ELIOT 1888-1965
THOMAS STREANS ELIOT was born in st.louis ,missouri He entered Harvard in 1906 and was influenced there by the anti romanticism His philosophical studies included intensive work on the English idealist philosopher F.H. Bradly. On who he .eventually wrote his Harvard thesis Later Eliot studied literature and philosophy in France &GERMANY

IN 1915 he married as English writer Vivienne High wood but the marriage was not .a success Eliot left his wife and ten years later he married again Athenaeum 2.Times literary supplement.1 Were two periodicals that Eliot wrote for them

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His first published collection of poems was PRUFROCK AND OTHER OBSERVATIONS 1917 IN 1922 THE WASTE LAND appeared first in magazines and then in book form His essays : the sacred wood in 1920 And homage to John Dryden in 1924 He sought to make poetry more subtle ,more .precise …Ezra pound was his early supporter and adviser

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He was influenced by 19th century French poets especially :JULES LAFORUGE One side of Eliot s poetic genius is in sense of the word Romantic but it is combined with a dry ironic allusiveness, play of wit and a colloquial element which are not found on poets of the Romantic tradition

The Waste Land
Is a series of scenes and images with no author s voice to tell us where we are Two poems called ; Journey of the magi (drawing on bibical incident while the other called :Marina( used a purely secular imagery He considered himself classist in literature ,royalist in politics ,Anglo –catholic in religion
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:his plays
Eliot s plays have all been directly or indirectly on religious themes His 3 later plays all written in 1950s the cocktail party-1 the confidential clerk-2 the elder statesman-3 He achieved popular success by casting a serious religious theme in the form of modern social comedy
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:The Family Reunion 1939
Deals with the problem of guilt & redemption (rastehari) in a modern upper-class English family ;it makes attempt to combine choric devices from Greek tragedy .With a poetic idiom And finally T.S.Eliot is kown as POET OF MODERN SYMBOLIST-METAPHISICAL .TRADITION

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