Evaluation question 2 How does your media product represent particular social groups?

I will be comparing the antagonist from my final production to another character from another film. The character I have chosen to compare the antagonist to is Yoko from the grudge because I thought this will be a good comparison as they are the protagonist in both movies.

The antagonist from ‘Face of Death’

Samara from ‘The Ring’

Similarities between Aalliyah and Samara: There are any similarities and differences between these two antagonists, which I will compare. We originally got our idea for our antagonist for our media product from 'The Ring'. We wanted our antagonist to be very identical to Samara from the ring, because it blended in quite well with the idea of our film and the character we was trying to create. The antagonist in The Ring has many similarities with our antagonist:  The protagonist from our production has a similar the antagonist in the ring. We decided to dress her in this costume because it makes her look terrifying and cold, which is similar to what the antagonist from The Ring looks like. Her dark hair and pale face also make her look scary, which is what we is exactly what we were trying to achieve.  Another similarity between the characters is that they aren’t immediately introduced into the sequence, both characters are introduced in an unusual way, and we aren't aware of whom they are. Our opening sequence consisted of Aalliyah (protagonist) opening the lift to see the antagonist standing over a dead boy, and Samara from The Ring is introduced through a mysterious video tape, so we don't know who they are, and it obscures their identity which creates enigmas such as who are they?  Another similarity between the characters is that both their roles become immediately known to the audience because of the way they are portrayed. The audience can immediately tell who the antagonist is because of specific features which are part of conventions of a horror film.  Both antagonists are about the same age which primarily makes the audience see the irony to the fact that because both antagonists aren’t very old, they are weak and aren't able to kill people, however the audience may change their views and notice that the antagonists are there to cause harm to the protagonists, which is a code and convention of most horrors as many of the antagonists are made out to look innocent but are completely different to what they are perceived for.


The only obvious differences between the two antagonists are that our antagonists face is clearly visible were as Samara’s (The Ring) isn’t because her face is covered by her hair and our costume isn’t as dirty. This creates enigmas for the audience, as the audience start to question why she looks innocent but is very suspicious.

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