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Drawing Manga Boys (Manga Magic) by Anna Southgate, Keith Sparrow

Drawing Manga Boys (Manga Magic) by Anna Southgate, Keith Sparrow

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Published by Pedro Marques

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Pedro Marques on Dec 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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apex The highest or culminating point.
asymmetrical Not symmetrical, or not the same on
both sides.
bisect To divide into two usually equal parts.
bolero A loose waist-length jacket open at the front.
chevron A fgure, pattern, or object having the shape of a
V or an inverted V.
chiseled Formed or crafted as if with a chisel.
compass An instrument for describing circles or transferring
measurements that consists of two pointed branches
joined at the top by a pivot.
compress To press or squeeze together.
contours An outline, especially of a curving or
irregular fgure.
cravat A band or scarf worn around the neck.
dan The grade of training a martial artist has achieved.
disseminate To disperse throughout.
dogi The pants of a judo or karate uniform.
elasticated Containing strips of elastic in order to make the
clothing ft snugly.
ellipse A closed plane curve resulting from the intersec-
tion of a circular cone and a plane cutting completely
through it.



epaulettes Something that ornaments or protects the
feudal Of or relating to a period in the Middle Ages.
foreshorten To shorten or make more compact.
gi A loose-ftting garment that allows freedom of movement.
gouache An opaque watercolor prepared with gum.
hilt A handle, especially of a sword or dagger.
manga A type of Japanese art used to tell stories in the
form of comic books.
nib The sharpened point of a pen or marker.
opaque Something that cannot be seen through.
protrude To cause to project.
puttee A strip of cloth wound around the leg to form a
legging, used by soldiers in World War I.
samurai A type of Japanese warrior.
scabbard A sheath for a sword or dagger.
taper To become progressively smaller toward one end.

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