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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS EASTERN DIVISION ____________________________________ ) In re: ) ) NEW ENGLAND COMPOUNDING ) CHAPTER 11 PHARMACY, INC., ) CASE NO. 12-19882-HJB ) Debtor. ) ____________________________________) MOTION FOR ADMISSION PRO HAC VICE OF ROBERT A. WHITE Pursuant to MLBR 9010-1(b), and upon the annexed Certificate and Affidavit of Good Standing of Robert A. White, attached hereto as Exhibit A, certifying that (i) he is a member of the bar in good standing in every jurisdiction where he has been admitted to practice; (ii) there are no disciplinary proceedings pending against him as a member of the bar of any jurisdiction; and (iii) he is familiar with the Massachusetts Local Bankruptcy Rules, I, Daniel C. Cohn, a member of the Bar of this Court, hereby move this Court to admit Robert A. White to practice before the Court for the purpose of this case as counsel for the Debtor, New England Compounding Pharmacy, Inc. Respectfully submitted, /s/ Daniel C. Cohn Daniel C. Cohn, Esq. BBO #090780 Keri L. Wintle, Esq. BBO #676508 Murtha Cullina LLP 99 High Street, 20th Floor Boston, MA 02110 (617) 457-4000 Telephone (617) 482-3868 Facsimile Proposed Counsel for New England Compounding Pharmacy, Inc.

Dated: December 21, 2012


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