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People’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 46

Open Ministry

What is Open Ministry?
Open Ministry is an open web platform launched by non-profit entrepreneurs to facilitate the Finland Citizen’s Initiative Act, which gives citizens the right to propose legislation to the Finnish Parliament.

How does it work?
Citizens can propose and vote on new legislature online through Open Ministry. The proposed legislation must gather support from 50,000 citizens of voting age within six months to be considered by parliament.

Collaborative social innovation
The initiative involves collaboration both between the government and the people, as well as among people, with volunteers running the platform and converting proposals into legal form.

CSR opportunity for brands
Several banks and telecom providers have supported the initiative by providing free access to their verification APIs, thus enabling Open Ministry to verify the identity of voters.

Revival of trust in government?
Thinkers believe that the transparency that is inherent in Open Ministry platform can lead to greater accountability for government officials and increase of trust in officials.

Can crowdsourcing lead to social change?
In October 2012, the first citizen-proposed law, a ban on fur farming, entered Parliament with the support 55,000 citizens. Thinkers are watching developments to gauge the success of the initiative.

Do we need a new paradigm for lawmaking?
While some question if crowdsourcing can be effective in creating serious legislature, some question whether the current definition of legislature is still relevant in today’s world.

Can Open Ministry work elsewhere?
Thinkers highlight the progress of the initiative to Finland’s open culture and history of collaboration between citizens and government. Elsewhere, this initiative may fall victim to pranksters. et_citizens_propose_laws.html

Other open governance initiatives
People now call for an open democracy and thinkers believe in a ‘writeable’ society. This change is evident in the number of open governance initiatives in Europe, Brazil and even the U.S.

Clockwise: U.S.’s Petition White House, Latvia's Mana Balss, Iceland’s Constitutional Council, France’s

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