Grid-Connected and Intentional Islanding Operations of Distributed Power Generation by Photo Voltaic Cell Control Strategy


Intentional Islanding is a condition in which a microgrid or a portion of the power grid.This microgrid cosists of load and distributed generation(DG)system. Some times the microgrid is isolated from the remainder of the utility system. So that in this situation, it is important for the microgrid to continue to provide adequate power supply to load. Under normal operation, each DG inverter which is part of the microgrid works based on the constant current contrl mode in the mcrogrid in order to provide a preset power to the maingrid . When ever the microgrid is cut off from the maingrid, at this condition the DG inverter system must detect this islanding situation . More ever, to get the continuous supply to the utility system the DG inverter must switched to a voltage contol mode. In this voltage control mode, the microgrid can provide a constant voltage to the local load. The extension of this project is by using Photo Voltaic Cell (PVCell) control strategy for grid-conneced and intentional islanding operations of distributed power generation. The proposed system components are modeled and simulated through computer tool using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

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