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Secretariat (horse) - Unabridged Guide

Secretariat (horse) - Unabridged Guide

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Complete, Unabridged Guide to Secretariat (horse). Get the information you need--fast! This comprehensive guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. It's all you need. Here's part of the content - you would like to know it all? Delve into this book today!..... : He had a fine balance between speed and stamina, and though he finished fourth in the 1957 Kentucky Derby at a mile and a quarter, Bold Ruler won the Preakness two weeks later at a mile and three sixteenths, and won three major stakes at the Derby's 10-furlong distance. ... Only four horses competed against Secretariat for the June 9, 1973, running of the Belmont Stakes, including Sham, who had finished second in both the Derby and Preakness, along with three other horses thought to have little chance by the bettors: Twice A Prince, My Gallant, and Private Smiles. ...At the finish, he won by 31 lengths (breaking the margin-of-victory record set by Triple Crown winner Count Fleet in 1943, who won by 25 lengths), and ran the fastest 1½ miles on dirt in history, 2:24 flat, which broke the stakes record by more than two seconds. ...He then won the inaugural Marlboro Cup against a field that included Secretariat's stablemate, the 1972 Derby and Belmont Stakes winner Riva Ridge, top California stakes winner Cougar II, Canadian champion Kennedy Road, Onion, Travers winner Annihilate 'Em, and the 1972 American champion three-year-old male horse Key to the Mint. There is absolutely nothing that isn't thoroughly covered in the book. It is straightforward, and does an excellent job of explaining all about Secretariat (horse) in key topics and material. There is no reason to invest in any other materials to learn about Secretariat (horse). You'll understand it all.Inside the Guide: Secretariat (horse), Claiborne Farm, Circulatory system of the horse, Christopher Chenery, Chic Anderson, Charismatic (horse), Champagne Stakes (United States), Caroline County, Virginia, Canadian International Stakes, Canadian Bound, Bold Ruler, Bold Forbes, Blood-Horse magazine List of the Top 100 U.S. Racehorses of the 20th Century, Beyer Speed Figure, Bernardini, Belmont Stakes, Belmont Futurity Stakes, Bay Shore Stakes, Arthur B. Hancock, Jr., Annihilate 'Em, Animal Kingdom (horse), American Horse of the Year, American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt, American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse, American Champion Male Turf Horse, Afleet Alex, Affirmed, A.P. Indy
Complete, Unabridged Guide to Secretariat (horse). Get the information you need--fast! This comprehensive guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. It's all you need. Here's part of the content - you would like to know it all? Delve into this book today!..... : He had a fine balance between speed and stamina, and though he finished fourth in the 1957 Kentucky Derby at a mile and a quarter, Bold Ruler won the Preakness two weeks later at a mile and three sixteenths, and won three major stakes at the Derby's 10-furlong distance. ... Only four horses competed against Secretariat for the June 9, 1973, running of the Belmont Stakes, including Sham, who had finished second in both the Derby and Preakness, along with three other horses thought to have little chance by the bettors: Twice A Prince, My Gallant, and Private Smiles. ...At the finish, he won by 31 lengths (breaking the margin-of-victory record set by Triple Crown winner Count Fleet in 1943, who won by 25 lengths), and ran the fastest 1½ miles on dirt in history, 2:24 flat, which broke the stakes record by more than two seconds. ...He then won the inaugural Marlboro Cup against a field that included Secretariat's stablemate, the 1972 Derby and Belmont Stakes winner Riva Ridge, top California stakes winner Cougar II, Canadian champion Kennedy Road, Onion, Travers winner Annihilate 'Em, and the 1972 American champion three-year-old male horse Key to the Mint. There is absolutely nothing that isn't thoroughly covered in the book. It is straightforward, and does an excellent job of explaining all about Secretariat (horse) in key topics and material. There is no reason to invest in any other materials to learn about Secretariat (horse). You'll understand it all.Inside the Guide: Secretariat (horse), Claiborne Farm, Circulatory system of the horse, Christopher Chenery, Chic Anderson, Charismatic (horse), Champagne Stakes (United States), Caroline County, Virginia, Canadian International Stakes, Canadian Bound, Bold Ruler, Bold Forbes, Blood-Horse magazine List of the Top 100 U.S. Racehorses of the 20th Century, Beyer Speed Figure, Bernardini, Belmont Stakes, Belmont Futurity Stakes, Bay Shore Stakes, Arthur B. Hancock, Jr., Annihilate 'Em, Animal Kingdom (horse), American Horse of the Year, American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt, American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse, American Champion Male Turf Horse, Afleet Alex, Affirmed, A.P. Indy

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Secretariat (horse)


Secretariat (horse)
Secretariat during his retirement as photographed by Dell Hancock. Sire Bold Ruler

Grandsire Nasrullah Dam Damsire Sex Foaled Country Colour Breeder Owner Trainer Record Earnings Somethingroyal Princequillo Stallion 1970 United States Chestnut Christopher Chenery. Racing colors: Blue, white blocks, white stripes on sleeves, blue cap. Christopher Chenery, Penny Chenery Lucien Laurin 21:16-3-1 $1,316,808 Major wins Sanford Stakes (1972) Hopeful Stakes (1972) Futurity Stakes (1972) Laurel Futurity (1972) Garden State Futurity (1972) Bay Shore Stakes (1973) Gotham Stakes (1973) Arlington Invitational (1973) Marlboro Cup (1973) Man o' War Stakes (1973) Canadian International (1973) Triple Crown race wins: Kentucky Derby (1973) Preakness Stakes (1973) Belmont Stakes (1973) Awards 9th U.S. Triple Crown Champion (1973) American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt (1972) American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse (1973) American Champion Male Turf Horse (1973) American Horse of the Year (1972, 1973) Leading broodmare sire in North America (1992) Honours

and "Bull" Hancock of Claiborne Farms as a way to get the very best mares for Bold Ruler. This meant he would be bred mainly to Phipps' mares and not many of his offspring would find their way to the auction ring. As stated in the original agreement. but could only take one. Ontario Horse (Equus ferus caballus) Last updated on April 6. 2009 2 Secretariat (March 30. He raced in Chenery's Meadow Stable's blue and white checkered colors and his groom was Eddie Sweat. Owned by Penny Chenery. to add well-bred fillies to their own broodmare band. a colt and filly were the result. 1989) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse that in 1973 became the first U. and the Belmont Stakes (2:24) — records that still stand today. Secretariat was a large chestnut colt and was given the same nickname. while the loser would get the other two. the winner of the coin toss could pick the foal he wanted. the owner of Bold Ruler. The idea of a coin toss came from Phipps. Racehorses of the 20th Century Statue at Belmont Park & Kentucky Horse Park Secretariat Stakes at Arlington Park Secretariat Street in Napa. He had a fine balance between speed and stamina. he was trained by Lucien Laurin and mainly ridden by Canadian jockey Ron Turcotte. by Princequillo. in his racing prime. Only one foal resulted between Bold Ruler and Somethingroyal. is also the great-great-grandsire of 1977 Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew.[4] After his racing career. Racehorses of the 20th Century. ranking second behind Man o' War in The Blood-Horse's List of the Top 100 U. In 1968. along with apprentice jockey Paul Feliciano (first two races). but still was controlled by the Phipps family. leaving Chenery with the colt out of Hasty Matelda and the unborn foal of Somethingroyal. Both parties assumed Somethingroyal would deliver a healthy foal in the spring of 1970.Secretariat (horse) U.S.4). Hasty Matelda was replaced by Cicada. He set race records in all three events in the Series — the Kentucky Derby (1:59. He was foaled at The Meadow in Caroline County. they would claim one of two foals produced by the mare he bred in successive seasons or two mares he bred in the same season. Virginia. Who obtained which foal or even received first pick would be decided by a flip of [5][6] a coin. Background The story of Secretariat began with the toss of a coin in 1969 between Penny Chenery of Meadow Stud and Ogden Phipps of Wheatley Stable. Secretariat stood approximately 16.[6] . and won three major stakes at the Derby's 10-furlong distance. Chenery sent two mares named Hasty Matelda and Somethingroyal to Bold Ruler.175 pounds (533 kg)." Secretariat's grandsire. the Preakness Stakes (1:53).[2][3] He is considered to be one of the greatest Thoroughbreds of all time. Phipps won the toss and took the weanling filly out of Somethingroyal. Phipps and Hancock agreed to forgo stud fees for Bold Ruler. California Secretariat Street in Howell. and in 1969. Bold Ruler was considered one of the important stallions of his time. with Hancock as witness. Secretariat was sired by Bold Ruler out of Somethingroyal. with a 75-inch girth. and when the toss went their way.S. Bold Ruler was retired to Claiborne Farms. Like his famous predecessor Man o' War. Postage Stamp (1999) [1] #2 – Top 100 U.S. "Big Red.S. Racing Hall of Fame (1974) Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame (2007) U. In 1969. but she did not conceive.S. 168 cm) tall.2 hands (66 inches. instead. 1970 – October 4. Bold Ruler won the Preakness two weeks later at a mile and three sixteenths. and weighed 1. Triple Crown champion in 25 years. and though he finished fourth in the 1957 Kentucky Derby at a mile and a quarter. New Jersey Secretariat Court in Mississauga. The coin toss between Penny Chenery and Ogden Phipps was held in the fall of 1969 in the office of New York Racing Association Chairman Alfred Vanderbilt II. and veteran Eddie Maple (last race). Nasrullah.

winning by eight lengths over Stop the Music.m. Favorite Trick in 1997. had submitted 5 names to the Jockey Club.) Secretariat broke last. and completed his season with a win in the Garden State Futurity. . equalling the track record. in a rare occurrence. Following an inquiry by the racecourse stewards. for which he started favorite and won by two lengths. he made a huge move. 232⁄5. which was declared the winner. the Sanford Stakes and Hopeful Stakes at Saratoga Race Course. two two-year-olds topped the balloting for 1972 American Horse of the Year honors with Secretariat edging out the filly.[14] On his way to a still-standing track record (1:592⁄5). No other horse had won the Derby in less than 2 minutes until Monarchos in 2001. Secretariat led wire-to-wire for the first time in his career. Secretariat won the Eclipse Award for American Champion Two-Year-Old Male Horse and. (Sham was next at 5–2. Secretariat finished fourth. much as a sprinter with a pebble in his shoe. Secretariat received the votes of the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of North America and the "Daily Racing Form".[12] Preparing for the Kentucky Derby Secretariat started off his three-year-old year with an easy win in the Bay Shore Stakes at Aqueduct. the Gotham Stakes. By the time the colt was a yearling. a name Ham herself picked from a previous career association – "Secretariat". 1972. Elizabeth Ham. 1973. in his next start. has won that award as a two-year-old. Secretariat was disqualified and placed second for bearing in and interfering with Stop the Music.[7][8] 3 Two-year-old season On July 4. he was still unnamed. beaten 1¼ lengths. In his next start. in his first race at Aqueduct Racetrack when he was impeded at the start. This means he was still accelerating as of the final quarter-mile of the race.[10] Secretariat then took the Laurel Futurity.[13] The Triple Crown The Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs bettors made the entry of Secretariat and Angle Light the 3–2 favorite in the 1973 Kentucky Derby. 234⁄5. Approval finally came with the 6th submission. Our Native finished eight lengths further back in third. La Prevoyante. but gradually moved up on the field in the backstretch. forced to take up on the backstretch and then could not make up the ground.Secretariat (horse) On March 30. In the Hopeful. then overtook Sham at the top of the stretch. and 23.Because of the Wood Memorial results. and the Futurity Stakes at Belmont Park. including three important two-year-old stakes races. 24. while La Prevoyante was chosen by the National Turf Writers Association. at 12:10 a. The successive quarter-mile times were 251⁄5.[11] Only one horse since then. His loss was due to a large abscess in his mouth. he finished third in the Wood Memorial to his stablemate Angle Light and Santa Anita Derby winner Sham. However. Sham was at the top of the list in the Louisville Courier-Journal and Times Derby Ratings on April 22. Secretariat then won five races in a row.[9] He then ran in the Champagne Stakes at Belmont. Somethingroyal foaled a bright-red chestnut colt with three white socks and a star with a narrow blaze. Meadow Stable's secretary. some were considering Sham the top pick for the Kentucky Derby. Secretariat ran each quarter-mile segment faster than the one before it. passing eight horses in 1/4 mile to take the lead and then drawing off to win by five lengths. He ran the first 3/4 of a mile in 1:083⁄5 and finished the one mile race in 1:332⁄5. in their final preparatory race for the Kentucky Derby. all of which were denied for various reasons. pulling away to win the Derby by 21⁄2 lengths.. After that loss.

And then before you could make out what it was. The Daily Racing Form then announced that it would honor the commission's ruling with regard to the running time. which managed the Pimlico racetrack and is responsible for maintaining Preakness records.[15] The Preakness Stakes In the Preakness Stakes. However. 2012. announced a hand time of 1:542⁄ . . again with Sham finishing second and Our Native third. McLean Jr. and with Secretariat expected to win. The Maryland Jockey Club. He would have had the Triple Crown in another year.[3] As Secretariat prepared for the Belmont Stakes. I think. The infield teletimer displayed a time of 1:55. he won by 31 lengths (breaking the margin-of-victory record set by Triple Crown winner Count Fleet in 1943. No one had ever seen anything run like that .20 payout on a $2 ticket and paid at 20 cents more – $2. On June 19. That was. discarded both the electronic and Daily Racing Form times and recognized 1:542⁄5 as the official time. However. in your peripheral vision. in admiration: "I was at Secretariat's Derby. After over two hours of testimony.Secretariat (horse) 4 A Sportswriter's Account of Secretariat's Derby Race Sportswriter Mike Sullivan said. like. for the first time in history. but then made a huge. At the finish. And it just didn't seem like there could be anything faster than that. I was covering the second-place horse. After the six-furlong mark. CBS Television announcer Chic Anderson's described the horse's pace in a famous commentary: "Secretariat is widening now! He is moving like a tremendous machine!"[17] In the stretch.605. the commission unanimously voted to change the time of Secretariat's win from 1:542⁄5 to 1:53.a lot of the old guys said the same thing. including Sham. Secretariat continued the fast pace and opened up a larger and larger margin on the field. The Pimlico Race Course clocker. no "show" bets were taken.. With so few horses in the race. you know? He started in last place. Daily Racing Form. Secretariat and Sham set a fast early pace. Secretariat opened a 1/16 mile lead on the rest of the field. The thing you have to understand is that Sham was fast. And all of a sudden there was this. . which wound up being Sham. My Gallant.T. two Daily Racing Form 5 clockers claimed the time was 1:532⁄5. Secretariat was sent off as a 1–10 favorite to win as a $2. It was like he was some other animal out there. The Belmont Stakes Only four horses competed against Secretariat for the June 9.40 – to place. printed its own clocking of 1:532⁄5 next to the official time in the chart of the race. and Private Smiles. who won by 25 lengths). he appeared on the covers of three national magazines: Time. He had become a national celebrity. who had finished second in both the Derby and Preakness. last-to-first move on the first turn.. E. who hired companies to conduct a forensic review of the videotapes of the race. though this is not a reliable method of timing a horse race at the time. ultimately finishing last. just a disruption in the corner of your eye. . The time of the race was controversial. Tapes of Secretariat and Cañonero II were played side by side by CBS. After reaching the lead with 51⁄2 furlongs to go. in '73. and Sports Illustrated. more or less. and won by 2½ lengths.. It was over. which he tended to do. opening ten lengths on the rest of the field. 1973.just beauty.[16] Before a crowd of 67. It looked like Sham's race going into the last turn. Everybody was watching him. here Secretariat came. he was never challenged. and Secretariat got to the finish line first on tape. which would have broken the track record (1:54 by Cañonero II). establishing a new stakes record. a special meeting of the Maryland Racing Commission was convened at Laurel Park at the request of Penny Chenery. Sham began to tire. And then Secretariat had passed him. Secretariat broke last. a beautiful horse. running of the Belmont Stakes. Newsweek. along with three other horses thought to have little chance by the bettors: Twice A Prince. The track's electronic timer had malfunctioned because of damage caused by members of the crowd crossing the track to reach the infield.

1995 winner of the G1 Pacific Classic.[22] He then won the inaugural Marlboro Cup against a field that included Secretariat's stablemate. Onion. Onion led from the start and led Secretariat by a head on the final turn before pulling ahead in the straight to win by a length. Secretariat won 16 of his 21 career races.[24] Following his defeat by Prove Out Secretariat was moved to turf for the Man O' War Stakes over (11⁄2 miles). Secretariat was brought to Aqueduct Racetrack where he was paraded before fans in his final public appearance. the highest he has ever assigned. who pulled clear to win by 41⁄2 lengths. no other horse has ever broken 2:25 for 1½ miles on dirt.20 on a $2 bet). 2:24 flat.[28] Altogether. Secretariat led into the straight but was overtaken by Prove Out. Canada on October 28. a four-year-old gelding. born in 1990 to Secretariat's last crop. and won Eclipse Awards as the American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse and the American Champion Male Turf Horse. which broke the course record in Australia's richest race. the value of Secretariat's offspring declined considerably.[25] Secretariat's owner entered into a syndication deal that precluded the horse racing past age three.5 million.808. Secretariat returned to Belmont for the 11⁄2 mile Woodward Stakes in which he was matched against the Allen Jerkens-trained. After the race. with three seconds and one third. then a world record for the distance.316 today. Ron Turcotte explained that "when Tentam came up to him in the backstretch I just chirped to him and he pulled away". 5 After the Triple Crown Three weeks after his win at Belmont. with Big Spruce seven and a half lengths further back in third. and the first in 25 years. with total earnings of $1. including 1986 Horse of the Year Lady's Secret. Racing against older horses for the first time he was beaten by the Allen Jerkens-trained Onion. Secretariat ran 1:452⁄5 for 11⁄8 miles. who was the first Thoroughbred yearling racehorse ever sold for more than US$1 million. Secretariat's last race[26][27] was against older horses in the Canadian International Stakes over one and five-eighths miles at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. selling for $1.[21] Secretariat became the ninth Triple Crown winner in history. With Ron Turcotte out with a five-day suspension.[18][19] This works out to a speed of 37.617 winning parimutuel tickets on Secretariat never redeemed them. At the 1976 Keeneland July sale. At age three. 1988 Preakness and Belmont Stakes winner Risen Star.000 witnessed what was described as an "astonishing" upset. He went to Saratoga. and easily won the Arlington Invitational at Arlington Park. If the Beyer Speed Figure calculation had been developed during that time. the 1972 Derby and Belmont Stakes winner Riva Ridge. Travers winner Annihilate 'Em.316. Secretariat shipped to Chicago. Secretariat sired Canadian Bound. so for several years. 1973. However. which broke the stakes record by more than two seconds.[19] As part of his first crop at stud. After the race.126.[20] Bettors holding 5. 1990 Melbourne Cup winner Kingston Rule.5 mph for his entire performance. Tinners Way. Racing on a sloppy track. Secretariat set a track record time of 2:244⁄5. the auction bidding for Canadian Bound broke the $1 million barrier. Canadian champion Kennedy Road. Andrew Beyer calculated that Secretariat would have earned a figure of 139. He won by five lengths from Tentam. for the Whitney Stakes. . Eddie Maple rode Secretariat to victory by 61⁄2 lengths. and the 1972 American champion three-year-old male horse Key to the Mint. A record crowd of over 30. and the 1994.[30] Canadian Bound was a complete failure in racing. Accordingly. he eventually sired a number of major stakes winners. four-year-old Prove Out.Secretariat (horse) and ran the fastest 1½ miles on dirt in history. equal to $6.[23] In September. top California stakes winner Cougar II. presumably keeping them as souvenirs (and because they paid only $2.[29] Honors and retirement Breeding rights were sold for Secretariat before he won the Triple Crown. Secretariat was again named Horse of the Year. Secretariat's record still stands.

[31] In the 20th century. However. the highest of three non-humans on the list (the other two were also racehorses: Man o' War at 84th and Citation at 97th). There were no problems with it. A necropsy revealed his heart was significantly larger than that of an ordinary horse. linked to a genetic condition passed down via the dam line. and of Gone West. When his condition failed to improve after a month of treatment. usually only the head. 1?". Secretariat was inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame. Seattle Slew. due in part to his perceived inability to produce male offspring of his same caliber. At the time of Secretariat's death. the heart of Phar Lap was weighed and also documented to be 6. through his daughter Secrettame. the U. and sired by another Triple Crown winner. and hooves of a winning race horse are buried. the veterinarian who performed the necropsy. did not weigh Secretariat's heart.[31] or about two-and-three-quarters times as large as that of the average horse. and the rest of the body is cremated. in the winner's circle at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington. General Assembly never duplicated that performance in the races that remained on his schedule. We couldn’t believe it.[31][33][34][35] The x-factor can be traced to the historic racehorse Eclipse. he turned out to be a noted broodmare sire. he appeared in ESPN Classic's show "Who's No. being the maternal grandsire ("damsire") of 1992 Horse of the Year and successful sire A. head pathologist at the University of Kentucky. Swerczek did weigh Sham's heart. Kentucky.2 kg). "We just stood there in stunned silence.4 kg). heart.35 kilograms (14 lb). Like Secretariat in the Belmont. In the list of "Greatest Sports Performances" (by individual athletes). Posthumous recognition On October 16. and it was 18 pounds (8. known as the "x-factor". It was just this huge engine. 1999. Indy. Andrew Beyer has said General Assembly's speed figure in that race was one of the fastest in history. Dr. Postal Service honored Secretariat. he estimated Secretariat's heart probably weighed 22 pounds (10 kg). Secretariat was retired at three years old and General Assembly at four. through his daughter Terlingua.[31] 6 Death In the fall of 1989. ESPN listed him 35th of the 100 greatest North American athletes of the 20th century. the first filly to win at Belmont since 1905.[31] An extremely large heart is a trait that occasionally occurs in Thoroughbreds. On May 2. Secretariat's genetic legacy may be linked in part to the likelihood that he carried the "x-factor" (a trait linked to a large heart. but stated. who died in 1993. it was weighed. In 2005.[32] Popular both as a Triple Crown champion and in retirement. almost twice the normal weight. Because Eclipse's heart appeared to be much larger than other horses. Secretariat is also the damsire of the great stallions Storm Cat (by Storm Bird). the horse was the only nonhuman on the list.S. herself an excellent racemare. and pedigree research verified that Secretariat traces in his dam line to a daughter of Eclipse. Secretariat sired as many as 600 foals. which won the 1979 Travers Stakes at Saratoga while setting a still-standing race record of 2:00 flat. Based on Sham's measurement. given the rare honor of being buried whole. There has been some criticism of Secretariat as a stallion. The heart was perfect. with his run at Belmont ranking second behind Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game. and found to be 14 pounds (6.Secretariat (horse) He also sired General Assembly. unveiling a 33-cent postage stamp with his image. he was euthanized on October 4 at the age of 19. Ultimately. Swerczek also performed a necropsy on Sham. marking the first time an animal received . Secretariat was afflicted with laminitis--a painful and often incurable hoof condition."[32] Later. Thomas Swerczek. a trait Secretariat could only pass on via his daughters. Secretariat was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 1974.[36] or essentially the same size as that of Eclipse. which was necropsied after his death in 1789. the year following his Triple Crown. carried only on the X chromosome) and thus. Eclipse is believed to have passed the trait on via his daughters. 2007. AP Indy is the sire of 2007 Belmont Stakes winner Rags to Riches. and having necropsied both horses. Secretariat was mourned by millions and buried at Claiborne Farm in Paris.P. Secretariat is also the great-grandsire of Giant's Causeway through his grandson Storm Cat and daughter Terlingua. Secretariat's grandson through his daughter Weekend Surprise.

2012.[39] 7 Pedigree Pedigree of Secretariat Sire Bold Ruler dkb/br. Retrieved 2012-06-20.2912731& dq=secretariat+ champagne-stakes& hl=en). the 2010 Horse of the Year. Books. [4] "The Bold Ruler Handicap" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved May 24.com. Retrieved 2012-06-20. October 16 1972. com/ newspapers?id=185JAAAAIBAJ& sjid=GR0NAAAAIBAJ& pg=5842. theboomermagazine. 1940 b. drf. . Retrieved June 19.Secretariat (horse) this honor. "Secretariat awarded Preakness record at 1:53 after review" (http:/ / www. 2011.com. Kate and Ladin. . 1952 Cosquilla Rose Prince Indolence Papyrus Quick Thought Imperatrice dkb/br.[38] A new award created in 2011 titled "Secretariat Vox Populi" (voice of the people) was presented by Penny Chenery to the first honoree. Zenyatta. Leeanne. com/ newspapers?id=82xkAAAAIBAJ& sjid=GX0NAAAAIBAJ& pg=2477. . . Retrieved 2012-06-20. com/ component/ content/ article/ 39-featured/ 556-secretariat-and-penny-the-inspiring-story-of-virginias-horse-racing-legend-and-the-woman-who-championed-him-emerges-in-a-new-movie-and-book. . [5] Tweedy. was released on October 8. 1938 Cinquepace Caruso Polymelian Sweet Music Brown Bud [40] Assignation (Family 2-S) References [1] "Thoroughbred Champions: Top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century" (http:/ / books. August 27 1972. 2010. html). . com/ news/ secretariat-awarded-preakness-record-153-after-review). [9] "Secretariat nabs win" (http:/ / news. Matt (June 19. Theboomermagazine. California Thoroughbred. 1954 Nasrullah b.google. com/ news/ penny-chenerys-life-unscripted) [7] Tweedy. [10] "Stop the Music wins disqualification" (http:/ / news. Secretatiat's Meadow 2010 Dementi Milestone Publishing ISBN 978-0-9827019-0-4 [6] Penny Chenery's Life Unscripted (http:/ / www. com/ aqueduct/ stakes/ BoldRuler. . a Disney live-action film written by Mike Rich and directed by Randall Wallace. Secretatiat's Meadow 2010 Dementi Milestone Publishing ISBN 978-0-9827019-0-4 [8] "Secretariat and Penny" (http:/ / www. Modesto Bee. This annual award will acknowledge the horse that brings the most excitement and attraction to the sport. nyra. 1940 Nearco b. Retrieved 2012-06-20. New York Racing Association. Calgary Herald.3012228& dq=secretariat+ hopeful-stakes& hl=en). [2] "Sham: In the Shadow of a Superhorse" (http:/ / www. 2012. Kate and Ladin. google. 2000-10-25. shtml). 2012). 1944 Outdone Discovery Display Ariadne Pompey Sweep Out Dam Princequillo Prince Rose Somethingroyal b. com/ books?id=YWGNmICO5OAC& printsec=frontcover& dq=Thoroughbred+ Champions:+ Top+ 100+ Racehorses+ of+ the+ 20th+ Century& hl=en& ei=i1YATYa5BYP98AaMucjQBw& sa=X& oi=book_result& ct=result& resnum=1& ved=0CCwQ6AEwAA#v=onepage& q& f=false). Leeanne.[37] Secretariat. google. google. html). [3] Hegarty. Retrieved June 20. drf. 1932 Pharos Nogara Mumtaz Begum Blenheim II Mumtaz Mahal Miss Disco b. shamracehorse. com/ Announcements. Daily Racing Form.

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S.com/sportscentury/features/00016464.com/2006/derby_history/derby_charts/years/1973.html) – # 35 – Secretariat Kentucky Derby.html) Woolfe Jr.pedigreequery. Secretariat (2001) The Derrydale Press ISBN 1-58667-067-0 ESPN Sports Century (http://espn.kentuckyderby.go.com/cgi-bin/fg.com (http://www.html) – ESPN Classic story on 1973 Belmont – 19-Nov-2003 USPS. postage stamp – Secretariat Secretariat (http://www.html) – Secretariat – 1973 ESPN Classic (http://espn.cgi?page=gr&GRid=1606) at Find a Grave Pedigree Online (http://www.usps.secretariat.com/images/stamps/99/sec.com/classic/s/secretariatadd.com (http://www.. Raymond G.com/index.go.findagrave.com/secretariat) – Pedigree of Secretariat .htm) – 1999 U.Secretariat (horse) 9 External links • • • • • • • • The official Secretariat website (http://www.

P. he made 11 starts.P. Indy Sire Grandsire Dam Damsire Sex Foaled Country Colour Breeder Seattle Slew Bold Reasoning Weekend Surprise Secretariat Stallion 1989 United States Bay William Farish III William S.P.S. In 1992. As a two-year old. At three. He was sired by Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew and out of mare Weekend Surprise. He was the top-priced yearling of 1990 at $2. he won the Grade I Hollywood Futurity. . earning a total of $2.9 million. Trained by Hall of Famer Neil Drysdale. and his successful progeny.815 Major wins Hollywood Futurity (1991) San Rafael Stakes (1992) Santa Anita Derby (1992) Peter Pan Stakes (1992) Triple Crown race / Breeders' Cup wins: Belmont Stakes (1992) Breeders' Cup Classic (1992) Awards U. Indy 10 A. He was entered in the 1992 Kentucky Derby but was scratched the morning of the race. 2006) Honours United States Racing Hall of Fame (2000) Horse (Equus ferus caballus) Owner Trainer Record Earnings A. Kilroy Tomonori Tsurumaki Neil Drysdale 11: 8-0-1 $2.979. by William Farish III and William Kilroy. In his career.A. he was voted the Eclipse Award for Horse of the Year and the Eclipse Award Champion three year old. He is known for his ancestry. winning 8 and showing once. A. and finished third in the Jockey Club Gold Cup. USA. who was sired by another Triple Crown winner: Secretariat. and the Grade II Peter Pan Stakes. the Belmont Stakes. he took the Grade I Breeders' Cup Classic. the Grade I Santa Anita Derby. Indy raced in 1991 and 1992.P.P. Indy A. Indy (foaled 1989) is a champion stallion Thoroughbred racehorse bred in Kentucky.815. his race record.979. the Grade II San Rafael Stakes. Champion 3-Yr-Old Colt (1992) United States Horse of the Year (1992) Leading sire in North America (2003.

P. In 2005 alone. mares A. In 2006.000 for a single live cover breeding stands and nurses in 2010. he sired 140 stakes winners. he sired Preakness Stakes winner and Three-Year-Old Champion Bernardini. Malibu Moon. he sired 16 stakes winners. Majestic Warrior. A. and Dreaming of Julia. Through 2011. Golden Missile. Among his progeny are Sweet Symphony. As a broodmare sire. Indy A. Bernardini. Delta Princess. the Queen's Plate. he has sired hundreds of winning Thoroughbreds. 2003 U. In 2009. Indy is also well-established as a sire of sires. Among his sons and grandsons are successful and popular sires Mineshaft.P. Flatter. Indy has sired have produced 14 more stakes winners. 11 Major progeny • • • • • • • • Bernardini (Preakness Stakes) Dreaming of Julia (The Frizette) Friesan Fire (Louisiana Derby) Mineshaft (Jockey Club Gold Cup) Music Note Pulpit Rags to Riches (Belmont Stakes) Symboli Indy (NHK Mile Cup) Pedigree of A. Indy Sire Seattle Slew Bold Reasoning Boldnesian Bold Ruler Alanesian Reason to Earn Hail To Reason Sailing Home My Charmer Poker Round Table Glamour Fair Charmer Jet Action Myrtle Charm Dam Weekend Surprise Secretariat Bold Ruler Nasrullah Miss Disco Somethingroyal Princequillo Imperatrice Lassie Dear Buckpasser Tom Fool Busanda Gay Missile Sir Gaylord Missy Baba . Jump Start. Indy was pensioned on April 8th. He is also the sire of history-making 2007 Belmont Stakes winner Rags to Riches. and Tapit. Aptitude.P. Suave.P. Pulpit (horse). Congrats. Sky Mesa.A. He stood in stud at Lane's End Farm. the first filly to win that race in over a century.P. where he commanded $150.S. 2011 upon failing to produce a confirmed live foal in the 25 mares he was presented. Horse of the Year Mineshaft.P. his son Eye of the Leopard won Canada's most prestigious race. Indy was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 2000. Since being retired to stud. A.

aspx .P.P. 0166/ index. asp?refno=1245197& origin=BHonline [4] http:/ / www.Article in Sports Illustrated A. ap.National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame A. Indy Hall of Fame Profile [4] .Thoroughbred Times Article By: Nicole Russo] References [1] http:/ / www. P.P. org/ hall-of-fame/ horses-view. com/ stallions/ stallions/ a_p_indy/ index. Indy is inbred 3 x 4 to the stallion Bold Ruler.P. com/ 2011/ horse_racing/ wires/ 04/ 09/ 2080. com/ sales-news/ 2012/ 09/ 13/ ap-indy-era-ends-at-keeneland-september. 12 References • • • • • • • A. rac. html [3] http:/ / www.P. Indy • A.P. com/ sr_sire_page. racingmuseum. P. ap. Indy [3] Profile at the Stallion Register (Page No Longer Available) A. Indy Era Ends At Keeneland September [6] .A. indy. Indy Pedigree [1] . stallionregister. com/ ap+ indy [2] http:/ / www.Pedigree Online Thoroughbred Directory A. lanesend. html [6] http:/ / www. Indy Retired [5] . Indy's pedigree [1] A.P. meaning that the latter appears once in the third generation and once in the fourth generation of his pedigree. thoroughbredtimes. retired. pedigreequery. Indy [2] Profile at Lane's End Farms (Page No Longer Available) A. asp?varID=349 [5] http:/ / sportsillustrated. cnn.

Colors: Flamingo.S.999 Major wins Youthful Stakes (1977) Hollywood Juvenile Championship (1977) Sanford Stakes (1977) Hopeful Stakes (1977) Futurity Stakes (1977) Laurel Futurity (1977) San Felipe Stakes (1978) Santa Anita Derby (1978) Hollywood Derby (1978) Jim Dandy Stakes (1978) Strub Stakes (1979) Santa Anita Handicap (1979) Californian Stakes (1979) Hollywood Gold Cup (1979) Woodward Stakes (1979) Jockey Club Gold Cup (1979) Triple Crown race wins: Kentucky Derby (1978) Preakness Stakes (1978) Belmont Stakes (1978) Awards 11th U.Affirmed 13 Affirmed Affirmed Sire Exclusive Native Grandsire Raise a Native Dam Damsire Sex Foaled Country Colour Breeder Owner Trainer Record Earnings Won't Tell You Crafty Admiral Stallion 1975 United States Chestnut Harbor View Farm Harbor View Farm. Triple Crown Champion (1978) American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt (1977) American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse (1978) American Champion Older Male Horse (1979) American Horse of the Year (1978. black cap Laz Barrera 29: 22-5-1 $2. 1979) Honours .887. white bars on black sleeves.

but just as Affirmed appeared to tire. For more than six furlongs. Alydar's partisans assumed that the 1½ mile distance of the Belmont.Top 100 U. Notably. pulling away from the rest of the field. and held off Alydar's fast-closing charge to win by 1½ lengths. Affirmed set the pace. It was. Affirmed led and set a very slow pace. California Horse (Equus ferus caballus) 14 Affirmed (February 21. Affirmed was named the 1977 American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt. Jorge Velasquez. the colts raced neck and neck. then a teenager. put Alydar close to the pace. Alydar got his nose in front at mid-stretch.[2] The Triple Crown Alydar was made the 6-5 favorite for Kentucky Derby.477 under regular rider Steve Cauthen. Affirmed was also known for his famous rivalry with Alydar. Affirmed now had a 5-2 edge in the series. and finished in 2:26 4/5. After the third slowest start in Belmont Stakes history. The derivation of the name "Affirmed" has been the subject of speculation. Affirmed made a strong move for the lead on the far turn. Alydar made his big move on the far turn. two furlongs longer than the Derby and 5/16 of a mile longer than the Preakness Stakes. behind Secretariat and Gallant Man. with Affirmed the second choice at 9-5. Cauthen went to a left-handed whip. He has other noteworthy horses in his pedigree like Gallant Fox. with Affirmed winning four and Alydar winning two. including in all three Triple Crown races. the last) Triple Crown winner. Racehorses of the 20th Century Affirmed Handicap at Hollywood Park Affirmed Stakes at Calder Race Course Affirmed Street in Napa. 2001) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse who was the eleventh and most recent winner of the United States Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Louis E. something he had never done before in his eight rides on Affirmed. and he would deny Affirmed the Triple Crown. going the first quarter mile in 25 seconds and the half in 50 seconds. Racing record Two-year-old As a two year old. Alydar's jockey. . Sensitive Prince was the third favorite at 9-2. the third fastest Belmont ever. they raced the fastest last mile in Belmont Stakes history. With his 4-2 margin in the series. Trainer Veitch removed Alydar's blinkers for the Belmont. would favor Alydar with his finishing style and staying pedigree. Undefeated. Calumet Farm's Alydar. at the time. Affirmed won seven of his nine starts with two placings for earnings of $343. in part because the conviction of his owner and breeder.Affirmed United States Racing Hall of Fame (1980) #12 . six of those starts were against his rival. put away a challenge by Wood Memorial winner Believe It.[1] He was the great-great-grandson of Triple Crown winner War Admiral through damsire Crafty Admiral. In the Belmont. and moved alongside Affirmed with more than seven furlongs to go. At the start of the Kentucky Derby. for securities law violations had been affirmed on appeal in 1969 resulting in his imprisonment. winner of 1930 Triple Crown and sire of the 1935 Triple Crown Winner Omaha. 1975 – January 12. Affirmed won by a nose to become racing's 11th (and as of 2012. Wolfson. In the Preakness Stakes. at the same point in the race where Affirmed made his winning move in the Derby. and thereby the great-great-great grandson of Man o' War who won two of the three Triple Crown races himself. while Alydar stayed far back. Sensitive Prince took the early lead as Affirmed ran in third through the early stages. whom he met ten times. maybe he would get by him. Affirmed held a short lead entering the stretch and held it to defeat Alydar by a neck. saying that if Alydar got a better look at Affirmed.S. as well as English Derby winner Mahmoud.

when challenged in the stretch. This time. who had defeated Seattle Slew in 1978. Affirmed's saddle slipped during the race. Affirmed's courage was in many ways his most remarkable attribute. The 1978 Marlboro Cup Invitational Handicap marked the first time in racing history that two Triple Crown winners ever met in a race. having won 7 of 9 starts with 1 second and 1 third as a four year old and earning $1. However. He had a five race losing sequence prior to starting in the Charles H. where he won the Californian Stakes. and the final winning tally stood at Affirmed 7.148. Affirmed earned a then record $2. Affirmed won 8 of 11 starts with 2 seconds and 1 unplaced run. three year old Spectacular Bid. or any Triple Crown winner. Affirmed then prepared to meet another major rival: 1977 Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew. In his career. also at Belmont. carrying 132 pounds. and Exceller. setting the stakes record in California's most important stakes race which still stands as of 2008. His trainer. he simply would not let them pass. who never allowed Affirmed to get close. Affirmed then went to Hollywood Park. from Sirlad and Text.Affirmed 15 After the Triple Crown Affirmed returned to racing in early August in the Jim Dandy Stakes at Saratoga. Seattle Slew. and then ran in the Santa Anita Handicap against Exceller. Affirmed was allowed to set a slow pace. However. in the Jockey Club Gold Cup. Strub Stakes at Santa Anita Park. leaving his jockey with almost no control.818 (the first Thoroughbred in North America to win over $2 million) with 22 wins. Affirmed. The horses never met again. and once again. because only Affirmed had to face Alydar. in the Travers Stakes at Saratoga. Affirmed was a natural speed horse who won most of his races on or near the lead. preferred to run off the pace. once said: "Affirmed is greater than Secretariat. Four-year-old As a four-year-old in 1979. Affirmed started the season with a third place in the Malibu Stakes and a second in the San Fernando Stakes. Seattle Slew won by three lengths in 1:45 4/5 for the one-turn mile and 1/8. Affirmed won the Strub Stakes. Spectacular Bid issued challenges at Affirmed.800. going the first half mile in 49 seconds. like Alydar. piloted by Hall of Fame jockey Laffit Pincay substituting for the injured Cauthen. for earnings of $901. Affirmed was to be aided by his stablemate Life's Hope. Alydar 3. and then faced one more all time great horse. he then won the Hollywood Gold Cup in a three horse finish. Seattle Slew was a speed horse and got the first quarter mile in 24 seconds under jockey Angel Cordero. Affirmed picked up the Woodward Stakes at Belmont Park. Spectacular Bid was undefeated during the rest of his racing career. He nearly became an upset loser to the front-running Sensitive Prince but closed in the last 100 yards in a race that Laz Barrera considered one of Affirmed's finest efforts. Alydar and Affirmed met once more. and was also named the American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse. Laz Barrera.393. cut off Alydar entering the far turn. but Affirmed won. He was named Horse of the Year despite the losses to Alydar. Affirmed won easily. As a three-year-old. causing his rival to check suddenly. who was entered in the race to extend Seattle Slew in the early stages. He tired to finished unplaced as Exceller and jockey Willie Shoemaker defeated Seattle Slew by a nose. setting an all time earnings record and running the 1¼ miles in a fast 1:58 2/5." . Spectacular Bid. He was named Horse of the Year and the American Champion Older Male Horse of 1979. The two horses met once more. Laz Barrera replaced Cauthen with Pincay and Affirmed didn't lose again and would dominate the handicaps the rest of the year.541. Affirmed finished first but was disqualified and placed second. even by top horses such as Alydar and Spectacular Bid. 5 seconds and 1 third from 29 starts. in the Jockey Club Gold Cup. Affirmed therefore had a lethal combination of speed (which allowed him to get early position and not have to rely on a good run to win) and courage (which allowed him to fend off challengers).

Affirmed was ranked #12. wearing the flamingo pink colors of his [4] original owners. The same disease has also led to the death of fellow Triple Crown winner Secretariat and Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro. including the Arlington Million Trusted Partner (USA). 9 champions with earnings in excess of $44.000. stakes winner in US Flawlessly. The Tin Man. At stud Affirmed sired over 80 stakes winners. Honors In the Blood-Horse magazine ranking of the top 100 U.Affirmed 16 Stud record Affirmed was syndicated at a then-record 14. most notably multiple Grade I winners Flawlessly and The Tin Man. Affirmed was euthanized after falling seriously ill with laminitis. He was buried whole—the ultimate honor for a race horse—at Jonabell Farm.[5] Affirmed's Triple Crown accomplishment has not been repeated since. Harbor View Farm. Tabulated pedigree Pedigree of Affirmed. chestnut stallion. thoroughbred champions of the 20th Century. and his career has been honored with his election to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. won G1 IRE One Thousand Guineas[3] Though Affirmed never raced on the turf (grass) he was a noted sire of turf runners. In 2001.S. won USA Molson Export Million Stakes and Canadian Triple Crown. North America’s grass course champion in 1992 and 1993 Peteski (CAN).000 (through 2004) including: • • • • • Charlie Barley (USA).4 million dollars. 1975 Sire Exclusive Native 1965 Raise a Native Native Dancer 1961 Raise You Polynesian Geisha Case Ace Lady Glory Exclusive 1953 Shut Out Equipoise Goose Egg Good Example Pilate Parade Girl Dam Crafty Fighting Fox Sir Gallahad Marguerite Admiral's Lady War Admiral Boola Brook Scarlet Ribbon 1957 Volcanic Ambrose Light Hot Supper Native Valor Mahmoud Native Gal (family: 23-b) Won't Tell You Admiral 1962 1948 . a circulatory hoof disease. won multiple Grade ! races. His daughters are valued as broodmares.

html) . com/ books?id=YWGNmICO5OAC& printsec=frontcover& dq=Thoroughbred+ Champions:+ Top+ 100+ Racehorses+ of+ the+ 20th+ Century& hl=en& ei=i1YATYa5BYP98AaMucjQBw& sa=X& oi=book_result& ct=result& resnum=1& ved=0CCwQ6AEwAA#v=onepage& q=affirmed& f=false) Retrieved 2011-1-2 External links • Affirmed's page in the Hall of Fame. hofstralawblogs.com/files/charts/ 1978. org/ lawreview/ 2012/ 05/ 08/ whats-in-a-name-the-tale-of-louis-wolfsons-affirmed/ [2] Legacies of the turf: a century of great thoroughbred breeders (http:/ / books. affirmedtribute. clinching the Triple Crown (http://www.Affirmed 17 References [1] Alan Weinberger. org. aspx?hid=433650& pagetype=OFFSPRINGWINS) Retrieved 2011-1-2 [4] Affirmed tribute (http:/ / www. studbook. html) [5] Thoroughbred Champions: Top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century (http:/ / books.pdf) • Preakness winners (http://www. com/ oldpages/ news.infoplease. au/ books?id=i7ilgwjwtN4C& pg=PA212& lpg=PA212& dq="Affirmed+ and+ Champion+ 2+ year+ old"& source=bl& ots=2sWprfSovG& sig=RwFUFrJqOqQop_ThSd2zZ5iIN3k& hl=en& ei=mZQfTdP3HMKecZuXqLIK& sa=X& oi=book_result& ct=result& resnum=7& ved=0CEAQ6AEwBg#v=onepage& q& f=false) Retrieved 2011-1-2 [3] Australian Stud Book: Affirmed (USA) 1975 (http:/ / www.racingmuseum. com. includes a video of his Belmont Stakes win.asp?varID=3) • Affirmed's Kentucky Derby (http://d3b4lt1s53xf6k.The Tale of Louis Wolfson's Affirmed". google.cloudfront. au/ horse.net/sites/kentuckyderby.org/hall-of-fame/horses-view.com/ipsa/A0112907. google. http:/ / www. "What's in a Name? .

Maggy Hawk has three foals of racing age. two winners and two stakes horses.765. He is owned by the Cash Is King Stable partnership. won two of America's classic races. the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. Maggy Hawk is by Hawkster. including Afleet Alex. Champion 3-Year-Old Male (2005) NTRA "Moment of the Year" (2005) Horse (Equus ferus caballus) Last updated on Sept 15. a world record holder on turf at a mile and a half. Afleet Alex is out of the winning mare Maggy Hawk and counts multiple Grade 2-placed Unforgettable Max as a full brother. Also on his dam's side is Sir Gaylord. . who sired his fourth dam. Gaylord's Touch. Afleet. a multiple grade one (G1) winner and marathon turf specialist. Early life and racing career Bred in Florida by John Martin Silvertand. a stakes winner from seven furlongs to nine furlongs. His maternal granddam is 1983 Demoiselle Stakes (G1) winner Qualique. who was the son of the 1987 Canadian Horse of the Year. Prospector.800 Major wins Hopeful Stakes (2004) Sanford Stakes (2004) Arkansas Derby (2005) Triple Crown race wins: The Preakness Stakes (2005) Belmont Stakes (2005) Awards U.Afleet Alex 18 Afleet Alex Afleet Alex Sire Grandsire Dam Damsire Sex Foaled Country Colour Breeder Owner Trainer Record Earnings Northern Afleet Afleet Maggy Hawk Hawkster Stallion 2002 United States Bay John Martin Silverland Cash Is King Stable Tim Ritchey 12:8-2-1 $2. in 2005. 2006 Afleet Alex (born May 9. two runners. 2002 in Florida) is an American thoroughbred race horse who.S. was trained by Tim Ritchey and was ridden by Jeremy Rose. Qualique was sired by Hawaii. He was sired by Northern Afleet. half-brother to Secretariat. Afleet was by the leading sire Mr.

He continued bottle feeding for approximately 10 days until a nurse mare could be found. Afleet Alex was one of the favorites for the Kentucky Derby. putting in two bullet works. The necrosis was probably due to an undetected deep bruise sustained when Afleet Alex nearly fell in the Preakness. avascular necrosis (the dying of tissue in the bone. . Jeremy Rose.Afleet Alex Afleet Alex was foaled May 9. he finished last in the Rebel Stakes under jockey John R. turning in one of the fastest final three-sixteenths in Preakness history. the G1 Preakness Stakes at Pimlico. Retirement The colt's fall campaign was derailed when he was found in late July 2005 to have a hairline fracture in his left front cannon bone. Afleet Alex's owners subsequently pledged a certain percentage of the colt's earnings to be donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand. he recovered and regained his momentum. creating a brittle patch) was discovered and diagnosed. and for the children of his owners. and his nose came within an inch of the dirt. who was in the lead. 2005. the fastest Preakness of the past eight years. Afleet Alex won the G1 Hopeful Stakes and G2 Sanford Stakes (in stakes record time) and finished second in the G1 Champagne Stakes and the G1 Breeders Cup Juvenile. The horse veered into Afleet Alex's path just as he was making his move. Velazquez. and they clipped heels. Scrappy T. He finished the mile and three-sixteenth distance of the Preakness in 1:55. swung out at the top of the stretch as a result of an aggressive smack of his jockey Ramon Dominguez's whip. Afleet Alex stumbled so badly that Jeremy Rose was thrown far over his neck. 2005. As a two-year-old. Suffering from a lung infection. drawing away from Scrappy T for a 4¾ length victory. In the race. the colt returned to working for the Breeder's Cup Classic. near the ankle. However. at John Martin Silvertand's farm in Florida. several of whom were named Alex. this colt faced adversity: his mother became ill 24 hours after his birth and could no longer nurse him. leaving Giacomo. third. A year later the owner sold him in the Fasig-Tipton Midlantic May two-year-olds in training sale for $75. 19 The Preakness Stakes Two weeks later. 2002. run May 7.000. The fracture was discovered very early.000. winning the listed Mountain Valley Stakes at Oaklawn Park in very fast time. Coming off two strong wins and discarding his Rebel Stakes mishap. Jeremy Rose later said that he had not given the horse the best ride of his life. It is believed the necrosis caused his summer condylar fracture. and the prognosis was good for Afleet Alex to return to his previous level of performance. The horse nearly went to his knees. At the outset. Afleet Alex passed Giacomo and the rest of the field in the final turn at Belmont Park to win the G1 Belmont Stakes by seven lengths. Belmont On June 11. winner of the Kentucky Derby. 2005. Afleet Alex started his three-year-old campaign on the Derby Trail. Once fully healed. In his Preakness victory. The lemonade connection Afleet Alex was named for his sire. However. running the fastest final quarter (:24⅖) in that race since Arts and Letters in 1969. Tim Ritchey and Cash is King Stable announced the horse's retirement from racing on December 1. Tim Ritchey decided to take the conservative path with the colt and shelved him for the year. He also won maiden and allowance race scores in his first two starts. The farm staff replaced the emergency bottle the next day. She did supply him with colustrum (mother's first milk that is rich in anitbodies and nutrients). Afleet Alex won the second leg of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Northern Afleet. he finished third by less than a length. Later in the year. He was originally sold at auction as a yearling for $150. but returned to win the G2 Arkansas Derby by a record eight lengths under his regular jockey. Silvertrand's daughter Lauren (then nine) fed Afleet Alex from a Coors Light bottle the day after his mother became ill.

800. for lifetime earnings of $2. not far behind the top ranked horse and three-year-old. In the 2005 World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings. and Starcraft on that ranking sheet. a colt.S. Pedigree Pedigree of Afleet Alex Sire Afleet chestnut 1984 Mr. placed twice (both in G1 stakes). His first foal. The colt's dam is a half-sister to Grade I winner Jade Hunter. Afleet Alex was the World's Top Ranked Three-Year-Old Intermediate Distance Horse. and came in third once (in a G1 stakes) over 12 starts. three times in G1 stakes). was born on January 21. He was ninth place overall. Kentucky where he commands US$15. Prospector Northern Afleet bay 1993 bay 1970 Polite Lady bay 1977 Nuryette bay 1986 Nureyev bay 1977 Stellarett bay 1978 Dam Maggy Hawk bay 1994 Hawkster bay 1986 Silver Hawk bay 1979 Strait Lane brown 1974 Qualique bay 1981 Hawaii bay 1964 Dorothy Gaylord bay 1972 Raise A Native Gold Digger Venetian Jester Friendly Ways Northern Dancer Special Tentam Square Angel Roberto Gris Vitesse Chieftain Level Sands Utrillo Ethane Sensitivo Gaylord's Touch . with a rating of 124 for his Preakness. Alex won eight times (six times in stakes. In twelve lifetime starts. He was the 2005 Florida Champion Three-Year-Old Male and Horse of the Year. His victory in the 2005 Preakness Stakes was voted the National Thoroughbred Racing Association "Moment of the Year.Afleet Alex Several awards were granted to Alex after his retirement: He was runner-up for the 2004 Eclipse Champion Two-Year-Old Colt or Gelding award and won the Florida Two-Year-Old Champion Male that year. the colt is the second foal out of the winning Tale of the Cat mare Baby Lets Cruise. Pennsylvania." Cash Is King Stable received a special Eclipse Award for its contributions to Alex's Lemonade Stand. Bago (2004 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe winner and 2004 Cartier Champion Three-Year-Old Male). sharing that spot with Deep Impact (2005 Japanese Champion Three-Year-Old Colt and Horse of the Year). In January 2006. at Derry Meeting Farm near Cochranville. Bred by Derry Meeting and Brian O'Rourke.000 [1] for a successful live cover breeding. 2007. 20 The beginning of new promise Afleet Alex is currently standing stud at Gainesway Farm in Lexington. Champion Turf Male).765. he also won the Eclipse Award for 2005 Champion Three-Year-Old Colt or Gelding and finished second to Saint Liam in the Eclipse Award for Horse of the Year balloting. Leroidesanimaux (2005 U.

1991.html) • Afleet Alex's profile on the Stallion Register (http://www. 1983.alexslemonade.com/sr_sire_page. 1983. 1981.stallionregister. The Daily Racing Form. The organisations disagreed only once. in 1968.com/career.com/horses/horse-profiles/afleet-alex/) American Champion Male Turf Horse The American Champion Male Turf Horse award is an American Thoroughbred horse racing honor. 1971) Honorees Eclipse awards . regardless of age.com/horses/afleet-alex-195. cfm?refno=6537841&registry=T) • Alex Scott's Lemonade Stand (http://www. 1984.gainesway. 1970. 1981.com/premium/eqbHorseInfo. the Thoroughbred Racing Associations. The Thoroughbred Racing Association (TRA) added the category in 1967. In 1979 an individual category was created for each of the sexes. 1984) Most wins by a trainer: • 6 . 1968.php?search=4167) • Afleet Alex's profile at Gainesway Farms (http://www. In 1971 it became part of the Eclipse Awards program and is awarded annually to a Colt or Gelding. 1981.org/) • Classic career history (http://www. gainesway. com/ horses/ afleet-alex-195.Afleet Alex 21 Notes and references [1] http:/ / www. 1984) • 4 .John Henry (1980.Dotsam Stable (1980. for their performance on grass race courses.Ron McAnally (1980. asp?refno=6537841&origin=singlesearch) • Profile of Afleet Alex at Hello Race Fans (http://helloracefans. From 1953 through 1978 it was awarded to male or female horses although the only female champion was Dahlia in 1974. html External links • Afleet Alex's pedigree and racing stats (http://www. 1995) Most wins by an owner: • 4 . and the National Turf Writers Association all joined forces in 1971 to create the Eclipse Award.equibase. The award originated in 1953 when the Daily Racing Form (DRF) named Iceberg II their champion. Records Most wins: • 4 . 1983.tbcprojects.Rokeby Stable (1967.

Flint S. Jr. Nerud Dotsam Stable Dotsam Stable 2011 Cape Blanco 2010 Gio Ponti 2009 Gio Ponti 2008 Conduit 2007 English Channel 2006 Miesque's Approval 7 2005 Leroidesanimaux 2004 Kitten's Joy 2003 High Chaparral 2002 High Chaparral 2001 Fantastic Light 2000 Kalanisi 1999 Daylami 1998 Buck's Boy 1997 Chief Bearheart 1996 Singspiel 1995 Northern Spur 1994 Paradise Creek 1993 Kotashaan 1992 Sky Classic 1991 Tight Spot 1990 Itsallgreektome 1989 Steinlen 1988 Sunshine Forever 1987 Theatrical 1986 Manila 1985 Cozzene 1984 John Henry 1983 John Henry 1982 Perrault 1981 John Henry 1980 John Henry 1979 Bowl Game 1978 Mac Diarmida 1977 Johnny D. Wayne Lukas John M. Schulhofer Michael Kay Maurice Zilber MacKenzie Miller Maurice Zilber Dotsam Stable Dotsam Stable Greentree Stable Jerome M. Jr. Scatuorchio Live Oak Plantation Racing T N T Stud Kenneth L. Mott LeRoy Jolley Jan H. Torsney Dana S. Wolfson Robert J. Cella Bertram R. Frankel Dale Romans Aidan O'Brien Aidan O'Brien Saeed bin Suroor Michael Stoute Saeed bin Suroor Noel Hickey Mark Frostad Michael Stoute Ron McAnally William I. Gaver. Nelson Bunker Hunt Windfields Farm Nelson Bunker Hunt . and Sarah K. Day Ron McAnally Wallace Dollase D. Mott Richard E. 1976 Youth (horse) 1975 Snow Knight 1974 Dahlia 5 3 4 3 5 4 5 5 4 4 4 5 5 5 4 3 6 3 5 3 5 9 8 5 6 5 5 3 3 3 4 4 Charles E. Whittingham Serge Fradkoff & Thierry van Zuylen Ron McAnally Ron McAnally John M. Nerud Ron McAnally Ron McAnally Owner Smith/Magnier/Tabor/Hay Castleton Lyons Castleton Lyons Ballymacoll Stud James T. Shannon John H. Veitch William I. Paulson Bradley M. Bray. Mandella James E. Firestone La Presle Farm Sam-Son Farm Anderson. Ramsey Michael Tabor & Sue Magnier Michael Tabor & Sue Magnier Godolphin Racing Aga Khan IV Godolphin Racing Quarter B Farm Sam-Son Farm Sheikh Mohammed Charles J. Winchell & Carradini Jhayare Stables Wildenstein Stable Darby Dan Farm Allen E.American Champion Male Turf Horse 22 Year Horse Age 4 5 4 4 5 Trainer Aidan O'Brien Christophe Clement Christophe Clement Michael Stoute Todd Pletcher Martin D.

1968-11-27. Retrieved 2012-07-15. Bonsal Frank A. Croll. McKnight Rokeby Stables Cragwood Stables Owner 1970 Fort Marcy 1969 Hawaii 1968 Fort Marcy (TRA)[1] 4 1968 Dr. Fager Named Horse Of The Year" (http:/ / news. Whittingham Mary F.2350865& dq=iceberg& hl=en). Elliott Burch MacKenzie Miller J.pdf) . (http://www. Retrieved 2012-02-27.5103804& dq=fager+ horse-of-the-year& hl=en). Retrieved 2012-07-15.2473855& dq=fort-marcy& hl=en). 1953. Jones J.bloodhorse.html) • The Bloodhorse. Nerud J.American Champion Male Turf Horse 1973 Secretariat 1972 Cougar II 1971 Run the Gantlet 3 6 3 Lucien Laurin Penny Chenery 23 Charles E. Inc. R. Deseret News. Elliott Burch Rokeby Stables Daily Racing Form. . Youngstown Vindicator.com/eclipsewinners/pdf/ History_Charts. com/ newspapers?id=1t4qAAAAIBAJ& sjid=h04DAAAAIBAJ& pg=4845. google. com/ newspapers?id=0iNJAAAAIBAJ& sjid=x4MMAAAAIBAJ& pg=692. [3] "Tom Fool catches foe Native Dancer at last" (http:/ / news.tra-online. November 13. [2] "D. • The Eclipse Awards at the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of America. Elliott Burch MacKenzie Miller Rokeby Stables Cragwood Stables Rokeby Stables William L. com/ newspapers?id=BL9eAAAAIBAJ& sjid=OTEMAAAAIBAJ& pg=6157. . McCoy William Molter William Molter William Molter Sylvester Veitch Vance Longden Harry Trotsek Horatio Luro Brookmeade Stable Kerr Stable Brookmeade Stable Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney George R. . google.com/ eclipse. Elliott Burch John A. Fager (DRF)[2] 1967 Fort Marcy 1966 Assagai 1965 Parka 1964 Turbo Jet II 1963 Mongo 1962 1961 T. Gardiner & Alberta Ranches Hasty House Farm W. Lewiston Morning Tribune. Pelican Stable Frank A. Turf & Sport Digest and Thoroughbred Racing Association Awards Year Horse Age 6 5 Trainer J. Jr. Lark 1960 1959 Round Table 1958 Round Table 1957 Round Table 1956 Career Boy 1955 St.com Champion's history charts (http://www. Arnold Hanger References [1] "Dr. December 6. 1968.V. Fager voted best" (http:/ / news. Bonsal Barclay Stable Marion duPont Scott Paul Parker C. Vincent 1954 Stan 1953 Iceberg II[3] 5 4 3 3 4 4 5 4 4 3 3 7 4 4 Warren A. google.

1917. 1893. Ritchey John Servis Barclay Tagg Bob Baffert Bob Baffert Jay M. Karl Watson & Paul Weitman Dr. Wayne Lukas Warren A. Croll.American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse 24 American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse The American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse is an American Thoroughbred horse racing honor awarded annually in Thoroughbred flat racing. Thomas Bohannan Neil D. the Thoroughbred Racing Associations. Croll. 1923. 1886. It became part of the Eclipse Awards program in 1971. and the National Turf Writers Association all joined forces in 1971 to create the Eclipse Award. Reineman/The Thoroughbred Corp. Wayne Lukas Bob Baffert Bob Baffert Sonny Hine D. The only disagreement came in 1968. Jr. Robbins D. Starting in 1950. & Dr. V. Steve Asmussen Thomas Albertrani Timothy F. Michael Cooper & Cecilia Straub-Rubens Bob & Beverly Lewis Michael E.P. Jr. There were Co-Champions chosen retrospectively for 1876. 1906. K. L. Indy . 1894. the Thoroughbred Racing Associations (TRA) began naming its own champion. Jr. Champions prior to 1936 were selected retrospectively by a panel of experts as published by The Blood-Horse magazine. Jr. Honorees Eclipse Awards Year Horse Trainer H. The Daily Racing Form. The following list provides the name of the horses chosen by these organizations. K. and 1932. Pegram Bob & Beverly Lewis Carolyn Hine Michael Tabor Warren A. 1882. Darley Stable Cash Is King Stable Roy & Patricia Chapman Sackatoga Stable R. Stonestreet Stables et al. Dutrow. Graham Motion Bob Baffert Tim Ice Richard E. The award originated in 1936 when both Turf & Sports Digest (TSD) the Daily Racing Form (DRF) began naming an annual champion. Devi Jayaraman IEAH Stables & Paul Pompa. The Thoroughbred Corp. Loblolly Stable Tomonori Tsurumaki Owner 2011 Animal Kingdom 2010 Lookin At Lucky 2009 Summer Bird 2008 Big Brown 2007 Curlin 2006 Bernardini 2005 Afleet Alex 2004 Smarty Jones 2003 Funny Cide 2002 War Emblem 2001 Point Given 2000 Tiznow 1999 Charismatic 1998 Real Quiet 1997 Silver Charm 1996 Skip Away 1995 Thunder Gulch 1994 Holy Bull 1993 Prairie Bayou 1992 A. 1904. when Turf & Sports Digest named Forward Pass as champion whereas the other two organisations voted for Stage Door Johnny. Drysdale Team Valor Mike Pegram. 1885. 1888.

Whiteley. DiMauro Lou Rondinello Lucien Laurin J.American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse 1991 Hansel 1990 Unbridled 1989 Sunday Silence 1988 Risen Star 1987 Alysheba 1986 Snow Chief 1985 Spend A Buck 1984 Swale 1983 Slew o' Gold Frank L. Bancroft Edward A. 1968 Forward Pass (TSD)[3] 1967 Damascus 1966 Buckpasser 1965 Tom Rolfe 1964 Northern Dancer 1963 Chateaugay 1962 Jaipur 1961 Carry Back 1960 Kelso 1959 Sword Dancer 1958 Tim Tam Henry Forrest Frank Y. Jr. Sr. Neloy Ogden Phipps Frank Y. Gaver. Powhatan Stable Horatio Luro James P. Laz Barrera Stephen A. Jr. Jack A. Stute Cam Gambolati Woody Stephens Sidney Watters. Jones Katherine Price Bohemia Stable Brookmeade Stable Calumet Farm . Ronnie Lamarque & Louie Roussel III Dorothy & Pamela Scharbauer Carl Grinstead & Ben Rochelle Hunter Farm Claiborne Farm Equusequity Stable Henryk de Kwiatkowski Buckland Farm Loblolly Stable Hawksworth Farm Harbor View Farm Karen & Mickey Taylor Estéban Rodriguez Tizol East-West Stable Darby Dan Farm Meadow Stable Rokeby Stables Pedro Baptista 1982 Conquistador Cielo Woody Stephens 1981 Pleasant Colony 1980 Temperence Hill 1979 Spectacular Bid 1978 Affirmed 1977 Seattle Slew 1976 Bold Forbes 1975 Wajima 1974 Little Current 1973 Secretariat 1972 Key to the Mint 1971 Canonero II John P. Mulholland George D. Whiteley. Jr. Brothers Carl Nafzger Lazy Lane Farm Frances A. Genter 25 Charles E. Jacobs Rokeby Stables Greentree Stable Calumet Farm 1968 Stage Door Johnny (TRA)[1] (DRF)[2] John M. Campo Joseph B. Jacobs J. Turner. Elliott Burch Owner Ethel D. Whittingham H-G-W Partners Louie Roussel III Jack Van Berg Melvin F. Turf & Sport Digest and Thoroughbred Racing Association Awards Year 1970 Personality 1969 Arts and Letters Horse Trainer John W. Elliott Burch Horace A. Jr. Price Carl Hanford J. Elliott Burch Juan Arias Daily Racing Form. Jr. Conway Windfields Farm Darby Dan Farm Winbert F. Cantey Bud Delp Laz Barrera William H. Widener. Edith W.

Fitzsimmons Robert Augustus Smith Willie Crump Herbert J. Informal and retrospective awards Year 1935 Omaha 1934 Cavalcade 1933 Head Play 1932 Burgoo King ‡ 1932 Faireno ‡ 1931 Twenty Grand 1930 Gallant Fox 1929 Blue Larkspur 1928 Reigh Count 1927 Whiskery Horse Trainer James E. Norman 1944 By Jimminy 1943 Count Fleet 1942 Alsab 1941 Whirlaway 1940 Bimelech 1939 Challedon 1938 Stagehand James W. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud Max Hirsch William C. Thompson Bert S. Bradley Fannie Hertz Harry Payne Whitney Owner . Fitzsimmons Herbert J. Silas B. Jr. Sr. Mason Edward R. Smith Don Cameron Sarge Swenke Ben A. Michell Fred Hopkins Belair Stud Brookmeade Stable Mrs. Schaefer Earl Sande 1937 War Admiral George Conway 1936 Granville James E. Jones William J. Vanderbilt II Sarah F. Fontaine D & H Stable 26 James E. Fitzsimmons James G. Bradley Belair Stud Greentree Stable Belair Stud Edward R. Hurley Louis J. Inc. Ben A. Fitzsimmons William Woodward. Jeffords Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Meadow Stud. Parker Fannie Hertz Albert Sabath Calumet Farm Idle Hour Stock Farm Branncastle Farm Col. Rowe. Sr. Gaver. Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable Hugh L. Daily Racing Form and Turf & Sport Digest Awards Year Horse Trainer John M. Thompson James E.American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse 1957 Bold Ruler 1956 Needles 1955 Nashua 1954 High Gun 1953 Native Dancer 1952 One Count 1951 Counterpoint 1950 Hill Prince James E. Winfrey Oscar White Sylvester Veitch Casey Hayes King Ranch Alfred G. Jones Sylvester Veitch Max Hirsch Owner Greentree Stable Calumet Farm Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney King Ranch Murlogg Farm Alfred P. Maxwell Howard Glen Riddle Farm 1949 Capot 1948 Citation 1947 Phalanx 1946 Assault 1945 Fighting Step Charles C. James E.

Sam Hildreth Sam Hildreth James G. T. Rowe. Keene Byron McClelland . Rowe. Sr. Rowe. Thompson David Gideon & John Daly James R. Sr. Tompkins Max Hirsch David J. James G. Keene James R. T. Sam Hildreth Louis Feustel H. V. Keene James R. Carmen Sam Hildreth Edward W. Jr. James G. Sr. Sr. Sam Hildreth Richard F. Keene William Collins Whitney Perry Belmont Marcus Daly C. Bell James R. Hyland William Lakeland Byron McClelland Richard F. Rowe. Patterson James G. Keene Sam Hildreth Sam Hildreth James R. John J. Jack Joyner William Lakeland C. Drake Hampton Stable L. Riddle J. Sr. Madden A. Ross Harry Payne Whitney August Belmont. Heffner A. K. Guy Bedwell James G. Sr. Rowe. Hallenbeck Andrew Miller August Belmont. Rowe. Rowe. Sr. Miller John H.American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse 1926 Crusader 1925 American Flag 1924 Sarazen 1923 Zev ‡ 1923 In Memoriam ‡ 1922 Whiskaway 1921 Grey Lag 1920 Man o' War 1919 Sir Barton 1918 Johren 1917 Hourless ‡ 1917 Omar Khayyam ‡ 1916 Friar Rock 1915 The Finn 1914 Roamer 1913 Rock View 1912 The Manager 1911 Meridian 1910 Sweep ‡ 1910 Dalmatian ‡ 1909 Fitz Herbert 1908 Colin 1907 Peter Pan 1906 Burgomaster ‡ 1906 Accountant ‡ 1905 Sysonby 1904 Delhi ‡ 1904 Ort Wells ‡ 1903 Africander 1902 Hermis 1901 Commando 1900 Kilmarnock 1899 Ethelbert 1898 Hamburg 1897 Ornament 1896 Requital 1895 Keenan 1894 Domino ‡ 1894 Henry of Navarre ‡ George Conway Gwyn R. Enoch Wishard Richard O. Allen James G. Keene Harry Payne Whitney James B. Rowe. 27 Thomas Clay McDowell Thomas Clay McDowell Albert Ewing James G. Jr. Rowe. Sr. Patterson William P. John W. L. John E. Keene John A. J. Leary George Land James G. McCormack James G. Goldsborough Louis Feustel Glen Riddle Farm Glen Riddle Farm Virginia Fair Vanderbilt Rancocas Stable Carl Weidemann Harry Payne Whitney Rancocas Stable Samuel D. Wilfrid Viau August Belmont. Brady James R. Sr. Carman James R. Rogers Matthew M. Henry C. Jr.

Snedecker A. T. Jr.American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse 1893 Clifford ‡ 1893 Morello ‡ 1892 Tammany 1891 Potomac 1890 Tournament 1889 Salvator 1888 Sir Dixon ‡ 1887 Hanover 1886 Inspector B. Lorillard J. Astor. Davis Pryor R. Saviour 1883 Leonatus 1882 Runnymede ‡ 1882 Forester ‡ 1881 Hindoo 1880 Grenada 1879 Falsetto 1878 Duke of Magenta 1877 Baden-Baden 1876 Vigil ‡ 1876 Vagrant ‡ 1875 Tom Ochiltree 1874 Acrobat 1872 Joe Daniels 1871 Harry Bassett A ‡ designates co champion three year olds. Lewis Stuart Edward D. Sears David McDaniel David McDaniel H. Wyndham Walden Charles S. Eugene Leigh & Robert L. Lorillard William B. ‡ 1886 The Bard ‡ 1885 Joe Cotton ‡ 1885 Bersan ‡ 1884 St. Frank Van Ness Matthew Byrnes Hardy Campbell. Sr. A. Allen Matthew Byrnes 1888 Emperor of Norfolk ‡ Robert W. Williams Green B. Morris Evert V. Lloyd David McDaniel David McDaniel . Astor. Cassatt J. Chamberlain K. Wyndham Walden James Williams Evert V. 28 H. Haggin E. Dwyer George Hearst James B. Dwyer Brothers Stable William B. W. Jr. Brown R. Rose Elkton Stable Marcus Daly Michael F. Hunt Reynolds George L. Morris Frederic Gebhard George Morgan & Jack Chinn Dwyer Brothers Stable Appleby & Johnson Dwyer Brothers Stable George L. Snedecker Rolla Colston James G. Eugene Leigh A. John F. W. Wyndham Walden Eli Jordan R. "Lucky" Baldwin Dwyer Brothers Stable Dwyer Brothers Stable Dwyer Brothers Stable Alexander J. Jr. Thomas Frank McCabe Frank McCabe Frank McCabe John Huggins Alex Perry Green B. J. Matthew M. Rowe.

Retrieved 2012-07-13. The Daily Racing Form. Spokane Daily Chronicle. • The Eclipse Awards at the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of America. 1968. . Wayne Hughes 2011 Hansen 2010 Uncle Mo 2009 Lookin at Lucky 2008 Midshipman 2007 War Pass 2006 Street Sense 2005 Stevie Wonderboy Douglas F. 1968.com/TurfHallmarks/Champs/ AmChamp3yoMale. google. [2] "Unprecedented turf sweep by Dr Fager" (http:/ / news.pdf) • American Champion Three-Year-Old Male (http://www. Retrieved 2012-07-13.6319262& dq=stage-door-johnny& hl=en).html) • The Bloodhorse.785404& dq=stage-door-johnny& hl=en). 1968. Tafel Merv Griffin Jay Em Ess Stables B. com/ newspapers?id=6XkyAAAAIBAJ& sjid=GrkFAAAAIBAJ& pg=3746. the horses are listed side-by-side with the one chosen as champion by the Daily Racing Form noted with the letters (DRF). Champions prior to 1936 were selected retrospectively by a panel of experts as published by The Blood-Horse magazine. com/ newspapers?id=bGNLAAAAIBAJ& sjid=wCMNAAAAIBAJ& pg=1622. Press-Courier.3287451& dq=forward-pass& hl=en). Hansen/Sky Chai Racing Mike Repole Mike Pegram/Karl Watson/Paul Weitman Godolphin Racing Robert V.com/eclipsewinners/pdf/ History_Charts. Mandella . the Baltimore-based Turf and Sports Digest magazine instituted a similar award.tra-online.html) American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt The American Champion Two-Year-Old Male Horse is an American Thoroughbred horse racing honor awarded annually in Thoroughbred flat racing. google. the Thoroughbred Racing Associations (TRA) began naming its own champion. November 28.com Champion's history charts (http://www. In the same year. com/ newspapers?id=gJBYAAAAIBAJ& sjid=QfgDAAAAIBAJ& pg=7061. Ellis Richard E. google. Zito Carl Nafzger Owner K. The award originated in 1936 when the Daily Racing Form (DRF) began naming an annual champion.com/ eclipse. (http://www. [3] "Dr Fager Named top horse" (http:/ / news.bloodhorse. Honorees Eclipse Awards Year Horse Trainer Mike Maker Todd Pletcher Bob Baffert Saeed bin Suroor Nicholas P. It became part of the Eclipse Awards program in 1971. . .tbheritage.American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse 29 References [1] "Dark Mirage wins honor" (http:/ / news. the one chosen by the Thoroughbred Racing Associations by the letters (TRA) and the one chosen by Turf and Sports Digest by the letters (TSD). and the National Turf Writers Association all joined forces in 1971 to create the Eclipse Award. O'Neill 2004 Declan's Moon 2003 Action This Day Ronald W. Retrieved 2012-07-13. Inc. LaPenta James B. November 13. December 4. Whenever there were different champions named. the Thoroughbred Racing Associations. Montreal Gazette. Starting in 1950. The following list provides the name of the horses chosen by these organizations.

Jack & Mark Silverman Allen E. Barnett Patrick B. & Klein Gerald Robins Star Crown Stable Hickory Tree Stable Robert E. Wayne Lukas Neil D. John A. Schosberg D. Jr. Franks Joseph LaCombe Overbrook Farm Mrs. LeRoy Jolley LeRoy Jolley John P. Jr. Wayne Lukas Richard E. McGaughey III Ogden Phipps Woody Stephens D. Hassinger. Morton Rosenthal Gainesway Stable. Bobby C. Jr. et al. Stevens Bud Delp Laz Barrera William H. Wayne Lukas Reynaldo Nobles Darrell Vienna Francois Boutin Flint S. Hibbert Centurion Stables & Kinghaven Farms SKS Stable Harry A. French.American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt 2002 Vindication 2001 Johannesburg 2000 Macho Uno 1999 Anees 1998 Answer Lively 1997 Favorite Trick 1996 Boston Harbor 1995 Maria's Mon 1994 Timber Country 1993 Dehere 1992 Gilded Time 1991 Arazi 1990 Fly So Free 1989 Rhythm 1988 Easy Goer 1987 Forty Niner 1986 Capote 1985 Tasso 1984 Chief's Crown 1983 Devil's Bag 1982 Roving Boy 1981 Deputy Minister 1980 Lord Avie 1979 Rockhill Native 1978 Spectacular Bid 1977 Affirmed 1976 Seattle Slew 1975 Honest Pleasure 1974 Foolish Pleasure 1973 Protagonist 1972 Secretariat 1971 Riva Ridge Bob Baffert Aidan O'Brien Joe Orseno Alex L. Turf & Sport Digest and Thoroughbred Racing Association Awards . Oak Hawksworth Farm Harbor View Farm Karen & Mickey Taylor Bertram R. McGaughey III Ogden Mills Phipps Claude R. Schulhofer Padua Stables Michael Tabor & Sue Magnier Stronach Stables The Thoroughbred Corp. Greer Maxwell H. Campo Lucien Laurin Lucien Laurin Claiborne Farm Beal. Turner. Due Process Stable David Milch. Paulson & Sheikh Mohammed Tommy & Elizabeth Valando 30 Claude R. Gluck Christopher Chenery Christopher Chenery Daily Racing Form. Byrne D. Drysdale Roger Laurin Woody Stephens Joseph Manzi Bill Marko Daniel Perlsweig Herbert K. Firestone John L.

J. Parke Horace A. Jr. John Marsch . Bert Mulholland Hasty House Farm Alfred G. Tigani & James Boines Maine Chance Farm Walter M. Trotsek Joseph M. Jeffords. Widener. George D. Sr. Hirsch Jacobs & Harbor View Farm Clifford H. Jr. Winfrey Owner Jane Forbes Clark Elberon Farm Steven B. Gaver. Jones Christopher Chenery Claiborne Farm Maine Chance Farm Lucille P. Jr. Hull.American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt 31 Year Horse Trainer Sidney Watters. T. Jr. Sr. Salmen. Vanderbilt II Greentree Stable George D. Fitzsimmons Charles E. Neloy William C. Wilson & Mrs. Jones Hugh L. Whittingham Liz Whitney Tippett Harry Trotsek William C. Markey Jack Dudley & Bonnie Heath Belair Stud 1970 Hoist The Flag 1969 Silent Screen 1968 Top Knight 1967 Vitriolic 1966 Successor 1965 Buckpasser 1964 Bold Lad 1963 Hurry to Market (TRA)[1](DRF)[2] David Erb 1963 Raise a Native (TSD) 1962 Never Bend 1961 Crimson Satan 1960 Hail to Reason 1959 Warfare 1958 First Landing 1957 Nadir (DRF) 1957 Jewel's Reward (TRA)[3] (TSD) 1956 Barbizon 1955 Needles 1954 Nashua 1953 Porterhouse (TRA)[4] (DRF)[5] 1953 Hasty Road (TSD)[6] 1952 Native Dancer 1951 Tom Fool 1950 Battlefield Burley Parke Woody Stephens Gordon R. Daily Racing Form and Turf & Sport Digest Awards Year Horse Trainer Casey Hayes Harry Trotsek Andy Schuttinger Owner Christopher Chenery Thomas Gray & Cora M. Louis Wolfson Cain Hoy Stable Peter W. Potter Hirsch Jacobs Hack Ross Casey Hayes Moody Jolley Ivan H. Neloy Edward A. Sr. Bowes Bond Raymond Metcalf Edward A. Winfrey John M. P. Winfrey William C. Roebling 1949 Hill Prince (DRF)[7] 1949 Oil Capitol (TSD)[8] 1948 Blue Peter 1947 Citation 1946 Double Jay 1945 Star Pilot 1944 Pavot 1943 Platter (DRF) 1943 Occupy (TSD) [9] Ben & Horace Jones Calumet Farm Walter L. McCue Tom Smith Oscar White Bert Mulholland Burley Parke James V. Widener. Wilson Ogden Phipps Wheatley Stable Ogden Phipps Wheatley Stable Roger W. Fontaine James E.

Odom Henry McDaniel James E. McClelland Willis Sharpe Kilmer Richard T. Guy Bedwell Kimball Patterson Henry McDaniel Thomas J. Widener. Sr. Thompson James Butler Frank D. Jack Joyner John S. Martin Edward R. James 1923 Wise Counsellor 1922 Zev 1921 Morvich 1920 Tryster 1919 Man o' War 1918 Billy Kelly 1918 Eternal 1917 Sun Briar 1916 Campfire 1915 Dominant 1914 Pebbles I 1913 Old Rosebud Robert Augustus Smith Isabel Dodge Sloane Bud Stotler John B. Benson Frank D. Brady Duval A. Frederick A. Hurley Matthew P. K. Wilson. Ward Sam Hildreth Fred Burlew James G. Burton & John S. Fitzsimmons Scott P. Lewis S. Louis Feustel H. Widener. Sr. William R. Odom Henry J. Jack Joyner Freddy Hopkins James G. Rowe. Jr. Sr. Jones 1940 Our Boots (DRF) 1939 Bimelech 1938 El Chico 1937 Menow 1936 Pompoon Steve Judge William J. L. Jr. Coe Pat & Richard Nash George D. Headley Johnny Loftus Informal and retrospective awards Year Horse Trainer George M.American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt 1942 Count Fleet 1941 Alsab Don Cameron Sarge Swenke Fannie Hertz Albert Sabath Calumet Farm Royce G. Riddle J. Harlan William H. Rowe. Weir William R. Ward Rancocas Stable Benjamin Block Harry Payne Whitney Samuel D. Jr. Weir & Hamilton Applegate . Karrick Andrew Blakely A. Coe William Daniel George D. Partridge A. George M. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Harry Payne Whitney Marshall Field III Fannie Hertz Wheatley Stable Walter M. Bradley 1935 Tintagel 1934 Balladier 1933 Cavalcade 1932 Ladysman 1931 Burning Blaze 1930 Jamestown 1930 Equipoise 1929 Whichone 1928 High Strung 1927 Reigh Count 1927 Dice 1926 Scapa Flow 1925 Pompey 1924 Master Charlie 1923 St. Jeffords. Bradley William Ziegler. Rowe. Healey James G. Sr. Richard C. Louchheim 32 1940 Whirlaway (TSD)[10] Ben A. Hal Price Headley Jerome H. Ross James W. Jr. Thompson Owner Marshall Field III Edward R.

Eugene Leigh & Edward D. Whitney & H. May John E. Scheftel & John W. Madden Marcus Daly David Gideon H. Rowe. F. "Lucky" Baldwin August Belmont Dwyer Brothers Stable John Oliver Keene Frank M. Rogers James G. P. John W. Sr. Rowe. Henry C. L. Alfred H. Rowe. Hyland James G. Duryea William Collins Whitney James R. Frank McCabe . Keene William M. Keene Thomas Hitchcock Harry Payne Whitney James R. Sr. B. Taylor Sam Hildreth James G. Keene Bromley and Co. McClelland 1887 Raceland 1886 Tremont James G. Madden James R. Brown 33 1887 Emperor of Norfolk John W. Raleigh Colston John E. Edward D. Sr. Rowe. Rowe. Julius Bauer James G.American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt 1912 Helios 1911 Worth 1910 Novelty 1909 Sweep 1909 Waldo 1908 Sir Martin 1907 Colin 1906 Salvidere 1905 Burgomaster 1904 Sysonby 1903 Highball 1902 Irish Lad 1901 Nasturtium 1900 Commando 1899 Mesmerist 1899 Chacornac 1898 Jean Bereaud 1897 Hamburg 1896 Ogden 1895 Requital 1895 Ben Brush 1894 none selected 1893 Domino 1892 Morello 1891 His Highness 1890 Potomac 1889 El Rio Rey 1888 Proctor Knott William Lakeland A. Sr. Sr. Bryant & George Scoogan E. Estell Sam W. Rowe. J. Rowe. Madden James G. Rogers James G. Sr. Madden John Campbell James G. Sr. W. Van Ness John J. James R. Bryant James R. Sam Hildreth John E. Keene Sydney Paget John E. Jr. Keene Walter M. Keene C. Madden John W. Singerly David Gideon August Belmont Theodore Winters S. Camden. Harrison John E. Thomas Hitchcock John W. Hallenbeck Sam Hildreth James R. Rowe. Brown Johnson N. May H. Sr.

3441355& dq=jewel's-reward& hl=en). [6] "Three champions to race at Hialeah" (http:/ / news. Inc. google. Kentucky New Era. Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. Retrieved 2012-07-13. Youngstown Vindicator. Petersburg Times. December 6. pdf . com/ newspapers?id=dDFgAAAAIBAJ& sjid=t28NAAAAIBAJ& pg=3068. [4] "Native Dancer chosen top 3-year-old" (http:/ / news. Retrieved 2012-07-13. tra-online.5974102& dq=our-boots& hl=en). . . google. . 1957. Retrieved 2012-07-12. Retrieved 2012-07-13. [11] http:/ / www. 1940. Miami News. December 13. November 28.3466800& dq=hurry-to-market& hl=en). December 11. Retrieved 2012-07-13. google. com/ newspapers?id=anRAAAAAIBAJ& sjid=YVcMAAAAIBAJ& pg=1146. [3] "Jewel's Reward named top colt of year" (http:/ / news. [11] • The Bloodhorse. December 17. 1943.com Champion's history charts [12] References [1] "Kelso named again as Horse-of-Year" (http:/ / news. .6787792& dq=platter& hl=en). 1963.777635& dq=hurry-to-market& hl=en).2144802& dq=oil-capitol& hl=en). com/ newspapers?id=sS9kAAAAIBAJ& sjid=9nsNAAAAIBAJ& pg=3542. Retrieved 2012-07-13. 1953. Retrieved 2012-07-13. December 14 1953. November 14. com/ eclipse. [5] "Tom Fool named horse of the year" (http:/ / news. Retrieved 2012-07-13. html [12] http:/ / www. . com/ newspapers?id=7SpmAAAAIBAJ& sjid=E-sFAAAAIBAJ& pg=6641.5845240& dq=hill-prince& hl=en). [10] "Challedon is horse of year" (http:/ / news. Retrieved 2012-07-12. 1949. Calgary Herald. December 3. google. . google. November 26. [9] "Count Fleet is horse of year" (http:/ / news. St. 1953. bloodhorse. . . google. google. com/ newspapers?id=l_lOAAAAIBAJ& sjid=HwAEAAAAIBAJ& pg=4415. google. 1949. Tuscaloosa News. Toledo Blade. 1963. com/ newspapers?id=fDJIAAAAIBAJ& sjid=lEADAAAAIBAJ& pg=5921. Retrieved 2012-07-13. . [8] "Coaltown is named Horse of the year" (http:/ / news.444822& dq=hasty-road& hl=en).1067568& dq=hasty-road& hl=en). com/ newspapers?id=OK40AAAAIBAJ& sjid=RoUFAAAAIBAJ& pg=921. google. December 3. Lewiston Evening Journal. google. [7] "Capot captures horse of the year award for 1949" (http:/ / news. com/ newspapers?id=p2NSAAAAIBAJ& sjid=13wDAAAAIBAJ& pg=2353. [2] "Kelso selected year's top racing horse" (http:/ / news.2555166& dq=porterhouse& hl=en). com/ newspapers?id=A1U_AAAAIBAJ& sjid=_UwMAAAAIBAJ& pg=6455. com/ newspapers?id=xyNHAAAAIBAJ& sjid=kvMMAAAAIBAJ& pg=5736. Schenectady Gazette. com/ eclipsewinners/ pdf/ History_Charts.American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt 34 References • The Eclipse Awards at the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of America. .

1947. [3] described by ESPN as "the Thoroughbred industry's most-respected trade publication". The list below is a Champion's history compilation beginning with the year 1887 published by the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association's The Blood-Horse magazine (founded 1961). 1952. 1957. 1965. 1913.S. Sr.[2] The Champion award is a designation give to a horse.Kelso (1960. irrespective of age. 1964) Most wins by a trainer: • 8 .Calumet Farm (1941. Omaha is the only winner of the U.James G. won "Horse of the Year" honors five consecutive years. 1900.[7] In 1971.[6] Formed in 1942 as an advocacy group. Triple Crown that was not voted "Horse of the Year" honors.[5] At the same time a rival poll was organised by the Baltimore-based Turf and Sport Digest magazine. the Thoroughbred Racing Associations (TRA) inaugurated a competing award in 1950. 1907. who placed 4th in the Blood-Horse magazine ranking of the top 100 U.[8] Historical notes on winners In a rare occurrence. 1905. whose performance during the racing year was deemed the most outstanding. while La Prevoyante was chosen by the National Turf Writers Association. Records Most wins: • 5 . a tabloid founded in 1894 that was focused on statistical information for bettors. Because Thoroughbred horse racing in the United States has no governing body to sanction the various awards. 1962.American Horse of the Year 35 American Horse of the Year Horse of the Year Thoroughbred flat racing Country Official website United States Eclipse Award [1] The American Award for Horse of the Year is the highest honor given in American thoroughbred horse racing. La Prevoyante. 1942. the DRF and TRA made an agreement with the National Turf Writers Association to merge into one set of awards. the Daily Racing Form (DRF).[9] Kelso. 1949) . [4] In 1936 a Horse of the Year award was created by a poll of the staff of The New York Morning Telegraph and its sister newspaper. and 1970.S. Rowe. 1915) Most wins by an owner: • 6 . 1908. 1963. 1944. selecting its winners from votes by racing secretaries from member tracks across the United States. 1948. two two-year-olds topped the balloting for 1972 American Horse of the Year honors with Secretariat edging out the filly. The three systems resulted in different opinions as to "Horse of the Year" Champions in 1949. Secretariat received the votes of the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of North America and the Daily Racing Form. thoroughbred champions of the 20th Century. 1961. 1901. (1896. "Horse of the Year" is not an official national award. called the Eclipse Awards.

Jr. Howard Laura de Seroux Bob Baffert Jay M. Warren. Shadwell Racing Age Gender 4 6 3 4 3 4 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 5 2 6 5 3 5 3 5 5 3 4 4 4 3 9 4 3 6 4 4 3 3 F F F C C C C C C F C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C F C G F C G C C C C 2011 Havre de Grace 2010 Zenyatta 2009 Rachel Alexandra 2008 Curlin 2007 Curlin 2006 Invasor 2005 Saint Liam 2004 Ghostzapper 2003 Mineshaft 2002 Azeri 2001 Point Given 2000 Tiznow 1999 Charismatic 1998 Skip Away 1997 Favorite Trick 1996 Cigar 1995 Cigar 1994 Holy Bull 1993 Kotashaan 1992 A. Klein Hunter Farm Dotsam Stable Daniel Wildenstein Henryk de Kwiatkowski Dotsam Stable Hawksworth Farm Harbor View Farm Harbor View Farm 1982 Conquistador Cielo Woody Stephens 1981 John Henry 1980 Spectacular Bid 1979 Affirmed 1978 Affirmed 1977 Seattle Slew Ron McAnally Bud Delp Laz Barrera Laz Barrera William H. Larry Jones John Shirreffs Steve Asmussen Steve Asmussen Steve Asmussen Kiaran McLaughlin Owner Fox Hill Farms Jerry & Ann Moss Stonestreet Stables Stonestreet Farm et al. Stonestreet Farm et al. Turner. Indy 1991 Black Tie Affair 1990 Criminal Type 1989 Sunday Silence 1988 Alysheba 1987 Ferdinand 1986 Lady's Secret 1985 Spend A Buck 1984 John Henry 1983 All Along Richard E. Wayne Lukas Charlie Whittingham Jack Van Berg Charlie Whittingham D. Drysdale Ernie T. Cooper & Cecilia Straub-Rubens Bob and Beverly Lewis Carolyn Hine Joseph LaCombe Allen E. Robbins D. Croll. M. Jr. Croll. Robert J. Karen & Mickey Taylor . Byrne William I. Mott William I. Jr.American Horse of the Year 36 Honorees Eclipse Awards Year Horse Trainer J. Jr. Paulson Allen E. Paulson Warren A. Jr. Keck Eugene V. Wayne Lukas Sonny Hine Patrick B. Arnemann H-G-W Partners Dorothy & Pamela Scharbauer Elizabeth A. Wayne Lukas Cam Gambolati Ron McAnally Patrick Biancone Frank Stronach Farish / Webber / Elkins Michael Paulson The Thoroughbred Corp. Mott Warren A.P. La Presle Farm Tomonori Tsurumaki Jeffrey Sullivan Calumet & Jurgen K. Richard Mandella Neil D. M/M William K. Frankel Neil J. Poulos D. Dutrow.

Whiteley. Turf & Sport Digest and Thoroughbred Racing Association Awards Year Horse Trainer J. Elliott Burch William Molter G. Elliott Burch John W. Whiteley. Jr. Winfrey 1952 One Count (DRF)[44] 1951 Counterpoint[45][46] Oscar White Sylvester Veitch . Ward Sherrill W. Ellsworth Belair Stud Alfred G. Vanderbilt II Sarah Jeffords C. Jacobs J. Ranch Sherrill W. Edith W. Ward Lucien Laurin Lucien Laurin Charlie Whittingham Lazy F. Vanderbilt II Greentree Stable Alfred G. Sr. Ranch Lazy F. Nerud Owner Rokeby Stables Ethel D. Gaver.American Horse of the Year 1976 Forego 1975 Forego 1974 Forego 1973 Secretariat 1972 Secretariat 1971 Ack Ack Frank Y. Elliott Burch John A. Fager[13][14][15] 1967 Damascus[16][17] 1966 Buckpasser[18][19] 1965 Roman Brother (DRF)[20] 1965 Moccasin (TRA)[21] (TSD)[22] 1964 Kelso[23] 1963 Kelso[24][25] 1962 Kelso[26] 1961 Kelso[27] 1960 Kelso[28] 1959 Sword Dancer[29] 1958 Round Table[30] 1957 Dedicate (TRA)[31] 1957 Bold Ruler (DRF)[32] (TSD)[33] 1956 Swaps[34][35] 1955 Nashua[36][37] 1954 Native Dancer[38][39] 1953 Tom Fool[40][41] Frank Y. V. Jacobs Rokeby Stables Tartan Stable Age Gender 6 3 3 4 3 3 4 2 7 6 5 4 3 3 4 5 3 4 3 4 4 2 3 3 G C G C C C G F G G G G G C C C C C C C C C C C 1970 Fort Marcy (DRF)[10] 1970 Personality (TRA)[11] 1969 Arts and Letters[12] 1968 Dr. Winfrey John M. Jr. Carey Winfrey Jim Fitzsimmons Mesh Tenney Jim Fitzsimmons William C. Whitney 1952 Native Dancer (TRA)[42] (TSD)[43] William C. Ogden Phipps Harbor View Farm Claiborne Farm Bohemia Stable Bohemia Stable Bohemia Stable Bohemia Stable Bohemia Stable Brookmeade Stable Kerr Stable Jan Winfrey Burke Wheatley Stable Rex C. Bancroft Edward A. Ranch Meadow Stable Meadow Stable Buddy Fogelson 6 5 4 3 2 5 G G G C C C 37 Daily Racing Form. Neloy Burley Parke Harry Trotsek Carl Hanford Carl Hanford Carl Hanford Carl Hanford Carl Hanford J. Lazy F.

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") was bred in Brazil and of European bloodlines that traditionally ran on turf. The race was run on May 7. The Team Valor partnership that bred Animal Kingdom sold him for $100.858. dirt. and synthetic surfaces. Animal Kingdom has competed on multiple tracks and on turf. French. The chief executive of the partnership is Barry Irwin. Kentucky. placing in the money in six of seven efforts. His dam Dalicia. the most elusive championship in all of sports. 2011 before a record crowd of 164. translates as "King of the animals. . Breeding and early life Bred by Team Valor racing stable and born at Denali Stud in Paris. his sire Leroidesanimaux (Le roi des animaux.000 to a new Team Valor partnership who planned to race him. Graham Motion (USA) 9: 4-4-0 $2. 2008) by the Brazilian-bred Leroidesanimaux out of the German mare Dalicia is a Thoroughbred race horse.[1] The colt was entered into the September 2009 Keeneland Sales as a yearling.Animal Kingdom (horse) 43 Animal Kingdom (horse) Animal Kingdom Sire Grandsire Dam Damsire Sex Foaled Country Colour Breeder Owner Trainer Record Earnings Leroidesanimaux Candy Stripes Dalicia Acatenango Stallion 2008 United States Chestnut Denali Stud Team Valor H.600 Major wins Spiral Stakes (2011) American Classics wins: Kentucky Derby (2011) Awards American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse (2011) Horse (Equus ferus caballus) Animal Kingdom (foaled in Kentucky on March 20. notable for winning the 137th Kentucky Derby.400. Animal Kingdom is the latest in a long line of Kentucky Derby winners (dating back to 1979's Spectacular Bid) to fail to win the United States Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. was German-bred and had never raced on dirt in the course of her career. The original breeding partnership was dissolved.

In his first race at age 3 (March 3. This was the first time Velazquez had ridden Animal Kingdom.[3] . was later suspended seven days for careless riding. By post time.S. 2011. throwing Velazquez forward onto the horse's neck. unfamiliar with the track. Toby's Corner had just won the Grade I Wood Memorial but had to drop out of the running during the week of the race due to a sore leg. 2011.[3] In the process. then raced midpack before sweeping three-wide off the turn to finish a head behind the wire-to-wire winner Powhatan County. he again ran second in an optional claiming race going a mile on the turf at Gulfstream Park. Animal Kingdom broke his maiden in his second race. He won by 2 and 3/4 lengths. a mile and an eighth Maiden Special Weight race at Keeneland Race Course. he could not find his way to the winner's circle at Churchill Downs until assisted by the trainer of fourth-place Shackleford. 2011. moved to the U. He drew the 11th post position. honesty and resistance to use of unneeded medications in racing horses. this time over Polytrack. Shackleford. At the Belmont Stakes. then made a big move to catch eventual Derby contenders Decisive Moment and Twinspired. Closing fast from well back of the pack. Motion was left with Animal Kingdom to start. his training was taken over by Arlington Park trainer Wayne Catalano. Dale Romans. he ran an off-the-turf 8. No horse since Needles in 1956 had won the Derby off a six-week layoff. his morning-line odds were 30-1. he ran the race at odds of 21-1.[4] Isn't He Perfect finished last and his jockey. he caught every [2] horse but the winner. losing a stirrup. He broke badly. Animal Kingdom was entered to run in the 2011 Preakness Stakes which took place on May 21. who had been pushed over by Isn't He Perfect. a spectacular :47 1/5. Although Big Brown's 2008 Derby was only his fourth start. the early favorite and American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt Uncle Mo. Uncle Mo was scratched due to a gastrointestinal illness on the Friday before the race.[1] Motion. and Velazquez (who was discovered by his agent Angel Cordero) replaced injured rider Robby Albarado on Animal Kingdom. he finished out of the money attributed to a bad start on a sloppy track. Animal Kingdom rallied in the homestretch. Motion entered Animal Kingdom into a Graded stakes race for the first time. again over Polytrack. By the time the jockey regained his stirrup and seat. No horse in the Derby but Secretariat closed his final half-mile faster. No horse had won the Derby with only four previous races since Exterminator in 1918. Motion was one of only two top 20 money-earning trainers without a single medication violation in 2010. Animal Kingdom clipped heels with yet another horse. However. Supposedly a turf horse. On the morning of the Kentucky Derby. Among the top 10 trainers in Maryland from 1995–2001. coming down the middle of the track. he was based at Laurel Park before moving his stable to the Fair Hill Training Center in 2002. Irwin selected Motion for his European-style training methods. this was his first race on dirt. and the jockey's first Kentucky Derby win in 13 tries. with his family at the age of 16 and has been involved in Maryland racing for 26 years. Around this time Irwin decided to put all Team Valor horses with only one trainer and chose Graham Motion. they were last. possibly either Monzon or Mucho Macho Man. Animal Kingdom's runner-up finish in the Preakness Stakes was the year's highest combined Triple Crown finish among all starters as recorded by Triple Crown Productions. on June 11. 46 in 2011. he raced near the back of the pack. 2011).Animal Kingdom (horse) 44 Early racing career At two. He broke clean but encountered trouble almost immediately when cut off by Mucho Macho Man. In his debut race on September 18. Animal Kingdom drew post 16 and was ridden to a 2 -3/4 length victory in the Derby by jockey John R. a British expatriate. Rajiv Maragh. causing a stumble that nearly unseated jockey John Velazquez. and. he went to the post as the 3/1 second choice in the betting. Competing at Turfway Park in the Grade III Vinery Racing Spiral Stakes. Breaking slowly. moving up from last to sixth.5 furlongs race. Triple Crown races Two of Motion's horses were Kentucky Derby contenders: Animal Kingdom and Toby's Corner. It was also Motion's first Derby win.[1] On March 26. originally scheduled to ride another horse. coming from the back of the pack to finish a strong second to the favorite. Willcox Inn. Velazquez. 2010.

Velazquez Alan Garcia 1:31. 2011 at the New Bolton Research Center in Kennett Square. The injury was detected after a March 11. the horse came out with a stiff left hind leg.04 I 1:52. Nuclear bone scans conducted at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital revealed a small fissure at the proximal aspect of the left hind cannon bone where it articulates with the hock.72 None I 1:56. 2012 Placed 2nd after 189 days off Favorite to win 1 1⁄16 mi 1 1⁄2 mi 1 3⁄16 mi 1 1⁄4 mi 1 1⁄8 mi 1 mi (T) June 11.[7] After winning a 1 1/16-mile turf race at Gulfstream Park. May 21.[8] Race record Finish Race Distance Jockey Time Grade Runner up/Winner Wise Dan Monument Hill Ruler on Ice (1st) Track Date Notes 2nd 1st 6th 2nd 1st 1st 2nd 1st 2nd Breeders' Cup Mile Gulfstream Park Allowance Belmont Stakes Preakness Stakes Kentucky Derby Spiral Stakes Allowance Maiden Special Weight Maiden Special Weight 1 mi (T) Rafael Bejarano John Velazquez John Velazquez John Velazquez John R. Two screws were placed in the slab fracture during surgery on June 30. 2012 February 18. 2011 Sloppy track. KY Rajiv Maragh 1:34.32 III Santa Anita Park Gulfstream Park Belmont Park November 3.[5] A small bone defect below the previously observed fissure on his left hock was diagnosed as a slab fracture on June 29. 2011 5/07/11 3/27/11 3/03/11 10/23/10 9/18/10 Won under odds of 21-1 Shackleford (1st) Pimlico Nehro Decisive Moment Powhattan County (1st) Bonaroo Churchill Downs Turfway Park Gulfstream Park. and Animal Kingdom did not race for the remainder of the 2011 season. FL Keeneland Race Course. bumped at start.Animal Kingdom (horse) 45 Status Following the Belmont.[6] Animal Kingdom recovered well from surgery and was slated to run in the 2012 Dubai World Cup. Animal Kingdom suffered another fracture in the same leg.66 None Robby Albarado Junior Alvarado 1:49. 2012 training run at Palm Meadows.47 I 2:02.01 None 1:45.78 I 1:41. and he was withdrawn from competition in the Dubai World Cup.14 None 1 1⁄8 mi 1 1⁄16 Willcox Inn (1st) Arlington Park Breeding .

Kevin.asp?refno=6277345& origin=singlesearch) . cfm?page_state=ORDER_AND_CONFIRM&reference_number=8331153&registry=T&horse_name=Animal Kingdom&dam_name=Dalicia (GER)&foaling_year=2008&nicking_stats_indicator=Y) • Animal Kingdom's sire (http://www. . html). 2011). Daily Racing Form. washingtonpost.0.pedigreequery.bloodhorse. David. [8] Welsch. 2011). 2011] [5] Rokos. com/ sports/ horse_racing/ animal-kingdom-injured-from-belmont-incident/ article_ba6dafb5-1055-5edd-80d9-9aa114d400a0.com/Free-5X-Pedigree. nytimes. 6/15/2011 (http:/ / www. html) [2] Preakness Post Positions (http:/ / www.com/animal+kingdom) • 5-generation pedigree (http://www. "Derby winner Animal Kingdom won't race again this season" (http:/ / www. com/ news/ animal-kingdom-out-dubai-world-cup).equineline. The Baltimore Sun (June 29. nola.animalkingdomhorse. com/ sports/ kentucky-derby-winner-animal-kingdom-recuperating-after-leg-surgery/ 2011/ 07/ 07/ gIQAxEbY2H_story. story).com/) • Animal Kingdom's pedigree and racing stats (http://www. 2011). animalkingdomhorse. [7] Van Valkenburg.com (June 17. "Animal Kingdom’s Win Is Victory for the Sport" New York Times May 8. com/ 2011/ 05/ 19/ preakness-post-positions/ ) [3] Grening. com/ news/ belmont-stakes-maragh-gets-7-day-suspension-careless-riding) [4] http:/ / www. "Animal Kingdom's jockey points finger at fellow jockey Rajiv Maragh after Belmont Stakes" The Times-Picayune/nola. Retrieved July 11. 2012). html Fortus. com/ horseracing/ index. Retrieved June 29. ssf/ 2011/ 06/ animal_kingdoms_jockey_points. 2012. 2011 (http:/ / www. . Phillyblurbs. External links • Animal Kingdom Horse website (http://www.Animal Kingdom (horse) 46 Pedigree of Animal Kingdom Sire Candy Stripes Blushing Groom Leroidesanimaux Red God Runaway Bride Bubble Company Lyphard Prodice Dissemble Ahonoora Lorenzaccio Helen Nichols Kerali High Line Sookera Dam Dalicia Acatenango Surumu Literat Surama Aggravate Aggressor II Raven Locks Dynamis Dancing Brave Lyphard Navajo Princess Diasprina Aspros Dorle References [1] Drape. The Washington Post. html). .com/stallion-register/sr_sire_page. Joe. chicagotribune.com June 13. "Belmont Stakes: Maragh gets 7-day suspension for careless riding" Daily Racing Form. Nancy.518455. 2011. [6] Associated Press (July 7. 2011. Retrieved March 13. drf. com/ 2011/ 05/ 09/ sports/ 09racing. "Animal Kingdom injured from Belmont incident" (http:/ / www. Retrieved June 19. Mike (March 12. "Animal Kingdom out of Dubai World Cup" (http:/ / www. phillyburbs. drf. 2011. . Bob. "Kentucky Derby winner Animal Kingdom recuperating after leg surgery" (http:/ / www. com/ sports/ breaking/ bs-sp-animal-kingdom-0630-20110629.

[1] Annihilate 'Em and Secretariat met in their only race together in the Marlboro Cup Invitational Handicap in September 1973. "Annihilate 'Em Takes Travers Before 32. who originally planned to ride Triple Crown winner Secretariat in the race. html?res=F40B11F93B59137A93CBA81783D85F478785F9). 1973). The New York Times. htm). Retrieved 2009-05-19. . .[3] References [1] Joe Nichols (August 19.023" (http:/ / select. pedigreequery.com/blogs/horse-racing-steve-haskin/archive/2011/05/09/ haskin-s-derby-recap-kingdom-come. 1973). Thoroughbred Online Pedigree Database. Retrieved 2009-05-19. hope for the future of American racing (http://news. where Secretariat finished first and Annihilate 'Em finished fifth.sbnation. .aspx) • Animal Kingdom Seeks Second Leg in Triple Crown (http://chicago. Annihilate 'Em was ridden to victory in the Travers by Ron Turcotte. Retrieved 2009-05-19. . "They Made Pigeons Of The Field" (http:/ / vault.google.com/2011/5/21/2182743/ preakness-2011-animal-kingdom-seeks-second-leg-in-triple-crown) 47 Annihilate 'Em Annihilate 'Em (1970-1989) was a U.[2] Annihilate 'Em's other stakes victories included the 1972 Breeders’ Futurity. cnn.bloodhorse. However. New York. com/ gst/ abstract. sportsillustrated. nytimes. com/ vault/ article/ magazine/ MAG1087811/ index.Animal Kingdom (horse) • Animal Kingdom.S. Sports Illustrated. thoroughbred race horse who was best known for winning the 1973 Travers Stakes at Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs. Secretariat missed the race due to poor health after losing the Whitney Stakes to Onion two weeks earlier while running with a low-grade fever. [3] "Annihilate ‘Em Pedigree" (http:/ / www.com/nwshp?hl=en&tab=wn& q=Animal Kingdom) • Steve Haskin's Derby Recap (http://cs. com/ annihilate+ em). [2] Whitney Tower (September 24. the 1973 Minuteman Handicap and the 1973 Sentinel Stakes.

873 acre stud farm near Paris. who sired Secretariat's dam. In order to keep the breeding stock. in particular Nasrullah and Princequillo. Hancock and his partners then syndicated Nasrullah who sired Bold Ruler and who in turn was the leading sire in North America eight times and whose progeny included U. Somethingroyal and was the leading sire twice and leading broodmare sire in North America eight times. Hancock & Nancy Clay Parents Arthur B. Born January 24. Princeton University Thoroughbred racehorse owner/breeder Claiborne Farm Episcopalian Waddell Walker (1914-2005) Sons: Arthur III. Jr. He acquired European horses to breed in the United States. Jr.S. Hancock and Nancy. and concentrated on breeding major winners and importing European stallions. Hancock bred and stood Round Table. Sr. Kentucky. a 2. In addition. (1910–1972) was a breeder and owner of thoroughbred racehorses at Claiborne farm in Kentucky. Tennessee. Jr. Hancock began to learn the horse business from his father. Hancock served as a major in the United States Army Air Forces. and Harry F. the estate sold all the racing stock.[1] During World War II. Wanting a son of the great Nearco. Arthur Boyd Hancock.[5] Hancock had plans for Sham.Arthur B. at Claiborne Farm. Kentucky St. Woodberry Forest School. 48 Arthur B. Nasrullah sired 98 stakes winners in all and was the leading sire in North America five times. 1910 to Arthur B. née Clay.[2] Horse breeder From the age of six. who raced the horse against Secretariat during the Triple Crown in 1973. "Bull" Hancock. Triple Crown winner. Bourbon County. Mark's School in Massachusetts and Woodberry Forest School in Virginia. Hancock. He was educated at two prep schools: St. Kentucky. Guggenheim he purchased the Irish stallion Nasrullah. Daughters: Nancy Clay.[3] In 1957.[4] Hancock also imported Princequillo. Mark's School. He graduated from Princeton University in 1933. United States Cause of death pancreatic cancer Resting place Residence Education Occupation Known for Religion Spouse(s) Children Paris Cemetery Marchmont House.[6] but he died when the horse was two. Jr. Seth W. in partnership with William Woodward. and Sham went to Sigmund Sommer. 1910 Bourbon County. During his career at stud. Waddell Walker Arthur B. Hancock. and gained great standing in the racing world as a result. Hancock inherited Claiborne.[7] . United States Died September 14. and managed the career of Buckpasser. 1972 Nashville. who he called "my great horse". Secretariat. Early life Hancock was born on January 24. sweeping sheds and shaking empty stalls. syndicated Nijinsky II.

diamondjfarms. 1972 (http:/ / news. latimes. claibornefarm. php?id=4389) Los Angeles Times . vanderbilt. edu/ marnett/ hancocklab-20008.Edward L.[9] References [1] The Kentucky Encyclopedia (http:/ / books. B. 252 (http:/ / books. htm) External links • Waddell Hancock.May 2. com/ nasrullah1. Bull Hancock served as President of the Thoroughbred Club of America in 1947-1948. Tennessee.com/horse-racing/articles/ 28671/waddell-hancock-matriarch-of-claiborne-farm-dies) .September 15. com/ vault/ article/ magazine/ MAG1071643/ 2/ index. Matriarch of Claiborne Farm Dies (http://www. Jr. html) [5] [6] [7] [8] Claiborne Farm history (http:/ / www. Kentucky) . com/ 1993-05-02/ sports/ sp-30064_1_horse-racing) Daily News (Bowling Green. He died a few weeks later of pancreatic cancer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. com/ books?id=8eFSK4o--M0C& pg=PA401& lpg=PA401& dq=arthur+ bull+ hancock+ born+ died& source=bl& ots=2OcDGXs1QS& sig=FJmjXsQvdnq3t4Ze6I-fQeMpuJw& hl=en& ei=accYTuifL8PogQeNrLX5Dw& sa=X& oi=book_result& ct=result& resnum=6& ved=0CDsQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage& q=arthur bull hancock born died& f=false) [2] Legacies of the Turf: A Century of Great Thoroughbred Breeders . google.+ Army+ Air+ Corps& source=bl& ots=73o4PgXajn& sig=BkCWC85f3d_TqsA7qbVpsE3tyBM& hl=en& ei=vVlRTortLMW0sQLJgrjhBA& sa=X& oi=book_result& ct=result& resnum=1& sqi=2& ved=0CCAQ6AEwAA#v=onepage& q=Bull Hancock. 49 Death Hancock would not see either horse race for the Triple Crown. google.[8] He was buried in the Paris Cemetery. com/ books?id=k5tf46yLaxkC& pg=PA252& lpg=PA252& dq=Bull+ Hancock.1990546& dq=arthur+ hancock& hl=en) [9] Vanderbilt University (https:/ / bret. In August 1972 Arthur Hancock fell ill while hunting in Scotland.bloodhorse. 1993 (http:/ / articles. Hancock. Hancock Jr. com/ newspapers?id=aNseAAAAIBAJ& sjid=mUYEAAAAIBAJ& pg=7235. Army Air Corps& f=false) [3] Biggest Bull in The Market (http:/ / sportsillustrated.Arthur B. google. com/ news. cnn. com/ history/ ) Midsouth Horse Review (http:/ / www. Bowen (2003) p. Memorial Laboratory for Cancer Research at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. htm) [4] Diamond Farms (http:/ / www. mc. midsouthhorsereview. His widow established the A.

1975. 1996. Since inception in 1960 as the Bay Shore Handicap. Records Speed record: (at current distance of 7 furlongs) • 1:20.Limit Out (1998) Most wins by a jockey: • 4 . 1979-1983. New York.000. New York. Wayne Lukas (1985. Queens. 1990) Most wins by an owner: • 3 . It was also the name of a seven-furlong race for three-year-olds and up. named for the resort town of Bay Shore. 1985-1992. 1995-present The race was run in two divisions in 1962. Shapoff (1974. 1984. 2004) Most wins by a trainer: • 3 . Cohen (1974. 1991) .000 The Bay Shore Stakes is an American Thoroughbred horse race run annually in early April at Aqueduct Racetrack in Ozone Park. 1994 • 7 furlongs : 1964-1976.Robert B. 1988. In its 49th running in 2009. 1989. and is set at a distance of seven furlongs on the dirt track. 2003. The Grade III event is for three-year-olds of either gender. last run in 1955.54 . 1968. left-handed [1] Qualification Three-year-olds Weight Purse Assigned $200. United States Inaugurated 1960 Race type Website Thoroughbred .Bay Shore Stakes 50 Bay Shore Stakes Grade III race Bay Shore Stakes Location Aqueduct Racetrack Queens. the race has been contested at a variety of distances: • 8 furlongs : 1960-1963 • 6 furlongs : 1977-1978.D. 1988. offers a purse of $200.Flat racing Aqueduct Racetrack at the NYRA Race information Distance Track 7 furlongs Dirt. the Bay Shore. 1991) • 3 . and 1986 Due to bad weather it was not run in 1993. New York.John Velazquez (1994.Stanley R.

Chavez Jose A. Wilkes Steve Asmussen Anthony Dutrow Bob Baffert Greg Gilchrist Todd A.20 1:22. Jr. Aleo Aaron & Marie Jones Edward P. Mitchell Mark E. Chavez Edgar Prado Jean-Luc Samyn Richard Migliore John Velazquez Mike Luzzi John Velazquez Lorraine & Rod Rodriguez 1:22.99 1:23.54 1:22. Anderson Fresh Start Stable Ramon A. Casse Grover G.00 1:10. Dominguez Gary C. Robert B.80 William H.20 1:22. Delp H. Elaine M.27 1:22.13 1:22.20 1:23. Robbie Davis Jose A.67 1:23. Kelley Pancho Martin James P. Shields Jr. . Wayne Lukas D.13 1:23.92 1:09. Martin John R. Cohen Sugar Maple Farm Lloyd R. Blue Stork Stable Zimpom Stable Lucille Conover Sabine Stable 1:22.80 1:22.84 John W.21 Greystone Stable Harry T. Stanley M. Jr. Santos Laffit Pincay.54 2012 Trinniberg 2011 J J's Lucky Train 2010 Eightfiveinafifty William D.80 1:22.Bay Shore Stakes 51 Winners Year Winner Jockey Willie Martinez Jose C.46 1:22. 1:21. Cohen Peter M.46 1:22. Mangurian. Hennig Christopher Paasch Mike R. Santos Darrel McHargue Nick Santagata Frank Lovato. Jeffrey Fell Jorge Velasquez George Martens Ruben Hernandez Danny Wright Garrett Gomez Cornelio Velasquez Garrett Gomez Russell Baze John Velazquez John Velazquez Kent Desormeaux Victor Espinoza Jorge F.20 1:11. Jr.00 1:23. Murrell Sigmund Sommer Charles Berry.89 Joseph Rauch/David Zell Zayat Stables Dubb.99 1:22. 1989 Houston 1988 Perfect Spy 1987 Gulch 1986 Zabaleta 1986 Buck Aly 1985 Pancho Villa 1984 Secret Prince 1983 Strike Gold 1982 Shimatoree 1981 Proud Appeal 1980 Colonel Moran 1979 Belle's Gold 1978 Piece Of Heaven 1977 Cormorant Chris Antley Jorge F.20 1:22. Evans 1:22.98 1:20. Turner. Hough Thomas J. French. Sadler Stanley R. Craig Perret Eddie Maple Angel Cordero. Winfield Townsend B.40 1:21. Ferrer Trainer Bisnath Parboo Owner Shivananda Racing Time 1:23.19 2009 Capt. Simpson Rif at Hussain Malcolm H. Kimmel Robert Barbara Team Stallion Racing et al. Kelly Walter A.80 1:11. Contessa Ian R. Jr.68 1:23. Jr. Wayne Lukas Stanley R.40 1:22. Pletcher Mark A.60 1:23.80 1:21. Brant Michael D. Goldfarb Stonerside Stable Harry J. Welcome Farm Richard Dutrow. Jr.60 1:23.80 1:22. Sr.67 1:22. Brodsky 1:21. Candyman Can Javier Castellano 2008 J Be K 2007 Bill Place 2006 Too Much Bling 2005 Lost in the Fog 2004 Forest Danger 2003 Halo Homewrecker 2002 Roman Dancer 2001 Skip To The Stone 2000 Precise End 1999 Perfect Score 1998 Limit Out 1997 Hawks Landing 1996 Jamies First Punch 1995 Blissful State 1994 Prank Call 1993 no race 1992 Three Peat 1991 Stately Wager 1990 Richard R. French Jr. Terrill Gary Biszantz Robert B. Jr. Allen Jerkens Roy Sedlacek Robert Barbara John C. Riordan Our Life Stable Lloyd R. Harry & Tom Meyerhoff Joseph V. Shapoff D.33 1:20. Shapoff Leroy Jolley John Gosden Bruce Johnstone D. Wayne Lukas William V.

Gilbert Henry Moreno Laz Barrera Jose A.60 1:23. Clark.20 1:26. Martin Lucien Laurin Stanley R. Bokum II Isidor Bieber Herbert Allen Russell A. nyra.80 1:36. Whiteley.80 1:22. com/ aqueduct/ Stakes/ BayShore. Bonsal Edward A. James W.00 1:24. nyra. Jr.40 1:36. Angel Cordero.Bay Shore Stakes 1976 Bold Forbes 1975 Laramie Trail 1975 Lefty 1974 Hudson County 1973 Secretariat 1972 Explodent 1971 Hoist The Flag 1970 Sunny Tim 1969 Reviewer 1968 Verbatim 1968 Clever Foot 1967 Damascus 1966 Quinta 1965 Flag Raiser 1964 Determined Man 1963 Jet Traffic 1962 Duc d'Or 1962 Western Warrior 1961 Merry Ruler 1960 Francis S. com/ index_aqueduct. Firestone.80 1:22. Bernard P. Bancroft Bernard P. Edith W. Bond Hirsch Jacobs Eugene Jacobs Del W. html [2] https:/ / www.40 1:36. Roebling Meadow Stable Robert B. Nerud Eddie Yowel Burley Parke Richard D. Jr. aspx?id=30149& section=races [3] http:/ / www.20 1:22. Carroll Monty Parke John A. Shapoff Lucien Laurin Eugene Jacobs Sidney Watters.00 1:25. Rotz Joe Culmone Bill Shoemaker Walter Blum Ismael Valenzuela John Ruane Bobby Ussery Ismael Valenzuela Larry Adams Roy L.80 1:23. Frank A. Cohen Meadow Stable Herbert Allen Stephen C. ntra. Jr. Calumet Farm Ogden Phipps Elmendorf Farm Mrs. com/ races. shtml .20 1:36.20 1:23.60 1:23. Jr.00 52 Frank Y. Bond E. Rodriguez Tizol Joseph M. Rodgers Tartan Stable Harry Freylinghuysen Harbor View Farm References • The 2008 Bay Shore Stakes at the NTRA [2] • The Bay Shore Stakes history at the NYRA [3] References [1] http:/ / www.20 1:34. Nickerson Bernard P.80 1:23.60 1:23. Mike Venezia Ron Turcotte Michael Miceli Ron Turcotte Mike Venezia Jean Cruguet Chuck Baltazar Bobby Ussery John L.40 1:21. Neloy Victor J. Bond 1:20.80 1:24. Jr.

president of the Sheepshead Bay Race Track.000 pounds of lobster 600 soft shell crabs 500 gallons of clam chowder 960 chickens 18. commonly referred to as the Belmont Futurity.Belmont Futurity Stakes 53 Belmont Futurity Stakes Grade II race Futurity Stakes Location Belmont Park Elmont. United States Inaugurated 1888 Race type Website Thoroughbred .000 The Futurity Stakes. K. The New York Times reported that one-quarter of those in attendance were women. Lawrence. Open to two-year-old horses. Until 1956. New York. this race had a larger purse than that of the Belmont Stakes. left-handed Qualification Two-year-olds Weight Purse Assigned $250. it is raced on dirt over a distance of seven furlongs.000 sandwiches 50 sets of ribs 60 short loins 20 [beef] hips and loins • 25 Spring lambs • 480 squabs • 5 barrels of whiskey . The creation of James G. Inaugural running The first edition of the Futurity took place on Labor Day in 1888. This nomination remained in effect until 1957 when it was opened to all two-year-olds.675. the field made up of the two-year-old offspring of mares which had been nominated before their birth. Food consumption The New York Times reported that attendance for the day of the inaugural running was at least the equal of the largest crowd to ever attend a race at the Sheepshead Bay facility and that the caterer sold the following food: • • • • • • • • 12. is an American Thoroughbred horse race run annually in mid September at Belmont Park in Elmont. the owners of winner Proctor Knott collected $41. The richest race ever run in the United States to that time. New York.Flat racing Belmont Park [1] Race information Distance Track 7 furlongs Dirt.

1908. 1899. 1902-1924. 6. sarsaparilla. 1909. 1950. 1915. Triple Crown champions. Held at Saratoga in 1913 and 1914. 54 The Futurity Stakes was hosted by the Sheepshead Bay Race Track until the track's closure following a state-wide ban on parimutuel betting through enactment of the Hart-Agnew Law by the New York Legislature. Native Dancer. It was switched to the Saratoga Race Course for 1910 but was not raced for the next two years until the State Legislature lifted the ban.Belmont Futurity Stakes • • • • • 40 cases of pepper whiskey 250 kegs of lager 380 cases of champagne 30 barrels of imported ginger ale 600 boxes of soda.5 furlongs : 1934-1975. the Belmont Futurity was one of the United States' most important dirt races for two-year-olds. 2005 to present. 1950. 7 furlongs : 1976-1993. (1890. (1923. the race was hosted by the Aqueduct Racetrack before returning to Belmont Park where it has since remained.Affirmed (1977) Most wins by an owner: • 5 . Some of the greatest Thoroughbreds in American racing history have won the race including Colin. Widener. Keene (1893. The race's counterpart on turf is the Laurel Futurity at Laurel Park Racecourse in Laurel. 1954. water. plus from 1962 to 1967.S. 1907. In 1959 and 1960. Secretariat. and Citation. Jr. 1957. 1913. Rowe. 1908. 1946. 1921) Winners of the Futurity Stakes since 1888 . Approximately 7 furlongs : 1925-1933.263 yards and 1 foot : 1892-1901. Man o' War and U. 1897. the race had been scheduled to be run on September 16th but was canceled following the September 11. 1930.Eddie Arcaro (1940. In 2001.James R. 1956. 2001 attacks. it was them moved to Belmont Park. Sr. 8 furlongs : 1994-2004. 1909) • 5 . 1899. Prior to the advent of the Breeders' Cup Juvenile. 1907. 1959) Most wins by a trainer: • 9 . 1966) Most wins by a jockey: • 6 .George D. coke etc. Affirmed. Over the years the race has been contested at various distances: • 6 furlongs : 1888-1891.60 . • • • • • 1. Maryland.James G. Records Time record: (at the current 7 furlong distance) • 1:21.

00 1:24.60 1:35. Santos Mike E.80 2012 Overanalyze 2011 Jack's in the Deck 2010 No Race 2009 D' Funnybone 2008 Charitable Man 2007 Tale of Ekati 2006 King of the Roxy 2005 Private Vow 2004 Park Avenue Ball 2003 Cuvee 2002 Whywhywhy 2001 No Race "@" 2000 Burning Roma * 1999 Bevo 1998 Lemon Drop Kid 1997 Grand Slam 1996 Traitor 1995 Maria's Mon 1994 Montreal Red 1993 Holy Bull 1992 Strolling Along 1991 Agincourt 1990 Eastern Echo 1989 Senor Pete 1988 Trapp Mountain 1987 Forty Niner 1986 Gulch 1985 Ogygian 1984 Spectacular Love 1983 Swale 1982 Copelan 1981 Irish Martini 1980 Tap Shoes 1979 Rockhill Native Richard E.80 1:22. Eddie Maple Jerry D.00 1:38. Croll. Oak Fred W. Eddie Maple Angel Cordero. Fipke Team Valor Mike McCarty Char-Mari Stable Winchell/Spendthrift Farm 1:35.36 0:00. Stevens John Velazquez Robbie Davis Jose A.30 1:22.20 1:23. Kiaran McLaughlin Barclay Tagg Todd Pletcher Steve Asmussen James T.00 1:22. Bailey Edgar Prado No Race Rick Wilson Joe Bravo John Velazquez Gary L. Vance Baker. Jr. Jr. Straus 0:00. Hooper Seymour Cohen Leone J.20 1:22. Pardue M/M William K.00 1:21. McGaughey III Nick Zito MacKenzie Miller Scotty Schulhofer George R. Bailey Jorge Velasquez Ruben Hernandez John Oldham Trainer Todd Pletcher Robin L.80 1978 Crest Of The Wave † Jean Cruguet 1977 Affirmed 1976 For The Moment 1975 Soy Numero Uno Steve Cauthen Eddie Maple Jacinto Vasquez .40 1:23. Jr.40 1:23.46 1:13. Ryerson Steve Asmussen Patrick Biancone No Race Anthony W. Warren Charles E.20 1:24.80 1:22. Vanderbilt II Rosalind Rosenthal Vendome Stables Warren A.80 1:22. Graham No Race Owner Repole Stable Skeedattle Stable No Race Time 1:11. Alfred G.20 1:35.40 1:23. Chavez Jerry D.Belmont Futurity Stakes 55 Year Winner Jockey John Velazquez Joe Bravo No Race Edgar Prado Alan Garcia Eibar Coa John Velazquez Jerry D. Dutrow.20 1:23. Peters Harry A. Smith Chris Antley Jorge F. Biancone/Fabien Ouaki 1:36. Wayne Lukas Mary Eppler Richard Schosberg Scotty Schulhofer Warren A. et al.60 1:23.00 1:24. Hooper Harbor View Farm Gerald Robins Joseph R.60 P. Stevens Ross Fenstermaker Laz Barrera Leroy Jolley Homer C. Nerud Laz Barrera Woody Stephens Michael Griffin Richard DeStasio Howard M.20 1:17. Santos Angel Cordero. Bailey Jose A. C.60 1:22.00 1:24. Scotty Schulhofer D. Ogden Phipps Robert Perez Rokeby Stable Michael G.20 No Race Harold Queen Peter Callahan Jeanne G. Walter Guerra Laffit Pincay.40 1:24.40 1:35.80 1:36.20 1:24. Rutherford Loblolly Stable Claiborne Farm Peter M. Croll. Dutrow William Badgett. Jr. Jr. Jr. R. Jr. Tesher Herbert K. Paul Pompa.00 1:37.33 1:24. Brant Tartan Farms Dolly Green Claiborne Farm Fred W.00 1:36.20 1:23. Arnold II Woody Stephens Leroy Jolley Jan H. Bailey Javier Castellano Jerry D. Jr.60 1:23.00 1:37.

Sr. Roebling Calumet Farm C. Widener. Bradley William E.00 1:17. Frankel Cain Hoy Stable Christiana Stable Meadowbrook Stable Greentree Stable Brookfield Farm George D.20 1:16.80 1:15. Clark William R.80 1:17. Jr.40 56 James E.20 1:17.20 1:15.20 1:17. Sr.80 1:15.80 1:15.Belmont Futurity Stakes 1974 Just The Time 1973 Wedge Shot 1972 Secretariat 1971 Riva Ridge 1970 Salem 1969 High Echelon 1968 Top Knight 1967 Captain's Gig 1966 Bold Hour 1965 Priceless Gem 1964 Bold Lad 1963 Bupers 1962 Never Bend 1961 Cyane 1960 Little Tumbler 1959 Weatherwise 1958 Intentionally 1957 Jester 1956 Bold Ruler 1955 Nail 1954 Nashua 1953 Porterhouse 1952 Native Dancer 1951 Tom Fool 1950 Battlefield 1949 Guillotine 1948 Blue Peter 1947 Citation 1946 First Flight 1945 Star Pilot 1944 Pavot 1943 Occupy 1942 Occupation 1941 Some Chance 1940 Our Boots 1939 Bimelech 1938 Porter's Mite 1937 Menow 1936 Pompoon Marco Castaneda Jacinto Vasquez Ron Turcotte Ron Turcotte John L.20 1:17. Bailey Eddie Arcaro John P.40 1:16.00 1:14. Gaver. Bert Mulholland Buckland Farm Fred W.60 1:16.20 1:16. Hurley Ted Horning Duval A.60 1:14.40 1:15. Jr.60 1:16. Ethel D. Jones Sylvester Veitch Tom Smith Oscar White Burley Parke Burley Parke Ben A. Holton Hirsch Jacobs Raymond Metcalf William W. Jeffords John Marsch John Marsch Calumet Farm Woodvale Farm Edward R. Sr. Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable Josephine P. Wilson Cain Hoy Stable George D.40 1:17.40 1:16.20 1:16.80 1:18.60 1:16.20 1:16.60 1:16.20 1:15. V. Stephens Bert Mulholland Hirsch Jacobs William C. Edward Kelly.40 1:17.80 1:16. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud Charlie Whittingham William C.80 1:15. Gaver.60 1:18. Odom Eddie Arcaro William Boland Eric Guerin Ted Atkinson Eddie Arcaro Ted Atkinson Eric Guerin Al Snider Eddie Arcaro Arnold Kirkland George Woolf George Woolf George Woolf Wendell Eads Eddie Arcaro Fred A. Widener. 1:16. Bert Mulholland John M. Smith Basil James Charley Kurtsinger Harry Richards James E. Jacobs Steven B. Jones Steve Judge William J. Sr.60 1:15. Andy Schuttinger Horace A. Parke Lucien Laurin Lucien Laurin Edward L. Louchheim . Whitney Maine Chance Farm Walter M. Winfrey John M. Jr.80 1:15.20 1:16. Gaver.60 1:17. Widener. Jacobs Wheatley Stable Marion R. Winfrey Buddy Jacobson Woody Stephens Henry S.40 1:17.20 1:15. Vanderbilt II Greentree Stable George D.00 1:16. Widener Hedley Woodhouse George P. Campo Charles R.20 1:16. Rotz John L. Rotz Manuel Ycaza Bill Shoemaker John L. Headley Cyrus Field Clark Llangollen Farm Alfred G. Rotz Walter Blum Braulio Baeza Avelino Gomez Bill Shoemaker Manuel Ycaza Ray Broussard Eddie Arcaro Bill Shoemaker Paul J. Boeing Hal Price Headley Jerome H.20 1:15. Greentree Stable Joseph M. Hooper Meadow Stable Meadow Stud Christiana Stable Ethel D. Mitchell John M.

Shilling James H. Jr.00 1:11. Keene James R. Butwell Joe Notter Walter Miller Willie Shaw Arthur Redfern Gene Hildebrand Grover Fuller Lucien Lyne Winfield O'Connor Tod Sloan Henry Spencer Harry Lewis Richard Clawson F. Rowe. Madden William C. Rowe. Whitney George D. Wilson.40 57 Raymond Workman Thomas J. Sr.00 1:12. Healey Linus McAtee A.80 1:11.00 1:10. Clark George W.00 1:10. Sr. Odom Peter Coyne James W. L.80 1:15. Rowe.20 1:11. James 1922 Sally's Alley 1921 Bunting 1920 Step Lightly 1919 Man o' War 1918 Dunboyne 1917 Papp 1916 Campfire 1915 Thunderer 1914 Trojan 1913 Pennant 1910 Novelty 1909 Sweep 1908 Maskette 1907 Colin 1906 Electioneer 1905 Ormondale 1904 Artful 1903 Hamburg Belle 1902 Savable 1901 Yankee 1900 Ballyhoo Bey 1899 Chacornac 1898 Martimas 1897 L'Alouette 1896 Ogden 1895 Requital Silvio Coucci Wayne D.60 1:19. Sr. Jeffords.20 1:11.00 1:11. Thompson (lessee) Quincy Stable Harry P. Keene James R. Sr.00 1:09. Harlan William H. Jr.60 1:24. Odom Bert S. Karrick Fred Hopkins Thomas McTaggart A. Hyland . Sr.00 1:23. Rogers James G. Glen Riddle Farm Philip A. Wright Robert Jones Pete Walls George M. Rowe. Charles Burlingame Stephen J. P.40 1:12.60 1:11. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Harry P. Rowe.20 1:10. Loft Richard T.60 1:19. Michell Scott P. Edward Whyte James G.40 1:11. Sam Hildreth James G. Jack Joyner Enoch Wishard John E. Thompson Marcus Daly David Gideon 1:17. Sr. Allen John McTaggart Joe Notter Eugene Wayland James G. Jr.60 1:12.80 1:13. James G. Sr. Drake John E. Salmon. John Campbell John J. Jr.20 1:13.40 1:11.40 1:17. Widener. Harry P. Rowe. Eugene Wayland Louis Feustel William Hogan Max Hirsch Thomas J. Widener. Whitney Marshall Field III Fannie Hertz Walter M. Whitney Walter J. Whitney George D. Jack Joyner Albert Johnson Frank Coltiletti Frank Keogh Johnny Loftus Andy Schuttinger L. Sr.20 1:11.80 1:12. Healy Joseph A.Belmont Futurity Stakes 1935 Tintagel 1934 Chance Sun 1933 Singing Wood 1932 Kerry Patch 1931 Top Flight 1930 Jamestown 1929 Whichone 1928 High Strung 1927 Anita Peabody 1926 Scapa Flow 1925 Pompey 1924 Mother Goose 1923 St.80 1:22. Widener Liz Whitney Lee Rosenberg C.60 1:17. Jack Joyner Raymond Workman James G. Sr. Keene William Lakeland Ormondale Stable H.40 1:21. B. William Lakeland Thomas Welch John W. Whitney Sam Hildreth James R.00 1:20.80 1:10.80 1:16. Duryea (lessee) Sydney Paget John A. Turbiville Henry Griffin James G.80 1:11.00 1:21. S. Madden John W. Rowe.00 1:10. Linus McAtee Chick Lang Laverne Fator Laverne Fator Linus McAtee George M. V.40 1:12. Healey James G. James G. Keene William Hendrie L. Whitney James R. Lawler Charles Borel Carroll H.80 1:11. Notter Marshall Field III Joseph E.00 1:13. Sr.00 1:14. S. Rogers A. Rowe. & W. Rowe. Shoshone Stable Harry P.

W. Hyland William Lakeland A. 2001 attacks on New York. References • The Futurity Stakes at Pedigree Query [2] • April 28.20 1:16. thoroughbredtimes.80 1:15. pedigreequery.80 1:12. Bryant 1:11.20 1:14. * † In 1978. not found Samuel W. Rowe. Hyland James G. youtube. aspx [4] http:/ / www. Frank Van Ness John J. 2001 Thoroughbred Times article on the Futurity Stakes [3] External links • Video at YouTube of Secretariat winning the 1972 Belmont Futurity [4] • Video at YouTube of Affirmed and Alydar's fourth meeting in the 1977 Belmont Futurity [5] References [1] http:/ / www.20 58 A "@" designates that all races were cancelled related to the September 11. Bryant Gideon & Daly James & Foxhall Keene William M. com/ index_belmont. com/ watch?v=9N_Cic1uhjU [5] http:/ / www. Day Shelby Barnes John J. but was disqualified as was City Zip in 2000. Scott G. Singerly David Gideon August Belmont William L.Belmont Futurity Stakes 1894 The Butterflies 1893 Domino 1892 Morello 1891 His Highness 1890 Potomac 1889 Chaos 1888 Proctor Knott Henry Griffin Fred Taral William Hayward Jim McLaughlin Anthony Hamilton G. com/ weekly-feature-articles/ 2001/ April/ 28/ Triple-Crown-Preview-Belmont-Stakes-winners-as-sires. Scoggan/S. html [2] http:/ / www. php?search_bar=stakes& query_type=stakes& field=view& id=137 [3] http:/ / www. youtube. Fuzzbuster finished first.00 1:12.20 1:15. nyra. com/ watch?v=QaH5I6DwNVo . com/ index. Sr.

com Race information Distance Track 1½ miles (12 furlongs) Dirt. one of the most prestigious trophies in the country. but never before June 5. or counter-clockwise. The 2004 Belmont Stakes drew a massive television audience of 21. Since then. Consequently.2 kg) Filly: 121 lbs. For more information.[2] The 2012 Belmont Stakes was run on June 9. following exactly five weeks after the Kentucky Derby. and the race was cancelled in 1911 and 1912. Belmont Racetrack was closed. The first post parade in the United States was at the 14th Belmont. the race has been run in the American. The race is the third and final leg of the US Triple Crown. Before 1921. The race continued to be held at Jerome Park until 1890.5-mile (2. open to three-year-old Thoroughbreds.4 km) horse race. .[4] When anti-gambling legislation was passed in New York State. The attendance at the Belmont Stakes ranks fourth in North America and usually surpasses the attendance of all other stakes races. The race remained there until the May 1905 opening of the new Belmont Park. 430 acres (1. fillies carry 121 pounds (55 kg). The winner of the Belmont Stakes is presented the August Belmont Trophy. It is a 1. New York. New York Inaugurated 1867 Race type Website Thoroughbred belmontstakes. including the Breeders' Cup. direction. the Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Oaks. for whom the race was named. on Long Island just outside the New York City borough of Queens. Morris Park Racecourse. (54. Sr. (1816–1890). see American Thoroughbred Racing top Attended Events. nor after June 11. in 1880.9 million viewers and had the highest household viewing rate since 1977 when Seattle Slew won the Triple Crown.000 Purse The Belmont Stakes is an American grade I stakes Thoroughbred horse race held every June at Belmont Park in Elmont. and three weeks after the Preakness Stakes. Left-handed [1] Qualification 3-year-olds Weight Colt/Gelding: 126 lbs (57.[3] History The first Belmont Stakes was held at Jerome Park Racetrack in The Bronx. the race was run in the clockwise tradition of English racing. it is run on Saturday. when it was moved to the nearby facility.9 kg) US$1 million 1st: $600. built in 1866 by stock market speculator Leonard Jerome (1817–1891) and financed by August Belmont.7 km2) racetrack in Elmont. Colts and geldings carry a weight of 126 pounds (57 kg). New York.Belmont Stakes 59 Belmont Stakes Grade I race Belmont Stakes Location Belmont Park Elmont. The attendance at the Belmont Stakes typically trails only the Kentucky Derby.

a mile and a furlong in 1893 and 1894. and lack the experience. to maintain a winning speed for so long. In a long race such as the Belmont. positioning of the horse and the timing of the move to chase for the lead can be critical. The winning owner is ceremonially presented with the silver winner's trophy. followed by the Preakness Stakes. 60 Evolution of the Triple Crown series Since 1931. From 1997 to 2009. the Preakness Stakes is held two weeks later. 1891. the post parade song was "Sidewalks of New York". the earliest possible date for the Belmont is June 5. in a record time of 2:24. Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes by thirty-one lengths.Belmont Stakes Because of its length (one lap around the enormous Belmont main track). Prior to 1931.[5] The Belmont Stakes is held on the first Saturday that falls on or after June 5. the song was changed to a solo version of Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind"[6] before reverting back to "Theme from New York. His record still stands as the fastest speed for the Belmont Stakes. and then the Belmont Stakes. On June 9. the order of Triple Crown races has been the Kentucky Derby first. in similar fashion to the blanket of roses and black-eyed susans for the Derby and Preakness. and the Belmont Stakes is held three weeks after the Preakness. The race was held at Aqueduct Racetrack from 1963 to 1967. The switch of theme song from "The Sidewalks of New York" to "New York. Jr."[10] More longstanding traditions are the trophy and blanket of flowers.[4] Despite the fact that the Belmont Stakes is the oldest of the Triple Crown races. it is called the "Test of the Champion". the audience was invited to sing the "Theme from New York. 1895. 1922. in 1919. Most three-year-olds are unaccustomed to the distance. The winning horse is draped with a blanket of white carnations after the race. 1973. from the "White Carnation" to the [9] "Belmont Breeze. and because it is the final race of the Triple Crown." The New York Times reviewed both cocktails unfavorably. a mile and three furlongs from 1896 to 1903 and from 1906 to 1925. New York" was an attempt [8] to appeal to younger fans. In 2010. eleven times the Preakness was run before the Derby. designed by Paulding Farnham for Tiffany and Co. if not the stamina. 1904 and 1905. That same year the official drink was also changed. . The current distance of a mile and half was established in 1926. 1892. Changes in distance The Belmont Stakes was run at a mile and five furlongs from 1867 to 1873. respectively. It was first presented to August Belmont. while the track at Belmont was restored and renovated. the Preakness and the Derby were run on the same day. calling the Belmont Breeze "a significant improvement over the nigh undrinkable White Carnation" despite the fact that it "tastes like a refined trashcan punch. its traditions have been more subject to change. The earliest possible date for the Derby is May 1. Traditions The Belmont Stakes is traditionally called "The Test of Champions" or "Run for the Carnations" because the winning horse is blanketed with white carnations. New York" following the call to the post. Through 1996. New York" for 2011[7] through the present. a mile and a quarter in 1890. Count Fleet won the race by the large margin of twenty-five lengths in 1943. The first winner of the Triple Crown was Sir Barton. The Kentucky Derby is always held on the first Saturday in May. This tradition is similar to the singing of the state song at the post parades of the first two Triple Crown races: "My Old Kentucky Home" at the Kentucky Derby and "Maryland. On eleven occasions. becoming a Triple Crown champion that year. in 1896 and donated by the Belmont family for annual presentation in 1926. and the latest is May 7. and the latest is June 11. the Belmont Stakes was run before the Preakness Stakes. My Maryland" at the Preakness Stakes. On May 12. 1917 and again on May 13.

1917) 4 . Sr. 1907. was only able to keep its broadcast rights to the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. 1906.Woody Stephens (all consecutive from 1982–1986) 4 . at odds of 70-1. Frank McCabe. Sr. David McDaniel 6 . 1939. He won in his Belmont Stakes debut on 65 to 1 long-shot Sherluck in 1961 at the old Belmont Park. D. [13] • Sarava.Belmont Stakes 61 Broadcasting history From 1986 until 2005. Gaver.James R. who was the rights holder for all three events. Wayne Lukas. Gary Stevens Most wins by a trainer: • • • • • • • • • • • • • 8 . 1884. • • • • CBS Sports 1960–1985 ABC Sports 1986–2000 NBC Sports 2001–2005. 1925. Jr. In late 2004.J. Rowe. Keene (1879. • Braulio Baeza has the distinction of winning three Belmont Stakes over three different surfaces. Sr.Jim McLaughlin.Dwyer Brothers Stable (1883. Sarah Lundy became the first female trainer to saddle a horse in the Belmont Stakes.Belair Stud (1930. • In 1984. 1901.00 .[11] As a result of this NBC. 1904. 1935.Braulio Baeza. 1908.Greentree Stable (1931. 1926. Lucien Laurin. 1936. 2011-2015[12] ESPN on ABC 2006–2010[11] Records Speed record: • 2:24.222. Jr. Elliott Burch.Secretariat (1973) Record Victory Margin: • 31 lengths .. upset War Emblem's bid for the Triple Crown. • The 2002 race had the biggest attendance in the park's history with 103. 1993 Thoroughbred racing's all-time leading female jockey.Jim Fitzsimmons 5 . Bill Shoemaker • 3 . Rowe. 1888) 4 .Sam Hildreth 6 . 1886.James G.Harry P. 1902. ABC regained the rights to the Belmont Stakes as part of a five-year contract that expired following the 2010 race. 1887. Pat Day.Earl Sande.Secretariat (1973) Most wins by a jockey: • 6 . 1937) 4 . • On June 5.August Belmont. Whitney (1905. John M. 1942. and George M.Max Hirsch. Julie Krone./Blemton Stable (1896. 1932. 7 . 1955) 6 . 1913. Eddie Arcaro • 5 . James Stout. won in 1963 on Chateaugay . the Triple Crown television rights comprised a single package.Glen Riddle Farm (1920. 1910) 5 . 1918) 4 . 1916. Wyndham Walden 3 . became the first woman to win a Triple Crown race when she rode to victory in the Belmont Stakes aboard Colonial Affair. Laffit Pincay. 1968) Most wins by an owner: Other records: • Only James G.. Odom have won the Belmont Stakes as both jockey and trainer. the New York Racing Association withdrew from that agreement to negotiate independently. NBC has since regained the rights to the race. R. 1949.

LaPenta M. with similar numbers for geldings.Celtic Ash • 1990 .74 2:27.) Foreign-born winners • 1874 . Bob & Beverly Lewis Jeanne G. and won in 1969 on Arts and Letters at the new Belmont Park.Tanya • 2007 .80 2:29. they were seldom entered into races in which primarily males ran.Victory Gallop Winners of the Belmont Stakes since 1867 Year Winner Jockey John Velazquez Jose Valdivia. and three fillies have won the Belmont stakes in 144 races. Wyeth George and Lori Hall WinStar Farm LLC Time 2:30.Rags to Riches Three fillies have won the Kentucky Derby in 138 races.[14] 62 Fillies in the Belmont Three fillies have won the Belmont in 144 races: • 1867 .54 Robert V.81 2:28.65 2:28.Belmont Stakes when the race was run at Aqueduct. Smith Shadwell Farm Cash is King LLC Marylou Whitney Stables Juddmonte Farms New Phoenix Stable The Thoroughbred Corp.20 2:27. while about 95% of these high-stakes races have been won by uncastrated male horses. (Until 1957 geldings were not allowed to run in the Belmont Stakes and that. colts or stallions.57 2012 Union Rags 2011 Ruler on Ice 2010 Drosselmeyer 2009 Summer Bird 2008 Da'Tara 2007 Rags to Riches ‡ 2006 Jazil 2005 Afleet Alex 2004 Birdstone 2003 Empire Maker 2002 Sarava 2001 Point Given 2000 Commendable 1999 Lemon Drop Kid 1998 Victory Gallop Kalarikkal & Vilasini Jayaraman 2:27.Gallant Man • 1958 .42 2:30. due to the belief that fillies could not compete against colts. Tabor & D.Saxon • 1898 .Cavan • 1960 .Bowling Brook • 1917 .71 2:26.00 .Hourless • 1918 .75 2:27.Johren • 1957 .Go And Go • 1998 .88 2:31.50 2:28. Wayne Lukas Scotty Schulhofer W. Elliott Walden Owner Phyllis M. Vance Prestonwood Farm 2:29.80 2:31. fillies have won between 2% and 3% of the Triple Crown races. On average. Jr.Ruthless • 1905 . Mike Smith Kent Desormeaux Alan Garcia John Velazquez Fernando Jara Jeremy Rose Edgar Prado Jerry Bailey Edgar Prado Gary Stevens Pat Day Jose Santos Gary Stevens Trainer Michael Matz Kelly Breen William Mott Tim Ice Nick Zito Todd Pletcher Kiaran McLaughlin Timothy Ritchey Nick Zito Robert Frankel Kenneth McPeek Bob Baffert D.26 2:29.

Jr. R.20 2:29. Jr.80 2:29. Bancroft Lucien Laurin Eddie Yowell J. McGaughey III Louie J. Indy 1991 Hansel 1990 Go And Go 1989 Easy Goer 1988 Risen Star 1987 Bet Twice Chris McCarron Rene R. Karen L.13 2:28.80 2:29.Belmont Stakes 1997 Touch Gold 1996 Editor's Note 1995 Thunder Gulch 1994 Tabasco Cat 1993 Colonial Affair 1992 A.00 2:30.20 2:28.00 2:26.00 2:26. Rivera Ron Turcotte Ron Turcotte Walter Blum John L.00 2:28. Weld C. Jr. Widener. Sr.40 63 1986 Danzig Connection Chris McCarron 1985 Creme Fraiche 1984 Swale 1983 Caveat Eddie Maple Laffit Pincay.20 2:24.20 2:29.P. Whiteley Laz Barrera Frank Stronach Overbrook Farm Michael Tabor Reynolds/Overbrook Centennial Farms Tomonori Tsurumaki Lazy Lane Farm Moyglare Stud Farm Ogden Phipps Louie J.40 2:34. Brothers Dermot K.80 2:28. Jr.60 2:28.20 2:26.00 2:27. 1981 Summing 1980 Temperence Hill 1979 Coastal 1978 Affirmed † 1977 Seattle Slew † 1976 Bold Forbes 1975 Avatar 1974 Little Current 1973 Secretariat † 1972 Riva Ridge 1971 Pass Catcher 1970 High Echelon 1969 Arts and Letters George Martens Eddie Maple Ruben Hernandez Steve Cauthen Jean Cruguet Angel Cordero. Roussel III Blanche P.40 2:28. Jr.80 2:26. Wayne Lukas Scotty Schulhofer Neil Drysdale Frank L. Rotz Braulio Baeza William H.20 2:27. 1967 Damascus 1966 Amberoid 1965 Hail To All 1964 Quadrangle 1963 Chateaugay 1962 Jaipur 1961 Sherluck 1960 Celtic Ash 1959 Sword Dancer Bill Shoemaker William Boland Johnny Sellers Manuel Ycaza Braulio Baeza Bill Shoemaker Braulio Baeza Bill Hartack Bill Shoemaker Frank Y. Gaver.20 2:29. Wilson. Barry J. Rodriguez Tizol Arthur A.00 2:29. Jr.80 2:27. Jacob Sher Joseph E. Whiteley.80 2:28. Cantey David A. 1982 Conquistador Cielo Laffit Pincay. Jr. Seeligson.80 2:32. O'Connell Brookmeade Stable . Jr. Jacobs Rokeby Stables Greentree Stable 1968 Stage Door Johnny Heliodoro Gustines John M.80 2:28. Douglas Gary Stevens Pat Day Julie Krone Ed Delahoussaye Jerry Bailey Michael Kinane Pat Day Ed Delahoussaye Craig Perret David Hofmans D. Elliott Burch Reginald N. Jr. Elliott Burch E. Levy Henryk de Kwiatkowski Brushwood Stables Claiborne Farm August Belmont IV Henryk de Kwiatkowski Charles T. Bill Shoemaker Miguel A. Wayne Lukas D.20 2:28. Conway Bert Mulholland Harold Young Thomas J.80 2:29.80 2:29.00 2:28.60 2:26.40 2:28.60 2:29. Wayne Lukas† D.20 2:28. Edith W. Loblolly Stable William Haggin Perry Harbor View Farm 2:28. Turner. Webster Zelda Cohen Rokeby Stables Darby Dan Farm George D. Jacobs J. Darby Dan Farm Meadow Stable Meadow Stud October House Farm Ethel D. Elliott Burch James P.20 2:29.80 2:27. Laffit Pincay.00 2:28. Taylor Laz Barrera Tommy Doyle Lou Rondinello Lucien Laurin Lucien Laurin Eddie Yowell John W.00 2:27. Roussel III Jimmy Croll Woody Stephens Woody Stephens Woody Stephens Woody Stephens Woody Stephens Luis Barrera Joseph B.40 2:30.

20 2:26.20 2:31.60 2:30.00 2:30. Bradley Belair Stud Carol Harriman Plunkett Glen Riddle Farm Belair Stud Belair Stud Joseph E.60 2:29.60 2:30.60 2:29. Cosden Joseph E.20 2:28. Sr. Jeffords.40 2:30.60 2:32.20 2:32. Earl Sande Mack Garner Clarence Kummer Earl Sande Albert Johnson Jim Fitzsimmons Herbert J.60 2:29. Odom Joseph E. Jones Sylvester Veitch Max Hirsch Oscar White Matt Brady Don Cameron John M.40 2:32.60 2:29. Widener Belair Stud Greentree Stable Belair Stud Edward R. Hurley Jim Fitzsimmons George M. O'Connell Ralph Lowe D & H Stable Belair Stud King Ranch Alfred G.80 2:28. Widener Joseph E.20 2:28. V. Gaver.60 2:31.20 2:29.60 2:30. Rowe. Jr. Barry John A. Fannie Hertz Greentree Stable Calumet Farm Edward R. Thompson Max Hirsch Pete Coyne George Conway . Whitney King Ranch Greentree Stable Calumet Farm C.20 2:29.20 64 Charley Kurtsinger George Conway James Stout Willie Saunders Wayne D.00 2:29.00 2:30. William Ziegler. Sr.80 2:33.20 2:32. Jones William J. Smith James Stout James Stout Thomas J.80 2:29. Fontaine Jim Fitzsimmons Max Hirsch Bill Winfrey Oscar White Sylvester Veitch Max Hirsch John M. Nerud Hugh L.20 2:32.80 2:30. Whitney King Ranch Walter M.80 2:29. Widener Glen Riddle Farm 2:30. Horace A. Ben A. Sr. V.60 2:32. Jr. Wright Mack Garner Tommy Malley Jim Fitzsimmons Jim Fitzsimmons Pete Coyne Henry McDaniel Jim Fitzsimmons Charley Kurtsinger James G. Bradley Alfred H. Gaver.00 2:28.40 2:28.Belmont Stakes 1958 Cavan 1957 Gallant Man 1956 Needles 1955 Nashua 1954 High Gun 1953 Native Dancer 1952 One Count 1951 Counterpoint 1950 Middleground 1949 Capot 1948 Citation † 1947 Phalanx 1946 Assault † 1945 Pavot 1944 Bounding Home 1943 Count Fleet † 1942 Shut Out 1941 Whirlaway † 1940 Bimelech 1939 Johnstown 1938 Pasteurized 1937 War Admiral † 1936 Granville 1935 Omaha † 1934 Peace Chance 1933 Hurryoff 1932 Faireno 1931 Twenty Grand 1930 Gallant Fox † 1929 Blue Larkspur 1928 Vito 1927 Chance Shot 1926 Crusader Pete Anderson Bill Shoemaker David Erb Eddie Arcaro Eric Guerin Eric Guerin Eddie Arcaro David Gorman William Boland Ted Atkinson Eddie Arcaro Ruperto Donoso Warren Mehrtens Eddie Arcaro Gayle Smith Johnny Longden Eddie Arcaro Eddie Arcaro Fred A.20 2:29. Vanderbilt II Sarah F. Jeffords C.

Odom John Bullman John Bullman Henry Spencer Nash Turner Richard Clawson Fred Littlefield James G. James G. L. James R.80 2:14.60 2:21. Donavan Pike Barnes William Hayward Jim McLaughlin Albert Cooper John Huggins Frank McCabe . August Belmont. Rowe.40 2:20. Keene Hampton Stable August Belmont.00 2:18. Miller Earl Sande Clarence Kummer Johnny Loftus Frank Robinson James H.50 1:56. Keene James R. Hallenbeck John W. Whitney 2:16.80 2:19. J.00 2:06. Morris 2:32.75 2:22. Richard O. Whitney Harry P. Jr. Healey Sam Hildreth Louis Feustel H. Ross Harry P. H.00 2:21. Sr.00 2:18.60 2:21. H.00 James H. Schorr Harry P. Keene Harry P. & D. Jr.50 2:11. Rowe. Rowe. Rogers John W.25 2:24. A.40 2:20. Eugene Leigh Sam Hildreth James R.20 2:17.40 2:17. NO RACE Owner Glen Riddle Farm Rancocas Stable Rancocas Stable Time 2:16.00 Matt Byrnes John J. Miller John J. Keene Sam Hildreth James R.Belmont Stakes 65 Year Winner Jockey Albert Johnson Earl Sande Earl Sande C. Butwell Everett Haynes George Byrne Merritt Buxton Roscoe Troxler Trainer Gwyn R. Sr. Whitney James R. Hyland James G.75 2:47.25 2:23. H. E. Butwell Eddie Dugan Joe Notter George Mountain Lucien Lyne Gene Hildebrand George M. Henry C. Heffner John F. Whitney August Belmont.00 2:21. Cassatt Dwyer Bros. Jr. Wyndham Walden A. Jr. Eugene Leigh Sydney Paget 2:22.00 2:08.00 1925 American Flag 1924 Mad Play 1923 Zev 1922 Pillory 1921 Grey Lag 1920 Man o' War 1919 Sir Barton † 1918 Johren 1917 Hourless 1916 Friar Rock 1915 The Finn 1914 Luke McLuke 1913 Prince Eugene 1912 1911 1910 Sweep 1909 Joe Madden 1908 Colin 1907 Peter Pan 1906 Burgomaster 1905 Tanya ‡ 1904 Delhi 1903 Africander 1902 Masterman 1901 Commando 1900 Ildrim 1899 Jean Bereaud 1898 Bowling Brook Richard T. Stable 2:23. Garrison M. Rowe. Rowe.50 1:53. Sr. K.60 N/A N/A 2:20.00 R. Sr.25 1897 Scottish Chieftain Joe Scherrer 1896 Hastings 1895 Belmar Henry Griffin Fred Taral 1894 Henry of Navarre Willie Simms 1893 Commanche 1892 Patron 1891 Foxford 1890 Burlington 1889 Eric 1888 Sir Dixon Willie Simms William Hayward Edward R. Sr. H. Guy Bedwell Albert Simons Sam Hildreth Sam Hildreth Edward W.80 2:22. Tompkins Sam Hildreth Sam Hildreth Thomas J.75 2:07.25 2:40. Rogers James G.80 2:18. Schorr James G. Keene H. Sr. John W.25 2:17.00 2:08. Sam Hildreth James G. Hyland Edward Feakes Byron McClelland Gus Hannon Lewis Stuart Marcus Daly Blemton Stable Preakness Stables Byron McClelland Empire Stable Lewis Stuart C. 2:18. Wilson. Rand Hough Bros.80 Rancocas Stable Glen Riddle Farm J. Rowe.

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67 External links • Belmont Stakes Website (http://www. com).go.Belmont Stakes [13] "Belmont Stakes Attendance.com/ Belmont/Stakes/Belmont.espn.belmontstakes. BloodHorse.com (http:/ / www.com.belmontstakes. Retrieved 2010-10-07.com/travel/news/ story?id=2420483) • Details of all past Belmont Stakes courtesy of the New York Racing Association (http://www.nyra.org/) .Com Attending the Belmont Stakes (gives future race dates) (http://sports. [14] Dandrea. www.ShamHorse.com/) • ESPN.shtml) • Belmont Stakes History & Facts (http://www. Phil. . Wagering Set Records" (http:/ / www. ShamHorse. . bloodhorse. Acanthus Publishing. com/ horse-racing/ articles/ 9992/ belmont-stakes-attendance-wagering-set-records).

Indy. at Darley Stable in Kentucky. he is related to Triple Crown contenders Real Quiet and Charismatic. Bernardini is regally bred. and Secretariat. 2003. who also produced Real Quiet.P. a horse that came within a nose of winning the 1998 Triple Crown. Bernardini was ridden by jockey Javier Castellano and trained by Thomas Albertrani. he came back with a 7¾ length win in a Maiden Special Weight over . After a lung infection kept him from racing for 2 months. Spectacular Bid. with Belmont Stakes and Breeders' Cup Classic winner and 1992 Horse of the Year A. A son of A. Indy Seattle Slew Cara Rafaela Quiet American Stallion 2003 United States Bay Darley Stud Darley Stable Thomas Albertrani 8: 6-1-0 $3. Racing career The late-blooming Bernardini did not make his first start until age 3. but quickly went on to take many of the major 3year-old races en route to being named Champion 3-Year-Old Male in 2006. Indy as his sire. Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai. and a family that includes Seattle Slew. Champion 3-Yr-Old Colt (2006) Co-World Champion 3-Year-Old (2006) Horse (Equus ferus caballus) Last updated on January 23. who won almost a million dollars during her racing career.480 Major wins Jockey Club Gold Cup (2006) Withers Stakes (2006) Jim Dandy Stakes (2006) Travers Stakes (2006) American Classic Race wins: Preakness Stakes (2006) Awards U.P.P. 2007 Bernardini is a thoroughbred race horse foaled on March 23.S. Her sire was Quiet American. Bernardini's racing career began at age three at Gulfstream Park where he finished 4th in a maiden race. he is out of Cara Rafaela.060. By blood. Owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.Bernardini 68 Bernardini Bernardini Sire Grandsire Dam Damsire Sex Foaled Country Colour Breeder Owner Trainer Record Earnings A.

2006 August 26. Belmont Park Churchill Downs Elmont. he easily won the Grade III Withers Stakes prior to going to the Preakness. On January 26.. In the 2006 Breeders' Cup Classic at Churchill Downs. New York 1⅛ mi. 2006 March 4. the most prestigious horse race in the country and a race that would most likely determine 2006 Horse of the Year honors.(Bernardini) climbed the ladder of competition quite quickly" and that "he deserves the break. Sheik Mohammed decided that Bernardini would not race in the June 10 Belmont Stakes. Dirt Dirt Dirt Fast Fast Fast Fast Sloppy Fast Fast Fast 4th 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd Maiden Special Weight Gulfstream Park Maiden Special Weight Gulfstream Park Withers Stakes Preakness Stakes Jim Dandy Stakes Travers Stakes Jockey Club Gold Cup Aqueduct Racetrack Pimlico Race Course 13⁄16 mi. 2006 May 20. He won the Eclipse Award for 3 Year Old Male of the Year for 2006 and was retired to stud at Darley. 1 mi. by 7 lengths over Haskell Invitational winner and Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes runner-up. 1 mi. Jerry Moss and his wife Ann announced that Bernardini would be the first mate of the 2010 Horse of the Year when Zenyatta was booked to him later that season. Bernardini tracked near the lead and passed the frontrunner. Kentucky 1¼ mi. Florida Hallandale Beach. November 4. Maryland Distance Surface Condition Finish 6 fur. he won the Travers Stakes. which meant that for only the 4th time in 60 years. also in Saratoga. On August 26. In his first crop. Dirt Dirt Dirt Dirt Dirt Saratoga Race Course Saratoga Springs. 2006 Race Track Location Hallandale Beach. New York 1¼ mi. Bernardini won the 2006 Preakness Stakes by 5¼ lengths in a time of 1:54. at the quarter pole. New York Baltimore.Bernardini one mile at Gulfstream. Bernardini's success as a sire has attracted many top broodmares and racemares. 2006. Grade I winners A Z Warrior and To Honor and Serve. neither the Kentucky Derby winner nor the Preakness winner was in the field. New York Louisville. 1¼ mi. 69 Racing career Date January 7. 2006 April 29. in the same race where Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro suffered the hind leg fracture that ultimately led to the Derby winner's death. His second crop may prove as strong or stronger than the first. The ultimate goal for Bernardini in 2006 was the Breeders' Cup Classic on November 4. finishing second. he sired Travers Stakes winner and Belmont Stakes runner-up Stay Thirsty. 2006 October 7. where he has become one of the market's hottest sires." Bernardini returned to the races on July 30 at Saratoga Race Course with a 10-length victory in the Jim Dandy Stakes over Minister's Bid. with graded stakes—winning colts Alpha and Algorithms. 2006 Breeders' Cup Classic . Brother Derek. Bernardini earned a 117 Beyer figure in a winning effort. In the October 7 Jockey Club Gold Cup.65. Florida New York City. Saratoga Race Course Saratoga Springs. Bluegrass Cat. On April 29. He fought to hold off Invasor at the sixteenth pole but fell short by a length. A spokesman for Sheik Mohammed's Darley Stable said that ". After his Preakness win. Visiting Bernardini in 2012 were 2009 Horse of the Year and American Champion Three-Year-Old Filly Rachel Alexandra and 2010 American Champion Three-Year-Old Filly Blind Luck. She foaled in March 2012.. 2011. 2006 July 30. and graded stakes winner Theysken's Theory. Group I stakes winner Biondetti. Zenyatta's dam and 2008 Kentucky Broodmare of the Year Vertigineux produced a Bernardini filly named Eblouissante in 2009.

pedigreequery. com/ stats_bios. Prospector Killaloe Demure Dr. NTRA • Bernardini's retirement [3] References [1] http:/ / www. com/ bernardini [2] http:/ / www. bloodhorse. Indy Seattle Slew Bold Reasoning Boldnesian Reason to Earn My Charmer Poker Fair Charmer Weekend Surprise Secretariat Bold Ruler Somethingroyal Lassie Dear Buckpasser Gay Missile Dam Quiet American Cara Rafaela Fappiano Mr.P. asp?id=36257 . with photo [1] • Bernardini Statistics and Media [2]. ntra.Bernardini 70 Pedigree Pedigree of Bernardini Sire A. com/ viewstory. Fager Quiet Charm Oil Fable Spectacular Bid Bold Bidder Spectacular Northern Fable Northern Dancer Fareway Fable References • Bernadini's pedigree. aspx?id=17965 [3] http:/ / breeding.

drf. On the Beyer scale. In 2004. 121. Secretariat would have earned a figure of 139 for his 1973 win at the Belmont Stakes. Commentator scored a 120 Beyer. Beyer calculated that had the Beyer Speed Figure calculation existed during the proper time frame. and 123. Andrew Beyer on Speed: New Strategies for Racetrack Betting. Timeform has a different set up that yields a different rating number.+ Beyer& source=bl& ots=jrqNFCj4W4& sig=N3v1XM3cSsOISvGlr2dph4QMAYY& hl=en& ei=f8gLTNH7M8H58AbI8pGSBw& sa=X& oi=book_result& ct=result& resnum=1& ved=0CBIQ6AEwAA#v=onepage& q& f=false) [2] Daily Racing Form: DRF Exclusive: Beyer Numbers (http:/ / www. The popular rule of thumb for a rough equivalent of the Timeform score is to deduct 12-14 points to achieve the Beyer figure. Bordonaro earned a Beyer Speed Figure of 119 in winning the 2006 Ancient Title Handicap which was the highest number assigned to any North American horse in 2006. com/ products/ beyers/ beyers. google. the syndicated horse racing columnist for The Washington Post. by 1992 the Daily Racing Form began incorporating Beyer Speed Figures in a horse's past performances and the system has evolved to where today each performance by every horse is given a Beyer number which reflects the time of the race and the inherent speed of the track over which it was run. a record that is still unbeaten. In the July 5. p. the top stakes horses in the United States and Canada earn numbers in the 100's. First published in book form in 1975. com/ books?id=95eT3DxH5cAC& pg=PA57& lpg=PA57& dq=roseben. the 1987 American Champion Sprint Horse who won the highest figure of all.57 (1995) Houghton Mifflin ISBN 978-0-395-73523-7 (http:/ / books. earning 131 & 134 back-to-back in the [1] Roseben and True North Handicaps at six furlongs in 1987. Ghostzapper earned the high Beyer Speed Figure at 128. In 2007 the highest Beyers Speed Figure was 124 assigned to Midnight Lute in the 7 furlong Forego Handicap at Saratoga Race Course. In Europe. Andy Beyer said he can’t recall a 7-year-old getting that high a number.Beyer Speed Figure 71 Beyer Speed Figure The Beyer Speed Figure is a system for rating the performance of Thoroughbred racehorses in North America designed in the early 1970s by Andrew Beyer. Lava Man turned in a speed figure of 120. But it was Groovy. In the 2008 Whitney Handicap. [2] References [1] Beyer. html) . Over his career he has earned Beyers of 119. 2005 Hollywood Gold Cup.+ Groovy. while extremely strong performances may rate as high as the 120's.

Bevo. Zafonic.org/w/index. Glane23.wikipedia. JiggeryPokery. Gaius Cornelius. Bveale. Secretariat4ever. Moe Epsilon. Hialeah Harry. Zerotonin. Bejnar. Jen. Dishnetkid. Suzannalee. Pparazorback. Lcuff. Zafonic. SpellingGuru. Ccerf. Djharrity. 623 anonymous edits A. Jarble. Ken Gallager. Koavf. Lurgis. Chris the speller. Mkyanksfan. Montanabw.s. Lnegaard. Grunt. Yamaguchi先 生 .  Source: http://en. JzG. Nv8200p. Mmidland. Peetlesnumber1. JohnCD.org/w/index. Hiphats. Esrever. Dale Arnett. Luckypablo. Reedy. Nickmalik. The big duke. Kbdank71.php?oldid=511255727  Contributors: Benstown.fudge. Montanabw. LBM2388. TeamZenyatta. Pharaoh Hound. Njboiler. Handicapper.E. Wallie. DMacks. Ki Longfellow. Mindspillage. Snowmanradio. Stellabystarlight. SirBruce. Stormie. LukeTheSpook. CyberSkull. Chowbok. Immersellc. Dale Arnett. Finlay McWalter. Kanabekobaton. Ice Cold Beer. Handicapper. Jen. Rettetast. Rjwilmsi. Kumioko (renamed). MiLo28. Outback the koala. Chill Pill Bill. Derek. Hialeah Harry. Dark horse racing. Gaius Cornelius. Zafonic. Rettetast. Scrouds. Alane09. Orrelly Man. JiggeryPokery. Weezy504. Shadowroll. Arxiloxos. SchmuckyTheCat. Samharmon. Duelist Master. Yawanna American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse  Source: http://en. Stellabystarlight. Merrypippin. Handicapper. Tassedethe. Ace Mathias. CanisRufus. Marine 69-71. Merrypippin. Karibeine. Auntof6. Sholom. Teo64x. Zimbabweed. Mr. WBardwin. Excirial. Gongshow. Wikiklrsc. Doctorindy.php?oldid=522544235  Contributors: Akcarver. Saros136. Dale Arnett. Kilgatron. Gradedstakes. Pastor Theo. Hoobahooba.chevaux. Tigerboy1966. Uncle Milty. RandomP.org/w/index. Kitch. Jen. Brion VIBBER. Grr. Gaius Cornelius. Kumioko. Pytom. Calathan.chevaux. No Guru. Craiglduncan. Dfmock. Rajah. Zimbabweed. Ted Wilkes. Jonathan. Retired username. ShakespeareFan00. Stellabystarlight.org/w/index. Pittsburghpenguin. Meelar. FPAtl. VolatileChemical. Kctweedy73. Dnawhite. Kallimina. RJASE1. WhatIfUr. Craiglduncan. Rhythmythyc. 23 anonymous edits Belmont Futurity Stakes  Source: http://en. 36 anonymous edits Animal Kingdom (horse)  Source: http://en. Jture.php?oldid=515990379  Contributors: Babajobu. Koavf. Realkyhick. Benstown. Percommode. Sylvain1972. Zoicon5. Owg89. Hydrargyrum. Brewcrewer.E. Ejl. Shoebox22. Pharaoh Hound. N2e. Mutinus. Horvath. Magialuna. Drsmith917. Culnacreann. DoingRightThing. Niayre. Darkwind. Fatandloud. Mmidland. Ki Longfellow. Cuddy Wifter. Loucards. J M Rice. RachelAlexandraFan. Kitch. Ukexpat. M. Asklepiades. MarnetteD. BarrelProof. Mkyanksfan. Durin. Reach Out to the Truth. Mkyanksfan. Galopin. Dasani520. Ice Cool Kitty. Ydorb. Neilbudde. Cuddy Wifter. Reedmalloy. Chowbok. JillandJack.org/w/index. Njboiler. Hu12. Cdman882. Glacier109. Oanabay04. Khazar2. Frickeg. Parkwells. SFOetthekid. Vchimpanzee. Docu. Ed g2s. Rich Farmbrough. Presidentman. Crusoe8181. Rolando. Ezeu. Dryke. Minesweeper. Instinct. Nightscream. Chowbok. Ted Wilkes. Tombarrister. Xena91388. 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Brudder Andrusha. PKT. Sciteacher98. KennethLMathias. Eeekster. Vicki Rosenzweig. Handicapper. Wildhartlivie. Keycap. Xezbeth. Chr. Textwiki132. Rettetast.php?oldid=417641222  Contributors: Golgofrinchian. Hu12. 4 anonymous edits American Horse of the Year  Source: http://en. Vicki Rosenzweig. Forego5. Charles Matthews. Fxhomie. 6 anonymous edits Belmont Stakes  Source: http://en. Tassedethe. Ki Longfellow.org/w/index. Levineps. Shadowroll. D. Mentifisto.dog. Gef05. Gareth Griffith-Jones. Fedisking. Spadaro. JiggeryPokery. Zenyattathegreat. RedWolf. Niremetal. Kumioko. Ealdgyth. Tigerboy1966. Trontonian. Cgoodwin. Drpickem. 65 anonymous edits American Champion Male Turf Horse  Source: http://en. Mygerardromance. Cuddy Wifter. Davetrainer. Nbaj5k. Orange Suede Sofa. NickBush24. T. SubSeven..org/w/index. Shadowroll.php?oldid=497959144  Contributors: Bearcat. Ian Pitchford. Inter16. Falcon8765. Grandmastergalvatron. Emeraldcityserendipity. Caesarscott. Zadduel86. The Rambling Man. 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KBrown.wikipedia. SomethingOrdinary. Sortior. Doady. Dale Arnett. Tassedethe. Racingstripes. Tassedethe. Golbez. Mkyanksfan. Mathew5000. Kicking222. Esrever. Eedlee. Joshfinnie. Smashville.wikipedia.php?oldid=513086366  Contributors: Banks Hill. J-boogie. Rettetast. JiggeryPokery. MDSanker. RickK. TonyTheTiger. Varitek. Koavf. Loucards. Mmidland. Gordon Hashimoto. 44 anonymous edits . Keithw84. JiggeryPokery. JiggeryPokery. Hindustanilanguage. Reikat705. Melchoir. Hialeah Harry. Nrafter530. Purplebackpack89. Robertgreer. MarnetteD. Hu12. Tad Lincoln. Benjaminso. McGeddon. Yawanna. Doc Strange. Missyagogo. Hokeman. Craiglduncan. Lar. Stellabystarlight. DougsTech. Meters. Marty360. Drilnoth. Dylancash01. Mkyanksfan. Craiglduncan. R'n'B. Yugi Motou. JiggeryPokery. Zafonic.

Smashville. Glennobrien. 12 anonymous edits 73 . JiggeryPokery. Ki Longfellow. IPchanges.php?oldid=491732066  Contributors: BigrTex.org/w/index. Tesseran. Charvex. Koavf. DRTllbrg. Handicapper.wikipedia.Article Sources and Contributors Beyer Speed Figure  Source: http://en.

org/w/index.php?title=File:Flag_of_Canada.wikipedia.svg  Source: http://en. Good Olfactory.php?title=File:Flag_of_Ireland.wikipedia.Image Sources.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en.0 Unported  Contributors: historicair 15:13.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:SKopp File:Flag of Canada.svg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.php?title=File:Flat_racing_clipart.org/w/index. Licenses and Contributors 74 Image Sources.php?title=File:Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Anomie.svg  Source: http://en.svg  Source: http://en.org/w/index. 25 September 2007 (UTC) File:Flag of the United Kingdom.wikipedia.wikipedia.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Anomie . Licenses and Contributors File:Flat racing clipart. Mifter File:Flag of Ireland.

0/ .License 75 License Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported //creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.

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