Placement Procedure at Sopra Group
T he whole procedure consist s of 3-4 rounds and it is conduct ed online at Sopra premises Round 1: T ime = 90 mins no. of Questions = around 30 T he f irst round consist s of T echnical writ t en t est . T his t est checks your knowledge at Dat a St ruct ures and C. Most of t he Quest ions consist s of Linked List and Binary t ree problems Round 2: T ime = 60 mins NO. of Questions =11 T he second round is Apt it ude t est . T he Quest ions cont ain a algorit hm which we have t o t race f or solut ions/ t o f ind errors. T he examples of such Quest ions are present here on t he blog. You can pract ice t hem Round 3: It can be a T echnical/HR Interview round. It is also possible t hat Int erviews can be seperat ed. T ech int erview: Be prepared f or algos in Dat a St ruct ures, your # rd/4t h yr project , Dat a bases HR Int erview : T hey ask you Quest ions f rom your Resume. So prepare your Resume. T hey also ask puzzle Quest ions which can be prepared f rom Shakunt ala Devi.

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