Black bare limb fingers stretch across cloud streaks in the sky; ever make you wonder why

? Prancing horses pulling a sleigh down memory's lanes; dropping off milk under neighbor's weather vanes. Cold horse breath fogs the view of white-steepled valleys; long cold months before the next Summer's dew. Red and gold crystal bulbs dot the evergreen like scattered jewels; the sands yield up treasures of emerald pools. Conciliatory gestures cause one's shields to drop; cautionary tales fail to stop. A daring strike in the dead of night; the end of the fight is nowhere in sight. Peace comes early again to the valley where once it was common; renewing rains the pending harvest's ally. The springing of nature's rebirth each year brings opportunity; take it and wear it boldy, with impunity. Summer's field of green sprinkled with dandelion gold; respect the collected wisdom of the very old. Falling into colorful bowls of cereal the eastern trees yield to life's rhythms; the commonplace enthusiastically becomes ethereal. Consider all this, young one, as you journey on your way; gather all you can into each precious moment of every new day.

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