Dargaah Sharif of Hazrath Makhdoom Ali Mahimi(R.A), situated in Mahim, Mumbai.

Mumbai / Thane / Uran

1. Makhdoom Ali Mahimi 2. Peer Haji Ali Shah Baba 3. Bauddin Shah Baba (Metro) 4. Abdul Rehman Shah Baba (Dongri) 5. Ismail Shah Baba (Jamli Mohalla) 6. Haji Malang (Thane) 7. Qamli Shah baba 8. Hazrat Baqtawar Shah 9. Hazrat Sultan Shah 10. Chandshah Wali Dargah (Powai) 11. Mama Haji Ali Dargah, Worli. 12. Mahmood Shah Baba. (Ghansoli, New Bombay) 14. Hazrat Fakhruddin Baba (Mumbra) 15. Hazrat Ismail Shah Baba (r.a.) (Kutbe Parel) 16. Kader Vali Shah Baba (Manori Beach, Malad West) 18. Baale Shah Peer Baba. (Bhayandar (w), Thana) 19. Ebrahim Shah Baba, Next to Baale Shah Peer Baba. 20. Karim Shah Baba, Null Bazar. 21. Hazrat Shaikh Hasan Shah Gazali, R.C. Church, Navy Nagar, Mumbai 22. Hazrath Baghdadi Shah Baba in Madh Island It is on island which can be accessed only by boat (ferry) from MADH ISLAND ,MALAD. click here for pics 23. Hazrat Gulab Shah Baba, Byculla, Mumbai, This mazar opens only once in a ayear on 26th January as this mazar is under a big Factory (Richardson and Cruddas). Click here for pics of Mazar and factory 24. Sayyad Tajammil Hussain urf P hanke shah baba, Ghatkopar Mumbai. 25. Hazrat Sayed Shakrula Shah Baba (rehmatullah alaih) Versova. 26. Syed Jalal Shah and Syed Murad Shah , Sewri Crosslane, Behind Indian Oil, Sewri (e), Mumbai 27. Hazrath Ashraf Ghazi - Khopoli almost 80 km from Mumbai. 28. Hazrath Kari Vali Shah Baba, in Bhiwandi. 29. Aastana-E-Aalia of Sarkar Sayed Akhtar Shafiq Sultani Subhani (Rehmatullah alaih)

1. Makhdoom Ali Mahimi (1372-1431) was a Sufi saint from India, widely acknowledged for his scholarly treatise, liberal views and humanist ideals. Mahimi was born into a family of Arab travellers who had settled down on the island of Mahim, one of the seven islands that later formed the city of Bombay (now Mumbai).

Makhdoom Ali Mahimi

Not much is known of his early childhood. He later became the disciple of Mohiuddin Abne Arabi, a Spanish based saint revered by Muslims. Mahimi's reputation grew after the sultan of Gujarat, Ahmed Shah of the Muzaffarid dynasty, chose him to be the town's Qazi (the head Muslim cleric of a town). Mahimi was the first Indian scholar to have written an exegesis on the Qur'an, which gained critical acclimation from numerous Islamic scholars including Shah Waliullah. Authoring a total of nineteen books, he was given the moniker Qutbe Kokan (Kokans polestar). Mahimi is revered by both the Muslims and Hindus. Muslim sects such as the sunnis, shias and the barelvis hold him in high esteem. After his death in 1431, he was buried in Mahim itself. The site later became a dargah (shrine) for the faithful.

Urs festival During the annual ten day Urs festival celebrated on the 13th day of Shaval, the Muslim calendar, millions of devotees visit his dargah. The highlight of this is a procession of around eight thousand begins at the Mahim Police Station, believed to be the site of his residence. Two policemen from each of the eighty four city police stations represent the police whose association with the saint dates back to the saint's era. A representative of the Mumbai police who is the first to offer the "chaddar" (shawl) at the tomb on the first day of the festival. Legend has it that it was a police constable who gave water to the dying saint from his cap. Another story points to some miraculous assistance policemen once received from an old man, whom they believed was the saint, in fighting smugglers. Beautiful picture of URS of Makhdoom Shah Baba, Mahimi

A room adjacent to the office of the senior inspector of police station contains a steel cupboard that houses the saint's preserved belongings such as his chair, a pair of sandals and his hand-written Qur'an which is considered to be a calligraphic work of art. The room is opened once every year to the public. In 1920 the cupboard was purchased by a senior British police inspector, Raymond Esquire as a tribute to the saint he revered. On 2005-05-21, the government of Maharashtra named the JJ Flyover after the saint as a tribute to the saint. The 2.1 kilometre flyover is the longest viaduct in the country. Mazaar of Hazrat Sayed Ahmed Ali Shah Qadri & Hazrat Sayed Hussain Shah Qadri Near Sandhurst Road Station, Mumbai.

Mumbai .======================================================= Syed Abdullah Shah Kadri alias Pedru Shah Baba. Once he was carrying a lot of luggage on his Head of a Parsi Suddenly the Parsi saw that the weight was not touching .India Hazrat Pedru Shah baba was a Mazhoob Coolie who worked at VT. VT.

India _____________________________________________________________ Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin Pir. ________________________________________________________ Dargah Hazrat Sayed Bismilah Shah Baba Rehmatullah Alaih. And he gave his whole property near VT Station to Pedru Shah Baba. Mumbai . Now the Dargah and Masjid Stands on that property. Mahim. Mumbai .. Seeing this the PARSI fell on his feet. VT. Liberty Cinema lane.India _____________________________________________________________ Hazrat Peer Baba Syed Sharfuddin Shah Baba Dargah..India . Mumbai .his head Mubarak but was actually flying 4 inch above His Head.

India ______________________________________________________________ Jangli Peer Dargah. Mumbai . Liberty Cinema lane. Mumbai ._____________________________________________________________ Syed Qadar Shah Vali Dargah.India . Worli.

Mumbai . Mumbai .India ______________________________________________________________ Dargah Hazrat Sayyad Hussain urf Mastan Shah Qadri Nagpada.India .______________________________________________________________ Dargah Hazrat Peer Sayyad Badruddin Mohsin Habibullah Imam Bada.

Hazrat Ibrahim Shah Qadri.India . Mumbai .______________________________________________________________ Mazar Sharief of Hazrat Hussain Shah Qadri. ______________________________________________________________ Sidhi Baba Dargah . Prabhadevi.Hazrat Sayed Kamalluddin Shah Magribi.

MUMBAI . Sewri Crosslane. SEWRI(E).______________________________________________________________ SYED JALLAL SHAH AND SYED MURAD SHAH .Behind Indian Oil.

Mahim.______________________________________________________________ Peer Jamal-ud-Din Shah Qadri Nariyalwadi. 2.Wadala 3. Hazrat Pir Sayed Hussain Ali Shah Qadri rehmatullah alaih This is the imposing Dargah a Sufi Shrine on the main road of Dongri. Sent by :Mubassir Azaz ______________________________________________________________ Hazrat Dawood Shah Baba(R. Mumbai. . Mumbai Some more prominent Dargahs of Mumbai 1. Kabrastan.A). Meeran Datar Shaikh Missari . the occassion was Gusool Sharif on 18th january 2010. Dawood Baba .Mahim. Mumbai.



A). Mahim. .A).A) and Hazrat Sayyed Gilani shah Baba(R.A) are both near Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Baba(R. Mahim Hazrat Sayyed Yusuf Shah Aalam (R. Whoever Visits Mahim should also visit these Mazaars.______________________________________________________________ Hazrat Sayyed Gilani shah Baba (R.


some believe that Haji Ali drowned at the place where the dargah stands today. The only area out of bounds for non-Muslims is the sanctum sanctorum of the Masjid itself . As many as 40.------------------------------------------------------------------------ Haji Ali Dargah in Night 2. Peer Haji Ali Shah Baba - History The dargah was built in 1431 by a wealthy Muslim merchant and saint named Haji Ali who renounced all his wordly possessions before making a pilgrimage to Makkah. Non-Muslims are also permitted to walk on the causeway and into the Masjid compound. However. Legend has it that Haji Ali died on his way to Makkah and his body. floated back to Mumbai.000 pilgrims visit the shrine on Thursdays and Fridays. in its casket.

Haji Ali Dargah -----------------------------------------------------------------------Mama Haji Ali Dargah. May He Rest in Peace. . India. Mumbai. . AMIR-BAHR HAJI ISLMAIL HASHUM BAHADUR.Main Gate .Worli. Very Near to Haji Ali Dargah is the Dargah of HAJI ISLMAIL HASHUM BAHADUR Popularly known as MAMA Haji Ali. A Great Captain and Navigator Of Indian Seas who died on 20th September 1912. And was buried in this Tomb Erected by Himself.


------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

is a 300 year old dargah at Kalyan. where Baba Abdur Rehman Malang has been buried. in Mumbai. Haji Malang (Thane) Haji Malang.3. in true syncretic tradition. Malang was a Sufi saint who came to India in the 12th century AD from the middle east. had both been officiating at religious rituals. . Haji Malang. was one of the few dargahs where a Hindu vahivatdar (traditional priest from the Hindu Karandekar family) and a Muslim mutavalli (claiming to be distant kin of the saint).

HAZRAT HAJI MALANG BABA said if you want to meet me and give me salami u have to first give SALAMI to these 2 dargah's.Hazrat QAMLI SHAH BABA this hazrat's dargah is near dargah of Hazrat HAJI MALANG in KALYAN thane district Hazrat BAQTAWAR SHAH is the first salami and Hazrat SULTAN SHAH is the second Salami these hazrat's dargah is also in Kalyan when we go to HAJI MALANG the first dargah where we have to give salami is of Hazrat BAQTAWAR SHAH AND the second dargah where we have to give second salami is of HAZRAT SULTAN SHAH these hazrat's were one of the companion of Hazrat HAJI MALANG BABA and came from GULF to take HAJI MALANG BABA back to GULF but HAJI MALANG BABA refused and said from now this is the place where i will spend rest of my life so Hazrat BAQTAWAR SHAH AND HAZRAT SULTAN SHAH also stayed there till end of their life. .

. Earlier the Hindus.Situated at the border of Thane-Raigad districts is known more for the Dargah of Malang Baba. however. The Haji Malang Dargah in Kalyan is looked after by a Brahmin family of Ketkar. which one may not expect. The present keeper is Kashinath Gopal Ketkar. Christians and Parsis used to celebrate the urs (death anniversary) of Baba Malang together. Now on every urs day the state has to deploy a huge police force to avoid communal clashes. halfway up the mountain. a Hindu ascetic. The Shiv Sena in Thane region. claims that it is not dargah but a samadhi of Shri Machhindarnath. Muslims. But above the Dargah there is a much more hidden thrill for the trekkers. For ages this Brahmin family has been in charge of this Dargah.

buses are available from Kalyan S. 20 mins from Dargah up to the mountain will take you to the Balekilla (citadel). The pinnacle of the Shri Malang Gad is supposed to be the real challenge for the professional trekkers.T. The story of Haji Malang Babas Horse is as follows: When HAJI MALANG BABA came on their horse they where at the bottom of the mountain the actual height of this mountain was 3 times higher than the orignal one which is now. station to the base. but for amateur trekkers reaching the pinnacle by a very very narrow path should also be a thrilling experience. Kalyan is well connected to Mumbai by rail as well as road. About one and half hours climbing by steps will take you to the Dargah.T. When HAJI MALANG BABA saw peak of the mountain the horse jump till the peak of the mountain and the mountain height was decreased by 3 times and there are footprints of their horse from where WATER STARTED COMING OUT FROM THAT TIME AND TILL TODAY THE WATER COMES OUT AND TO CLEAN WATER FOR DRINKING NO ONE KNOWS FROM WHERE THE WATER IS COMING.m. Frequent S. This place is known as GHODAY KI TAAP. .Shri Malang Gad is situated at a distance of 13 K. from Kalyan.

.Also there is mazhar of PANCH PEER on the opposite mountain many people have tried to go there but only few of them have made it so the KHADIMS of that mazhar have brought EIT that is (BRICKS) of that mazhars and keept there the place at a few distance from HAJI MALANG BABA. If any one goes to HAJI MALANG should visit all these places.

Chandshah Wali Dargah. Mahuli to the north and Mumbai (with part of sea)to the west. -------------------------------------------------------------------------11. NITIE. . In thane there are many darghas Hazrat Hazrat Hazrat Hazrat Moori shah at makhmali talao thane. Kalyan city.Hazrat Kamli Shah Baba Precaution The way to the Dargah has many exhaustive steps (water is available throughout from the small hotel’s). Sight Seeing One can visit the Haji Malang dargah on the way to the fort. Powai. Mableshah at second rabodi thane Ahmed shah at 1st rabodi thane. From the Balekilla (citadel) we can see Chanderi. Matheran range to the south. Mumbai. Saleha shah at second rabodi thane.



Opp Bombay Hospital is on 21st Nov 2008. Click here for Urs Pics of Bauddin Shah Baba .Bauddin Shah Baba (Metro) Urs Sharif Hazrat Bahauddin Shah Baba (r.a) at Marine Lines. after Zohar ie around 3-4 pm. Gusul on thursday 20th Nov 2008 after Maghrib.--------------------------------------------------------------------------12.


a. Urs pics of Noorie Shah Baba> URS Shareef of Hazrat Noori Shah Baba (alaih rehman) 12th Nov : Gusul & Milad Sharif 13th Nov : Sandal Sharif (Mehfil-e-Faiz-Noori) & Mehfil-e-Sama 14th Nov : Sandal Sharif (Ahle Mohalla Parel) 15th Nov : Quran Khwani & Niyaz Daawat-e-Aam (Langar) URS Shareef of Hazrat Abdul Rehan Shah Bagdadi Baba (alaih rehman) 16th Nov : Gusul Sharif & Mehfil -e-sama 17th Nov : Sandal Sharif & Daawat-e-aam (langar) URS Shareef of Kutub-E-Parel Hazrat Ismail Shah Baba Shadhilli (alaih rehman) 15th Nov : Gusul Sharif 18th Nov : Sandal Sharif (Ahle Kolsa Mohalla Pydhonie) & Niyaz Daawat-e-aam .--------------------------------------------------------------------------15. Hazrat Ismail Shah Baba (r.) is the Kutb-E-Parel.

& Jalsa-E-Naat-E-Paak 19th Nov : Sandal Sharif (Ahle Mohalla Parel) & Niyaz Daawat-e-aam 20th Nov : Kul Sharif Hazrat Ismail Shah Baba Baghdadi Shah Baba. .

A. Kadar Vali Shah Baba Of Manori Beach Malad West .A). Hazrat Noori Shah Baba (R.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------16.Hazrath Hussain Shah Baba (R.

Urs mubarak of HAZRATH KADAR SHAH VALI. . MANORI BEACH is commencing from 1st december 2008 --------------------------------------------------------------------------18. Baale Shah Peer Baba.

ALSO VISIT hazrath KADER SHAH VALI (R.A). Hazrat Karim Shah Baba. .A) DARGAAH. and is very close to ESSELWORLD & WATER KINGDOM. Next to Baale Shah Peer Baba.A) DARGAAH: after visiting hazrath BAALE SHAH PEER (R.A) dargaahs.6kms away from station.AND hazrath EBRAHIM SHAH BABA (R.A). This place is also known as MANORI.A) dargaahs are situated in bhayander(w). It is advisable to take a private vehicle to dargaah because the mira-bhayander transport service is only on the main road and from this bus stop the dargaahs are 2 km away.BAALE SHAH PEER (R. come back to the main road and travel 12kms towards western side and 100mtrs away from the road is hazrath KADER SHAH VALI (R. 19. AND Hazrath EBRAHIM SHAH BABA (R. dargahs in Bhayender --------------------------------------------------------------------------20. Ebrahim Shah Baba.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------24. . this dargah is in GHATKOPAR near Shreyas Theather. Hazrat SAYYAD TAJAMMUL HUSSAIN urf Phanke Shah Baba. Hazrat Sabir Pak (Kaliyari) is the peer of this hazrat.

Please take note PEER KAMLISHAH BAWA had made his FAKIR . URS ON 1st OF JAMADI AWWAL. HAZARAT KHAWAJA SYED TAJAMMUL HUSSAIN URF PANKHE SHAH BABA GHATKOPAR MUMBAI as he being one of his favourite mureed --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .Please take note as under : HAZARAT SYED MOHAMMED EHSAN ALI SHAH URF PEER KAMLISHAH BAWA Mazhar Shareef At Chunabhatti Sion Mumbai 400022.

Versova. Mumbai. . Hazrat Sayed Shakrula Shah Baba (rehmatullah alaih). Hazrat Sayed Shakrula Shah Baba (rehmatullah alaih). Versova.25. Mumbai.

Main Gate of Mazaar shariff Main entry of the Roza Mubarak .

Building gumbad with minar Full building with minar and gumbad .

Trustee Information as displayed in mazar premises Beautiful masjid in mazar premises .

Main gate in Night ============================================ .


Sewri Crosslane. Behind Indian Oil.--------------------------------------------------------------------------26. Sewri(e). Mumbai . Syed Jalal Shah and Syed Murad Shah .

.behind indian oil.. .. Dargah sent by : Abdul Shakur Umar Sahigara --------------------------------------------------------------------------27.This is the mazar of two brothers namely Syed Jallal Shah and Syed Murad Shah in sewri. Hazrath Ashraf Ghazi and other Mazaar. These Mazaar are on the mumbai-Pune Old road in Khopoli almost 80 km from mumbai.

in Bhiwandi.--------------------------------------------------------------------------28. . Hazrath Kari Vali Shah Baba.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------29. Aastana-E-Aalia of Sarkar Sayed Akhtar Shafiq Sultani Subhani (Rehmatullah alaih) located in Kalyan .


Uttan.A). .--------------------------------------------------------------------------Hazrat Sultan Shah Baba R. Bhayendar (W) was visited on 24th jan 2010. Khopra gaon.

.Incidently it was the URS day (here the URS is only for a day). Hazrat Noorie Shah baba is known as Ajmeri Dulha and every year Khadim of Ajmer visit the mazaar sharif on Urs.

Gaadi Nashin of Hazrat Noorie Shah Baba with Khadim of Ajmer Sharif .

Mehfil -e-Sama on last nite of Urs. .

E.Noori . Welcoming zayeirin of Urs .Main Gate at Parel.


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