Homework in English 1. Which are your favourite months of the year? Why? When’s you birthday?

Is this a good month to have a birthday? 2. What is the opposite of:  Ugly  Slim  Pale  Long 3. How would you like people to remember you?( five sentences) 4. How do you relax?(five sentences) 5. Describe a typical day in your life! 6. Write five sentences using these words: dangerous, expensive, horrible, good for you. 7. Explain differences between:  A lake/a sea  A forest/ a tree  A village/a city  a restaurant/an hotel 8. Answer at least six questions below about yourself.Use ago in your answers!  When did you first start learning English?  When did you first learn to write?  When did you last watch or listen to the news ?  When did you last make a phone call?  When did you last watch a film?  When did you last write a letter to a friend? 9. Find and underline the verbs. Then tell in which tenses are the verbs? Carla, a student, is very bad with money. Every month she spends all her money on clothes and going out, and then doesn’t have enough for books, etc. Her parents are annoyed with her , and say that she has to learn to be more careful , so they won’t give her any extra money . But Carla’s grandmother secretly gives her the extra money every time Carla sees her. Carla’s parents know what is happening. 10. Write an essay about this topic: Parents are the most important people in our life. 11. Match the sentences in A and in B. A B They must be in love. She might still be at the office She could not have taken the car. I saw him ten minutes ago He can’t be in New York. Her keys are here. She often works late on a Monday. They are always together. They cannot have paid the bill. Their phone’s been cut off.

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