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Published by: Priya Datta on Dec 23, 2012
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Topic of our survey is“Positioning strategy of L’Oreal brand in Bhubaneswar market”. According to our topic we made our objectives.  To find out the marketing strategies applied by L’Oreal brand for Bhubaneswar Market.  To find out the reasons of success of L’Oreal brand in Bhubaneswar Market.  To find out the market position of L’Oreal brand in Bhubaneswar Market.

 To find out how L’Oreal brand make a superior product image in the mind of Bhubaneswar consumers.

 This survey also includes the study of customer preferences and the choice of cosmetics and also understands the brand image of the L’Oreal in the mind of customers.  Finding of the strategy also makes us aware that sometimes market leader also needs to make different strategy to grab the new market.IMPORTANCE&IMPLICATION  The main focus of our survey is to find out the market positioning strategy of L’Oreal Brand in the Bhubaneswar market.  Bhubaneswar’s economic and social status is now very much developed. lots of cosmetics brands are already competing with each other. . so L’Oreal needs to bring some new marketing strategy for this market. Here.

Customer wants more variety of products from L’Oreal. LIMITATION • The time limit of our survey was very less. •how much they are able to satisfy their customers with their packaging and the advertisements. . •We could not cover all the areas of Bhubaneswar. Customers have also given some of their views on the matter of improvement of L’Oreal. like •the brand image of “L’Oreal”. •quality. also they want that L’Oreal should come up with lower price products for middle class customers. because of time constraint. •Sample size of 200 is very less to gather accurate information.SCOPE The survey of positioning gives a lot of scope to study on the “L’Oreal brands” in Bhubaneswar market.

We visited Market areas to conduct our survey. SAMPLING PLAN • NUMBER OF SAMPLES: 200 • SAMPLING TECHNIQUES: RANDOM • SAMPLE DESCRIPTION: We interacted with the college going girls and boys. By following the objectives we prepared our questionnaire. working ladies and housewives. We interacted with the college going girls and boys. working ladies and housewives. .RESEARCH & METHODOLGY • • • • First we made our objectives.

BMC mall.DATA DESCRIPTION DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUE: Our targeted area is customers of Bhubaneswar. AREA COVERED: Market building unit-2. . and Rasulgarh’s ladies hostels. SOURCES OF DATA: Questionnaires.

How much will you rate the advertisement of L’Oreal compared to other products? 1 POOR 2 AVERAGE 3 GOOD 4 VERY GOOD 5 EXCELLENT .Data Presentation and Interpretation 1.

2.…….Cont.How much will you rate the packaging of L’Oreal? 1 POOR 2 AVERAGE 3 GOOD 4 VERY GOOD 5 EXCELLENT .

…….Cont. 3.Which brand you prefer in cosmetic segment? L’Oreal product Hindustan unilever P&G Lotus 41% 23% 7% 29% .

4. How much you spend monthly on cosmetic product? 80200 200500 500800 8002000 9% 28% 27% 37% .Cont.…….

Did you encounter any of these difficulties with L’Oreal products? Side effect Expensive Not affective 23% 50% 27% . 5.Cont.…….

Cont.……. 6. In general how much you are satisfied with your product? 0-40% 2% 40-60% 23% 60-80% 56% 80-100% 19% .

How much will you rate L’Oreal’s brand image in Bhubaneswar? 1 POOR AVERAG E GOOD VERY GOOD 4% 18% 43% 28% 2 3 4 5 EXCELLE 7% NT .…….Cont. 7.

……. 8. What improvement you want to see in L’Oreal? Quality Durability More variety More affectiveness 11% 5% 56% 28% .Cont.

Why do you think L’Oreal is succeeding all over India? Foreign product 41% Reasonable price 5% Good quality availability 44% 10% .…….Cont. 9.

According to you which factor has helped L’Oreal to position it’s product in Bhubaneswar market? Take care of yourself 22% You deserve to be beautiful 30% Get 100% value 28% out of the brand Be healthy.Cont.……. Be beautiful 19 . 10.

because it is too expensive for them. But people of Bhubaneswar are least aware about the brand and its image . •its quality is good. It also uses brand ambassadors like Penelope Cruz.Findings •Brand image of Loreal is average in Bhubaneswar market. Aishwarya Rai. •Though brand image is not so high. •Some of the customers do not want to buy L’Oreal products. •The reason of success in Bhubaneswar market is because of the following factors: •L’Oreal is a foreign product. •customers are getting 100% value out of the brands. but public prefer to go for L’oreal product in Bhubaneswar market. •Loreal has got a very good brand reputation in international market.

SUGGESTION As we know L’Oreal is a branded company but still they are not rising in Bhubaneswar market. Now they are at a position of 41%. may be they will get large number of customer for their product. They could sell some of its product at a reasonable price so that they could gain a large number of market share. if they lower their price then their position could come up to 54% but always low pricing strategy compromise with the quality of product and the best thing in L’Oreal is that it is known worldwide for the best quality in cosmetics segment. . if the company reduces the price. They could come up with new marketing strategy as well as pricing strategy.

Strengths •Brand confusion •Positioning in the myriad brands •Presence remains underdeveloped in emerging markets.1 •Research & development-586 patents •Range of portfolio—diversity of products •Global brand—presence in 130 countries •Strong Corporate Social Responsibility policy Opportunities •New channels on the electronic media •Local players in the new market expansions •Brand cannibalization Threats •Emerging markets of developing countries •Growing cosmetic and grooming market •Newer acquisitions—more range of products . Weakness •Brand image—World No.

41%customers are preferring L’Oreal in Bhubaneswar. that does not mean that 41% customers are using L’Oreal Paris or its professional products. we find that L’Oreal has got a good market share but the brand image is not up to the mark. Out of 100%.Conclusion As we have done the survey to find out the overall positioning strategy of L’Oreal brand in Bhubaneswar market. . some customers are using Garnier as well as Maybelline which comes under L’Oreal product line.


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