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1. How long was Rafael Trujillo in power? (from what year to what year)

2. What background (race) makes up the Dominican people?

3. In 1906 what did the Dominicans sign with the U.S.?

4. In 1920 what did the U.S. do to the Dominican Republic?

5. When Trujillo ran against Horacio Vasquez for president in 1930 who won?

6. Once in power, what was the name of Trujillo’s secret police force?

7. In 1937, what was one of Trujillo’s first brutal attacks?

8. Who did Trujillo model his dictatorship after?

9. During his reign Trujillo became extremely wealthy. How did he do it?

10. What was Trujillo’s nickname?

11. What was the “catorce de junio” movement?

12. When did the conspirators hope to assassinate Trujillo?

13. Among those arrested were 3 sisters. What were their names?

14. What happened on November 25, 1960?