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Chair Prediction

Chair Prediction

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Chair Prediction
Chair Prediction

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Published by: jonathanmolina on Dec 24, 2012
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The Chair Prediction The Kicks All Other Chair Predictions In The Seat

By Lance Norris
Four chairs sit alone on the stage. On each is affixed a number -- 1,2,3,4 -- from left to right. Just like we read English. It is no coincidence. We are all speaking English. Next to the chairs sits a large drawing pad with a bold prediction written on the top sheet. The performer asks a spectator to come up and assist. You show the prediction to the crowd that your little helper can not see. It reads, “She Will Sit In Chair Number Three”. She walk to the center of the stage and sit in, wait for it….

Chair Number Three! A gasp come from the crowd, as villagers gather to burn you as a witch. So how is it done? The same way Dunninger used to do it. You cheat. The drawing pad is made up into an index. Not one of those complicated, Pat Page style index things, but let’s give him credit anyway. Under the blank top sheets are four pages each stating a chair number 1 through 4. You place a tab one each numbered page which allows you to locate the correct prediction by touch. Put the tab for 1 on the far left of the page, two a little into the right, but not in the center, three further past center to the fight and four to the far right. You‘re going to want to make the tabs the same color as the pad so they don‘t stick out. Now all you have to do is divine which chair the lady will sit in. There are two ways to do this: One)

just because she got her name right.Become a real psychic. you now have a chair number in mind. expensive and quite frankly. Under the cover of the applause you ask her. “Young lady. Don’t share with your neighbor. “Which number chair did you pick?” When she tells you. most people pick that one”. don’t even look at the chair anymore. You ask everyone in the audience to think of one of the numbered chairs. Please go sit”. cheat. “Yeah. As she starts walking to the chairs you pick up your . impossible. Then you walk into the house and grab a hot chick near the back. Walk her back up to the stage. but do not to say anything out loud. (in this case Chair Three) you say. In fact. or you could try an easier method. You ask for her for name then ask for a round of applause for the babe. Really focus on it. As soon as you get there you say. but that could be very time consuming.

my friend. The crowd will applaud your mad skills and she will just think they are clapping for her beauty. Move you move onto the next phase of the routine quick like a bunny. It’s older than the Pope’s nose. . Trust me. And you though Kenton Kreeper. Luke Jermay and them were the guys that thought of that duel reality junk.drawing pad reveal your "prediction" by locating the right tab for the Chair Three prediction and hold it up for the audience. so she doesn‘t get a chance to see what you’re a holding. the vain little beast. Make sure you have the prediction pad placed well down stage and to the side. so she doesn’t bother to look at your prediction. It worked for Dunninger for years.

WHAT THE HECK DECK Phase two is an Invisible Deck trick for those of you who can’t afford an invisible deck. you ask her if she has a really good imagination. Encourage her to really get into the actions. You get her to eliminate cards. a lot like a hypnotist milking the humor out of a ‘hypnotized’ woman doing a pantomime. until she is down to just one invisible card. because she is going to have to really. really see the invisible cards if this trick is going to work. and then again. with no equivocation or magician’s choice. and then again. Now that your chippy is comfortable in Chair Number Three. which only she . Hand her an invisible deck of cards and tell her deal the deck into two separate piles.

You then hand her the drawing pad and a marker and ask her write the name of her card down as you turn away and walk down stage. When she’s done. They you tell her to pick up one of the invisible piles. you concentrate and then announce the name of the card. Tell her to really visualize as she deals. So now you know what color the chosen card will . which pile is red and which is black. Because you know which one she visualized at red and which one is her black. The Method: Tell her she’s really got to use her imagination and then ask her to deal the deck into two piles. ’Red and Black’. you will be able to see which color she picked up.knows. she will deal her imaginary red cards down first. red and black. When she starts to deal. which she confirms by turning the pad towards the audience. Every time you say ’Red and Black’ you say it in that order. When she starts to deal the cards into red and black you will see from her actions.

hearts or diamonds. . This may very well throw her for a loop because she’ll have no idea how you knew that she picked up either the red or black pile. Again. use the same order every time.be. Now tell her to toss the King. only use the order odd and even. Again. Same as before. clubs and spades. Queen and Jack out of her pile and deal the cards into odd and even piles. and she’ll follow along. respectively. and if she is really visualizing she will either deal hearts or clubs into the first pile. you will know which pile she picks up. Tell her to pick up one of the piles and brush the other away and again you’ll know now if she holds the odd or even cards in her mind. Once she is done tell her to pick up one of the pack and brush the other off the table. You then ask her to deal the cards into hearts and diamond if she had picked up the red or clubs and spades if she had picked up the black. so know you know what suit she picked.

7. it’s the 3 (working with the odd cards.Ask her to deal the cards in her hand face up to the table. If she takes the invisible card from the middle. Ask her to write the name of her card down as you walk away and it’s all over but the crying. 4 if she’s working with the even). Just watch which invisible card she picks up. you’ll know because she’ll deal down five cards. If it’ the one on her left. 5. Now tell her to brush away the card from each end and choose from the cards in front of her. but if she does. 9 if they are odd. It’s an odds on bet that she won’t think of the Ace. it’s the 7 (or 8). it’s the 5 (or 6) and if she takes it from the far right. Human nature will cause her to deal them in numerical order 3. BAR BET TIME .

but a cigarette. Once you get them to take the bet. you. Don’t use a thumb tip. After a couple of seconds. of course. Now you can easily cut the orange or lemon or your wrist with this impromptu knife. In case you don’t share this fear. you friggin MacGyver. CANADIAN BAKING (A Two Person Code For The Fried) . Because of a life long fear of scurvy. The slightly melted filter tip will turn hard as it cool. that’s a different trick. Hold it over the flame from your lighter. take the filter tip off the cigarette. it will also work with a lemon that you get from the bartender. you never travel without at least on orange on you at all times.How to cut an orange with a cigarette You bet the sap sitting next to you that you can cut and orange without using a knife. only a matter of seconds. remove it from the flame and press it flat with your thumb and index fingers.

While Code and Flu is dirt simple to learn. Hey. I had to resort to using it once when I was working with a Canadian. we all have our crosses to bare. gang went to Gilligan’s Island. some of you might still have problems with it (and you know who you are) so here’s what’s gotta be the easiest two person code ever.Perhaps you are familiar with my penultimate work on the two person code. Or maybe it was that episode where the Mystery Inc. It doesn’t even need to be one of those expensive thread reel evil . I think I first learned it from an episode of Scooby Doo. Code and Flu Season? If not. or maybe Gilligan’s Island. It is going fast. Just scotch tape the end of some invisible thread to the dolt you’re working with’s ear. or did I just dream that? Anyways. get it soon.

but it works in a pitch. Of course. I realize that this is a pretty lame system. You’re attaching the thread to his ear. I think it cost less that three bucks. twice for the item in the middle and thrice for the item on right. One gentle tug and you send a clear message to your partner. Just go to the fabric store and ask for a spool of invisible thread. So if you have three items on the table and your partner leaves the room. because the human ear is very sensitive and a tug on the ear is very noticeable. Come up with your own system that works for you. My suggestion is just go out . you partner can even leave the room and you can still pass messages to them with a simple system of tugs.internet magic shops will sell you for a 800% markup. You hold the other end of the thread and you literally have a direct line to your partner. Thrice is how poets say three times. If you use enough thread. but one idea is tug once for the item on the left. you can still tell him which item was selected by the sap you are working.

Preparation : You will need a small notepad. wax. pen. gasoline.and find yourself a smarter partner and use my really simple Code and Flu Season system. The ashes are then rubbed on the magicians arm and the name of the person written on the paper mysteriously appears. crumpled up and placed in an ashtray. Method: The spectator is asked to write the name of a person they have a crush on down on a notepad. lighter. the paper is torn off unseen by the magician. I told him he could also do it with wax. Vu Do You Love Two? Further thoughts on the trick I tried to get David Blaine to buy. Effect: A name of a person they secretly lust after is written on a piece of paper on a notepad by the spectator. ashtray. . but he refused to touch the bar of soap required. but he was already too scared. yes David. It is then set on fire. a rag and a small piece of soap or.

Because you rubbed the inside of the ash tray with a gasoline soaked rag earlier in the day.Then they’re told tear of the sheet of notepaper. there’s an old Columbo trick where you rub a pencil on the second sheet and the imprint should be visable. If you can’t make it out. it should only take a quick glance. crumple it up and place it in the ashtray. but you may not have enough cover time to pull this off. where you then sets the paper ablaze. Also. . the paper will create a large ball of fire that will give you just the misdirection you will need to pull this off. If the light is good. the looking at the pad should not be made obvious. Take the notepad off the spectator as they battle the flame and you should be able to see the imprint of the name written on the paper above in the next sheet of the notepad. Then carefully take the small piece of wax or soap and write the name on the imprint on your inner arm ( this action should not be visible to anyone ).

Once the fire is contained. Take some of the wood and lead shavings and rub . Stick the pencil in a pencil sharpener and twist away. don’t use too much gasoline! You can also pull this off without the fire by writing the name of a playing card on your inner arm with soap earlier in the night. You may also burn down the bar. you can then take some ash from the ashtray and rub it over the wax where it will stick and create an impression of the spectators word to their amazement. Giving them a pencil and telling them to write the name of their card down. Take the pencil back and tell they you are going to shave the name of their card off the pencil. so please. Forcing that same card on the sap.

them over the soap/wax and reveal the card’s name. was that a paparazzo was arrested for hiding on the set of the movie THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD in order to get a picture of one of the stars. but Sweet & Low or pepper could be used in a pinch. This story begs two questions: do we really need more pictures of Brad Pitt and do we really need a western staring Casey Affleck? I guess it’s rare to find a photo op of Pitt without Angelina Jolie and her accessory kids. when Casey has such a rich history to re-explore (and if Hollywood does . once you got past all the who-struck-Johnny over Katrina. but who need a new Casey Affleck movie. Brad Pitt. Sugar and salt don’t work too well. You can also use coffee grounds if you don’t mind walking around smelling like Juan Valdez all day. CASEY AT THE BAT The big story in the news the other day. western or otherwise? The key word being “new”.

shouldn’t Ben’s little brother be working on SOUL SURVIVORS II or DROWNING MONA AGAIN? The least he could do is dust off the tights one more time and treat us to HAMLET RELOADED: THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL. GOOD WILL HUNTING. Maybe Casey might do the . she gave up acting for the bright lights of production coordinating. Sadly. we have very little to be proud about on a national level. Brother Ben did it after winning the Oscar for his debut. because outside of the sports world. Perhaps you remember her as The Fluffer in the Farrelly Brother’s STUCK ON YOU. it is re-exploring) Honestly. Or couldn’t he pick up pen again and write. MA. The great Gretel Twombly also hails from the bunghole of Cape Cod. Who didn’t love GERRY? Unfortunately it seems an Affleck family trait is to set the world ablaze with your mad screen-playerism and then walk away. why shouldn’t Casey? The Affleck’s are the pride of Massachusetts. but Casey would do well to remind himself that he’s not the only actor to be born in Falmouth.anything well.

It's taken a while. needless to say.same while we‘re still proud. I don’t mean to be too cruel to Casey Affleck. Matt Damon has turned up in the Terry Gilliam film THE BROTHER’S GRIMM. I went and read this quote: “I sort of took my career and destroyed it. but it looks like doors are opening again. I had to destroy my career because I just didn't like it. that didn’t come from the Oscar winning . People weren't giving me a chance to do anything other than be the blond-haired bimbo. so I had to start creating some for myself. I couldn't have spent the rest of my life following the paths that were being presented to me. I was excited on so many levels to see this movie. I love Terry Gilliam and hate Damon. Casey’s (and Ben’s) long time companion. but it dovetails nicely into my real point. I didn't like the movies I was making. How often do you get to stride that thin line between love and hate in one film? Just as I was warming up to rip into Damon and his high school drama department English accent. and it was starting to bore me.” Sadly.

other than aping some moves he learned off a Johnny Depp retrospective. They had to pay out a 1. It would have to be. so that he could fawn over sub-par pictures in commercials. Heath Ledger. They really didn’t need to. David Manning. you would have to guess that 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU was the movie where Heath started getting type cast as ‘the blond-haired bimbo’. Remember that one? Sony-TriStar does.pen of Matt Damon. I want to mock Ledger. did a fine job. Next came A KNIGHT’S TALE. and. talking.5 million dollar settlement because the made up a film critic. since he had only done Australian TV and Indy films before that. and God forbid Heath Ledger should grow bored! I still haven’t figured out if THE BROTHERS GRIMM was part of his destroying his career or his attempt at rebirth. To look at his massive folio of work. but I don’t want to get into that here. It was his co-star. Ledger brings very little to the table. as there are plenty of . The movie itself has problems. I though. He followed that up with THE PATRIOT. the movie that launched the whole David Manning debacle.

movie critics that will fall all over themselves to say something nice just so their blurb gets attached to a movie poster or newspaper ad. but far more important parts in FOUR FEATHERS. He did. . He was back to playing the himbo in LORDS OF DOGTOWN. The hot new star went on to have a small role in MONSTERS BALL. NED KELLEY. As a matter of fact. and then there’s THE BROTHERS GRIMM. It’s good for his fans to know that he only took those part to ruin his career and he’s sorry for any money you may have lost buying tickets or renting the DVDs. and CANDY. Apparently Sony could find anyone to say anything nice about A KNIGHT’S TALE. THE BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. David Manning was so taken with Heath he declared the Aussie "this year's hottest new star". THE ORDER. He played a gay bike rider on an Australian TV show before he became a star. Heath Ledger will rise from the ashes of this mockery of a shame with his new movie. so Manning swing into action. Playing gay is nothing new for Ledger. Like the Phoenix. however. however. about (I’m guessing from the trailer) a couple of gay cowboys.

he broke Jake’s nose. after all he is the guy that turned the Hulk into a fag on the big screen. But the word on the set is that Heath go so ‘in to’ one of his kissing scenes with co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. or was this her pay back for all the times he cheated on her with Scarlett Johansson and all the times he got her little pet doggy. The question is.shy away from playing the gay Alexander the Great in Oliver Stone’s folly. Anyhow. Speaking of gossip: the word is things got so ugly during filming that writer/producer Larry McMurtry . did she want him to stretch as an actor. I’m guessing she talked him to taking the role as payback. I’m guessing that it was then girlfriend Naomi Watts that walked Heath into taking THE BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. and the risk of playing a gay lead character. Talk about tough love. This is right in Ang’s wheelhouse. Bob. Ang Lee is directing BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. I vaguely remember that a couple years ago they had to rush the dog to a pet hospital in Vancouver because the pooch was too stoned to stand-up. stoned. things go so hot and heavy.

unlike Brad Pitt. Ted Demme had a cocaine-fueled heart attack while playing basketball. there is a nude scene in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN where Heath has to jump in a lake. The movie will now be directed by the guy that did LOST IN SPACE and if Heath stays attached to the film I’m sure it will be added to his ‘I was ruining my career on purpose’ pile. when Heath is confronted by the paparazzi he takes matter into his own hands. It could be the Curse of Heath Ledger. Of course. At least. the paparazzi had the last laugh. and paparazzi is going to walk away from the Tabloid equivalent to an Oscar. but Ang will edit out all the frontal shots from the . as he was getting ready to direct Heath and Ewan McGregor in NAUTICA. See. a large out of court cash settlement from a movie star gone wild? If it is true.was banned from the set and film editor Geraldine Peroni (who did a lot of Robert Altman’s films so she is no stranger to difficult shoots) killed herself rather than begin cutting the movie. I’m not buying it because that would be assault. He claims to pelt the photogs with eggs whenever they get too close.

egg throwing proof distance.finished film. Of course if you do a quick Google search you’ll find plenty of shot snapped by the press from a safe. .

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