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Teyana Taylor - Unabridged Guide

Teyana Taylor - Unabridged Guide

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Complete, Unabridged Guide to Teyana Taylor. Get the information you need--fast! This comprehensive guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. It's all you need. Here's part of the content - you would like to know it all? Delve into this book today!..... : In late 2010, just hours before Kanye West's fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, had be to turned in, West called Taylor to the studio to look at some fashion pieces. ...She credits him as a big brother and sees her early signing to his imprint as a blessing; however, she has stated on many occasions just how necessary her release was, as well as how necessary her independence was for some time. In an interview with DJ Skee, Teyana mentioned that when [she] was signed for six years, [she] felt like she couldn't do [anything], and that she couldn't prove to [her] fans that [she] had the talent and couldn't sing from [her] heart. ... As an independent artist at the time of her release, she had begun preparing her first mixtape, The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor, to be released to her fans for free. There is absolutely nothing that isn't thoroughly covered in the book. It is straightforward, and does an excellent job of explaining all about Teyana Taylor in key topics and material. There is no reason to invest in any other materials to learn about Teyana Taylor. You'll understand it all.Inside the Guide: Teyana Taylor, Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming, Stomp the Yard, Star Trak Entertainment, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Malik Yusef, Madea's Big Happy Family (film), John Legend, Hudson Mohawke, Hell of a Life (song), Google Me (song), GOOD Fridays, Dark Fantasy (song), Cyhi the Prynce, Cruel Summer (album), Christmas in Harlem
Complete, Unabridged Guide to Teyana Taylor. Get the information you need--fast! This comprehensive guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. It's all you need. Here's part of the content - you would like to know it all? Delve into this book today!..... : In late 2010, just hours before Kanye West's fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, had be to turned in, West called Taylor to the studio to look at some fashion pieces. ...She credits him as a big brother and sees her early signing to his imprint as a blessing; however, she has stated on many occasions just how necessary her release was, as well as how necessary her independence was for some time. In an interview with DJ Skee, Teyana mentioned that when [she] was signed for six years, [she] felt like she couldn't do [anything], and that she couldn't prove to [her] fans that [she] had the talent and couldn't sing from [her] heart. ... As an independent artist at the time of her release, she had begun preparing her first mixtape, The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor, to be released to her fans for free. There is absolutely nothing that isn't thoroughly covered in the book. It is straightforward, and does an excellent job of explaining all about Teyana Taylor in key topics and material. There is no reason to invest in any other materials to learn about Teyana Taylor. You'll understand it all.Inside the Guide: Teyana Taylor, Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming, Stomp the Yard, Star Trak Entertainment, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Malik Yusef, Madea's Big Happy Family (film), John Legend, Hudson Mohawke, Hell of a Life (song), Google Me (song), GOOD Fridays, Dark Fantasy (song), Cyhi the Prynce, Cruel Summer (album), Christmas in Harlem

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and actress.'s single "Wasted" was released early 2010. first meeting West on his "Glow in the Dark Tour. At age 4. Madea's Big Happy Family. Taylor ventured into acting. New York City. Pharrell Williams.L. titled Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming. From a Planet Called Harlem. Music family some time before. Taylor was determined to make an appearance on West's record. Jadakiss. In late 2010. Big Sean.R. including the Apollo Theater National All-Stars talent search. she picked up a microphone in front of a crowd and realized she wanted to become a singer/entertainer. 1990) is an American singer-songwriter." [6] While in the studio. New York.com [1] Teyana Taylor (born December 10. She was a member of a band called U. just hours before Kanye West's fifth studio album. Ultimately. In 2012. "Google Me" peaked at number 90 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.[4] "Google Me" was the first single from her debut album.[3] 2007–2011: Interscope Records. R&B.O. Music label and The Island Def Jam Music Group. Michael Jackson and Lauryn Hill.D.O. U.Y. this record was not released for unknown reasons. John Legend. released on April 22.O. she officially signed to Kanye West's G. actress 2007–present GOOD Music. A snippet of U. appearing in the sequel of Stomp the Yard. Teyana was enrolled in many different talent competitions. she signed to Star Trak/Interscope Records. R. Taylor had struck up a friendship with West and the G. West called Taylor to the studio to look at some fashion pieces. Taylor had strong influences from Stevie Wonder.Y. enough to get his attention.[2] Biography Early life and career Teyana was born and raised in Harlem. and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Taylor appeared on MTV's My Super Sweet 16 in 2007.D. Pusha T. had be to turned in. and Rihanna.S. Fabolous.L. which [5] was released in August 2010. along with band mates Mijo. dancer. Kid Cudi. D'Banj.O. 1990 Harlem. She also appeared in a new movie by Tyler Perry." with "N. She made an appearance on the debut episode of House of Glam on Oxygen. Soul Singer-songwriter.G.D. She purposefully hummed along with the tracks he played for her. rapper. Braxton and Ethan.G.Teyana Taylor 1 Teyana Taylor Teyana Taylor Background information Birth name Born Origin Genres Occupations Years active Labels Associated acts Website Teyana Taylor December 10. rapper. He eventually asked her to put vocals on some . Common. dancer. She is of African-American and Afro-Trinidadian descent. No further releases from the band have since been mentioned. Hit-Boy. Film Projects. Chris Brown. Def Jam Kanye West. Before it aired.E. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. 2011. Kelly teyanatayloronline. Cyhi the Prynce.

(feat. entitled "Christmas In Harlem".[2] Teyana had established a relationship with the whole G.. Erika Ramirez of Billboard.O." and "did all the scratches and the cuts [herself] with [her] voice. 'Go'." with Kanye West and R.com notes that "Teyana Taylor's beautifully brash voice . just how necessary her release from the label was. and also duets with John Legend on a track called "Bliss. provides the hook and chorus for "Sin City.D. while fellow New Yorkers Fabolous and Jadakiss ride shotgun"." She admitted that she was "nervous" upon letting West hear her contributions to the tracks. saying that he hoped to "hear more soulful duets from [Taylor and Legend].D. The tape draws notable influences from 90s R&B/Soul legends like Lauryn Hill and Mary J. though.Teyana Taylor tracks. Taylor was released from her contract with Interscope. to be released to her fans for free.O. Teyana is currently in the process of recording her first major label debut album. Wale)" [12] and "D. Hudson Mohawke-produced 'Bliss'.D. Music and The Island Def Jam Music Group on June 14.D.D. [18] . [she] felt like she couldn't do [anything]. Cyhi the Prynce.[11] The tape was released the tape in the first half of 2012." which was released on February 25.[8] Taylor admits that she and Star Trak referee Pharrell Williams have remained amiable since the formal end of their business relationship.O. just verses. She provides vocals for the opening track "To the World. Cruel Summer.D."[15] Of Taylor and Legend's duet on the album.U.O. Music In early 2012." She remembers that West "put [her] in another room by [herself] and said. The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor.O." [10] As an independent artist at the time of her release. Jadakiss & Fabolous). 2012. illuminates in the electric-guitar heavy. 2010.O. 2012. featuring Cyhi the Prynce and Kanye West.O. Blige. Music's G.O. Reviews of the latter track noted that "The Harlem songstress channels Janet Jackson as she glides over the smooth Hit-Boy-produced beat with her airy vocals." [6] Towards the end of 2010.O. particularly during the time she was asked to feature on Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In an interview with DJ Skee.O. Taylor appears on the G." Taylor came back with the "whole intro and chorus. 2012. Taylor contributed to one of G. to be released eventually through G. Friday tracks.O.O. [14][14] released September 18. As part of G." Taylor stated that "at the time it was pretty empty.O.O. and taking time to find herself as an artist and represent herself correctly in an artistic way."[17] In addition to featuring on Cruel Summer.[13] After some time as an independent artist." [16] Trent Fitzgerald of Popcrush. as well as how necessary it was for her to have a level of independence in the music industry for some time. saying that "[she] hadn’t been in the studio for so long. Teyana Taylor signed a joint deal with Kanye West's label G.O. Kelly." and that she "couldn't prove to [her] fans that [she] had the talent" and "couldn't sing from [her] heart.O. she had begun preparing her first mixtape." which also features John Legend. and Travis Scott. She credits him as a "big brother" and sees her early signing to Star Trak as a "blessing. Teyana mentioned that "when [she] was signed for six years. notably "Dark Fantasy" and "Hell of a Life. The track was released in a shortened version to the iTunes Store on December 17.D. family some time before her signing. Music collaborative album." Upon recalling the experience of recording "Dark Fantasy.com also complimented the duet. [7] 2 2012–present: G.. and has spawned two singles thus far. Music. "Make Your Move (feat. Music and The Island Def Jam Music Group. Malik Yusef.I.D." [9] Taylor has stated on many occasions.

and Travis Scott "Bliss. Kelly "Sin City. Teyana Taylor) "Rock Wit Me" by Jadakiss (feat." with John Legend.U. Malik Yusef. or was not released in that territory." with John Legend "Want You Back" by Fabolous (feat. Fabolous & Teyana Taylor) "Put It On Ya" by Missy Elliott (feat. As featured artist • • • • • • • • • • • • • • "Christmas in Harlem" by Kanye West (feat. J.I. Teyana Taylor) "Bottles & Rockin J's" by Game (Feat." with Kanye West and R. Teyana Taylor. Cyhi the Prynce. Joe Budden & Teyana Taylor) "Hold You Down" by Red Café ." (featuring Jadakiss and Fabolous) 2008 2012 — — — US R&B 90 — — — — — From a Planet Called Harlem The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor "—" denotes a title that did not chart. Cole & Teyana Taylor) "Never Let 'Em Stop Me" by K Smith (feat.Teyana Taylor 3 Discography Albums • From a Planet Called Harlem (2008) • The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor (2012) • Cruel Summer (2012) Singles Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album US "Google Me" "Make Your Move" (featuring Wale) "D. Fabolous & Lil Wayne) "24 Karats of Gold" by Big Sean (feat. Cyhi Da Prynce & Teyana Taylor) "Dark Fantasy" by Kanye West "Hell of a Life" by Kanye West "I Need A Girl (Remix)" by Trey Songz (feat. Meek Mill & Teyana Taylor) "To the World. Busta Rhymes. Rick Ross.

Influencing Fashion & Being Doubted" (http:/ / www.teyanatayloronline. Apple.D.com/music/. Music's 'Spoiled Brat'" (http:/ / www.D.com) Teyana Taylor (http://www.U. Retrieved 2012-02-29. 2012-01-17. Trent. Retrieved 17 September 2012. com/ 2012/ 05/ 14/ teyana-taylor-signs-to-kanye-wests-good-music/ #more-123727). story#/ column/ the-juice/ g-o-o-d-music-cruel-summer-track-by-track-1007951392. youtube. [12] "STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Teyana Taylor ft. YouTube. com/ title/ tt1533817/ ) [6] Wete.O. [15] Inc. Retrieved 3 August 2012. "KANYE WEST + G. Retrieved 17 December 2010. Meek Mill & More with DJ Skee" (http:/ / www. com/ music/ 2012/ 08/ interview-teyana-taylor-talks-joining-good-music-influencing-fashion-being-doubted/ page/ 2). [3] "Teyana Taylor biography" (http:/ / artistwiki.com.D. vibevixen.com. [apple. "Interview: Teyana Taylor Talks Joining G. Brad. com/ teyana-taylor/ biography). Retrieved 11 September 2012. Niki. Music. com/ news/ articles/ 1685269/ teyana-taylor-good-music-brat. Music. Erika. billboard. itunes. Influencing Fashion & Being Doubted" (http:/ / www. 2012-02-25.com.Single" (http:/ / itunes.Teyana Taylor 4 Writing credits • "So Cold" by Chris Brown • "Simon Sez" by Clyde McKnight References [1] http:/ / www. com/ 2012/ 01/ 17/ teyana-taylor-released-from-star-trak-interscope-readies-free-ep/ ).com. . "Teyana Taylor explains why she asked to be released from Pharrell's" (http:/ / www.com. com/ [2] "Teyana Taylor Signs to Kanye West’s G.O. Rap-Up. .aspx?aid=594) .O. [16] Ramirez.’" (http:/ / www.com. rap-up.apple.aol. 'Cruel Summer': Track-By-Track Review" (http:/ / www.I. "Interview: Teyana Taylor Talks Star Trak. com/ External links • • • • Official website (http://www. rap-up.com.O. Retrieved 16 January 2012. Sway. . Retrieved 2012-02-29. complex. Rap-Up. Music.myspace. [13] "New Music: Teyana Taylor f/ Fabolous & Jadakiss – ‘D. billboard." (http:/ / underthegunreview. [17] Fitzgerald. apple. popcrush. teyanatayloronline. mtv. Nadeska. . . . net/ 2012/ 02/ 25/ streamdownload-teyana-taylor-ft-fabolous-jadakiss-d-u-i/ ).com/music/. MTV. Urban Chic" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2012-02-29. Retrieved 11 September 2012.O.D. ‘CRUEL SUMMER’ – ALBUM REVIEW" (http:/ / popcrush.interscope. "Interview: Teyana Taylor Talks Joining G. com/ music/ 2012/ 08/ interview-teyana-taylor-talks-joining-good-music-influencing-fashion-being-doubted).O.com.I. rap-up. com/ artist/ teyana-taylor#bio). YouTube. com/ 2012/ 09/ teyana-taylor-g-o-o-d-girl-ghetto-chic/ 4/ ). .com/itunes/.O. Wale.AOL Music" (http:/ / music. DJ.com.O. Retrieved 16 May 2012. com/ watch?v=-WdjO6MbS54). complex.com.com.O.. . MUSIC.allmusic.com. .com/itunes/ "Kanye West Presents Good Music Cruel Summer"].com.O. com/ column/ the-juice/ g-o-o-d-music-cruel-summer-track-by-track-1007951392.U. [8] "Teyana Taylor Released from Star Trak/Interscope. Under the Gun Review. 1969-12-31. .O. apple.D. Readies Free EP" (http:/ / www.O. Retrieved 2 May 2012. Artistwiki. com/ 2012/ 02/ 25/ new-music-teyana-taylor-f-fabolous-jadakiss-dui/ #more-114599). Retrieved 2012-07-23.com/artist/default. com/ us/ album/ christmas-in-harlem-single/ id411137505). aol. [14] Alexis.O.D. vibevixen. kanye-west-g-o-o-d-music-cruel-summer-album-review/ ). [7] "Christmas In Harlem . "G. jhtml). [4] "Teyana Taylor Biography . complex. . Music" (http:/ / www. . complex. Retrieved 2012-02-29. [10] Skee. [9] Universe. Brad. imdb. 2012-02-25. [11] Wete. 2012-05-14. Fabolous & Jadakiss – D. "Teyana Taylor Is G. Music. Retrieved 18 September 2012. "Teyana Taylor: G.O. Girl.com/rockstarteyana) Teyana Taylor at Interscope Records (http://www. story). com/ watch?v=X3twFUcxMbA& feature=relmfu). Retrieved 3 August 2012. youtube. [5] IMDb .com/artist/p1022208) at Allmusic Teyana Taylor on MySpace Music (http://www. . [18] McGloster. apple. Retrieved 2012-02-29.D. . Rap-Up. .Stomp the Yard 2 (http:/ / www.

2010. the song contains samples of "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" and "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)". and "Strawberry Letter 23" by singer-songwriter Shuggie Otis. Both Gaye and Otis are given songwriting credits on "Christmas in Harlem" for use of the samples. Going into detail about how his connections with West began and how the track's beat ended up with West. Chuck Eddy of Rolling Stone stated: "Kanye's tinsel-tinted stocking stuffer sounds uncharacteristically tossed-off. Produced by Hit-Boy. the track first leaked to the Internet on December 15. Ricky called saying Kanye wanted to use one of my beats for a Christmas song. who complimented its lyrics and compared it favorably to other Christmas-themed hip-hop songs."[1] The song contains samples of two songs by soul musician Marvin Gaye: "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" and "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)". The version of the track only featuring contributions from West. Gaye. on the night of Kanye's New York release party. Kanye West. 2010 Genre Length Label Writer Hip hop 3:56 Roc-A-Fella. Def Jam Marvin P. as if he's preoccupied with the Xmas shopping spree he says he's planning. Vado. The track features rapper Cyhi the Prynce and R&B singer Teyana Taylor. 2010.[5] Critical reception "Christmas in Harlem" received positive reviews from critics.Christmas in Harlem 5 Christmas in Harlem "Christmas in Harlem" "Christmas in Harlem" cover Promotional single by Kanye West featuring Cyhi the Prynce and Teyana Taylor Released December 17. both by soul musician Marvin Gaye. Giving the song a three-and-a-half star rating. But actual Harlem R&B hopeful Teyana Taylor offers warmth from the wind chill.[2] Before its official release. CyHi the Prynce and Teyana Taylor was later released as a single to iTunes on December 17. Originally released as a part of West's free music giveaway series GOOD Fridays. the song was later released as a single onto iTunes on December 17. originally written and performed by singer-songwriter Shuggie Otis. Background "Christmas in Harlem" was produced by Hit-Boy. 2010. Hit-Boy explained: "My boy Dala Roc hooked me up with Kanye’s cousin. I just kept sending him beats to try and get one on there. The version of "Christmas in Harlem" released as a part of GOOD Fridays featured additional contributions from rappers Cam'ron. Then..[3] "Christmas in Harlem" was later released as a part of West's free music giveaway series GOOD Fridays. both of whom are signed to West's label GOOD Music.] This was around the time when he started working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The track features a holiday theme.' And gruff-rapping Atlanta Santa CyHi Da Prynce promises presents for non-Christian . Shuggie Otis. eventually slipping into the comfy melody from the Brothers Johnson's 'Strawberry Letter 23. The song received positive reviews from critics. Ricky. [. Pusha [4] T and Big Sean as well as R&B singer Musiq Soulchild. and features various references to Christmas and customs associated with the holiday. a producer signed to West's label GOOD Music. It also contains samples of "Strawberry Letter 23". Chauncey Hollis. Jim Jones. the former being a collaboration with soul singer Tammi Terrell. Cydell Young Producer Hit-Boy "Christmas in Harlem" is a song by hip-hop recording artist Kanye West..

. 2012. . [5] "Christmas In Harlem – Single by Kanye West. billboard. Chuck (December 16."[6] The magazine later included the song in its list of "The Greatest Rock & Roll Christmas Songs". Archived from the original (http:/ / www. Gawker Media. Retrieved July 5. biz/ bbbiz/ charts/ chart-search-results/ singles/ 3141765) on July 8. com/ us/ album/ christmas-in-harlem-single/ id411137505). [3] Greene.O. Cheri Media Group. com/ index/ singles/ id. "Christmas in Harlem" (http:/ / www. Retrieved July 5. 13092/ title. 2012. webcitation. . Becky (December 15. hiphopdx.Christmas in Harlem kiddies.O. Pusha T. Retrieved July 5. West paints a vivid and cheerful portrait of the season. 2012. 2011. 2010). Retrieved July 5. .Ace Title Search" (https:/ / www. com/ music/ songreviews/ christmas-in-harlem-20101216). [8] Bain. iTunes Store. 2010). [10] "Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles – Issue Date: 2011-01-08" (http:/ / www. 2012. CyHi Da Prynce.M. Music Collaboration" (http:/ / www. Authors and Publishers. American Society of Composers. a similarly themed Christmas song by hip-hop group Run-D. 2010. 2012. Retrieved July 5. Retrieved July 5. Billboard. biz/ bbbiz/ charts/ chart-search-results/ singles/ 3141766) on July 9. . "The Greatest Rock & Roll Christmas Songs Pictures . Retrieved July 5. Vibe.'s 'Christmas in Hollis' is already a classic. org/ 602eqyFMf). HipHopDX. . With help from Teyana Taylor. December 15.M. kanye-west-f-camron-jim-jones-cyhi-da-prynce-pusha-t-big-sean-musiq-soulchild-teyana-taylor-christmas-in-harlem). Andy Greene of Rolling Stone wrote: "It's only been out for a year. billboard. it's one of the most joyful tracks we’ve heard from Kanye in awhile. Jim Jones and Pusha T. rollingstone. Prince Cy Hi & Teyana Taylor" (http:/ / itunes. com/ 5718862/ kanye-west-christmas-in-harlem). Cam'ron. Rolling Stone. Big Sean. 'Christmas In Harlem'" (http:/ / www. 2012.C. "Kanye West Wishes You A Merry “ Christmas In Harlem” " (http:/ / idolator. webcitation. 2012. 2011. 2012. too — hauled in a Porsche-speed sleigh. Idolator. Apple.Kanye West. . com/ music/ pictures/ the-greatest-rock-and-roll-christmas-songs-20101216/ kanye-west-christmas-in-harlem-0008372). 2012. [7] Greene. describing it favorably as a follow-up to "Christmas in Hollis". 2011.[9][10] Chart (2010) [9] US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles (Billboard) [10] US Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles (Billboard) Peak position 13 3 References [1] "V Exclusive: 'Christmas In Harlem' Producer Hit-Boy Talks Finished New Dipset/G. Musiq Soulchild & Teyana Taylor" (http:/ / www. Retrieved July 5. Retrieved July 5. Rolling Stone. Prometheus Global Media. . . com/ article/ v-exclusive-christmas-harlem-producer-hit-boy-talks-finished-new-dipsetgood-music). . sweet and sprightly. org/ 602hcSy8I). 2010. 2012. Andy. Prometheus Global Media. In his description of the track. rollingstone. December 15. [9] "Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles – Issue Date: 2011-01-08" (http:/ / www.D. aspx) (To access. but Kanye West's follow-up to Run-D. Jim Jones. com/ music/ news/ kanyes-holiday-song-christmas-in-harlem-leaks-20101215). 2010). com/ ace-title-search/ index. "Kanye's Holiday Song 'Christmas In Harlem' Leaks" (http:/ / www. . enter the search parameter "Christmas in Harlem" and select "Search"). apple. Retrieved July 5.C. ascap. [6] Eddy. Maybe even ever?"[8] 6 Chart performance "Christmas in Harlem" peaked at numbers 13 and 3 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles and Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles charts respectively on the chart week of January 8."[7] Becky Bain of Idolator wrote of the track: "Soulful. [2] "ASCAP . rollingstone. vibe. Billboard. Andy (December 15. Cam'Ron. Rolling Stone. [4] "Kanye West f. Archived from the original (http:/ / www.

but found it uneven as an album. which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. The album produced four singles—"Mercy". Background and recording Kanye West founded the GOOD Music label in 2004. The Twilite Tone. the title was revealed in part with a film. 2012. Kid Cudi. and the United Kingdom. 2012. American rapper Kanye West. Mannie Fresh. head of the label. but underwent several delays. Ken Lewis. Cruel Summer received generally lukewarm reviews from music critics. Mike Will. Che Pope (also exec.). 2012. Boogz & Tapez. Mike Dean. 2012 Released: September 6.[5] The album was originally slated for release on August 7. Andrew "Pop" Wansel. Illmind. The album also reached the top 10 of charts in Australia. Tommy Brown. "Mercy" "Cold" Released: April 3. writing: "GOODMUSIC.). As of November 4. Young Chop GOOD Music chronology Cruel Summer (2012) Cruel Winter (2013) Singles from Cruel Summer 1. Common. and "Clique"—that charted on the US Billboard Hot 100. first revealed plans for a label collaborative album in October 2011.000 copies. by the record label and Def Jam Recordings. Mano.[4] Later on May 23. Cruel Summer has sold 340. Travi$ Scott.[3] Since the label's inception. It debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200. selling 205. John Legend and Pusha T. according to Nielsen SoundScan. released on September 14. West first announced plans for a GOOD Music album in October 2011 via his Twitter account. Def Jam Hudson Mohawke. 2012 "New God Flow" "Clique" Released: July 21. [1] Producer Kanye West (also exec.Cruel Summer (GOOD Music album) 7 Cruel Summer (GOOD Music album) Cruel Summer Compilation album by GOOD Music Released Recorded Genre Length Label September 14. "Cold". 2012 Cruel Summer is a compilation album[2] by recording artists of GOOD Music. 2012.SPRING2012". Upon its release.[6] . Hit-Boy. 4. Anthony Kilhoffer.000 copies in its first week. including close collaborators of West such as Big Sean. Cruel Summer. Jeff Bhasker. Canada.THE ALBUM. Dan Black. 2012 Released: April 17. 2012 2011–12 Hip hop 54:31 GOOD Music. "New God Flow". Lifted. 2. multiple acts have been signed to the label. Switzerland. who commended its hubristic style and the tracks featuring West. 3.

was released as the album's second single. but her contributions did not make the album. was released as the album's lead single on April 3. and a song with Big Sean and Common called "Trash Bags" that was ultimately scrapped.V.[18] The song peaked at number 89 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track was premiered by Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 radio show and was released onto the Internet the following day onto West's official website. featuring DJ Khaled. was released onto iTunes as the album's third single on July 21. a music giveaway that provided free MP3 downloads every week. which had been on hiatus since December 2010. Jay-Z and Big Sean.[17] It first premiered at the 2012 BET Awards on July 2.[14] Critical reception Professional ratings Review scores Source Allmusic The A. Big Sean. The track was then released as a single onto iTunes on April 17. revealing the lengths of each track.[19] "Clique".[20] The single peaked at numbers 12 and 22 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs singles charts. 2012. 2012.[12] The release of the track continued West's GOOD Fridays.[11] Singles "Mercy". Pusha T and 2 Chainz.[13] The song peaked at number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap Songs charts. 2012. Club Robert Christgau The Guardian The Independent NME Pitchfork Media Rolling Stone Slant Magazine [26] 7/10 [27] 6.[9][10] The album was also made available to pre-order on Amazon on September 7.5/10 [28] [29] C+ B+ [22] [23] [24] [25] Rating [21] .Cruel Summer (GOOD Music album) Pusha T said that he recorded over 20 verses for the album.[16] The single peaked at numbers 89 and 69 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs singles charts. 2012. a collaboration between Kanye West.[15] Following its digital release. revealing the album's track listing as well as each track's respective performers. the song impacted urban contemporary radio on May 8.[14] "New God Flow". a collaboration between Kanye West.[7] American rapper Azealia Banks also said that she recorded with West earlier in 2012. a collaboration between Pusha T and Kanye West. 2012. with West performing an a cappella version of his verse.[8] 8 Release Cruel Summer was made available to pre-order on the website of the Japanese branch of retail chain HMV on September 1. 2012. was released as the album's fourth single on September 7.[14] The Kanye West track "Cold". 2012. 2012.

which indicates "generally favorable reviews". "while every second of Cruel Summer sounds high quality. mystery and menace in the contributions of collaborators". Priya Elan of NME called the album "an essential purchase" as "a cross section of the most brilliant.[25] Adam Fleischer of XXL cited the songs with West as the album's highlights and stated. and observed "no grand statements. because there's always a musical touch to keep you alert".[23] Andy Gill of The Independent viewed it as less "ambitious" than West's own albums. but they all make an argument why they’re worth listening to as well. but West’s affiliates don’t share his gift for fusing self-aggrandizement with soul-searching reflection."[24] Although he found it "slight in comparison" to West's previous two albums.[39] David Amidon of PopMatters commented that the album "pretends to be nothing more than an experiment in grand hubris" and felt that each song "has a flaw worth pointing out. family. Club commented that it "feels like an unusually crowded solo album. it still falls flat."[34] Nathan Rabin of The A. Robert Christgau gave the album a B+ rating."[37] He found the rapping to be clever. yet also flirts with the humdrum or the half-assed. costly.Cruel Summer (GOOD Music album) Spin [30] 6/10 9 Cruel Summer received generally lukewarm reviews from contemporary music critics. but even as a high-pedigree compilation. Weingarten of Spin commented that it is "not a cohesive crew album" and called it "a runway show of small.[32] Christopher R..[28] In his consumer guide for MSN Music.[31][32] At Metacritic.[38] By contrast. citing West as "the star . but plenty of hot lines". but found GOOD Music's other rappers to be "a mixed bag". "The surprise is that the attention requires so little effort. letting each squad member show off his skills". self-serious verse here. "For every fiery. which he felt "isn't a Kanye album per se. who bum-rushes every song he's on like it's someone else's acceptance speech". you'll find at least one maladroit dud.O. Consequence of Sound editor Mike Madden felt that the album lacks "focus" and stated. though. solipsistic mind in rap".[36] Jonah Weiner of Rolling Stone called the album "occasionally exhilarating. is less adept at the practice—though there are glimpses".O. although he commented that the songs "may lack grandeur. which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics. uncomfortable missteps."[35] Slant Magazine's Ted Scheinman observed no "concept or production value to hold" the album..[26] Allmusic editor David Jeffries called it "mixtape-minded" and likened its "fireworks" aesthetic to "the best bottle service you ever had."[30] Julian Benbow of The Boston Globe critiqued that."[33] Although he found its production "uniformly great".D."[29] Jon Caramanica of The New York Times complimented the album's four singles for "show[ing] [West] at or near his best". the album received an average score of 68.[23] indicating "remarkable one way or another."[40] Paul MacInnes of The Guardian commented that "West's penchant for superabundance is one of the most exhilirating [sic] things in pop music. Moore also found it "largely unfocused" and called the album "a recording of flashy excess that ultimately sinks into its own lethargy."[22] BBC Music's Marcus J. it never feels cohesive. Kyle Anderson of Entertainment Weekly felt that West "knows how to get the best from his guest list" and commended him for being "a benevolent host."[21] . but plagued by a "Conspicuous Consumption Equals Authentic Negritude" philosophy. but they bring a sinister. "The rest of the G. ultimately underwhelming". stalking ambience that matches the blend of money. based on 27 reviews.V. and stated.

Mike Dean (add. Kanye West (add. Anthony Crizoe. West. Lifted. Tone (add. W.). Taylor. T. Fauntleroy Hit-Boy.). Illmind. Cyhi the Prynce. S. Brown. D.). Kanye West (co. J. DJ Khaled) 7. Ridenhour. Hamilton. West. Mescudi. Jones Producer(s) Andrew "Pop" Wansel. "To the World" (Kanye West. Thornton. J. Teyana Taylor.). S. J.000 copies in Canada. Anthony Kilhoffer (co.) K.[41] It also entered at number one on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. "Clique" (Kanye West.) Hit-Boy Hit-Boy. "Creepers" (Kid Cudi) 11. Collins. Hollis. T. Noah Goldstein (add.[43] Track listing No. Bhasker. Kanye West. West. Jones.) C. . Anderson. C. Hollis. T. R. T. Williams C. S. Lifted (add. Mike Dean (add. M. D. Taft.[41] Cruel Summer debuted at number four on the Canadian Albums Chart. "The One" (Kanye West. Big Sean and Jadakiss) Total length: 54:31 Sample credits[44] • "Mercy. Hudson Mohawke (co.000 copies in its first week. Valle Kilhoffer (add. Common. Cozart. S. Smith S. Travi$ Scott 4. "Sin City" (John Legend.). Boogz & Tapez (co. • "New God Flow. West. performed by YB. Thornton. Thornton. Phillips. T. Pusha T. with first-week sales of 12. and performed by Reggie Stepper. Travi$ Scott.) 4:53 5:26 Length 3:51 Kelly and Teyana Taylor) 2. Kanye West (co. Lynn.). W.000 copies. Kanye West (co.) Tommy Brown. Anderson. R. "Don't Like" (Kanye West. 2 Chainz. Stephens.). Lerner. C. "Cold" (Kanye West. K. Young.). Kanye West. J. V. Anderson. Ibanga. Martin. Birchard.). C. Bean.). F. Coles. Twilite Tone (co. "The Morning" (Raekwon. Riley. Ronald Bean. Beagle. 5:57 4:35 Pusha T and Ghostface Killah) T. Chief Keef. Mano (add. Epps. Williams K. Travi$ Scott (co.). J. D. and performed by Super Beagle. The Twilite J. Travi$ Scott K. Title 1.). A. Wansel. Betha. Kelly. Townsend.Cruel Summer (GOOD Music album) 10 Commercial performance The album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200. Taylor. Hollis. Riley. H. written by Reggie Williams and Winston Riley. Ken Lewis (add.). Stephens K. "Higher" (The-Dream. "Mercy" (Kanye West. and performed by Melvin Bliss. The B. Rooney. C. Young Chop. samples from the G. M. Nash. Fauntleroy. Carter. Cruel Summer has sold 340. Love Mannie Fresh (add.). M.). R. Thomas. Woods. T. and performed by Ghostface Killah. Cyhi the Prynce and Malik Yusef) Sean. S. Travi$ Scott (add. Young. T. Ambrosius. Black T.) P. Thornton. T. West. T. Townsend. M. Fauntleroy. Hudson Mohawke (add. R. written by Herb Rooney. M. Smith. A. R. K. written by Denzie Beagle and Winston Riley.1" contains samples from the recording "Dust a Sound Boy". C. according to Nielsen SoundScan. Barker. Jones. Loewe. written by Herb Rooney. D. Jeff Bhasker (co. R. "New God Flow" (Kanye West. Hudson Mohawke (add. Highleigh Crizoe and Dennis Coles. C. Noah Goldstein (add. and samples from the recording "Lambo".I. 2012.). M. Smith. M. L. W. C. Big K.). Thomas. T. Thornton. Anthony Kilhoffer (add. Pusha T and 2 Chainz) K. S. West. Big Sean.) Dan Black Hudson Mohawke 5:44 10. McCants Kanye West.). J. J. J. E. Felder. West. Kanye West (co. Kid Cudi and D'banj) 5. 3:36 4:34 4:28 Mase and Cocaine 80s) 8. samples from the recording "Cu-Oonuh". West. samples of the recording "Mighty Healthy" (a capella). 2 Chainz and Marsha Ambrosius) 9. T.[42] As of November 4. A. Anthony Kilhoffer (add. A. Levy. Young. Anderson. Jeremiah Probodanu T. Pittman. T. R. B. J.) Epps. Writer(s) K. H. R. J. Boxley. "Bliss" (John Legend and Teyana 3:14 3:30 4:43 Taylor) 12.1" contains samples of the recording "Synthetic Substitution". Pusha T. Epps. Scott. Jay-Z and Big Sean) 3. Pusha 6. selling 205.

Smith and Marlon L. Williams. 1". written by Townsend. written by Barrington Levy and Paul Love. "Don't Like. also includes a sample from "Lookin' At Me" by Ma$e. Def Jam New Zealand Denmark [55] [11] September 17.I. written by Carlton Ridenhour and James Boxley. Winston Riley. and record label Region Ireland [53] [54] Date Label September 14. "The One" contains samples of the recording "Public Enemy No.1" contains samples from the G. written by James T. and Ansell George Collins. written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe. "Cold. written by Townsend. and interpolations of "Under Mi Sensi". and samples of the recording "Double Barrel". and samples from "Bôdas De Sangue".1" contains interpolations of "Illegal Search". 11 • • • • Charts Chart (2012) [45] [46] Peak position 7 61 4 12 69 30 10 2 2 [41] 1 1 Australian Albums Chart Belgian Albums Chart (Flanders) Canadian Albums Chart Danish Albums Chart Dutch Albums Chart [47] [48] [49] [50] French Albums Chart [51] Swiss Compilations Chart [52] UK Compilation Chart [41] US Billboard 200 US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums US Billboard Top Rap Albums [41] Release history List of release date. showing country. Townsend recording "Sermon Fragment". 2012 GOOD Music. written by Dave Barker. 2012 United Kingdom [56] United States . performed by Dave and Ansell Collins. 2012 September 18. and performed by Public Enemy. "The Morning" contains elements of "Get Me to the Church on Time". written and performed by Marcos Valle.Cruel Summer (GOOD Music album) Townsend recording "Sermon Fragment".

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an application which is the brainchild of Kanye West. designed by conceptual firms DONDA. Hudson Teyana Taylor Cyhi da Prynce Aziz Ansari Kanye West [2] Produced by Written by Story by Starring Music by Distributed by DONDA Island Def Jam Doha Film Institute Release date(s) • Running time May 23.three in the front.[6] A custom pyramid-shaped screening pavilion was constructed for the film's debut. "Cruel Summer" was shot using a specialized camera rig.[4][5] and was shown out of competition. [7] The film is inspired by the album of the same name by West's record label GOOD Music. with the LA Times raving "Cruel Summer" has a " thumping surround-sound quality . Ali Suliman Razane Jammal Kanye West Hayat Al Fahad Big Sean 2 Chainz D'banj Pusha T Hit-Boy Mr. OMA and 2x4.Cruel Summer (film) 14 Cruel Summer (film) Cruel Summer Promotional poster Directed by Kanye West [1] Alexandre Moors Kanye West Jonathan Lia Alex Rosenberg (Executive Producer) Amanda Palmer(Executive Producer) Kanye West [1] Elon Rutberg Kanye West [1] Elon Rutberg [1] Alexandre Moors Kid Cudi Sarah A.[8] It has been described as a "fusion of short film and art". This style of filming and screening a movie has since become known as the "Seven Screen Experience". 2012 (Cannes) [3] 35 minutes Cruel Summer is a short film by American musician Kanye West. one on the floor. 2012. The theater featured seven screens . It premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival on May 23. which allowed the directors to capture multiple angles simultaneously. one on the ceiling and one on both the right and left side of the space.

a first time Qatari actress played the female lead in "Cruel Summer". in this form that surrounds you. and it feels more like the experience of life. [9] 15 Synopsis Rafi (Kid Cudi). the story culminates in a final challenge where Rafi must cure the Princess of blindness in order to gain her companionship. People want to go back and see it more and more because they missed something to their left or to their right..he wants to completely change the way movies are watched. falls in love with a blind Arabian princess whose father (Ali Suliman) will only allow them to wed if he can pass a series of three challenges. I'm not the best director in the world.. Loosely based on old Arabian folk tales. where we're always on our BlackBerry in a ball game or at the movies .[12] Reviews "Cruel Summer" received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Abu Dhabi and Doha. His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. with each screen offering a different perspective on the action.[12] The project was produced in association with the Doha Film Institute. Qatar in January 2012 to commence initial pre-production.." [15] Rolling Stone commented the piece has "plenty of striking imagery" and praised West's "great visual sense"." The LA Times wrote the film has "new music from West and a thumping surround-sound quality that makes a 3-D Michael Bay effort feel like an iPad short. the way you put memories together... They met with prominent government officials and private executives in each location to secure funding and shooting permits."[12] It related to a post-Steve Jobs. animation. Like if McQueen or Tarsem was to meet the entertainment value of Cirque du Soleil or Walt Disney. You know. Sarah A. Production of the film took place in mid-April. [16] . [13] The Hollywood Reporter called the film "groundbreaking" and exclaimed "It turns out Kanye West didn’t just want [14] to make a short film -. Post-production and editing subsequently occurred in New York City. a high-end car thief. West described the seven-screen project as an attempt to "change entertainment experiences. [11] It later emerged that "Cruel Summer" would be exclusively shot in Doha. where your mind puts the screens back together. like a dream of one day this being the way people watch movies.[10] Background Emissaries of West's team traveled to Dubai. just one month before the movie's premiere during Cannes Film Festival.Cruel Summer (film) that makes a 3-D Michael Bay effort feel like an iPad short. a cultural and film financing organization chaired by Her Excellency Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani. post-Windows era. Never before has a Qatari women starred in a movie in the country's history. 3-D . Tarantino doing a movie like this or a horror movie like this. "Cruel Summer" was shot with multiple cameras. a member of Qatar's royal family and daughter of the ruling Emir. I was very particular about having the screens separate. but I had an idea that I thought would be amazing to inspire people. the capital city of Qatar.

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[7] This culminated in Cydel's inclusion on the popular single to Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.[5][6] He reports that the singer Beyoncé. in addition to singing in school choirs and participating in school plays and dances. Georgia. 1984 Stone Mountain. He has already recorded with Royal Flush II producer CPK. also Bu Thiam's BuVision label. His album Hardway Musical. He was raised Baptist by strict parents. Career Cyhi first gained major buzz in 2010 when he received a co-sign from Kanye West.cruelsummerfilm. is an American hip hop recording artist from Stone Mountain. Cydel played various sports including football. League. with the latest being Ivy League Club. Big Sean. Yelawolf. Def Jam Associated acts Akon. Cyhi has made appearances on Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and has released five mixtapes.com/) Cyhi the Prynce CyHi The Prynce Birth name Also known as Born Origin Genres Occupations Years active Labels Cydel Young Prynce CyHi September 15. as well as DJ Toomp. a friend of West and the wife of his mentor. Konvict Muzik.A Hip hop Rapper.I. 1984). U. Donnis.D. Pusha T. The Alchemist and Just Blaze.[2] better known by his stage name CyHi The Prynce (sometimes stylized as CyHi Da Prynce).S.S. Young cites his parents' methods as a foundation upon which he could build himself in character. BuVision. "So Appalled" as well as several tracks from West's GOOD Fridays series. and track and field. convinced Kanye to sign him to the rapper/producer's GOOD Music label.[8] . No I. who didn't allow him to listen to rap music as a youth. songwriter 2005–present GOOD Music.E.Cruel Summer (film) 17 External links • Official website (http://www. However.C. which was announced on his Jack of All Trades mixtape is due out in 2012. Georgia. basketball. and plans to work further with previous collaborators the J.[3][4] He is signed to Akon's Konvict Muzik label. Kanye West's GOOD Music label and Def Jam Recordings. Jay-Z.U.T. and Kanye West. Verse Simmonds Website Official Twitter [1] Cydel Young[2] (born September 15. Kanye West. Early life Growing up in Georgia.

Cruel Summer.[9] Discography Collaborative albums • Cruel Summer (with GOOD Music) (2012) Mixtapes • • • • Royal Flush (2010) Royal Flush II (2011) Jack Of All Trades (2011) Ivy League Club (2012) Guest appearances List of non-single guest appearances. Cyhi is featured on two tracks.D. RZA Laws My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy N/A 2010 Year 2009 Other artist(s) Killer Mike Verse Simmonds. and Travis Scott. Common. Playboy Tre.O. Young Capone Yelawolf. Jay-Z. Jim Jones." along with Raekwon. released September 18. Cole Kanye West. Vado. Teyana Taylor. Music's collaborative album. Swizz Beatz. 2 Chainz.o.O. Pill A-Trak Selasi B. Pusha T. J. Pusha T Kanye West. and "Sin City. Cam'ron." along with John Legend. Big Sean. 2012. Kid Cudi. Pusha T Album Underground Atlanta The Sextape Chronicles Trunk Muzik Fool's Gold Vol. Bun B Kanye West. Malik Yusef. 1 Coming to America No Genre GOOD Fridays "Honor" .B. including: "The Morning. showing year released and album name Title "Go Outside" "Pass Me the Rubbas" "I Wish" (Remix) "Ray Ban Vision" "Soulja" "Higher" "Take One for the Team" "Looking for Trouble" "Christmas in Harlem" "So Appalled" Kanye West. and D'Banj. Pusha T. Musiq Soulchild. Big Sean. with other performing artists. Keri Hilson. Teyana Taylor.Cyhi the Prynce 18 2012-Present: Cruel Summer Cyhi the Prynce appeared on G.

I. 1984-09-15. . Danny Brown YC. net/ index/ tracks/ review/ cyhi-prynce-whats-my-name/ ). Big Sean. Trae. Erin Christine Terrace Martin. Wale. Kendrick Lamar Bobby V Codeine Cowboy (A 2 Chainz Collective) N/A Zero Heroes N/A Fly on the Wall N/A Wes Fif. aspx). Island Def Jam (2010-02-16).Cyhi the Prynce "Stand Still" 2011 Tity Boi Talib Kweli XV. Cory Mo. Songs. Twista. com/ 2010/ 02/ 15/ kanye-west-endorses-cyhi-da-prynce/ ). djbooth. GA | Hip Hop / Rap / R&B | Music. ReverbNation. [5] Kanye West Co-Signs Prynce Cy Hi | News | CyHi The Prince | Artists | Def Jam (http:/ / www. aspx?nid=6210& artistID=7363).R. Big Zak Make Believers Fan Affiliated The Long Way Home The Playboy Diaries 36 Oz. com/ cyhidaprynce). Pill. Waka Flocka Flame. Cory Gunz. Rap Radar (2010-02-15). Retrieved on 2012-06-27. Good Weed" "Roaches" (Remix) "Celebration" "All I Know" "Summertime Ish" "Me & My Baby" "Know How To Hustle" References [1] http:/ / twitter. K-Young Shaun Boothe 2012 Truth Turner Chip tha Ripper. Djx-rated. Part 2 N/A Golden Nights Self Made Vol. Young Jeezy.o. Maclyn Lucille Jacquees. djx-rated. com/ artists/ prynce. Retrieved on 2012-06-27. Big K. . Wiz Khalifa.. Teedra Moses. Retrieved 2011-06-15. Dreamer (of Hollyweerd) Pill.net. islanddefjam. Retrieved on 2012-06-27. Djbooth. Malik Yusef Tez McClain. B. and Videos" (http:/ / www. Yo Gotti Knoc-turn'al. reverbnation.B.T. com/ cyhitheprynce [2] "Rapper Prynce | Atlanta Artist of the Month | Sweet Georgia" (http:/ / www. Jody Breeze Big Hud. Ace Hood. Vado. Wale. [4] CyHi Da Prynce – What’s My Name? – Listen & Download Now (http:/ / www. Bun B. [3] "Cyhi the Prynce | Atlanta. Lyrics. com/ artist/ news_single. Nelly. [6] Kanye West Endorses CyHi Da Prynce (http:/ / rapradar. Nikkiya Big Bang N/A ¡Mayday!. . Curren$y A-Trak. 1 19 "I'm On One" (Remix) "All For Me" "Thirsty" "Outfit" "Gotta Get Dat Money" "Hometeam" "Rise" "Ray Ban Vision" (Remix) "Racks" (Remix) "If You Wanna" (Remix) "Let Me Go" (Remix) "Heater" "We Ain't Playin" "Luv Me" Knoc's Ville Waiting Room The Whole Truth Tell Ya Friends Wishful Thinking 2: Respect My Grind "Bad Bitches. SpaceGhostPurrp Celeb Forever. Donnis. Retrieved 2011-06-15.com. Yelawolf Lloyd Chubbie Baby.

O. Jon Anderson Producer The RZA. 20 External links • Cyhi the Prynce (https://twitter. The song serves as the opening track of the album.O. nancioradioshow. 16153/ title. HipHop DX. Kanye West. Jeff Bhasker. 16222/ title. Mike Dean My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track listing 14 tracks 1.O. 8.com – Nanci O Is Hip Hop Interview With CyHi The Prynce (http://www.com/cyhitheprynce) on Twitter • http://www. . Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales (http:/ / www. Jeff Bhasker. cyhi-da-prynce-talks-debut-album-good-music-beef). "See Me Now" "Dark Fantasy" is a song by American hip hop recording artist Kanye West from his fifth studio album. [9] Young. It features an opening narrative delivered by rapper . (2011-07-30) CyHi Da Prynce Talks Debut Album. "Blame Game" 12. "Who Will Survive in America" Bonus track 1. "Kanye West’s Cruel Summer tracklist revealed" (http:/ / consequenceofsound.html) Dark Fantasy (song) "Dark Fantasy" Song by Kanye West from the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Recorded 2010 Genre Length Label Writer Hip hop 4:41 Roc-A-Fella. "All of the Lights (Interlude)" 5. "Lost in the World" 13. (2011-07-26) CyHi Da Prynce Says Beyonce Told Kanye West To Sign Him To G. Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales (http:/ / www. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010). "Dark Fantasy" 2. Retrieved 7 September 2012. Music | Get The Latest Hip Hop News.D. Jeff Bhasker. Mike Dean. and was written by West. [8] Ryon. net/ 2012/ 09/ kanye-wests-cruel-summer-tracklist-revealed/ ). "Power" 4. Sean. "Runaway" 10. Ernest Wilson. G. Mike Oldfield. "All of the Lights" "Monster" "So Appalled" "Devil in a New Dress" 9. HipHop DX. Def Jam Kanye West. com/ index/ news/ id. cyhi-da-prynce-says-beyonce-told-kanye-west-to-sign-him-to-good-music). "Gorgeous" 3. 7. Music Beef | Get The Latest Hip Hop News. com/ index/ news/ id.. Malik Jones.D.nancioradioshow.Cyhi the Prynce [7] Horowitz. hiphopdx.com/cyhidaprynce • www. hiphopdx.reverbnation. "Hell of a Life" 11. Steven J. Retrieved on 2012-06-27.net. 6.. Alex. No I. Mike Dean and Robert Diggs. Robert Diggs. consequenceofsound.D. Ernest Wilson.O.com/2011/02/cyhi-da-prynce-talks-royal-flush-video. Retrieved on 2012-06-27.

'Go. I did all the scratches and the cuts myself with my voice. complimenting West's vocal delivery and the song's production. who generally praised the song as a strong opener to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. just verses. who brought his brooding by myself and said. West decided to record his next album in a reclusive manner only working with artists he considered himself familiar with.[4] West was impressed by her singing ability and by the fact she was signed to producer Pharrell Williams. I hadn’t been in the studio for so long. a musician who initially met West at his Glow in the Dark Tour tour in 2007. 21 Background Like the majority of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. and chorus. she was determined to appear on the album.[6] While working there.[6] .[5] West was so impressed with her performance that he signed her to his label GOOD Music.[4] While at the studio. stating that the fourteen hour day recording schedule allowed for a lot of fun and creativity.[4] On the recording process of the song. Forever Ago and invited him down to Hawaii to record with him.[6] Vernon described the process as highly artistic in nature. the song was recorded in Oahu.' I came back with a whole intro production style to the track. she purposely hummed loud enough for West to hear her. and asked her to do backing vocals on the album. it was three hours before the album's deadline when it had to be turned into the record company.[1] Following several media controversies. Rihanna was there. during an extended scene with West driving down an atmospheric forest. "Dark Fantasy" was utilized during the opening sequence of West's short film Runaway. because of issues she was facing with her current label Star Trak Entertainment.[3][4] West was an admirer of her fashion sense.[4] West called Taylor down to his recording studio in Hawaii under the pretense of checking out some pieces of clothing [4] designed by Pierre Balmain. she commented: "So then he tells me to do 'Dark Fantasy.[5] Justin Vernon of the group Bon Iver appears on backing vocals of the track and is the first voice heard on the album. and piano-driven composition. when the song was being recorded. to the point when they eventually became friends. the two became friends and reportedly produced 10 songs during their sessions together. a gospel-inspired production style. and the two frequently talked about clothing and designing. The song introduces several of the themes presented on the album and features numerous pop culture references. I was so nervous when I played it for Kanye. While the initial reason for her being there was to look at some clothing for him. and was performed with Taylor at the 'Vevo Presents GOOD Music' musical venue.Dark Fantasy (song) Nicki Minaj. the hype generated by the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy caused the song to enter the Billboard Hot 100 at position 60.[6] West was a fan of Bon Iver's album For Emma. The track is built around a sample of "In High Places" by Mike Oldfield. He put me in another room the Wu-Tang Clan. That’s not a DJ thing when you hear my voice go like that. The song received mostly positive reviews from music critics. I was so [4] excited to be trying out for that song. and singers Teyana Taylor and Justin Vernon contribute to the song's hook and provide background vocals." According to Taylor.' At the time it "Dark Fantasy" was partly produced by RZA of was pretty empty. It was the opening song of West's 2011 setlist at the Coachella Music Festival. Hawaii.[2] The song features vocals delivered by singer Teyana Taylor. Despite not being released as a single.

” [12] 22 Composition The song is introduced with a narrative by Minaj.[20] The song samples a portion of "In High Places" by Mike Oldfield. fashion designer Phoebe Philo. short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". and stated that she was blessed to be working with them. another inquiry that is brought up during much of the proceeding album.[13][14][15] West begins his verse with the refrain "I fantasized ’bout this back in Chicago".[8] The style of composition is deeply influenced by producer RZA. with the alternative meaning touching upon how his opponents "wins are low". including those to the song "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)".[12] Following that. that serves as a retelling of writer Roald Dahl's poetic rework of "Cinderella". and felt that West embraced a "baroque instrumentation" on the track. who introduces his "bring-the-ruckus" aesthetic to the song production. a rapper who West was recording with at the time.[23] .[19] The chorus contains the line "can we get much higher?". spoke about the history of the beat. the song "Sex on Fire". and television character Steve Urkel.[11] Producer No I. producers RZA and Pete Rock had already recorded certain portions of the song. the Lamborghini Murciélago sports car. just because of all the emotions that came with it.[12] According to him. he mused "then Nicki did the intro and it went crazy. singers Celine Dion and Leona Lewis. a favor she was excited to perform because she was a fan of Jay-Z.[16][17][18] His lyrics on the track contain numerous musical and cultural references.[10] Minaj described both Jay-Z and West as "icons".[9] The production style has been defined as having several similarities with West's prior composition styles. West had a "stack of beats" and that he tried to be as productive as possible with so much material already recorded. and that him and West recorded the chorus parts.[7][8] According to him. a pop rock song from 1987.[19][2] The song contains the line "too many Urkels on your team / that's why your wins low". rapper Nas.D. the pain or the hangover?". a double entendre. That’s one of my favorite records. almost singing some of his verses. speaking in an English accent.[9] Nicki Minaj was asked to open the song with a spoken word introduction. with West musing how "the plan was to drink until the pain was over / but what’s worse. and noted that it was offered to both Drake and Jay-Z before West finally decided to use it himself. over the brooding production style.Dark Fantasy (song) The song features production by RZA of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan.[12] It introduces themes referenced on the majority of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.[2][19] The "Winslows" were the family Urkel lived with on the show Family Matters. including comments on decadence and hedonism.[22][23] AbsolutePunk's Drew Beringer stated felt that the song sounded like West was "sampling his own source material" on the song. who commented that "Dark Fantasy" was one of the many compositions that West and him collaborated on.[21] West raps in a highly melodic manner.

[34] ."[29] J.[33] It also appeared at position 80 on the South Korean Gaon Chart. Tinsley of The Smoking Section commented that the song served as a successful opener. and cited the song as an example of his "his marvelous.[2] Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield praising the lyricism. that Murcielago" with "diablo. calling the production team of the song a "dream team".' West rhymes "mercy. and at 189 the following week. and mused that the track was the album's "beyond luxe opener"." Andrew Martin of Prefix Magazine stated that the song restored his admiration for West."[25] David Amidon of PopMatters felt that West's vocals were "layered a baker’s dozen different ways" and described the production as synthetic in nature. musing that it "sets the tone for the song (which is intense and hallucinatory) and the album". describing the track as powerful in nature. describing it as a "psuedo-cockney-accented opening narration" and praised the song's arrangement as "spine-tingling". charting at 67 on the Canadian Hot 100. (Power. tanks of pianos and strings that sound as if West is marching into the [28] apocalypse. a spurious Nicki Minaj English accent and an enormous chorus. I woke up in Sleepy Hollow.[24] MTV News praised the delivery of Minaj's verse.[27] David Browne of Time wrote "tracks like 'Dark Fantasy' and 'So Appalled' are built on rumbling praised by several music critics. especially this track with its classic RZA production and assistance from No I. describing it as witty. and by the third week it exited the chart. Monster. with her accent being cited as a highlight.[31] The song performed similarly in Canada."[20] Chris Martins of Spin complimented West's lyricism and use of double entrendres.[30] Andrew Barber of Complex compared the impact of the beat to that of a cannon. and wrote "in 'Dark Fantasy.[26] Dan Vidal of URB stated that he enjoyed Minaj's verse. calling it structured like a nursery rhyme.D.[12] Nicki Minaj's opening spoken word verse was Commercial performance Due to the hype generated by the anticipation of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. without actually being released as a single. mercy me.. viewing it as a "boisterous firestarter combining sharp lyrics. writing "most of it is rather epic and damn good. hungry ear". It's some genius stuff.[32] Other than the four singles released from the album." "bravado" and "My chick in that new Phoebe Philo/So much head. and Runaway) "Dark Fantasy" was the only song off the album to chart. Dark Fantasy debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at 60. All of the Lights.Dark Fantasy (song) 23 Reception Critical response The Washington Post's Chris Richards described the song as having "mutant gospel crescendos" and called it epic in nature.[31] The second week it dropped to 83.[19] Jonah Weiner Slate commented that West pulled off an impressive balancing act. and that the track lived up to the hype behind it.[31] The song debuted at position 10 on the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles as reported by Billboard.

Jayson (2010-05-25). Viacom Retrieved on 2012-07-30. uk/ arts-entertainment/ music/ reviews/ album-kanye-west-my-beautiful-dark-twisted-fantasy-def-jam-2137791. New York Magazine. Retrieved 2012-08-03. Retrieved on 2010-11-30. Retrieved on 2010-11-19. Hollywood. [2] Rodriguez. . All Media Guide Retrieved 2010-11-21. com/ music/ 2011/ 12/ interview-the-rza-talks-headphones-hollywood-and-working-on-watch-the-throne/ page/ 3). . complex.[35] Taylor joined the performance and sang her portion of the song.[39] The song was used in advertisements for the film The Hangover Part II.[4][40] Taylor commented that she heard the song performed at a basketball game she was attending.[35] During his set at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Review: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (http:/ / www. vulture. Kanye West: Project Runaway (http:/ / www. independent. and saw the trailer for Hangover II which featured the song. Retrieved 2011-12-05. MTV. Allmusic. mtv.Dark Fantasy (song) 24 Marketing At the 'Vevo Presents GOOD Music' musical presentation. complex. Music. com/ music/ 2012/ 08/ interview-teyana-taylor-talks-joining-good-music-influencing-fashion-being-doubted). html). "Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon on Recording Kanye’s Dark Fantasy" (http:/ / www. Insanul (2012-03-18). the song was performed by both West and Taylor. com/ news/ articles/ 1685269/ teyana-taylor-good-music-brat.O. The Independent. jhtml).D. Jayson (2012-05-16). Music's 'Spoiled Brat' (http:/ / www. West performed "Dark Fantasy" as the opening track. MTV.[18][38] The West performing at Coachella in 2011. . . Influencing Fashion & Being Doubted" (http:/ / www. "Interview: The RZA Talks Headphones. [5] Rodriguez. Retrieved 2011-07-27. She reported that she was very excited to see that the song was becoming popular.O. [6] Hill. Complex. which according to GQ. scene which the track is played during features West driving his MTX Tatra V8 through the forest when he crashes into a meteorite. html). Kanye West's 'Power' Producer Explains How Song Happened (http:/ / www.[4] Chart positions Chart (2010) [32] Canada (Canadian Hot 100) US Billboard Hot 100 [31] Peak Position 67 60 10 80 [33] US Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles (Billboard) South Korean Gaon Chart [34] References [1] Callahan-Bever. co. Andy (2010-11-19). Logan (2010-10-14). Noah (2010-12-12). Viacom Retrieved on 2010-11-30. [8] Ahmed. paralleled West's car accident that was the inspiration for "Through the Wire". [7] Gill. [3] Credits: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (http:/ / www. Teyana Taylor Is G. [4] Brad.D. complex. a 35 minute music video directed by West set to music from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Vulture. Wete (2012-03-18). allmusic. Complex.O.[36][37] The song was also featured as the opening track in Runaway. jhtml).[35] The performance began with West's silhouette pressed against a glowing background. mtv. "Interview: Teyana Taylor Talks Joining G. com/ album/ my-beautiful-dark-twisted-fantasy-r2055009/ credits).O. and Working On “ Watch The Throne” " (http:/ / www. com/ news/ articles/ 1640340/ kanye-wests-power-producer-explains-how-song-happened. com/ CELEBRITIES/ Cover-Story/ kanye-west-project-runaway). com/ 2010/ 11/ bon_ivers_justin_vernon_on. Complex. dressed in all black.

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mtv. GQ. "100 things Kanye taught GQ: Everything that happens in Runaway" (http:/ / www. . "Kanye West Screens 'Runaway' In London" (http:/ / www. GOOD Music. com/ news/ articles/ 1649493/ 20101007/ west_kanye. Eric (2010-04-01). "'Hangover Part II' Trailer: Five Key Moments" (http:/ / www. However at the beginning of November.[3] 15 GOOD Friday tracks have been released through the program and three tracks appeared on West's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Andy (2010-10-12). [39] Morris.Dark Fantasy (song) [37] DiMeglio. 2010 [6] [7] "Monster" Old format . West announced that he was extending GOOD Fridays until the end of January. co. jhtml). and other artists he usually collaborated with. mtv. Retrieved 2011-12-03. mtv. The intention was to release a free new song every Friday for a few months to promote his album. 2010 to Christmas 2010. "Kanye West Slays Coachella Festival's Last Night" (http:/ / www. gq-magazine. . uk/ entertainment/ articles/ 2010-10/ 11/ gq-music-kanye-west-runaway-review/ runaway-plot-details). Viacom. com/ news/ articles/ 1662043/ coachella-festival-kanye-west. jhtml).[2] West initially announced that the free music program releases songs from August 20. Mary (2011-05-10). 26 External links • "Runaway" full-length film (https://www. com/ news/ articles/ 1661121/ hangover-2-trailer. Gil (2010-10-07). [40] Ditzian. and the weekly tracks generally featured various rappers from his label. . MTV. Viacom. Retrieved 2011-02-26. Viacom. . MTV. [38] Kaufman.youtube. launched in support of his fifth studio album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010).com/watch?v=Jg5wkZ-dJXA) on YouTube (34:33) GOOD Fridays GOOD Fridays were a weekly free music giveaway by rapper Kanye West.[1] All of the GOOD Friday tracks come with their own cover art. jhtml). MTV. Retrieved 2010-10-23.[4] Songs Songs released as a part of GOOD Fridays Song "Power (Remix)" Other performer(s) Jay-Z Swizz Beatz Jay-Z Rick Ross Bon Iver Nicki Minaj Released Ref August 20. 2010 [5] August 27. Retrieved 2010-10-07. Condé Nast Publications.

Cole) "Chain Heavy" (featuring Talib Kweli and Consequence) November 12. Pusha T. Cole's mixtape Friday Night Lights as a bonus track. Big Sean and J. 2010 November 5. and lacks the guitar solo and Rick Ross' verse. 2010 [9] After the release of this track. Pusha T. which uses the original version's beat. similar to Kanye West's Runaway film. Pusha T and Cyhi the Prynce) "Don't Look Down" (featuring Mos Def. Pusha T. in one of [14][15] the covers "Kanye West" name was not in it. 24. This song was originally recorded with intent to be a bonus track on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy but was cut from the album. 2010 Kid Cudi. — 2010 October 22. Jay-Z. Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver) Released August 20. 2010 August 27. 2010 — Notes Taken off the GOOD Friday website due to being released as an official single. 2010 Replacement upload (because of the deletion of "Monster"). Raekwon and Charlie Wilson) "So Appalled" September (featuring Jay-Z. Mos Def confirmed his signing with GOOD Music The GOOD Friday release of this track is an unmastered version of what was later released on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Also included on the J. it was re-released with a couple of musical changes and a different cover (only change from the original cover was the font sizes of the [8] artists). The song was 2010 produced by Swizz Beatz and The Individualz. The release of this track is a shortened version of what was later released on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Produced by Pete Rock. Cyhi the Prynce. October 29. Curtis Mayfield and Kid Cudi) "Looking for Trouble" (featuring Pusha T. Lloyd Banks and Ryan Leslie) "Don't Stop!" (Child Rebel Soldier) "Take One for the Team" (featuring Keri Hilson. 2010 October 8. 2010 Cyhi the Prynce. Later released on Never Say Never – The Remixes. (featuring Kid Cudi. Tells the story of a relationship with a phoenix. Lupe Fiasco and Big Sean) "The Joy" (featuring Pete Rock. — "Good Friday" September (featuring Common. 2010 September 17. The song was produced by Bink!. Jay-Z. Swizz Beatz and RZA) "Christian Dior Denim Flow" October 1.GOOD Fridays 27 Song "Power" (remix) (featuring Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz) "Monster" (featuring Rick Ross. 10. along with the still unreleased "Momma's Boyfriend". Swizz Beatz. [11] Re-released with an extended verse by Ryan Leslie. . Had 2 covers. 2010 John Legend. Big Sean and Charlie Wilson) "Lord Lord Lord" (featuring Mos Def. Before being taken off. [10] Was released the week when West said he would temporarily suspend the GOOD Friday series. 2010 September 3. October 15. Included as a bonus track on Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative effort 2010 Watch the Throne. Charlie Wilson. [12] Was recorded and produced more than a year prior. "Runaway Love" (remix) (featuring Raekwon and Justin Bieber) "Devil in a New Dress" August 30. The song was produced by Q-Tip. Re-released 2 days later with a cleaner mix of [13] the track. Also peaked at position #18 on the Billboard Hot 100.

D. MTV News. Mawuse (2010-10-02). Twitter. . . James (2010-10-19). My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. com/ news/ articles/ 1650356/ 20101019/ west_kanye. com/ news/ articles/ 1646259/ 20100823/ west_kanye. "Kanye West To Release "Power (Remix)" With Jay-Z Tomorrow" (http:/ / www. com/ index/ news/ id. Vado. . complex. Retrieved 2011-02-26. .Music.Music. . [15] "on it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay on Twitpic" (http:/ / twitpic. . Viacom. mtv. MTV. MTV. Vanessa (2010-09-27). . However. [7] Nadeska. Release 'Monster'" (http:/ / www. Alexis (2010-08-30). [11] "Twitter / Kanye West: http:/ / kanyewest. . When downloaded through the official GOOD Friday webpage. "Kanye West Unleashes His 'Christian Dior Denim Flow' . Gil (2010-08-23). Retrieved 2011-02-26.com. com/ kanyewest/ status/ 26927897403). "Kanye West Reveals Which Good Friday Tracks Are On Fantasy" (http:/ / www. Celebrity. Gil (2010-08-23). . Cyhi the Prynce. 2010 This track was released officially through iTunes on December 17. [3] http:/ / www. mtv. Teyana Taylor and Big Sean) December 17. mtv. "Kanye West Promises New Song Every Week Through Christmas . com/ 34k176)..Music.Music. . Celebrity. "Kanye West Promises New Song Every Week Through Christmas . Mawuse (2010-10-09). com/ news/ articles/ 1651161/ 20101030/ west_kanye. Retrieved 2011-02-26. MTV. Retrieved 2011-02-26. "Kanye West and Jay-Z Team Up for Joint EP. . The final version was officially released the following week. Artist News" (http:/ / www. kanye-west-to-release-power-remix-with-jay-z-tomorrow). uuuuuuuugghhhh on Twitpic" (http:/ / twitpic.. 2010 only including Teyana Taylor. theboombox. Celebrity. 11932/ title. com/ 2010/ 08/ 30/ kanye-west-jay-z-watch-the-throne-monster/ ). Produced by Hit-Boy. jhtml). 2010-08-28. com/ news/ articles/ 1649663/ 20101009/ west_kanye. BoomBox. "Kanye West Finishes My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy . 2010-11-06. Retrieved 2011-02-26. com/ news/ articles/ 1649207/ 20101002/ west_kanye.O. jhtml). [14] "Still tweaking . com/ kanyewest/ status/ 22354321074). Artist News" (http:/ / www.com. [8] "Twitter / Kanye West: I gotta couple of musical" (http:/ / twitter. MTV. 2010-11-06. jhtml). Jim Jones. mtv. Musiq Soulchild.com.com. MTV. Lupe Fiasco 'Don't Stop' On New Track . mtv.GOOD Fridays "Christmas in Harlem" (featuring Cam'ron. . .O. CyHi Da Prynce and Kanye. Sean (2010-08-12).com.10". mtv. jhtml). Music . com/ 34g5v3). com/ blogs/ 2010/ 11/ 08/ sound-check-kanye-west-extends-g-o-o-d-fridays-%E2%80%99til-end-of-january [4] Ziegbe. jhtml). Retrieved 2011-02-26. Retrieved 2011-02-26. . com/ GOODF" (http:/ / twitter. . this was the track first released after West took a break to focus all attention on his recently released album. [5] Ryon. Artist News" (http:/ / www. "Kanye West. Celebrity. jhtml). [13] "Twitter / Kanye West: Peep the newer version of" (http:/ / twitter. [2] Kaufman. Twitter. Retrieved 2010-12-18. com/ news/ articles/ 1646259/ 20100823/ west_kanye. Artist News" (http:/ / www. Twitpic. Pusha T. HipHopDX. 2010-10-10. 28 References [1] Kaufman. [6] Montgomery. Celebrity. Twitter. Twitpic. Retrieved 2011-08-11. Mawuse (2010-10-30). Retrieved 2011-02-26. Retrieved 2011-02-26. com/ kanyewest/ status/ 26316837100). Pharrell. Furthermore.24. Celebrity. Artist News" (http:/ / www. jhtml). Retrieved 2011-02-26. the track downloads as the track for December 17. Viacom. MTV. mtv. Retrieved 2011-02-26. Artist News" (http:/ / www.Music.Music. hiphopdx. [10] Ziegbe. [12] Ziegbe. Retrieved 2011-08-11. com/ news/ articles/ 1648839/ 20100927/ mos_def. 2010-10-03. "Mos Def Signs With Kanye West's G. no track was released with the album marking of "12. [9] Denis.

West signed Mr Hudson after hearing his debut album (as Mr.D.S. Music is an American record label founded by rapper and producer Kanye West in 2004. A Tale of Two Cities as well as Kid Cudi after hearing his respective work from Plain Pat. In 2011.[3] who was signed in a joint venture with Akon's Konvict Muzik. History 2004–07: Formation and beginnings Kanye West founded the label in 2004. Later. "GOOD" is an acronym for "Getting Out Our Dreams". later announced as Cruel Summer. followed by Consequence who left the label on bad terms. In 2011. In an interview with DJ Semtex. In 2007. Produced by West's design organization DONDA and shot in Qatar.S. It was finally released late in the US on September 18 2012. Kanye West signed former Star Trak/Interscope Records artist Teyana Taylor to G. R&B Genre Country of origin United States Location New York City. the label signed Pusha T. and a distribution agreement made with Island Def Jam Music Group followed. the signing of Nigerian artist D'banj and fellow producer Don Jazzy. Music. 2008–11: Signing new talent In 2008. Big Sean confirmed the album was coming and that he's worked on a track for it.[2] In 2010. Q-Tip hinted at a follow up album to Cruel Summer called Cruel Winter.O.D. New York G. John Legend confirmed the album and said he's made tracks for it in an interview . [6] In late 2012. Big Sean was also signed to the label. Mos Def. Teyana Taylor and Travi$ Scott also hinted at it on twitter. the film premiered at Cannes Film Festival. Big Sean's debut Finally Famous was the first album released by GOOD Music with distribution by Def Jam.O. 2012-present: Cruel Summer and Cruel Winter In Mid-2012.[1] Consequence was signed in 2005 through a deal with Columbia Records. Get Lifted (2004) with three and Be (2005) with four.O. with the departure of Tony Williams.O.[4] In late 2011.GOOD Music 29 GOOD Music GOOD Music Parent company Founded Founder Distributor(s) Island Def Jam 2004 Kanye West Def Jam (U.) Hip hop. West signed longtime friend and hip hop legend Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest. plans were announced for a Spring 2012 release of a GOOD Music collaborative studio album. Hudson and the Library). and Cyhi the Prynce.[5] It was to be accompanied by a short film.) Mercury (outside U. John Legend and Common were the first to have albums produced by GOOD Music and have received seven Grammy Award nominations between them.

Don Jazzy Hit-Boy Discography .GOOD Music with Rolling Stone.D. 30 Artists Acts Act Year Releases signed under the label John Legend Malik Yusef Big Sean [7] 2004 2005 2007 2008 4 1 1 1 2 2010 – – 1 2011 – – 2012 – – Mr Hudson Kid Cudi [8] CyHi the Prynce Mos Def Pusha T Q-Tip D'banj Teyana Taylor [9] Travi$ Scott Producers • • • • • • • • Kanye West Mannie Fresh The Abstract Devo Springsteen Keezo Kane No I.

Night • • • Man on the Moon (released with Universal Motown) Straight No Chaser • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kid Cudi Mr Hudson John Legend and The Roots Wake Up! (released with Columbia) Kid Cudi Man on the Moon II (released with Universal Motown) Big Sean Finally Famous Pusha T Fear of God II: Let Us Pray Various artists Cruel Summer Various artists Cruel Winter • • .D. RIAA certification: 2× Platinum Released: May 24.O.O. RIAA certification: – Released: September 18.Q1 2013 RIAA certification: N/A Common John Legend Consequence Don't Quit Your Day Job! (released with Columbia) Finding Forever (released with Geffen) Common John Legend Evolver (released with Columbia) Universal Mind Control (released with Geffen) Common Malik Yusef G. 2007 Chart position: 1 U. 2007 Chart position: 113 U. 2008 Chart position: 4 U.S. 2012 Chart position: 2 U.O. RIAA certification: Gold Released: June 28. G. 2011 Chart position: 66 U. RIAA certification: – Released: November 9. 2008 Chart position: 12 U.O. 2010 Chart position: 3 U.S. RIAA certification: Platinum Released: March 6. RIAA certification: – Released: June 2. RIAA certification: – Released: November 8.D.S. 2010 Chart position: 8 U. RIAA certification: – Released: July 31.S.S. 2005 Chart position: 2 U. 2009 Chart position: 25 UK RIAA certification: – Released: September 21. 2006 Chart position: 3 U.S.S. 2009 Chart position: – RIAA certification: – Released: September 15.S.S. RIAA certification: Gold Released: October 24. 2009 Chart position: 4 U. RIAA certification: N/A Released: Q4 2012. 2004 Chart position: 4 U. RIAA certification: Gold Released: October 19.S. 2011 Chart position: 3 U.S. Morning.S. RIAA certification: Gold Released: October 28.S. RIAA certification: Gold Released: December 9.GOOD Music 31 Artist John Legend Album Get Lifted (released with Columbia) Be (released with Geffen) Once Again (released with Columbia) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Details Released: December 28.

uk/ culture/ music/ rockandpopfeatures/ 5835623/ Mr-Hudson-interview-for-Supernova-with-Kanye-West. . jhtml). bbc.Mr Hudson" (http:/ / www. Music" (http:/ / www.uk. bbc. bet. . uk/ music/ artists/ 585fee48-98c7-45b4-a47c-78d629b773b8).O. [5] By Matthew Perpetua (2011-10-20). com/ music/ news/ kanye-announces-g-o-o-d-music-album-20111020).D. 2010-08-12.O.Mr Hudson" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2012-01-27. jhtml). co. rollingstone. com/ news/ music/ 2012/ 11/ 09/ travi-scott-confirms-he-s-signed-to-g-o-o-d-music. Retrieved 2011-04-05. "Mr Hudson interview for Supernova with Kanye West" (http:/ / www. Reggie (2012-11-09). Retrieved 14 May 2012. mtv. BET.uk. 2010-08-12. Retrieved 2012-12-06. 2009-06-18. com/ news/ articles/ 1685078/ teyana-taylor-good-music-kanye-west. [8] "BBC Music . .O. com/ news/ articles/ 1614206/ kanye-west-almost-walked-away-from-latest-protege-big-sean. com/ music/ 2012/ 07/ good-music-cover-august-september-2012-issue [7] "Kanye West Almost Walked Away From Latest Protege Big Sean" (http:/ / www. [6] http:/ / www. The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 2011-04-05.O. co.O. Nadeska. [9] Ugwu. mtv. Neil (July 15. [4] Alexis. uk/ music/ artists/ 585fee48-98c7-45b4-a47c-78d629b773b8).O. html). mtv. myspace. Rolling Stone. "Travi$ Scott Confirms He's Signed to G. complex. . co. . Retrieved 2011-04-05. mtv. bbc. com/ 423693910) MySpace." [2] McCormick.GOOD Music Big Sean Hall of Fame • • • Kid Cudi Indicud (released with Universal Republic) Pusha T My Name is My Name • • • • • • Released: February 2013 Chart position: RIAA certification: N/A Released: March 2013 Chart position: RIAA certification: N/A Released: 2013 Chart position: RIAA certification: N/A 32 References [1] About G.D. html). .com.Artists .co. .O. telegraph. "Kanye Announces G.D Music" (http:/ / www. Music (http:/ / www.O. Music Album | Music News" (http:/ / www.D.co.com. [3] "BBC Music . 2009).Artists . "Kanye West Signs Teyana Taylor To G. bbc. .

The track peaked at number 90 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.S.Google Me (song) 33 Google Me (song) "Google Me" Single by Teyana Taylor from the album From a Planet Called Harlem Released Format February 5. 2. Rolling Stone magazine even listed it as one of the "Top 50 Singles of the Year". From a Planet Called Harlem. Jazza Pha Producer Jazze Pha Teyana Taylor singles chronology "Google Me" (2008) "Make Your Move" (2012) "Google Me" is the first single from rapper Teyana Taylor's debut album. 2008 (U. 4.3:02 "Google Me" (Acapella w/o Intro) . the song eventually stalled at the bottom of those charts. Digital download Recorded 2007 Genre Length Label Hip hop 3:23 Star Trak/Interscope Writer(s) Cristyle Johnson.3:19 "Google Me" (Acapella) . By the end of the year. It even caught the attention of Google. Track listing Promo single 1. 3. The song enjoyed a certain degree of critical acclaim by the blogosphere. 5. "Google Me" (Main) . Despite making a brief appearance on R&B charts provided by Billboard. The title of the single refers to the Google search engine.) CD single. Reception "Google Me" received minor airplay on certain R&B and Hip-Hop oriented radio stations. Ester Dean.3:20 "Google Me" (Main w/o intro) . which praised its Google-related subject and commended its catchiness.2:49 .3:19 "Google Me" (Instrumental) .

"All of the Lights (Interlude)" 5. signed to West's G. "Dark Fantasy" 2.Billboard 200 . Terence Butler. and is notably bombastic and aggressive in nature.O. Ernest Wilson and Mike Dean. The song features a number of samples.Hot 100 .[1] The song features a production style with influence from rock and heavy metal music. 8. Mike Caren. "Runaway" 10. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010). William Ward Producer Kanye West. billboard. "See Me Now" "Hell of a Life" is a song by American hip hop recording artist Kanye West from his fifth studio album. Anthony Iommi. and contains backing vocals by Teyana Taylor.B/ Hip-Hop+ Songs& ci=3093804& cdi=9740356& cid=04/ 26/ 2008) Hell of a Life (song) "Hell of a Life" Song by Kanye West from the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Recorded 2010 Genre Length Label Writer Hip hop 5:27 Roc-A-Fella. Sylvester Stewart. Dean. "All of the Lights" "Monster" "So Appalled" "Devil in a New Dress" 9. "Power" 4.O. The song was produced by West. "Who Will Survive in America" Bonus track 1. 6. Mike Dean My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track listing 14 tracks 1. com/ bbcom/ esearch/ chart_display. The song expressive . jsp?cfi=367& cfgn=Singles& cfn=Hot+ R& amp. most notably "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. "Gorgeous" 3. 7. Mike Caren.Music Genre Sales (http:/ / www. Tony Joe White. Wilson. Ernest Wilson. Def Jam Kanye West. "Hell of a Life" 11.D. "Lost in the World" 13. "Blame Game" 12. John Osbourne. Music label.Google Me (song) 34 Charts Chart (2008) Peak position 90 [1] US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs References [1] Top Music Charts . Mike Caren.

[16][17][20] The primarily bombastic production is littered with heavy synths and brooding. boasting about how "pussy and religion is all I need.O. and performed by The Mojo Men.[9] The couple had a dramatic break-up in 2010. and of "Stud-Spider" by Tony Joe White.[21][22] The song expresses West's thoughts on relations and features highly sexual themes and imagery. primarily within the last minute of the track. peaking with the combative taunt. West muses "how could you say. writing that it resurrects familiar mythologies about women — that they're monsters.'no more drugs for me. pussy and religion is all I need'-.[15] It is inspired by psychedelic rock. the song blurs the line between fantasy and reality.D. a former stripper. sneering at people who judge him negatively. abrasive riffs. "grimy" and "grotesque" in nature.[16][17] Aesthetically the production of the song draws from both stoner rock and progressive rock.' Inspired by his two-year relationship with salacious model Amber Rose. Kanye justifies his dreams of not sleeping with but marrying a porn star. straying away from collaborating with artists he didn't consider himself personally familiar with. the song samples "She's My Baby.O. a song first recorded by British heavy metal band Black Sabbath from their second studio album Paranoid. 'They live their life wrong?" before launching into the repeated refrain of "when you never fuck with the lights on?"[14] The melodic.[3][4] The track takes inspiration from "Iron Man". a fragile state that can't help but break apart on the very next song. riff-ridden chorus is sung by West. due to allegations of adultery. It's a zonked nirvana with demons underneath. It implores highly sexual.[5] G.Hell of a Life (song) a narrative about West marrying pornographic film actor and the traumatic events that follow. during a dinner sequence. praising the performance provided by West and the aesthetically pleasing imagery created by the song. 'How can you say they live they life wrong/ When you never fuck with the lights on.[2] Kanye West had faced various media controversies and expressed a desire to record his next album in a reclusive manner. "nightmarish". fallen angels — in language vibrant enough to fully revive these old stereotypes. As a woofer-mulching synth line lurks. writing: "'Hell of a Life' attempts to bend its central credo-. and was inspired by West's relationship with model Amber Rose amongst other real-life events. nightmarish imagery. and features baroque braggadocio inspired rapping delivered by West. and commented that the track reveals West's true feelings on women. Hawaii.[10] The song is unique among songs featured on My Beaufitul Dark Twisted Fantasy as it is the only song on the album featuring vocals solely provided by West. The song was featured during West's Coachella Music Festival setlist and briefly appeared in his short film Runaway. a trait the song shares with the majority of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. who chose to otherwise collaborate extensively on the project. which is also sampled on the song.[4] Another source of music influence that the track drew from was Kraftwerk.into a noble pursuit.[18][19] It has been described as "feverish"."[24] Ann Powers of Los Angeles Times described the song as a "porno fantasy"." by Sylvester Stewart. Music artist Teyana Taylor contributes backing vocals to the song.[11][12] Composition "Hell of a Life" tells the narrative between a marriage between West and a porn star. The song received mostly positive reviews from music critics who noted the song for its sexual subject matter.[7][8] West had first gotten into contact with Rose in 2008 and developed a romantic relationship with her. an influential electronic music project from the 1970s.[7][13] The porn star in question has been interpreted as an allusion to Amber Rose. 35 Background "Hell of a Life" was recorded in Oahu. killers.[6] Lyrically the song draws from West's relationship with model Amber Rose.[14] During the song's climax. love and religion."[23] Pitchfork Media's Ryan Dombal summarized the song. sex and romance. It charted on the South Korean Gaon Chart at position 57."[25] According to IGN's .[14] Along with "Iron Man". until no lines exist at all.

the song "contains an underscore as ambitious as the beats upfront".[31] Andrew Barber of Complex complimented the song for successfully providing an escapism fantasy. widely cited as a highlight. musing that "Kanye takes us on a spaced-out journey to a world where excess is the norm—a world most of us will never encounter.[37] The song was featured during West's setlist during his 2012 performance at Coachella. Gothic keyboards and a bender gone off the rails. concluding that tracks "Hell of a Life" and "So Appalled" alone "carry enough auditory sugar to make listening to this album on any regular sort of listening device almost a fool's errand."[30] J.[35][36] The beginning of the song is featured at the end of the dinner sequence. West performed the song with Justin Vernon of folk band Bon Iver. noting that the song "takes us further into West's dark psyche.[40][41] Vernon sang the chorus while West provided the rapping verses. but commented that it was one of the less tracks on the album ultimately. as Kanye falls hard for a porn star and spins rapidly out of control as he plans their future.[8] The song charted on South Korean Gaon Chart at position 57. a 35 minute music video directed by West set to music from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.[33] Baron Zach of The Village Voice praised the story and production of the song.Hell of a Life (song) Chad Grischow. he always opts for the latter". the track is fueled by "the fuzzed-out synth and melody borrowed from Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man'.[29] AbsolutePunk's Drew Beringer stated that the track featured a "sleazy beat". writing that "any time Kanye has to make a choice between under and overdoing something.[40] ."[28] Andy Gill of The Independent cited the song as a highlight of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.[38][39] At a concert in New York.[34] Marketing The song was also featured as in Runaway. a musician who West had extensively collaborated with on the album."[32] Sean Highkin of the website Beats Per Minute cited the sampling of "Iron Man" as one of the album's most ambitious moments. describing the song as a "brutal rumination on West's sexual appetite" and stating that the track contained a "buzzy synth motif" and "racing minimalist keyboard flourishes". stating that the song contained a "great" sample."[26] 36 Reception David Amidon of PopMatters commented that much like every song on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Tinsley The production of the song by West was of the Smoking Section described the track as an admirable effort by West." stating that "Hell of a Life" plays like it was inspired by "the latest season of Entourage."[27] Chicago Sun-Times writer Thomas Conner cited the song as one of the album's "temporary highs" describing it as a "mixture of metal strut.

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Eminem Website [johnlegend. Stephens added his voice to those of other artists. and in 2007. Kid Cudi. 1978). T. neo soul. he received the special Starlight award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Prior to the release of his debut album. Ludacris. Stephens' career gained momentum through a series of successful collaborations with multiple established artists.I. is an American singer-songwriter and actor. . Stephens played piano on Lauryn Hill's "Everything Is Everything". actor Vocals. 2010 Background information Birth name Born Origin Genres Occupations Instruments Years active Labels John Roger Stephens December 28. keyboards 2001–present GOOD.[1] It is rumoured that in 2001 Legend got his stage name from Grammy Award winning poet Carlyle. on Slum Village's "Selfish" and Dilated Peoples' "This Way". piano. He has won nine Grammy Awards. hip hop soul. Other artists included Jay-Z's "Encore".com johnlegend. after hearing his music in a Kanye West studio session at Record Plant Studios in Hollywood. Sony Music Associated acts Jay-Z.John Legend 39 John Legend John Legend John Legend. and he sang backing vocals on Alicia Keys' 2003 song "You Don't Know My Name" and Fort Minor's "High Road".com] John Roger Stephens (born December 28. jazz fusion Singer-songwriter. Ohio. United States R&B. soul. Kanye West. He lent his voice to Kanye West's "All of the Lights". Andre 3000. Frank Ocean. The Roots. better known by his stage name John Legend. assisting in them reaching chart-topper hits. 1978 Springfield. California. Lupe Fiasco..

J. Ivy continued to call him by the new moniker "John Legend. he was offered scholarships to Harvard University. in December 2004. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Stephens was also a member of the prestigious Sphinx Senior Society while an undergraduate at Penn. and boasts production from Kanye West. 2006.[12] It went on to sell 540. Stephens was introduced to Lauryn Hill by a friend. In an interview with MTV. Stephens' lead vocals on the group's recording of Joan Osborne's "One of Us" received critical acclaim[9] landing the song on the track list of the 1998 Best of Collegiate a Cappella compilation CD. In spite of John's reluctance to change his stage name from John Stephens to John Legend he eventually announced his new artist name as John Legend. also featuring Jay-Z and J.[3][4] Throughout his childhood. Kanye West's "Never Let Me Down". "I heard your music and it reminds me of that music from the old school. and thereafter began producing. He finished college in 1999. a song from her album. he helmed Counterparts. Atlanta. was "Save Room".[6] During this time. and will. Raphael Saadiq.[5] At age four. a co-ed jazz and pop a cappella group as president (1997–1998) and musical director (1998–1999).000 copies worldwide. entitled "Again". he chose his stage name from an idea that was given to him by poet J. due to what he perceived as Stephens' "old-school sound". He stated that the song was also the inspiration for the album's title.[7] The album produced two singles: "Ordinary People" which debuted at 39 on the hot 100. Get Lifted. and Washington. a factory worker and former National Guardsman.[2] He is the son of Phyllis. he said that this album contained his favorite song that he had written to date. 2004–2005: Get Lifted Stephens released his debut album. Ivy. he began working on his demo and began sending his work to various record labels.[5][10] In 2001. his parents divorced. and recording his own music.John Legend 40 Career and life 1978–2003: 20th century Early life and career beginnings Stephens was born on December 28. his self-titled demo (2000) and Live at Jimmy's Uptown (2001). eventually expanding his audience base to New York.[7][11] Stephens' vocals can be heard on several tracks including Alicia Keys' "You Don't Know My Name". When he was ten. Stephens began working as a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. that's what I'm going to call you from now on! I'm going to call you John Legend.C. and Ronald Stephens. Ivy stated. D. where he studied English with an emphasis on African American literature. Ohio. Stephens attended North High School. 2006–2007: Once Again The first single from his second album.[13][14] It has sold 850." others quickly caught on. Dilated Peoples' "This Way" and Slum Village's "Selfish". As a matter of fact. During this period. He said he came up with the idea for the song and wrote some of it while sitting on a subway. selling 12. Devo Springsteen introduced Stephens to then up-and-coming hip-hop artist Kanye West. Stephens took time to hold a number of shows around Philadelphia. It debuted at number thirteen on the billboard 200. peaking at 29 and "Used to Love U" which debuted at 45 and peaked at 30. in Springfield. The album was released October 24.[8] While in college. Ivy. While in college.am. Stephens was homeschooled on and off by his mother. . Stephens was hired to sing during the hooks of West's music. Once Again.[7] He attended the University of Pennsylvania. a seamstress.[6] He graduated salutatorian. Jay-Z's "Encore". he performed with his church choir. You sound like one of the legends. and the name stuck. from which he graduated four years later. 1978. he began playing the piano and at age seven.300 copies in the United States and was certified gold by the RIAA.i. Boston.000 copies in its first week. Hill hired him to play piano on [7] "Everything Is Everything". Georgetown University and Morehouse College.[4] At the age of 12." After J. He released two albums independently. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. He was student body president of Springfield North High School his senior year. including Kanye West. writing. After signing to West's label. which he sold at his shows. According to Stephens.

Whereas I feel I want my career to be defined by the fact that I'm NOT gonna stay in the same place. and that I'm always gonna try new things and experiment.[18] Rapper Andre 3000 of OutKast is featured on the first single of the album on a song entitled "Green Light". In March 2011 Legend and the Roots won two NAACP Image Awards – one for Outstanding Album (Wake Up!) and one for Outstanding Duo. 2012 at 8/7c. They expect you to kind of stay in the same place you were at when you started out. diaries.[29] Legend is currently a judge on the ABC music show Duets along with Kelly Clarkson. 2010. This is a cool John Legend song". I came up with the title 'Evolver'. Duets debuted on Thursday. In February 2011 John won three Grammy Awards (one by himself and two with The Roots) at the 53rd Annual Grammy Music Awards Ceremony. and speeches of everyday Americans.[19] The next single from Evolver was confirmed as "Everybody Knows".[22] 2010: Wake Up! John Legend and The Roots teamed up to record a collaborative album. because it is a lot more upbeat than John is — than people think John is. a duet with Hoots the Owl. based on historian Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States.John Legend In August 2006 Stephens appeared in an episode of Sesame Street.[20] Speaking in July 2008 to noted UK R&B writer Pete Lewis of the award-winning Blues & Soul magazine. May 24. a video for the song has been released.[25][26] "Hard Times" is the second single. 2012."[21] John Legend interviewed on the Red Carpet during the Toronto International Film Festival. The album will be produced by Legend himself. and debuted part of a new track called "Caught Up". This same production team worked on Legend's previous albums Get Lifted and Once Again. in October 2008.[16][17] 41 2008–2010: Evolver Stephens released his third studio album.[15] He also performed during the pregame show of Super Bowl XL in Detroit and the halftime show at the 2006 NBA All-Star Game.[23] Wake Up!. a documentary feature film that uses dramatic and musical performances of the letters. In the San Diego stop. "It's going to be a surprise for a lot of John Legend fans. [28] Legend was granted an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Howard University at the 144th Commencement Exercises on Saturday. He performed a song entitled "It Feels Good When You Sing a Song". as I think this album represents a manifestation of that. via his official website. along with Kanye West and Dave Tozer.[24] The first single released from the album was "Wake Up Everybody" featuring singer Melanie Fiona and rapper Common. May 12. which was released on September 21. Evolver. he explained his reasons for calling the album Evolver: "Well. Legend confirmed that he is working on his next studio album and played a new song called "Dreams". Legend won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song for "Shine". Legend's spot was originally for Lionel Richie but he had to leave the show due to a scheduling conflict.[30] . Group or Collaboration. In 2009. and he and The Roots won Grammy Awards for Best R&B Album (Wake Up!) and Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance for "Hang On In There". Legend completed a 50-date tour as a guest for British soul band Sade. 2008. Stephens performed in The People Speak. "I was actually happy to hear it. 2011–present: Tour. So. Duets TV show and Love In the Future Summer 2011. I think people sometimes come to expect certain things from certain artists." Andre insisted. he revealed the official title of the album to be Love In the Future.[27] Later. Jennifer Nettles and Robin Thicke.

It was filmed at Gulfstream Park Racetrack in Hallandale Beach. In 2006 he was featured in Sérgio Mendes's collaboration album Timeless. In 2009 he recorded a duet with Brazilian singer Ana Carolina called "pt:Entreolhares (The Way You’re Looking at Me)".000 people took a TMZ. telling E! Online.[31] Stokes claimed he gave Legend a demo of the song in 2004 following a concert at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was released on March 3. and she sings in Portuguese. The song "Ordinary People" was originally meant to be for a Black Eyed Peas project.[32] Legend denied the allegations. Teflon Don. songwriter Anthony Stokes filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against John Legend in United States District Court. In 2009 a duet version "Save Room" featuring German band Monrose. He collaborated with reggae legend Buju Banton on the track "Can't Be My Lover". Noel Schajris.John Legend 42 Plagiarism lawsuit On July 5. In 2007 he lent his vocals for the Rich Boy track "Ghetto Rich". • • • • • • • • • • • • . He collaborated with Fergie for her song "Finally" on her 2006 debut album "The Dutchess". was released under the title "Save Room (Let's Get Strictly Physical)".'s song "Slide Show" on his album Paper Trail.k. singing in Spanish along with Juanes. Triple C's. Legend's response was that he had written one song for the upcoming album but was unsure about whether Jackson would be using it. and the latter of which featured rapper Jay-Z as well.[37] He is also featured in the song "Magnificent" by Rick Ross. alleging that Legend's song "Maxine's Interlude" from his 2006 album Once Again derives from Stokes' demo "Where Are You Now". We will fight it in court and we will prevail.[34] A year later. Birdman. however. and it was directed by music video director Gil Green. it was never released as an official single. and Special Ed. He collaborated with Japanese R&B duo CHEMISTRY on their 2006 single "Tōkage". He co-wrote (and played piano on) "Move on Me" by British singer-songwriter Fin Greenall (a.I. He tentatively worked with Michael Jackson on a future album. He sings in English and Spanish. He collaborated with Mary J. When asked about this collaboration in a Dutch interview with singer and host Tommy Parker. on the bilingual version of the song "Si tu estas ahi" also known as "If You Are Out There".[35] Collaborations • • • • • • • • In 2005 Legend was featured in the Fort Minor song "High Road". Fink) from the album "Sort of Revolution" (2009). but they agreed the song fitted better sung by Legend and recorded the song after he had been signed to Columbia Records. 2011. 2009." the former of which failed to make the cut for the follow-up album. nearly 60.com poll that compared the two songs and 65% of voters believed that Legend's "Maxine's Interlude" is a rip-off of Stokes' "Where Are You Now". In the summer of 2009 he recorded a duet with ex-member of Sin Bandera.a. A music video for "Slide Show" was released on August 10. "I never heard of his song until he sued me. in the District of New Jersey. He featured in The Black Eyed Peas song "Like That". featuring a video collage. Featured in T. In 2006 he collaborated with Jay-Z on the album Kingdom Come on the song "Do U Wanna Ride". called "No Importa" (It Doesn't Matter). In 2008 he collaborated with Colombian Rock artist Juanes at the Latin Grammys.[36] He sang "The Girl is Mine" and the national anthem along with Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report. Legend confirmed that he has now settled the lawsuit with Stokes. Florida."[33] However. I would never steal anyone's song. He has plans to collaborate with British-born talent Stefan Vitalis to produce a soulful and dynamic record. The two later collaborated on the songs "Sweet Life" and "Free Mason. 2009. Blige on "King & Queen". He featured on the sixth track ("Heartbreaker") of MSTRKRFT's second album Fist of God. The track is one of the biggest mixes of R&B and Reggae/Dancehall in years. He sings in English. singing "Please Baby Don't". The music video has cameo appearances from DJ Khaled saying and wearing "We the Best!!". Ace Hood.

"Dare to Dream" is in the 2007 movie Pride. Jackson and Bernie Mac.[39] • Appeared on the season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The 2007 video for his single. singing a cover of "You Don't Know Me". • Legend sang a duet with jazz singer Cassandra Wilson.O. collaborating with fellow G. he sings a song called "I'm Your Puppet" along with Jackson and Mac. (We Just Don't Care)". performing his single "Save Room" solo at the end of the episode. as follows: • • • • "Refuge" appears on the soundtrack to the 2006 film The Second Chance.D. He later appeared with Bailey Rae in several live performances.O. • In 2010 Legend collaborated with Pink and Herbie Hancock for a recording of Peter Gabriel's song "Don't Give Up". PA.D.John Legend • Recorded a cover of the U2 song "Pride (in the name of love)" • He collaborated with Nas for the title track on DJ Khaled's 2010 album Victory. co-written by him on her 2010 album Silver Pony. and Rick Ross on the track "Maybach Curtains" on Meek Mill's debut album Dreams & Nightmares • Legend contributes to two tracks to the G. "Shine" was written for the end credits of the 2010 film Waiting for Superman.O. Music artist Teyana Taylor on a track called "Bliss" and again with her on a track called "Sin City. City of God. "Watch the Sunrise"." along with Cyhi the Prynce. • In September 2010 he collaborated with British dubstep trio Magnetic Man on a track entitled "Getting Nowhere".O. • He collaborated with Lupe Fiasco on the track "Never Forget You. singing-only role in the 2008 movie Soul Men. He also appeared on an episode of the television series Las Vegas in February 2007. . "Someday" is part of the soundtrack to the 2007 film August Rush. • In 2007 performed with John Mayer and Corinne Bailey Rae at the Grammy Awards. and Travis Scott. where he plays the deceased lead singer of a fictitious soul group that includes Samuel L. He has a supporting." • He collaborated with Kanye West on the song "Blame Game" on West's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. • He collaborated with Tiziano Ferro on the track "Karma" from Tiziano Ferro's album L'amore è una cosa semplice.A.[38] 43 Music videos and acting career His cover of Stevie Wonder's 1974 hit song "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" appeared in Will Smith/Eva Mendes' film Hitch and on the soundtrack album of the movie. Songs attributed to John Legend have appeared in feature films. Malik Yusef. • He collaborated with Meek Mill. which featured on Hancock's album The Imagine Project. Endeavors Television appearances and commercials • Performed "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch at the 2006 Major League Baseball All Star Game in Pittsburgh. features Alexandre Rodrigues and Alice Braga from the critically acclaimed film. • He collaborated with Lil Wayne on the track "So Special" on Wayne's album Tha Carter IV.D. Nas. "P. • He collaborated with Mariah Carey in 2011 on a duet version of her holiday track "When Christmas Comes" from her 2010 album Merry Christmas II You. Music collaborative album Cruel Summer (2012). Although he has no real dialogue in the film.

[40] • Performed "America The Beautiful" at WrestleMania XXIV on March 30. 2010. singing James Taylor's "Shower the People" with James Taylor and Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. • On August 23. Evening Gown segment. served as commencement speaker for the University of Pennsylvania's 2009 graduation ceremonies. He is also notable for performing closing music in many of Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs' keynote presentations. 44 . in Philadelphia. 2010. • On June 12. • In 2008 performed several numbers live in front of tens of thousands of fans during the "Welcome to America" July 4 celebration on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. in Las Vegas. • Appeared to perform the song in duet with Colombian rock singer Juanes during the 9th Annual Latin Grammy Awards at the Toyota Center in Houston. and she televised the speech the following [44] Tuesday. The version they performed was sung mostly in Spanish by both singers. • On October 30. performed "The Girl Is Mine" with Stephen Colbert. performed at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear with The Roots. co-hosted ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning on the ESPN2/ESPN Radio simulcast with Mike Greenberg. May 19. 2008. with only a few lines in English. • Appeared on CNN Heroes 2008. Nevada. Returned to The Colbert Report on April 14. performed at the We Are One:The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. • Performed at the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Launch party at LAX in Las Vegas on February 12. • On Sunday. January 18. May 17. He was a member of the panel and performed "If You're Out There" at the end of the show. • On Sunday. Won That: The Returnification of the Ameri-Can-Do Troopscape. Texas on November 13. "Everybody Knows" from his album. Evolver. 2008. produced by will. performed at the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant. 2008. in which Legend is shown listening to Nina Simone's "Backlash Blues" (recorded live in Paris. • On October 27." The commercial was shown during online streaming episodes of NBC programs. 2011. 2008. 2010. He sung "Coming Home" from his 2006 album Once Again.John Legend • Appeared in a recent commercial for a Lexus SUV. 2009. 2008 at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. • Performed at the 2009 NBA All-Star Game halftime show on February 15. • Performed at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver in September 2008. John performed his song. He sat in for Mike Golic. opening the show's week in Philadelphia. 1968. • On Friday. February 13. 2009. 2008. which was taped November 22. 2009. performing "The Star-Spangled Banner" with Stephen Colbert. He later appeared in Colbert's Christmas special A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All. 2009. Florida.am called "Yes We Can".[41] • In a 2008 Target commercial performed a piece of his song "Slow Dance" to pitch his new album "available exclusively at Target. Amy Goodman happened to be in the audience. singing "Down to Earth" nominated for Best [42][43] Original Song. • In January 2008 sang in a video for Barack Obama. • On an episode of The Colbert Report which aired March 7. performed the American National Anthem for the 2010 World Series opener.i. His fourth appearance aired September 9. and was televised November 27. 2009. • On February 24. Legend appeared on the season 2 finale of Royal Pains. PA. 2009. It was a remake of the Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney hit. on The Great Show LP) and describing his experience with the music. • Appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher on October 31. 2010. he was a guest and performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 2009. • Performed at the 81st Academy Awards on February 22. where he performed an ode to nutmeg. 2008. when he performed a tribute to returning American troops in the second half of the two-part special Been There. 2009 on Democracy Now!.

2012. 2007. health. The Gap's contribution to their global fund from the sale of each (2 WEEKS) t-shirt is equivalent to the average cost of 2 weeks of anti-retroviral medicine in Africa. performing "Ordinary People". LA) one of the most devastated areas hit by Hurricane Katrina. Germany. who helped organize the concert. an initiative to raise support and awareness for five cornerstones essential to men: opportunity. he participated in the Jazz Open Festival in Stuttgart. to give a free benefit concert in support of . with Amy Winehouse. prospects of victims of extreme poverty in Mbola. Ohio. In October 2007 he became involved with a project sponsored by The Gap. Stephens was inspired to visit Ghana to learn more about making life better for the people who live under the poverty line. which enables people living with HIV to lead healthy. The performance also featured a tribute to Jason Collier. normal lives. He spent a day folding laundry at the Tide "clean start" mobile laundromat and visited homes which Tide is helping to rebuild in that community. he participated in the Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux. 2008. In 2007 Stephens was the spokesman for GQ Magazine's "Gentlemen's Fund". including Legend's younger brother Vaughn Anthony Stephens. In May 2007 he partnered with Tide laundry detergent to raise awareness about the need of families in St.[45] through which his fans are Legend performs during the first night of the encouraged to donate funds toward improving the living situations and 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. After reading Professor Jeffrey Sachs' book. On July 11. with India. a retail clothing store chain in the United States. Tanzania. Switzerland. The Show Me Campaign google . • On May 20. and proceeds went to a scholarship fund set up in his name for [46] local high schoolers. On July 8. talking mostly about voting suppression in the run up to the United States presidential election. Bernard Parish. is another example of Stephens' charitable involvement. he also performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Barack Obama Legend returns to his hometown of Springfield. Ohio on Christmas Eve 2007 for a "Coming Home Christmas Benefit Concert" in the auditorium of North High School. he began touring with Professor Jeff Sachs of Columbia University's Earth Institute to promote sustainable development as an achievable goal. Legend appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher. education. Through their "project red campaign" (also called "2 WEEKS"). He sang "Green Light" and "If You're Out There".John Legend • Interviewed by host John Jacobsen as the third guest on the first season of PBS television's The Artist Toolbox. Stephens called on his fans to help him in his initiative for those who reside in Bossaso Village and non-profit organizations that the campaign partners with. Legend and Jordin Sparks performed a tribute to Whitney Houston at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. 45 Charitable endeavors and philanthropy On July 7. (Slidell. Colorado. In early 2008. The End of Poverty. The performance featured several local talent from Springfield. 2012. On September 21. UK in conjunction with the Peace One Day concert. 2007. • On September 14. With this campaign. environment. This is when he started his "Show Me Campaign" in 2007. Stephens returned to his hometown of Springfield. he participated in the Live Earth concert in London. 2012.Arie. and justice. 2007.

John Legend joined the national board of Teach For America. Legend greeted each individual on their way out and took pictures with fans. Lucy Woodward and The James Gang. This allowed John Legend Network members to be the first to hear the new songs. "Fan Appreciation" events On July 26. he performed "Coming Home" on the Colbert Report as a tribute song for the end of combat operations in Iraq.[49] Legend also sits on the boards of The Education Equality Project. He serves as co-chair (with Rupert Murdoch) of the Harlem Village Academies’ National Leadership Board.[47] Stephens claims to have contributed a share of the proceeds of some tickets for his August 13. Homeschool Records to his John Legend Network fans: Estelle. John Legend was appointed by the World Economic Forum to the Forum of Young Global Leaders. .John Legend In 2009 Stephens gave AIDS Service Center NYC permission to remix his song "If You're Out There" to create a music video promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and testing. his brother. the University of Pennsylvania. at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. he performed a half-hour set list in support of Barack Obama in his hometown of Springfield. On February 8. 2007." The album is a follow-up to the 1996 "Red Hot+Rio. On September 9. Vaughn Anthony Stephens. Legend performed and spoke at Arizona State University's Gammage Auditorium in Tempe. 2008. 2012.[50] In 2011. he contributed the track "Love I've Never Known" to the Red Hot Organization's most recent album "Red Hot+Rio 2. and for the active troops and the veterans of the United States Armed Forces. 2009. MLT is a national non-profit organization that has made ground-breaking progress assisting the next generation of African American. After the party.[48] On September 8. concert at Madison Square Garden to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Also. Stephens is also the National spokesperson for and has performed benefit concerts for "Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT). 2010. 2008. Harmonicist Frederic Yonnet performed as a special guest.[52] He later performed "If You're Out There" from the album Evolver and a duet of will. On July 25. 2010. he performed "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" on the Hope for Haiti Now telethon show.[53] John Legend planned another annual private event for his fans who are members of the John Legend Network called "John Legend Unplugged". Legend performed a 21-song set list. 2010. including several songs from his Evolver album. On March 6. on behalf of the Barack Obama Presidential campaign in April 2008. as well as at The Ohio State University and Wright State University campuses on September 29. There were 500 participants in attendance and he introduced the acts from his new label. non-profit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures. Colorado. He performed and spoke at his alma mater. Hispanic and Native American leaders in major corporations. Stephens hosted a John Legend Network Members Only Party and Concert called "The Kings & Queens Bash" at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. On January 22.i." Proceeds from the album sales will be donated to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS/HIV and related health and social issues.[51] 46 Endorsements Stephens is currently a spokesperson for the Baileys line of alcoholic beverages. and Stand for Children. [54] Arizona for a Black History Month event presented by the Undergraduate Student Government of ASU. He also spoke on behalf of The Polka Dotz at Milwaukee's 2008 German Fest. 2011. the Harlem Village Academies. Tuberculosis and Malaria.am's "Yes We Can" at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

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OttawaAC. Rocket000.mattfield.Image Sources.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:John_Legend.svg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.org/w/index.wikipedia.wikipedia. United States File:Kanye Coachella 2011.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.Live Femme Fatale 9. 7 anonymous edits File:Star half.php?title=File:Nicki_Minaj_-_Live_Femme_Fatale_9. Original uploader was Qqqqqq at en.org/w/index.0  Contributors: tamtam7683 from Southeast Michigan. Licenses and Contributors 52 Image Sources. Tabercil Image:John Legend DNC 2008.svg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: GNU Free Documentation License  Contributors: Mfield.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.0  Contributors: Morhange (talk) .php?title=File:John_Legend_Red_Carpet_TIFF_2008.JPG  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.php?title=File:Kanyewestdec2008.JPG  Source: http://en.svg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Star_half.svg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.php?title=File:Star_empty.wikipedia.wikipedia.php?title=File:The_RZA_at_New_Yorker. Materialscientist. Juiced lemon.php?title=File:Star_full.org/w/index.com File:John Legend.0  Contributors: InfoMofo/ Will File:John Legend Red Carpet TIFF 2008.jpg  Source: http://en. Licenses and Contributors File:Star full. Tiptoety.0  Contributors: FlickreviewR.wikipedia. LupEnd007 File:Kanyewestdec2008.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.5  Contributors: User:Conti File:The RZA at New Yorker.org/w/index.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Conti from the original images by User:RedHotHeat File:Star empty. Sarang.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:John_Legend_DNC_2008.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.photography.org/w/index.0  Contributors: Jordan Davis File:Nicki Minaj . http://www.org/w/index.0  Contributors: Qqqqqq (talk).jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Kanye_Coachella_2011.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.org/w/index.0  Contributors: FlickreviewR. Matthew Field.php?title=File:John_legend_in_springfield.5  Contributors: Conti. Magasjukur2.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.wikipedia Image:John legend in springfield.wikipedia.

0/ .0 Unported //creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.License 53 License Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.

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