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Reference List of Books for Prelims and Mains

General Studies
A) Indian History NCERT Books- 11th and 12th standard. (Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India (Old and New)

Modern India:India’s Struggle for Independence - Bipan Chandra Modern India-Grover & Grover Modern India- S.N. Sen. Modern India - Spectrum Publication ü TMH Guide-for Ancient India Medieval India Modern India B) Geography ü NCERT – 6th to 12th Standard. ü Gohcheng Leong-Certificate Physical Geography. ü India Year Book- For relevant Statistical data. ü One Atlas (Standard) for Studying of the maps (Orient Longman) ü Pratiyogita Darpan ü Wizard Special issue ü Relevant Manorama Year Book Matter ü Hindu-Special issue on- Industry, Agriculture C) Indian Polity

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NCERT-10th and 11th Standard Our Parliament-Subhash Kashyap Our Constitution –Subhash Kashyap Introduction to the



Constitution of India ü Indian Constitution -Bakshi ü Special issue- Wizard ü Special issue-Pratiyogita Darpan. D) Indian Economy

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Evolution of Indian Economy-NCERT Book Indian Economy – Dutta and Sundaram Special issue-Pratiyogita Darpan. (Yearly) Economic Survey

ü ü Chronicle – ‘Economy Watch’ section Wizard. Geography of India: NCERT (old and new version both) Comprehensive Geography of India by Khullar (New Edition) Human Geography: NCERT (old and New) MAJID HUSSAIN – HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Made Simple series Rupa publication (Social and economic geography only for Settlements topic) . One Marathi Daily Newspaper. AARWAL G) Current Affairs – Sections Chronicle.R. Geography – Optional NCERT’S are useful for everything except Thought Portion and must be read thoroughly before going for any specialized book.S.S. Physical Geography: NCERT. Special issues – Civil Service Times (CST) Wizard. I) Analysis of Last Five years UPSC. G. Daily Hindu. ü Yojana-Monthly E) General Science NCERT =-5th to 10th TMH Guide ‘Science Reporter’. Lokrajya. Kumkshetra. Yojana. Questions is essential to use reading (Books) material very effectively. ü ‘ET Classroom’ From Economic Times.Monthly F) Mental Ability Mental Ability Book.Prelims.Economy update § Economy Watch ü Special articles from Economic Times. Certificate physical geography by Goh-Cheng-Leong Physical Geography by Savindra Singh Physical geography (made simple) by Rupa publication (Biogeography Section) Interaction Notes.

Here the additional information will be available to supplement.C.1. Siddhartha. Cartography: After reading all the basic books you can see for extensive converge vol. population data. Oxford-India ttk Map Optional History.Siddhartha Vol. Made simple (Social and economic) of Rupa publication. Practical Geography by R. III –Satish Chandra . II. Siddhartha. Cartography portion of Strahler and Strahler Physical Geography. Geographical Thought: Evolution of geographical Thought by Majid Hussain (must) K.g.Singh. Regional Geography of the world: land and peoples NCERT’s 6th . Siddhartha. of K. 1 for objective type of information e.For recent economic data. Vol.Zha.K. Study of the maps Orient Longman and TTK.Siddhartha Vol. Medieval.Majid Hussain Evolution of Geographical thought –Adhikari NCERT’s of 11th and 12th std. Modern (Old 7 New) Romila Thapar R. Economic Geography: NCERT ( Old and new ) Human and economic geography by Leong and morgan (Whole book) (Factual data. World Regional geography by Manku.updated through internet) Vol. Siddhartha.L. II. NCERT’s. Geography through Maps by K.N. But don’t strictly rely on this guide use it as a ready reckoner.1 (for additional information) Geography Thought. 1 of K. 7th and 8th std. Mehta Vol I. III –J.1. K. K.L.Nilakanth Sastri Vol I. Mujumdar D. Map-OrientLongman.Indian History ü NCERT – 11th & 12th ü History of Early India ü Ancient India ü Ancient India ü History South India ü Medieval India ü Medieval India Ancient.

Agnihotri Guide K. Fadia and Fadia Fadia and Fadia Laxmikant Guide ü Public Administration.A.Nicholas Henry. Bipan Chandra.Readerü Financial Administration ü Administrative Theory - ü Public Administration (Mains)ü Indian Administration (Mains)ü Public Administration (Pre. Moden Public Administration – Optional ü Public Administration ü Indian Administration ü Administrative Thikers – – Maheshwari and Awasthi Mahershwari Prasad & Prasad.) – ü Public Administration: Concept and theory. x—x--. Medieval.K. Ancient. Basham S. Mohit Bhattacharya. Maheswari. Reddy Guide Vol II. ü Public Administration & Public Affair. Thavaraja S.Best of Luck--. V.Rumki Basu. Rizvi Bipan Chandra - Grover and Grover Sumit Sarkar.L.ü Wonder that was India ü Wonder that was India ü India’s struggle for Independence ü Modern India ü Modern India ü India after Independence ü Indian History ü Indian History ü Gazetteer of India ü IGNOU - A.R.x---x .

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