) vkH nkswihs (Dr.zx nkBzd pbd/t f.zx (trdh .o{g s/ f.zx Gkosh irihs f. 111. f.zx okw{tkbhnk (Karnail Singh Ramuwalia) iBkp cayao iawkB (Janaab Fakhar Zaman) jfozdo wfjp{p (Harinder Mehboob) nihs e"o (Ajit Kaur) iBkp Biw j[.tzs f.aoB f.[fszdo f. Surjit Patar) vkH nwohe f.zx 26 . joBkw f.80H 81H 82H 83H 84H 85H 86H 87H 88H 89H 90H 91H 92H 93H 94H 95H 96H 97H 98H 99H 100.zx vkH r[ouoB okwg[oh Bts/i f.{oh (Kartar Singh Suri) eoB?b f. Atamjeet) vkH .jke w[jwzd (Ishak Muhammad) .h okth) (Dr. 103. 107.qh d/t uzdB b/rh wBw'jB f. 102.B ozXktk wBihs fNtkDk (Afzal Aehsaan Randhawa) (Manjit Tiwana) (Mohan Bhandhari) (Niranjan Tesneem) (Om Parkash Gaso) (Sri Dev) (Chandan Negi) (Manmohan Singh Bawa) (Darshan Dhir) (Variam Singh) (Gurcharan Rampuri) (Nevtej Singh Bharti) (Jagjit Singh Anand) (In press) (Baldev Singh) (Ravinder Ravi) (In press) (In Press) (Submitted) (Submitted) (Submitted) (In Press) (Vagdi Si Ravi) w'jB Gzvkoh fBoziB s.zx eztb (Jaswant Singh Kanwal) r[od/t o[gkDk (Gurdev Rupana) r[o.a (Sh.zx 112H oftzdo oth .XKs s/ ftek.zx .o{g. 101. 110. 104. 109. Sutinder Singh Noor) .zx (Gursharan Singh) .'I . 106. Gurcharan Singh nciab nfj.zx (Dr.a rk.:Zd (Janab Nazam Hussain Sayad) fJ.zx B{o (Sutindedr Singh Noor) vkH irsko (Dr. bVh AND (SERIES OF FORM CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT IN PUNJABI LITERATURE): 18 114H o/yk fuZso L .zx .qh gq/w gqek.aB Xho tfonkw f.zx pktk do.?B .zgkdBk bVh 113H r[o{ BkBe T[geko (Dr.XKs vkH r[ow[y f.

zx GZNh Punjabi Sahit De Itihaskari : Sidhant.zx Dr. Butta Singh Brar gzikph wjKekft L f. Punjabi Mahankav : Sidhant.zx 123. Devinder Singh Usahan f. Sidhant Te Sthiti Prof.kfjs L . Sarup Te Vikas Prof.XKs s/ ftek.zx tkbhnk Punjabi Sahitak Pattarkari : Sidhant.Surinder Kumar Deveshver 119 gzikph b'e ekft .zx Prof. Sidhant Te Vikas Dr. vkH ewb/. Sidhant Te Sthiti Dr.kyh f.XKs.XKs.a gq'H i. Sidhant Te Vikas 118H gzikph Bktb L .ftzdo .o{g.zx GkNhnk Punjabi Alochana : Sarup Te Sidhant Dr.fEsh gq'H nzfwqsgkb e"o Punjabi Gurmat(i) Kaav : Sarup. Harbhajan Singh Bhatia 116H 117H g[oksB gzikph eftsk L.XKs.o{g s/ ftek.. f. Sidhant Te Vikas Dr. gq'H .o{g s/ ftek.o{g f.zx Punjabi Bir Kav : Sarup. 27 vkH i. Sidhant Te Vikas nkX[fBe gzikph eftskL . g'qH irihs f.fEsh vkH Bkjo f..o{g s/ ftek.XKs s/ ftek. f. feZ.[fozdo e[wko dt/.fEsh vkH fpeow f.XKs s/ ftek. Amritpal Kaur 122H gzikph gouh . Sidhat Te Vikas Dr. Gurmukh Singh 115H gzikph nkb'uBk L .o{g. f.kfjs dh fJfsjk.pho Dr.b 128. Sidhant Te Sthiti 123. p{Nk f. .o{g f.o{g s/ ftek.zx pokV Aadhunik Punjabi Vartak : Sidhant. Sidhat Te Vikas vkH joi'X Dr.[oihs f. f.o{g. vkHjoGiB f. Punjabi Janamsakhi : Sidhant. vkH T[ikro f.o{g f. Harjodh Singh gzikph .o{g f.XKs s/ . Harjinder Singh Walia nkX[fBe gzikph tkose L f.?Dh 129. Ujjagar Singh Puratan Punjabi Kavita : Sarup. T[gZb Punjabi Nukkar Natak L Sidhant. Jagjit Singh Adhunik Punjabi Kavita: Sarup.. vkH . Kamlesh Uppal f.k ekft L .zx Punjabi Lok Kaav : Sarup.XKs s/ . Surjit Singh Bhatti gzikph B[eZV BkNe L f.XKs. vkH vkH vkH . .zx 126.zx T[.kfjse gZsoekoh L f.XKs. gzikph iBw..o{g s/ ftek.XKs s/ ftek.Sarup Te Vikas 124. f.Rekha Chittar : Sarup. Kissa Kaav : Sarup.o{g s/ ftek.XKs s/ . Sarup Te Vikas 127.o{g s/ gozgok vkH d/ftzdo f.sBkw Dr.zx . Bikram Singh 121H gzikph r[owfs ekftL. Prof. Jasbir Singh gzikph . Dr. Sarup Te Vikas 125.XKs.o{g.kjD Punjabi Parchi Sahit : Sarup. . jofizdo f. f.XKs s/ ftek. Sarup Te Vikas Dr. Nahar Singh 120H gzikph pho ekft L .ato Punjajbi Naval : Sarup.ekohLf. Satnam Singh Jassal gzikph riab L f.zx iZ. Sarup Te Vikas Dr.XKs.o{g s/ ftek.

Dr.a/.G.XkoB nze (General Ank) 141H fgqz.hgb .so so. Tarsem (U.C. : 02 1H .fGnkuko Beet De Gujjran Da Sabhiachar 132.zdoG ftu vkH nzfwqs e"o o?Dk (:{HihH.kfjp d/ .kfjs nkb'ue ft.zgkdBk ft.a nze gzikph nkb'uBk ft. Jaswinder Singh Saini gzikph .a nze Sanskrit Natak Vishesh Ank Punjabi Sahit Alochak Vishesh Ank Punjabi Sahit Alochana Pustakan Vishesh Ank 140H . Dr./w (:{HihH.Zy Xow dh ftbZyDsk Sri Guru Granth Sahib De Sandhrabh Vich Tatkaleen Dharman Da Tulnatmak AdhianSamantavaan Te Sikh Dharam De Vilakhanta Budget : Rs.zx .a/.a nze Bani Sampadana Vishesh Ank Uttar Aadhunikta Vishesh Ank Punjabi Alochna Vishesh Ank (RESEARCH JOURNAL): 7 (In Press) 135H 136H 137H 138H 139H T[sZo nkX[fBesk ft.zx n"by Ajmer Singh Aulakh Baldev Singh (SZg u[Zeh j?) Neun Jarh (Play) 133. phs d/ r[ioK .seK ft.000 Dr.o{g s/ ftek.a/.46. Amrit Kaur Raina (U.a nze gzikph .77.ak.a/.a nze (In Press) Principal Sujan Singh vishesh Ank Projects funded by U.zx (Submitted) y'i gfsqek d/ fsnkoh nXhB nze ISSUES UNDER PREPARATION 134.. Major Project) (Submitted) 2H gzikph riab dk ekft . Sarup Te Vikas vkH Dr.G.hH w/io gq'i?eN) Punjabi Ghazal Da Kaav Shastar Budget : Rs.z.hH w/io gq'i?eN) ssekbhB XowK dk s[bBkswe nfXn?B.XKs.C. L 3 G[fgzdo e"o (In press) fBT[I-iVQ Bhupinder Kaur niw/o f. Sarup Te Vikas 130.qh r[o{ rzqE .wkBsktK-ftfGzBsktK s/ f.kfjs nkb'uBk g[.zX{ Punjabi Swe-Jeewni : Sidhant.zx ft. r[odhg f.P?-ihtBh L f. S. 8.C.G. Major Project) .a/.a nze . fwNh o[dB eo/ Miti Rudan Kare pbd/t f. (KHOJ PATRIKA pkDh .600 28 vkH n?.[ikB f.a nze gzikph . 5.Punjabi Gazal : Sidhant. Gurdeep Singh Sandhu General Books (c[Neb) 131.feqs BkNe ft.a/.a/.

29 .


some special issues on celebrated Punjabi Littterateurs were also brought out. BHAI MOHAN SINGH VAID MEMORIAL ANK : This issue was published on the centennial occasion of Bhai Mohan Singh Vaid. 29 research papers dealing with the subject at hand and written by eminent scholars have been included in this issue. GURU AMAR DASS ANK : This issue is dedicateed to the 5th centenary birth anniversary of Guru Amar Dass under which different aspects of the Guru's personality as well as his bani (divine poetry) have been made a basis of their comprehensive study. This journal was enriched by publishing in it research papers on different topics after getting them written by the distinguished scholars. have been published in this issue. The first Vice-Chancellor of Punjabi University. 38 research papers reveal a lot about different aspects of Bhai Jodh Singh's personality. It deals with the different aspects of life and personality of the great Maharaja. The distinguished academician and Gurmat specialist. MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH ANK : This issue is dedicated to the bicentennial birth anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. with a view to offer fiction in its various forms to the readers. the fiction issue is unique in itself. 39 more papers written by scholars on different topics have also been included in this issue. mini story etc. religious and academic fields. shortstory. Besides 18 more research papers relating to different aspects of literature have also been published herein.KHOJ PATRIKA A DEPARTMENT ' S JOURNAL Punjabi Literary Studies Department started a Journal Khoj Patrika in 1969 primarily to publish the research work accomplished by the young scholars of Punjabi Literature in a phased manner. This journal is continually serving the interests of established as well as new researchers of Punjabi Literature as a common platform. 31 . Besides. The continuity of Khoj Patrika (59 issues has been brought out) is symbolic of the efficient functioning of Punjabi Literary Studies Department Detail of some special issues of Khoj Patrika brought out by the department is given ahead. Besides. Explaining various forms of his Bani. Every issue of this journal carries the reviews of Punjabi Literature as well as new books written in other languages. In this special issue. its different aspects have been presented from different angles. BHAI JODH SINGH MEMORIAL ANK : This issue is dedicated to Dr. Different aspects of his personality and his writings have been given in the form of 13 research papers. An eminent Punjabi fictionwriter and journalist Bhai Vaid was one of the doyens of Punjabi literature who made a great contribution towards the development of Punjabi Language and Literature. Bhai Jodh Singh contributed a lot in literary. (Bhai) Jodh Singh. novellette. ADHUNIK KAV (Modern Poetry Issue) : From an angle of highlighting the achievements and piossibilities of modern Punjabi Poetry. Thereafter 33 critical research-papers have been given on its later forms. have been included in this issue. 15 research papers dealing with the critical analysis of literature concerning the Lahore regime. social. The litterateurs normally portray society and culture through literary forms like novel. This issue carries 50 research papers. this issue has an importance of its own. 28 research papers written by distinguished scholars of this field. First 17 papers introduce us with the initial forms of fiction. GALAP ANK (Fiction Issue): Published. Analysing various trends of modern poetry. The issue was published by the department on the centennial occasion of the erudite scholar. his creative process and his contribution in literary and social spheres.

SUFI KAV ANK : Sufi poetic movement has a great importance in Punjabi Literature for its spreading over it from beginning to the modern era. This movement includes the great contribution of Baba Farid. This issue carries 29 research papers written by different scholars on the topic of Gurmat philosophy. this issue carries 18 research papers. through editing the holy Guru Granth Sahib edited the Bani (spiritual poetry) in a systematic manner. etc. Dedicated to the contribution of Bulleh Shah this issue is very meaningful. Gurmat poetry includes the poetic recitations of not only Sikh Gurus but covers those of the saints and Bhagats. biographies. This issue was brought out to analyse. 15 research papers describing the ancient. Shah Hussain. This 32 .SAI BULLEH SHAH ANK : Sufi Poetry occupies an important place in Punjabi Literature and Bulleh Shah's contribution towards the historical development of Sufi Kav Dhara is unforgettable. BIR KAV ANK ( Ballad Issue): Bir Dav is established in Punjabi Literature as a very important form of poetry. Thus 45 research papers dealing largely with the historical and literary importance of Bir Kav have been published in this issue. Under this the theoretical aspects of Bir Kav. Fazal Shah have been selected for studies. Among these essay (nibandh) stands for modern prose. ethical and spiritual values upheld by the Gurus. Peelu. have been published in this issue. Sayyad Ghulam Qadar Shah. As such 38 research papers providing an indepth studyn of various theoretical and practical aspects of culture. It is imperative to study and comprehend various isms that have influence literature and litterateurs from time to time. Var Kav. Hafiz Barkhurdar. GURMAT KAV ANK : Gurmat Kav is established in Punjabi Literature as a powerful poetic movement. reflective. SABHYACHAR ANK (Punjabi Culture Issue) : Culture is an invaluable treasure of any nation. Analysing the different aspects of Bulleh Shah's poetry from different perspectives. this issue is quite valuable. narrative. form. HATH LIKHIT SAMPADAN KALA ANK (Manuscript Editing Issue): Punjabi Literary Studies department organised a seminar on the art of Mancuscript Editing. In this issue Sufi mode of meditation and spiritual experience have been dwelt upon. historicity and authenticity of manuscripts have been included in this issue. Under this issue the writtings of famous Kissa poets like Shah. some important but neglected aspects of this poetic form have been made the basis of study. satirical etc. Farad Faqir. Wajid etc. 22 research papers dealing with the writings and their evaluation from a theoretical and practical viewpoint have been published in this issue. The isms which become a basis for the study of literature have been discussed in detail in this issue. Ali Haidar. In this issue. experience. This issue of Khoj Patrika is out to express the ideology. understand and preserve Punjabi culture in its entirety. NIBANDH ANK (Essay Issue) : Prose has a multidimentional importance of Punjabi Literature covering different form like essays. importance and development from different angles.e. Bulleh Shah. This issue aims at highlighting its nature. Hasham. A language and literature committed to its culture catch national momentum of development as they have their roots in their soil. have been included in this issue. 29 research papers dealing with its form and nature i. Jangnamas and singing styles have been presented. KISSA KAV ANK (Narrative Poetry): Kissa kav is a very important part of Punjabi Poetry. travelogues. The Sikh Gurus. SAHIT VAD ANK (Issue of Literary 'Isms') : For understanding the ideological perspective of Punjabi Literature. Gurmat Kav highlights the spiritual and mystical theories from a pragmatic viewpoint. discriptive discursive. The research papers presented on this occasion as also other papers written by scholars on this subject has been published in this issue. critical.

25 research papers on personality and creativity of Guru Gobind Singh were published in this issue. literary-theories and movements in the context of the leading writers. NAAT SHELLIAN ANK (Dramatic Styles Issue): This issue is a land mark in the field of dramatic criticism in Punjabi. For this purpose 30 research papers have been published in this issue on theoretical and practical aspects of the writer's literary works. PARVASI PUNJABI SAHIT ANK (Punjabi Literature Abroad) : This issue dealing with Punjabi Literature written abroad known as Parwasi Sahit has a vital role to play in the inter-pretation and analysis of the NRI literature. dance. costumes. sound-effects. make-up. It dwells pargely upon different aspects of Gurbuksh Singh Preetlari's personality as fiction-writer. In this issue 13 research papers. GURU GOBIND SINGH ANK : To mark the tricentenary of the birth of Khalsa. The entire issue deals with the theoretical. 33 . along with the excerpts from Kavishri of some of the famous Kavishars. characterisation. PRAGTYO KHALSA ANK : Pragtyo Khalsa issue has been published under a series of publications dedicated to the 300th birth aniversary of the Khalsa. LOK DHARA ANK (Folk Lore Issue) : This issue contains variegated material on folk-lore. stage-decoration. In this issue different research papers on the great personality and writings of the tenth Guru were published. music. In its creation the part of its performance is also included. It includes some informal interviews with him. theoretical and creative perspective. Various topics of Parwasi Literature have been taken up herein. acting etc. GURBAKSH SINGH PREET LARI ANK: This is a special issue of Khoj Patrika dedicated to the centenary of Gurbaksh Singh preetlari. 18 different papers were published in this issue providing indeed an indepth study in to various Banis. plot. Pritam Singh. SPECIAL ISSUE ON 20TH CENTURY PUNJABI FICTION In this special issue the Punjabi fiction (Novel. This issue highlights the uniqueness of dramatic styles developed at different time and places. 23 research papers written by different scholars on different literary aspects like Kissa Kav. Written by the great master. This special issue of Khoj-Patrika sheds light on various aspects of this particular poetic-tradition. ideological. Gurmat Kav. 22 research papers written by different scholars have been published in this special issue. KAVISHARI SPECIAL ISSUE Kavishari is a literary form different from Kissa. Lok Kav. Guru Gobind Singh special issue was brought out. historical and musical perspective. some selected writings of his own and some articles on the learned professor written by the reputed scholars. It caries 30 research papers on Professor Pritam Singh. 13 research papers elaborating different constituents of theatre viz. Different aspects of Guru Gobind Singh's personality were viewed from literary. an evaluation of his writings. Short-story) written during the 20th century has been discussed keeping focus on the various fictional streams. His writing "Dasam Granth" in particular was taken up as main topic of study in its religious. light-effects. A detailed study of folk-lore from practical and historical angle has been given in this issue.issue presents the writings of these poets in a analytical form. This issue contains 36 research papers based on spcial socio-cultural and literary background of parwasi literature. religious and scientific study of the Dasam Granth and Gurmat Kav. PROFESSOR PRITAM SINGH ANK : This issue is dedicated to the eminent scholarly teacher Prof. have been published in this issue. Lok Gayan and Folk beliefs have been published in this issue. stage management.

This includes the information about his whole literary creation. origin and development. masks. language. Mohan have been included. subject-matter. The whole information regarding all the Banikaars is a speciality of this issue. Mohan Singh written by his contemporary writers have been included under the title 'Simritian'. Sukhmani.e. 18 research papers have been included in this issue. In the various research-papers the writers have been special emphasis on history of folk theatre forms. The issue focusses on the different Punjabi literary theories. Sidh-Gosht. BANIKAAR SPECIAL ISSUE This issue is dedicated to the completion of 400 years of 'Parkash Utsav' of Shri Guru Granth Sahib. 35 research-papers included in this issue which provide sound information about the whole literary contribution of Prof. In addition to this a complete list of previous issues of KhojPartika and their contents have also been included. movements and leading poets also. poetic forms and styles. This issue definitely projects the complete picture of the Indian folk-theatre tradition. SPECIAL ISSUE ON 20TH CENTURY PUNJABI POETRY This special issue is concerned with the Punjabi Poetry written during the 20th century. music. Also the research papers of a particular author published in various issues have been listed under 'author-index' . Anand Sahib.This issue contains 19 research papers which explore the various features of the punjabi fiction of 20th century. At the end the complete bio-data of Prof. Many of these folk theatre forms have revealed first time in Punjabi. PROF. Mohan Singh. MOHAN SINGH BIRTH CENTENARY SPECIAL ISSUE This issue was planned on the first birth centenary of Prof. ANUKRAMNIKA OF KHOJ PATRIKA SPECIAL ISSUE In this issue the detailed list of all the articles and research papers. published in the previous issues of Khoj-Patrika have been provided along with their volume numbers and years. dances. the memories and reminiscences of Prof. Apart from this. books written on him and academic research done on his works. In this issue approximately 30 folk theatre forms have been included representing almost all the states of India. The Poetic and musical specialities of these forms have been discussed in detail in this issue. With the help of this issue the readers and researchers can easily obtain the information regarding the titles and authors of research-papers published in Khoj-Patrika from time-to-time. stage-setup. Japuji. In this issue 29 research papers have been included about the life and contribution of sikh gurus and saints of Shri Guru Granth Sahib. make-up. 34 . BANI KAAV-ROOP SPECIAL ISSUE This issue includes the discription of main poetic forms of Shri Guru Granth Sahib i. lights and relevance in modern times. LOK NAAT SHELLIAN SPECIAL ISSUE In this issue an effort has beeen made to project the rich traditions of folktheatre of India in Punjabi language. Mundavani etc. Baramaha. costumes. Mohan Singh. on stage and back stage traditions.

kXkoB nze 16H . 1983 nkX[fBe ekft ft.a/.szpo. ft.a/.kXkoB nze 9H wkou.a nze 35 .a/.aB dk .1978-wkou. 1974 pkpk caohd ft. 1975 .a/.fwqsh nze 17H wkou.zspo.a nze 6H wkou.zx ft.kXkoB nze 2H iBtoh 1969 . 1977 .zx ft.a nze 13H .a nze 14H . 1969 r[o{ BkBe d/t ft. 1980 .a nze 7H wkou-.zx t?d . 1981 GkJh w'jB f. 1981 g{oB f.kXkoB nze 12H .fwqsh nze 21H wkou.1979 w'jB f.a/. 1976 .szpo.zx .kXkoB nze 3H Btzpo.a nze 20H .1978 r[opy.szpo. 1979 r[o{ nwo dk.a/.zspo.zx ft. 1982 GkJh i'X f.a nze 22H . 1982 rbg ft. 1973 Bktbeko BkBe f.wK nze dk BK 1H 1967-68 .a nze 4H wJh 1970 . 1977-wkou.a nze 15H wkou.a/.a/.szpo.szpo. 1972 GkJh tho f.zx .szpo. 1980 wjkokik oDihs f.szpo. 1976 r[o{ s/r pjkdo ft.a nze 18H . 1983 g[oksB tkose ft.a/.a/.fwqsh nze 19H wkou.zx ft.y'i gqfsek d/ nzeK dk t/otk nze BzL gqek.zx gqhsbVh ft.szpo.a/.a nze 8H wkou-.a nze 10H .a f.kXkoB nze 11H wkou.a/.kXkoB nze 5H .szpo.

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Gurnaib Singh . 63 . JOURNALS Punjabi Kavishri Kav .FUTURE PLAN OF THE DEPARTMENT First priority will given to the 'in-hand' projects for their early completion. Amritpal Kaur .Punbjabi Kosh Punjabi Anuvad Kosh .Dr.Dr.under the series Monographs.Vishesh Ank Veehvin Sdi da Punjabi Galp . PROJECTS UNDER PREPARATION DICTIONARIES Punjabi Sahit Kosh (Vol.Vishesh Ank we are also focusing out attention on starting new projects under various series such as : Anthology of Punjabi Poetry of Twentieth Century Vishav Parsiddh Sahitkar ate Sahit Alochak Pakistani Punjabi Sahit Ate Lekhak Parvasi Punjabi Sahit Ate Lekhak Sanskrit Natak Ate Rang Manch Adhunik Bharati Natak Te Rang Manch Sahit Alochana De Naven Jhuka And we also want to plan various seminars concerning the above mentioned projects.under the series Sahit Siddhant de Anuvad 33 Books.under the series Punjabi Sahit Roop 9 Books .Vishesh Ank Veehvin Sdi da Kav .Joint Project Punjabi Natakkar Kosh Punjabi Alochana Kosh Nat Shabdavali Kosh Arbi .Punjabi Kosh Pashto .II to V) .Dr. Rajinder Kumar BOOKS 6 Books .

64 .