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Overcoming Violence:WCC report: stopping the gun trade -stealth gun control for citizens

Overcoming Violence:WCC report: stopping the gun trade -stealth gun control for citizens

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Published by: Carl Cord on Dec 21, 2012
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Religious communities are the most organized communities
in the world. Local churches that belong to the WCC mem-
ber network are located in some 110 countries and number in
the hundreds of millions. Where there are no WCC churches,
there are Roman Catholic churches and, these days, particu-
larly in many parts of the global south, Evangelical and Pente-
costal churches. Where there are no churches, there are syna-
gogues, mosques and temples of various sorts. In small villages
and in local neighborhoods of large cities, religious people
gather together in groups of anywhere between 20 or 20,000
people about once a week, or at least once a month. Usually,
one person gets up in front of them and tells them what God’s
will is for them, and most people try to follow that exhorta-
tion. Tey also know how to collect money! If we could get
just ten percent of those religious communities, no, even one
percent, to cooperate and act together in the pursuit of just
peace, what a diference that would make!
Of course most religious communities, indeed many
churches, do not want to be so engaged. Tis is true among
Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and other religious com-
munities as well. It is also true that we can easily fnd allies
from other religions who will stand with us for just peace
when many Christians will not. Sometimes the more difcult
dialogue is the intra-religious one. Our allies in other religions

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