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A Season of Emptiness

By Elton Camp Seasonal colors of red, blue and green From elaborate decorations are seen Stores and houses ablaze with lights Intended to bring joys and delights That Jesus birth wasnt then, many are aware For this inconvenient truth they may not care After all, it is more about a visit from Santa laus !ho comes bringing a bag filled with gifts and toys The child busily creating a selfish "resent list #earning to care for others may have missed Scattered families who at that time are meeting $elating their family stories and over eating %eavy drin&ing may ta&e "lace at "arties too Sometimes with an outcome much to rue elebrating families may fall dee"ly into debt A use of scarce resources they come to regret The holiday with its commercialism ' hy"e (rings a ha""iness of a very su"erficial ty"e

A time lacking real substance