Rahul Sharma .Q5.6% Key people – Rajesh Agarwal .Q7 and others Market share. Sumeet Arora .Introduction • • • • • • • Company – Micromax Founded .Q2. vikash jain. .2008 Headquater – Gurgoan Haryana (India) Product – mobile Brands – Q1.

CDMA) . • affordable price • Dual sim • Handsets Switching Networks (GSM .Strength • it has 1800 mAh battery size having 30 days standby time.

. • Total turn over less than nokia • It has not as much good brand value the customer mind as it’s competitors have.Weakness • It has only 6% market share in the market.

• market leader Nokia does not have a single dual-SIM handset in its vast repertoire of phone models for India.OPPORTUNITY • This “dual-SIM” feature is today present in 20 to 30 percent of all mobile handsets sold in India. • Micromax is now India’s third-largest GSM mobile phone vendor with a market share of 6% after Nokia (62%) and Samsung (8%). .

. samsung .THREAT • Many MNC Company are coming to the market with great number of brands with dual sim and Thare are all ready big companies in the market like as Nokia . LG.

MARKETING STRATEGY • • • • A 360 Degree advertising . Nokia usually gives a channel margin of 2 percent of which 1 percent is usually given away as discounts. Long battery targeting to rural areas. It is giving 5% commission to his distributers. The remaining 1 percent cannot sustain any business. • periodic schemes or issues around “price protection”. .

enliven customer aspirations and continue to make Micromax a trusted market leader amongst people. The Micromax ideology stems from its rooted belief in ‘Innovation’ and delivering “nothing short of the best.” .Vision • The company’s vision is to develop pathbreaking technologies and efficient processes that incubate newer markets.

Thank you Presented by Md. Aneesh kuldeep katiyar niteah suman sandeep singh .

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