Africa's On My Mind


Africa, Africa's on my mind up and down my spine anddeeply in my eyes in my veins it flows from my brain to the soles of my feet it shows in my step and rhythm and-

in my beat

Africa, Africa's on my mind iinhale Africa through nose and mouth with every outgoing breath i give life to the Nile and travel to Lake Victoia with every blink of the eye i resurrect Pretoria like Osiris

until it rises like a Phoenix

Africa's on my mind in my kinky hair it resides in hip-hop melodies and notes it glows in pianoes playd by Alicia Keys orsung in acapello

in my slang it shows it shows in my braids and how i dance in Carnivals in Haiti, New Orleans, Cuba, Brazil, and Purto Rico in my culture Africa glows though i'm 9,000 miles away from hope

i have hung on to that rope every tear i shed remindin' me of

Ifa Oracles and Yoruba Tales of Obatala Candomble across the waters Cumfa miracles Vodun reflected in the universal mirror enacted by Osiris and Ancestor Spirits

winds blow to and from Africa carrying inspiration to Africn descendents in America reachin' back to ya' through musicals, arts and poetry scholastic griots and floetry the world knows me it knows me by name and calls me Tehuti the Great One, Tut-Ankh-Amen Isis and Amen-Ra Cheops The Radiant One

from the east i've come as a widowed womans son claimin' my African heritage where ever it is

in Cuba, or Puerto Rico, Brazil or St. Domingo Capoeira, Voodoo Cleopatra's Needle or the Obelisk in Washington's Monument

who are you? i am African regardless of what country i was born in look at the color of my skin



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