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Music Press Lesson 1

Music Press Lesson 1

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To explore music listening habits (of the class and wider community) To find out how to create a useful survey for market research

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Find Someone Who...
Take one statement from the list. Find out how many people in your class this statement is true for. Keep a tally or a list of names and think of a way to present your findings to the class.


What do you know?
Complete the learning audit about the music press.

How confident do you feel about this topic so far?


Market Research
All successful businesses conduct market research to find out what their audience wants. Businesses use surveys and questionnaires to find detailed information about the way their audience lives and the way they use their product. Based on the information that comes from their research, businesses might make changes to their product design to increase its popularity and, therefore, make more money.

Open and Closed Questions
Closed questions These are questions that generate just one short answer, e.g. Do you like pop music? Yes! Open questions These are questions that invite more detailed answers, e.g. What type of music do you like? I enjoy pop music and am a big fan of Jessie J.

Example Questions
How often do you listen to the radio? Do you read a music magazine? □ once a week □ every day □ every Friday Do you prefer pop music or rap? Do you listen to music by the following artists? Tick all those that apply. The Beatles □ The Rolling Stones □ Jessie J □ Ollie Murs □ Marilyn Manson □

Where do you usually find out about new music?

Design a Survey
Devise your own survey to find out about people’s music listening habits and how they use the music press. When you have compiled your survey, answer your own questions. You could then swap with a partner and answer each other’s surveys.

To explore music listening habits (of the class and wider community) To find out how to create a useful survey for market research


Extension Questions
1. Each student answers their own and a partner’s survey questions.


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