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Collection of Questions on Java

Collection of Questions on Java

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Published by: mmmaheshwari on Dec 23, 2012
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Unit 1 1. 2. 3. 4. What is internet? What is web address?explain the general syntax of web address.

What are E-mails?How they are sent?Explain the composition of any E-mail address Discuss the utility of Netscape navigator browser of internet. Explain the purpose of following: i. XML ii. HTML iii. DNS iv. ISP v. FTP vi. ISDN 5. What are the h/w and s/w requirements for video conferencing? 6. Write a short note voice and video conferencing. Unit 2 1. Explain why java is considered as the best language for internet applications 2. What do you mean by classes andd objects? Explain with suitable examles and how objects and classes are created in java 3. Define the following i. Encapsulation ii. Inheritance 4. Write a program in java to create first 100 finonaccci series. 5. What do you understand by multithreading programming ? Explain with a suitable ex. 6. Discuss variuos data types supported in java 7. Explain the following : i. Thread group ii. Daemon thread iii. Deadlock iv. Exception handling 8. What is difference between implicit and explicit import statement? Which one takes less time for compilation and why? 9. What is the difference between overriding and overloading a method? Explain with suitable examples. 10. When do we declare a method or class abstract? Explain with example. 11.

Unit 3 1. What are the advantages of using JDBC with Java 2. What are the different types of statements available in Java.Where do you use these statements. 3. Write a short note on the following i. Toggle button

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Unit 4

ii. Tabbed pane iii. Combo box iv. Scroll pane What are the four types of JDBC drivers in java. How can u create a button with an image loaded on it and how do u set a tool tip to a button control? Write a program to display the month names by Jlist and display the Days by JcomboBox. Write a short note on Java Foundation classes. What is Swing ? how it differ with AWT.

1. What is java bean? Discuss the advantage of java beans. 2. Describe an utility that enable to configure a set of beans, connect them together and produce a working application. 3. What do you mean by jar files? discuss 4. What do you mean by state of bean? In this reference describe indexed properties of class with the help of example. 5. Explain the principles of RMI. Give simple client server application using RMI 6. Define Enterprise java beans 7. Explain the foll with reference to java beans i. Introspection ii. Bound properties iii. Entity beans iv. Java bean API 8. Write an employee class in which pay() is a method which calculates the gross pay from the basic pay. Write an application which rum this method remotely using RMI. 9. What are he major services of java beans. 10. What is the difference between Java bean and EJB 11. How can u create ur bean? What are the steps required for creating user defined beans? 12. Unit 5 1. 2. 3. i. ii. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Discuss the role of JSP in development of websites. Why do you need inter servlet communication. Write a short note on Thread safe servlets Http redirects Servlet life cycle Debugging servlets Define cookies ? how they are send and used in retrieving infomation from clients. What is servlet ? Explain the architecture of the servlet package. How an Http servlet interact with clients Explain any five methods in servlet package

10. Write a short note JSP. 11.

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