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Project title- Rehailitating Program for old patients

Region Oromia

Zone Eats Wollega, Ethiopia, Africa

Legal Project Holder Francisan Clarist Congregation


Implementing Body Francisan clarist Congregation

P.o. Box 410, Nekemte
Eastern Wollega,
Bneficiaries 100 People Ii t-r V A &J (

Proj eet in charge Francisan Clarist Congregation

Sr.Celine Mathew or Sr. Cisily Augustine

Budget Break Down For 2009

No Description Unit Amount Total in Birr Total in

Price Needed Euro
For one
food 25.00 For 100 30000.00- 2143.00 \
1 oid
Medicine, 100 For 100 10000.00 714.00
2. Shoes, Oid
Dress, people
3 40000.00 2857.00

Project Management

The Project will be managed by Franciscan Clarist sisters in collaberation with the
Nekemte Catholic Church.
Monitoring and Supervision
The project win be monitored and evaluated by the management of Franciscan Clanist:::==::::-••..
sisters. ;; c/' C o dr ~
Reporting / .....
('~ ?
Every six months we will sent the report. Report will be submitted to the donor =: ,~', .~ 4
organization according to its own rule and regulation. 't- J:;=>
r V
-e- - ~
, /~

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