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Security in Industrial Personal Computer
Security in Industrial Personal Computer

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Published by: Um PLC sem WatchDog on Dec 21, 2012
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This documentation was written to provide an introduction and best practice about how to achieve a

secure Beckhoff Industrial Automation controller.

The focus of this article is not to highlight all the benefits of PC based control - instead it's to understand

the differences of security attacks between a consumer-PC compared to a PC in Industrial Automation

environment. Detailed information is provided by several “How to” which describe how to integrate a PC-

based controller into a potentially unsecured environment. First of all we should not panic and mix our

consumer experience with scenarios of industrial environment:

Consumer PCs are mostly attacked by email (opening attachments) and surfing the Internet.
Industrial PCs in an industrial, productive environment are usually not directly connected to the
Internet and usually don't include Email applications. In case they make use of email

communication it's usually the use case to collect and send data out for reports - but they don't

automatically receive, open and process Emails.

The following documentation is based and structured in the following basic security strategies:

Securing the Operating System
Handling Software Management
Securing local access to the device
Securing remote access to the device

Scenarios like frequently asked questions on remote maintenance, security patch management etc

Please note that this documentation is under a steady and constant development. However the

documentation should already provide a good starting point into IPC security.

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