LAWRENCE(18 86-1930) David Herbert
Born in Notinghamshire .his mother was better educated than his father and Lawrence was very much on his mothers side during his childhood.

his firs novel designated : sons and lovers-1913-

His first published work was a group of  poems that appeard in the English review for november 1909

Rainbow his second novel 1915- 

*sense of truth*  *supreme impulses*  Are phrases of his characteristic  His two master pieces 1-RAIN BOW  2-WOMEN IN LOVE  In these novels lawrence probes with  various aspects of relationship

Another novel of him Aarons”s Rod (1923) is more uneven .he explores problems of human relations under the question of moral and political leadership
Two other novels on the theme of leadership KANGAROO(1923) set in Autralia PLUMED SERPENT (1926) set in Mexico

 

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