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Gkguide.net-InfosysPreviously Asked Placement Questions

Gkguide.net-InfosysPreviously Asked Placement Questions

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Infosys:Previously Asked Placement Questions
1.what is the largest positive integer n for which n3+47 is divisible by n +5? 2.A clock is so placed that at 12 noon its minute hand points towards north-east. In which direction does its hour hand point at 1.30 p.m? 3.In a group of six women, there are four dancers, four vocal musicians, one actress and three violinists. Girija and Vanaja are among the violinists while Jalaja and Shailaja do not know how to play on the violin. Shailaja and Tanuja are among the dancers. Jalaja, Vanaja, Shailaja and Tanuja are all vocal musicians and two of them are also violinists. If Pooja is an actress, who among the following is both a dancer and violinist ? A) Jalaja B) Shailaja C) Tanuja D) Pooja Ans: C 4.i) There are six friends A,B,C,D,E and F ii) Each one is proficient in one of the games, namely Badminton, Vollyball, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and Polo iii) Each owns a different coloured car, namely yellow, green, black, white, blue and red. iv) D plays Polo and owns a yellow coloured car v) C does not play either Tennis or Hockey and owns neither blue nor yellow coloured car vi) E owns a white car and plays Badminton vii) B does not play Tennis, he owns a red coloured car. viii) A plays Cricket and owns a black car

one bag 10 red. He also added that he has at least one hat with red color and the no. 10. of black hats is greater than the no. how much greater is x than y? 1.upto(z-X)=? 7.11.other 20 blue.6. of times the balls have to be weighed for finding out the heavy ball ? 12.4..1 & if we return 3 wrapers(covers) of chocolate we get 1 more chocolate. Their professor wanted them to test.15 how many chocolates do u get... The professor keeps those hats on their heads and ask them tell me how many red and black hats the professor have? Obviously students can not talk to each other or no written communication.. If x and y are both positive integers..16.When all the possible 5 letters are arranged in the letter LASER in alphabetical order... Who plays Volleyball ? 5.if CAT=72 & GATE=99 then BODY=?? a)120 b)128 c)138 d)184 9..(a-X)(b-X)(c-X).12. of red hats.. or looking into each other eyes.. x + y = 20 2. If u have Rs. The hats either red or black color.The puzzle is Nine IIT students were sitting in a classroom.There are 6561 balls out of them 1 is heavy and remaining 6560 are same weight. Next day the professor told all of his 9 students that he has 9 hats.what will be the 25th word and 16th word? 10.? 8.12. no...20. . x = y² 6. Find th min.? 11.1 chocolate cost is Rs.0.to take out 1 red and 1 blue how many balls to be taken out.2.8. no such stupid options and no tricks.

? 16.The road is straight and both are travelling in the same direction. What is the speed of the car? 14.4th digit is 4 more than second one.2XX 3XX --5XX X4X XX3 ------XXXXX ------Find out the X's and seven is not there in the calculation. The cyclist travels with a speed of 12 mph. and meets the car 5miles before the Station.A cube of volume 1000 cm 3 is divided into small cubes of 1 cm 3 .last digit is 3 times the first one.3rd digit is 3 less than second one. When he comes everybody was able to answer him correctly.& all the outer surfaces are painted how many cubes will be there with (at least one side painted or no side painted).. So he decides to give them final 5 minutes.One day the cyclist comes late by 20 min. So what is the answer? and why? 13.There is a 5 digit number. ? 17. So he gave them 10 more minuets but the result was the same.Arrange the following words will come in middle if all of them are arranged alphabetically as in a dictionary? A.Every day a cyclist meets a car at the station.Professor goes out and comes back after 20 minutes but nobody was able to answer the question.3 pairs of sum is eleven each.find the number. Please explain ? 15. Research .

There are 5 houses. The english men lives in the red house.3 1/3 22. All house owners are of different nationalities.2 1/2 b.2 1/6 c.40. then net profit will be. They all have different pets.A share is purchased at a rate of 23. .60 and sold at a rate of 36. In the yellow house they smoke Dunhill.in a fraction. If you decide to arrange the five books in every possible combination and moved just one book every minute. (excluding any other government charges)? 20. how long would it take you? 19. Then their H.M and 2 be the G.Let 1 be the A.?? a. The green house is on the left side of the white house.B.10. They all smoke different cigarettes.M is? 23. Each house has its own unique color. the sum of fraction and its reciprocal is.6 % of x = an integer then minimum possible positive integer value of x will be? 21. They all drink different drinks. Round D. In the green house they drink coffee. the numerator is 20% less than the denominator. The man who smokes Pall Mall has birds. The dane drinks tea.1 % of 9. Rustic E. The swede has a dog. If brokerage at the time of buy and sell is 50 paisa per 100 rupee. Rational C.Between two book ends in your study are displayed your five favourite puzzle books. Rural 18.M of two numbers a and b.2 1/20 d.

he would have reached 6 minute late. They drink water in the house that lays next to the house where they smoke Blend.a motor cyclist after travelling a certain distance slowed down to 3/4th of his initial speed and arrived at his destination 6 minutes late. The man who smokes Blend . The man who smokes Blue Master drinks Beer. In the house next to the house where they have horse.had he slowed down to 2/3 rd of his initial speed 6 km further on. lives in the house next to the house with cats. The norwegian lives next to the blue house. they smoke Dunhill. The norwagein lives in the first house.what is his initiala speed? . The german smokes Prince. WHO OWNS THE ZEBRA ? 24.In then middle house they drink milk.how to cut cake 8 piece from 3 cuts? 25.

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