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7330506 Complete Hemi Sync Gateway Experience Manual

7330506 Complete Hemi Sync Gateway Experience Manual

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Published by: Joe Castro on Dec 21, 2012
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Copyright 1989, The Monroe Institute, All Rights Reserved The Monroe Institute, a nonprofit educational and research facility, is deeply interested in the progress you achieve with these training exercises. Send your reports or requests for further information regarding the Gateway Experience in-home program to the Gateway Experience Coordinator. To continue the program, please contact your local distributor or The Monroe Institute. The Gateway Experience is a system of training in personal development. It is not a form of psychotherapy, philosophy, religion, or medical diagnosis/treatment. It is a means to acquire knowledge. The application and results thereof are solely the responsibility of the trainee. The Gateway Experience training series is sold for private use only. Any public or commercial use thereof without written consent of The Monroe Institute is strictly prohibited. Caution: These tapes must not be used while driving. Use only with your doctor’s permission if you are taking psychotropic medication or are engaged in therapy. Your doctor may call our Professional Division with any questions. Do not use tapes with any indication of epilepsy. Directory Advanced Focus 10 (Discovery #3) Adventure (Wave IV) Bio-Body (Prospecting #2) Brain Power Color Breathing (Threshold #4) Comments from Robert A. Monroe Compoint (Adventure #6) Discovery (Wave I) Encoding Instructions Energy Bar Tool (Threshold.#5) Energy Food (Freedom #5) Energy Walks Exploration, Sleep (Discovery.#5) Exploring (Wave V) Far Reaches (Prospecting #6) First-Stage Separation (Freedom #6) Five Messages (Adventure #2) Five Questions (Freedom #4) Focus 12: Overview Free Flow Methods of Exploration Free Flow 10 (Discovery #6) Free Flow 1 2 (Adventure #3) Freedom (Wave III)


Gateway Affirmation, The Gateway Entry Gateway Experience, The Horizons (Exploring #5) Introduction to Focus 10 (Discovery #2) Introduction to Focus 12 (Threshold #1) Liftoff (Freedom #1) Living Body Map (Threshold #6) Metamorphosite (Prospecting #1) Mission Day (Exploring #3) Mission Night (Exploring #4) Mission 10 (Exploring #1) Mission 12 (Exploring #2) Near Reaches (Prospecting #5) Need Grounding? Null Point (Prospecting #3) NVC I (Adventure #4) NVC II (Adventure #5) One-Breath Technique, The One-Month Patterning (Threshold #3) One-Year Patterning (Adventure #1) Orientation (Discovery #1 ) Out-of-Body Experience Pathways (Exploring #6) Plus Polarity (Prospecting #4) Preventing and Solving Cassette Problems Problem Solving (Threshold #2) Prospecting (Wave VI) Questions & Answers Release and Recharge (Discovery #4) Remote Viewing (Freedom #2) Required Equipment Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL) Tape-Taking Recommendations Threshold (Wave II) Vectors (Freedom #3)

The Gateway Affirmation
I am more than my physical body. Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world. Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience; to Know, to Understand; to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me. Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development, and experience are equal to or greater than my own. I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires.


(Note: This Affirmation has evolved over time. On some Gateway Experience tapes it may be slightly different from the way it is presented here. Both versions will help you make the most of your experiences. Remember, it is the intent rather than the words themselves that is important.) Comments From Robert A. Monroe Regarding The Gateway Experience Sometimes it’s hard to determine a beginning, the point where an idea becomes a reality. The Gateway Programs are not in this category. We remember well when they started. In 1973, at Whistlefield Research Laboratories, in Afton, Virginia, we were conducting research studies on the effects of the environment on human consciousness. The Esalen organization at Big Sur, California, famous as the birthplace of many new trends in psychology and philosophy, heard of our work and invited us to conduct a weekend workshop at their facility. As a result, we had many requests to repeat the process elsewhere. Our Executive Committee approved this new activity as a means of broadening our research model – and indeed it did. Originally called the M-5000 Program, sessions were held on weekends at various sites throughout the United States and Canada. Several thousand individuals from all walks of life participated in this constantly evolving series of training exercises. When we understood better the process taking place, we renamed it the Gateway Voyage Program – because what we were presenting was a Gateway, a means by which the individual could move into the exploration, knowledge, and understanding of oneself as well as the many reality systems where one has existence. The Gateway Experience is a special version of the Gateway Voyage Program. Designed for in-home application, it incorporates methods and techniques of the Gateway, adapted so that you can benefit from it wherever and whenever you so desire. Consisting of six exercises on tape cassettes, Discovery is the first album in this course. There are a total of six albums (thirty-six tapes) in the Gateway Experience. Sequentially, the remaining albums are: Threshold, Freedom, Adventure, Exploring, and Prospecting. Each tape and album contain a specific pattern of training. Accordingly, it is very important that you work with them in sequence. With in-home training, you have a definite advantage. You can repeat each exercise until you feel comfortable and proficient with its use. Do this. Then move to the next. The sound pattern you will hear on the tapes is a scientific process that helps you develop and absorb these Gateway states of consciousness. It is not hypnosis, although some of the techniques seem similar. The Gateway forms of consciousness show significantly different EEG brain-wave patterns from those of hypnosis subjects. At present, there is controversy as to what such patterns truly mean and how to categorize them. What can you expect from the Gateway Experience? As much or as little as you put into it. The exercises provide you with a set of tools – how you use them and what you do with them is your responsibility. Some discover themselves for the first time, and thus live more completely, more constructively. Others reach levels of awareness so profound that only one such experience is enough for a lifetime. Still others become seekers-after-truth and add an on-going adventure to their daily activities. There is one basic promise – that you seriously consider the Gateway Affirmation at the least a possibility: that you are more than your physical body, that you can and do exist in energy systems that are not limited to time-space, that you can and do communicate with intelligence beyond your physical consciousness – call it what you will.



Brain Power
The Benefits of Hemispheric Synchronization Perhaps even before recorded history, humans have sought to understand and enhance perception. By doing so, we are better able to understand and enhance our daily lives. The questions surrounding how we perceive, or how we go about making sense of our awareness, stimulate many avenues of inquiry. One of these avenues, science, has long known that our brains are divided into two halves, or hemispheres. In muscle functions, the nerve signals from these brain hemispheres act in an X crossover. The left brain controls the right side of the body, and the right brain controls the left side. But only in recent years has it been discovered that these two hemispheres may be quite different in the functions they perform. Research indicates that we use the left brain primarily to talk and read, do mathematics, to reason deductively, to remember detail, and to measure time, among other facets. It is the vehicle for logical, rational thought. Our right brain is the vehicle for ideas, spatial sense, intuition, music, emotion, and probably much more than we now realize. It apparently has a language all its own. Moreover, most of the time we think with our left brain. When we use our right brain, it is primarily to support the thought and action of the left. Otherwise, we often ignore it. Since its inception, the left-brain/right-brain theory has been under controversy. To stay apart from this unresolved conflict, our representation here is merely symbolic. Regardless of the physical location, we apparently have at least two distinct ways of perceiving and thinking. For the moment, the terms „left brain” and „right brain” serve only as identifying labels, or as a metaphor. We are primarily a right-handed civilization, dominated by our left brains. How did we get this way? No one is absolutely sure, but one of the better guesses is that the leftbrain dominance came about because of a basic need to survive in a physical world. Through thousands of years, our forebears added to left-brain dominance because that was the way to get things done. Our entire system-books, schools, colleges and universities, industry, political structures, churches – is fundamentally left-brained in learning, application. and operation. We have generally regarded right-brain thinking with amused tolerance, suspicion, disgust, irritation, distrust – and awe. However, recent studies show we use our right brain throughout our daily lives in many subtle ways. For example, the left brain remembers the name, but the right brain remembers the face. (How many times have you spotted a familiar face but couldn’t remember his or her name?) Studies of world leaders throughout history indicate they were thinkers who used far more than the analytical, intellectual portions of their minds. All great decisions by these leaders have been made with the left brain PLUS. Plus the right brain? Evidence supports it, based upon what we now know. How, then, do we go about using more of our brain power? There is a method and technique that offers much promise and potential. It can be utilized with relative ease, does not require years of intensive training, and is not limited to a narrow band of application. It is called HEMI-SYNC, which is short for hemispheric synchronization. Developed by The Monroe Institute, this process uses pulses of sound to create in both brain hemispheres electrical wave forms simultaneously equal in frequency and amplitude.


of freedom. the halves of the brain act in unison to „hear” a third signal. but an electrical signal created by both brain hemispheres acting and working together. study and concentration. These exercises assist you to know and better understand your total self. your own adventures. or participate in the Institute’s programs. stress-tension reduction. The Hemi-Sync process already has been tested and applied in many ways: for better sleep. it has been one of the fundamental reasons for the success of the Gateway Programs. One of the Institute’s early goals was to develop and provide a training system in this technique. are in search of the out-of-body experience (OBE). if you hear a sound measuring 100 hertz (cycles per second) in one ear and another signal of 125 hertz in the other ear. These states facilitate a great deal more than the OBE. Monroe’s books and the extensive media coverage of our work in this area. Therefore. certain sound patterns can assist you in achieving desired states of consciousness. concepts. enhanced creativity. It is never an actual sound. following the X pattern mentioned earlier. The Institute goal is to provide techniques for exploring your full potential and for „travelling”. as more sophisticated methods of exploration were developed. then the whole brain – both hemispheres – is focused in a coherent state of awareness. Most important. The FFR demonstrates that when you hear a certain type of sound. or resonate with. The tapes also provide a structured environment in which you create your own experiences. They are designed so you may learn and experience profound areas of expanded awareness. Each individual approaches this internal work with different abilities. and dynamic processes. your brain tends to respond to. Each ear sends its dominant nerve signal to the opposite brain hemisphere. and sometimes courage. The sounds you hear during the Gateway Experience exercises are characteristic of this process. This is not surprising considering the wide dissemination of Mr. as you move by carefully controlled steps from deep relaxation to those thresholds of consciousness apparently related to deep meditation. It also can be learned and recreated from memory as desired. that sound. control of pain. These thresholds become Gateways into different forms of perception: states of expanded awareness. This third signal is the binaural beat. The Gateway Experience As are all Gateway Programs. Many who use the Gateway Experience. Hemi-Sync takes the process an important additional step.The Institute was granted a patent in 1975 based upon the use of such sound pulses to induce a frequency following response (FFR) in the human brain. accelerated learning. it became evident that participants were entering discrete (distinct and separate) nonordinary states of consciousness. problem solving. the signal your whole brain will „generate” will be 25 hertz. rather than to 5 . However. the state of awareness can be changed at will by changing the sound pattern. the Gateway Experience is dedicated to the exploration and development of human consciousness through a system of exercises using Hemi-Sync. If the 25-hertz signal (above) is one that produces a certain type of consciousness. which is the difference in frequencies between the two signals in each ear. Furthermore. even for playing a better game of golf. By sending separate sound pulses to each ear (using stereo headphones to isolate one ear from the other). Each enters this area from a different place and goes to a different place. volition. Each exercise requires active concentration. For example. Various electrical brain-wave patterns are indicators of specific states of consciousness (such as awake or asleep).

Gateway participants often report intuitive perceptions: a sudden awareness. or „thoughtball” as one person delightfully described it. 6 . We honor men and women of vision. These sensations might feel like motion: rising and falling. we close such beautiful channels that were open to us by discounting our impression as unreal rather than allowing them to be legitimate. buzzing. or impressions of voices. Gateway Entry „Begin now. visual perception is often overemphasized and considered essential to the control and use of energy. and tipping. a gestalt. It’s not necessarily so. Pay attention to your body and feel subtle sensations. There are no right or wrong ways to experience these exercises. The ultimate goal of the Gateway Experience is for you to no longer need the tapes. with an easy acceptance of who you are. „How does my foot feel?” rather than. Ask. come and go. The Monroe Institute does not guarantee an OBE. WAVE I: DISCOVERY The Gateway Experience is a means to your selfdiscovery.” Begin where you are. creating subtle patterns which are beautiful in and of themselves. a quality difficult to convey in physical. tones. a whole-knowing. the research has led to a point where the OBE is far overshadowed by the development of human potential on all levels. discovering that words and theories are only one way to obtain knowledge. to what you know. For these reasons. and the endless fascination of unfolding visualization can blind us to other kinds of perception. pressure. getting deeply into yourself will enable you to appreciate more of that which is around you. Do you see what we mean? Visual means of perception are important. However. An auditory perception may manifest as verbal messages. To explore is to observe by discerning differences rather than by making judgments. Your journey begins with the Discovery album. And like the surf. lt may also occur as sounds such as static. Assume that the Hemi-Sync audio techniques presented by The Monroe Institute will create different brain-wave patterns. our concepts are deeply tied to the visual. At the same time. or changes in temperature. In a broad sense. but inhibiting as you learn to ride far and free. However. never assume that the frailty of its foam is a measure of the ocean’s power. voices. „Is my foot relaxed” Those feelings may change and shift. physical). You will learn through direct experience. They are like training wheels on a bicycle: wonderful for practice. You might feel „electric” sensations: tingling or vibrations. sliding. and there are various ways to perceive these differences within yourself. rocking. Value and build on your uniqueness: in it is wholeness and unity. In addiction. waking consciousness (Consciousness One or C-1) terms. or even music. These perceptions have a delicacy. and value insight. an attachment to them can become a major block to other perceptual cues. Perhaps you might feel twitches. Too often.provide a destination. In our language. a Gateway to your choice of an ideal or a destination. Whatever your method(s) of perception. As a result. or seem to be. Visualizations can be incredibly meaningful. One method of perception is to feel differences kinesthetically (sensations that are. Gateways are provided into various levels of awareness. the Hemi-Sync audio stimulus is not overpowering and can easily be rejected if it is not in agreement with your conscious or unconscious desires. your experiences will take you beyond what you think or what you have read. pops and clicks. pulsing. as you perform these exercises. One can get caught up in the entertainment value of the visual.

simply note the distraction and use it to go deeper into your experience. drugs. Burdens become light. Make sure you will not be interrupted by the phone. Doing and being merge. the paradoxical nature of the Gateway itself emerges: your desire to explore intensifies as you become more willing to release any attachment to results. Get comfortable. is resolved in Focus 10. mood/attitude. effort and fun are no longer in conflict. or excessive caffeine. Shift positions as necessary. Clicking-out is a common. As you learn to cooperate with your own inner direction. ready to pull up or throw off as needed. even if it seems unnecessary. each time you hear a dog bark. especially as you begin to move up to and beyond your level of experience. if you do experience noise (such as dogs barking. triggering what we call „synchronicity. which may limit the effectiveness of the Hemi-Sync exercises. the serious and playful aspects of selfdiscovery also merge. For example. Allow at least one hour after eating and avoid alcohol. motion. tell yourself you are settling deeper within yourself. or between active and passive states. There is a sense of having dropped out of the exercise. In Focus 10. There can be a metabolic drop as you enter an exercise. Use the bathroom before each exercise. Clicking-out is different from falling asleep. energy level. body position. between imagination and reality. or pressure. Loosen any tight clothing and remove shoes and glasses (or contacts). between self and universe. So seriously. moon phase. producing a coolness or chill which can quickly change to a perception of heat. 7 . that the noise is allowing you to explore further and further.” or a synergism between thought and action. Any conflict between doing something and being there.). there is no perception of time having passed. both before and during the exercise. Have a loose blanket or cover handy. However. Required Equipment Stereo cassette tape player (do not use Dolby or other noise-reduction systems) Stereo headphones (with separate volume controls if you have a hearing imbalance). You will be able to move gently back into your pattern of relaxation. or any other unusual circumstance. but will have no immediate recall. street repairs. have fun! Tape-Taking Recommendations Locate a distraction-free environment where you can darken the room and remain undisturbed during the thirty to forty-five-minute taped exercises. Listen to the tapes while lying down or in a seated position with your head supported. You will have stored the memory of your experience. children playing. DO NOT use the Gateway Experience tapes while driving. Expectations limit the unknown by what you now know. Upon returning to or finishing the exercise. medication or unusual diet.There may be times when you „click-out” of the exercise. You enter a flow. If you itch during an exercise. whichever is more comfortable for you. scratch. You may wish to keep a journal to document the details of your experiences such as: date/time. etc. frequently reported experience.

2. If the tape player „eats” the tape. the more you will be able to explore and master the next tape or album. This will realign the small plastic sheets inside the cassette. Stay open to change and flow with your experience. Each time you listen to a tape. heat. repetition of tapes is advancement. The following sections refer directly to processes on this tape: Hemi-Sync Hemispheric synchronization is demonstrated in a simple way by placing a steady tone in one ear. you will build a solid foundation within you that will enable you to get the most out of this in-home training system. To use these tapes effectively. very carefully remove the tangled section. exercises. are incoherent in that energy is produced with random timing. 6. Such signals can stimulate specific states of consciousness. and more masterful with it. and providing a greater awareness of your overall environment. the binaural beat or wavering sound you hear is a brain-produced phenomenon created as both hemispheres act in unison. and focusing 8 . you may choose to innovate and do something else. If the tape appears to be stuck (not winding) – slap it against the palm of your hand three times. Be sure the pinch roller (on the tape player) is not worn as it will catch and „eat” the Discovery #1: Orientation The tools. As these different tones are blended together in the brain. depending on your choice. By carefully and patiently using Discovery. It is also recommended that you perform each exercise as instructed at least the first time you listen to it. Then. take out all slack. influence physical reality. Various tools are developed in Discovery to create bridging as one begins to detect and focus the strong energies we call „nonphysical. 4. 8. Clean tape heads. each tape and album in the Gateway Experience builds upon the same features of the previous tapes and albums. clearer. Hemispheric synchronization focuses your attention. doing so will deepen your experiences and is strongly recommended. and experiences of the previous tape. or pressure. Return to basic tapes for reinforcement. exercises. The more intimate and proficient you become with each tape. and metal drive posts every twenty tapes. tape. then a different steady tone in the other ear. 5. please familiarize yourself with the Tape-Taking Recommendations on page 17. thereby enhancing creativity and problem solving. such as sunlight or a lamp’s tungsten filament. 3. which are automatically learned and then can be recreated from memory.” These are often perceived as electrical or vibratory sensations. Allow tapes left in a cold area to warm up at least one hour before using. Radiant light sources. In Discovery. pinch roller. and can. These energies can flow in Focus 10. Let your experience during the tape guide you. Store all tapes in a cool. as well as motion.Preventing and Solving Cassette Problems 1. Consider light waves as an example of the Hemi-Sync process. If you are curious about the content of each tape. Don’t force anything. 7. Rewind the tape by sticking the eraser end of a pencil in the spool and tightening the tape. you may first listen to it objectively. you become stronger. Be sure the tape is always fully wound and stored in a cassette case. Before rewinding the tape. and experiences you will discover or each tape in the Discovery album build upon the tools. over speakers. Indeed. nonhumid area.

Surf Ocean surf-waves of natural energy in action is a symbol of the Monroe audio system: you will learn to perceive. or a photograph representing someone who is on your mind. or it may be a lead-lined box or a sphere of light. If the volume is too high. other people and nature. You may also find that your box changes in size. wood chest or an intricately designed marble container. more sensitized. it may be a vacuum cleaner or a nuclear particle collector. It is important to understand that you will be learning to control your energy better. he realized force doesn’t work. As a result. assumptions about both success and failure. our abilities to learn. your senses will become heightened. Volume Adjustment Adjust the volume so that it is just within your hearing range. As you listen to the tape. In other words. your watch as a symbol for time concerns. Baffled. Imagine the implications of our ability to focus consciousness using the lamp and laser metaphor: with training in consciousness. our minds have the potential to become lamps turned lasers. Energy Conversion Box Create in your mind a „box. anchors to both the past and the future. Shifts in volume of the Hemi-Sync frequencies are intentional. the laser (light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation) is uniquely pure (of the same wavelength) and coherent (waves are in phase or synchronized). and in the sudden knowing of Focus 10. lists of limiting words like can’t. In turn. even if you don’t see. he opened his box. all to no avail. and ordered it to open. he stopped and confronted his box. This will enable you to establish resonance with. Experiment. it may be an old. You may design your own box: perceive it as simple or ornate. so it will work with you by giving you the space to detach yourself from whatever is holding you back. In fact. your environment in more varied and meaningful ways than ever before. or color as you progress. use your billfold as a symbol for money concerns. you may feel startled when you hear verbal instructions during different stages of the exercise. physical or nonphysical. won’t and isn’t. Do not readjust your headphones again during the tape. For example. conventional or high-tech. and control waves of your own natural vibrational energy. Gateway participants have discovered marvelous things to set aside: a tiny version of the physical world with themselves outside. Using Hemi-Sync. Make it really yours. Allow it to change.directs an irregular stream of photons to a specific area. the specific exercises in the Gateway Experience provide a means for laser-like focusing of human consciousness. Create it in your mind. or feel it. pried. rather than control over. shape. symbols of defenses resembling a series of masks. you will be able to attune yourself to. for the duration of any exercise. it may reduce the benefits of the exercise. and direct our thoughts are automatically amplified. and use it as a symbol of your changes and growth Put concrete symbols of worries or distractions into your box. A man once spent a whole exercise trying to force his box open: he tore at it. can be filled with all your worries and concerns. and then can be set aside. You may also want 9 .” a part of your personal space that. or harmonize with. tune. As a result. leaving you free and unencumbered. hear. and with one gentle movement. focus our minds. A high volume will not enhance the effectiveness of the FFR or masked sound patterns.

It is important that you actually make the sounds with your physical vocal cords. It gives you permission to respond to. however. It promotes an accelerated gathering of your vibrational energy while reducing your internal dialogue. continue the same breathing pattern.to return to your box during an exercise. As you inhale. you can recognize.” „oooh. imagine an infinity of sparkling. championship breaths. it helps you stay. Breathing slightly deeper than you normally would is just as effective as explosive. this process can manifest as sudden jerks and twitches. As the Resonant Tuning chant begins on the tape. Breathing exercises are a universal method of vitalizing and recharging your „battery. other energy and energy systems. Use the sounds on the tape only as a guide. thereby enabling you to become more aware of your expanding consciousness. simply breathe normally and open your eyes. you may use Resonant Tuning for meditation or quieting your thoughts. Plus. Exhale through your lips as if you were softly blowing out a candle. and close them as you exhale. and a negative pole. vibrant. Robert Monroe calls second-state energy.” moving this energy through its natural channels in and around the body. Since energy continues to flow. change. or even as a sensation resembling pain. function bilaterally. Now. your own pace. In other words.” and „uuum” sounds as you exhale. 10 . Pull it into all parts of your body and up into your head. During the breathing exercises. or move the fingers of your right hand. and like batteries. operating on the principle that our bodies. and correcting imbalances. This vital energy flows along lines of force. vocalizing with the „aaah. loosening knots and blockages. What is referred to in this Guidance Manual as nonphysical energy. follow the pacing on the tape to the extent that it is comfortable for you. and direct habitual behavior and reflexes. allow the energy to move and swirl gently around in your head as you hold your breath. and work with. relaxed and open to a variety of helpful influences. Odd as it may sound. Affirmation The Gateway Affirmation serves several purposes: It helps you focus your attention on what you want to accomplish during any exercise. Coordinating your eye movement with your breathing is one way to become aware of your ability to control autonomic (automatic) behavior. You will soon grow comfortable with this process and you may notice kinesthetic responses as your body becomes aligned with resonant energy. Should you relax to the extent you seem to have lost contact with everything physical. eye blinking and breathing are accomplished without the slightest thought on your part. releasing any tired. stale energy out through your body and the bottoms of your feet. resistance increases this phenomenon. Set your own rhythm. Place whatever you wish in your box whenever you feel like doing so. physical consciousness. Within the tape exercises. you will plant a seed that may grow into a full realization that you can assume voluntary control over these processes. Open your eyes as you inhale. as well as the universe. Typically. have a positive pole. It helps you focus your intent. vital energy around you. In addition to preparing you for these exercises. Resonant Tuning Resonant Tuning is a breathing exercise to help you vitalize and charge your entire system. But by confronting the experience and allowing it to work itself out. and your entire body will respond and return to waking. you will move beyond it.

Health Affirmation When you return to full. 11 . The count to Focus 10 will continue. From four to ten. or feeling the pores of your skin breathe. You will move into this state of total relaxation by first moving to Focus 3.” is the possibility of sudden heightened sensitivity: hearing the swish of arterial blood flow behind your ears. but not last time. Return to Full Waking Consciousness At the end of every tape exercise. Focus 10 In Focus 10. the further you can go into your next exercise. at each successive count you will relax another part of your physical body.Focus 3 Focus 3 is a signpost on the way to Focus 10. successively focusing upon and then totally releasing each body part. waking reality. synchronized. and comfortably asleep.” or total relaxation. and will in turn allow such relaxation to flow through your whole body.. Spontaneous remote sensing is another possibility in Focus 10: audio material you would swear was actually on the tape this time. This relaxation of your head will then „flow into your brain. Despite the temptation to take off your headphones early. thus creating a sense of detachment. your body will be so equalized as to overcome all those things that might hinder or prevent it from being and giving its best mental. Discovery #2: Introduction to Focus 10 Use this exercise after you are completely comfortable with Discovery Exercise Tape #1. delicate odors.. your body is calmly. Know that the affirmation is working for you without effort on your part. It will help you balance your physical and nonphysical energies. and then by letting various parts of your face and head progressively go limp and relax. It will bring you completely „back” from the exercise. This is the beginning of the Health Affirmation that you will hear at the end of these exercises. spiritual. you will hear a strong audio signal designed to bring you to a state of full.” which will feel and understand such a state. Your body knows how to do this. listen to this signal until it is withdrawn. deeply. and „mind awake. You will move to Focus 3 by a conventional count of one to three. To „look with your closed eyes” at your foot is a way to view it objectively. and balanced. or the total presence of faraway. One of the paradoxes of „body asleep. and physical self. waking consciousness (C-1 ). a Hemi-Sync state where your brain and mind are more coherent. The more you bring yourself back from an exercise. the 10-State your mind remains awake and alert. Move along with the instructions.

The more you build your REBAL. in contrast to being a force field. waking consciousness.Countdown As you return from the tape exercise. enabling one to lead a more fulfilling life. Since we exist in our own energy field. Now you will use this energy to create a moving field. Then shift the flow pattern into a spiral. For the purposes of this Manual. The REBAL also acts as a magnet. obtain guidance. or simply enjoy greater awareness of. a Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL) around you. one has available a broader range of perceptions with which to solve problems. move from the count of ten to one. For example. or excess energy. Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL) You have recharged and revitalized your energy with Resonant Tuning. attracting the influences and guidance from higher energy forms. like fish unaware of being in the water. and interaction with. Create a flow pattern with your breath by letting energy flow out of the top or your head like a fountain. Nor is it „higher” in the sense of „better” than any other state of awareness. and Memory. turning it on or extending it while in either C1 or in Focus 10. sense it through visions. It does. simply by using one resonant energy breath as the switch. energy that is equal to. Your REBAL is an intensification of your own energy. vibration than yours will have access to your energy field. much like you would switch on a flashlight. develop creativity. feelings. or more refined. your REBAL is like a sieve or filter: only. and as you hold it. the actual perception of your REBAL often becomes a function of need. and then reentering your body. Discovery #3: Advanced Focus 10 Use this exercise after you are completely comfortable with Discovery Exercise #2. and/or muscle sensations. winding the energy down around you and coiling it back up inside you. high energy state refers to an enhanced state of awareness that embraces methods of perception not ordinarily used in physical. (Please see Gateway Entry on page 12. think of a bright moving circle with the 12 • . helping to create a high energy state* within and around you. Inhale vital energy. one’s internal and external reality. You can learn to „pop” your REBAL into place. such as having a delicate membrane. walking consciousness or Consciousness One (C-1 ). allowing it to continue flowing gently down and around you. your REBAL is a shield from energy forms that you may not want to be influenced by at any particular moment. a good exercise is to play with sensing it in some manner. in accordance with the Gateway Affirmation. A high energy state is not to be confused with hyperactivity. As such.) Awake and Alert. like an intensified aura. or becoming radiant.) While in a high energy state. Although you may not always perceive your REBAL. reflect the expansion and integration of personal awareness. or of a higher. to full. until Focus 10 can become a launch pad from which you will float or move into other energy states. Your REBAL may spontaneously assume a different energy flow form. You will automatically reabsorb this energy at the end of any exercise. Encoding (Please see Encoding Instructions on page 77. Operating on a principle of resonance. the more your physical body will be able to sustain higher and higher energy levels. physical. however. through the bottoms of your feet.

and revitalize your entire system gently. Discover if doing so draws their attention to you much as striking a tuning fork will activate others in harmony with it. Use it daily in Focus 10. With the fear gone. we use a multitude of processes in order to deal with our emotions. Trust that a larger part of yourself knows what you are ready to uncover. Independent research has shown that when we are born. store the energy as you would in a charged battery. 2) If you open the box and find nothing. always pull clean energy into you as a final step. Simply open the box and see what comes up for you. anxieties. it is no longer needed. Free of the fear and emotion. what fears or emotions will come up for you when you open your Energy Conversion Box. and Return to C-1. and over you as you exhale. You can then reclaim the clean energy that existed before such limits were in place. This is an energy conversion exercise designed to clean. limits – anything that interferes with your growth or progress. and then return to Focus 10 for reinforcement of this exercise. Experiment. which operates on a paradoxical principle long used in many philosophies: you „raise yourself with the help of that which causes you to fail. Return to Focus 10 You will count down to C-1 once. or plan for. You have been putting all your worries. we have only two innate fears – fear of falling and fear of loud noises. If all other fears are learned. In Focus 10. Discovery #4: Release and Recharge Use this exercise after you are completely comfortable with tapes 1 through 3. bubble „nothing” away. and perceive the first radiation of fear you encounter.number ten inside it. they can be unlearned. Focus 10. and be asked to pull that clean energy back into your being. In this exercise you will be asked to go back to your Energy Conversion Box. You will automatically reabsorb your REBAL. Extend your REBAL while you are in a group of people and see if its resonance will create a response in people like yourself. or if it helps you find a parking space a little easier. Reclaiming the pure. In the high energy state of Focus 10. That dynamic is one of energy. This process will be repeated twice. You then pull the fear out of the box and move it away from you – allowing it to flow upward and away like a bubble floating upward in water. open the lid. you will be asked to perceive the emotion the fear covered and release it by bubbling it away. with or without the tape. Fear is like pain: useful as a warning signal. you will perceive the clean energy that was hidden or covered by the fear and emotion. For another experiment. Encoding REBAL. In C-1. Build and rebuild your REBAL. but once acknowledged. Let it move down. natural energy which is an integral part of you can make you whole. you can calmly identify and gently release fears. The process can be working very effectively on deeper levels.” Energy conversion is a process that allows you to release self-imposed limits resulting from the encrustation of fear and associated emotion. you can work from an entirely different dynamic – a dynamic that may seem unconventional to some who are well-versed in various theories of psychological systems. blocks. conversion. 3) Please do not get into a semantic argument with yourself about 13 . then turn it on and use it. In this (or any other) case. extend it around your car while you are driving. Find out if you experience better traffic patterns. balance. around. Here are some important points to consider: 1) You do not have to worry about. or you can choose to draw the circle back into yourself as you inhale. and concerns in your Energy Conversion Box.

By releasing self-imposed limits and recharging with the clean. your ability to communicate with and share your wholeness with others. you may find a new freedom. Preparatory Process You will move to Focus l0 on your own. Now. when the chanting begins. You could then recapture. Repeat this process twice again. you should be in a comfortable position for sleeping.” lost this literal Greek translation long ago. do your Resonant Tuning. Pull that clean energy back into your being. Energy Conversion Open your box and perceive the first radiation of fear you encounter. Yet using this process can certainly smooth out a normally difficult path. you can. perceive the clean energy of the memory. Having released the emotion. and move to Focus 10. the event that was hidden and covered by the fear and emotion. Reaching these conditions of being „outside of oneself” and of 14 . It has come to be associated with the feeling of being transported. perceive the emotion that the fear covered. and relax in Focus 10 before you return to C1. pure energy that is naturally yours. other energy systems. Therefore. Here is an example of how the process of energy conversion can work: You may go to your box and the first fear you perceive is the fear of speaking up in groups. This process is not intended to be a quick-fix or one-shot panacea. or you may discover a memory of what it was like before you developed the encrustation of fear and emotion that limit your potential. bubbling it away. you might perceive how you felt as a small child who was naturally willing to share the wonder of a new discovery with other people. Once you bubble that fear away. for this exercise.whether or not fear is an emotion. close your box. pop your REBAL. the event hidden and covered by the fear and emotion. But if you deliberately choose to move beyond your limitations. „the memory. the feeling of icredible freedom and rapture that accompanies a return to our most natural conditions. It’s not always easy and may require numerous efforts. first use your Energy Conversion Box with careful consideration. Pull the fear out of the box and move it away from you like a bubble floating upward in water. once meaning „to stand outside of oneself. Ecstasy. consider the word „fear” to denote the primary emotional charge related to a particular self-imposed block or limit and the word „emotion” to denote associated emotional charges related to that limit. Entering these nonphysical states requires a nonphysical consciousness which can move „out” of one’s physical body. Out-of-body exploration in this exercise is based on the concept that sleep is a natural Gateway into other states of reality.” You may find that a specific event in your life comes up. free of fear and emotion. you might encounter the emotion of embarrassment. Most of us have many layers of encrustation that hold us back. state your affirmation. Discovery #5: Exploration Sleep Use this tape after you are completely comfortable with tapes 1 through 4. To do so. That’s a trap that can interfere with successful utilization of this valuable and important exercise. After the Resonant Tuning sounds. 4) The verbal instructions for the final step suggest that you perceive. Then. For the purpose of this exercise. With such freedom comes a new ability to explore and a sense of limitless possibilities. or reclaim. With the fear gone. releasing what you will not need again.

Out-of-Body Exercises During Sleep In Focus 10. turn and roll back.euphoria is easy and effortless in sleep. intent. Encoding Sleep. remaining calm and serene. and beliefs will determine both the intensity and the extent of your exploration. or messages can be explored and clarified after this exercise. Easily detached. symbols. since your energy has already located that place or pattern. this exercise will help you bring into C-1 a common and natural process experienced during sleep. float up. Remain open and sensitive to available energy systems. Move into normal. Fadeout The Hemi-Sync signals will fade at the end of the tape. thus relying heavily on one’s perception of kinesthetic. The Gateway Experience is designed to provide participants with a variety of methods for consciousness exploration. Feelings. If you feel tingles and twitches. Discovery #6: Free Flow 10 Use this tape after you are completely comfortable with tapes 1 through 5. Repeat and remember this exercise in the sleep state. visual. Have that purpose clearly in mind as you begin. or refer back to this exercise. Then turn and slowly roll over like a log floating in water. and many new types of exploration will open for you. Note that certain methods seem to be intimately linked to specific means of perception. and there is very little change in your perception of „blackness. patterns of energy. Think how nice it would be to float out and away. allow your perception to move kinesthetically. natural. As you continue with the Gateway Experience. „Getting there” is a misnomer. Whatever is discovered in Focus 10 can be returned to in Focus 10. with its instructions. your 10-State will also deepen. rather than being frustrated by a lack of visual imagery.” use your natural ways of perceiving. returning to your starting point. You are already there. Open Exploration This exercise is the culmination of Discovery: your energy. Float down. restful sleep by counting from eleven to twenty. It is your opportunity to develop and perform your own purpose in Focus 10. and/or intuitive cues. For instance. As your commitment to self-discovery deepens. leaving you in natural sleep. You may do so by using some specific cue (such as an emotional part of the experience) that stands out in your mind as a key to reopen the entire experience. To work consciously with this and other out-of-body techniques. although seldom remembered. 15 . auditory. straightforward manner possible. It may be helpful to verbalize the purpose to yourself. use Discovery #6: Free Flow 10. Freedom (Wave III) offers you additional out-of-body exercises. Bridging different levels of consciousness. and write it in the most succinct. you will re-experience and remember the out-of-body processes you have used before in sleep.

and in its own time. and release it as you exhale. and perhaps it will have a hidden mess¹ge for either the analytical or the creative you.” and then send the question or problem out from your center of consciousness. „What question should I be asking?” If guidance enters Focus 10 from an energy system or reality more comprehensive than C-1. You can also use this method in C-1 with the One-Breath Technique. „What is my problem?” and our biggest question. Choose only to be guided. A sense of thanksgiving seals the experience. You do not need to know the way to guidance. „What is the most important message I can receive and understand at this time?” Or be specific 16 . For instance. decisions are seldom restricted to the apparent C-1 alternatives. seek only what you really want to know. and be responsible for knowing. the problem was the tendency to use force. The C-1 problem is often not the problem. Expectations of when and by which path guidance should come may block the knowledge you seek. Inhale vital energy as you think „ten. in the case of the Energy Conversion Box that wouldn’t open. we severely limit the parameters of our resources by framing our questions or problems from our C-1 perspective. „become” your box and describe yourself.” ask your question as you „hold. A sense of thanksgiving is an acknowledgement that you have received from a source outside your conscious boundaries of self. So approach this in a more general manner and ask.Explore from fresh perspectives. And the opposite can also be valid in Focus 10 – some answers or solutions appear obvious or simple. and then release it. and push it out. Experiment with creative monologue techniques in Focus 10: give your box a voice and ask why it won’t open. the clarity of your intent. problems and solutions. You will return to full. Gratitude inspires a spirit of communication and union. Recognizing and responding to this situation is a Focus 10 problem-solving dynamic. physical. Your desire to know. Allow the answer to come to you in its own way. and the intensity with which you send out that desire. Even if you choose to re-examine a previous experience. place your question or problem at the center of your consciousness. Fast Re-entry There is no actual countdown on this tape. rather than a stuck box-top. Our biggest problem may well be. waking consciousness by simply thinking of the number one. do so from a sense of wonder and newness rather than from a sense of trying to recreate an identical situation. or let it flow strongly and surely out in all directions and in all ways. Such thanksgiving has an antenna-like effect on energy and communication. and a different question frequently provides the answer. Free Flow Methods of Exploration Answering Questions. tend to dissolve as new Focus 10 perspectives change the very nature of the original question or problem. since whatever is received becomes a part of your life. or let your box speak to you in one ear at a time. Conventional C-1 relationships between questions and answers. are keys to what you receive and the way you will receive it. Messages In Focus 10. Guidance In Focus 10. Problem Solving.

Use your REBAL to resonate. For example. down deep. You may explore various forms of energy. and wrists.) For instance. take deep breaths. Look for it in Focus 10. perceive yourself standing under a waterfall and then standing in the sunlight and note if you can perceive different forms of energy pouring down and over you. so will your perceptions. she found a young man with a pitcher of lemonade sitting near her. and how can I best accomplish it at this time?” Humor can be an instant perspective-giver. There are no right places for certain things to happen. neck. Explore Experience a deepening of your 10-State as you count from one to ten. As she drifted deeply into an exercise. and again. and let that point become one on a new scale. arched into a dive at five (turning point). ground yourself by doing one or more of the following: • • • • • Slowly count yourself back to one. Or consider merging with a rock or crystal and sense its power to pattern or structure energy. „Who am I?” or „What is my purpose here. 17 . nonphysical energy or energy systems. grew a mermaid’s tail and long flowing hair at six (transformation). and move to ten again. He looked extremely bored with her. and release all excess energy through your feet. one woman in a Gateway Voyage ran across a hot beach at the count of two (undirected energy). then let the energy flow out of the soles of your feet to the tree’s roots. and perhaps your landscape. a woman in a Gateway Voyage considered her Guides to be without answers and real lemons. some people landscape the path they travel. Ask. and perfectly still (Focus 10). Weather permitting. As an example. plunged deep over a sea-ridge at nine (going deeper). Place your back against a tree and visualize energy flowing out of the top of your head to the branches above. you consider your Guides to be „lemons. and at ten her body was numb. You may also wish to explore. (The sixth chapter of Ann Faraday’s book. Be creative. with a tree or a flower. deep. on „Punny Things” is a wonderful resource. If this ever happens to you. swam through dark blue-green water at eight (at home). letting the earth stabilize your energy. balanced on a rock at three (HemiSync). either deliberately or spontaneously.in a big way. Take a cold shower or splash cold water on your face.” Landscaping Just as Focus 3 becomes a signpost on the way to Focus 10. leapt into the air at four (new or different environment). only your places for different things to happen within you. and again. Let a tree help ground you. Landscaping may be consistent or not: as your 10-State changes. dove into the water at seven (returning home). and communicate with. Only later did she realize that the „pitcher” was worth a thousand words about the kind of „aid” you get when. then build a pyramid or geometric structure around you and sense the energy pattern. Need Grounding? Try These Basic Techniques A few people have not felt quite awake and alert after listening to the exercises. and perhaps communicate. Dream Game. walk barefoot outdoors. Drink cool water immediately after the tape is over. especially manifesting as puns.

for example. Using these techniques at higher energy levels often produces entirely new experiences. Effort is often counterproductive. and work with. Equally valid.WAVE II: THRESHOLD In Threshold you will be introduced to. Frequently. and sometimes this happens dramatically and suddenly. as you count from ten to twelve. sees visions. Sometimes this happens slowly. The best answer or solution will come back to you in its own way and in its own time. as well as on information in the Discovery instructions. and feel in ordinary consciousness. you will learn to perceive more clearly. Choose only to be guided. and you will explore in many new ways. Any use of these exercises without such prior experience is not recommended. step by step. there is a knowing. this will happen during your tape experience. Focus 12: Overview Focus 12 is a state of expanded awareness: a high energy state where you can become more conscious of inner resources and guidance. Not everyone clearly hears voices. your 12-State will a cleepen. Gratitude amplifies the process. Threshold builds directly on Discovery tools and techniques. Remain open and receptive to change. may be in your heart. the state of expanded awareness. „Getting there” is a misnomer. place it at the center of your consciousness (which. see. or feels kinesthetic responses like we hear. and the intensity of your asking are keys to what you receive and the way you receive it. or telepathic comprehension that we normally translate into verbal language. You will also reinforce and expand your Focus 10 (mind awake/body asleep) skills. like water breaking though a dam. Conventional relationships between questions and answers. Therefore. and analyzing the 12-State is only appropriate after the experience and not during it. tend to dissolve as new Focus 12 perspectives change the very nature of the original question or problem. Focus 12. As with Focus 10. Then release it. Often. problems and solutions. 18 . If you allow the experience to unfold rather than work for it. waking state. the exercises in Threshold are effective only if you have completed Discovery. abdomen. however. Threshold #1: introduction to Focus 12 Trust this exercise and let it happen – enjoy whatever comes to you. Rarely do we perceive nonphysical energy in exactly the same way we perceive in our physical. and as your commitment to self-discovery deepens. the audio signals “take” you into Focus 12. is an answer or solution that may come at some later time. or head). Your desire to know. and push it out. To seek solutions in this high energy state is the essence of this exercise: receiving will come to those who have asked. in another place. Each Wave of the Gateway Experience is based on the Wave(s) before it. a gestalt. Through trust and patience. Encoding To Focus 12 Threshold #2: Problem Solving Take a problem or question into Focus 12. or let it flow out into your total awareness. in Focus 12 you will find that you do not need to know the way to guidance. Many techniques discussed as part of Discovery may also be applied with specific Focus 12 tapes. the clarity of your question. and continuing to invest energy in the process of selfexploration.

There is often great power in the simple and the obvious. „What is the most important information I need to know at this moment?” And please remember. This exercise works from the basic assumption that thoughts manifest as things. „What is my problem?” and your biggest question. Accordingly. and what you want to accomplish. Encoding Problem Solving Threshold #3: One-Month Patterning This exercise introduces you to a powerful tool for taking charge of your life. or imagine that which you desire to become a part of your life. you feel as if you’re creating your own answers. If so. You can use the patterning process to create or enhance many areas of your life: your physical self. some answers and solutions appear so obvious or simple that you may tend to discount them.) The recognition of his tendency to use force in most situations allowed his box to open easily. approach this exercise from another point of view and ask. then guidance would naturally seem to be coming from yourself. There is nothing inherently wrong with asking for material things. Thus. remember the man who couldn’t open his Energy Conversion Box? (Please see Energy Conversion Box instructions on page 20. To learn more about this important tool. On the other hand. your biggest problem may well be. please see Free Flow Methods of Exploration on page 33. we become. To create a pattern. at least consider that the patterning process is a possibility. If something isn’t working. You may have already encountered techniques similar to this. And remember the value of receiving guidance in the form of humor and puns. Solutions are seldom restricted to ordinary alternatives. but of how intensely and how deliberately we choose what we think. As we deliberately make these choices in high energy states. One way to determine if you have released your pattern is if you have a sense of ease and detachment regarding it. your emotional self. We call it Patterning. please consider a concept that’s very 19 . Don’t. you severely limit the parameters of your resources by framing all of your questions and problems from your waking perspective. for where you want to be. change what you are doing. Releasing your pattern is very important. your mental self. at first. As you learned in Discovery.) Experiment with creative techniques. If. think. Patterning functions like problem solving: place the pattern at the center of your consciousness and push it out or let it flow strongly and surely out in all directions and in all ways. „What question should I be asking?” If you remain puzzled about what to ask. and that which we think. and a different question frequently provides the answer. what you want to be doing. to be creative. the assumed problem (a locked box) is often not the actual problem (tendency to use force). and your total self. feel. gently acknowledge that if guidance is in any way connected to a more complete or higher aspect of your total self. It does require a change in concept if you’re from the school of economic thought that says this is a world of scarce resources. our patterns emerge around us reshaping our lives with a speed and intensity unavailable in ordinary consciousness. (For review.For instance. if guidance enters your awareness from energy systems or realities more comprehensive than ordinary consciousness. and therefore would seem deeply familiar. Doing so will assist the emergence of the pattern in your life. Then release it. and to find solutions that best suit you. it’s not a matter of whether we pattern. Use Focus 12 problem-solving techniques to be innovative.

Strong emotion will vitalize and reinforce your intention. Do you want a new house or to be happy where you live? Do you want to lose ten pounds. Pattern only for yourself. blind since birth. asking that it work only for the good of your total self. and other purposes. it can be’ like a sign in a supermarket window that says. in Focus 10 is to explore the degree to which colors resonate with. experiment with other colors. you can override the time. fear.different – that this is a universe of unlimited abundance – and there is nothing wrong with asking for a share of that abundance. Use „I” in your patterning statement and perceive yourself as an active part of the pattern. you don’t keep digging it up to see how it is growing. Be sure to ask for what you really want. which is also a Gateway to freedom. There are many ways besides visualization to perceive color mentally. or mind and body. However. etc. or cancelled in Focus 12. „FREE SODA TOMORROW” – a tomorrow that never comes. by your next birthday. For example. just as when you plant a seed. „I am now receiving. For starters. reasonable requests. Once you are familiar with this technique. Or you can simply release the pattern to be fulfilled in its own time. patterns are going to come more easily. because you’ll likely get exactly what you ask for! Put some feeling and conviction into it. a year. The more detail you put into your pattern. • • • Threshold #4: Color Breathing An ideal way to link psyche and soma. A fisherman has to leave his bait in the water for a while to get a bite. then other. it might be a good idea to pattern smaller. For example. Here are some key points that will help you make the most of patterning: • • • • • • • Pattern only in the present tense. Don’t specify how your request will be fulfilled. Be clear about what you want. so it doesn’t wind up happening all around you and not to you. experienced different colors as different textures. and thus activate. Please look at this exercise as an introduction to patterning. For instance.. or as other sensations. you may perceive it as sound. It is always a good idea to qualify your pattern. perhaps bigger. Any pattern set in Focus 12 can be changed. as vibrations. requesting that patterns be fulfilled in other cycles: a week. Then let it go. However.” If you pattern in the future tense. This exercise is designed for a one-month patterning cycle. strengthening it with the components of this exercise. 20 . if you pattern the first time for $10 million. the more likely you are to get what you’re asking for.. One Gateway participant. your own energy. don’t keep checking on it or changing it because of doubts. You can then quickly and easily develop and control your physical and nonphysical energies. Then carefully consider how you would like to use the process. reinforced. or to feel better about yourself? Be specific. Let the universe or your total self decide and direct that. The process of patterning may turn some of your deepest assumptions into questions. at least a part of you is likely to doubt that it will really work. If you start by patterning for $50 to $100 and prove to yourself it works.

a purpose you may not be aware of at the time. Then exhale. sparkling energy. Furthermore. Physical Strength and Agility. Because we live in time-space. you will move to Focus 12 and reinforce the process of patterning. think in terms of sending energy. queens.” In healing. or otherwise perceiving. Use vibrant purple to heal. As the speed increases. To create and charge your EBT. never energize the actual problem. restore. At the end of the tape. or how. bright white light pouring down from a source above you into the palms of your hands as you inhale. you are directing your resources to build or maintain sound health. and Merlin focused his power through a wand. Kings. Use the same process with vibrant red to recharge your physical body and for acts requiring speed.During this exercise. food. your body as well. Rather than intend their purposes for them. emotional. Perceive radiant. Encoding Stress Reduction. Diana.” and from the pace of 21 . you will inhale vibrant. reducing all stress and tension as you feel calm and serene. you are not reinforcing the ailment. even if you think that purpose is „getting well. to use it. end your healing process by visualizing. Excalibur led King Arthur into battle. you will extend a dot of light into a bar. Find or create your own Energy Bar Tool (EBT) in Focus 10 – one that is personal enough to share your identity. therefore. by sending purple to that part of your body requiring help as you say in your mind: „Heal. focus and direct nonphysical energies. you are creating or maintaining a healthy. cleansing green energy down through your body. Remember that when providing energy for another person. it is their innate right to choose whether or not. Even when you energize a body area in need of repair. and perfect. balance. Perceive bright green as you hold this energy within you. Therefore. By doing so. Energy Food. you can purposefully and freely expend energy. By doing so.” simply offer the energy with the intention that it be beneficial and constructive to the person’s total self. moving calm. and high priests carried symbolic maces and scepters. and Patterning Threshold #5: Energy Bar Tool (EBT) „Power sticks” abound in both our history and mythology as links between human and spiritual forces. the Roman goddess of the moon and of hunting.” which can nourish you on physical. and coordination. and through which you can induce or gather. And in the Star Wars films. This is „energy. Moses turned his staff into a serpent. It is also possible to merge your energy with the energy of someone else.” consider that this method of healing is a merging of energy. turning it on and off as you allow the process to speed up until the bar is pulsing like a strobe. you will be respecting their purpose. assume that you can gather energy from an inexhaustible source. pharaohs. deliberately disassociate yourself from the words „on” and „off. mental. This will push any harmful emotion out and away from you. carried her bow and arrows. and balance the physical body. whole. and spiritual levels. light sabers linked the Jedi Knights to The Force. body. or as connectors between physical and nonphysical energies. Healing. we typically. affirming that the patterns you build in your mind and release into your expanded consciousness will immediately begin to form and develop around you. feeling it spread through your entire system. strength. As you become familiar with „Color Breathing.

Sense the charged. or as moving and spreading. starting at the top of your LBM. Excess energy. you will find many uses for your EBT. but one that is not a necessary condition for working with energy states. Repeat this procedure as you charge your LBM in sequence from sparkling white to red. or harmonize with. You can place one end in your Energy Conversion Box and see what happens. Since maps represent the territory objectively. and Return to C-1 Threshold #6: Living Body Map (LBM) By creating a Living Body Map (LBM) as an energy tool. You will change your bright white energy map to red. Even though you lead it in the beginning. even a color. as if it were a map of you – a totally nonphysical. Give it a voice. Notice that you control only your own energy. simply concentrate and focus on your EBT and feel it develop. In this exercise. it will recharge you. Encoding Memory. No matter how vague it may seem at first. is to create it. healing and recharging each system independently. as well as recharge and energize it. Find a place to keep your EBT so it will always be there for you. you can learn to balance and strengthen your physical body. you may find it leading you before long. you establish resonance with. and finally orange for your muscle and bone structure. or allow it to shift shape. or use it as a beacon or antenna to attract guidance or other intelligence. blue. and even the earth itself. as localized. let bright purple healing energy flow from your Energy Bar Tool to any such places. electrical vibration of warmth. You can also direct energy from any other body location. In Wave III. You can also let it grow large enough to become a vortex or tunnel and dive through it to explore further. such as a sense of heat. Then begin to make your EBT thicker and thinner. Think about or visualize the outline of your physical body in sparkling white light. thereby merging these energies. representing your circulatory system. animals. yellow for your organs and glandular system. Do so until your whole energy body is even and balanced. As you do this. wash and bathe it completely with bright purple energy. With practice. assuming that the physical will automatically respond. external. sparkling and white. You may feel it as a total body sensation. knowing that its power is reciprocal: as you recharge it. you will explore its potential for Remote Viewing. rather than control over. By placing your LBM over your physical body. and that thought-image can have as much power as any visual-image. and you can attune to. not limitations. Freedom. you use energy to influence energy. and orange. you will be able to sense any dim or flickering places. vibrational energy to build in intensity. Many people simply use their hands as energy bar tools. yellow. As you explore energy systems.” To think an image. These are intended to be suggestions. washing out all impurities and recharging every part of your body. Allow this pulsing. can be released by moving it out and away with Resonant Tuning. the forms and uses of your EBT are limitless.your breathing. pure-energy „you. Thus. 22 . to Focus 10. building and sensing the pulse patterns within themselves. other people. you create both the perspective and the detachment useful in healing. blue to represent your nervous system. energies. Then. To be a visualizer means you have a nice feedback system. plants.

or spiritual – breathe energy food from a source above you into your palms. Experiment. a head. mental. you can pause during an OBE to think and reflect. a thought becomes the action itself. emotional. Then. since so much of our thinking is influenced by habit. think „ten” or „twelve” as you inhale vital energy. On the other hand. the more effective they become. Often characteristic of an OBE.Encoding Relax The One-Breath Technique With practice. At the same time. you are apt to find yourself at that precise spot – probably within the blink of an eye. soothing green surging through your body. in C-1. If you’re sleepy while driving at night. sending the strength and vitality of red throughout your system. when you link your thought with your intent. you will learn to distinguish between thought and intent. Hence. By contrast. allowing it fill your entire body. places. within one’s immediate awareness. at the first sign of any unwanted energy. Any use of these exercises without such prior experience is not recommended. you will travel instantly to the person or location reflecting your thought. one may experience distant locations (from one’s physical body) by actually having one’s nonphysical body at that location. one may envelop – and thereby become conscious of – people. Completion of this Wave will be a major step in gaining conscious control of the energy system that is you. If you so much as have a passing thought about a person or location. legs. Far Journeys). The more you use them. or create a pattern with one breath. with Remote Viewing (Freedom #2). it is possible to experience the second body as another physical 23 . The exercises in Freedom are effective only if you have completed both the Discovery and Threshold Wave exercises. explore. Occasionally this awareness is localized in more than one place. thus having a third localized awareness (for further information. it is possible to remain aware of one’s physical body as well as the nonphysical. then ask a question. Out-of-Body Experience During an out-of-body experience (OBE). Furthermore. Simply inhale vibrant. Extend your REBAL. you might perceive your second body as having arms. one’s consciousness is expanded directionally. sparkling energy. please refer to Robert Monroe’s book. breathe the vibrant red light of tail lights or stoplights. you can choose whether or not a thought results in action. etc. during the early stages of developing the OBE. If you need energy at any level – physical. Other variations between physical and nonphysical reality are readily apparent. during an OBE we’re apt to find ourselves looking and behaving as we do while in our physical bodies. It is also possible to separate from the second body. With experience. and/or events that are physically distant. toward a certain goal. You can do this without anyone noticing. consciousness is localized or separated away from one’s physical body. WAVE III: FREEDOM Freedom provides you with exercises specifically developed to make the methods for perceiving your nonphysical energy a comfortable and joyous experience. each of the energy tools you create. For example. As a result. For example. To go to Focus. For example. and move to Focus 10 or Focus 12 as you exhale. and activate your desired energy tool on the exhale. or second. body. That is. inhale and send calm. and use in the Gateway Experience can become available to you quickly and powerfully in ordinary consciousness.

you can explore these energies – gaining experience and knowledge regarding how to use them. This does not necessarily imply that you are actually separating from your physical body. One effective way to do this is to incorporate into your daily life what you learn by using the Gateway Experience. with your awareness inside. In both instances. Theoretically. in addition to learning more about how to induce an OBE. Floating up is often associated with thoughts of flying. or soaring. or feel as though you’ve lost complete contact with your physical body. the adventure. Therefore. you will discover more distinctions between physical and nonphysical energies. If one’s consciousness is still attached to physical reality during an OBE. you should be completely familiar with the Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL). our research indicates that a conscious OBE may be one result of achieving a high energy state. find yourself unable to move. moving the fingers of your right hand. The exercises in Freedom will help you learn more about OBE separation processes. This exercise demonstrates how the REBAL relates to you-not simply to your physical body. the experience are totally. and then floating a short distance away from your physical body. However. you can always return to C-1. we recommend that you begin developing OBEs by learning to create high energy states. go back to the Discovery instructions on page 25 and review the REBAL. Some people never know how they separate from or re-enter their physical bodies: they simply find themselves out or back. or simply fly over the nearest treetops. Using these techniques. „Liftoff” guides you through the process of getting your REBAL well formed. develop friendships with nonphysical entities. From this point. an OBE typically feels very natural and offers a sense of unbounded freedom. This process is like putting fire under a kettle: water will convert to steam and expand or rise. „Liftoff” offers you something very important – that perspective. Thus. As a refresher. through patience and relaxed effort. the action. Experiment until you find a technique that feels good and then practice it. or even as a nondescript mass of energy. Repeat it until the process is so familiar that you can perform it at will when you reach Focus 10. physically wide awake and alert. The next step is to practice various separation techniques. If you feel stiff. Like 24 . governed only by who you are and how you wish to grow.(possibly nonhuman) form. The possibilities are endless. and you will be in C-1. Then. if one has let go of physical habits to some extent. solely yours. as a sphere of light. At this point in your training. To do so. its use will become an automatic procedure. the goal would then be learning how to perform this natural process consciously. Others use specific techniques. gliding. but it does give you the perspective of such action and movement. Sleep on page 29). say in your mind or think the number one. we can go out-of-body during sleep (please „refer to Discovery #5: Exploration. one may experience a reality shock. When the energy builds suddenly. Perceiving the separation between these energies is a major step in learning more about your personal makeup. separation can occur with incredible speed and possibly with roaring or rushing sounds. You may wish to explore the solar system. or a fear of being separated from the physical self or body. Thinking habits also apply to fear. and is directed more toward experiencing nonphysical energy. As such. Freedom #1: Liftoff This exercise is designed to help you become completely calm and comfortable from a perspective that has little or nothing to do with your physical body. The REBAL is such a valuable tool that once you understand its possibilities. map the terrains of and between physical and nonphysical realities.

The cement rectangle with water in it was a sewage processing plant. rather than the you of your physical body. explore how you perceive. Once you have acquired the technique. Nave a friend select a specific location in their home or office where a target object can be placed. A woman got lost in a blizzard when we used an almost empty flour sack in which to place our target. exactly as he had seen it. A man felt silly to report finding a quarter moon in daylight when he tried to see in a paper bag. white paper bag. you will need to do the following: 1. an empty table top. Mind Reach.standing in an elevator. or an out-of-the-way counter. as he was walking back to the building. This exercise provides you with the means by which you can perform actual demonstrations utilizing the energy tools you now have available. to return safely and easily. It can be a window sill. and events. and scored a miss. in order to prepare for this experiment. a young man „saw” a very distinctive red car in front of the building. At a Gateway session in Richmond. To become familiar with this technique. Use this exercise until it is very familiar to you. they reported that one subject interpreted a cement rectangle filled with water as a swimming pool. you may first want to listen to the tape prior to actually performing this experiment. or merge with. you rise without effort by feeling as though you were relaxing or „settling down. Once you are secure with this knowledge. places. it is quite easy to move away farther than the exercise provides. place. objects. In it. your awareness. A man reported being stuck in a dark. The target was a lemon wedge in a teacup. underground cave. or event you wish to perceive. or having your awareness reach out to that person or place. You will also find that it provides the assurance of your ability. dank. The target was an old shoe. how your perceptions work. Virginia. the red car was there. Focus 10 is not subject to the C-1 concepts of time and space. This shows the ease of Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing has much to teach us about our assumptions. Are you more apt to sense geometric shapes. As you see. or textures? What makes you say specific words about the things you perceive? What are the core feelings? Does an object’s function affect your ability to resonate with it (for example. Practice with „Liftoff” – and have fun! Freedom #2: Remote Viewing Remote Viewing One method of extending your consciousness in order to perceive distant people. Then. as well as our perceptions. he was crushed not to find the red car. Therefore. Obtain a clean. Gateway stories concerning Remote Viewing are legion. and also establishes the need for being time conscious. The perception of space is different in Focus 10 such that the awareness of a location or person can flow into. The bag should be large enough to hold small 25 . colors. reference to time and space while Remote Viewing is necessary only in order to determine the appropriate time and place in which to immerse your awareness. is to place your Energy Bar Tool at the center of your consciousness and let it stretch or flow to the person. can you perceive apples but not cigarettes)? Scientists Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ define the hazards of interpreting versus describing in their book. you can develop your own ways of using it. Experiment. After lunch. As you envelop the object with your awareness. thereby thinking he missed the exercise. This is almost like calling that person or place to you. Ensure the object stands alone as a target. Quickly going outside after the tape.” Center yourself in the you that is nonphysical energy.

Again. your friend can be several thousand miles away since distance makes no difference in Remote Viewing. 3. utilizing what is convenient for you. you might want to allow more time to make notes of your experiences following the exercise and prior to contact with your friend. only a greater understanding of our awareness. Arrange with your friend to select a small object. or target. This exercise uses three-dimensional space for such reference points. and with the idea of the target already having been placed inside the white bag by your friend. Six 26 . As you work with „Remote Viewing. If you cannot reach the person immediately by phone. Begin this exercise with the knowledge that you will use your EBT. 9. place. However.2. Write down the information you will give to your friend. to place in the bag. 7. You may find yourself more proficient in one part of the exercise than another. Many of these you will develop on your own. Finally. At the conclusion of „Remote Viewing. And remember. As you progress. you will begin to perceive extensions that are naturally developed by the „Vectors” system. This person should also be separated by some distance from you. Encoding Memory Freedom #3: Vectors „Vectors” provides reference points to enable you to repeat any explorations with or without using these exercises. and understand. This can be a specific object or a photograph of a person.” try to integrate your newfound strengths into your daily life. Perception utilizing nonphysical energy is not limited to ordinary concepts of time and space. Remember the Energy Bar Tool (EBT) that you have developed. Pay particular attention to why you arrived at any conclusions about the target. by all means repeat the process and concentrate on the section that is most effective and build from there. If so. The exercise guides you in conceptualizing the face of a clock. it is a good way to learn this process of establishing direction – by relating it to the location of your physical body. get in touch with your friend and determine if your results are accurate. The experiment should be set for a specific time agreed upon by you and your friend. Review your inaccurate æonclusions and try to understand why they may have be in error. 6. This is a technique that will enable you to perform Remote Viewing. Explore why you feel the way you do a bout those perceptions. Review your notes. It helps you go and return with a sense of direction. or thing. As with most learning. Patterns will emerge over time. 4. there is no failure in psychic functioning. 8. Try to look at. request that your friend forward you a written report of the target for verification. In fact. which may be a little misleading when working with nonphysical energy. Have your friend describe the location of the white bag.” write down the perceptions that you have concerning the target. Be sure to make special note of your accurate conclusions. 5. Arrange with a friend to have a small table or cleared area set up at a distance (at least not in the same room) from where you will be listening to the exercise. Twelve o’clock is always just above the top of your head. Always log your results. Until you are proficient. this means not in the same room. The entire pattern may not work well for you the first time. prompt feedback accelerates the development of Remote Viewing skills. why these patterns are a part of your life. Your friend should be someone with whom you can verify the experiment. and should have a specific or set duration – usually the length of the exercise. It is important that the object selected remain unknown to you. And ensure that you can verify by phone or otherwise the results of your experiment with this person.

it can become a very automatic pattern in any exploration. However. Repeat 27 . The number nine. you are guided forward and outward to the new three o’clock position just in front of your feet. then around to nine o’clock just beyond your right hip. stimulating. then outward and upward to the new nine position which is just beyond and away from the back of your waist and hips. The number twelve still remains above your head. you can have many points of exploration in this three-dimensional pattern. is directly behind you. 1. part of this exercise. as you become proficient. In each of these steps. In the first step of the exercise. you learn to extend or move your perception around the face of the clock. then to below your feet at six o’clock. are natural. Where and who was I before I entered this physical being? 3. Detect any interesting or unusual features while focusing in a particular direction. The second part of the exercise rotates the face of the clock ninety degrees. From there the movement is upward and inward to the twelve position at the top of your head. „Vectors” may require several repetitions before you become proficient with the method. and nine o’clock is just beyond your right hip. therefore. Notice the feelings associated with perceiving beyond your physical body. you can provide your own questions of a more direct and specific nature. Freedom #4: Five Questions This exercise will be the start of a process that you will utilize often on your own. of course. such as a three o’clock position halfway between the three to the side and the three to the front. It is important that you remember and log in your notes a vector that you find easy. Beyond this. Certainly. Who am I? 2. or from an external source. Eventually.o’clock is always just below the bottoms of your feet. just beyond your hips and waist. a sense of feeling or knowing. are only the beginning. What action can I now take to serve this purpose best? 5. During the first section. or even as a source of information. or other methods of perception you have been working with. What is my purpose for this existence in physical matter reality? 4. number three on the face is directly out in front of your hips and abdomen. three o’clock is just outside your left hip. They are given to you during the exercise. note any significant changes in your personal awareness and remember this change in relation to the position on the clock. for the third . Here are the five questions that you will ask in Focus 12. whether they are from your total self. Keep in mind that these kinds of responses. comfortable. What is the most important message that I can receive and understand at this point in my existence? The answers to these questions will most likely not be perceived as a spoken or written word. As these maneuvers are performed. you move around the face of thc clock and then return to the original position. It poses five questions for which you seek answers. They will probably be in the form of a series of pictures. Starting at twelve o’clock above your head. the more you utilize it. but it is helpful to review them in advance. you will learn to establish new vectors. move out and around to your left side at three o’clock. You begin at twelve above your head. Thus. It is then up to you to translate this nonverbal communication into time/space words and visual representations. the more effective it will become. Also. These.

This exercise guides you through five different methods o disassociation from your physical body. Others may require two or three sessions. If you fail to do this. Effectively performing this exercise will guide you to a deeper understanding of your total self. and joyous. What you will learn is that by simply extending your hands outward. Notice if you feel better. is simply practice. it is important to release the pressure that you have been putting upon such rotation. it is your option to select the method most comfortable for you. you will learn to make more distinctions between your physical and nonphysical energies. Each has been used successfully many times by. participants through the years. if you feel more energized. or if you did not obtain an answer in the first run-through. Nourishment will come from the very energy that you have been using and exploring during these exercises. Some people will retain and utilize it after only one session. Reorientation with the physical is quite simple: you rotate until your second body is in alignment with the physical again. and store energy. As you learn these methods.„Five Questions” if you need to understand a particular answer better. At that point you might perceive something akin to a little click. rather than actual application. You will obtain energy in a way other than the ordinary method of eating. Thus the exercise. palms up. In order to evaluate your progress proper conduct tests with the method shortly after each time you take the exercise. itself. you will perceive. it is possible to „peel” out of your physical body. slowly and easily rotate and roll this energy. This ability will then have become a part of you. Do so until what seems to be „surface tension” releases and you rotate freely as if there were an axis running directly through the length of your body. and you are then reintegrated. and can be used frequently as the desire arises. Many of the previous exercises have been aimed at making this particular exercise more understandable. an encoding of the process. Freedom #5: Energy Food This exercise trains you in a method to restore depleted energy. Encoding Energy food Freedom #6: First-Stage Separation „First-Stage Separation” enables you to take a major step in having conscious control of the total energy system that is you. Once you begin to achieve results. It is as simple as that. Much like a log floating in water. The application of this new tool is similar to many of the others in the Gateway Experience. The method you will learn is designed to be applied in C-1 after you return from this exercise. you might have only a partial rotation. Once you have stabilized this „out of phase” condition between your physical and nonphysical energies. If you release the pressure too early. absorb. The moment you feel such release. 28 . In your own way. thereby localizing your awareness in either your physical or second body. As with other tools. you may wish to combine one or more of these methods. perhaps only 90 to 180 degrees. comfortable. moving outward and turning over as you do so. you will be guided through the following processes: 1. or for clarification. This will better enable you to separate your awareness of these energies. Focus on the nonphysical energy within your physical body. you might continue spinning. That is. you no longer need to use the tape.

you move your second body slowly out of your physical body – head first. You begin to contemplate how pleasant it is to float upward. then shoulders. all you need do is think of some part of your physical body. The most important factor is patience. whenever you want to reintegrate completely and immediately with your physical body. use these techniques to develop patience and relaxed effort. The knowledge that you have this „quick return” procedure will only increase your sense of freedom. it often reforms quite naturally into a replica of your physical body. your only connection is where your energy feet are still in proximity to your physical feet. new places. You always have such control. As a result. you are free to behave as you desire. You may even feel yourself moving down through whatever you are lying on.1s with all exercises. like a cloud. to help you reduce the chance of this possibility. The third technique involves „backing away from the physical. This natural reaction is especially true for one’s first OBE. you’ll be able to experience the occasion fully. Remember. Once you have removed your second body from your physical self. . Then. Stimulating your physical awareness immediately initiates the return process. Journeys Out of the Body. once this is achieved. and start to move that part of your body. it is possible to remove or control the emotion gradually so that other parts of your total self can direct your experiences for the best possible outcome. Then. 5. doing chores. then your legs. then chest. It is important that you have 29 . turning away and moving to a more distant position from your physical body can become a daily practice. you may return to your physical body using the „Return to C1” encoding. WAVE IV: ADVENTURE In this series of exercises you are provided a dynamic expression of consciousness beyond Freedom – that of a personally controlled and directed Adventure. please refer to Robert Monroe’s book. new friends. 4. a sense of excitement shifts one’s attention back to the physical body.2. All of these methods and techniques require practice. Continued stimulation (such as walking. Once you have achieved this. The title implies new experiences. Practice will assist you in becoming more aware of processes to go out-of-body. the effects of working with these various energy tools are cumulative. such as the fingers on your right or left hand.” That is. and new excitement. To become a superb concert pianist requires many hours of practice. when you do have an OBE. The learning and application of one enhances and improves the use of another. until you are standing or are rigidly at 90 degrees from your physical body. Always bear in mind that you have an immediate means to return fully to your physical body. if you are still connected with your physical body. then waist and abdomen. Using your feet as a pivotal point. Therefore. To become proficient in the Gateway Experience requires much the same commitment. Again. The fifth method involves attaching an emotional value to the concept of floating and/or soaring. The fourth method involves moving out of the top of your head as if you are a thin spray of gas or fog.) Often when one becomes aware of a separation of the second body. one tends to re-enter the physical body immediately. In addition to the methods already mentioned. simply reverse your intent and tilt backward into your body. Or. 3. desire itself is sufficient to enable a complete separation of your second body from your physical body. At this point. The second method is one where you conceive of your second body as a rigid pole. new ideas. From that point. (For descriptions and elaboration of these and other techniques. you slowly back out and away from your physical body. or taking a cold shower) ensures a complete reintegration. and your second body responds to this emotional wish.

begin to learn and use NVC. or realities. It is better to decide on your purpose before you begin so as not to fail into a sleep or dream state during the exercise.. This exercise is your primary lesson in NVC. Rarely are the messages simply verbal. Now you 30 . Please see Threshold #3: One-Month Patterning on page 40 to review all recommendations for patterning. These and other unique forms of perception you develop will comprise your NVC vocabulary. then to Focus 12. It is a background against which you can move into planned. plan carefully the pattern you wish to establish. you developed tools and methods of perception. NVC appears to be a primary method of conscious interaction in and among energy systems. Such communication does take place continually. it will enable you to roam free and far without concern of drifting and forgetting your purpose. This is a noninvasive sound that will gently remind you of where and who you are. Adventure #2: Five Messages The Five Messages are arranged in order of importance.will simply be working with a different time period. As a result. or physical responses without words. Dreams are principally NVC. living action. where intelligence has a specific level of awareness. To fully enjoy your adventures. The process is identical. NVC is not to be confused with body language. then ask for the fourth. In previous exercises. You . Often information appears in nonverbal form utilizing the means of perception that you have been cultivating throughout the Gateway Experience. After you arrive at Focus 12. you will be introduced to the beacon guidepost. second. Adventure #4: NVC NVC is short for Non-Verbal Commmication. You will perform the preparatory process. and in mind-to-mind communication. systematic explorations in whatever direction you choose. and finally the first most important message for you at this time. You have also encountered it many times in your Gateway Experience exercises – in vibrations. emotion. Before working with this exercise. It is important not to try to analyze the messages as you receive them. but it is not NVC. Any use of these exercises without such prior experience is not recommended. Please keep in mind that the process of NVC is different from the process of C-1 communication. It occurs in the mind. Adventure #3: Free Flow 12 This is an exercise that you will utilize again and again. but to interpret them after the exercise. Both forms of communication require perception of some kind of data. light. You will first ask for the fifth most important message. Allow yourself to establish new meanings for familiar perceptions.completed all previous Gateway Experience Waves of Change exercises. move to Focus 10. either consciously or otherwise. Adventure #1: One-Year Patterning This is an opportunity to design exactly how and what you desire to be one year into the future. and then translation of that data to establish meaning. third. NVC is total expression.

The more advanced you become in NVC the broader your perception will be in all states of being. you may explore a more powerful and effective Focus 10 experience. and what you want to experience. Focus 12 might work best for you for patterning.” Furthermore. With these exercises you will learn to achieve goals and create experiences without instructions from the tape. You no longer need your verbal „training wheels. In turn. after that you will deliberately establish the Focus level that is most comfortable for you for any particular exercise. You will continue to recognize translation and conceptualization techniques. Work with it until you obtain results. you may find that Focus 10 works best for you for Remote Viewing. The Metamusic guides you through these exercises as you use the methods for reaching Focus 10 and Focus 12 that you have already learned. In the first two Exploring exercises. Then practice without the tape. or asking for guidance. WAVE V: EXPLORING When you listen to these exercises.will develop a form of total communication. and then on to states of expanded awareness and self-exploration. you will use Focus 10 and Focus 12 Hemi-Sync signals to help you arrive at those levels. It can also serve as an agreed-upon meeting place with friends. Adventure #5: NVC II This is additional instruction in NVC. Changes in the frequencies of the Hemi-Sync signals automatically guide you in creating different states of consciousness. problem solving. With this help. Exploring #1: Mission 10 This Focus 10 exercise is similar to „Free Flow 12” in that you should have a specific purpose in mind before beginning. Here. The difference is that there are no verbal instructions that may detract from your experience. and associate with other energy or energy systems. or practicing out-of-body techniques. you gather information. meet. For example. the direction is totally yours. There are no verbal instructions – the process is controlled solely by your mental direction. you have the expertise to regulate which Focus level you experience. With no verbal reminders of C-1. This Metamusic has been specifically composed to help you further develop Non-Verbal Communication (NVC). by this time in your Gateway Experience training. using your Energy Bar Tool. Any use of these exercises without such prior experience is not recommended. through NVC. or simply observe events and activities occurring there. You will direct yourself – where you want to go. you will sense your progression through the now-familiar preparatory process (Resonant Tuning sounds remain on each tape). But the music and Hemi-Sync sounds you hear are actually the Focus 10 and Focus 12 processes in a new form. Begin with the preparatory 31 . Adventure #6: Compoint Compoint is our abbreviation for Communications Point – a state of consciousness that you can establish and return to whenever you desire. It is important that you have completed all previous Gateway Experience Waves of Change exercises. your first impression may be that of simply listening to musical sounds. Here.

then come back to C-1 when it is time to return. asking questions. feelings. After completing the preparatory process. Carry out your stated purpose using tools you’ve learned in previous Gateway Experience exercises. so you may want to review Threshold #3: One-Month Patterning on page 40. Record your experiences. but in active mental pictures and in feelings. and move on to Focus 10. problem solving.) When you sense a change in the sound patterns. return to C-1 using the method(s) most comfortable for you. As usual. The sound patterns on this thirty-minute exercise are intended to evoke memories.process. Over time you will notice threads of continuity connecting your experiences. Express your goal not in words. This exercise will not bring you back to wakefulness. proceed to Focus 10 and then to Focus 12. the change in Hemi-Sync frequencies will automatically signal when it is time to move through each phase. or remember your dreams more accurately. and events. Then just relax and let it happen – there is no need for a specific purpose. Complete the preparatory process and move on to Focus 10 or to Focus 12. Your perceptions during this exercise may be different each time or they may build upon one another.” but the underlying audio signals will assist you into Focus 12. Exploring #4: Mission Night Listen to this thirty-minute exercise as you go to sleep at night. perform the preparatory process and choose your desired Focus level. Use it in the morning before you begin your activities. Exploring #2: Mission 12 This is a Free Flow 12 exercise-NVC style. just listen and allow the sounds to lead you along new paths. Pattern to direct your sleep experience.” this exercise can help open doors to unexplored places within you. solve a problem. but lead you into restful sleep. Exploring #5: Horizons Here is an opportunity to look inward and explore. After you have completed the preparatory process. to name a few). or 32 . The possibilities are unlimited. This is a patterning process. or you may determine that each is unique. This exercise can help set the tone for a successful day. receive a message. whichever is most comfortable for you. Accomplish whatever purpose you have selected (patterning. and to allow you to experience them in new ways. Exploring #3: Mission Day This fifteen-minute exercise is designed to help you make the most of your day. Actually see and feel the accomplishment of the day’s goal. or exploring a new idea or locale. (See Free Flow Methods of Exploration on page 33. from which you will awake refreshed. On the surface. After the preparatory process. „Mission 12” may sound the same as „Mission 10. Exploring #6: Pathways Like „Horizons. Have your purpose firmly in mind before you begin the tape. Again. You may want to have an out-of-body experience. go to Focus 10 or to Focus 12 (whichever is best for you) and express that which you want to achieve during the day.

• Trust in and build your NVC as you travel beyond the familiar time/space/physical matter reality. • Allow a breeze to move gently around you. To help you generate your own ideas for exploring. you can experience „the find” and capitalize on your unique and inborn treasures. to fly. return to C-1 by the method(s) you choose. and notice if this awareness affects what you have thus far experienced. The hunt can he almost as much fun as the discovery. whenever you want.” The Prospecting tapes provide the tools to dig for that diamond of thought. Travel to its core. and future. Sense the energy that gives you freedom – freedom to move. What changes do you notice? When the Hemi-Sync signals change at the end of this thirty-minute exercise. “Who or what was I before this life?” and then. “Where do I feel more at home?” Explore connections between past. • Perceive and communicate with the unique consciousness of all life forms. to float. what do you experience? WAVE VI: PROSPECTING Everyone has their own mine in which to dig for elusive treasures. here are a few suggestions: • Travel in and through time by asking. vitality. • Imagine yourself going deep within the earth. But don’t take our word for it – stake your own claims and find the rich veins waiting for you as you go prospecting.down old ones you may have long ago forgotten. How do you perceive the energy of a cloud? Can you communicate with a flower? What NVC does a dog use? • Perceive yourself in ocean surf and feel the energies of movement. What do nonphysical systems of energy feel like? What is the landscape? Are there inhabitants? • Imagine yourself reaching out and touching a tree. and life forces swirling a round you. and flowing deeply within you. present. “Who or what will I be during my next life experience?” Ask. 33 . Just for fun. The Metamusic is designed to take you one step further with NVC. What do you experience? Imagine yourself going deep within yourself. golden recognition. a „mine of the mind. and then feel the flowing of energies from above and below gathering within you. to be light. or artifact of knowledge which is important to your personal growth. Energy Walks Your growing knowledge and understanding of NVC is preparing you for the infinite possibilities of personal exploration and development. Feel it rooted in both the earth and sky. shift between Focus levels randomly. Any use of these exercises 4vithout such prior experience is not recommended. It is important that you have completed all previous Gateway Experience Waves of Change exercises. emerald feeling. Then the Hemi-Sync frequencies will gently guide you in creating different states of consciousness. Again. there are no verbal instructions. Prospecting will provide you with further experiences in Non-Verbal Communication (NVC). As with Exploring. “Does the future influence the past?” “Does the past influence the future?” Then perceive yourself growing in a way you want to grow. As in the old gold rush days. Resonant Tuning sounds are still included to help you complete the preparatory process.

Various studies indicate there is reason to believe that the body’s polarity routinely shifts from positive to negative and back again in cycles. We have observed that such a shift indicates a substantial change from C-1 awareness to nonphysical awareness. At the Null Point. Prospecting #5: Near Reaches Stake your personal claim in the physical universe. After completing the preparatory process. As a result. the Hemi-Sync signals will bring you back to your starting point. you’ll be better able to maintain or restore optimum physical balance and well-being. Our laboratory. Our research suggests that a deliberate shift in polarity indicates that one is experiencing a change in consciousness. 34 . go to Focus 10 or Focus 12 (whichever seems right for you). after completing the preparatory process. To reach this state of pure potential. Prospecting #3: Null Point This exercise can lead you to a rich and lasting gold vein in the mine of your mind. This tape is designed to create at the mental level the changes that you desire. This vein was unearthed in our laboratory while working with test subjects. and go to the Focus level that is most comfortable to you. Go from the preparatory process to Focus 10. then to Focus 12. begin a thorough examination of your physical body and its rhythms using the appropriate tools (such as your Living Body Map and Energy Bar Tool). Pay attention to subtle changes in your awareness. Therefore. instruments suggest that the Null Point is where the body’s electric polarity shifts into a neutral phase. Allow the frequencies to assist your shift in polarity. Then the Hemi-Sync signals can guide you beyond Focus 12 to the Null Point. You’re hunting the gems of metamorphosis. of change. The Hemi-Sync sounds will assist you in returning. Perform the preparatory process. Complete the preparatory process and go on to Focus 12. Then. The more you use this exercise the more familiar you’ll become with your physical being. mentally set your goals before you begin the tape. Prospecting #4: Plus Polarity Strike it rich! The purpose of this exercise is to lead you through the Null Point to the opposite polarity from where’ you started. go to Focus 10. then to Focus 12. Passing through the Null Point in this exercise can lead. you to discover untold treasures in and of time and space.Prospecting #1: Metamorphosite The prospecting is good at this site. Prospecting #2: Bio-Body With this exercise. Notice if you recognize more aspects of nonphysical energy. you will explore the treasure trove that is your physical body. Use patterning to bring about the changes you have set for yourself. As with all the tapes in this home-study course. Our subjects have found that the Null Point provides a useful „window” for heading in any direction of mind activity. you may purposefully decide exactly what to explore.

Energy Food (Threshold #4. Think of pure. bringing about the desired effect. close your physical eyes. balance. Freedom #2) To remember any part of your life experience. that reinforces the mental trigger. inhale deeply. count from ten to twelve. and store fresh new energy. and you will be in Focus 10. The more you use these encodings in C-1. speed. such as a breath or hand movement. From the preparatory process. and then the strong color energy of red. Awake and Alert (Discovery #2) To become physically wide awake and alert. extend your physical hands outward palms up. close your eyes and count slowly from one to ten. Dig deep. hold your breath. pass through the Null Point and begin your hunt. ENCODING INSTRUCTIONS To encode is to establish a specific signal. go to Focus 12 (see „Focus 12” encoding) and think of the pattern you desire. „Heal. or trigger. Then release it strongly and surely into all areas of your expanded awareness. Focus 10 (Threshold #5) To move to Focus 10. Threshold #5. Build it carefully in your mind. As a result. you will mentally create a trigger (a thought pattern) that symbolizes the desired outcome. Physical Strength and Agility (Threshold #4) To perform a physical act with far greater strength. touch the fingers of your right hand to the back of your neck and repeat the number one in your mind. 35 . Focus 12 (Threshold #1) To be in Focus 12 (expanded awareness) from Focus 10. Patterning (Threshold #4) To set a pattern. Exhale and open your eyes. and works with. You will then be in Focus 10. and you will be in Focus 12. During the tape exercises. close your physical eyes. through your arms into your total self. then inhale deeply and hold your breath for a moment. white energy flowing from above into your palms. close your eyes and softly touch the fingers of your right hand to the center of your forehead. Send that energy to that part of your physical body requiring help and say in your mind. Focus 10 (Discovery #3) To move to Focus 10 (mind alert and body deeply asleep). Freedom #5) To receive. and Focus 12. Hold your breath and think of the cool energy of purple. and think of the physical act to be performed. Most of these encodings incorporate a specific physical action. balanced. your total self responds to the signal. This encoding signal is inserted into. various levels of your consciousness. convert. exhale. inhale sparkling energy. operating condition.” Memory (Discovery #2. Focus 10. All that you have learned through your Gateway Experience has prepared you for your journeys. the more powerful and effective they become. say in your mind or think the number ten. close your eyes and inhale.Prospecting #6: Far Reaches What’s farther than the vast reaches of the physical universe? The infinite nonphysical energy systems that go beyond time and space. Soar high. healthy. that brings about a specific occurrence. You’re now beyond words. and agility. Healing (Threshold #4) To bring any part of your physical body to a normal.

think of a bright moving circle with the number ten inside it. „Questions & Answers” will supplement and reinforce your Manual instructions. think of the number twelve. Look at them. pushing all excess and harmful emotional charges down through your body and out through the soles of your feet. Exhale and receive the answer or solution. close your eyes and inhale deeply. otherwise you may fall into a sleep state. and over you. You can always go back to them later. the answers are the result of years of experience. around. count slowly in your mind from one to twenty: When you reach the number twenty. restful sleep. pulling fresh energy into your physical head. waking C-1 consciousness. acknowledge them without getting involved with them. waking C-1 consciousness. You will immediately be wide awake and refreshed. You will automatically reabsorb your REBAL upon completion of any exercise. inhale deeply. you will be in normal. In addition to the formulation of the Guidance Manual. I either sing along in my head. or start some kind of thought dream: What should I do? 36 . Exhale. Hold your breath. then let them go. Relax (Threshold #6) To relax and remove all harmful tension and emotion from your mind and body. Return to C-1 (Threshold #5) To return to full. letting the circle move down. click-out. inquiry. think of the number ten. and as you hold your breath.. Q: I’m not able or willing to vocalize with the Resonant Tuning. Hold your breath and think of the calming. and move the fingers of your right hand. then the question or problem. Q: What should I do when various images or dream-like thoughts interfere with what I’m trying to do on a tape? A: Do not suppress or force the images away. think the number one. During an exercise . cleansing energy of green.. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Here are questions frequently asked by Gateway Experience participants. inhale deeply and exhale as if you were blowing out a candle. Stress Reduction (Threshold #4) To reduce any emotional pressure throughout your total system. Return to C-1 (Discovery #3) To return to full. natural. Sleep (Discovery #5) To go into normal. and you will be wide awake and refreshed. natural. Exhale.Problem Solving (Threshold #2) To receive the best answer or solution to a problem. close your physical eyes and breathe deeply as you count slowly from ten to one. I go into a very deep relaxed state and my mouth doesn’t seem to want to work. Resonant Energy Balloon: REBAL (Discovery #3) To create your REBAL. or by inhaling deeply and thinking of the circle moving back into your body. and research. restful sleep. rather. inhale.

Q: When using the tapes. but others quite frequently perceive sensations. so these high energy states will not necessarily be visual. Some people report seeing light. color. Is this normal? A: The Energy Bar Tool can take any shape which comes to your mind. This is a phenomenon common to the shift in energy levels such as the shift from Consciousness 1 to Focus 10. Q: Sometimes during a tape I feel. It means that you are responding to the Hemi-Sync process. or what seems to be an electric tingling or a shaking of your body. or room. if you are still falling asleep. or entering other energy systems (Threshold #5: Energy Bar Tool on page 44). perceiving distant events and people (Freedom #2: Remote Viewing on page 53). own arm. breathing. of consciousness – which is exactly what you are striving for. etc. practice. sitting up during the exercise. For best results. Q: I don’t seem to feel the high energy states and have trouble visualizing what they should feel like. The purpose of the EBT is to focus and direct nonphysical energy. make sure you are rested before doing the exercise. Some people hear a rushing sound. Is this normal? A: A light buzzing or pressure happens frequently to some people.A: It is important to discipline yourself to participate in Resonant Tuning because this is a method which will help you perceive nonphysical energy. in other words. voices. buzzing. And fifth. You may experience vibration(s). consequently. Others may just „know” when they have achieved these states. Q: I’m having difficulty forming and controlling my Energy Bar Tool (EBT). I cannot remain on my back very long without getting restless. verbal messages. to name a few. so much energy in my body that it actually gets uncomfortable and I want to come out of the tape. What should I do? 37 . so that you can later control and use it. if you are experiencing a great degree of discomfort. put the idea of sleep into your Energy Conversion Box. and form. practice. you are more conscious of your heartbeat. It doesn’t have to be the same each time you use it and it can switch forms while you are using it. There are many uses for the EBT: healing (Threshold #G: Living Body Map on page 45). Third. the nonphysical energy which you first need to perceive before you can control and use it. However. or even music. you may have the volume too loud. The fact that you are perceiving this energy is indicative that you are reaching an expanded state of awareness. the volume should be just loud enough for you to hear the verbal instructions. start controlling it. Your imagination is the only limit. First. practice! It is through patience and continued practice that you learn to maintain the balance between deep relaxation and sleep. Discomfort about vocalizing with the tapes will eventually wane. try. Sometimes it switches to a triangle or seems to be an extension of my. Second. Q: I continually fall asleep during the taped exercises. stretch lightly and splash your face and neck with cold water. A: Everyone perceives his/her experiences in a different way. What can I do about this? A. Just relax and observe your own perceptions without judging how you should feel. Resonant Tuning promotes an accelerated gathering of your vibrational energy while reducing internal dialogue. you are expanding your state of awareness. Q: I usually sleep on my side or stomach and feel insecure sprawled out on my back. Remember. What should I do about this? A: Realize that the energy you are feeling is second-state energy. Try to move the energy through your whole body – see if you can speed it up or slow it down. bed. Fourth. Also. I am aware of a buzzing or pressure in my forehead and also an acceleration of my heartbeat.

They range from the cosmic to the mundane. Perhaps you can feel or know that you are forming your Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL).” These experiences are precious. With NVC. I’m stuck. shadows. You can always put the worries about your breathing in your Energy Conversion Box if it really bothers you. Q: During „Focus 12 Free Flow” I had a peak experience. but I would be more pleased if I knew that I was getting what was intended. and yet are almost invariably of real meaning and significance to the person having the experience. Q: I have been using the tapes and do get some interesting things. Some even find their breathing or their heartbeat a comforting link to physical reality and then can move more confidently into other states of consciousness. Words never capture an NVC „thought-ball” without losing much of its essence in the translation. Also. I have not been able to visualize my REBAL energy coming from my head and bending around to my feet. the state of expanded awareness. the Resonant Tuning exercises) and prepares you for moving to high energy states. and landscape) without ever capturing the feeling it brings. clouds. I am aware of my breathing. How can I have this experience again? A: Focus 12. Some people report that they prefer sitting up because they’re less likely to drop off to sleep. one of the clearest messages that comes across to all of us is that no two individuals’ experiences are alike. plus nonphysical information. They are unique events. For example. a beautiful sunset could be described endlessly in words (the colors. I believe I’m beginning to understand it. images) and is a way of communicating or understanding beyond verbalization. or otherwise perceive the high energy states. Q: Thus far. Actually. it can enhance your experience if used in a positive way.) in our orientation. It’s your breathing that helps charge you with energy (hence. Yet that experience might be a most meaningful event for you. verbal. (Please refer to Discovery #3: Advanced Focus 10 on page 25. A: As we review the mail that comes to the Institute and listen to your phone calls. Most of us are leftbrained (linear. If you have practiced the technique often. NVC implies a holistic communication based more on feelings and impressions. if you have a comfortable set of „ear-bud” headphones. and are to be treasured rather than captured. use it often. NVC addresses right-brain functions (intuition. Any suggestions? A: This is a very normal reaction.A: You might try sitting upright in a comfortable chair or in your bed while listening to the tapes.) Q: I would like a more extensive explanation of Non-Verbal Communication (NVC). gut feelings. This makes it impossible for me to detach myself. Q: Even while in Focus 10. Not everyone is adept at mental images. you might be able to arrange some pillows so that you can „ride the Waves” while lying on your side or stomach. you might discount an experience because it was not mentioned. sparkling. A: Remember that visualization is only one way of perceiving. you can instantly comprehend all the physical. „Popping” your REBAL frequently without using the tapes will strengthen it. but at first I felt quite frustrated. Ear-buds are readily available at stores carrying stereo products. brilliant bursts of energy. We recommend that you do not seek to repeat or regain peak experiences and make them „ordinary. 38 . If the instructions described what you should experience. etc. The REBAL is an invaluable tool. Rediscover their uniqueness in many forms. you are possibly forming the REBAL without even being aware of it. Imagine that you are surrounded by and filled with tingling. A: Your frustration is understandable. the interplay of light. the awareness of breathing should disappear by itself. Once you convince yourself that breathing is a normal process and not a problem. offers many valuable insights. for complete instructions. You can be aware of your breathing and of the taped exercise. Be aware of what is happening to you and just let it be – don’t fight it.

Q: I understand that after a while we really do not need the tapes to achieve different states of consciousness. friends. We encourage parents to work with their children and to monitor their progress. all you need to do is recall the sensations you experienced during what you consider to be your best. How do I remember the Hemi-Sync signals? A: It is true that with practice. a Moslem. However. does not endorse any particular religious interpretations. a Christian might interpret this as the light of Christ. After you become proficient with an exercise. The Institute. In any event. Q: Can my children use the tapes? A: Many parents have had good results using Gateway Experience tapes with their children. Is this light God? A: The light (often accompanied by feelings of euphoria. a oneness with the universe. Whatever your religious background or training.. see if you can find ways to relate your experiences to experiences your spouse has had. It is the individual’s own interest and desire that creates the enthusiasm for exploration that leads to success. You should be familiar and comfortable with a tape before advancing to the next one. Again. On using the tapes. With anyone (spouse. In other words. understandably. don’t feel you must master it completely. There may be challenges for an individual with a specific technique that can diminish or disappear with practice or exposure to a more advanced tape. You can show the benefits through your behavior if your spouse doesn’t want to discuss your experiences in depth.Q: While listening to your tapes. but my spouse doesn’t understand. we strongly recommend not using drugs with the tapes. most effective response in the desired state. Do you have any suggestions on how to convince someone who doesn’t want to experience the tapes that they are worth trying. Of course. the two are not compatible. Simply take a deep breath and remember the state to trigger the change in consciousness. I experienced a flood of light. Perhaps you can find an individual tape such as Concentration. 39 . children). When you do talk about what you are doing.. emphasize the nonthreatening aspects. (Please refer to the One-Breath Technique on page 47. don’t hesitate to review any of the tapes for reinforcement. A Buddhist might indicate he has seen Buddha. seeing such a light can be a meaningful experience that may indicate that you are developing your potential on nonphysical levels. we leave it to the discretion of the parents whether or not to use the tapes with family members. The more you perform this technique. or Love Tennis that you can both use and then be able to talk about the benefits of Hemi-Sync in everyday life situations. Q: The Gateway Experience tapes have changed my life. Catnapper. a sense of overwhelming love) is an experience that has been widely reported by explorers of higher consciousness and people who have had near-death experiences. the easier and more effective it will become. The tapes are training you to take control over your states of consciousness Drugs interfere with that control. the rule seems to be that you cannot „force feed” the information. neither indicating that drugs added to nor aided their experiences. what you demonstrate by your actions is much more forceful than any words you can say. you do not need the taped exercises to reach expanded states of consciousness.) Q: Have any people reported obtaining worthwhile results with the use of marijuana or other drugs in conjunction with the tapes? A: We have had some reports from people who have used mind-altering drugs with the tapes. The results they have reported have been mixed. Allah or Mohammed. Q: How many times should I use each tape before going on to the next one? A: That can vary greatly with the individual. or at least that they are not harmful? A: Whether we are talking about the tapes and programs of The Monroe Institute or about any other self-awareness/ consciousness-expansion system or program. or those you have shared in the past.

can I cause my wife to have one? A: We have had reports that individuals have helped another person to get out-of-body. Be nonchalant about OBEs... The differences. At first it may be easier to think of a person and reach their energy rather than to attempt arriving at a geographic destination. Long-term meditators may find that the Hemi-Sync signals produce states quite similar to or even identical with states that they have been experiencing. or appear to have a human form. go to a destination. Q: There’s noise on my tapes. so noises distract less and the attention is immediately refocused by the signal). and . Q: Do you have any suggestions as to how to better control an out-of-body experience? Once I get out. (2) the ease of maintaining the state (the Hemi-Sync signal is constant and does not waver with outside interruptions. misty form. If an OBE happens spontaneously. practicing yoga. remember that thoughts are action in the second-state (whatever you think. The method to accomplish this is unclear. It’s known as „pink sound” and provides a bed for the Hemi-Sync signals. As long as you’re thoroughly familiar with tape #5. Also. It might be worthwhile to remember that it is Rober Monroe’s experience that most people probably have at least one out-of-body experience each night during their sleep. or after a reasonable time move on to the next tape? A: Not everyone will have a conscious out-of-body experience (OBE).. They all have a hissing sound which I can only partially filter out with the Dolby switch an my stereo. Your second body can perceive another’s second body. I don’t know how to steer my thoughts. The higher and lower portions of the sound have been compensated for in volume so you 40 . the intense effort can become the very distraction that holds you back. are found in (1) the ease of attaining that state (you put on the headphones and there you are). Pink sound contains all the tones the human ear can perceive. Out-of-Body Experience . You and your wife might both try patterning for synchronicity in your OBEs.. Any time you wish to return.” see a particular person. The second body can take on different forms. What if I can’t get out of my body on tape #5 („Exploration. Q: If I have an out-of-body experience. Would the Monroe Institute tapes and programs have anything to offer him. Q: I’m currently working with the Discovery album. or is he too advanced? A: We have had people with a wide variety of backgrounds enroll in both the Gateway Experience and the week-long Gateway Voyage. On the technical side. It takes a lot of practice for most. They are just a small part of our program of personal exploration and learning to expand consciousness. however. People perceive it differently. You might want to read Raymond Moody’s book. A: You can practice control of an OBE by setting a goal before you begin. but they do not remember the experience in waking consciousness. many of us have hidden fears that hold us back. The hissing or „tape noise” sound is intentional. by all means go on to the next tape.Q: I have a friend who has been meditating. Sleep”)? Should I continue with tape #5 until I do. you do). where many near-death experiences are related. Q: Does astral projection/second body equal death/hereafter? What does a second body look like? Can one’s second body see another’s second body? A: Astral projection and death appear to have similar qualities. and finally (3) the Hemi-Sync tapes provide tools and guidelines for exploration. It can look like a ball of energy. Are my tapes defective? A: No. or contact a nonphysical entity. and working with other disciplines for years. You may want to „float. Life After Life. think of returning to your body and/or move a finger or toe and you will be back. if you try too hard for an OBE. It will usually appear to you in a form that you are comfortable with. Then you won’t need to decide what to do once you are out.

the Gateway Voyage. Institute programs . and Guidelines? A: The Gateway Experience is the home-study course based on the week-long Gateway Voyage. Although similar in this regard. Both programs assist you in a wide exploration of consciousness. Hemi-Sync is designed to allow the individual to consciously control and manipulate his/her own states of awareness. (For more information on Hemi-Sync. please refer to Brain Power on page 8. and consciously directs the exercise. Many of the Gateway Experience and Gateway Voyage tapes are the same... If you are hearing disconcerting clicking or popping sounds on a tape (versus the „tape hiss” or „tooth brushing” of the pink sound). „Subliminal” implies that a specific verbal message (in the case of audio cassette tapes) is recorded below audible level and often at high speed.hear the entire sound equally-it helps the mind create or select sound to complete the Hemi-Sync process. However. Q: There’s no indication of right or left ear on any of the later tapes. It is better to have the volume too low than too high. assists the listener in achieving the desired state of consciousness much more quickly. are not verbal messages and are not recorded at high speed. However. No Space) and 41 . the techniques and sound combinations on the latter tapes are more sophisticated. It is also used by those who have taken the Voyage and would like a refresher and/or reinforcement of the techniques learned – as well as for continued exploration. Q: What are the differences in the Gateway Experience. although recorded at a subaudible level. while participants in the Gateway Voyage also experience Focus 15 (No Time. It is still important to have the headphones on correctly? A: No. Gateway Experience tapes implement Focus 10 and 12. hypnosis the individual relaxes him/ herself. Q: Is the „clicking” sound on some of my tapes normal? A: No. By comparison. it presents no problem. On the other hand. be sure the clicking is on the tape and not coming from your tape player. with its special frequencies. and do not require any right-ear/left-ear adjustment. However. On the earlier tapes. Hemi-Sync. DO NOT use Dolby or other noise-reduction systems as they interfere with the Institute’s sophisticated Hemi-Sync mastering process. it may be defective. we make a distinction because of the design of those tapes. Hemi-Sync signals. The intention is to imbed a particular thought in the mind of the listener.) Q: Are Hemi-Sync tapes subliminal? A: No. First. As long as there is no distortion of the sound. People often regard hypnosis as a process of being led into a state of high suggestibility and relinquishing control to the hypnotist. we will send you a replacement at no charge. This will occur more frequently with some cassette deck players than with others. moves to a desired state of awareness. Several Hemi-Sync tapes contain sleep periods during which verbal guidance is recorded at a very low level so as not to awaken the listener. With self-. If you have a defective tape. As soon as we receive it. return it to us for replacement. Is this okay? A: Most recorded material will peak in the red area. The script during these periods is a repetition of the information heard previously on the tape. The intention of the Hemi-Sync signals is to assist the listener into a state of awareness conducive to the development of a self-directed experience. Q: What is the difference between hypnosis and Hemi-Sync? A: The term „hypnosis” is open to many interpretations. Q: I find the recording level on the tapes is high and the VU needle on our cassette deck often kicks into the red area. or auto-. we do suggest that the Hemi-Sync exercises be listened to at a low level.

and Conference Center are restricted areas while programs are in progress. call or write the Institute. and remember the carefully controlled environment in which you listened to them here at the Institute or other training facility. if you would like to drop by for a visit. the information and signals are in your mind. instead of a visit to a rather typical office this year. Guidelines.Focus 21 (Other Energy Systems) as well. Where is Faber. These sessions. correspondence. all converge to produce a personal growth tool. The intent and desire to go beyond Focus 12. developing and evolving your skills whenever you desire. you can return to that level at any time you like. although „completed” is not really the appropriate word. As each exercise and Wave builds one upon the other. the sensory-deprivation booth. so does the experience of Focus 15. simply by remembering what Focus 15 or Focus 21 felt like. to continue to expand and experience is what is needed more than a specific tape. Focus 15 and Focus 21 tapes. please phone ahead so we can schedule you an appointment with a staff member. Our administrative building is simply a very busy office as we process your orders. there is not a lot for you to see here because of the nature of our work. Those of you who have experienced them are undoubtedly aware of their potency. (As I am sure you can understand by this time. Q: What is the Personal Resource Exploration Program? A: The Personal Resource Exploration Program (PREP) provides individual sessions for self-exploration utilizing the Institute’s research laboratory isolation booth. par excellence. since personal growth is an on-going adventure. Laboratory. are a highlight of the program. Guidelines. the Residential Center. so can the entire Gateway Experience build upon itself. Virginia. At Guidelines. Q: I’m going to be in Virginia on my vacation and would like to stop by and see the Institute and find out what’s happening there. We remind you also that once having used those tapes. Your continued willingness to explore can repeatedly catapult you into new and exciting realms of awareness. The combination of Hemi-Sync. a six-day Gateway graduate program is open only to those who have completed a Gateway Voyage. Virginia? A: The Institute is located in Nelson County. or Human-Plus program? That’s the way to find out what’s happening here! CONGRATULATIONS You have completed the Gateway Experience. Just as people’s experiences with Focus 12 vary greatly. After considering the above. are facilitated by trained monitors and technicians. which open areas of „no time” and beyond. Guidelines utilizes all Focus levels. like the Explorer Program sessions.) One of the reasons for locating the Institute in this area is the fact that it is off the beaten track and therefore conducive to quiet and working with sensitive equipment. Q: When will Focus 15 tapes be made available? A: (For those of you who have not experienced the weeklong Gateway Voyage. with a concentration of Focus 15 and Focus 21. biomonitoring equipment. The results are cumulative. 42 . You may continue to benefit from this in-home training system. Equally important is to continue practicing the techniques you have learned. For more information. and course registrations. why not plan to spend your next vacation here at a Gateway Voyage. Even better.) At this time there are not even rumors that Focus 15 tapes might be made available outside the Institute. Just up the road. silence is important. about thirty miles south of Charlottesville. this is a program one never totally finishes. While we are always happy to meet our many friends of the Gateway Experience. and trained monitors guiding the exploratory process. As you know by now. the emphasis is on learning more about guidance – in whatever manner guidance manifests to you personally.

43 .

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