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Published by: Transformed By You on Dec 21, 2012
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An update on the IdeasCamp seminar focusing on the Customer Service Innovation & Public Service Redesign Themes from the

PS ICT Strategy. Ideas Camp is a seminar approach developed to enable Kent Connects Partners to: 1. Help move forward projects in the PS ICT Action Plan 2. Develop concepts based on the drivers for change in the PS ICT Strategy It helps Partners develop a shared understanding of issues in these areas through learning from pioneers within and outside Kent. The process that the Ideas Camp helps deliver is outlined in this flowchart. The first Ideas Camp organised on 30th November focused on the Priority Themes of Customer Service Innovation and Public Service Redesign: 1. Introducing a joint approach to channel shift through the Kent eCitizen project (seepresentation) The project was introduced by its lead - Peter Brook, Transformation & Partnerships Manager at Kent CC - to stimulate a discussion on how other partners could help shape its development and to discuss drivers for change in moving customers online. If you would like to get involved in shaping this project, contact peter.brook@kent.gov.uk. 2. Developing principles for designing ICT-enabled services with customers (see principles) The “Made in Lambeth” approach to working with communities to design solutions was introduced through the perspective of the council – Sophia Looney, Divisional Director for Policy at Lambeth Council and through the eyes of the entrepreneur Tom Rowley, CoFounder of Good for Nothing, accompanied by a short film you can see in the Made in Lambeth Film link from Good for Nothing on Vimeo. These approaches have also been used on how technology can tackle particular customer needs, social challenges and digital priorities. The Principles developed during the session will inform the development of a challenge to involve customers to design solutions using technology to support themselves and their communities. If you would like to get involved in taking these principles forward to develop a challenge, or if you want to continue the conversation from the seminar, do join the online group.

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