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Dear applicant!

Congratulations for taking the step of This Application is only for AIESEC in CBS.
applying for a life-changing experience If you are applying for a different Local
Committee please check for
with AIESEC. In the following pages you the correct Application Form.
will find the questions which you should
answer as a part of the selection

Please submit one recent CV together with the

Application Form.

Info Meetings will take place 11th and 16th of


Deadline for applying is 17th of february at 23.59

For questions please contact:

Part One: Personal Information






Date of Birth:

Year of Study and type of

program (Bachelor/Masters)

Study Background (Ie.

Business Administration,
Education, etc.)

Expected Graduation Date

(Month and Year)
Part Two: AIESEC Questions

1) How do you know about AIESEC?

2) Please illustrate with real life examples how you work best: in a team or alone?

3) What are you most passionate about?

Part Three: Motivation

1) Why do you want to join AIESEC?

2) How do you think the experiences and opportunities in AIESEC can contribute
to your own personal and professional development?

3)Please mention whether or not you're interested in going on an internship

through our Work Abroad program, for how long and when you will go?
4) What other activities are/were you involved in outside of school (I.e. work,
hobbies, sports, etc)?

Which area(s) are you most interested in?

Talent Management Yes No

Focus what Kind of people we have in the organization
Mentoring and coaching
Talent planning and what kind of education people
Training and skill sessions
Give people opportunities

Student Relations Yes No

Recruiting members
University relations
Media relations

External relations Yes No

Sponsorship raising
Internship (praktikophold)
Contract negotiation
Company meetings

Exchange (internships at
companies/organizations) Yes No
Facilitate foreign AIESECers students to come to DK
Help foreign AIESECers to integrate in DK
Help local AIESECers to go abroad on internship

Finance Yes No
Expenses management
Project coordinator Yes No
Providing project management tools and
Looks if there is a need for a training session
Main contact for project managers

Project manager Yes No

Manage a small team
Attract companies that would be relevant to the
project group issue with the aim of raising internships

New Members conference
When: 7th+8th of March - all day
(Please note that this activity are
compulsary to fullfil membership criterias.)
AIESEC Denmark National Conference
When:17- 19th of April

DL for the application is: 17.02.09

Time: by 23.59
E mail:

Date: __/__/2009

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of AIESEC.

You will be contacted further by you local AIESEC office.